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    The fans cheer as the camera pans around the excited stadium for Meltdown, the fireworks continue at every ring post until the smoke fades to reveal a ring full of streamers, balloons and flowers with a big - Congratulations- heart sign dominating the far ropes. Callie Clark is standing in the middle of the ring with the Elite Openweight title flung over her shoulder, she's twirling a mic in her hand with a big smile on her face. She goes to bring the mic to her mouth but a loud, stadium wide boo drowns her out. Her smile vanishes as she stomps over to the ropes and yells something at nearby fans. She walks to the middle of the ring again.

    Clark: I think....

    The crowd boos loudly. She lowers the mic and gives the fans an evil stare, she jabs her tongue in her cheek and makes on like she's just going to leave the ring, she walks to the ropes, thinks about it some more and shakes her head. She walks to the center of the ring again, balloons floating out of her way.

    Clark: Idiots say BOO!

    The crowd boos, Clark laughs.

    Clark: I thought so. You see this celebration in this ring, this is a celebration funded by me. WZCW brass wouldn't do something like this for their most talented wrestler. Nope. This is out of my pocket,I totally deserve this celebration too. No other female in the history of WZCW has done what I have with this Elite Openweight Title, or any other title for that matter. I'm the first female to be a two time champion. Thank you!

    Callie holds her title up for everyone to see, more booing follows. She rests it back on her shoulder before continuing.

    Clark: But you morons wouldn't know what a true champion is. Only my devote Social Media fans know who a real champion is, it's me. I'm going to share something with you neanderthal's here tonight so like, pay attention. Put away your drumsticks, tell your screaming kids to shut up and listen. I go by a very serious code. It's called the Code of Clark. What is the Code of Clark you might ask? Well, its very simple. It starts with an impeccable and relentless work ethic. You follow that up with training, competitive focus, fair play....


    The crowds erupt as Matt Tastic walks down the ramp shaking his head. He has a mic in his hand, he climbs up the steel steps then jumps though the middle ropes. He acknowledges the screaming fans by pointing the mic at them and smiling.

    Tastic: Let me stop you right there Clark. I know you really like going by this code of yours, everyone in the back is always talking about it, how much you ride the COC. You live your life on the COC and really obsess over your own COC.

    Clark: Oh ha ha haa Fat Tastic! What the hell do you want? This is a celebration! I was educating these fools on the Code of Clark.

    Tastic: Funny thing about that code though, that last part where you say fair play. I seem to recall you cheating at the end of our last match and hooking the ropes to get a pin fall on me. Well, I'm here tonight to say that I want my rematch. One on....

    Before Callie Clark can raise the mic to her mouth all the lights go out.

    The fans are buzzing now in anticipation, the titantron lights up, showing Jupiter up close. It pans back to show millions of stars in the galaxy, then the camera races past them, planet after planet until Earth is shown on the screen and a lightning bolt rips open a portal over the Aloha Stadium....


    The lights turn back on and Lynx is in the ring with Matt and Callie, he has steam rising off of him giving the illusion that he just appeared there, the fans cheer for his appearance.

    Lynx: Matt Tastic, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, the future of the Elite Openweight Title is around my waist.

    Matt doesn't respond and just stares a hole though Lynx, Callie Clark looks at both men and drops her mic, she points at her title and yells something that causes both men to yell back at her. She kicks a balloon and exits the ring, she turns and stares at both men while raising her title. She walks up the ramp while Lynx and Matt stand and stare.

    Copeland: Welcome to Meltdown, ladies and gentleman, I'm Sebastian Copeland, alongside Jack Cohen and boy do we have a show for you tonight!

    Cohen: What more could you ask for Seabass! We already had an Elite Openweight Championship celebration for the ages! Right up until Matt and Lynx ruined it, but it was great while it lasted!

    Copeland: Don't go anywhere, Meltdown will continue right after this!
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    Harrys: The following match is scheduled for one fall!

    The fans are on their feet as the newly returned Vega's music begins playing out of the arena speakers. The lights fade into darkness. The soft sounds of "Intro" by The Xx begin to play as smoke slowly begins filling the entrance ramp. The lights flicker on for brief moments as bass drums pound like a beating heart. That is when we can begin to see the shadowy silhouette of Vega playfully moving his body to the music. Just as the drumline kicks in, two spotlights shine down on Vega from opposite sides of the arena. He stands there in the center of a foggy glowing "V" formed by the lights, basking in them, seemingly lost in the moment.

    Harrys: Introducing first, weighing in at 175 pounds... VEGA!!

    Eventually, he slowly saunters his way down the aisle, almost staggering down as he contorts his body in different ways to take in as much of the crowd and moment as possible. Vega walks around the ring and approaches the crowd on the camera side. He gracefully hops onto the guard wall and stands there on top of it near the fans with his arms out wide, soaking in the crowd noise as if he feeds off of it.

    Copeland: These fans are on their feet for a WZCW icon, ladies and gentlemen – I hope you are all feeling that at home? Vega did so much in his first run with WZCW and now he is back. Wren will prove to be a very stern test for him though, of that I have no doubt.

    Cohen: It'll be very interesting to see what Vega has planned for WZCW, Seabass. Does he go back to the Mayhem Championship or does he aim for higher plaudits this time around? He needs to get past Wren first though...

    After a few moments of standing in glory, he hops off the guard wall and walks up the steel steps at the corner of the ring. Vega walks across the apron and spins around so he's facing the crowd again with his arms draped over the top rope behind him. He smiles confidently before lunging back, flipping backwards over the ropes and into the ring. Once inside, he stands in the center he holds out his hand in the shape of a gun and takes aim.

    After a few seconds, Wren make her way out onto the stage, her hood draped over her face and obscuring her features from the baying crowd. She looks down the ramp at the challenger that awaits her before bowing her head to him. The fans cheer loudly as she purposefully saunters down the ramp.

    Harrys: And his opponent. Weighing in at 155 pounds... WREN!!

    Copeland: Wren has proved herself to a challenge to even the most seasoned of superstars in WZCW in her relatively short career, Jack. This will be a big challenge for her. But should she win, it will definitely put the kibosh on the hype of a Vega return and should put her amongst the players for a Championship shot.

    Cohen: Oh, definitely, Seabass. Wren is just in need of that one big win to get her back in the Championship matches. Putting Vega away after a tide of hype towards his return would certainly do that.

    Wren continues down the ramp, soaking in the energy of the fans as she moves towards the ring. Once at the bottom of the ramp, she climbs the steps and gets into the ring. She slowly passes her opponent and climbs the far turn-buckle as Vega watches on. She poses for the crowd, who offer her a loud cheer in return. Suddenly, she turns her attentions to Vega and drops back to the canvas.

    Copeland: This should be good, ladies and gentlemen!

    With both competitors finally in the ring, the referee calls for the bell and this match is underway. The crowd don't really know who to cheer for but the majority of the fans seem very happy to see Vega back in a WZCW ring again. Wren and Vega finally come together in the middle of the ring with a collar tie up. Vega immediately finds himself in trouble as Wren drops to a knee and goes around his back. With absolutely no hesitation at all, Wren nails Vega with a stunning belly to back suplex that sends him to the canvas with a thud. Wren gets back to her feet and looks down at Vega on the canvas. Vega let's out a sigh as he offers her a smile of appreciation. Vega climbs back to his feet and the two wrestlers begin circling the ring one more time. Again, they meet in the middle of the ring and again it is Wren who gets the better of the exchange, this time nailing Vega with a well executed drop toe hold that takes Vega back to the mat. This time, it isn't as cordial as the first as Wren lashes his with a kick to the back of the head. She immediately crawls onto her opponent and goes for the cover. But she is only able to pick up a count of 1 before the former Mayhem Champion gets a shoulder off of the mat.

    Copeland: Welcome back to WZCW, Champ.

    Cohen: You have to consider how long Vega has been out of the action in WZCW, Seabass. There is absolutely no substitution for being inside a wrestling ring and wrestling a match. It takes a lot out of you and it seems as though Vega is having a hard time adjusting to that.

    Wren gets back to her feet, the feeling of fun now very much gone from the expression on her face. She readies herself as Vega tries his best to regain his vertical base. But as soon as he is done, he is immediately met with a beautiful drop kick that sends him reeling backwards and through the ring ropes. Tumbling to the mats below, Vega crashes hard onto is back. He looks up towards Wren in the ring with a look of shock on his face. Slamming the mats with both of his hands, he gets back to his feet. He walks around the ring, shaking his head and talking to himself as he does – clearly trying to get himself back into the frame of mind to be wrestling in WZCW. Finally, he climbs the steps and gets back into the ring, Wren offers him a smile as she sees the frustration pour out of her opponent.

    Cohen: And again, it looks as though Vega is having a hard time keeping up with the pace that Wren has set in this match so far. One thing is for sure though, if he doesn't manage to put some offence together soon, Wren will take him apart.

    Copeland: Very true, Jack. Vega has been out of the loop for along time and every wrestler he faces will be a new challenge to him. But Wren has started well and will be looking to claim a victory on Vega's long-awaited return.

    The referee urges both competitors to begin the match again and he gets his wish. For a third and final time, the two competitors come together with a tie up in the middle of the ring. This time, however, it is the turn of Vega to get the upper hand. He nails Wren with a swift knee to the gut to bend her over double. Then, he smashes the back of her head with a brutal elbow that sends her crumbling to the mat. Unleashing a more brutal side of his move set, Vega begins stomping his opponent without mercy until she rolls towards the side of the ring and the ring ropes. Vega allows a frustrated look to cross his features as Wren goes onto the apron and begins pulling herself back to her feet. Once back to a vertical base, Wren tries to fire back at Vega with a punch but the former Mayhem Champion manages to block the attack. He grabs the back of Wren's head and pulls it down onto the ring rope with devastating speed. The crowd take a sharp intake of breath collectively as Wren struggles for balance on the apron. But that problem is soon solved for Wren as Vega grabs her by the neck and suplexes her over the top rope and into the ring. The former Mayhem Champion immediately goes for the cover and manages to get a count of 2 before Wren gets his shoulders off of the mat.

    Copeland: Much, much better from Vega, Jack. It's all been very pompous since the news of his return and I'm willing to bet that Vega enjoyed that. He needed that start to remind him just how competitive every match in WZCW is.

    Cohen: Got to agree with you there, Seabass. You could tell from that last flurry of action that Vega was telling himself to get his act together on the outside of the ring. A feat that he has, seemingly, accomplished. Wren now finds herself in trouble.

    Vega lets out a sigh of disappointment as Wren manages to kick out. But he does not allow it to deter him from beginning the onslaught once more. He grabs Wren by the head and pulls her back to her feet. He backs her up into the corner of the ring and mounts the turn-buckle above her. He poses for the crowd for a moment, taking in the good reception from the assembled fans. After a few seconds, he begins to rain down punches to the face of his opponent as the crowd count every blow with each strike. Vega gets to five clean shots before it all goes wrong. After offering the fans one final taunt, Vega is surprised as Wren wriggles free of his hold and pulls his legs from his mounted position. Vega unceremoniously slams into the turn-buckle – his face taking most of the damage. He recoils out of the corner backwards, holding his face as he does. But the damage doesn't end there for the newly-returned superstar as Wren grabs him and plants him with a running bulldog. The fans are on their feet as the sudden turnaround and impact take them by surprise. Wren gets back to her feet and waits on Vega returning to his. The crowd wait in anticipation as Wren stalks her prey like a tiger in the wild. Vega finally returns to his feet but is immediately planted by a beautifully agile spinning wheel kick. Vega hits the canvas once more and is covered by his opponent quickly. The referee counts the fall. 1... 2... Kick out from Vega – Just!

    Copeland: So close to what many would call an upset there, Jack. A lot of people thought that Vega would steam roll the competition in WZCW, given what he has accomplished already. But it seems as though the level of competition has risen for the Mayhem legend.

    Cohen: Indeed, Seabass. It's been a competitive match but Wren seems to have had an answer for everything that Vega has done so far. And now Wren finds herself in control of the match and Vega is struggling.

    Wren slams the canvas in frustration as she gets back to her feet. She stands over the toiling Vega, possibly thinking about her next move and how to put this match away. Suddenly, a thought comes over the mysterious masked superstar. She purposefully makes her way towards the nearest corner and signals to the fans that she is going to end the match right here and now. The fans let out a huge cheer as Wren goes to the outside and begins climbing the corner. Once on top of the ropes, she turns her back on Vega and looks to land the FROM EAST, WITH LOVE (Skytwister Press). She steadies herself as Vega struggles on the canvas. Suddenly, she unleashes the move and looks to put her opponent away. But just as the move is about to connect, Vega, somehow, manages to get his knees up! Wren slams into her opponent's knees with devastating impact as the crowd take a collective pained breath in. Wren is struggling on the canvas but Vega seems rejuvenated. He gets back to his weary feet, the toils of the match weighing heavily upon him now. He signals to the fans that the match is over. As Wren gets back to her feet, Vega retreats back to the corner and lies in wait. Suddenly, as Wren turns around, she is met with THE KILL SHOT (V-Trigger)! The move connects beautifully and Vega falls on top of Wren. The referee counts the fall. 1... 2... 3! It's over!

    Harrys: Here is your winner... VEGA!!

    Copeland: That was a very good match, Jack. But at the end of it all, Vega comes out on top. Wren gave him too much time on the canvas and he made her pay. Vega picks up where he left off in WZCW.

    Cohen: He does, Seabass. But take nothing away from Wren. It was a challenge for her to be caught up in the whole return of an icon in WZCW. She gave everything she had in that match and it almost paid off. But, sometimes, starting something new can give you confidence for that extra push and that is what happened here, I think.
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    Switching backstage, the camera is lowered to the ground and slowly begins to rise revealing a pair of black boots. It continues upwards, following the spine of a black baseball bat, until it reaches the face of Tyrone Blades.

    Blades: If history has taught us one thing it’s that this time of year the floodgates open to superstars of the past and those looking towards the future. In all those years, I’ve remained at the top of the mountain, the benchmark, a reminder of an era long since passed.

    The sound of the baseball bat tapping the side of the wall echoes in the hallway.

    Blades: This year, it more of the same. People will come and go, stopping in for a night at Lethal Lottery where they’ll put in their best effort for a shortcut to the main event of Kingdom Come.

    A slight chuckle from Blades as he shakes his head.

    Blades: People think it’s easy. All you have to do is throw people over the top rope. You don’t have to pin ‘em. Don’t have to make ‘em submit, either. Just toss ‘em out of the ring and you’ve got a World Title shot at Kingdom Come. Well, I’ve done it before. It’s not easy. It’s the hardest match we have. It tests your will to win more than any other.

    Looking directly into the camera, Blades taps the bat in his hand.

    Blades: The Lottery creates alliances. It breaks friendships. It destroys relationships with those you trusted. It brings out the greed in people that they didn’t know they had. It makes you do things you never would have thought possible.

    Removing the bandana from his face, Blades eyes the camera with a look of intensity.

    Blades: That’s why I’m going to win Lethal Lottery this year. It’s my match, I’ve won it before and when I do it again, I’ll become the first man to ever main event three separate Kingdom Come events in WZCW history. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to win; what are you willing to do?

    The scene fades to black with Blades putting the bandana back on and walking away, the sound of the baseball bat dragging along the concrete floor rattling in the distance.
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall.


    Harrys: Introducing first, weighing in at 225 pounds, Tyrone Blades!

    The crowds cheer and stand as they look around for Tyrone. They give another cheer as Blades appears walking down the isle in the crowds towards the ring, his hoodie pulled over his head but his bat raised as he quickly hops over the barricade and slides in the ring. He whips back his hood and starts jawing while ripping off his bandanna. Mr. Jones jumps over the barricade soon after, ready to watch his friends back from outside the ring, he catches the thrown bat by Tyrone.

    Copeland: And here he is ladies and gentleman,Tyrone Blades, ready for action. Always favored in any situation and his history will prove it, he has won...

    Cohen: Nevermind that Seabass! Why don't you tell all the fans why Tyrone Blades cowardly RAN away from Cooper and Keaton in his last match?! Why don't we talk about how he screwed over his tag team partner and she got demolished on her own?!

    Copeland: Tyrone Blades is NOT a coward Jack! He simply didn't want to waste anymore time with Mark Keaton and Justin Cooper! He has already vanquished Vis Imperium and it was obvious by his expression when he saw his opponents that he was bored to death, he left because he could, when you're as elite as this man, you can do whatever you feel like.

    Cohen: He should be fined for his actions, I heard a ten year old caught one of his beers he was passing around and was in the hospital for alcohol poisoning. He's barely hanging on.

    Copeland: Will you stop!

    Harrys: And introducing his opponent....


    Harrys: ...from Ise, Mie, Japan weighing 145 pounds, she is The Queen for a Day, Kagura!

    As her music plays pink lights begin to swirl around the stage in a circular pattern, representing the petals of many cherry blossoms falling through the air. A fine mist appears on the stage. She walks down the ramp through the mist holding her QFAD briefcase closely, she ascends the stairs, entering between the middle ropes. Afterwards she bows to the side of the hard camera. She gives Tyrone a slight sneer as she straightens up.

    Copeland: Only on Meltdown are you going to see high caliber action like we are about to witness!

    Cohen: When your talking about the sharpest knife in the drawer you're talking about Kagura! The first ever Queen for a Day has Constantine on notice! He has to be watching over his shoulder EVERY week Seabass! He could be playing at the park with his kid and BAM! Kagura attacks, pins him and we have a new champion!

    Copeland: It's not a 24/7 kind of deal Jack, but I get your point, the champion always has to be careful when you have somebody this dangerous holding that contract that she can cash in at any time.

    Referee Akiyama checks both wrestlers for illegal objects then points at the timekeeper.


    Tyrone and Kagura slowly make their way to the center of the ring, Blade's wipes his hands on his thighs and they lock up in a collar and elbow tie up. Tyrone quickly throws his arms out of the tie up and grabs her in a headlock and applies pressure, Kagura leans back and throws Tyrone off of the ropes, she viciously swings a chop but Tyrone does a ninja front roll and bounces off of the far ropes, Kagura runs and does a front roll into a throat palm strike on Tyrone that misses, he jumps over her and does another front roll and bounces off of the ropes, Kagura misses another quick chop and Tyrone ducks with speed, he rebounds off of the ropes with a flying knee that connects! Kagura falls fast and Tyrone jumps down for a cover....


    Kagura kicks out.

    Tyrone drops an elbow but she rolls out of the way and he eats canvas. Both wrestlers quickly scramble to their feet, arms up and ready to continue the fight. Mr. Jones yells out something to Tyrone that makes the bearded man smirk. Kagura throws palm strikes but Tyrone blocks them and responds with punches that she easily dodges with her speed. Kagura cracks Tyrone across the chest with a hard chop followed by a blindingly fast forearm shot to the jaw, Tyrone staggers back and bounces off of the ropes, Kagura strikes forward with a palm strike but Tyrone grabs her wrist, he throws his leg over her arm then back quickly with a heel kick to her face! Kagura falls to the mat. Tyrone drops an elbow then does a kip up, then another fast elbow to Kagura on the canvas. He hauls her up by her hair, Tyrone hooks her arms in a double underhook and lifts her up, he drops her on his knee but keeps her there, applying pressure to her chin and knee for a painful submission!

    Copeland: Great start here tonight by both of these competitors! Tyrone has Kagura in trouble though here Jack.

    Cohen: When it comes to versatility there's nobody better Seabass! That's what makes a legend like Tyrone so deadly to fight against, he can knock you out, tap you out or land on you from a flying attack over the ropes. The only problem is though, he's not at a level of Kagura's submission prowess, so he better not stay in this submission game for too long or he'll end up paying the price!

    Akiyama is close to Kagura's face now, asking if she is ready to give up. She wiggles her knee free from Tyrone's palm and quickly knee's him in the side of the head then in the same motion, wraps her legs around his arm and head to catch Tyrone in a triangle submission lock! Now Akiyama is close to Tyrone's red face, asking him if he's ready to give up. He stretches his leg out as he's laying sideways on the mat now with powerful legs squeezing his neck and arm, he misses the bottom rope by inches. Kagura lifts her arm and grabs Tyrone's hand and applies a painful looking finger lock while still holding the triangle submission tightly. Tyrone is screaming now as his face is a disturbing shade of red. Out of view of the referee, Mr. Jones reaches in and rakes Kagura in the eyes! She releases the hold and referee Akiyama looks on in confusion as she's rolling around covering her eyes. The referee rushes over to the ropes and starts accusing Mr. Jones of foul play, only to get foul language in return.

    Tyrone recovers, he makes it to his feet. Kagura slowly makes it to her feet, still wiping her eyes. He hits her with a hook kick then bounces off the ropes for a running high knee that drops her to the canvas, she rolls over to the edge of the mat so her torso is hanging out of the ring a little. Tyrone climbs to the top ropes, he turns towards the canvas then looks at the crowd with a smile, he jumps high in the air and nails her with a violent guillotine legdrop sending them falling to the padded mats outside the ring. The crowds cheer for this high risk move.

    Referee Akiyama starts his count.

    Copeland: There is another advantage for Tyrone Jack, he has his Hollow One friend on the outside for support.

    Cohen: I'd call it downright cheating, but I approve of that tactic, smart man.

    Tyrone slams Kagura's face off the top of the barricade. She falls to the mats holding her forehead. Mr. Jones strolls over, he has a lit Cuban cigar and its creating a long smoke trail behind him. Tyrone takes the cigar off of him, he makes on like he's going to butt it out on Kagura but shakes his head. He takes a long drag of it and hands it back to Mr. Jones. He blows out smoke and rolls Kagura back into the ring. He turns and asks Mr. Jones for another drag, he takes the Cuban and takes another long drag, meanwhile Kagura has jumped to her feet in the ring, she bounces off of the far ropes and runs, she jumps over the top ropes and does a head scissors to Tyrone that sends him sprawling head first into Mr. Jones chest sending the cigar sparking and flying to the padded mats! Kagura jumps to her feet again while the crowds cheer wildly for that sequence, she slams Tyrone's head off of the ring post, then rolls him in the ring. She climbs on the apron, then climbs to the top ropes.

    Tyrone staggers to his feet, Kagura jumps from the top ropes with a flying knee but Tyrone quickly dodges to one side and grabs her arm, he slams her to the canvas and hooks his leg around her arm and clasps his wrist around her face for a crossface submission move!

    The crowds stand as it looks like the impact knocked out Kagura and now she's limp in the submission hold, Akiyama grabs her limp arm, he raises it...
    it falls..


    He raises her limp arm again....


    He raises it again but she grabs Tyrones wrist and presses the canvas with her other hand, flipping both of them over for a pin attempt!



    Tyrone presses back and they roll over right back into the crossface submission hold, Kagura breaks his wrist lock on her face and flips to her back quickly, she clutches Tyrone with a Trapezious claw combined with a hard body scissors while arching her back. Tyrone is fading fast as the blood is rushing to his head as he's at a weird angle over her and twisting sideways on his neck, he reaches out and desperately pinches her nose as hard as he can, Kagura is determined though and squeezes the claw and scissors harder. With nowhere to go and nearly passed out, Tyrone desperately frees his other arm and covers Kagura's mouth with his hand so she's getting no air at all now. After a minute she's forced to release the hold to get his hands away from her face. The crowds cheer at Tyrone's smarts.

    Cohen: That's what I was talking about earlier Seabass, you can't get into a ground game with this Judo master who has every submission in the book in her arsenal. He should focus on his striking if he thinks about winning this match!

    Kagura gets to her feet first, she waits for Tyrone to make it to his feet, she grabs Tyrone's arms and pulls them towards her and trips him at the same time for a judo throw, he flips in the air and lands on his back. He scrambles to his stomach and tries to stand up but she chops him in the back of the neck, dropping him to the canvas again. She rolls him over and grabs his arm, she stands on his neck as she pulls back hard on his arm, causing his face to turn beat red again, Tyrone sweeps her other leg causing her to fall. They both jump to their feet at the same time, Kagura hits him square in the face with a hard palm strike, Tyrone nails her with a front kick to the face! The crowds respond with a collective gasp, he grabs her with a Pentagon Jr driver, he runs while she gets to her feet, he hits her with a springboard flash kick then a fast roll up....



    Kagura kicks out!

    Tyrone slaps the mat in frustration. He stands by the corner as Kagura rolls to her side, she stands up, she turns around....superkick! No! She dodges the first half of Click Clack and counters with a saito suplex! She sits Tyrone up by pulling his hair, she locks in a sleeper hold and a body scissors for the Fourth Dance of Toyouke Omikami submission hold!


    Copeland: Fourth Dance! Fourth Dance! She has it locking in tight! This is it!

    Cohen: And right in the center of the ring Seabass!Tyrone has nowhere to go!

    Tyrone is flailing his arms in the air to no avail, he tries elbows but only hits canvas, he's fading fast as Kagura screams behind him, clutching with all her might. He wriggles and rolls but she won't budge, it just locks in deeper, like an anaconda with its prey, sweat is dripping from his face as he slowly raises his hand, ready to tap. He clutches at his own knee, he pushes down and lifts his other knee, he pushes down with all of his strength on one leg and rolls them over, it only slightly eases the pressure as she still has it locked in tight. He pushes with his arms and legs, he slowly climbs to his feet, but she still has The Fourth Dance tightly applied, Tyrone runs with her on his back, he jumps over the top ropes and does a front flip on to his back, squashing Kagura on the padded mats!!

    Copeland: Oh my god what a move by Tyrone Blades!


    Akiyama is concerned for Kagura's health as he jumps out of the ring and checks on her. The woman looks to be knocked out, he looks like he's ready to call off the match but she makes a noise and rolls to her side. The referee rolls back in the ring to start his count.






    Tyrone climbs on the barricade to make it to his feet. Kagura is still down, very winded and breathing heavy. Blades leans on the barricade looking at Kagura.




    Tyrone tries to lift Kagura off of the padded mats but she won't budge, her dead weight makes it too awkward for him so he just drops her and rolls in the ring.


    Tyrone spins the referee around and starts shouting that this isn't going to end in a count out on his watch. The crowds cheer for that move.

    Blades walks to the ropes ready to give Kagura some motivation when a look of shock appears on his face, she's not where he left her! Tyrone turns around to see Kagura charging at him from across the ring! She jumps but Tyrone quickly dodges to one side, her legs land on the second ropes and Blades quickly grabs her in a reverse headlock and slams her down with Desolate Roads reverse DDT and floats over for a pin...






    Harrys: The winner of this match...Tyrone Blades!

    Copeland: What a match! One last desperation move there by Kagura to try and catch Tyrone off guard but it backfired into that Desolate Roads! What a perfect counter there with her legs caught up on the second ropes!

    Cohen: Kagura is lucky to still be alive after that desperate escape by Tyrone from that Fourth Dance submission move!
    I still can't believe he jumped over the top ropes like that to escape the hold! That's no way to treat our QFAD Seabass! I smell a lawsuit coming here!

    Copeland: I think we better keep you far away from these Law and Order shows from now on, don't go away folks, we have more action coming up next!

    Tyrone gets his arm raised by Akiyama, he steps to the turnbuckle and celebrates on the top ropes for the fans. Kagura makes it to her feet. She's still breathing heavy. Tyrone jumps down, he walks over with his hand extended and Kagura shakes his hand, the crowds erupt again at the show of respect. She rolls under the ropes and takes her QFAD case and walks up the ramp. Mr. Jones slides in the ring, he's trying to light the broken Cuban cigar but its not working, Tyrone slaps the cigar out of his hand and laughs at him.
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    In the office of Becky Serra, the General Manager of Meltdown, we find the boss is not alone. While Becky sits at her desking trying to do paperwork, seemingly having no luck, as Batti is sitting across from her looking ever so excited.

    Batti: Can you please tell me who else is in the Lethal Lottery?

    Serra: No, Batti. I told you already. That’s private information. We’ve announced a group of people. You’re one of them. You’ll find out when everyone does.

    Batti: Uh, come on. We’re friends, Becky!

    The GM shakes her head, keeping his eyes on her paperwork, which draws Batti leaning forward.

    Batti: How about a hint? Just a first name? What about a vowel?

    Serra: No! Batti for the last time I am not going to reveal who is in the Lethal Lottery match. I’m trying to work here. This is my first full-time week on the job managing Meltdown and I don’t want to screw up.

    Slowly, Batti sinks back into her seat and bites her nails nervously.

    Serra: I’m sorry, Batti. I shouldn’t have yelled. I know you’re excited about the Lethal Lottery. It’s good. Keeps spirits up around the place, especially with the investigation into Constantine’s accident happening, we could use more like you.

    Batti: It’s okay. It doesn’t matter who is in Lethal Lottery anyway because I’m gonna win it! Yes, I am. I might be smaller but I’m quick.

    With Flash like speed, Batti zooms from the chair across the room and behind Becky.

    Batti: Boo! See! Super quick. They won’t be able to eliminate me. I’ll win it, you’ll see. I’ll win Lethal Lottery then I’ll main event Kingdom Come and I’ll become World Heavyweight Champion.

    A quizzical look appears on the face of Batti. She feels her waist with both hands and laughs.

    Batti: I’ll become World Strawweight Champion!

    While Batti continues to ramble on about winning Lethal Lottery, sending Becky further down the rabbit hole, a knock at the door ceases conversation. In walks former WZCW competitor, Vee ADZ! The former superstar shakes hands with Becky, waving to Batti, and he stands in front of the desk.

    Serra: Ah, Vee. Thank you for coming. I’ve got all the documentation sorted. Things have been a little distracting but I’ve managed to get it completed. Please, sign away.

    Vee reaches forward and signs the contract.

    Serra: Welcome back to WZCW!

    Vee: Thank you. It’s a pleasure to be back.

    From former to current, Vee turns and extends his hand to Batti and she accepts.

    Vee: Batti, correct? Allow me to introduce myself again. My name is Vee ADZ and I’m going to win Lethal Lottery.

    After a brief staredown between Batti and Vee, where both superstars hold a firm grip on the other, a potential showdown looming in a few weeks during Lethal Lottery. The scene comes to an end with Vee ADZ making his way out the door, leaving Serra alone with Batti once again.
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    Bustling through the congested hallway in the back, the newly returned Vega makes his way through the mass of people, coming out the other side with a bottle of water in his hand. Vega looks for the exit, finding it a few feet away and begins walking towards it when Stacey Madison approaches him.

    Madison: Not so fast. I wanted to get a quick word before you left the building. Do you have a minute to spare?

    After a gruelling match earlier, his first in years, Vega shakes his head and continues for the door.

    Vega: I’d rather not. It’s my first night back on the road…

    Madison: It’ll be quick. I saw that performance you put on out there, you matched up extremely well against Wren, someone who has beaten some of the best in WZCW, and you’ve been away from the sport for years. Are you pleased with the performance?

    After thinking it over for a few moments, Vega nods his heads and responds.

    Vega: I suppose I am. Anything could’ve happened coming back to this place after all these years away. I suppose you never truly know what it’s like to be in the ring until you’re actually inside it. You can’t prepare for it. I’m pleased with how I did tonight but that’s just it. It was tonight. I’m not back for tonight, I’m back for the long haul, I’m back for tomorrow and what comes the day after.

    Madison: The last time you were here the Mayhem Title was retired. Now, it’s back and thriving. What’s it feel like to see the title that was retired under your reign back in WZCW?

    A small smirk appears on Vega’s face, he takes a sip of water before continuing.

    Vega: Perhaps it was an ever-burning thirst for violence that drew me back. That seems to be a theme for me. I don’t know. I’ve been away all this time and I manage to return, the pieces all fall into place, with the Mayhem Title once again up for grabs.

    Madison: Would you consider going after it?

    Vega: I don’t discount any possibility. My focus right now is the same as everyone else in this company. It’s on Lethal Lottery, we’re all preparing for that one shot to get at the World Champ. I’ve had my taste of that before, Stacey. People still talk about that Hell in a Cell to this day. Right now, I can’t say what is certain, I don’t know what path I’ll take. What I can say, what I can control, is what I’m defined as. My entire career has been summed up in one word; mayhem.

    Vega takes another small pause.

    Vega: Now that I’m back, I’ll show the world that mayhem doesn’t define Vega; it’s Vega who defines mayhem.

    He takes a fine sip from his bottle of water, screwing the lid back on tightly before heading for the exit, pushing the door open and disappearing into the night. Stacey remains, looking pleased with her exclusive interview from one of the most hyped returns in many years.
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    Harrys: The following match is scheduled for one fall!


    Harrys: Introducing first, From Neo Japan, weighing a 115 pounds, Batti!

    Beach balls drop from the ceiling and land into the crowd and the ramp. Batti comes out running back and forth and kicking the balls into the audience. She seems overtly excited as she tries to strike a pose but does so clumsily. Batti runs down the runway and slides in. She headbangs to her music and waves enthusiastically at everybody in attendance. The crowd goes wild for her.

    Cohen: Boy, that energy. Even if I don’t get how the crowd gets so behind her, she is a tough cookie to crack.

    Copeland: That she is. She’s a fantastic performer and everybody loves her. It’s high time she gets her due.


    Harrys: And her opponent, from St Louise, Missouri, weighing at 265 pounds, he is the current WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Constantine!!

    As the intro begins playing, the arena falls into complete darkness. With every smash of the drum, a few golden lights flash through the darkness. As the music begins and the guitar begins playing, the arena is bathed in an ocean of golden lights. After a few seconds, a spotlight shines down on the center of the stage, revealing Constantine with his chin dipped to his chest. He soaks in the cheers the fans are bestowing him with. He makes his way down the ramp and climbs the steps into the ring. Once in the middle of the ring, he dips his chin again and raises his arms out one more time.

    Cohen: It’s been a tough week for him. He has now lost two matches in a row, and Batti isn’t going to make it any easier for the champion. But he is the champion.

    Copeland: He is, and the crowd loves him for it. He ended the terror reign of Justin Cooper and Vis Imperium.

    Cohen: Do you really think they are done for good?

    The crowd is going wild for both the crowd favorites. The ref checks both of them for weapons and signals for the bell.

    Ding! Ding!

    Both start circling each other. The crowd eggs them both on to lock up and get the match underway. They finally lock up and Constantine easily overpowers and drives Batti to the corner. Batti backs away and the ref is forced to break the lock, backing Constantine away from Batti.

    Copeland: Constantine will always have the power and height advantage over Batti.

    Cohen: Absolutely! This isn’t where Batti would want to find herself.

    They start circling each other again. Constantine holds his hand up to lock up with Batti again, but this time Batti doesn’t and delivers a swift kick to Constantine’s thigh. He follows it up with another one as Constantine wobbles a bit. She tries another, but this time Constantine catches hold of her leg. He throws her leg only for her to spin and deliver a spinning kick to Constantine’s. Constantine blacks out momentarily due to the kick. As Constantine drops to the mat, Batti plays to the crowd.

    Copeland: Woah! That might have knocked Constantine out.

    Cohen: If she’s any smart, she would try to end this quickly. She cannot afford to give time for Constantine to recover.

    Constantine is still trying to shake the cobwebs when Batti winds up a huge a punch behind him, egging him on to get up. As soon as he does, Batti rolls around to deliver a huge punch, but Constantine ducks under and catches her in a drop toe hold. Without giving her any time to recover, he locks her in an STF. Batti is taken completely by surprise.

    Cohen: What did I tell you! She should have struck when she had a chance.

    Copeland: This doesn’t bode well for her. It would be extremely difficult for her to break Constantine’s grip on her.

    Constantine tightens his hold as Batti tries to crawl away, but Constantine’s weight is too much for her. One half of the crowd is cheering her on, while the other is firmly in Constantine’s favour, calling for her to tap.

    Tap! Tap! Tap!

    The arena is bustling. Constantine isn’t letting up and Batti has nowhere to go. Just as it seems it’s all over, Batti rolls Constantine over in the hold, forcing the ref to start a pin:

    No! Constantine has to release the hold to kick out. Batti retreats to the corner, trying to catch her breath, but Constantine isn’t willing to give her any space. He preps her in the corner and delivers a barrage of mounted punches before finally the ref pulls him off.

    Cohen: That’s the veteran! He knows what is needed when.

    Copeland: He’s in full control of this match. It doesn’t seem long before he finishes this match.

    Batti wobbles out of the corner right into Constantine who delivers a big sidewalk slam. He goes for the cover.

    Batti kicks out! Constantine slaps the mat, but stays focused on the job. He doesn’t let Batti back on her fit, pinning her down with multiple stomps on various limbs of her. He picks her up, and delivers a thunderous Isolation! He goes for the cover.

    3. No! Batti somehow kicks out again.

    Copeland: Batti is showing a lot of heart here.

    Cohen: Heart doesn’t mean much when your opponent when he’s as ruthless as this. Glad to know that Constantine still possesses some of it.

    Constantine looks more annoyed than anything. He gets back to work on Batti, lifting her up on her shoulder.

    Copeland: We all know what’s coming.

    Constantine is ready to deliver The Axis, but Batti escapes his shoulder and before Constantine could react, Batti catches his face with an Axe kick. Constantine is stumbling in the ring. Batti looks for the opportunity and rolls Constantine up. The ref counts…

    Nobody in the arena could believe it.

    Harrys: The winner of this match by pinfall, Batti!

    Cohen: I can’t believe this! How did this even happen?

    Copeland: Batti showed great heart, and Constantine got caught. But more importantly, Batti has just beaten the world champion.

    Cohen: This is huge!
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    Cutting to the backstage area, Randy Studd is seen walking through the hallway in a silk robe. Many women are watching from afar, one of them being Wren, looking disgusted as he thrusts and licks his lips at many of the ladies unlucky enough to be caught in the area.

    Studd: This can all be yours, ladies. I got a spare five minutes.

    The women shake their heads, Wren getting in Studd’s face as he tries to put the moves on one of them.

    Studd: Relax, baby! You’re the one who doesn’t talk, right?

    A smirk appears on Studd’s face.

    Studd: Sounds perfect! You just wait and see, little lady. Plant yourself on that chair over there and watch as I host the hottest show in all of television – the Love Shack!

    Nodding his head eagerly, Studd thinks he is impressing Wren – he is not.

    Studd: I’m the main event! I suggest you open up now because after this, millions of women watching around the world, it’ll be a longer wait than at Disney World to get on this ride!

    Studd struts down the hall in preparation for his big hosting gig later tonight. Wren remains, a look of disdain on her face, completely unimpressed with the man she has just seen. Studd can be heard whistling as he disappears around a corner.

    Copeland: You heard it, folks. Tonight, Randy Studd will host his own talk show segment called the Love Shack. He has been hosting it backstage with himself as a guest and now he has the chance to bring it to the big time.

    Cohen: This is a wonderful day for WZCW. I’ve seen the Love Shack, Seabass. It’s a great platform for WZCW superstars and it’s because of the host. Randy Studd is brilliant as a host. I think this segment will rival the likes of The Show!
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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall! And it is for the WZCW Elite Openweight Championship! Introducing first, the challenger! From Times Unknown, weighing 204 pounds, he is.... The Melanistic Jaguar.... Lynx!

    Lynx makes his way down, stopping in the ramp awaiting the countdown. Upon hitting 1 he removes his hood and makes his way down. He makes into the ring, posing for fans.

    Copeland: Callie Clark has a tough challenge. Not just in her challenger, but in the evergrowing curse of defending the Elite title. It seems imposible but it has yielded a second reign for her. Can she beat that curse with a successful title defense here?

    Cohen: Curse aside, she didn't find success by chance. It's because she's that good. Lynx can be good too but he's not a two time Champion.

    His opponent, she is the current reigning and defending WZCW Elite Openweight Champion, Callie Clark!!

    Clark makes her march down the aisle, strutting while showing her title in hand.

    Cohen: Let's not beat around the bush. Callie Clark defeated the most decorated pro wrestler in this company. One week into his reign.

    Copeland: Luck of the draw but she capitalized the same way Lynx capitalized to win this opportunity at Unscripted.

    Referee Jurou Akiyama shows the Championship that is on the line as the two face off and the bell rings.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    The two circle the ring slowly and cautiously, not wanting to take any risks. They slowly make their way to the center, ready to lock up, but Callie backs off leaving Lynx hanging. She stays away for a bit, clearly trying to frustrate him. They measure each other again and go for another lock up but Callie backs off again, now flustering the crowd who boo her, but she doesn't care. Lynx looks more flustered now, but still tries to stay calm. Callie paces the ring to continue killing more time. They measure again, but this time its Lynx who backs off and leaves Callie hanging. She's immediately furious and screams at him as he paces the ring, smugly. She charges at him but she is surprised with a Small Package. 1....... 2........ 3-But Callie gets out of it and gets out of the ring, surprised and trying to calm herself down.

    Copeland: Callie wasted no time in letting Lynx get to her.

    Lynx turns to the crowd, waiting for Callie who takes the chance that his back is turned and runs into the ring to attack him from behind. She clubbers him over and over as he covers himself annoyed. She stops and Lynx turns around frustrated but as he does, she hits a Spinning Backfist, knocking him down. She's somewhat surprised but makes the cover nonetheless. 1....... 2.......- But he kicks out. She Dropkicks him, sending him out to the ground. She measures Lynx and as he gets up, she dashes across the ring and flies through with a Tope Suicida, knocking him against the barricade. She rolls Lynx into the ring and he starts to get up and she follows up with a Slingblade. She hits a pair of Dropkicks and runs for a Tornado DDT but Lynx puts the brakes and turns her back, planting her on her feet on the canvas before leaping on the air and hitting a big Dropkick. He goes for a Neckbreaker but Callie's smaller frame lets her get out. She hits a big Chop Block, knocking Lynx' base and starts stomping on the leg.

    Copeland: I think Lynx made the mistake of not taking Callie completely seriously.

    Cohen: Indeed he did. A foolish move which just proves my point of him not being as seasoned as Callie. She knows not to waste her opportunities. He doesn't.

    Callie continues stomping the leg and goes to the apron, Springboarding and hitting a Kneedrop to the leg. She makes the cover, hooking the bad leg. 1......2.....3-But Lynx manages to kick out. He tries to get up, Callie tries another Chop Block but Lynx, uses the ropes to jump and avoid it, landing on the turnbuckles and leaps off it with a Crossbody and hooks Callie. 1...... 2......... 3-But Callie kicks out as Lynx clutches his leg. He tries to pull himself up as Callie does the same. They start exchanging blows. Lynx hits chops and Callie hits forearms. Lynx seems to take control but Callie kicks the bad leg, dropping Lynx to one knee, letting Callie hit a DDT. She stomps the leg one more time before climbing the top rope and measuring Lynx. She flies with the Spiral Tap but Lynx gets out of the way letting Callie crash and burn. Lynx hobbles back to his feet and slaps it before running and hitting a forearm to knock Callie down. She rolls back up and Lynx hits another one, followed by a Neckbreaker. He seems motivated and the crowd is too as he fires up. Callie tries to kick the leg again, but Lynx catches it and hits the Dragonscrew several times.

    Cohen: Now he's going after the leg? How fair is that? I mean I know she hurt his leg. But now this just seems vindictive.

    Copeland: It's perfectly legal and unlike her, he's not stomping and kicking it.

    Cohen: Oh, and that makes it acceptable?

    Copeland: As a matter of fact, yes. It's the rules.

    Callie rolls out of the ring, clutching her leg for a bit but is surprised by a Tope Suicida from Lynx, bouncing off the barricade, he rolls her back into the ring and climbs the ropes though a bit slowly because of the leg. He measures and flies with the Phoenix Splash but Callie rolls out of the way. Lynx rolls and turns around but is immediately brush kicked on the leg again, knocking him down. He drags himself up and is met with a Bulldog. Clark goes back to the ropes, springboarding for a DDT and connects it. Clark makes the cover, not able to hook the leg. 1......2........3-But Lynx kicks out. She slams the canvas frustrated and pulls Lynx up by the hair but he breaks free and hits a pair of chops before hitting a Falcon Arrow. Lynx tries to fire up, getting to his feet after a small bit effort and dashes across the ring. Callie tries another Chop Block, but Lynx leaps and rolls over her, quickly standing up and hitting a big Kick To The Future. Callie falls down hard to the canvas and Lynx goes for the cover. 1........2........3-But Callie once again kicks out. Lynx grabs the arm and applies the Lynx To The Past but Callie manages to drag herself to the ropes and clutches them firmly, forcing the ropebreak as Lynx backs off. Callie hugs the ropes yelling for Lynx to back off and he does. She gets up as Lynx approaches once again brush kicks Lynx and hits a Moonsault Knee Press. Callie gets up and starts taunting the crowd and Lynx. She gets to the top rope continuing to taunt him without turning around. The crowd starts to cheer but Callie pays no heed. She flies for the Calliesault but as she impressively flips backward through the air, she's struck by a horrifying sight. Lynx is up! He hits another Kick To The Future in midair!! Callie does land on her feet from the impact and ricochets off the ropes and is met with a Dimensional Vortex!! Callie falls and Lynx falls on top of her! 1...........2.........3!!

    Here is your winner and the NEW WZCW Elite Openweight Champion!! Lynx!!

    Copeland: What a finale!! I can't believe he pulled that off! Lynx is able to secure the win to win the title!!

    Cohen: That was horrifying!! What a lack of concern for your fellow woman!!

    Lynx is given his new Championship and held up by an agent, also putting ice on his leg. He holds up the title as Callie is getting her neck iced. She seems out of it but Lynx approaches her.

    Lynx: Time's up.

    He's helped out of the ring as the crowd gives both wrestlers a standing ovation.
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    Returning from the commercial break, the ring is covered with red roses all over the canvas. The usual white canvas cover has been removed and in its place, is a red velvet carpet, a large waterbed is in the middle of the ring and in the middle, on a rotating base, is Randy Studd. To his left is a large screen reading ‘Love Shack’ and Studd himself is covered only by a silver silk robe.

    Studd: Welcome, welcome, my lovers to the first ever – LIVE – edition of the Love Shack. As always, I am your host, the foundation of sensation, and the soon to be new WZCW Mayhem Champion, Randy Studd.

    Boos from the live crowd as Studd brushes a red rose up and down his leg.

    Studd: Tonight, I have a very special guest on the show. I provide only the best for my lovers. It’s an exclusive, ladies and voyeurs. This is the Love Shack, I am your host and it’s time to go in RAW! Please welcome my guest, the reigning WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Constantine!


    Stepping out onto the stage, dressed in a fine suit, with the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship wrapped around his waist, Constantine is welcome warmly by the fans. The Hall of Famer makes his way down to the ring, entering after grabbing a microphone and looks for a place to sit. The waterbed is the only option, Constantine shakes his head and exits the ring, grabbing a steel chair, causing Studd to look on in fear, but it’s only for practical use right now. Constantine places the chair near the bed, leaving Studd to lay back down to conduct the interview while looking slightly annoyed.

    Studd: This is a king-sized bed, Constantine. Plenty of room for all my guests.

    Constantine: I’m sure there is however I’m fine right where I am. Please, proceed as you would.

    The idea that Constantine is giving him orders only further frustrates Studd.

    Studd: Well, since I am the host, I think I’ll decide to proceed to the question. I was just thinking that it was time for that. We don’t need to mess around with pointless softball questions.

    Constantine: That’s fine by me.

    Studd: Currently there is an investigation going on after you were nearly runover last week on Meltdown. What do you think was the goal of that incident?

    Fans wait on the edge of their seats as Constantine thinks for a moment, chuckling to him, as if this is the most obvious thing in the world.

    Constantine: I mean, it’s pretty clear, Randy. I’m the current WZCW World Heavyweight Champion and that paints a massive target on my back. We have Lethal Lottery coming up in a few weeks, a collection of the best wrestlers in the world all fighting to earn the opportunity to challenge for this belt at Kingdom Come. It’s obvious that someone, whoever was driving that car, wants to weaken the World Champion leading into Lethal Lottery, and perhaps even Kingdom Come should I still have the honour of holding this title on my final night.

    Studd: You mention it being your final night at Kingdom Come. We’ve all heard this sob story. I don’t believe it in all honesty. I think you’ve played with the emotions of these people to position yourself to gain a shot at the World Title. What do you say to that?

    The World Champ shakes his head, rubbing his forehead and leaning back against the chair.

    Constantine: Whether you believe I’m retiring isn’t a concern of mine, Randy. I made that announcement so that every fan out there knew, when I was coming to your city, it was the final time I’d be there. The last chance to see me in action, to get that autograph, to take that picture or to just say hello. It had nothing to do with sympathy to get a title shot. In case your forgot, I won the Gold Rush Tournament. I went through the best, I beat Eve Taylor and then I ended Justin Cooper’s ten-month reign as World Champion. For ten months he ruled WZCW as the top guy, I took him down, so I can safely say I earned my position as World Champ.

    Studd: I want to return to the incident from last week. You were in the parking lot ready to leave. What did you see?

    Constantine adjusts the World Title, slinging it over his shoulder.

    Constantine: Not much, honestly. One minute I was fine and the next I saw a car speeding towards me. It was all a blur.

    Studd: So, you’ve got no clue who attempted to run you over? Has WZCW’s investigation come up with any names.

    Getting serious, Constantine looks at Studd and responds.

    Constantine: I know who did it. I don’t need to see him driving the car to know the coward that was behind the wheel.

    Studd: Alright, who was it? Who was driving the car, Constantine?

    Constantine: It was Justin Cooper! I know it was him. No, I didn’t see him near the scene. No, it’s not his car or a rental in his name. I know all of this. I also know that Justin would do anything to get this title back and if something were to happen to me, that left me unable to compete, who do you think would get the first crack at this title? It would be Justin Cooper and that coward would rather end my career than meet me in the ring. He’s tried it once before and this is just another attempt to do it again.


    Suddenly, Justin Cooper walks out onto the stage and heads down to the ring. Constantine stands up off his chair, placing the World Title on the steel chair, as Cooper climbs the steel steps and enters the ring. The crowd rises, Constantine and Cooper are face to face for the first time since their brutal encounter inside Hell in a Cell. One of the true great modern rivalries with bad blood dating back to 2012.

    Cooper: Say my name, say my name, Johnny! Oh, how I love to hear it leave those sweet lips of yours. Alas, you are wrong yet again. As much as I’d like to have been driving that car I was not.

    The crowd chants “bullshit” at that statement.

    Cooper: A shame, I know. A travesty for all these idiots. I could’ve saved us a lot of time. We could’ve removed you as World Champion this week instead of waiting who knows how long at this rate. It seems every title is being defended in this company except the one you’re holding. How convenient.

    Constantine: Your word means nothing, Cooper. I seem to remember you screaming up and down, swearing on everything from your family to the good lord himself, that you were not in cahoots Vis Imperium when you challenged Mikey Stormrage. I also seem to remember you begging for help to Mark on the phone. You’re a damn snake, Cooper. I don’t believe a word you say.

    Justin stumbles backwards, clutching his chest above his heart like he is truly hurt by that statement.

    Cooper: John, you say the most hurtful things. I’ve been cleared by WZCW. Chuck Myles and Becky Serra spent hours interviewing me and I provide video evidence that I was not behind the wheel of the car.

    Constantine: You were involved, Cooper! Admit it now. You tried to end my career. To stop my goal of main eventing Kingdom Come right on the doorstep of achieving it.

    The former World Champion laughs, stepping forward and whispering into Constantine’s eye.

    Cooper: You’re wrong again. If I had been driving, I wouldn’t have wanted to end your career, I’d have wanted to put you in a wheelchair.

    Constantine grabs Cooper by the scruff of the neck and yells at him to admit his involvement in the incident. The fans cheer as Constantine backs Cooper into the corner, driving a forearm under his throat and demanding he tell the truth. Cooper is laughing, Constantine looks confused and then he feels a chair smack his back! Randy Studd has struck Constantine with a steel chair, and he proceeds to apply a full nelson, dragging Constantine into the middle of the ring and knocking him down to his knees.

    From the corner, Cooper rubs his throat and begins walking forward with an air of arrogance about himself. Constantine tries to break free but the chair shot has stung his back, allowing Studd to keep an unbreakable hold on him from behind.

    Cooper: Now, as I was saying before you so rudely interrupted me. I wouldn’t have aimed to end your career. I would’ve put you in a wheelchair, John. I wasn’t driving the car, though. How are the ribs feeling, John? All healed? I think not!

    A swift punch to the ribs from Cooper connects. He backs up, laughing as he picks up the World Title and stares at it.

    Cooper: It’s been so long since I’ve held this in my hands, John. Ever since you took it from me. You think you’ve won, right? WZCW thinks they won. Vis Imperium is dead but so long as I’m standing you haven’t won. I will burn this entire place down to be World Champion for just one second. I’d give everything up for it, John. With that in mind, did you honestly think I’d enter Hell in a Cell without a backup plan?

    The crowd are confused as to what Cooper is talking about. He begins to pace around the ring, Constantine looking up with disgust at the sight of Cooper holding the World Title again.

    Cooper: I have a contract signed by Mr. Banks before he was flattened by Ty. In that contract it gives me the right to a rematch should I lose the World Title at any point. Of course, I was robbed of the title and now it belongs to you. That contract states three things that go along with me being the automatic number one contender for the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship.

    Turning to face Constantine, Cooper looks directly into his eyes and smiles.

    Cooper: Firstly, I get to pick WHERE the match takes place. Secondly, I get to decide WHEN the match will occur. Thirdly, perhaps my favourite element of the contract, I get to choose WHAT TYPE of match we will be having. With that in mind, I’ll let you in on two of the three.

    An even bigger smile appears on Cooper’s face as he is about to make the big announcement.

    Cooper: I’ll get my rematch in MY HOMETOWN of Sydney, Australia. That’s the where, as for the when, it’ll be in a few weeks when WZCW goes down under for Lethal Lottery! That’s right, John. You and I, one more time, the final encounter, winner goes to the main event of Kingdom Come 9. What type of match, you ask? That’s for next week.

    In a burst of energy, Constantine breaks free and tosses Studd to the side. He charges at Cooper, tackling him to the ground and begins beating the piss out of him. Hard right hands connect but Constantine is outnumbered, Studd pulling him off Cooper and allowing the former World Champ to hit a hard knee to the ribs of Constantine.

    Copeland: Constantine could use some help out here!

    Cohen: Who would be willing to save the World Champion with Lethal Lottery, and a potential title shot, looming in the future?


    Kagura comes charging down to the ring and the makeshift duo of Studd and Cooper scatter from inside the ring. The fans are on edge, Kagura holding the Queen for a Day briefcase in her hand, and even Constantine gives it a second look. He backs up into the corner, Kagura sharing a glance with him and she shakes her head, offering a hand to help him stand up on his own two feet.

    Copeland: Look at this, Jack! Kagura had a chance to cash-in her contract for a title shot but she turned it down.

    Cohen: This woman is out of her mind with all this honour stuff, Seabass. She doesn’t have the killer instinct. It’s why she’ll never be World Champion in my opinion.

    Copeland: We have to talk about the big news coming out of the interview. Constantine is one title defence away from the main event of Kingdom Come, something he has never achieved, but to get there he will have to defeat Justin Cooper – one more time.

    Cohen: And it’ll be under Cooper’s rules, Seabass! Justin Cooper gets to pick where, when and what type of match it is. We know two of the three, it’ll be at Lethal Lottery in Justin’s hometown of Sydney. That’s a major advantage. I don’t think that building will be holding a single Constantine fan. Australians are diehard sports fans and they’ll support one of their own to the death.

    Copeland: The big question we have left is simply; what type of match will Justin Cooper request for his rematch with Constantine for the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship?

    The end of Meltdown arrives with Kagura and Constantine sharing the ring together, not as rivals, but as allies. Meanwhile, Studd and Cooper stand at the top of the ramp, both with sinister smirks on their faces.
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    Lethal Lottery 2018
    *Matches to be announced*
    Confirmed matches:

    Lethal Lottery Match
    Winner will face the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion at Kingdom Come IX
    Competitors TBA: Eve Taylor, Tyrone Blades, Batti, Vee ADZ

    WZCW World Heavyweight Championship
    Constantine (c) vs. Justin Cooper

    WZCW Eurasian Championship
    Titus Avison (c) vs. Mark Keaton vs. Ace Stevens vs. Triple X

    WZCW Mayhem Championship
    Throw-Down Final


    Intro, Segments, Tyrone Blades vs Kagura - Jeff
    Vega vs Wren - Dave
    Constantine vs Batti - Cyberpunk
    Callie Clark vs Lynx - KJ
    Segments - Prophet, Jeff
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