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    * PYRO *
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    The camera focuses on the entrance ramp as the pyro comes to a close for the opening of Ascension. The show airing live from the Pepsi Centre in Denver, Colorado. Thousands of fans can be heard cheering and it gets even louder as beach balls fall from the ceiling! A loud ‘Batti’ chant breaks out throughout the arena as the big screen lights up!

    The normal fun loving wrestler is a little less than usual tonight. Batti runs onto the stage and waves to the crowd but after losing the Elite Openweight Championship, it is clear that Batti isn’t in the most joyous mode. Doing her best to entertain the fans, Batti runs down to the ring and slides underneath the bottom rope, then she jumps to her feet and instinctively goes to unbuckle the title belt which was once around her waist. With no title belt to be found Batti’s eyes water a little as she looks around the arena, receiving a wave of support from the fans.

    Connor: Welcome everyone to Ascension 119, I’m Cat Connor and what a start to the show we have on offer. The former Elite Openweight Champion is standing in the ring after losing her title last week to Callie Clark. A heartbreaking loss for Batti but these fans are giving her a lot of love tonight.

    Cohen: It was one of the best matches I’ve ever seen, CC. I disagree with calling it a heartbreaking loss though. It was exactly what we needed. This company could not survive with a champion like Batti. A child who is pretending to be a champion. Her losing the title was the best thing.

    The crowd is on their feet as Batti paces around the ring with a microphone in her hand. She looks up at the crowd and smiles, rubbing her knee a little as she comes to a stop.

    Batti: Well, last week didn’t go as planned. It’s been a little rough lately, I know. Titus ruined our celebration first, Callie and Gabi dropped red… whatever that was… onto my head and ruined our celebration last week and then they took our Elite Openweight Championship through cheating. I know a lot of you are upset but hey, we can make it through this! We can comeback and we will! Together, we will get back our Elite Openweight Championship and that journey starts tonight.

    A large cheer goes up from the audience.

    Batti: My knee is still a little sore from last week but it’s not going to slow me down. I know I have all of you supporting me! All of you cheering me on and that means I can do anything I set my mind to. Do you believe in me?

    Another cheer from the crowd; Batti smiles from ear to ear.

    Batti: I knew it! I knew you would all still support me. Now, tonight is going to be a challenge. We can’t look past tonight. While Callie holds our title we have to earn our chance at Gold Rush. Vee isn’t an easy opponent. He wants to teach her a lesson just like I do. We both want a title shot but only one of us can get it and I believe, that with you guys supporting me, I can achieve anything!

    Big heat from the audience, Batti turns her attention swiftly towards the entrance ramp, and out walks Callie Clark (wearing her Elite Openweight Championship around the waist) and her sister Gabi follows close behind. Callie sneers as she steps down the ramp and enters the ring, the title shining under the lights. The eyes of the former champion are locked on the gold as Callie runs her hand over the nameplate, a smirk growing on her face.

    Callie: It does look much better on me, Batti. I’m sure even you can see that. These people may not want to admit it but my photos with the title have been the most viewed and liked pictures on the WZCW Instagram page ever! The people love me!

    More boos from the crowd while Callie stretches her arms out and soaks in what she describes as ‘love’ from the audience.

    Callie: You are yesterdays news, Batti. Nobody cares about you. What even are you? You’re not a wrestler. You’re not a competitor. You’re not a champion. Hey, you’re not even a woman. You’re a pathetic little girl and you don’t belong here. So, why don’t you do us all a favour and get the hell out of my ring? Now, bitch!

    With her sister standing behind her, Callie shoves Batti and continues to shout at her.

    Callie: Are you going to cry again? I beat you last week but it seems like you didn’t get the message. I think I need to give you another lesson in who is the top dog here on Ascension!

    Batti: You’re just a bully! You think that you can push me around? If not for your sister interfering we’d still be champion.

    Callie: Who is this ‘we’ that you keep talking about? These fans don’t actually like you. They think your stupid. A stupid little girl who doesn’t know her place.

    Batti: Liar!

    The champion laughs and then slaps Batti across the face.

    Callie: Get out of my ring!

    Batti: Argh!

    With a sudden explosion of rage, Batti tackles Callie to the ground and begins hammering away with punches. The crowd cheers her on as Batti mounts her and is going wild. From behind Gabi rips Batti away by the hair and kicks her right in the face with a big boot. The Clarks double team Batti and throw wild punches. Gabi gets behind Batti and holds her tight as Callie Clark undoes her title, takes aim and prepares to strike Batti across the face with the gold!

    Connor: Here comes the reinforcements!

    Cohen: The Clarks have scattered and want no part of Vee ADZ, CC.

    From the top of the stage, Vee sprints down to the ring and dives into the ring looking to support Batti. The Clarks are long gone before he enters the ring and Callie grabs her title belt with a look of glee on her face. Vee checks on Batti who leans against the bottom rope shaking off the punishment sustained from the assault by the Clarks. Vee picks up the microphone Batti was using and turns towards the Clarks who now stand halfway up the ramp.

    Vee: Listen here, you two are cowards for what you just did. Callie, you criticise Batti for being a fan favourite but you are worse, you are no champion. You don’t respect these fans and that will be your downfall.

    The crowd cheers as Vee points towards Batti.

    Vee: We will wrestle tonight and no matter who wins, one of us will surely defeat you.

    From the ramp Callie Clark shakes her head and holds up the Elite Openweight Championship.

    Vee: Enjoy your time with the title, Callie. It’s almost over.

    He drops the microphone and helps Batti to her feet as the audience gives them a loud ovation. Vee and Batti stand united as the Clarks look on from the top of the stage. Callie Clark sneering at her possible challengers for Gold Rush.

    Connor: What a heated opener we have just seen and it will have huge implications for the number one contenders match later tonight. Callie Clark will act as the referee and I wonder how she will call it?

    Cohen: I’m sure it’ll be fair and down the middle.

    Connor: Stay tuned for that and up next we will see the number one contender to the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship – Flex Mussel goes one on one with Kagura. What a match that will be.
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    Anderson: The opening contest is scheduled for one fall!!


    Anderson: Introducing first from Ise, Mie, Japan weighing 160 pounds, Kagura!

    Kagura appears on stage. Rather than her usual entrance, she walks down the aisle, holding her neck as the crowd cheers her on.

    : Kagura was knocked out of the Gold Rush weeks back in an incredible match. It's a miracle she's even competing here tonight.

    Cohen: I don't feel this is a good idea. I get she wants to bounce back after the loss, but you got to have your health in check.


    Her opponent, from Paris, France, weighing 220 pounds, "The Healthiest man Alive", Flex Mussél!

    Mussel makes his way down the ring and Kagura does not waste time and goes on the attack.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    Kagura chops away at the Healthiest Man and hits a big Saito Suplex. Flex clutches his neck off the impact, being driven neck first to the mat. Kagura doesn't let up and stomps him over and over as referee Elizabeth Prince tries to pull her out. Kagura does not listen and Prince executes a 5 count. 1.......... 2........... 3............. 4........... 5-But Kagura finally lets up, backing up with her hands in the air. After backing off and seeing Flex getting back on, she goes right back at him. She hits a pair of chops and a Throat Thrust before whipping the #1 Contender across the ring but he grabs the ropes and stops his momentum and gets out of the ring.

    Connor: Kagura looks fired up tonight. She can bounce back big time if she's able to defeat the #1 Contender to the World title.

    Cohen: Or it could mean that she knows that if she doesn't act fast, she'll lose.

    Flex roams ringside as Kagura tries to approach him, but referee Elizabeth Prince stops her. Flex just waits it out outside, pacing ringside and flustering Kagura. Fans heckle him but he pays no attention to them. Elizabeth Prince begins her 10 count as Kagura seems frustrated. 1.......... 2........... 3.......... 4............. 5.............. 6............. 7............. And Kagura just loses it and goes after him. She gets out of the ring and Flex surprises her, throwing her against the ringpost. Elizabeth argues but Flex rolls in and tells the ref to keep counting. 8........... 9............. 10-But Kagura rolls in at the last second. Flex seems perplexed but presses on.

    Cohen: It's obvious at this point, but Flex baited Kagura in. Her wanting to rush in clouded her judgment and now she ate the ringpost. And I doubt it tasted good, especially after her injuries.

    Flex grabs and pulls Kagura up on the corner. He whips her across the ring to the opposite corner and hits her with a European Uppercut, following it up with a kick as Kagura falls to the canvas. Flex makes the cover and hooks the leg. 1.......... 2......... 3-But Kagura kicks out. Flex Gutwrenches her and carries her across for a bit. He stares at the crowd for a bit, waiting for a reaccion. When they boo, he smiles and hits a Gutwrench Suplex. From the mat, he locks an Abdominal Stretch, stretching Kagura's leg as well. She screams in agony but as Elizabeth Prince asks if she's giving up, Kagura nods NO furiously. Flex keeps the hold on tight as Kagura tries to fight it.

    Connor: There's no one that can deny Kagura it seems. She is not willing to give up.

    Kagura reaches out for the ropes. She's mere milimeters away as Flex tightens his grip to keep her away. One last gas, Kagura lunges the most she can given her lack of mobility and manages to reach the ropes to break the hold. Flex can't believe it and lets go. After giving time to the referee to check on her, Flex pulls Kagura back up but she hammerfists him in the back several times. Creating an opening, she Snapmare's Flex and hits the First Dance of Awarawa no Mikoto. No cover. Instead she tries to lock the Fourth Dance, trying to lock in a Sleeper but Flex avoids it with his own Snapmare, hitting her with a big Knee Lift to knock her down.

    Cohen: That may have been Kagura's last gas.

    Flex grabs Kagura by the legs and executes Spin And Win, spinning her around. The rotations go by 1, 2, 3, fans counting along, 7, 10, 13, the count increases, faster and faster, 15, 17, 20, 23, but suddenly, Kagura twists herself mid-spin and using the momentum, applies the Third Dance of Amenouzume no Mikoto. A Victory Roll, cradleing and pinning Flex's shoulders to the mat. 1.......... 2........... 3!!

    Cohen: Wait, WHAT?!


    As Kagura releases the hold, both competitors collapse in complete dizziness. Elizabeth Prince raising the arm of the winner, while the #1 Contender can't even react in shock as his world spins.

    Connor: I do not believe it! What an upset! That- That came from out nowhere!

    Cohen: It was a complete fluke! A sham! She lucked into that victory.

    Elizabeth helps Kagura up, holding her arm in victory as Flex is assisted outside. As he starts to come around, he can't believe what's just happened.

    Connor: Call it whatever you want to call it but Kagura, having failed in the Gold Rush, succeeded in defeating the #1 Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship. It is marked in the record books.

    Cohen: Time will tell what'll come of this. Something good probably waits for her after Gold Rush. Either way, its a surprising way to start Ascension..

    Flex collapses in frustration. Beside himself with what just happened as Kagura, gingerly, celebrates her victory.
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    Inside the private locker room of Vis Imperium we find Xander LeBelle and Mark Keaton discussing their match for later tonight. Keaton is spiking his golden hair while LeBelle speaking to him.

    LeBelle: These two misfits cannot stand up to the power we hold, Mark. Together we shall show that our spot at the top of this industry is well deserved. Dream as they might of a future or present that isn’t dominated by us, it will do them no good. We are in a position to do great things and right now we are wasting that.

    Keaton: We haven’t been on our game lately. I know it and some of the fault is mine. I’ve gone off on my own a little too much. If we want to lay waste to these idiots in the back who are targeting us we need to stick together. Mancini and Wren are just two of them who want to see us fail and we’ve made it too easy for people to get to us.

    The door of the locker room opens and in walks Andrew Adonis.

    Adonis: Gentlemen, prepared for the tag match?

    LeBelle: Certainly. Vis Imperium stands stronger than ever tonight. After what Justin did to Matt Tastic on Meltdown it is only fitting that the two us will taste the sweet sensation of victory this evening.

    Adonis: And you, Mr. Keaton?

    A stark contrast of his associates, Keaton steps forward in his leather jacket with spiked golden hair and smirks.

    Keaton: If there is a fight to be had in the name of Vis Imperium, count me in.

    Adonis: I need not remind you two of the dire circumstances we would face should you two lose. We’ve hardly impressed Mr. Banks and Justin Cooper over the last few weeks. Our failures are being counted and when they outweigh what we bring to the team, I suspect we will go the way of Abel Hunnicutt and Austin Reynolds if we are not careful.

    Shaking his head back and forth Keaton places a hand on Adonis’ shoulder.

    Keaton: Relax. Justin would never cut me loose. We’re brothers. He would never.

    LeBelle and Adonis share a quick glance as Keaton simmers in the long silence.

    LeBelle: Come on, Mark. We have a match to win. We can enjoy the finest vintage this city has to offer once we’re finished. I feel like a nice calming red tonight.

    The duo of Keaton and LeBelle exit the locker room leaving Andrew Adonis alone. He takes a seat and ponders what a loss for the team would do to their position in Vis Imperium. So much on the line and everything riding on Keaton and LeBelle finally putting it together after a storm of defeats.
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    We cut to hallway in the back where Leon Kensworth is standing by for an interview, to his left is Obi Okafor.

    Leon: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome my guest at this time.... Obi Okafor!

    He turns over to face Obi.

    Leon: Obi, tonight you compete for the Mayhem Championship. How do you feel about this opportunity?

    Obi: This is such a great opportunity for me and I plan on getting my hand raised at the end.

    Leon: Your opponents include the legendary Tyrone Blades as well as Gabi Clark who may very well also be looking to make an impact tonight. Any thoughts on the others you are facing?

    Before Obi is able to answer this question, Gabi Clark walks in and is dressed up as Jesse Quick.

    Gabi: So he gets an interview but I don't? That is totes rude, Leon.

    She gets in Obi's face.

    Gabi: My sister Callie is the Elite Champion. I will become the Mayhem Champion tonight then we will tweet pictures to all our fans as the Clark Sisters take over WZCW.

    Obi smiles and takes out a rose handing it to Gabi. She looks at the rose, then at Obi.

    Gabi: Seriously!? Uhhh NO!

    With a look of disgust on her face, Gabi walks offscreen.

    Obi: Yo Leon, see how she walked off like that? She can't pull that when we get into the ring later. I'm ready for some Mayhem!

    He nods at Leon and walks offscreen.

    Leon: Ok. Coming up next is a tag team match. We'll head back to ringside now.
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    Anderson: The following contest is a tag team match scheduled for one fall!


    The music begins to play, louder than any other, drowning out the crowd and piercing their eardrums. Throughout the arena, the lights have dimmed and now spray gold and red as they spin. The steel of the entrance ramp now golden as Mark Keaton emerges onto the stage, his hair matching that which lies beneath his feet. A smug smirk appears on his face as he is soon joined by Xander LeBelle, accompanied by Andrew Adonis, and the three men stand proudly. Their eyes trace the outline of the arena with big smirks on their face. Vis Imperium begins their slow walk down to the ring, fans shout and throw things at them, yet throughout their walk they remain united.

    Anderson: Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by Andrew Adonis, at a combined weight of 440 pounds... Xander LeBelle... "The Remarkable" Mark Keaton... VIS IMPERIUM!

    Connor: This is the match that both Xander and Mark are required to win tonight. They haven't experienced the greatest of luck in their recent matches, losing their respective Gold Rush tournament matches and knocking Vis Imperium out of contention. Indeed, Mark even lost a handicap match to Vee A.D.Z., and Mark was on the advantageous side!

    Cohen: Are you forgetting that the referee was at fault for the losses that Mark suffered? Both the tournament and handicap matches were her fault. And Xander only lost because he was forced to face a woman! The random generator had it in for him!

    Connor: Then what say you about their chances tonight? The same referee that "screwed over" Keaton is officiating tonight, and there is a female on the opposing team. This match could spell the beginning of the end for Vis Imperium.

    Once in the ring, Keaton stands to the left on the turnbuckle and LeBelle on the right, with Adonis in the middle pointing to both men. They all cross their arms the crowd rains boos down upon them, but again, they ignore everything that comes their way. As Keaton jumps down from the turnbuckle, he turns to referee Katie Shepard, and tells her to behave. He then faces the ramp with Xander as they wait. Adonis breaks away from the pack, and has a private conversation with Katie.

    As the music dies down, Xaitlyn Serpiente walks out on stage Keaton stands in the ring chuckling to himself, shaking his head at her presence. Xander does nothing.


    Tony walks to the ring with Xaitlyn at his side. He listens to the majority of fans cheer for him while there are a couple of boos. He high fives some fans as he walks down the ramp, with Xaitlyn in tow.

    Anderson: And their opponents, first, being accompanied to the ring by Xaitlyn Serpiente, from Yonkers, NY, weighing 275 pounds... "The Italian Stallion" TONY MANCINI!

    Cohen: I don't understand the need for Mancini to still continue his partnership with Xaitlyn. She won't bring anything to the table for Mancini other than a distraction for his matches. The ref should eject her before the match starts to ensure a fair fight.

    Connor: What about Adonis? Why can't he get ejected?

    Cohen: He just came off a match against Tyrone Blades for the Mayhem title. Adonis physically interjecting himself into this match, like Xaitlyn definitely would, would not be wise; he could hurt himself, and we can't have such a great manager miss time off.

    Mancini waits on the outside with Xaitlyn as Xander and Keaton stare down Mancini.


    Wren enters a darkened arena with a single ray of spotlight on her with her head down. She elegantly walks down the aisle and spreads her arms across with arena lighting up, soaking in the energy of the arena. The crowd cheers her on, Xaitlyn is clapping for Wren, and Mancini is nodding in approval.

    Anderson: And his tag team partner, from Parts Unknown, weighing 155 pounds... WREN!

    Connor: Here comes the number one contender to the Eurasian championship where she-

    Cohen: Firstly, I believe you mean Titus' Eurasian championship. Nobody is taking that title away from him. And secondly, how has she proven herself to be the number one contender after losing the first round of the Gold Rush tournament, and then losing to Flex Mussel?

    Connor: It just means that Wren, much all the other three competitors in this match, require a victory tonight heading into the Gold Rush PPV. All of them are desperate to win.

    Wren and Mancini nod to each other as they both hop on the apron, and enter the ring to square up against Vis Imperium. Keaton tells them to play it cool whilst Xander backs away to the corner, electing himself as the man to stand on the apron. Mancini and Wren stand their ground, allowing VI to go to their corner. Mancini and Wren discuss who should start first. Meanwhile, Andrew Adonis finishes his conversation with referee Katie Shepard, who looks slightly confused, but quickly snaps back to officiating mode, and looks to get this match started. Adonis exits the ring with a smirk on his face.

    Connor: I wonder what Adonis whispered to the referee?

    Cohen: A friendly conversation, CC. You'd be surprised who are friends backstage.

    Wren looks to start with Keaton in the ring, and Shepard signals for the bell.


    Keaton quickly goes for the jab, but Wren sidesteps, and hits low dropkick to the back of Keaton's knee. He immediately drops to one knee, and Wren runs at the ropes, landing a springboard clothesline! Keaton rolls to his corner in shock, and requests a tag, but Xander refuses. He encourages Keaton that he has this match in the bag, and Keaton believes him. Keaton gets to his feet, slaps his knee to get some blood rushing back, and goes over to Wren berating her. However, Wren responds with an enzuigiri, and Keaton falls face first to the canvas. She covers... 1... 2... kick-out by Keaton. Adonis and Xander sigh with relief. Wren does her best to drag Keaton to her corner, and tags in Mancini. Wren keeps him in the corner, and Mancini runs at Keaton with a knee. Keaton staggers out and Mancini hits a neckbreaker. He covers... 1... 2... shoulder-up by Keaton. Mark wants a tag, but Mancini drags him back to his corner, tagging in Wren. Mancini hits an Atomic drop, leaving Keaton in position as Wren runs and hits a running bulldog on Keaton. Mancini exits the ring as Wren covers... 1... 2... kick-out again. Mancini tells Wren to keep it up, whilst Xaitlyn on the outside is a little annoyed at the teamwork displayed by Wren and Mancini.

    Connor: Mancini and Wren are working great together in this match.

    Cohen: Too bad Mancini couldn't be this successful with Xaitlyn when they were a tag team.

    Keaton tries to get to his feet, but Wren hits him with a reverse roundhouse kick. Keaton staggers back to his corner, and manages to accidentally blind tag Xander before dropping to the canvas. LeBelle is distraught as he realises what he has happened. Shepard calls it a legal tag. Andrew jumps up on the apron and argues with Shepard. After a short period of bickering, Xander tells Andrew to calm down, takes a deep breath, and enters the ring. He walks up to Wren, who goes for a kick. He blocks, but does nothing but tell her to tag in Mancini. Wren goes for another kick, but he blocks again. Xander doesn't do anything. He wants a Mancini tag. Wren goes for a springboard stunner, but Xander catches her in his arms, bringing her to Mancini, asking for a tag.

    Cohen: What a gentlemen!

    Wren refuses, and wriggles out, managing to sunset flip Xander... 1... 2... kick-out at the last second. Xander gets up and looks to fight, but he can't do anything. Wren takes advantage and hits Xander with a spinning heel kick, taking him down. Adonis gets on the apron again, and complains about an unfair fight. Shepard is distracted by telling him to get down. Xaitlyn goes over to defuse the situation. As Wren goes to attack Xander, Keaton comes up and hits a massive backbreaker on Wren. Keaton taunts Mancini with some crude suggestions, and Mancini looks to stand up for his partner. On the outside, Xaitlyn distracts Adonis, who jumps off the apron, and argues with her. As Shepard goes to turn around, she notices Mancini running in. At the last second, she intervenes and tells Mancini to go back to his corner. Whilst this is happening, Keaton drags Wren to their corner and quickly goes on the apron. He asks for the tag as Mancini is admonished and goes on the apron. Shepard turns around and calls the tag legal as Keaton gets in the ring, and smirks.

    Cohen: What a great strategy! Adonis distracted the referee. Keaton attacked Wren because Xander couldn't, and caused Mancini to get angry enough to enter. Thanks to Xaitlyn interfering between the conversation of Adonis and the ref, the official had to take care of Mancini who could've saved his team. Genius!

    Connor: As much as Xander refuses to fight women, he doesn't refuse some underhanded tactics. Such a gentleman!

    Keaton taunts Wren in the corner, hitting a series of jabs to the face. Wren staggers out of the corner, and is taken down by a side suplex. He covers Wren... 1... 2... kick-out. Keaton continues the jabs as Wren tries getting up, finishing her off with a standing dropkick. He covers again... 1... 2... kick-out. Keaton taunts Wren as she gets up, slapping her across the head. Xander looks away as this happens, conversing with Adonis. Keaton delivers a big slap to Wren before hoisting her up for a scoop body slam. Before he can hit it, she slips behind Keaton, and pushes him into Xander who is still turned around, knocking him off. Shepard signals a tag. Angry, Keaton looks to get revenge but is met by Wren's Michinoku Driver. Both are down as Wren looks for a tag. Keaton looks to go to his corner, but Xander is down, tended to by Adonis. Wren manages a tag on Mancini, and the crowd pops. Keaton looks frustrated and goes on the attack.

    Mancini enters with a clothesline. Another clothesline. And a third! He backs up Keaton with a series of forearms before sending him across the ring. Keaton goes for his backpack sleeper hold, but Mancini swings him around using Keaton's momentum and hits a sidewalk slam. Mancini pops up and is filled with adrenaline as the fans chant for him. He ignores the referee trying to tell him something. He kicks Keaton in the stomach, and DDT's him. He sets up in the corner, and looks for the Il Siluro Italiano on Keaton. However, Xaitlyn goes up to Tony, and attempts to tell him something. Mancini ignores her as he feels he has this match in the bag. Xaitlyn keeps pressing the issue, and eventually Mancini gives in with a frustrated look. Xaitlyn exclaims what the referee was trying to tell Mancini, and said that he isn't the legal man. Xander is! He questions it, but before he can do anything, Adonis grabs the leg of Xaitlyn. Tony looks to help, but Xander hits Tony with A Touch of Class... striking Tony with this golden cane.

    Connor: That's a blatant use of a foreign object.

    Cohen: Doesn't matter, CC! The referee is trying to get the illegal man Keaton out of the ring!

    Indeed, referee Katie Shepard is trying to get Keaton out of the ring, and he obliges. Mancini is out in the ring as Xander throws away his cane. He enters the ring, and looks to finish it off. He sets up for The Rose's Thorn, but Wren looks to interfere. However, Keaton manages to grab her by the leg, and pull her off the apron. Xander uses this to hit his finisher, and goes for the pinfall... 1... 2... 3!

    Wren could not get in the ring in time to save the match. Xander quickly exits with Adonis, and they regroup with Keaton on the ramp. Xaitlyn enters the ring, and immediately goes after the referee, arguing with her about what happened. Wren makes sure Vis Imperium doesn't strike again, guarding the ring.

    Anderson: Here are your winners... Mark Keaton... Xander LeBelle... VIS IMPERIUM!

    Connor: That wasn't a match! That was a mugging! Vis Imperium used every resource they had in that match to screw Wren and Mancini out of a victory.

    Cohen: You can say that VI used underhanded tactics, but Xaitlyn inserted herself in this match as much as the competitors. It might as well have been a three-on-two handicap match against Vis Imperium. They just made it even numbers to correct the odds.

    Connor: This isn't right, but considering how Mr. Banks is running the ship with Vis Imperium, I doubt we will see any repercussions for Xander and Keaton.

    Cohen: Why should they? In fact, they should celebrate a victory! Vis Imperium standing tall again.

    Vis Imperium celebrate as they walk up the ramp, leaving Wren trying to help Mancini get back to a conscious state, whilst Xaitlyn tries to argue how VI cheated throughout the match.
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    Meanwhile, in the locker room we find Constantine sitting watching the show on a monitor as he is wrapping tape around his wrist. The former World Champion is concentrated on his former team members, watching them with a piercing fire inside him and a look in his eyes which echoes his need to see them fall. While Constantine is focused on the monitor, a chair is moved next to him and Tyrone Blades sits, the Mayhem Championship hanging from his left hand.

    Constantine: They finally won a match. About time they put it together under Cooper.

    Blades: You know as well as I do that Cooper is a fool rather than a leader. He’s a clown pretending to be a World Champion and he doesn’t know the first thing about leading man into battle. He’s not like you or I. We’ve had our fair share of fights not just between us but with men willing to go to war for a cause, sometimes our cause. Where has Cooper been during those battles?

    Constantine: I don’t think he’s ever fought for something that didn’t benefit him directly. You saw what he did on Meltdown. He beat Matt Tastic and he did it without help. That title may have made his ego larger than ever but he’s gaining momentum, Tyrone. We have to put an end to this before he actually gains a following that we can’t overcome.

    The two legends sit in silence for a moment. Blades lifts his title belt and throws it over his shoulder.

    Constantine: Defending it again, I see.

    Blades: Banks is a prick. He’s put me in a triple threat with youngsters who couldn’t hang with me in a normal match. Now he wants to give me weapons and see me ruin them. I’ll do what I have to but I see what he is doing. He wants me to draw blood and inflict as much punishment as I can against as many members of the roster as possible. That way, when the war comes who will want to side with me after I’ve scratched their face with barbed wire?

    Constantine: People are moving, Tyrone. They are seeing that Vis Imperium can be defeated and that Banks doesn’t hold us hostage like he believes. The day is coming when they will have to answer for their actions. I’m two wins away from securing a spot against the World Champion and I hope, I hope with everything I’ve got, that it’s Cooper. I want to be the one who takes the title from him and if I get the chance, I’ll deliver that shot which will wound Vis Imperium more than anything else we’ve done. Mind games and tricks only go so far, if we want to end them, we need to take their power and that means claiming the World Championship.

    Again, a silence falls over the locker room and this time it is broken as Tyrone stands up.

    Blades: If you get a match against Cooper, punch him in the mouth a few times for me.

    The Mayhem Champion exits the locker room and Constantine returns to doing up his fist with tape. His match with Yemrez Reqonic on his mind, a date with Justin Cooper and the World Championship within his grasp.
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    Anderson:The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the number one contender to the Elite Heavyweight title. Introducing first, she is the special guest referee for this contest.....

    Anderson: ...she is from New York, New York, weighing in at 100 pounds,The Elite Openweight Champion, Callie Clark!

    Callie Clark steps on to the stage, she has her referee shirt on but tied up high to reveal her stomach. She struts down the ramp to a wave of boo's as she holds the Elite Openweight Title high above her head while she smiles wide. She slides in the ring and then climbs a turnbuckle, she holds the title high. She jumps down then hands the title off to a staff member. She walks over and rips the microphone off of Anderson and shoo's the ring announcer from the ring.

    Connor: Alright, what is she doing? She can't be the ring announcer too.

    Cohen: Why not? She'll probably do a better job of it than Anderson anyway! Go for it Callie!

    Callie: Introducing first, she's totes a loser who's been playing with her dolls way too much.....

    Batti skips out on the stage as the fans erupt, hundreds of beach balls fall and bounce into the stands. Batti runs towards the ring, kicking beach balls out of her way as she does so, a little more serious than usual. She slides in the ring and stares at Callie before waving at the fans.

    Callie: ....former Elite Champion and never getting it again. A loser if I ever saw one...ugh, Batti! Even more gross, coming up next, is her stupid opponent.....

    Callie: Like, oh my god, do you call this music?! Tell this guy to get the microphone out of his throat and stop yelling!

    Vee ADZ shuffle steps to the stage, he's focused and ignoring Callie's rude introduction of him. He stretches his neck as he walks down the ramp to a generous amount of cheering from the fans. Vee ADZ springboards into the ring and does a graceful somersault then runs to the turnbuckle and climbs it, he raises his arms for another cheer from the fans.

    Callie: Weighing in at, ah who cares? Who cares where he's from too. Vee ABCDEFG! Another guy who totes doesn't stand a chance against me.

    Connor: Not only does the Elite Champion have referee duties, she's going to cover introductions. What next? Is she going to jump out of the ring and take care of the bell too?

    Cohen: All joking aside Cat, these two wrestlers here tonight have a huge opportunity to take on the Elite Champion at Goldrush! We can only expect fireworks from Batti and Vee ADZ tonight!!

    Callie walks to the center of the ring, she looks at both wrestlers then does a lazy point....

    Ding!!! Ding!!!

    Batti looks to the fans, then at her opponent. She extends her hand for a handshake. Vee ADZ extends his hand and they shake hands in the center of the ring for a respectful applause. Callie rolls her eyes and jaws at both of them to start fighting. Both wrestlers circle each other in the middle of the ring. Batti lunges but Vee quickly jumps and gives Batti a hurricurana right into the corner turnbuckles. Batti bounces hard then lands on her back. Vee grabs her arm and applies a hammerlock, he starts laying the elbow shots down on her shoulder. He quickly steps over her arm, hooks in his leg and does a front somersault to lock in an arm triangle! Batti is yelling from the submission move and hooks her legs around the bottom ropes to break the hold, but Callie is doing her nails in the corner at the opposite side of the ring.

    Connor: Come on Callie! This is nuts, just do your job here!

    Cohen: She IS Cat! You can't expect her do have sharp edges on her nails! What is she accidentally cuts somebody while checking for a submission? She could get sued by one of these wrestlers for that! Smart move by Callie!

    Batti breaks the hold by pulling herself right out of the ring, she shakes her arm and holds it while walking around. Vee ADZ walks over and complains to Callie about the submission move not being looked at. Callie ignores him and continues to do her nails. Batti climbs back in the ring, Vee runs over and attempts a sidekick but Batti quickly ducks, she scoops up Vee ADZ for a bearhug! She squeezes hard and Vee ADZ has a shocked expression on his face, not believing her power. Vee ADZ starts to free one of his arms, Batti leans back and throws him with a belly to belly suplex, he twists his body in the air and lands on his feet, he bounces off of the ropes, Batti runs at him for a front kick but Vee ADZ dives and lands on his hands, he springboards back to his feet and bounces off of the far ropes, he runs and attempts a round house kick at Batti but she jumps back and lands on her back, she kips up and kicks at Vee ADZ's rib cage, he catches her foot but she does a back flip and catches him right on the chin! He lands on his back stunned. She falls on him for the cover.....

    Callie strolls over, she dusts the area where she's going to count. She raises her hand slowly, but Vee ADZ already has his shoulder up. Batti jumps right up and starts complaining in Callie's face. The Elite Champion warns her that she'll DQ her if she keeps it up. Batti turns but Vee quickly rolls her up in a small package...


    Batti quickly kicks out from the really fast count.

    Connor: Did you see that? I think it's clear who Callie wants to lose here tonight! That was a really fast count Jack!

    Cohen: Well what do expect Cat? This is her first time officiating a WZCW wrestling match, she's going to make a mistake here and there, you have to show a little more patience than that.

    Batti slaps Vee with a left and right palm thrust followed quickly with a side kick to his thigh. Vee ADZ responds with a high dropkick that sends Batti flying through the middle ropes to the outside of the ring! Vee bounces off of the far ropes, he runs and jumps, he springboards off of the top ropes then does a beautiful shooting star press! He lands hard on Batti on the outside of the ring, igniting the fans who cheer loud for that amazing move. Both wrestlers are down.


    Connor: Incredible agility by Vee ADZ! A springboard shooting star press to the outside of the ring! What a high risk move!

    Cohen: Vee ADZ is not messing around Cat! That was a huge move to dish out the pain here tonight! He wants that title off of Callie and he'll dig deep into his bag of moves to achieve this victory over Batti!

    Callie: Big whip! That move is totally easy to do. I do it all the time just for fun. For a dummy like ADZ, he like, totally shouldn't try it. He might hurt himself.

    Connor: What are you doing? Get off of commentary and officiate this important wrestling match!

    Cohen: Ha ha ha!! We are joined by The Elite Openweight Champion Cat! She's officially done every job out here tonight!

    Callie takes the headphones off as her cellphone rings, she starts chatting on the phone as Batti and Vee ADZ recover nearby. Both wrestlers roll back into the ring. Vee ADZ catches Batti with a swift kick to the side followed by a bicep slicer. Callie hangs up her phone and enters the ring, she has a concerned expression on her face now after the phone call. Vee goes for a cover...



    Batti kicks out. Callie turns to the crowd and holds up two fingers. Batti pulls herself up the ring ropes. Vee ADZ grabs Batti, he throws her off of the ropes, he hits her with a back kick, followed quickly by a jumping knee strike Leviathan Cross!! Batti falls and rolls out of the ring. Vee ADZ curses visibly and jumps out of the ring, he rolls her back in, wasting precious time, he covers her and hooks her leg.....




    NOOOO!!! Batti put her foot on the ropes! Vee ADZ jumps up to celebrate because the count was very close. Even the crowds cheered at the microscopically close count. Vee argues with Callie as he realizes the match isn't over and Batti's foot was on the rope. Vee hauls Batti to the center of the ring, he jumps down and covers her with a hooked leg....



    Batti kicks out! The crowds cheer! Vee ADZ shows his frustration by pulling at his hair. He picks up Batti, he sits her on the top turnbuckle and nails her with an elbow to the back of the head, she has her foot hooked in the top turnbuckle and she falls back, caught in a tree of woe, the crowds ohhh and aww knowing what's coming. Vee ADZ runs to the other side of the ring, he quickly climbs the turnbuckle, he jumps coast to coast!!! Missle dropkick Coup De Grace!!! Vee ADZ misses as Batti pulls herself up the turnbuckle! He lands hard and bounces. Batti stands looking at the crowd, she looks really nervous...she gulps then jumps.....


    She lands hard on Vee ADZ and bounces from the impact!



    Vee ADZ kicks out!!! Cheeer!!!!

    Holy shit!!! Holy shit!!! Holy Shit!!!!

    Conner: My GOD Jack!! Where did THAT move come from????

    Cohen: Just like earlier, Vee ADZ dug deep for a new move!! Batti just stunned the hell out of everyone with a double moonsault!!!
    I still can't believe what I just saw!!!

    Batti staggers to the ropes, she's almost crying with emotion as her huge planned move didn't pan out with a pin fall, Vee is stirring on the canvas, he's making it to his feet, Batti takes her boot off then kicks him in the stomach, she jumps and hits Soo Kawaii Kick!!! scissors kick to the back on his head!! Callie grabs Batti in a front face lock! She picks her up and NAILS her with a small package driver! Lights out!! She rolls her lifeless body over Vee ADZ then falls down for the count....



    3 !!!!

    Anderson: The winner of this contest, by pinfall and the new number one contender to the Elite Openweight Championship.....BATTI!!!

    Connor: Batti did it! What a crazy match! Callie had a huge influence throughout the contest, but we can only assume she got a phone call from Mr.Banks or somebody and changed her tune quick enough.

    Cohen It had to be an authority figure for sure,but she reverted back in the end and hit Batti with her special move.The story here though is that Batti is heading to GoldRush and she'll be going after that Elite Openweight Championship! This should be a good one!

    Callie steps over Batti with her title held high as the replays show the big moments of the match on the titantron. Vee ADZ rolls over to the corner on the ring and sits in shock of what just transpired. Callie walks up the ramp, jawing at the fans and showing everyone who the Elite Openweight Champion is.
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    Transitioning backstage, Yemrez Reqonic is standing facing the wall with her head pressed against it. Dressed ready to compete in tonight’s huge semi-final match against Constantine, Yemrez slowly pushes herself away from the wall.

    Reqonic: I have stood up for what was right even though it wasn’t the safe decision. Even though many in the same position would have rather hid than fight. I am new to this company but here I stand, willing and able, ready to fight for it before I’d see it turned into a play thing for pure evil. That is what Vis Imperium are!

    She turns and faces the camera; determination on her face now as she points towards the audience.

    Reqonic: Many would have hid from the challenge but not I. When they said nobody would stand against them I knew I couldn’t let that become true. I had to stand up and bring the fight because it was the right thingto do. I didn’t do it seeking fame or fortune, that’s not why I so willingly stood up.

    Yemrez pauses a moment, her gaze nearly burning a hole through the camera.

    Reqonic: I stood up because it’s what we should all do. When you see injustice you should stand up and say it isn’t right. If you don’t than you’re just as bad as those committing the injustice. I would not become one of them. Here I am, standing up for you fans and WZCW! Evil must not win, it can only win if we let it and I say we should never let evil win!

    Suddenly, from the left side of the screen, Tony Mancini walks into the shot with a towel around his neck. He still looks a little sore from his match earlier.

    Mancini: I agree. For too long we’ve sat back and done nothing while Vis Imperium has run wild. I see that now. You’ve been here less than most of us but you were one of the first to stand up and do what you thought was right. I respect that. We should’ve done the same thing, the lot of us in the locker room, back when the group first started.

    Reqonic: It is never too late to do good. To do the right thing is always available, Tony.

    They exchange a handshake as Tony nods in approval.

    Mancini: Right again, I see that. No matter what happens tonight, win or lose, you’ve done yourself a whole lot of good these past few weeks. You’ve shown you don’t have to be the likes of Blades, Constantine or Tastic to make a change.

    They separate as Mancini begins to walk away. He is nearly gone when he stops, and turns back.

    Mancini: Should you ever need some help in this battle… all you have to do is ask.

    And with that, Tony Mancini exits around the corner leaving Yemrez with a proud smile on her face. While still a newbie in WZCW, she has proven that you don’t need to be the biggest name to stand up for what you believe in. Yemrez turns back towards the wall and knees down, preparing for the biggest match of her career later tonight.

    Cohen: This ain’t the dream team. It’s the players in Space Jam without their skills! Ha, they don’t stand a chance against Vis Imperium. Better if they’d stay out of it and learn their place.

    Connor: I think those days are gone. Yemrez has put the world on notice. Don’t be afraid to fight for what you believe in and that motto has gotten her this far. Can it get her to the Gold Rush Tournament Final? Stay tuned to find out.
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    Anderson: The following contest is a triple threat match for the WZCW Mayhem Championship and therefore will be contested under Mayhem Rules!

    Anderson: Introducing first from New York, New York, weighing 170 pounds, Gabi Clark!

    Gabi steps out onto the stage dressed as Jesse Quick. She stops at the top of the ramp and poses for all to see, pretending to speed down to the ring but refusing to high five any of the fans at ringside. She approaches the steel steps of the ring and stomps her foot on it before stepping over them and lifting up the cover on the apron of the ring. From underneath the ring, Gabi pulls out a kendo stick and enters the ring ready to fight.

    Cohen: Well would you look at that, CC! Gabi Clark has already gone extreme before the contest has even official started. She has a kendo stick ready in case anyone else wants to get this party started. It’s no rules in this triple threat. You just have to keep fighting until your opponents drop!

    Connor: Gabi had to be a bit jealous after watching her sister win the Elite Openweight Championship last week. Here we are a week later and she now has the chance to win some gold for herself. We could very well see the two sisters being Queens over two different divisions in WZCW.

    Anderson: Making his way to the ring, from New Angola, Africa, weighing in at 250 pounds, King Obi Okafor!

    A couple of rose bearers step out onto the stage, basket of roses at the ready as Obi Okafor steps out from behind the curtain, raising his arms high in the air to some fanfare. The rose bearers move forward and start to place the roses from the basket down the ramp, Okafor following behind, pointing and smiling at some of the fans before staring at the ring in a focused manner. The rose bearers step to the side as they get to the end of the ramp.

    Connor: A young rookie here in WZCW with a huge chance tonight. We would be amiss if we ignored the obvious change to this match. It was supposed to be a fatal four way but as has been documented, Will McKay suffered career ending injuries during a match with Flex Mussel two weeks ago. He competed last week but that only further aggravated the injury caused by the Mussel Bomb. Therefore, he has retired and been removed from this contest.

    Cohen: A damn shame to see a young career come to an end but King Obi has a major chance here tonight to make a name for himself. He has a 1/3 shot at becoming the WZCW Mayhem Champion. He has a chance of defeating a legend, a Hall of Famer and the greatest wrestler of all time in Tyrone Blades. This is no easy match. This is WZCW and you have to take the chances when they are given and tonight Obi must seize it!

    Obi hypes himself up and grabs himself a steel chair from underneath the ring before sliding into the ring and staring down Gabi.

    Anderson: And now, introducing the WZCW Mayhem Champion weighing in at 225 pounds, Tyrone Blades!

    The arena darkens for a moment as a spotlight begins to circle the arena, looking throughout the crowd for the champion. The crowd all begin to turn and search for him and a few moments later the spotlight comes to a stop. Fans cheer as the WZCW Mayhem Champion, Tyrone Blades emerges and jumps over the barricade behind the announcers and steps onto the announce table. He looks at the challengers in the ring and points his black baseball bat at them, spitting towards them both as he rips off his bandanna.

    Cohen: You can see that this isn’t his fight time stepping into the realm of mayhem. Tyrone Blades was made for matches like this. He has competed in some of the most bloody matches we’ve ever seen including Hell in a Cell. Tonight, he faces judgement for a war against Mr. Banks and Vis Imperium. Blades has picked a fight with the owner of this company and I think it’s going to cost him everything tonight.

    Connor: You mentioned it, this is a clear reaction to Blades defeating Andrew Adonis last week. He has led the war against Banks and Vis Imperium since before Lethal Lottery. Blades has become somewhat of a leader for those disenfranchised by the current ownership. How much more of these matches and the odds being stacked against him can Blades survive?

    Stepping down from the announce table, Tyrone Blades slowly walks towards the ring and enters via sliding under the bottom rope. He raises up the baseball bat and points it towards both competitors, undoing the title belt which he throws to the referee. The official walks to the middle of the ring holding the title belt high in the air and shows it to all three wrestlers. He quickly hands it to a crew member at ringside before calling for the bell to start this match.


    After the bell sounds, the referee simply moves out of the way because they are only here to count a pinfall or call the submission. Other than that the referee has no role in this contest as it’s anything goes with the WZCW Mayhem Championship on the line. The match begins as Okafor adjusts the steel chair in his hands, Gabi twirls the kendo stick and Tyrone Blades taps the baseball bat on the bottoms of his boots. Suddenly, Gabi Clark swings the kendo stick at Okafor but the King blocks it with the chair. With Okafor being backed into the corner and using the chair as a shield, Gabi turns and runs at Tyrone with the kendo stick waving back and forth. This doesn’t work out well as Blades swings his baseball bat, splitting the kendo stick it half before cracking Gabi Clark across the face with the bat and knocking her to the outside of the ring.

    Gabi Clark is knocked out cold on the outside; the action inside the ring kicks off as Okafor and Blades collide. Blades swings the baseball bat hard, once again Okafor uses the chair as a shield and shoves it towards the face of the champion. This causes Blades to drop the bat and is then smacked with the chair in the shoulder! Blades backs up as Okafor hurries after him, swinging for the fences but he goes too hard and Blades gets in close and tackles Obi to the ground. A quick combination of hammer fists from Blades gets Obi rolling away and the two competitors scramble for weapons. Blades gets his baseball bat back, Okafor goes for the chair but it falls to the outside and as he turns around the touch of bat on flesh sends a sharp pain through his body.

    Connor: Blades using that trademark baseball bat to do a lot of damage right now. Gabi Clark has been taken out of this match like she isn’t even involved.

    Cohen: It’s almost like she never showed up, CC.

    Blades has control of the ring as he points the baseball bat up at the crowd, who give a big cheer. Waiting as Okafor pulls himself back to a vertical base, Blades swings the bat and gets Obi in the ribs as he falls into the corner. The champion steps back and charges forward again, aiming for the head but Okafor slips out of the way and hits a STO! Almost instantly, Okafor clutches at his ribs coughing from the stiff shots from the baseball bat. He kicks it out of the ring just as Blades was reaching for it and now both competitor lock eyes.

    They get to their feet, Blades fires a punch and Okafor returns one. Back and forth they go until Okafor explodes with a Gutwrench suplex. He goes for a cover. 1… 2… Kick Out! Blades rolls to the ring apron as Okafor again, holding the ribs, stands up a little too quickly. The crowd watching on now, Okafor grabs Blades from the apron and tries to pull him back into the ring. However, Blades fights it off and headbutts King Obi but Okafor strikes back with a dropkick which knocks Blades to the outside of the ring. The crowd cheers as Okafor holds a hand up to the applause of the audience. Blades is crawling on the outside of the ring, Okafor joins him and attempts to grab him but is hit by a trash can! Blades having pulled the weapon from under the ring flips the trash can up and slams it down onto the head of Okafor. With the trash can now on his head, Obi can’t see and is unaware of what is coming until he feels Tyrone Blades deliver a running knee strike while Okafor as the trash can on his head!

    Connor: You can see how Tyrone Blades has an advantage being the veteran, not only of these matches but WZCW as a whole. Okafor has looked to mat wrestle this match while Blades is going for weapons.

    Cohen: Okafor has to realise this isn’t a normal match. A normal suplex isn’t what you need to use. Get a toaster and swing that thing!

    Blades approaches Okafor, ripping the trash can off the challenger’s head and picking him up. Surveying his next move, Blades leans Okafor against the ring apron before diving back underneath the ring for another weapon. A few moments later, Blades reveals a table! The crowd cheers as Blades pulls the table out and sets it up on the outside of the ring. Turning back to Okafor, the champion hits him with a few punches before climbing onto the apron of the ring and pulls Obi up to a standing position. Everyone is holding their breath as Tyrone looks for Mo Murda! Okafor counters however, holding onto the top rope and elbow his way free.

    Without wasting a second longer, Okafor grabs hold of Tyrone and leaps off the apron of the ring with a Pumphandle Falling Slam through the table! The table explodes into pieces as both men crash through it with Okafor rolling to the side as Blades remains amongst the wreckage. Replays show Blades’ head smacking the floor as his body went through the table but his head was just outside of the it. Okafor is the first to his feet, and he grabs Tyrone by the head and pulls him towards the ring, rolling the champion underneath the bottom rope. Okafor nearly falls as he reaches the apron of the ring, his hand gliding underneath the apron and he pulls out another steel chair! Okafor climbs up onto the apron and then turns towards the turnbuckle. The crowd begins to stand as Okafor climbs high, steel chair in hand and then he dives with the chair underneath him right onto Tyrone Blades!

    Cohen: This is what a Mayhem Rules match is all about, kid! He’s a mat wrestler but Obi Okafor knows this is for the Mayhem Championship and you gotta do things you wouldn’t normally do. Go for it all and try to make yourself famous.

    Connor: The referee is in position, Okafor looking for the cover.

    Okafor gets his arm over Tyrone and the referee begins the count as the fans follow along. 1… 2… Kick Out! The big dive was not enough to put Blades away as he begins coughing and a little bit of blood flows from his mouth. Okafor sees the replays of the dive and cannot believe it didn’t put the match away. Once again, Okafor gets to his feet first and he goes to the outside of the ring and looks underneath the ring. The fans wait as Okafor searches until he reveals light tubes. Okafor begins throwing light tubes, trash cans, kendo sticks, a fire extinguisher and another table into the ring before yelling out loud; much to the support of the crowd.

    Blades is getting to his feet when Okafor enters the ring again, his eyes on the champion as he holds a light tube in his hand. The rookie to the mayhem world, looks up at the champion and back down to the weapon as he approaches Tyrone Blades. He pauses for a moment before swinging, Blades turns and with that hesitation is able to rush towards the rope and hits a springboard flash kick! Okafor didn’t pull the trigger and drops the light tube, right in front of Blades who picks it up and smashes it across the back of the rookie’s head! It shatters into tiny pieces; Tyrone rolls Obi over and hooks the leg for the pinfall. 1… 2… Kick Out!

    With so many weapons scattered throughout the ring Tyrone Blades has no problem finding something to use. A small trickle of blood is oozing down the neck of Okafor as he rolls over the shattered light tube glass. Blades eyes the challenger, he picks up the table and sets it up in the corner of the ring but doesn’t stop there. Rolling to the outside, Blades goes underneath the ring and pulls out a stack of glass panels which he stacks behind the table! A loud ‘no’ chant is heard as some of the fans even think this is a little to mayhem for them as Tyrone Blades enters he ring again. Okafor has no idea what is coming as he turns into Mo Murda! Tyrone hooks the leg again. 1… 2… Kick Out! With that kick out we get a shot of Tyrone shaking his head and mouthing the words “should’ve stayed down, kid” as he gets to his feet.

    Connor: I have a bad feeling about this, Jack.

    Cohen: That kick out may come back to haunt Okafor. He could’ve been down with it but now that trap Tyrone has set up in the corner with the table and the glass might be able to meet the flesh of the King.

    His eyes are only for the corner as Tyrone Blades stalks the challenger. Kicking to the side some of the other weapons, Blades moves towards Okafor and knees him in the head. Then, Tyrone grabs Okafor by the wrist and slings him towards the table. Okafor lands against it but the table doesn’t break! He stumbles forward into a superkick – Click! Tyrone backs up into the opposite corner and points his hand like and gun “Clack!” he yells before running forward! Only Gabi Clark spears Tyrone from the blindside and knocks him away. Her first bit of offence in this match; Clark is bleeding like mad from the opening shot of this contest and she picks up a trash can drawing the boos of the crowd.

    Okafor still leans prone against the table and Gabi looks towards him likely unaware of what danger lies behind the table. Still holding the trash can she charges towards Okafor but the King kicks her in the stomach and picks up a light tube, smashing it across Gabi’s skull! No hesitation this time as Gabi falls back onto the table. It still does break – until Okafor picks up the trash can, holding it in front of him like a shield for his body and sprints forward putting Gabi Clark through the table and crushing the glass panels underneath! Holy shit, the crowd are stunned as Gabi is cut to pieces, cuts all over his arms and back as she rolls to the outside of the ring. Okafor stands up, a few cuts on his own body, but the time for celebration is not now as Tyrone Blades is back in the ring and he hits another superkick!

    The superkick knocks Obi down to a knee and Tyrone charges again with a hard knee to the face – Click Clack! He falls into the cover. 1… 2… 3? No kick out comes but the pinfall is broken up as Xander LeBelle pulls Tyrone off Okafor and to the outside of the ring. The crowd is livid as LeBelle slams Tyrone face first into the steel steps! From the other side of the ring, Andrew Adonis scrambles through the wreckage of weapons and picks up Gabi Clark, throwing her into the ring. Meanwhile, LeBelle continues to hammer away on Tyrone with punches and kicks.

    Connor: LeBelle and Adonis! Vis Imperium are here! What the hell is the meaning of this?

    Cohen: It’s payback, CC! Tyrone Blades thought he was untouchable, well think again! LeBelle said he was going to put Tyrone Blades down for good and it appears it starts tonight.

    Adonis hurries inside the ring, pulling Gabi Clark into the middle of the ring and turning his attention to Obi Okafor. From the outside of the ring, LeBelle slams a steel chair into the back of Tyrone Blades before sliding underneath the bottom rope and joining Adonis. They have a quick discussion as they look at the two challengers, neither is moving an inch. Clark from the table and the glass; Okafor from Click Clack. After a few seconds, LeBelle gives the order and Adonis pulls Obi Okafor onto Gabi Clark and orders the referee to count! The referee isn’t happy, he pauses, but LeBelle shoves him to the ground and shouts for him to count. 1… 2… 3!

    Cohen: Yes! Yes! Yes!

    Connor: This is absolutely disgusting. I cannot believe what we have witnessed here tonight. Obi Okafor has “defeated” in the loosest sense of the word, Tyrone Blades and Gabi Clark to become the new WZCW Mayhem Champion. He is a great competitor and this was a great match but Tyrone Blades had this won and would have retained if not for Vis Imperium.

    Cohen: Oh please, don’t cloud this moment with your facts. This is what you get when you mess with Vis Imperium. Mr. Banks promised to make Tyrone pay for his actions and now we are seeing it come true.

    Anderson: Here is your winner and the NEW WZCW Mayhem Champion – Obi Okafor!

    The medical team is quick to rush down to the ring and remove the two challengers but when they attempt to help Tyrone they are ordered away by Adonis. The two members of Vis Imperium go right after Tyrone. Obi Okafor is helped to the back, barely able to hold his newly won title while Gabi Clark is stretchered from ringside unable to move with cuts all over her body.

    Xander and Adonis continue to assault Tyrone on the outside. Xander grabs a chair and slams it into Tyrone's midsection followed by Adonis throwing him into the post, the back of his head slamming into the steel. The crowd boos loudly as Xander and Adonis stand over Tyrone, but they don't look to be done yet as they toss him into the ring.

    Connor: This is unnecessary, they've already cost Tyrone the Mayhem Championship!

    Cohen: This is more than just sending a message Cat, they're taking the Hollow One out permanently!

    As Adonis climbs into the ring, Xander grabs Tyrone's bat and holds it up high to another chorus of boos. Tyrone suddenly tackles Adonis to the ground and begins throwing wild haymakers, just fighting to survive. Xander slides into the ring and swings the bat hard into Tyrone's side, forcing him off Adonis. He begins coughing heavily as Xander slams the bat into his liver once more. Soon blood begins to come from his mouth as he holds his sides, as Mark Keaton makes his way down to join the other Vis Imperium members. Adonis and Keaton begin putting the boots to Tyrone as Xander slides out of the ring and looks under the apron, producing a large spool of barbed wire. A sick look forms on his face before he slides back in. Adonis and Keaton lift Tyrone up and hold him as Xander pushes the barbed wire across Tyrone's face, grinding the barbs along his skin and breaks him open, blood immediately pouring from the wound.

    Connor: Somebody needs to stop this! This has gone too far, Tyrone's bleeding profusely.

    The boos grow louder as Mr. Banks soon appears on the entrance stage, a wide smile on his face as he claps at the sight of VI punishing Tyrone. He makes his way slowly down the ramp as Xander continues to grind the barbed wire into Tyrone's head, causing him to wear the crimson mask. Adonis and Keaton finally push Tyrone to the ground as Banks enters the ring. Tyrone stares up at his enemy, gritting his teeth through all the blood as he yells out asking if that's all they have. Banks laughs as he retrieves a microphone.

    Mr. Banks: Is that all I have for you Tyrone? My dear boy I'm afraid there is far more damage to be done to you tonight.

    Mr. Banks suddenly kicks Tyrone square in the face, followed by another shot to the liver by Xander. Mr. Banks looks at the three VI members and gives marching orders. Suddenly the crowd begins to buzz as there is movement in the crowd. Mr. Jones suddenly hops the barricade with a bat in hand but security immediately tackles him to the ground.

    Mr. Banks: There's no one to save you this time Tyrone. Your manager was conveniently barred from the arena earlier tonight by my order, so security is simply doing their jobs now. Get him out of here!

    Security begins dragging Jones away as he struggles to break free, yelling out for Tyrone to bail. Tyrone doesn't respond, still coughing up blood and getting viciously attacked by the three VI members. Keaton, Xander, and Adonis take turns swinging the bat into Tyrone, passing the trademark weapon between them with each strike. The crowd boos as they finally drag him to his feet, pushing him into the ropes and wrapping them around his arms. Xander then takes the barbed wire spool and begins wrapping it around the ropes and Tyrone's arms. Keaton and Xander then pull it tight, driving the sharp barbs right into his skin as Tyrone yells out in immense pain.

    Mr. Banks: Your reign as Mayhem champion was an amusing side show Tyrone, but to let someone as barbaric as you to continue to run roughshod over my roster would be negligence on my part. Your part of the past Tyrone, this isn't your WZCW anymore, this is mine! I won't allow you to brutalize the next generation of my hand picked stars anymore!

    Just then a cheer rises up as Batti rushes down to the ring. She hops onto the ring apron as Vis Imperium turns towards her. A distraught look forms on her face as she looks at Tyrone. He shakes his head no as a silent plea comes from her to let her help.

    Cohen: Batti would have to be insane to get in that ring right now. And that's just from interrupting Mr. Banks, let alone the members of Vis Imperium.

    Connor: Tyrone seems to be telling her to stand down however.

    Tyrone motions for Banks to let him talk, a bemused Banks looks between Batti and Tyrone before holding the mic out for him to speak. Tyrone coughs before struggling to get the words out.

    Tyrone: Batti......walk away from this. This is my fight not yours.

    Batti shakes her head as she yells at Tyrone that she needs to help.

    Tyrone: I've taken worse beatings from better people Batti. You got your title shot at Gold Rush, you ain't gotta sacrifice that to help me. NOW GO!

    Tyrone yells out as Batti looks on as tears form in her eyes. Tyrone nods his head towards her, as she slowly steps off the ring apron and walks backwards up the entrance ramp, every fiber in her body telling her to run back in there. Mr. Banks motions for her to go away as Tyrone struggles against the barbed wire, only causing more damage to his arms.

    Mr. Banks: Isn't that precious Tyrone? To have someone care enough to even think about running in to help you? But as the gentleman you are you wouldn't dare let anything happen to a protege would you? See, I know you better than you think Blades. I know behind the darkness, behind the rough exterior, your heart bleeds for those you care about. I can have you wrapped in barbed wire, beaten to an inch of your life, and it wouldn't make one bit of difference to you. But there's a weakness in you Tyrone. I saw it when the Children of the Damned defeated you at Kingdom Come. The moment your heart was exposed, they put you down. They even forced you to tap out the moment you saw your daughter was in danger!

    The crowd boos loudly as anger suddenly rises in Tyrone. He tries to push away from the ropes and barbed wire, the pain not even registering as he yells every expletive in the book at Banks, VI simply standing by laughing before Xander swings the bat hard into Tyrone's midsection, quelling the outburst.

    Mr. Banks: So I made some arrangements when you were returning Tyrone. Just to be able to strike at that one weakness of yours.

    Suddenly Stacey Madison makes her way out from the back. She walks down the ramp and walks up the steps and enters the ring, a look of concern on her face as she kneels in front of Tyrone checking on him.

    Connor: Well it's certainly been an open secret that Stacey and Tyrone have been involved with one another for some time now since his divorce.

    Mr. Banks: Ms. Madison dear please leave the bleeding rodent alone. Look at me Tyrone, and listen real close. Don't you find it strange how quickly your lawyer had those pictures of you and Ms. Madison when you cheated on your wife with her? How everything came about so quickly for your perfect home life to be undone? How would a photographer know your exact hotel room? It's very simple Tyrone. I set this all up just for your downfall. I wanted to watch you suffer as the only people in your life that kept you grounded were ripped away because of your own doing! All I needed was the honey pot, and you fell right into the trap. It certainly helped that your trusted lawyer so easily turned his back on you just to have the life you had. He lusted for your wife more than you could possibly know, and now he's got your precious Arianna wrapped around his finger. Just like Ms. Madison here had you wrapped around hers and led you along for months at a time. She was so helpful in sending me all of your pillow talk, just so I could make the right moves against you. Isn't that right Ms. Madison?

    Tyrone stares forward through the blood covering his face right at Banks before looking to Stacey, a pleading look on his face as he asks if it's true. Stacey casts her gaze down, but suddenly begins laughing as she lifts her head up, a cruel and vicious look in her eyes as she takes in the visage of the helpless Hollow One. She stands up and takes the microphone from Banks as her demeanor changes to arrogance as she stands over Tyrone.

    Stacey: Did you really believe I would love someone like you Tyrone? After everything you put me through over the years? The verbal abuse, leaving me in the ghetto to fend for myself? I played you like a fool lover boy. When Mr. Banks asked me to help take you down, I couldn't agree fast enough. The jewelry, every gift you gave me was just a bonus after that. And now Tyrone....I get to watch you burn.

    Stacey rears back and slaps Tyrone hard across the face, over and over again as the crowd's booing becomes deafening. She takes a step back as Tyrone leaves his face tilted to the side, his eyes almost becoming lifeless as his body goes limp. Stacey looks down at her blood covered hand, a satisfied smile forming on her face. Mr. Banks reaches out and takes the microphone from Stacey, handing her a handkerchief to wipe away the blood as she steps back.

    Mr. Banks: WZCW's greatest at playing mind games, falling for the most simplest of plots, isn't that right Tyrone? Your very own go to strategy used against you to perfection. This is why I am superior to you in every way, and why you will never get your hands on WZCW ever again! In fact, Xander LeBelle is going to finish the job at Gold Rush. I love to see you bleed Tyrone, and so you'll be facing off in a First Blood Match! Now what was it you said to me when you abducted me before Kingdom Come? Oh yes, nighty night motherfucker!

    Just as Tyrone lifts his head up, Xander swings the bat hard and it shatters across the head of Tyrone, knocking him out instantly as the wood pieces scatter all around him. He goes completely limp as Mr. Banks accompanies Stacey Madison out of the ring alongside Mark Keaton as Xander and Adonis stand tall over the decimated Hollow One. Suddenly a masked man runs from the crowd, decked out in Hollow One gear. He rushes Adonis and connects with the Bionic Elbow before either can even react. The masked man slides under the ropes and quickly exits into the crowd as security gives chase as the crowd cheers the attack on Adonis.

    Connor: I....I don't even know where to begin fans. Mr. Banks has just admitted to putting in motion a play to break up Tyrone's family. And it was our own Stacey Madison in on it the whole time!

    Cohen: Forget all of that Cat! We just had another fan rush the ring and attack Vis Imperium again!

    Connor: But our attention turns back to Tyrone Blades. He's been put in a first blood match at Gold Rush, but has been physically destroyed tonight. Will he even be able to make it to Gold Rush?

    As Xander helps Adonis to his feet, the camera zooms in on Tyrone's face one last time as we go to commercial.
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    In the office of the General Manager of Ascension, Becky Serra is joined by Kagura who is sitting across from her. The room is silent as Serra is writing a few notes on the computer before she turns her attention fully to the WZCW superstar.

    Serra: I appreciate you taking the time to meet with me.

    Kagura nods her head.

    Serra: I won’t keep you long. I thought it’d be important to inform you of your match for this Sunday at Gold Rush. Now that plans have been made official, as you are likely aware the King for a Day Match will be returning at the anniversary show. We’ve stated that three qualifiers will occur at Gold Rush and I’ve just got the paperwork to make them official.

    The General Manager pauses as she searches through a stack of paperwork.

    Serra: Here we go. Following your big win tonight over the number one contender it seemed only fitting that you should be part of the qualification process of King for a Day. By no means have you got an easy opponent however, you will face Vee ADZ since he lost the Elite Openweight contendership earlier tonight. Had he won you would have faced Batti, either of them would surely provide an exciting match for the fans.

    The live crowd can be heard cheering that announcement as they are pleased the with huge news.

    Serra: The other two King for a Day qualification matches will be Lynx versus the loser of tonight’s Gold Rush semi-final and furthermore, Gold Rush will host a gauntlet match between all the remaining superstars without a scheduled contest. Whoever wins the gauntlet match will enter King for a Day, just as the winners of Lynx versus the semi-final loser and yourself versus Vee ADZ will.

    Kagura is in deep thought of this announcement; she stands up and heads for the door, turning back and nodding once more to Becky Serra as she leaves the office.

    Serra: These things go so much quicker when they don’t talk back. Wonderful.

    The General Manager goes back to working on the computer.

    Connor: Wow, some huge news as Ascension nears the end. We have confirmation of the three King for a Day qualifiers taking place at Gold Rush. In case you missed it allow me to run through it once more; Kagura versus Vee ADZ, Lynx versus either Constantine or Yemrez Reqonic and finally, a gauntlet match involving every superstar not already booked in a match at Gold Rush.

    Cohen: That’s another three blockbuster matches to a card which is shaping up to be one of the best of this year. I cannot wait to see the return of King for a Day at the anniversary show. Plus, with six competitors in KFAD, you have to know that it will mean other superstars will have a chance to earn a spot in the chamber at some point between now and then!
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    Anderson: The following contest is a semi-final match in the Gold Rush Tournament, and is scheduled for one fall!


    As the arena dims and gold lights flicker throughout the arena, the crowd begins to stand and cheer. Soon the arena explodes in a rush of gold light, Constantine standing on top of the entrance stage with his chin dipped before lifting his head up and extending his arms out to a loud cheer from the crowd. He makes his way down the ramp with a focused look on his face before walking up the steel steps and entering the ring.

    Anderson: Introducing first from St Louis, Missouri, weighing 265 pounds, Constantine!

    Connor: Last night at Meltdown, we saw Eve Taylor defeat Lynx and move on to the finals of the Gold Rush Tournament. Constantine looks to do just the same tonight.

    Cohen: Constantine's gotta be dreaming if he thinks Banks will let him get even a fingernail on the WZCW World Heavyweight Title. His former stable Vis Imperium will make sure of that, if he even gets that far.


    The lights in the arena go out before an orchid light begins flickering throughout the arena before shining a spot light down as Yemrez Reqonic makes her way out. She runs down the ramp and slides into the ring, throwing her hood back and making a heart symbol as the crowd cheers for her.

    Anderson: And his opponent, from Tallinn, Estonia weighing 151 pounds, "Ms. Unorthodox" Yemrez Reqonic!

    Connor: Yemrez Reqonic has been the cinderella story of the Gold Rush Tournament thus far, last week she delivered a huge upset over Xander LeBelle, but now faces one of WZCW's best tonight.

    Cohen: She got lucky last week Cat, and she's going to realize stepping up against Constantine is a whole different animal.

    Referee Jun Akiyama signals for the bell as Constantine and Yemrez circle around each other in the center of the ring. They lock up with Constantine immediately using his strength and size advantage, pushing Yemrez back into the corner. Akiyama calls for the break which Constantine does but Yemrez suddenly springs off the ropes and around Constantine, quickly rolling him up! 1............2...Constantine kicks out of the surprise pin attempt! Constantine is back to his feet quickly as Yemrez rushes to and bounces off the ropes, delivering a stiff forearm shot to Constantine. He takes a step back as Yemrez bounces off the ropes again, this time Constantine going for a clothesline but Yemrez rolls under and through to the otherside. She goes for a running cross body block but Constantine catches her and delivers a sidewalk slam. Constantine does not go for the cover, pulling Yemrez back to her feet before whipping her across into the corner. He charges and delivers a clothesline, forcing Yemrez to drop to the mat and roll out of the ring.

    Connor: Yemrez tried to catch Constantine off guard with the roll up, but the veteran was able to get out of it and now looks to keep the speedier Yemrez grounded.

    Cohen: Constantine has seen just about every type of style in WZCW. While she claims to be unorthodox, I assure you it's nothing new to her opponent.

    Constantine follows Yemrez to the outside, taking his time as he lifts her up and delivers a stiff right hand, knocking her back into the barricade. He lifts her up to drop her face first onto the barricade but Yemrez slides off away from him. She quickly hops over the steel steps before turning around. She runs and springs off the steps and delivers double knees to the chest of Constantine! Akiyama has started the countout, already up to three as Yemrez is all fired up. She slowly pulls Constantine to his feet and sends him back into the ring. She slides back into the ring and runs towards the opposite ropes and rebounds off. As Constantine gets up to one knee, she delivers a double palm thrust right to the face, knocking Constantine backwards. She quickly goes for the cover, 1.........2.....Constantine kicks out! Yemrez doesn't waste any motion, quickly dragging Constantine back up and goes to whip into the corner but Constantine reverses. He rushes towards her but Yemrez moves out of the way and Constantine eats turnbuckle. As he turns around, Yemrez suddenly handsprings across and delivers an elbow to the side of the head!

    Connor: A furious offensive flurry from Yemrez has put Constantine on skates in the ring. She's attacking from every angle possible.

    Cohen: I'll give credit where it's due Cat, she's certainly proving me wrong tonight. But Constantine is just weathering the storm right now. He's been in too many wars to go down this quickly.

    Yemrez spins back around and runs at Constantine. He gets his hands up and pushes her up into the air but she locks her legs around his neck before leaning down and sending both to the mat. She tightens the figure four headlock, and tries to go for the push up facebuster, but Constantine shows his tremendous strength by slowly standing up and holding onto Yemrez. He steadies himself as Yemrez tries to drop punches down onto his head, but Constantine falls back quickly, causing Yemrez's head to bounce off the mat and releasing the hold. Both competitors stay down on the mat as Akiyama checks on both, the crowd cheering for their respective favorite. Constantine rolls over onto his stomach, shaking the cobwebs out from the onslaught before slowly pushing himself up. Yemrez meanwhile begins to get to her feet as well. The two meet in the center and Yemrez goes for a head kick, but Constantine catches her and pulls her up before delivering Isolation, a brutal fallaway slam! Yemrez bounces off the mat and under the bottom rope, lying on the ring apron as Constantine gets back to his feet. He climbs through the ropes onto the ring apron, pulling Yemrez up and wrapping his arm around her head. He suddenly drops down, delivering a DDT onto the ring apron! The crowd goes to a quiet whisper at the devastating move. Akiyama warns Constantine to get it back in the ring, but the ring general waves him off as Yemrez lies prone on the ground below. Constantine lifts her up and drives her back first into the side of the ring before delivering repeated punches. Yemrez tries to cover up as best she can, but Constantine doesn't let up, grabbing her arm and whipping her hard into the steel steps, sending the top part flying with Yemrez bouncing the opposite way. Constantine grabs her, throwing her into the ring where he goes for the cover, 1...........2.........Yemrez kicks out! Constantine looks stunned as he holds up three fingers to Akiyama, who confirms it was just a two.

    Connor: Even Constantine is showing us something different here tonight. That ring apron DDT looked like it should have been enough to move on to the Gold Rush Finals, but Yemrez is still in this match.

    Cohen: But for how long Cat? She's now on the receiving end of an absolute beating.

    Constantine pulls Yemrez up, lifting her up and setting her on the top turnbuckle. He climbs up to the second rope, setting up for a superplex but Yemrez hits with open palm strikes to his side. She suddenly drops down and slides under Constantine before grabbing his legs and throwing them up, causing Constantine to go chest first into the turnbuckle. With Constantine prone, Yemrez backs into the corner, putting Constantine on her shoulders with an assist from the ropes. The crowd buzzes as she lets out a yell before delivering a rolling fireman's carry! As she rolls through she moonsaults back on top, delivering Eerie Blitz! She immediately hooks the leg, 1...........2..........3 NO! Constantine gets his leg on the bottom rope at the last second to break the count. Yemrez gets up, thinking she has won and holds her arm up in celebration but Akiyama quickly explains the foot on the rope. A dejected look forms on her face as she collapses in the corner, fatigue starting to set in for the upstart rookie. Constantine meanwhile begins to pull himself back up in the corner. Yemrez quickly charges forward, going for the double knees again, but Constantine catches her. He wraps his arm around her head and suddenly lifts her up for a vertical suplex! He holds her in place for a few moments before dropping her down hard onto the mat. Constantine stares down at Yemrez before getting up, motioning for The Axis! As Yemrez slowly gets to her feet, Constantine grabs her and lifts her up but Yemrez is able to slide off again, delivering a kick to the gut and delivering a corkscrew neckbreaker! She gets to her knees, her breathing heavy as she looks at Constantine and then at the top rope. She motions towards it and the crowd cheers loudly. She gets to her feet and climbs up slowly, perching on the top turnbuckle as Constantine slowly gets to his feet. As he turns around Yemrez comes flying off, corkscrewing in air looking for the Upshot! But Constantine moves and catches her and in one fluid motion delivers Collateral Damage! Yemrez smashes into mat from sudden change in torque and motion as Constantine hooks the leg, 1..............2..............3!

    Anderson: Here is your winner, and advancing to the final of the Gold Rush Tournament, Constantine!

    Connor: Constantine was able to catch the Upshot attempt by Yemrez and counter it into Collateral Damage for the victory tonight!

    Cohen: You could tell Constantine had that scouted heavily and knew exactly how to turn it to his advantage.

    Constantine sits up for a moment before getting to his feet as Akiyama raises his hand in victory. Yemrez rolls slowly out of the ring, a look of disappointment on her fatigued face. Constantine extends his arms out as the crowd mostly cheers for the veteran.


    Eve Taylor makes her way out to a chorus of cheers from the crowd as Constantine looks towards her from the ring. She makes her way down the ramp and enters the ring, the two finalists going face to face with one another.

    Connor: What a match up we will have in the Gold Rush Final Jack! Eve and Constantine have battled before in tremendous match ups, but the stakes couldn't be any higher!

    Cohen: You got that right Cat. And there's been no love lost between these two either.

    Eve and Constantine talk back and forth as the crowd buzzes loudly around the two. Constantine nods his head towards Eve before extending his hand out to her. Eve looks down at the handshake offer then back to Constantine, a disgusted look on her face as she slaps his hand away. She turns and exits the ring, walking backwards up the ramp as she points and yells at Constantine.

    Connor: Constantine may be trying to become a changed man, but that certainly hasn't proven anything to Eve Taylor.

    Cohen: Can you blame her though Cat? Constantine has to atone for a lot of sins if he wants to prove that he has.

    Connor: In any case the Gold Rush Final has been set. Eve Taylor will take on Constantine in a huge match!

    The camera zooms out, showing Eve and Constantine staring each other down as we go to commercial.
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    Returning from the final commercial of the night we see that the ring has been modified. The canvas is replaced with carpet and inside the ring we find two black stools, one occupied by veteran interviewer Leon Kensworth. The crowd gives him a warm reception as he is shown on the big screen and Leon steps off the stool, walking forward and raising the microphone to his lips.

    Kensworth: Ladies and gentlemen, would you please welcome the number one contender to the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship – Flex Mussel!


    It’s a strange reaction from the audience as Flex steps through the curtain and onto the stage. Wearing a finely fitting suit and a clean pair of dark brown shoes, Flex makes his way down to the ring amidst boos and cheers. He barely shares a glance with the audience as he climbs up the steps, wiping his feet on the apron of the ring, before slipping under the top rope and entering the ring.

    Connor: He looks very confident, Jack. What do you think? Is this the man who will defeat Justin Cooper and wrestle the World Championship out of the clutches of Vis Imperium? Personally, I believe that Flex Mussel is in the best position possible. He made a mistake early in this title hunt. He fell for the trap set by Vis Imperium but since that day he has never been fooled by Cooper and company ever again. He has had control and I think that Flex is the biggest threat Cooper has ever faced. He wants the World Championship more than anything. He has beaten legends, ended careers and it was all in the name of getting to this point. I don’t think Cooper can stop him.

    Cohen: Absolutely ridiculous. You underestimate the finest athlete in the entire world with statements like that. Justin Cooper is not in the main event, he is the main event! The last three pay-per-view events have all ended the exact same way. Millions of people purchase them around the world yet since October of last year they have all had the same ending: Justin Cooper standing tall as we fade to black. Nobody has been able to take him down and this Sunday, no matter how hard Flex tries, I cannot see him overcoming the power of Vis Imperium.

    Inside the ring, Flex and Leon exchange a nod as Flex takes a seat on the empty stool. The music is cut off and the reaction of the crowd grows louder. Boos and cheers, mixed amongst each other, are shared by the audience towards the number one contender. He doesn’t look bothered, scratching his chin and showing only a smirk as he adjusts his suit a little.

    Kensworth: First off, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to be part of this interview so close to Gold Rush. I know how chaotic these things can get and especially since you are in the main event and for the first time competing for the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship. Once again, thank you.

    Mussel: It seems only fitting that since Cooper runs his mouth all day long across every platform available that I should get some airtime. Try as he might this isn’t about him. He isn’t the focus of Gold Rush. This is about me. It’s my journey to the World Championship. The work I put in, what I have accomplished, who I have beaten, I didn’t do all that to play second fiddle to a guy writing cheques his ass can’t cash. Justin Cooper is just the guy holding a belt, he isn’t a World Champion and he isn’t an elite competitor but I am. Cooper is nothing more than a pretender. This Sunday, the most forgettable reign in WZCW history comes to an end and it ends when I hit the Mussel Bomb in the middle of the ring.

    The crowd gives that a cheer and Flex even breaks out a smirk.

    Mussel: I don’t care if I have to Mussel Bomb him, Keaton, Adonis, LeBelle or even Mr. Banks, hell I’d do ‘em all at the same freaking time if I have to. When I hit the Mussel Bomb people stay down. You don't get up from the Mussel Bomb. Ask Tastic, Taylor, Daggershield, McKay or even Vance Bateman. I will walk out of Gold Rush as WZCW World Heavyweight Champion and there is nothing anybody can do to stop that.

    Kensworth: You mentioned that you’ve worked hard to get to this point. What does it mean to you to be only a few days away from wrestling for a World Championship?

    Mussel: This is what everyone in the back is working for and ultimately only a handful can achieve it. Few get to compete for the title and even less get to actually hold the gold with the confetti falling. I want… no, I need to fell that. I have given everything to get to this point. These fans are split, you can hear them cheering and booing right now because I’m the lesser of two evils in this match. I’m not the hero they want. They wanted Eve Taylor or Matt Tastic but I beat them both. I exposed the sham that was Matt Tastic at Kingdom Come when I defeated him with ease. I exposed Eve Taylor for being the tits and ass of Cerberus just like I said she was.

    Now the crowd boos very loudly for the diss towards the fan favourites. It gets so loud Flex can barely be heard as he continues.

    Mussel: She was supposedly the leader of Cerberus but here I am sitting with you days before my World Title match. I’m the one who climbed out of the ashes of Cerberus and has ascended to heights unmatched by either of the other two. I stand alone at the apex of that faction and when I win the World Championship this Sunday, my legacy will be complete and the history of Cerberus will tell the story not of the group as a whole but of my rise to absolute wrestling immorality. My legacy is one Mussel Bomb, that's all it takes, from being set.

    Kensworth: It’s been discussed on several platforms throughout WZCW however I’ve got to ask the question. It’s what everyone is thinking about. How are you going to overcome Vis Imperium?

    The mention of the stable draws heat from the crowd as Flex leans forward a bit towards Leon.

    Mussel: Let them come. Let the whole group rush the ring and see what happens. I’m not worried about a bunch of second and third rate talents when I’m so far and away better than all of them. They beat me up once. One time, when I wasn’t ready and since that they haven’t been able to touch me. That’s not luck, Leon. That’s me dominating them. Four versus one and somehow I find myself in a better situation than them. Here I am tonight, out in the open, talking to you and do I look afraid?

    Kensworth: No, not at all.

    Mussel: If I cared about Vis Imperium you’d think I’d be worried about being out here. Most people wouldn’t risk it for fear of attack but here I am! If they want to fight they know where to find me. Vis Imperium has their own problems brewing, Leon. They have pissed off Tyrone Blades and LeBelle has drawn his attention. Tastic, even a broken down version as he is today, has Keaton’s attention. That leaves only one. That means that this Sunday, Cooper may not have the help he expects to have. He will be standing in this ring with me and nobody left to drag him out of the fire. He calls himself the greatest but everyone else knows his nickname is the Pretender and I'll prove it this Sunday.


    The crowd turn their attention to the stage as the man in question, WZCW World Heavyweight Champion and leader of Vis Imperium – Justin Cooper emerges with a grin on his face. He is dressed in a white suit, his famous flare added by a single rainbow streak on his black dress shoes. Cooper is received with only boos, shouts and curses from the audience. Inside the ring, Flex stands up off his chair and focuses on his opponent for Sunday.

    Cooper: Please, take a seat. Don’t allow little ole me to interrupt what I’m sure is a fabulous piece of wrestling commentary. A little advice if I could, Flex. Try not to sound as dull as you appear because I was sitting in the back near falling asleep. Between you and these sheep who can’t see to make up their mind as if they want to cheer or boo you, it truly is like I’m surrounded by complete and utter idiots!

    Mussel: I can’t seem to hear you from all the way up there, Cooper. How about you come down to this ring and we can have a talk? I’ve even saved you a seat.

    Flex grabs the chair he was sitting on and moves it in front of him and waves Cooper down to the ring.

    Cooper: How kind of you. I think not. Well, at least not right now. No, I have a few things I’d like to say and considering this is the last time we will see each other before Sunday night, I’ll do just that. You’ve fallen into the same trap that everyone else always does and quite frankly it’s starting to piss me off.

    Slowly, the World Champion beings pacing up on the ramp with the title belt firmly strapped around his waist.

    Cooper: They all doubt me. No matter who I beat or how easily I do it. For all the so called legends you have defeated I’ve taken out twice as many. It was I who drove Ty from this company! It was I who defeated 28 men and women in Lethal Lottery and ripped this title from the hands of the chosen one, Mikey Stormrage. I retired Garth. I did it all by myself. I slayed the White Knight! I took Vis Imperium right out from under John as he was left bleeding on a table backstage. I have done so much! So damn much and yet I am continually shunned for lesser talents.

    Mussel: And let me guess, you think I’m a lesser talent?

    Sharply, Cooper turns and faces the ring. He runs his fingers through his hair and then softly against the title belt.

    Cooper: Just the opposite. You are a fantastic talent, Flex. One of the best and against anyone else you should be favoured. However, you’re not the best. I am! I hear whispers of people calling me the Pretender. Don't think I am so stupid to be ignorant to the cries of the vermin that crowd the backstage halls of this federation. Ungrateful, the lot of 'em! I have carried this company on my back and out of the shadows cast by Mikey and Garth. Under them this business was on its knees and now, fresh faces, new matches, a thriving company and it’s all because of me. You, the boys and girls in the back and this fans should be on your knees and thanking me! That’s what I don’t get. You are all so ignorant, you hate me but you take all the benefits of having me at the top without saying thanks. You and all the rest love the big shows, the extra media, the extra money… it’s all because of me! I have saved this company from mediocrity!

    Mussel: Last time I checked you ran away from this business for two years and during that period is when this company needed help. You were nowhere to be found. While I was being part of the first ever Tag Team Championship main event, you were sitting at home crying about your lost opportunities and failed career. Don’t think for a second that you have given to this company more than you have taken, Cooper. You are a leach and you have sucked this and Mr. Banks for everything you can!

    Suddenly, Cooper begins rushing down to the ring and the crowd erupts. Flex shoves the chairs and they go flying out of the ring, as does Leon who slides under the bottom rope. Halfway down the ramp Cooper stops and raises a wagging finger.

    Cooper: Gotcha! You’re so predictable, Flex. Always wanting to fight with fists instead of words. That’s the funny thing about this whole situation. You’re stronger than me. You’re faster than me. You’re the fittest man on earth, Flex. I will surrender that.

    Mussel: Like you had a choice. What’s your point?

    The camera shows Cooper, his face now breaking into a sly smile as he takes a few steps towards the ring. He reaches up and climbs onto the apron of the ring, Flex standing a few feet away from him and ready for a fight. Flex rips off his suit jacket and tosses it to the ground, his shirt comes off next and he yells for Cooper to step up.

    Cooper: My point is that you are all of those things for certain. At the end of the day, it means nothing if you’re not smarter than me. You mentioned over and over again today and in the past few weeks since our match was announced that it would only take one Mussel Bomb for you to defeat me. Am I getting that correct?

    Mussel: Just one. Ask Bateman or McKay how it feels if you doubt it.

    Cooper: Oh, I did just that. I went and saw Vance yesterday and so did Mr. Banks. To say what I saw was terrible would be an understatement. The man is hurt, badly. I dare say he may never walk again and it’s all because of you, and more importantly that finisher of yours. The Mussel Bomb is dangerous, it’s vile and it is barbaric! That opinion was also held by Mr. Banks and earlier this morning he sat down with the WZCW Board of Directors.

    Flex begins to look worried as he lowers his guard. On the apron, Cooper is trying his hardest not to laugh as he continues. His smile from ear to ear.

    Cooper: The same group who nullified my Hall of Fame induction has finally proven their worth because it is my pleasure to inform not only the WZCW fans but also you, Flex, that our match at Gold Rush now has a stipulation! Allow me to read from the official announcement, “Due to the serious threat and danger to the opponent, WZCW cannot allow the use of the Mussel Bomb until further evaluation can be conducted as to whether or not the move violates the heath and safety parameters established by WZCW insurance.”

    Huge boos from the audience as Cooper nearly falls off the apron from laughing. Flex is left stunned inside the ring as he starts to comprehend what that means for the biggest match of his career.

    Cooper: In case you’re a little slow I’ll put it simply, if you are caught by the referee using the Mussel Bomb during our match on Sunday than not only will you lose the contest but you will be fired!

    Slowly, Flex reaches down and picks up a microphone from the canvas. He doesn’t look at up Cooper, keeping his eyes on the microphone as this bombshell is still being discussed by fans around the arena.

    Mussel: You may have taken away my biggest weapon but don't think for a second I've waited this long for a chance at the World Championship and only had one way to win. Your cowardice won't save you now, Cooper. You are the Pretender and the time for your games is at an end. Your title reign is as good as dead come Sunday night!

    With a burst of quickness, Flex rushes Cooper and swings a violent right hand which misses by an inch. Cooper falls to the ground and lands on his backside before scurrying away up the ramp with the World Championship tightly in his grasp. Flex leans over the ropes and begins shouting towards Cooper as the fans give him their support. Far from the hero they want but he is the challenger they have.

    Connor: Huge breaking news here tonight. The Mussel Bomb has been banned for this Sunday’s World Title match between Justin Cooper and Flex Mussel. The man in tight with the owner of WZCW has worked his magic yet again to get the biggest weapon, and threat, to his title reign banned. It’s sickening to see how the rules are being changed for Cooper, Jack!

    Cohen: Did you not see the injuries Vance Bateman sustained last week? Will McKay's career has been ended due to the Mussel Bomb. It’s completely justified to have the move banned and one I think is long overdue. If this action would have been taken months ago we could still see some of these legends that Flex has injured. Don’t forget that if Flex uses the move he not only automatically loses the match but his contract will be terminated. That’s huge, CC.

    Connor: With just days before their epic clash in the main event of Gold Rush, the tables have been turned and the pieces set to favour Justin Cooper. Flex Mussel will be without his biggest weapon and now he must face Justin Cooper with a new game plan. He has less than a week to prepare for the biggest match of his life and must do so without the Mussel Bomb. What will happen when these two collide? Tune in on Sunday to find out. I’m Cat Connor, thank you for being with us and see you at Gold Rush!

    The final image is of Flex Mussel standing inside the ring looking up the ramp as Justin Cooper who holds the title belt high in the air. The fans all standing as the show comes to a close.
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    Mayhem Title: Tyrone Blades versus Obi versus Will McKay versus Gabi Clark - Prophet
    Elite Number One Contendership: Batti versus Vee ADZ - Callie Clark special referee (will need to RP) - Jeff
    Gold Rush Semi: Constantine versus Yemrez - Ty
    Flex Mussel versus Kagura - KJ
    Vis Imperium (Keaton & LeBelle) versus Manicni and Wren - Falkon [GUEST WRITER]

    Thanks to the guest writers this round and Jeff for saving our butts. Lots of love to Lee so he feels better. :)

    Gold Rush 2017
    *Card subject to change*

    Confirmed matches:

    WZCW World Heavyweight Championship
    If Flex is caught using the Mussel Bomb he will lose the match and be fired
    Justin Cooper (c) versus Flex Mussel

    Eurasian Championship
    Best 2/3 Falls
    Titus Avison (c) versus Wren

    Elite Openweight Championship
    Callie Clark (c) versus Batti

    Mayhem Championship
    Obi Okafor (c) versus Randy Studd

    First Blood Match
    Tyrone Blades versus Xander LeBelle

    Matt Tastic versus Mark Keaton

    Tournament Final
    Constantine versus Eve Taylor

    KFAD Qualifier #1
    Kagura versus Vee ADZ

    KFAD Qualifier #2
    Yemrez Reqonic vs. Lynx

    KFAD Qualifier #3
    Gauntlet Match
    Tony Mancini
    Logan McAllister
    War Zone
    And anyone else deemed eligible by WZCW management.
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