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    For the second night in a row the Target Center in Mineappolis, Minessota is home to WZCW. This time it is the final stop before Unscripted, Ascension is live! It has been an action-packed week and the fans are excited for this final stop to be underway. Thousands have been packed inside the Target Center for what promises to be an eventful night. A few signs are shown including; “Vis Im-pending Doom at Unscripted”, “Men Can Cosplay Too” and “Tastic’s House Doesn’t Have Power” just to name a few. We get a shot of our announce team but before they can go through the usual formalities they are interrupted.

    Emerging at the top of the ramp carrying the Elite Openweight Championship is the reigning champion, Callie Clark. Not only does she carry the title around her waist but the champion has a clipboard in her hand and quickly makes her way down the ramp. A few fans are approached by Clark who forces a pen into their hand and rushes a signature before going to the next.

    Connor: We are live for the final night in the Target Center and this is an unexpected way to start the show. We didn’t even get a word in before Callie Clark, the Elite Openweight Champion, made her way down to the ring. It looks like she is making fans sign something. I don’t know what it is but they aren’t getting a chance to read it, that’s for sure.

    Cohen: I’ve heard rumours about this all day, CC. I don’t want to spoil anything but I myself have signed it.

    Connor: Really, you have signed whatever it is that Callie is carrying with her?

    Cohen: Indeed. A great thing this is, CC. You’ll probably refuse to sign it because that’s the type of thing you’d do. I care about the WZCW superstars, that’s what Callie is, and I totally support her in this case.

    Inside the ring, Callie stands holding a clipboard in one hand and a microphone in the other. She is not dressed up tonight cosplaying in any form. Instead, Clark is dressed in casual business attire and has a stern look on her face as she addresses the WZCW fans.

    Clark: As I’m sure you all remember it was just before Gold Rush that my sister, Gabi, was brutally assaulted in what we know as a Mayhem Rules Match. In this match she was put through a table, hit with multiple weapons and left unable to ever wrestle again. You will never see Gabi Clark in WZCW ever again!

    Huge cheer from the crowd.

    Clark: You’re disgusting animals, the lot of you. I expect nothing less. You cheered the barbaric nature of the Mayhem division. You people thrive off seeing that but I refuse to allow that to continue. In my hand is a petition with over ten thousand signatures demanding that all forms of hardcore wrestling be banned in WZCW. I am a wrestler and fighting with weapons is not wrestling. I refuse to do it. I refuse to risk my career just like my sister did.

    The crowd begins to boo even louder. Clark is furious and waves the petition wildly in the air. A loud “We Want Mayhem” chant breaks out and it only further infuriates the champion.

    Clark: You’re all sick! Hardcore isn’t wrestling. This isn’t some horror movie where we should be bleeding all over the place. It makes me want to vomit. Do you people want to see tables? How about ladders? Chairs? Kendo sticks? Thumbtacks and broken glass? Are you people that disgusting? I am a wrestler! I am not an animal!

    Cohen: Well, you want to talk about a man who has made a living out of going to the extreme than look no further. Callie Clark may not be willing to embrace the hardcore elements of professional wrestling but Matt Tastic has held the Mayhem Championship four times, a record for any title.

    Connor: That’s what makes him such a dangerous challenger, Jack. He has proven to go to any length to gain victory and with his recent change of attitude, I think that Tastic is in prime position to take the Elite Openweight Championship.

    Everyone turns to the entrance ramp as Matt Tastic wanders out from behind the curtain and casually walks down to the ring. His hands are in his pockets the entire time, a black a white mask covering his face with a splash of red for blood across the left side, and he receives a lot of support from the crowd as he enters the ring. Tastic leans up against the ropes as removes his mask, slowly bringing it up before tossing it to the outside and picking up a microphone.

    Tastic: I swear that we didn’t bitch and moan as much as you kids do these days. You’ve been here five minutes and you want to change the business with a petition. Take a good hard look at me, Clark. I changed this business and I didn’t do it with a pen and paper. No, I did it by stepping between these ropes and leaving my blood, sweat and tears all over this canvas. If blood makes you sick than I’d suggest you take a step back because this canvas was built of the blood from guys like me!

    The champion doesn’t take to kindly to that. Clark unclips the title belt, steps forward and holds it right in the face of Tastic.

    Clark: I am the champion. You may have bled in this ring but don’t kid yourself, Matthew. This is Ascension, this is my show and that means that you’re standing in MY RING!

    Tastic: Not for much longer. You’ve made a mistake in how you’re looking at this match. You’re so afraid that the fans are going to put us in some kind of barbaric match that you’ve gone out of your way to create a petition. I don’t even know what the stipulations are going to be for our match. I don’t care, honestly. See, I don’t need weapons to break someone like you. I’ve defeated the best to ever do it and had the strongest of challengers on their knees begging me for mercy. You, you’re easy for me, and at Unscripted I’ll show you just how dangerous life is inside a wrestling ring even without the aid of weapons.

    Horror comes over the face of Clark as she retreats backwards while Tastic moves forward.

    Tastic: The scars, the pain… all of it is what awaits you at Unscripted. You thought your sister suffered bad injuries, you haven’t seen what I can do. I’m not just coming for the Elite Openweight Championship, Callie. I’ve won every title in WZCW. I’ve done it all. My legacy is secured. No, at Unscripted I’m coming to rip you to pieces. I’m going to make sure that you taste your own blood, and not because it’ll help me win the title… I’m going to do it just because I damn well can!

    Clark is shaking her head and demanding that Tastic begins to laugh at how worried she looks at the prospect of stepping into the ring with him.

    Cohen: This is what I’m talking about, CC! Tastic is a damn lunatic and he’ll hurt the poor girl if any weapons are allowed to be used. Ban the damn things.

    Serra: Attention! Could I have your attention, please. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being here tonight and I hope you are enjoying the show so far. A busy night as you’d expect so I’ll cut right to the chase.

    The General Manager waves a hand towards the ring where both champion and challenger are standing on opposite sides of the ring and looking at her.

    Serra: I’ve been looking for both of you and I think now is the perfect time to deliver the news the world has been waiting for since the match between Callie Clark and Matt Tastic was made official. It is time to announce the voting options that the WZCW fans will have to pick from at Unscripted.

    Clark immediately grabs her petition and holds it high in the air.

    Serra: I’m very aware of your petition, Callie. I’ve taken that into consideration and as a result the first option for voting will be a Pure Rules Match!

    A huge cheer is heard but not from the fans, it’s from Callie Clark who jumps for joy and laughs in the face of Matt Tastic. She waves the Elite Openweight Championship around, jumping up and down, and is overjoyed with the first option.

    Serra: The second option that the fans can possibly vote for if they don’t like the sound of a Pure Rules Match is a match that we rarely have in WZCW. It’s a match that tests not only your skill in the ring but also your stamina. I’m speaking of course about an Iron Man Match, and if chosen will be thirty minutes long. That is option two, ladies and gentlemen.

    Once again, Callie Clark is happy with that option and is overflowing with confidence. In the corner we see Tastic not really caring. His head is resting on the turnbuckle as he waits this process out.

    Cohen: Well, those are the two options. What a wonderful job by the General Manager.

    Connor: I wouldn’t call it so soon.

    Indeed, at the top of the ramp Serra holds her hand up and calls for silence.

    Serra: We do have a third and final option. If those first two options don’t capture the imagination of the fans than I’m sure this option will. At Unscripted, you can see Callie Clark defend the Elite Openweight Championship against Matt Tastic...

    A dramatic pause by Serra.

    Serra: In a…

    The fans are on the edge of their seats, Tastic is even interested at this option and Clark is still flowing with confidence from the first two choices. She is barely paying any attention to the announcement until it is said, then her world stops.


    The champion looks like she has seen a ghost. All the colour from her face drains immediately and the confidence she had just seconds earlier is long gone. The opposite can be said for Matt Tastic who looks very pleased with the three options. Clark stands up, the crowd going mental after the announcement, and storms out of the ring chasing after the GM who has already gone backstage.

    Cohen: This is an outrage! Callie Clark cannot be forced into a Mayhem Rules Match!

    Connor: She will if the fans vote on it. You’ve heard it here first, ladies and gentlemen. Callie Clark versus Matt Tastic for the Elite Openweight Championship in either a Pure Rules, 30 Minute Iron Man or Mayhem Rules Match at Unscripted. You decide. You have the power. Use it wisely.
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    Anderson: This match is scheduled for one fall!

    Lynx walks out onto the entrance ramp looking down at the ground for a few seconds as a countdown clock ticks down 5.... 4.... 3.... 2.... 1.... Then he looks into the audience and pyro goes off as the fans cheer. Blue, purple, and green lights flash throughout the arena

    Anderson: Introducing first from Times Unknown, weighing 204 pounds, he is.... The Melanistic Jaguar.... Lynx!

    Connor: This ought to be a great match between two very exciting young superstars, Jack. Lynx may have his hands full tonight but, in the back of his mind, he will be thinking about the events of last night and getting himself involved with Triple X and Constantine.

    Cohen: Absolutely, Cat. Triple X has made no secret of the fact that he is gunning for the so called heroes of WZCW. Lynx, I presume, finds himself amongst that number and it has all gotten very personal between the two. You have to winder if and when Triple X will make his move to get some retribution on Lynx.

    Lynx soaks in the amazing crowd reaction from the fans for a moment, putting his fist into the air and getting another loud pop from the crowd. He gives the fans a smile before heading down the ramp towards the ring. His music stops as he reaches the bottom of the ramp and another theme begins.

    Anderson: Introducing his opponent...

    The lights go out, a bright series of multicolored spotlights shine on a stage just off to the right of the Titantron.. Dallas Keaton is at the Mic stand dressed like his son in a black leather jacket with a big red VI emblazoned on his right side chest. The Three Smokes Band back him up as he belts into RMK's entrance theme...


    Cohen: That entrance theme never gets old, Cat. And I must say, Mark Keaton looks very relaxes heading into this match. He has a huge match on the horizon and a chance at the EurAsian Championship, no less.

    Connor: Indeed he does, Jack. Titus Avison and Tyrone Blades lie in wait for Mark Keaton and Xander LeBelle at Unscripted. But he cannot lose focus on this match tonight, Jack. Otherwise, he might not make it all the way to Unscripted, Lynx is a very talented wrestler and looking past him will be a big mistake.

    Anderson: ..accompanied to the ring by Big Bad Roady, from Toronto, Ontario Canada weighing 225 pounds, Remarkable Mark Keaton

    ...the lights return to normal as Mark Keaton strolls out to the top of the ramp. He's flanked by Big Bad Roady decked out in biker gear and ripped denem. Mark gives his father a nod and plays air guitar down the ramp. He jumps in the ring then whips off his leather jacket and throws it over the ropes to BigRoad. He bounces around on his toes throwing jabs in the air, warming up for the match.

    DING! DING!​

    As the bell rings, both men stare through each other – daring the other one to make the first move. The fans are on their feet in anticipation of the match that is about to come and the tension between the competitors is palpable. Lynx# begins circling the ring but Keaton doesn't seem to be interested in making the same move. Suddenly, Keaton rushes Lynx and nails him with a swift knee to the gut. Lynx hits the canvas for the first time in the match as Keaton stands over him with a look of determination on his face. Grabbing Lynx by the hair, Keaton pulls him back to his feet and nails him with a few stiff punches – backing him up into the corner and absorbing some of the hate from the fans as he does. Once in the corner, Keaton nails his opponent with a crushing back elbow to the jaw that sends him recoiling out of the corner. Keaton lies in wait as Lynx tries to regain his senses. One the right time arrives, Keaton pounces – nailing Lynx with a punishing reverse DDT that takes both men down. Keaton immediately covers Lynx for the first pin fall of the match but the referee is no sooner on his knees and counting the fall than Lynx manages to get his shoulders off the mat and keep this match alive

    Cohen: An amazing start right out of the blocks for Keaton. He has certainly shown us lately that he can mix it with the best there is and tonight looks to be another great performance.

    Connor: No doubt about it, Jack, Keaton has been on fire so far tonight. He looks fiercely focussed and is really putting the screws to Lynx early on in this match. Lynx is going to have to find his feet in this match, and fast, if he is to stand any chance at all.

    Keaton looks absolutely raging with the actions of his opponent and immediately tries to continue his advantage. He pulls Lynx to his feet and immediately backs him into the ropes. Keaton nails him with a few chops to the chest and then whips him across the ring. Lynx hits the far ropes and rebounds towards his opponent. But Keaton's chances of making his advantage count more are put on hold as Lynx fires back, launching himself through the air and catching Keaton with a beautiful flying shoulder block. The crowd comes to life as the playing field is levelled beautifully. Lynx gets to his feet and looks around the baying audience, drawing in their support and using it to spur him on. He hits the ropes one more time as Keaton gets to his feet. Once more, he tosses himself through the air and nails Keaton with another beautiful shocker block. Lynx fires back to his feet and immediately drops a stunning leg drop across the throat of his opponent. The crowd come alive as Lynx goes for the cover and the end of this match. But, similar to before, he is only able to catch a count of 1 before his opponent powers out. Lynx knows that he has to make his advantage count, now that he has levelled this match and immediately begins pounding away on his opponent, nailing him with a few right hands to the jaw as he lies on the canvas. Keaton absorbs a few punches before finding the ropes and rolling under them to exit the ring.

    Connor: It looks as though Keaton needs a quick break to get this thoughts together in this match. And you can see why, Lynx has been red hot since getting the wake up call in the form of that early pin fall attempt.

    Cohen: This is something that only the best of the best can get away with or have the ring presence to know about. If things aren't going you way, you get the hell out of there and derail the momentum of your opponent. Keaton continues to show his veteran instincts and you have to give him some credit for that.

    The crowd give Keaton a piece of their mind but it is for naught as he continues to pace around the ring, staring a hole through Lynx. After a few seconds of pacing, Keaton knows that he needs to get back into this match. He steadies himself with a deep breath in before rolling under the bottom rope and getting back into the ring. No sooner has he accomplished this feat than Lynx is on him, landing clubbing blows to his back and head. Somehow, however, Keaton is able to absorb the blows and manages to find his way back to a vertical basis. In the middle of the ring, the two men fight for supremacy – exchanging right hands as the fans boo and cheer with every single shot. It is Lynx who manages to get the better of the exchange, albeit surprisingly. Keaton throws one final desperate punch towards his opponent but Lynx manages to duck underneath his flailing arm and get his back. Almost immediately, Lynx locks his arms around the waist of Keaton and punishes him for his mistake with a beautiful German suplex that sends his shooting across the ring. Keaton clutches at the back of his head as he gets back to his knees. But Lynx is not finished with him by a long shot. Lynx gets to his feet quickly and runs at Keaton, nailing him with a running knee right to the side of his head and sending him crumbling to the canvas one more time. Lynx wastes no time in going for the pin fall. But he is only able to pick up a 2 count at this time of asking as the match rumbles on!

    Connor: What a turn around we have seen in this match, folks! Keaton came out of the blocks like a greyhound but all of his early momentum has been put on hold as Lynx really begins taking control of this match. If Keaton doesn't get back in this match soon, we could see this one in the books.

    Cohen: Please! Let's give Keaton a little bit of credit. He controlled this match in the beginning and it has been turned on it's head. He has all of the skills to turn this match back in his favour and you would be doing him a massive favour by writing off his chances of doing so.

    Lynx knows this his opportunity to claim victory in this match is not far away and he knows that he needs to follow up on his whirlwind offensive. Lynx gets back to his feet and begins stomping away on Keaton viciously. With every boot that falls onto the torso of The Remarkable One, the fans come even more out of their seats. After a few more stomps, Lynx wheels away, looking for inspiration on ways to put this match beyond the control of his opponent. Lynx makes his way back to the broken body of his opponent and begins picking him up until he is back on his unsteady feet. Lynx looks in the eyes of his weary opponent before hoisting him into position for the brainbuster. But, somehow, Keaton manages to find the will to begin wriggling free of the hold. Lynx tries his best to execute the move but, before he can help it, Keaton manages to wriggle free and falls to his knees on the canvas. Lynx tries to reclaim the advantage by grabbing Keaton in a headlock – perhaps even looking for the DDT. But the desperation in the actions of Keaton is plain for everyone to see. He manages to twist the arm of Lynx and pull him towards his frame, eventually nailing him with a stunning belly to belly suplex that plants Lynx perfectly to the canvas. The fans are stunned at what they are seeing but they are powerless to help The Remarkable One. Keaton quickly goes for the pin as the fans quickly get to their feet. The referee counts the fall! 1... 2... Kick out by Lynx with no time to spare at all!

    Connor: Wow! That belly to belly was full of impact but the fight in Lynx is obvious for everyone to see. This match continues and, given the way it has gone so far, who knows what way the momentum is going to swing.

    Cohen: I can tell you this for a fact, Keaton seems to be right at home in a match like this. You may not like him but you can't argue with the level of heart he has, or the level of fight that he continually shows.

    Keaton sits up from the cover attempt and slaps his hands on the canvas in frustration; a look of rage and disgust creeping it's way across his features and giving an insight into his true feelings. Getting to his feet, Keaton paces across the canvas, trying to calm himself and come to terms with a way of putting this match to bed. As Lynx begins getting up, Keaton finally settles into the corner of the ring. He lies in wait, just waiting for the moment that Lynx reclaims his vertical base. As Lynx finally manages to get to his weary feet, Keaton prepares for his attack. But Lynx cannot stand for too long, he falls to one knee as the referee goes over to him. The referee checks on Lynx to see if he is able to continue in the match but the fan favourite is adamant that he will continue. The referee tries to he him back to his feet as Lynx tugs on his shirt for support. Keaton has grown agitated in the corner of the ring and runs at Lynx with dangerous motives on his mind. Keaton launches himself towards Lynx with a messy drop kick. A drop kick that actually hits more of the referee than his opponent. The fans scream their disdain at the top of their lungs as the referee and Lynx crash back to the canvas. A move that should have taken out his opponent has gone wrong for Mark Keaton but he seems to care very little. He knows that this opens up a world of opportunity for him.

    Connor: Uh-oh! This is definitely \ worry for Lynx. I dare say that Keaton is one of the few men that anarchy in a WZCW ring really suits. The referee got a little too involved in the action there, folks. And now, Lynx might pay the price for that.

    Cohen: Wait a minute, what is going on here?

    Suddenly, however, Lynx is pulled from the ring by an unknown person. The camera shot changes to reveal the figure as none other than Triple X. Lynx is on shaky legs thanks to his exertions during this match and almost cannot believe that he is seeing Triple X before his eyes. X gives Lynx a sneer as he holds the back of the time-traveller's head. Suddenly, Lynx falls victim to a heinous attack as X rests him against the canvas and runs backwards. Suddenly, he launches himself forward with pace and nails him with PROJECT X (Claymore Kick)! Lynx immediately hits the floor as the contact to his face can be heard around the arena. A wave of booing greets the man from Hell's Kitchen but Triple X doesn't care at all. Keaton looks on with a confused look upon his face as X pulls Lynx back to his feet and rolls him under the bottom rope. He signals to Keaton to finish him off and that is exactly what Keaton does. Wasting no time at all, Keaton picks up his opponent as the referee begins to get back to his feet. Keaton hoists Lynx up and nails him with the VOLTRON SUPLEX (Jack-Hammer)! Keaton immediately covers Lynx for the 1... 2... 3! The match is over!

    Anderson: Here is your winner... The Remarkable Mark Keaton!!

    Connor: That is just sickening, quite frankly. These two warriors were having a great back and forth match until Triple X got himself involved. If anything, these fans were robbed of a great match between two men in the peak of their careers.

    Cohen: And you have to say that Triple X was the difference maker in this match, CC. We may not like the way he has done business recently but he is certainly making a mark on Lynx and the fan favourites of this company. What's more, he is looking very dangerous right now after his win against Constantine and this attack on Lynx.

    Connor: Well, he might not have been happy about Lynx inserting himself into the fray after his match against Constantine last night. It looked as though Triple X fancied that bounty all for himself but was stopped by Lynx. Either way, he has cost Lynx the match tonight, no doubt about it.

    Keaton quickly has his arm raised by the referee as he smugly looks down at Lynx on the canvas. Suddenly, X rolls under the bottom rope and stares down Keaton in the middle of the ring. A cheer of anticipation goes around the arena at the thought of these two going at it but Keaton is in no mod for that at all. He backs away and rolls out of the ring with a sneer on his features. As Keaton rolls out, the cheers are immediately replaced by a chorus of booing. X has a microphone in his hand as he stands over the defeated Lynx.

    X: I told you, Lynx. I told everyone in WZCW that I was done playing games. I told you that if you got in my way, then I would have no problems in running right over you. You just couldn't let it pass by you, could you? You did this to yourself, man. So at Unscripted, I will put you out of your misery once and for all, kid.

    A muffled cheer, again, goes around the arena at the thought of Lynx and Triple X finally having their match.

    X: Do yourself a favour and remember this picture, Lynx. Because after I make an example of you at Unscripted, you'll finally see why I am just that damn good!

    With that, X drops the microphone on Lynx's chest and walks away. The fans boo loudly as X adopts a sick smile as he gets out of the ring and up the ramp.

    Connor: Well, it seems as though we have another match confirmed for Unscripted, folks. Triple X will finally get to take on Lynx in a one on one match. It has all gotten very personal as of late, so it ought to be a cracking match.
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    In the interview area backstage, Stacey Madison is standing by with Eve Taylor. The latter is dressed to compete later tonight against Tyrone Blades, she has a focused look on her face as Stacey turns to her.

    Madison: Thank you for giving us a chance to speak, Eve. A lot has happened this week and we had a major development on Meltdown when Logan McAllister, through his manager, made a challenge to face you at Unscripted. Do you have a response?

    Taylor: Little ole me? Oh, Logan McAllister is far too strong and scary for somebody like to me compete with. I best just go crawl under a blanket and hope that this all just passes me by… or I could do what I do when Logan decided to play hitman and assault me from behind during the tag match last week. You remember that, Stacey? When I knocked the taste out of his mouth and sent Logan crashing over the barricade as we fought through the crowd. He calls it a challenge? I call it a warm-up, a warm-up for the real challenge when I work my way back to World Title contention.

    She pauses for a moment, pointing a finger in the air.

    Taylor: That’s the big knock against me, Stacey. They say I’ve been given to many chances. Well, I’m at the bottom now. I’m nowhere near the title but I’m ready to fight anybody that wants to try and knock me down even further. See, I’ve already fallen. I’ve hit the ground hard before and I’ve gotten up, repeatedly. That’s what people like Logan fail to understand. When they got knocked down, they stayed down. I didn’t. I got up and I fought for my opportunities. So, if Logan wants to fight than we can fight at Unscripted.

    Madison: Is that confirmation? Do you official accept Logan McAllister’s challenge for a match at Unscripted?

    Taylor: Not only do I accept it but I welcome it. This is just another opportunity that I’m going to seize and afterwards, Logan can go cry to manager about being left behind yet again. I only hope he doesn’t forget to show up like he did at Kingdom Come.

    With that said, Eve stands proudly with her eyes focused on the camera. A clear message sent to Logan McAllister. The challenge has been accepted. They will wrestle at Unscripted in what is sure to be a great match.
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    Anderson: The following match is scheduled for one fall!


    Anderson: Introducing first from Neo Japan, weighing 115 pounds, BATTI!

    The crowd cheers as beach balls drop from the ceiling and land into the crowd and the ramp. Batti comes out running back and forth and kicking the balls into the audience. She seems overtly excited as she tries to strike a pose but does so clumsily. Batti runs down the runway and slides in. She headbangs to her music and waves enthusiastically at everybody in attendance.

    Connor:Batti is coming off one of her biggest victories over Tyrone Blades last week. The former Elite Openweight Champion has bunch of momentum as she faces another WZCW Hall Of Famer Matt Tastic.

    Cohen: Come on, CC. We all know that Batti's win over Blades was nowhere near being fair. As much as I dislike Tyrone Blades, I don't think that Batti can actually defeat Tyrone. Be it at any cost. You can't beat a hall of famer like Tyrone while being a goof ball.

    Connor: Um, she did defeat Tyrone Blades fair and square in the ring. And as we all saw, Blades actually gave it all but Batti came out top as she was better than Blades on that day. Even Banks couldn't find any loophole in such a big upset win.

    Anderson: And her opponent; From Southwestern, Puerto Rico, weighing 235 pounds, MATT TASTIC!!

    Matt walks down the aisle slowly, with his hands in pocket. He stops midway looking at his surrounds, before getting on the apron and sitting on the top turnbuckle. He takes his mask off and waits for the bell to ring.

    Cohen: Talking of momentum, Matt Tastic is coming off two consecutive victories over former WZCW World Heavyweight Champion The Beard. Not to forget that he's going to face Callie Clark for the Elite Openweight Championship at Unscripted this Sunday. He must win this match to continue the winning momentum before the big title match.

    Connor: For once, I actually agree with you. This new attitude of Matt Tastic has helped him get some much needed victories. He's a seasoned veteran and one of the most accomplished wrestlers of WZCW. The odds seem to favor him, be it tonight or at Unscripted.

    Cohen: He will win tonight since he's facing someone who doesn't belong in WZCW. But he isn't getting anywhere near defeating Callie Clark.

    Connor: You are just underestimating both Matt Tastic and Batti.


    As soon as the bell rings after a request by the referee Keith Morse, Matt Tastic immediately runs towards Batti and nails her with a spinning wheel kick. Tastic doesn't let Batti recover and nails bunch of elbows to the face of Batti who's still grabbing her head while laying on the mat. The crowd is confused on Tastic's actions. Tastic doesn't pay any heed to the crowd and brings Batti to a vertical base. He then turns Batti around and hits a hard back suplex, again targeting Batti's head.

    Connor: Tastic caught Batti off-guard with that kick and is now in full control of the match.

    Cohen: I'm not surprised. Tastic is smart enough unlike Tyrone who couldn't put aside his personal feelings for Batti. Tastic couldn't care less about Batti and that's why I'm interested to see how Tastic deals with her. And I must say, I love it!

    Connor: Not unexpected from you. But Batti isn't going to be defeated this easily. Sure, Tastic is a legend but Batti is a former Elite Openweight Champion. I'm not really a fan of this new attitude of Tastic.

    Tastic goes towards the nearest turnbuckle and then climbs it, waiting for Batti to stand up. Batti gradually stands up, while holding her head without knowing about Tastic's next offense. Tastic immediately nails Batti with a missile dropkick. Tastic stalls around as Batti tries to recover. Once Batti stands up, Tastic tries to hit his signature manuever, Flying Power Kick. However, the springboard side kick misses as Batti ducks another offense targeted towards her head. Tastic lands hard on the mat. As Tastic tries to recover, Batti brings him upto vertical position and then nails her signature manuever, Bakka Bomb. The spin out powerbomb halts Tastic's momentum for a while. Batti covers Tastic for the pin. 1.. 2.. Kickout.!

    Cohen: We were just 1 second away from another undeserving win by Batti.

    Connor: Batti's win over Blades was well deserving. Get over it. Moving onto match, Batti just turned the momentum in her favor by hitting her signature move on Tastic. It could've been even more close if Batti could cover Tastic immediately.

    Cohen: Nonetheless, that move looked painful. I know that Tastic will retaliate soon.

    Tastic recovers by taking support of the nearest turnbuckle. Batti runs towards him and splashes him. She then continues her attack with a turnbuckle choke, blocking Tastic's breathing. Batti does take care of the rules as she stops the choke avoiding disqualification, thanks to referee's warning. Tastic drops down to the mat, however still taking support of the corner turnbuckle. Batti runs towards the opposite turnbuckle and returns back nailing Tastic with a bronco buster. Tastic rolls over to the center of the ring while coughing. On the other hand, Batti doesn't hesitate to continue her attack as she climbs the top turnbuckle. Just when Tastic stands up, Batti hits her another signature manuever GLOMP! The spear from the top rope sends Tastic reeling in pain. However, Batti also hurted her head again while executing the aforementioned move. And she takes a while to cover Tastic for the pin. 1.. 2.. Kickout.!

    Connor: That was another nearfall, this time again by Batti.

    Cohen: Nearfalls don't matter. Only winning matters and Tastic will do what matters.

    Batti recollects herself while Tastic is clutching his back showing the affects of the spear. Batti then stalks Tastic and as soon as he's in the perfect position, Batti attempts to hit her finisher, Kawaii Kick. However, Tastic dodges the scissor kick and then hits her with a running tornado DDT. The move is hit perfectly as it worsens the condition of Batti's head. Tastic brings Batti up to vertical base, not allowing her any time to recover. Tastic then hits his signature move, Face Explosion. The snap falling facebuster is hit successfully and Tastic immediately covers Batti for the pin while Batti is grabbing her head in sheer pain. 1..2.. Kickout.!

    Connor: Looks like Batti's head is injured from that kick at the start of this match. That has helped Tastic a lot in this match.

    Cohen: Tastic was just smart enough. He doesn't want to lose any momentum before his title match against Callie Clark at Unscripted.

    Connor: Not to forget that Tastic's continuous attacks on Batti's head which have worsened the case for Batti.

    Tastic is shocked at the kickout. He grabs his head in disbelief. He asks the referee again for the confirmation of the kickout. On the other hand, Batti seems to recover and is on her knees. The crowd begins to chant for both the wrestlers with Batti getting the upper hand in support.






    Batti acknowledges the support for her as she whispers a thank you to everyone while Tastic doesn't care for the chants. Just when Batti stands up, Tastic runs towards her and tries to execute a hurricanrana on Batti. But Batti reverses it and hits a big powerbomb on Tastic. Tastic's back got hit onto the mat with a huge impact.

    Connor: Another big move by Batti. We shouldn't forget that Matt Tastic missed 3 months action just because of a back injury. I hope that his back isn't injured as it could affect him badly.

    Cohen: I've back injuries and it really sucks. Batti shouldn't target Tastic's back. It's immoral. I had to retire just because of back injuries.

    Connor: What about Tastic's continuous attacks targeted specifically towards Batti's head?

    Batti then goes to the nearest turnbuckle and climbs the top turnbuckle albeit slowly showing the effects of the match on her body. She gets ready to hit the dabbing elbow drop but at the last moment, Tastic whips the ropes and crotches her. He then nails Batti with a standing enzuigiri kick. He takes some rest with support of ropes, while Batti looks stunned sitting on the top turnbuckle. Tastic then climbs the top turnbuckle and seems to hit a superplex on Batti. However, Tastic converts it mid-air into a brainbuster, crashing Batti's to the mat. Tastic doesn't stop his attack though and picks Batti up to put her into a pumphandle hold. He then nails his finisher, Seismic Toss. The pumphandle cutter is executed perfectly, and Tastic immediately covers Batti for the pin. 1.. 2.. 3!

    Anderson: And the winner of the match, MATT TASTIC!!

    Cohen: I rarely boast about myself but I told you that Tastic will win. As always, I'm right!

    Connor: Well, I must praise Batti's guts. She gave a damn hard fight to Tastic even after getting caught off guard in the starting of the match with that kick that hurted Batti's head.

    Cohen: I actually agree with you on that part. I didn't expect Batti to withstand this long against Tastic.

    Connor: So, Tastic continues his winning momentum before his big title match. But Batti couldn't win the match, however she did win the hearts of the people.

    Tastic immediately leaves the ring not even celebrating his win while the referee checks Batti's condition. After some time, Batti stands up and meets a big applause from the crowd for her efforts. Batti then bows to the crowd with a smile while still clutching her head in pain before leaving the ring.
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    Vox is in the locker room area, he's leaning on a bench, humming a tune as he ties his wrestling boots. CRACK! Randy Studd attacks him from behind with a steel chair, sending him face first into the metal locker!

    Studd: I don’t NEED you out there tonight! You’re nothing but a damn waste of a tag team partner! I’ll defeat that greaseball New Yorker and that masked chick all by myself.

    Studd lifts Vox by the hair, he slams his face right into the metal locker door again, then again, then again, dropping Vox to the cement floor like a wet rag, he picks up the steel chair and smashes Vox in the head then throws the steel chair off to one side. He stands over Vox and shakes his head. He spits on Vox then walks off camera.

    The camera switches to the arena, it pans over the crowd who are buzzing for the next match, it switches to the commentary table.

    Connor: What in the world is Studd thinking?! He just made his night that much harder, fighting Tony Mancini and Wren alone, that’s not a smart move!

    Cohen: When you’re the Mayhem Champion, you do whatever the hell you want Cat! Randy Studd is in his full right to attack Vox and fight alone for his team. It’ll be one less distraction he’ll have to deal with!

    Connor: It appears that it'll be two versus one tonight as the Mayhem Champion goes it alone. Has he left himself open to a defeat for the sake of gaining the advantage over Vox at Unscripted, I think so. Stay tuned to see if it pays off, ladies and gentlemen.
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    Anderson: Introducing first, residing in Venice, Italy weighing 240 pounds, He is the reigning Mayhem Champion, The Ladies Man Randy Studd!

    Randy Studd walks out to the stage, he has a waistcoat that is covered in glowing red roses, he has a rose in his hand, he smiles and hands it to a pretty lady as he walks down the ramp. She throws it on the ramp, uninterested. Studd slides in the ring, he slowly removes his coat, showing off his muscles and the Mayhem Championship around his waist.

    Connor: Well here is the Mayhem Champion, he attacked his tag team partner moments ago and now he’s facing Tony Mancini and Wren by himself. I still don’t understand what he did that for.

    Cohen: He’s sending a message to Vox, reminding the man who the Mayhem Champion is with a little bit of Mayhem. Vox will not mess with Randy in the future after tonight, I can bet on that!

    Anderson: And his opponents....introducing first...

    Anderson:...from parts unknown, weighing 155 pounds pounds, Wren!

    Wren enters a darkened arena with a single ray of spotlight on her with her head down. She elegantly walks down the aisle and spreads her arms across with arena lighting up, soaking in the energy of the arena. She then slowly enters the ring and climbs up each turnbuckle, bowing to the audience with her arms spread across.

    Connor: Here’s Wren, the only wrestler who has pinned Titus Avison since his incredible reign in this Eurasian Era. Wren has her sights on that title still, I think she should get another shot Jack!

    Cohen: It’s no secret that Wren was one of Titus’s greatest challanges during his title reign. Wren has been clamoring for one more shot against him ever since. I believe she’ll get there sooner rather than later!

    Anderson: And her tag team partner....

    Anderson: from Yonkers, NY being accompanied to the ring by Xaitlyn Serpiente, weighing 275 pounds...The Italian Stallion, Tony Mancini!

    Xaitlyn comes out first to no music. She stands their listening to the cheers from the fans that remember her time as an active competitor. After about 15 seconds Aive by P.O.D. hits PA system and Tony Mancini walks out to cheers from the audience. Tony walks to the ring with Xaitlyn at his side. He listens to the majority of fans cheer for him while there are still a few boos. He high fives some fans as he walks down the ramp. He climbs into the ring while Xaitlyn stays on the outside. He takes off the Cornicello Charm his mother gave him, kisses it for luck and hands it to a ringside worker. As he waits for his opponent he kneels in the corner and with his head on the middle turnbuckle says a small prayer.

    Connor: Here’s the latest challenger to the Eurasian Title, he had a barn burner of a match last week with Titus and it looked like he was going to be new champion several times. He must be chomping at the bit to get right back in the hunt for that title!

    Cohen: In my opinion, Titus’s greatest challenge in his whole title reign, Tony brought the pain and left everything in the ring. Titus had to punch the man in his testicles to get a victory Seabass. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

    Tony and Wren have a brief conversation, Wren is starting and Tony climbs through the middle ropes and picks up his little tag rope. Referee Akiyama is checking Wren for illegal objects, he turns and checks Studd for illegal objects, he calls for the bell…

    Ding! Ding! Ding! ​

    Randy Studd does a sexual walk to the middle of the ring, he starts rubbing his abs and flexing his biceps. Wren shakes her head in disgust. They lock up in the middle of the ring, Studd pushes Wren to the mat, he swivels his hips and rubs his abs again. Wren kips up then does a lightening dropkick to Studd’s shins, she falls on her back in front of Randy as he falls frontward onto her knees set up right into his face. He falls on his back, Wren bounces off the ropes and hits a shining wizard, that sends Randy rolling out of the ring.

    Cheer! ​

    Randy Studd holds his mouth as he walks around the ring, cursing Wren. Akiyama starts his count. Studd climbs in the ring and yells at the referee to stop being biased. They lock up with a collar and elbow tie up in the middle of the ring, Wren pushes Studd to create distance then hits him with a spinning kick then a fast hurricarana. She jumps down for a pin….

    Studd kicks out at zero. He climbs the ropes to get to his feet. Wren dropkicks him right over the top ropes! Studd rolls on the outside mats and scrambles to his feet. He puts his hands on his hips and starts mouthing off to nearby fans, clearly frustrated at how the match has started for him. Studd slides in the ring, Wren hits him with a spinning kick to the stomach then jumps over his back for a sunset flip…



    Randy Studd kicks out!

    Connor: Wren is all over Studd here to start this match, now if he only had a tag team partner to shake this off.

    Cohen: Studd is clearly frustrated at the terrible officiating! Referee Akiyama is a well known woman sympathizer and he’s letting Wren get away with murder here.

    Connor: Go take an hour break!

    Wren tags in Tony, they throw Studd off of the ropes and hold hands for a double clothesline, but Studd breaks it with a double clothesline of his own, dropping both wrestlers. Studd drops an elbow on Wren, then Mancini, then Wren, then Mancini. He runs and climbs a nearby turnbuckle. He starts gyrating his hips and rubbing his abs again for the ladies in the crowd, he gets a majority of boos. Tony gets to his feet but Studd hits him with a flying leg lariat, dropping him fast. He picks up Wren and snaps her back down with a hard DDT! Wren bounces and rolls out of the ring. Studd picks up Tony, then snaps him down fast with a DDT, then hooks his leg….



    Tony kicks out. Studd gives him a hard knee to the head. Studd hooks his arms under Tony’s and applies a full nelson. He walks Tony over to the turnbuckle and starts slamming his face off of the buckle over and over again. Tony jumps and kicks the turnbuckle sending both men back but Studd arches and nails Tony with a full nelson german suplex right on the top on his head!

    Oohhhhhh!!!! ​

    Studd covers him….



    Wren breaks up the pin attempt. Studd curses her and applies a headlock on Tony. Wren goes back to her corner.

    Cheeeer!!!! ​

    Connor: Wait a second! What is this Jack?!

    Cohen: I can’t believe it!

    Vox is crawling on his belly at the top of the ramp, he has a microphone in his hand…

    Vox: Puff! Puff! Hey…puff puff! Hey Minessota! Puff puff puff! God bless you! I’m here to help you, help you get rid…puff puff puff! Get rid of the joke that is the Minnesota Health Act!

    Cheeeer !! Save us Vox! Save us Vox! Save us Vox!​

    Vox: Ya…with a simple…puff…puff..crisp 10 dollar donation we can end this tyranny that has befallen….puff…pufff….

    Vox passes out on his face half way down the ramp and the mic rolls out of his hand.

    Connor: Well, that happened, he showed some guts coming out here I guess.

    Cohen: Crawling out here you mean. What an idiot!

    The distraction causes Studd to get rolled up from behind by Tony….



    Studd barely kicks out. Tony is right on him, he kicks and punches Studd on the mat. He lifts him to his feet and tags in Wren, he throws Studd off of the ropes and hits a tilt-a-wirl backbreaker at the same time Wren does a front flip leg drop in the opposite direction right on Studd’s neck. Wren tags Tony back in after dragging Studd closer to the corner and sits him there. Tony runs the length of the ring and smacks Randy in the face with a running knee! He pushes him down and covers him…



    Randy Studd barely kicks out. Tony grabs him in a headlock.

    Vox: Puff….pufff….(interference noise from hitting the mic)

    Vox crawls a little further down the ramp….

    Vox: Puff…puff….The Minnesota Act was created to take your money. Puff…pufff…I can stop it, do you want to pay one hundred dollars a month on something you’ll never use? Or do you want to give me ten dollars to wipe….puff…puff…puff…wipe this act off of the planet! Pufff…puff….

    Vox passes out face first on the ramp again. A fan throws a ten dollar bill on his back.

    Cohen: There’s ten Cat! The man can make money while not even conscience!

    Studd has fought to his feet, he elbows Tony in the ribs to break the headlock, he punches Tony in the face, Tony fights back and both men are swinging lefts and rights at each other. Wren tag taps Tony’s back as Studd drops Tony with a wild right, Wren runs but Studd ducks and hits her with a back body drop! Tony tackles Studd to the mat and starts brawling, Studd is screaming at the referee that his face has to be protected. The referee hauls Tony off of Studd. Tony goes back to his corner and picks up the tag rope. Randy runs and hits Wren with a dropkick. He grabs her arm and puts it in an armbar submission.

    Vox: Pufff…puff….

    Cohen: For the love of everything holy, why can’t this man stay passed out!?

    Vox: Puff…puff…thank you! God bless…what was I talking about again? Oh ya…this steel ramp is cold!

    Vox slowly crawls on the canvas, he drops the mic and passes out on the second rope.

    Wren reverses the armbar into a triangle hold! Studd falls to the mat then reaches for the ropes, he breaks the hold by grabbing the ropes. Wren kicks Studd in the stomach then runs to the ropes, she springboards off of the second rope and nails Studd with a clothesline! Studd rolls right to his corner. He gives a passed out Vox a dirty look then tags him in, he grabs him by the hair and throws him in the ring. Studd jumps down off of the canvas, he spits on the padded mat and walks to the timekeeper area, he grabs his Mayhem Championship and walks around the ring, up the ramp and to the back.

    Connor: Wait a second?! He’s leaving? He’s leaving Vox alone now in this tag match!

    Cohen: The man is a sexual mastermind ha ha haaa!

    Vox is barely stirring in the ring, Wren looks at Tony, he says a few words. Wren tags in Tony, she grabs Vox and gives him a headbutt then turns and springboards off of the middle ropes while Tony runs off of the opposite ropes with speed, she nails Vox with a springboard stunner right into Il Siluro Italiano (The Gore) nearly breaking Vox in half. Tony covers him….




    Ding! Ding! Ding! ​

    Anderson: The winner of this match, Tony Mancini and Wren!

    Connor: Well, Vox didn’t have a very good night here Jack! Randy Studd attacked him in the locker room before the match and he still had the courage to crawl out here.

    Cohen: I believe Tony Mancini isn’t done here, he has a microphone in his hand.

    Tony lets out a breath…

    Mancini: Well….ats….the…y…….

    Tony taps the mic, he tries again but there’s nothing at all. He throws the mic over the top ropes, a WZCW crew member gives him another one.

    Mancini: Is this thing on? Anyway, that’s not the way we should have won that match. But a win is a win, am I right Wren?

    Tony hands the mic towards Wren, but she just shakes her head…

    Mancini: That’s right, you’re a mute. You see, the WZCW Galaxy recognizes two great wrestlers in the ring right now, the only two wrestlers that gave Titus Avison’s Eurasian Championship any kind of challenge. My match last week was a match of the year contender on all the wrestling websites, or so I’m told. But Titus Avison is tied up with Vis Imperium at Unscripted, so that leaves us with no challengers for that show.

    Wren points to herself and then to Tony.

    Mancini: You want a piece of me? Tony versus Wren at Unscripted? What do you guys think? Tony versus Wren at Unscripted?!

    Tony holds the mic to the stands, they mildly cheer.

    Mancini: Then there you have it, at Unscripted, I will show the world who the real future champion is around here.

    Tony drops the mic and shakes Wren’s hand vigorously.

    Connor: Tony Mancini versus Wren at Unscripted! What a match Jack!

    Cohen: These two could steal the show, you never know around here. Did we get a total on Vox’s earnings this time? When did we stop keeping track of that?
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    The camera reveals a low shot of a dark object being dragged along the cement floor. Slowly we get a wider shot and Tyrone Blades is revealed. He is walking through the underground carpark of the arena, dragging his baseball bat along with him. As he reaches a set of stairs, a voice from afar calls out to him.

    Batti: Tyrone! Hey, wait up.

    The most unlikely friendship in WZCW is on display once again as Blades waits at the bottom of the stairs, his bandana covering most of his face, while Batti jogs over to him.

    Batti: I wanted to say, since this might be the last time you’re here, that I’m really happy we became friends. All this stuff with Vis Imperium, I’d be right there with you if Mr. Banks would allow it. You know how it is though, he has threatened to fire anybody who even thinks about getting involved at this point. This company needs you, Tyrone. The fans need you. We all do! You’ve got to win on Sunday, please!

    Blades: Don’t worry. It’s hardly the first time somebody has attempted to end my career or push me out of WZCW. I always find a way to survive. That’s what I do and it’s what you’ll do if something goes wrong at Unscripted. If we lose, if Titus and I are really just too old for this business, then you’ll find a way to survive like you have ever since Ramparte got hurt. You’re a fighter, Batti. You don’t give up and at Unscripted, I’ll show you that neither do I.

    Looking down at his bat, Blades raises it up and taps it against the wall.

    Blades: Besides, if I’m going down I’ll take every single one of them with me. Keaton, LeBelle, Adonis… and Banks. I’ve waited nearly an entire year for this moment, Batti. To get my hands on that son of a bitch! If it is my last match, my final time inside a WZCW ring, it’s fitting that it’s happening at Unscripted.

    Batti: How come?

    Blades: It’s where my reign as World Champion started and ended all those years ago. It seems like that was a lifetime ago. Yes, if my career is to end than let it be at Unscripted. Let it be at the very event where I emerged as the most dominant World Champion of all time. I am ready, Batti. No matter the result… so long as I get my hands-on Mr. Banks. Just for a second. It’s all I need.

    The eyes of Blades widen as he stares at the baseball bat. Now holding it in two hands before him like a sword before battle.

    Blades: Before I go, please, let Mr. Banks taste the cold sting of my baseball bat. That is a promise I can make to you, Batti. At Unscripted, either Banks or myself will be on the receiving end of this baseball bat.

    The two friends exchange a curt nod with each other before Blades climbs the steps and disappears. Batti sighs, her friend risking everything this Sunday for a chance to remove Vis Imperium forever. A look of concern overcomes Batti’s face as she heads back the way she came originally.
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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Milan, Italy, she is Eve Taylor!!

    Eve makes her walk down the aisle, a single spotlight dims over her as she enters the ring, waiting for his opponent.


    Her opponent, from Cleveland, Ohio, weighing 225 lbs, Tyrone Blades!

    Tyrone makes his way out by the crowd as the camera tries to find him. He leaps over the barrier and enters the ring.

    Connor: This is the final stop before Unscripted. Titles, associations, careers! All on the line. But first, this major match to headline this show.

    Cohen: Tyrone must feel tense given how much weight he has on his shoulders going into Unscripted. Meanwhile, Eve has so much to gain just from this victory here tonight. But can she?

    *Ding Ding Ding!*

    The two lock up quickly. They tug and pull, looking for an advantage. Eve is at a disadvantage but she pulls back and Armdrags Tyrone across the ring. He gets back up and they lock up again. Once again, they struggle and once again, Eve pulls back and Armdrags Tyrone across the ring. He slides out of the ring this time and Tyrone circles the ring recomposing himself. Referee Jurou Akiyama peeks out through the ropes to count but Tyrone waves him off and rolls back into the ring. Once again they lock up and struggle but before Eve can once again drag him off, Tyrone hits a couple of Muay Thai Knees through the lock up. He Headlock's Eve and takes her down to the canvas but she uses her legs to tie Tyrone's head with Headscissors. She squeezes tight but Tyrone adjusts himself, his head straight over the canvas and he flips over into a Jacknife. 1...... 2.....- But Eve keeps using her legs for a Sunset Flip. 1........ 2......-But Tyrone backrolls free and aims for a Running Knee but she ducks it and gets back to her feet and catches Tyrone with a Big Boot, then taking a bow for the crowd who loudly cheer.

    Eve has her wits about her. She seems to be one step ahead of Tyrone.

    Cohen: You say that but then she's playing with the crowd. This is a big match and Eve is wasting time.

    Tyrone gets back to his feet but right away Eve goes on the offensive with a series of Chops. She tries whipping him across the ring but Tyrone reverses. He goes for a Hook Kick but Eve avoids it and hits a Jumping Knee Strike. Tyrone staggers from the blow and Eve follows that up by wringing the arm of Tyrone, then hitting a pair of hard elbow shots, right to the temple. She follows it up going with the Arm Trap Neckbreaker but Tyrone avoids it and drags Eve down to the mat, applying a Crossface. Referee Jurou Akiyama is right there to ask if she is going to give up, but Eve does not abide. She tries to reach out with her arm, but it doesn't reach. She's too far. She stretches out her legs and one does manage to reach the ropes. Jurou begins his count for Tyrone to break the hold. Tyrone instead pulls and back rolls himself and Eve to the center of the ring, but moving around, allows Eve to adjust and get to her feet. She hooks Tyrone's arm and hits a Northern Lights Suplex, bridging it. 1........ 2......... 3-But Tyrone kicks out of it. Eve doesn't let up though and hits more Chops to keep Tyrone down but he starts to fight back. He hooks the arms of Eve and hits a Double Underhook Backbreaker, then stretching Eve on his knee. She refuses to submit and starts to use her legs to hit Tyrone several times to break herself free. She gets out and up but right away Tyrone hits the Hook Kick he was looking for earlier. He then the Springboard Flash Kick.

    Cohen: It took a while, but there you go. Tyrone is getting the better of Eve now.

    Connors: Well he's not exactly a rank amateur now is he? No one said this would be easy.

    Eve gets up and starts kicking Tyrone's legs out. Kick after kick, it seems she has things under control but Tyrone stops one kick and swings it back, then hooking Eves arm and hitting a Half Nelson Driver, he quickly makes the cover. 1...... 2...... 3-But Eve kicks out as the crowd starts to applaud. Tyrone doesn't let up, grabbing Eve's arm and kicking her in the temple. She catches one of the kicks and sweeps it, then hitting an Eight By Ten. She quickly applies the Extreme Makeover, wrapping her legs across Tyrone's neck. He struggles but manages to get to the ropes. Referee Jurou Akiyama makes the count and Eve lets go of the hold. Right away, she goes for it again but Tyrone fights out of it. He right away hits Mo Murda, leaving both down on the canvas.

    Lets Go Tyrone! Lets Go Taylor! Lets Go Tyrone! Lets Go Taylor! Lets Go Tyrone! Lets Go Taylor!

    Connor: It's anybody's ball game here. Who can get to their feet first?

    Cohen: Or the cover. Someone make a cover, quick!

    Tyrone manages to drag himself over and makes a cover. 1............. 2............ 3-No! Eve gets the shoulder up. Seeing her face down, Tyrone lock in Street Dreams. Eve tries to reach out to the ropes, but she's too far away. Her arms do not reach and with her legs tied up she seems to have no escape. The referee is right there to see if she will tap out. She doesn't and tries to fight her way free but starts to face out as Tyrone keeps the hold on. Eve seems to be fading, but she starts to roll around. It makes Tyrone lose his balance and the tumble to the side. Tyrone still has the hold on but Eve is now close enough and reaches the ropes. Tyrone gets up rather surprised. He measures Eve and hits the Superkick for Click Clack but Eve counters the Knee Strike with a Schoolboy. 1............ 2.............. 3!!

    Here is your winner, Eve Taylor!!

    Cohen: Woah, what?! What does this say?! What does this say about Tyrone and Titus' chances of defeating Vis Imperium at Unscripted?! Does Tyrone really have what it takes? Can he and Titus really work together when Tyrone seems to not even be able to take care of himself?

    Connor: That is just off, Jack. Tyrone was indeed surprised, but I would not say this is a sign of doom for Tyrone. It does however say a lot for Eve Taylor managing to pin Tyrone Blades here.

    Eve has her arms raised as Tyrone is on his knees showing concern. After a moment of tension, Taylor pats Tyrone on the shoulder and leaves him to be in the ring as she walks up the ramp. Tyrone sits there looking on as the crowd cheers him on.

    Thank You, Tyrone! Thank You, Tyrone! Thank You, Tyrone!

    As the crowd cheers on, he gets back up and points to the camera, that zooms in.

    Tyrone: I'm not f**ing done yet! Not by a long shot!

    The crowd cheers at that expecting him and Titus to win at Unscripted. He makes his way up the ramp and is met by Eve Taylor and Batti before they head to the back.

    Connor: It's a mayor weight that lies on the shoulders of Tyrone. A chase that has gone for a year, all culminating at Unscripted and this loss may just make things so much harder for him and Titus.
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    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome... Constantine!

    With his theme music playing throughout the arena, Constantine emerges from behind the curtain and steps onto the stage. The cheers are deafening for the number one contender, the crowd is standing on their feet as Constantine heads down to ringside. Dressed sharply, a suit and tie, Constantine waves to the fans before climbing the steps and entering the ring.

    Cohen: In what could be his final chance to become World Champion before his retirement, Constantine will finally get the chance to wrestle Justin Cooper, one on one, at Unscripted. It’s a combination that has appeared twice at Unscripted but they’ve never wrestled in a singles match against each other. A rivalry that spans five years, finally we will see them collide.

    Connor: A rivalry that was taken to another level this year when Justin Cooper overthrew Constantine for control of Vis Imperium. It’s gotten worse, the hatred between the two men further increasing when the World Champion issued a bounty on the head of Constantine. That has resulted in several people attacking Constantine, often blindsiding him, in an attempt to seriously injury the challenger before the title match on Sunday.

    Inside the ring, Constantine soaks in the applause he is receiving from the fans. The entire crowd supporting him in his quest to regain the World Championship. His music fades out, the crowd becomes silent and Constantine raises the microphone to his lips.

    Constantine: It’s nearly over. This wild ride we have been on for seven years is coming to an end and each time I walk down that ramp, get a reaction like that it makes me so thankful for what little time we have left together. I’m a man of my word. I said my career was over at Kingdom Come 9 and I’ll be sticking to that but you people are making it awfully hard to walk away from this place.

    Another big cheer from the crowd.

    Constantine: But that is not why I’m out here. I have all the time in the world to say thank you, and when the end arrives I’ll make sure to remember each and every one of you. Tonight, the reason I’m out here is because this Sunday could be the last chance I have at winning the championship I’ve dreamt about since I was a child. As you may know, I am a former World Champion but as soon as I touched the belt it was ripped from his hands almost instantly. I never got the chance to savour the moment. That’s what this whole final run of my career has been about; savouring the moments that I have left.

    A small pause from Constantine.

    Constantine: And believe me, when I defeat Justin Cooper and win the World Championship I’ll savour it more than any other victory in my entire career. I’ll hold that title high in the air as confetti falls down from the sky, I’ll remember that moment forever! This Sunday is what I’ve been waiting for ever since Justin decided to shed his sheep’s clothing and reveal the wolf that hid inside. He took what I created and has used it for his own personal gain. Well, Tyrone and Titus will sort his cronies out while I knock that smug smile off that face of the man who dares to call himself the greatest!

    A loud ‘Constantine’ chant breaks out in the arena; Constantine allows it to fade out before continuing.

    Constantine: I want to say something directly to Justin. I know he won’t come out here with him, he’s afraid and rightfully so. The next time I see him, I’ll knock his teeth down his throat.

    The crowd fire up at that suggestion.

    Constantine: Justin, your title reign is over. You’ve found a way to scramble out of defeat three other times. Not this time. You’re finished, Justin. Vis Imperium is finished and this Sunday, at Unscripted, our rivalry comes to an end when I put you down.

    Another loud cheer echoes throughout the arena, Constantine hands the microphone to a ringside worker and makes his way over to the ropes. The fans stretch their hands out as Constantine begins making his way up the entrance ramp.

    Connor: You’ve heard the final words from Constantine before he steps into the ring for the World Championship at Unscripted. He seems focused, ready for the chance he has waited so long for and the implications for this match are huge.

    Cohen: Listen, Constantine had it made with Vis Imperium. He had help but now he is all alone without a single friend. Don’t point to Tyrone Blades and Titus, they’re just doing what’s best for them and would quick as that throw Constantine under the bus. Cooper can rely on Vis Imperium and after they win the tag match at Unscripted, they’ll be ready and willing to make the save.

    Connor: Vis Imperium is always a…


    About halfway up the ramp, Constantine is blindside by Logan McAllister carrying a baseball bat. McAllister winds up his shot and cracks Constantine directly in the ribs, surely breaking some in the process. The crowd are stunned as Constantine attempts to escape the assault, stumbling back towards the ring. Following behind the chaos is Richard Goldman, the manager of Logan and he is shouting instructions to his client. Constantine reaches the ring apron, he tries to pull himself up into the ring but McAllister clobbers him with another strike to the ribs on the opposite side. Constantine crumbles and screams out in pain as McAllister tosses the bat, grabs his victim and begins hammering away with punches to the skull.

    Connor: Logan McAllister has damn near broken the ribs of Constantine. The man must be struggling to breathe right now. What is this about?

    Cohen: I think we all know, CC! It’s the bounty: Logan McAllister is collecting the fifty-thousand-dollar bounty!

    With a sickening thud, McAllister throws Constantine into the barricade around ringside. He begins driving his knee into the ribs, each time getting a little more aggressive until Goldman shouts further instructions. As Logan drags Constantine over to the ring apron, a little bit of fight is shown by the number one contender. He goes for the eyes, raking them and staggers away. Constantine leans against the steel steps, clutching at his ribs, he must be in intense pain as Logan charges towards him.

    Connor: Get out of there, John! Save yourself.

    It’s no use, Constantine is sent flying by a rampaging McAllister who shoulder charges into the former politician. The fans are in a stunned silence as the monster stalks Constantine, grabbing his arm and pull him up to his feet with little resistance. Logan places a hand around the throat of Constantine and shoves him back against the ring apron, choking the life out of him before rolling him underneath the bottom rope.

    Cohen: This is what an individual will do for money, CC. Cooper knew somebody would take the offer and Logan McAllister has taken it with both hands.

    The fans look on in horror as Constantine crawls towards the ropes but is blocked by McAllister. In one quick motion, Logan lifts Constantine up onto his shoulders and parades around the ring with him. It’s effortless, Logan has completely destroyed the number one contender and is soaking in his moment. With all his might Logan executes the Boston Massacre, leaving Constantine out cold in the center of the ring. McAllister stands over the fallen challenger and raises his arms in the arm while Goldman pats him on the back for a job well done. Then they exit the ring and begin walking up the entrance ramp, medical offices storm the ring and begin checking on Constantine.

    Connor: I cannot believe what I’ve just witnessed. Constantine could have serious injuries and at the damn least has broken ribs with days before his World Championship match. This could be his final chance and now it’s been tainted because Cooper refused to have fair fight.

    Cohen: The bounty was well known, CC. It’s Constantine’s own fault for not being more aware of his surroundings.

    The silence from the crowd is broken and in its place, is an uproar of boos. One of the loudest negative reactions ever is heard from the live audience as the World Champion, Justin Cooper, walks onto the stage with a smile from ear to ear. He is joined by McAllister and Goldman at the top of the stage, they exchange a handshake and then Cooper hands over the black briefcase we have seen containing the money previously.

    Cohen: The World Champion looks thrilled with what he just saw.

    Connor: That man should be ashamed of himself.

    Slowly, Cooper begins to walk down to the ring. Wearing a grey suit, Cooper begins taking off the top half on his way to the ring. The crowd is going mental but he blocks them out, his eyes focused on the ring. Once he reaches the apron, Cooper demands the medical team get out and at first, they refuse. Without saying another word, Cooper climbs onto the apron and points up.

    Connor: Jack… is that? It can’t be… oh my god… it’s moving! It’s lowering to the floor.

    Cohen: Hell in a Cell!

    From the ceiling, kept in the shadows all night long, is the most destructive structure in professional wrestling and it is lowering to the floor. Cooper steps inside the ring, the medical team rushes away after seeing the impending doom of hell on earth. They run for safety and leave Constantine alone, unable to stand up, barely about to suck in air, with the man who ordered the bounty in the first place.

    Justin Cooper stalks the challenger, now only in his dress pants and shoes. The top of his suit thrown to the side as the cell reaches the floor. They are trapped inside. Justin Cooper and Constantine are inside Hell in a Cell and have no way out.

    Connor: This was his plan all along. Justin Cooper has a wounded challenger trapped inside Hell in a Cell. Nobody can get to them.

    The champion watches as Constantine tries to push himself off the canvas. It’s no use, he can’t. The challenger lifts his head up and stares at the man he will face this Sunday, their eyes meeting in a hard gaze. Cooper drops to the ground, inches away from Constantine and pulls a microphone from his back pocket.

    Cooper: No, John. See, you thought this might be your final title shot. It will be but not only that, if I have anything to do with it, it’ll be your final match. You’re not making it to Kingdom Come. This ends at Unscripted and it ends inside Hell in a Cell!

    With a sudden burst of power, Cooper jumps to his feet and lifts Constantine up into a piledriver position. The crowd boo loudly as Constantine struggles but cannot overcome the injuries he has sustained tonight. Cooper jumps into the air and nails the Leaping Spiral Tombstone Piledriver - the 360 Deal - with a sickening thud. He remains on his knees afterwards, examining the damage and then stands up proudly.

    Connor: The battle lines have been drawn for the World Championship Match at Unscripted. Not only will the title be defended but it’ll be done inside Hell in a Cell!

    Cohen: I don’t even know if Constantine will be able to compete this Sunday after the vicious assault by Logan McAllister.

    Connor: The odds were stacked before but now Constantine will have a steep hill to climb if he wants to dethrone Justin Cooper, the man who has held the World Title with a vice like grip since Kingdom Come.

    The crowd are in open rebellion as they boo, throw rubbish and curse at the scene before them. Cooper stands over his fallen challenger, inside Hell in a Cell while holding the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship high above his head as the show comes to a close.
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    *Matches to be announced*

    Confirmed matches:

    WZCW World Heavyweight Championship
    Hell in a Cell
    Justin Cooper (c) versus Constantine

    WZCW Eurasian Championship
    If Vis Imperium win whoever scoes the pinfall becomes Eurasian Champion and Blades will be forced to retire from WZCW; if Titus/Blades win than Vis Imperium must disband forever
    Titus (c) and Tyrone Blades versus Vis Imperium (Keaton/LeBelle)

    WZCW Elite Openweight Championship
    Either a Pure Rules, Iron Man or Mayhem Rules Match
    Callie Clark (c) versus Matt Tastic

    WZCW Mayhem Championship
    Randy Studd (c) versus Vox

    Kagura versus Batti

    Eve Taylor vs. Logan McAllister

    Lynx vs. Triple X

    Anthony Mancini vs. Wren

    Fatal Four Way
    Winner receives a title shot at either the Mayhem, Eurasian or Elite Championship
    Yemrez Reqonic versus War Zone versus Milenko versus Ace Stevens


    Tyrone Blades versus Eve Taylor - KJ

    Matt Tastic versus Batti - ShinChan

    Mark Keaton versus Lynx - Dave

    Tony Mancini & Wren versus Randy Studd and Vox - Jeff
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