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    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *

    As the opening videos come to a close, the arena is shown to be covered in pink confetti and beach balls everywhere. A large cake is in the middle of the ring, balloons tied to the ropes and the ring has been decorated with glitz and glamour. At the announce desk, Jack Cohen is shaking his head furiously, while Cat Connor slightly chuckles.

    Connor: We are live once again from the Philips Arena here in Atlanta, Georgia. Ascension, the hottest wrestling show in the world, is back again and what a night we have in store coming off an explosive Meltdown. We have a major announcement with the Hall of Fame induction and later tonight we will see the Elite Openweight Championship defended. As always, I’m joined by Jack Cohen.

    Cohen: Look at that junk in the ring, CC! I thought we had already got through this stupid celebration stuff? I keep telling you that Batti is not the type of champion we want around here.

    Connor: My partner, of course, alluding to the festivities inside the arena which we are told belong to Batti, the reigning Elite Openweight Champion. She had her celebration for winning the title ruined last week by Titus Avison so I believe she is trying again this week.

    Cohen: What a joke.


    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, would you please welcome the WZCW Elite Openweight Champion – BATTI!

    Sprinting out of the tunnel and onto the stage, Batti receives a huge ovation from the crowd and jumps up and down. Her championship around her waist, and a huge smile on her face as she high fives fans on the way down to the ring. She gets into the ring, and grabs a microphone, but her eyes turn towards the cake and she checks that it is all in one piece. A sigh of relief from Batti, then she turns to the crowd.

    Batti: Are you all having fun?

    Big cheer from the crowd as Batti nods her head in support.

    Batti: Good. Good. Now, last week that bully Titus Avison…

    Boo! The crowd curse his name and Batti smiles, flicking her hair back.

    Batti: Yes, that super mean bully Titus stole our cake so I couldn’t share it with any of you. Then, he smashed it into my face! I had sprinkles up my nose, guys! But that was last week and my friend, Tyrone and I we beat Titus and Cooper. We did made him sorry for ruining our celebration so this week we’re going to redo it! Okay?

    Another cheer from the crowd.

    Batti: Great! Now, I got balloons, some glitter, beach balls of course, a big cake and lots and lots of confetti! I thought after we have some cake we could play a game. Does that sound fun?

    The fans cheer and Batti skips around the ring in excitement.

    Batti: Wonderful. I just want to say thank you all for supporting me. When I first started wrestling here I didn’t know if you’d like me but after I beat Xander, I got so many messages from you guys! I couldn’t have done it without your support.

    Batti runs over and kicks a beach ball into the crowd and they begin bouncing it around. Her smile is from ear to ear but soon fades when...


    Stepping out onto the stage is not just the challenger for Batti’s title later tonight, but also her sister Gabi Clark. Callie Clark has a microphone in hand, dressed as Wonder Woman, the same as her sister, and she steps forward with a sneer on her face.

    Callie: What a waste of time. You’re celebrating having a title that in about two hours you’re not going to have any more, you stupid brat. Can you understand that? That title is mine!

    Batti: Nuh uh!

    Callie: You think you can beat me? Listen up, my sister and I are the hottest act on social media this side of Kim K! Everybody follows us and hashtag you look like a duck, an ugly one at that.

    The sisters laugh and Callie continues walking back and forth as the fans boo her.

    Callie: Boo me now but you’ll all be stalking my twitter feed because you’re pathetic and worthless. A bunch of nobodies. If not for people like me you’d never know what it is like to have a life! You should be on your knees thanking me for providing some light into that basement in your mother’s house!

    Batti: Don’t you talk to them like that!

    Callie: Or what? You going to do something, huh? Shut up, eat your cake and hand over the title belt to save us time. This farce is almost over, Batti. You’ve pretended to be a champion for long enough but a champion is me! I am what the title needs. Somebody who can take the best photo with it, pick the right filter and believe me, that championship would look good on me. You’re so ugly it makes the title look gross.

    Gabi: Super gross on her.

    Inside the ring, Batti takes off the title and puts it down. She points towards the Clarks and yells.

    Batti: I’ll fight you both, right now! Come on! Picking on my friends, calling me ugly, you are bullies and I’m not afraid to fight you now. If you’re so tough why don’t you come down here and say it?

    Callie: Oh, we touched a nerve. Well, I would come down to the ring but you see I was already there earlier. In fact I was there when they put ‘it’ in place.

    Gabi begins to laugh and tries to hide it. Suddenly, a wave of red ooze falls from the ceiling of the arm and splatters all over the ring and Batti. It completely ruins everything inside the ring and Batti is soaked through with the ooze staining her skin. She falls over and begins slipping inside the ring as she tries to stand up. The fans booing loudly, Callie Clark nearly having a fit while laughing so hard and having to be held up by her sister.

    Callie: Now, that is a snapchat moment! Clean that belt up for me, Batti. I would hate to get that gunk on me later.

    Callie continues to laugh as Batti steadies herself to her knees inside the ring. Her hair ruined by the red ooze, her face cover and even her title belt is covered in the substance. Batti is shaking she is so mad, turning to the entrance ramp and burning a whole through the Clarks with her eyes.

    Connor: That is downright disgusting what they just did to Batti. The poor girl just wanted to share a moment with the WZCW fans and for the second week in a row it was ruined.

    Cohen: You ever seen the movie Carrie? It appears the Clark Sisters have and they pulled off one hell of a move tonight. Batti might be so angry that she makes a mistake in the title match. A genius move by Callie.

    Connor: This had nothing to do with strategy. This was Callie Clark being a mean girl. This was classic bullying of the highest order just for the sake of it. Callie Clark had no right to do this to Batti.

    Cohen: You’re too sensitive, CC!

    The final shot of the first segment shows Batti standing up, gingerly, holding the Elite Openweight Championship covered in red gunk and soaked through. A few small tears swelling in her eyes as she looks towards Callie Clark, who has an evil grin on her face. Clark motions that the title is coming to her but Batti raises it high in the air to a cheer from the crowd.
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    Anderson: The following 5 Way contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Cohen: That's a lot of people.


    Anderson: Introducing first, residing in Venice, Italy weighing 240 pounds, The Ladies Man Randy Studd!

    Connor: Randy Studd debuted a few weeks ago, but did not have the best showing. He looks to turn that around this time.

    Cohen: Yeah,but....... wait, where is he?

    The music plays but no one arrives. Everyone looks on confused as the music stops and there's an awkward pause in the arena.


    Anderson: OK then. Introducing first from New Angola, Africa, weighing in at 250 pounds, King Obi Okafor!

    A couple of rose bearers step out onto the stage as Obi Okafor appears on the stage. They place roses by the ramp as he walks by. He enters the ring and poses.

    Cohen: I don't know what happened to Randy Studd but he could be defeating royalty right about now.

    Connor: Where ever he is aside, Okafor isn't just royalty, he's also a very gifted young athlete.


    Anderson: Next, from Dublin, Ireland, weighing 225 lbs, Vox!!

    Vox makes his way down the ring to boo's, he seems rushed for some reason as he enters the ring, for some reason cowering behind the ref.

    Connor: Something's got Vox in a bunch.

    Cohen: Something's always got Vox in a bunch. The issue is.... Hang on.

    Before the next participant can make his way out, we cut to the locker room area as Randy Studd slams through a door.

    Studd: He threw away my creatine and then wrote I'm a pig on the container!! Then he threw away my beef jerky! My beef jerky!! How's this beefy jerk supposed to stay beefy without any protein?! How can a Studd show his stuff to the ladies if there is no stuff!? And I'm late for my match!

    Studd begins to pace rapidly to the ring shoving people aside that aren't even in his way. He grabs someone who's eating beef jerky. Its Bandit. Studd stares at him dead serious as he takes a bite out of the jerky.

    That was very impolite, sir.

    Studd then throws Bandit, hitting a random jukebox as he begins to run now. As he does, and reaches the Gorilla position, he bumps off Logan from the stairs to the stage and Logan pratfalls through a table.


    Studd runs to the ring right after Vox but as he enters, he's hit with an Okafor Leg Lariat. The referee decides to have the bell rung there given the circumstances.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    Connor:: Well, I guess this is a 3 Way match now.

    Cohen: And you said Randy was late.

    Okafor mounts the offense and whips Studd across the ring who is hit by an Enzuigiri from Vox standing on the apron. Both men whip him again and hit a Double Back Body Drop. As soon as his back hits the canvas, Vox and Okafor trade shots. Okafor takes control and hits a Swinging Neckbreaker and makes the cover 1......... 2.......-But Vox pulls him off and throws him against the ropes, hitting him with a forearm off the rebound and knocking him down. He grabs a kneeling Studd by the waist and tries a German Suplex. But realizes a slight problem. He's a bit too big. Studd stares daggers at him and turns to attack but he's cut off by Okafor grabbing him and applying a Cravate. Hitting a series of knee strikes on him, then planting him with a DDT.

    Cohen: The Studd Muffin is in trouble!

    Connor: Please stop calling him that.

    He goes for a cover but as he does Vox comes in from the top rope and hits a Double Foot Stomp onto Okafor's back, sandwiching the two men. Vox seizes the opportunity and grabs Studd, trying the World Pieces but Studd is too large, his thicc legs making it dificult for Vox. So he drops him and goes for Okafor instead, attempting the same move, but Okafor fights out of it and hits a Reverse Backbreaker and covers again. 1……… 2……..-But Vox kicks out. Okafor doesn't let up though and grabs the legs, applying a Texas Cloverleaf. He cranks the legs, stretching Okafor who tries to get to the ropes, clinging to not give up. He's able to reach them but the referee tells him there's no ropebreak.

    Connor: Multi-man rules. If there's more than two competitors, countouts and disqualifications go out the window with no real way to enforce them.

    Cohen: He may be a king but he's no Solomon.

    Okafor doesn't give up though and pulls himself up using the ropes, making Vox release the hold. He charges, but Okafor low-bridges him, sending him outside. But right after, Randy Studd grabs him in a Full Nelson, dragging him with the hold. Okafor tries to fight out of it but can't compete with the beef holding him down. He seems to be slipping unconscious when appears behind both men and waistlocks Studd. He tries to German him, as he holds Okafor in a Full Nelson but to no avail. Studd just looks at him and laughs. He puts Okafor down and breaks the grip before grabbing Okafor again and throwing him with a Fallaway Slam that flips him and hits Vox with a Crossbody on accident. Studd then poses for the ladies, showing his great beef. He grabs Okafor and twists his neck around, posing for the ladies again to hit Hey Ladies. He then grabs Vox and applies the Studd Muffler, making Vox tap out.

    Anderson: Here is your winner, Randy Studd!!

    Connor: That's a scary, creepy man. He just steamrolled through two guys, then beat two more. All while swivelling his hips uncomfortably.

    Cohen: I don't judge on personality. I judge on talent. He has talent and he will challenge the WZCW Mayhem Champion, Tyrone Blades at Gold Rush for the title!

    Studd poses in the corner showing off as the scene fades.
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    Stacey Madison is sitting down in a chair inside a curtained-off room, looking directly into the camera with her classic stern facial expressions.

    Madison: Ladies and gentlemen, I am here conducting an exclusive interview with one of the competitors who has advanced into the second round of the Gold Rush tournament, and will be looking for victory to progress to the third round... Eve Taylor.

    The camera switches view to Eve Taylor, who is wearing her ring gear. She nods her head with a small smile.

    Taylor: Thank you for having me, and before we start, I don't believe "looking for victory" would be the correct phrase to describe my focus with my match tonight.

    Madison: Indeed, that sounds a little too generous, doesn't it? Maybe I should have used "hoping for victory" instead, considering your recent track record.

    Eve laughs with disbelief.

    Taylor: You're going straight to the whole choke artist depiction. No pleasantries with you.

    Madison: Every time an opportunity has presented itself for you to become the number one contender, you've made bold proclamations on multiple occasions that you will be the first-ever female World champion in history.

    Taylor: And that is still my intention-

    Madison: You've squandered every single opportunity so far. The time for pleasantries are over, Eve. You can't rely on giving people your word that you will become World champion. You need to take action, and with your opponent tonight being the multi-time World champion, Hall of Fame legend, and most importantly, a former Gold Rush tournament winner, how can anyone believe in you to win this tournament? Let alone win the World title. What do you have to say?

    Eve Taylor pauses for a moment.

    Taylor: Well, what can I say, really? As you said, my word means nothing any more. My words are becoming hollow, and people are beginning to believe that maybe, I don't have what it takes to be the World champion. Until I do something about it, there will always be doubt in the back of people's minds about whether or not Eve Taylor can convert on her promises. I need to follow through with everything I say; otherwise, my chances of competing in the World championship division are over. Would you say that is a fair assumption, Stacey?

    Madison: I would say yes.

    Taylor: Then why am I here in this chair speaking to you in an interview?

    Stacey can't answer.

    Taylor: If my words mean nothing, then why am I being interviewed? What purpose does it serve for me to continue telling everyone I'm the best if there is no belief in me?

    Eve leans closer towards Stacey, looking her dead in the eye.

    Taylor: You see what I'm wearing? I'm wearing nothing but my ring gear. I showed up to this exclusive interview with you in my damned ring gear. I'm the kind of person to show up to an interview, or a press conference, or anything official in ONLY fashionable, professional attire. What I am wearing right now is not what I describe. And do you know why that is? You know what is different about this interview? I'll tell you with whatever credibility my word has left: I want to show everybody that I am dead serious about the World championship being around my waist. I'm not screwing around this time with my words. I'm going to go out there, do my absolute best in that very ring, and I will not quit until I have won the World title. It does not matter who stands in my way. It does not matter the odds against me. And it certainly does not matter how rigged this system is with Banks and Vis Imperium at the helm. I'm going to wrestle my heart out, and I'm going to restore some faith in the people.

    Madison: Even still, you have to go through Matt Tastic, who could very well be the pick of the entire tournament.

    Eve stands up.

    Taylor: No disrespect to Matt Tastic, but I do not care if he knows what it takes to win this tournament; I do not care if Matt Tastic knows the sacrifices one must make to find themselves as the World champion. I'm not leaving this arena tonight until I beat him, and there is nothing on his resume that will shake my resolve.

    Eve Taylor exits, leaving Stacey Madison in the room by herself.
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    Elsewhere, in a bathroom of the arena, we find Tony Mancini splashing water onto his face. He looks a little nervous as he stares into the large mirror on the wall. Quickly he ducks his head back down and splashes more water on his face and stares up at his reflection again.

    Mancini: You can do it. You’ve come this far and he’s just like you. He’s a man. He bleeds. He eats. He sleeps. He makes mistakes. He can lose. Tonight is that night.

    The sound of the tap running is heard as Tony closes his eyes.

    Mancini: I can do it. I can do it. I CAN DO IT!

    He opens his eyes, turns off the tap and bounces up and down on his feet, shaking his head and pump his fists in the air.

    Mancini: Tonight I will advance into the final four! Yes, I will! Do you hear that, world? My name is Tony Mancini and I will defeat Constantine, I will advance into the final four of the Gold Rush tournament and I will become WZCW World Heavyweight Champion!

    A calmness washes over Tony as he looks back in the mirror. A smile now on his face.

    Mancini: No matter what I will give my best. That is all I can do.

    From around the corner appears Vox holding a tin.

    Vox: Good sir! How be your day? Spare a dollar for the children?

    Mancini: Um, I don’t have a wallet on me.

    Vox: Ah, next time it is! The fund has raised over $7,000 for the relief fund of the Ohio super storm known as Cyclone LeBronToTheLakers, and I will continue the good fight. Onwards and upwards as they say, enjoy your time yelling at the mirror and speaking to your invisible friend.

    Without another word, Vox leaves and can be heard shouting down the hall.

    Vox: Donations! Give what you can for the children of Ohio have burnt their clothes!

    Back in the bathroom, Tony turns back to the mirror and looks much calmer than he did originally.

    Connor: Well, that was interesting. A bit of nerves getting to Tony Mancini ahead of his major match with Constantine later tonight. He’ll have to be focused if he wants to beat out the favourite to win the entire thing.

    Cohen: I heard a joke once about a Catholic and an Irish man in a bathroom together. Heh heh, I’ll tell you during commercial, CC!
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    Anderson: The following match is scheduled for one fall!


    Wren enters a darkened arena with a single ray of spotlight on her with her head down. She elegantly walks down the aisle and spreads her arms across with arena lighting up, soaking in the energy of the arena. She then slowly enters the arena and climbs up each turnbuckle, bowing to the audience with her arms spread across.

    Anderson: Introducing first from parts unknown, weighing 155 pounds pounds, Wren!

    Connor: I can't wait to see how Wren does in this match tonight.

    Cohen: I'm more interested in seeing how Wren addresses those photos of her that they found of what she looks like.


    Flex emerges on stage in Flex Fitness tracksuit with a hood over his head and holding his duffle bag. As he begins to walk down the ramp he takes out a t-shirt gun and begins wildly shooting it all throughout the arena. He then proceeds to toss protein shakes at any fans heckling him and uses the hood over his head to avoid any negative words from fans. He disrobes from his tracksuit and body weights and stretches while Wren is visibly angry.

    Anderson: And her opponent, from Paris, France, weighing 220 pounds, Flex Mussel!

    Cohen: There he is. We could be looking at our next WZCW Champion right now. Flex is unstoppable right now.

    Connor: Flex is not the only top contender for a title in this match. Do keep Wren's contendership status for the Eurasian Championship in mind as well.

    The bell rings to start off the match and Flex wastes no time in launching an immediate attack on Wren. He punches her five times and then shoves her down. He kicks her twice and the fans boo this. Flex walks circles around Wren as she tries to stand back up. He grabs her and does a German Suplex. They both get up. Flex tries to use another German Suplex but Wren reverses it and breaks free. Wren uses a Missile dropkick! She covers Flex for a pin and the official starts counting. 1.... kickout by Flex! Both get up and begin punching each other. The fans cheer each time Wren punches and boo each time Flex punches. The dueling strikes continue until they each hand landed seven punches. A "Let's go Wren! Flex sucks!" chant breaks out amongst the fans.

    Connor: The fans are making their opinion known and I certainly agree with them.

    Cohen: Then you're just as incorrect as they are. No one can stop Flex.

    They grab each other. Flex twists Wren around and kicks her in the stomach. Wren responds with a punch to Flex in the face which the fans cheer for. Wren jumps at Flex and uses a Hurricanrana. They each make their way back on their feet, Flex is the first to stand. He picks Wren up and stands in the center of the ring. Wren struggles to break free but is unsuccessful. Flex stands still for a moment before marching around a little with Wren still lifted up, then Flex uses a Delayed Vertical Suplex. He covers Wren for a pin as the official starts counting. 1.... 2.... kickout by Wren!

    Connor: What a close call! Flex almost had the win there.

    Cohen: It's only a matter of time before Flex shows why he is the contender for the top prize.

    Flex gets up and waits for Wren to do the same before hitting her in the gut with his knee. Wren uses a Spinning Heel Kick on Flex. As soon as Flex gets up again he is hit by a Shining Wizard from Wren. She tries to hit another Shining Wizard but Flex is able to dodge it. He picks Wren up and does a Fireman's Carry Gut Buster. Flex covers Wren and the ref counts. 1.... 2.... kickout by Wren! Flex sits up in frustration and Wren rolls herself out of the ring. Flex stands up and makes his way toward the ropes. Wren stands up outside the ring. Flex climbs out from between the ropes and stands on the apron. He moves across the apron quickly as Wren approaches the ropes and Flex hits Wren with an Apron Kick sending her down to the floor at ringside. Flex jumps down to the floor, goes over to Wren, and proceeds to kick her. The fans boo loudly as Flex kicks Wren four times. He then drags her back into the ring and grabs Wren attempting to do a German Suplex but Wren reverses it and does a Tornado DDT. She covers Flex for a pinfall attempt. 1.... 2.... kickout by Flex!

    Connor: Smart maneuver by Wren. I like her tactics in this match.

    Cohen: Her luck will soon run out. Just wait.

    Flex pushes Wren off of him and they each get up. Wren does a Reverse roundhouse kick, but Flex gets out of range just in time to evade it. Wren runs up to Flex and they grab each other. Flex twists Wren around, grabs her from behind. Flex does a Belly To Belly Suplex. Wren is down. Flex looks down at Wren, then around at the fans who are boo'ing him again, then back at Wren. He goes over to the corner of the ring, waiting for Wren to get up. Wren slowly stands up and approaches Flex, who unleashes a Discuss Clothesline. It is his finishing maneuver, the Flexicution! But that's not the end of it as Flex shakes his head, kicking Wren in the head. Flex twists Wren's body around, grabs her by the legs and dead-lifts her high into the air and brings her down to the canvas with a sickening thud! Mussel Bomb! He covers Wren and the ref counts. 1.... 2.... 3!

    Anderson: And here is your winner.... Flex Mussel!

    Cohen: You were wrong tonight and so were all the fans. Flex has done it again.

    Connor: I really thought Wren would pull off an upset for a moment there. She has her chance at Gold Rush to pull off a true upset though. I look forward to that.
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    The show transitions to the interview area, a large Ascension logo in the background, and Leon Kensworth is standing by. He is dressed professionally and gives a nod when he is ready to go.

    Kensworth: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, Constantine.

    From the left, Constantine steps into the frame dressed for his match later tonight with Tony Mancini. Constantine stares off into the distance as Leon looks to exchange pleasantries, once an understanding is made that none are coming, Leon proceeds into his line of questioning.

    Kensworth: Constantine, a lot has changed for you over the last few weeks. Just a month ago you were the WZCW Mayhem Champion and the leader of Vis Imperium. Now, here you are without the belt, counting down the days until your retirement and banished from the group you started. How are feeling right now?

    Constantine: You’re right, Leon. A lot has happened in my life but to be honest, I feel more at peace than ever before. The reason being that I’m the sole controller of my destiny. I fight the battles I want to fight. In my final year here in WZCW, I want to be able to say I accomplished everything I wanted to and being stuck in Vis Imperium, with Banks digging his teeth into the group constantly, I wouldn’t have been able to do that. He has morphed what I created into his own personal attack squad. Headless chickens running around for their master. That’s not the Vis Imperium I began. I’m a free man and couldn’t be more confident in my position.

    Leon seems pleased with that answer, he continues.

    Kensworth: We saw your opponent getting ready earlier. What are your thoughts about your Gold Rush tournament match against Tony Mancini later on Ascension?

    Constantine: Everyone in this company is a challenge. In one form or another, we all pose a challenge to the next person. This is the best of the best. If you make it to WZCW you’re one of the very best wrestlers on the planet. I understand that so I’m not taking Tony lightly like some people are. I don’t see myself as invincible but I have a goal. I have a purpose in this tournament and it’s to reclaim the World Championship which I’ve only held once and for a very short time. That hunger will drive me, knowing it’s my final year, the clock is running out and before my time is up I want to hold the gold one final time. Tony has a long career ahead of him but this year will not be his. It’s mine and everyone left in this tournament just doesn’t know it yet.

    Kensworth: A final question, Constantine?

    Constantine nods his head.

    Kensworth: I’m sure you’ve heard about the announcement for a superstar being inducted into the WZCW Hall of Fame tonight. I’ve got to ask, is it you?

    A sly smirk appears on Constantine’s face. He brushes his hair to the side a little and pats Leon on the bat before leaving the interview area. Never saying another word. Not answering the final question. Leon looks slightly frustrated but turns back to the camera and smiles.

    Connor: What do you reckon, Jack? Is it him?

    Cohen: After he let down Mr. Banks by losing the Mayhem Championship to Tyrone Blades, not a chance! He’s more Hall of Shame than Hall of Fame these days. How the mighty have fallen, CC!
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    Anderson: The following contest is a SECOND ROUND match in the GOLD RUSH TOURNAMENT! INTRODUCING first....


    Anderson: She is from Milan, Italy, weighing 156 pounds... EEEEve Taylor!

    The crowds erupt as the arena lights go dim. A single spotlight shining at the top of the entrance ramp. Eve Taylor steps in it, with her head looking down. She slowly lifts her head, and slowly looks around the entire arena, before bursting out from the spotlight and amping up the crowd. She marches confidently down the ramp, still in her model strut. She grabs a sign off of a fan that reads - Future Champion Eve Taylor- She points at the sign then at her self and says something to the camera, she hands the sign back.

    As she hits the end of the ramp, she jumps onto the apron, and heads over to the closest turnbuckle. She ascends it Rocky-style, and once again the arena goes dim, with a bright light over Eve Taylor. She slowly holds her hand out, trying to reach for the heavens. As the chorus kicks in, she grabs hold of the spotlight, and the arena comes back to life. Eve is seen standing atop the turnbuckles, holding her arm in the air, with her eyes closed, taking a deep breath. After a second, she opens her eyes, and pumps up the audience, before jumping off the turnbuckle, pointing to everyone in the arena.

    Connor: I have to admit Jack, when this match was announced I couldn't contain my excitement! This is a major PPV quality match we have right here tonight! If I was a betting woman, I'd have all my money on Eve Taylor winning the whole Gold Rush Tournament!

    Cohen: I get it! Jeez! I knew you were a big Eve fan girl but come on! I think you're forgetting who will be standing across the ring from her tonight! Former everything! He's done it all in WZCW and he has his sights on winning this whole thing and facing off against the World Champion. When Matt Tastic says he's going to win something, he goes out and DOES it Cat!

    Anderson: And her opponent....


    The crowd erupts for a second time as Matt Tastic walks out to the top of the ramp. He's very determined looking and holds his gaze on the ring. He slowly starts walking towards the ring, not paying much mind to the screaming fans as he walks by them, he stretches his neck and shoulders as he climbs the steel steps. He jumps through the ropes and immediately walks right over to Eve and starts yelling in her face. Referee Akiyama runs over and wedges himself in between both wrestlers to break them up, Eve has returned fire from her mouth and is yelling at Matt as well.

    Cohen: Ah I love it Cat! We are not going to have to wait a half hour while these two play a respect game in the ring, this one has a big Stormrage underline and bad feelings all around!

    Connor: I don't remember seeing both wrestlers this mad at their opponents before. This one might be a lot dirtier than we expected.

    Referee Akiyama waves a hand at the timekeeper...


    Matt and Eve run right at each other! Laying in rights and lefts and not stopping! The crowds are instantly into it as they erupt at the ferocious punching to start the contest. Referee Akiyama tries to restore order and get between them but is shoved aside and both wrestlers continue to trade lefts and rights at each other's heads. Matt misses a wild left and Eve catches him on the forehead with a quick headbutt. Both stagger back holding their foreheads in pain. Eve recovers first and gives him a jumping knee strike to the face followed by a hard chop, Matt leans way back on the top rope and almost falls over, but he regains his balance and lands back on his feet in the ring. Eve unleashes a fast right and left followed by leg and rib kicks, Matt fails to block any of the attacks but fires back with a straight right hand that catches her right on the nose! Eve holds her nose and throws a straight kick as Matt approaches her, he catches her foot and lifts it as hard as he can, Eve does a complete backflip and lands on her feet, Matt immediately clotheslines her over the top ropes and takes a breather as Eve crashes to the floor on the outside of the ring.

    Connor: Fast action to start out Jack! Both Matt and Eve not holding back anything and really clobbering each other early!

    Cohen: This is how it should be Cat! I love it! Pure hatred flowing with every strike! We could end this contest with a knock out blow!!

    Eve slides in the ring as Akiyama counts 4. She mouths off to Matt and they run at each other again, this time Eve raises her boot and catches Matt in the face, he falls on his back hard. Eve drops an elbow and hooks the leg ...1... Matt kicks out and Eve grabs him in a headlock on the mat. He quickly slides out of the headlock and wraps her up in a reverse bear hug on the canvas, he stands her up showing good power and whips her backwards in a crushing Northern Lights Suplex with a bridge! WHAM! 1....2... Eve kicks out. Matt picks her up and hits her with a left and right then grabs her and lifts her into a vertical suplex! She lands hard and Matt drops an elbow and hooks her leg, Eve kicks out before one pin is even counted. Matt grabs her by the hair and throws her through the middle ropes to the outside of the ring. Referee Akiyama warns Matt about pulling hair, he laughs at the ref then bounces off of the ropes, he runs fast as Eve is standing up outside the ring, Matt jumps and grabs the top ropes, he pushes with his hands and does a high front flip, he lands on Eve and they both crash to the padded mats. Matt does a kip up like nothing just happened, the crowds eat it up and cheer on the action. He slides back into the ring and bounces off of the ropes again, he runs fast and leaps over the top rope , he flies through the air and adjusts his body mid flight and lands with a senton drop right on to Eve's torso! He bounces off of her and rolls to the barricade holding his back.

    CHEEEER!!!! ​

    Connor: Wow! That was an incredible series of high flying attacks by Matt Tastic!

    Cohen: Punishing and very high risk Cat! If I was managing him I would certainly take those flying attacks out of his arsenal for sure! He could end up injuring himself one of these times!


    Matt rolls in the ring then rolls back out to break the count. He grabs Eve's hair and hauls her to her feet, Matt spins and kicks her in the stomach, she staggers back, he chops her and punches right after, she falls back first into the barricade.


    Matt runs to clothesline Eve but she ducks and BACKDROPS Matt right into the crowds! The crowds cheer and laugh as he knocks two fat men off of their chairs and popcorn flies everywhere. Eve stands on the barricade, she waits for Matt to stand then leaps, she gives him a hurricarana right over another group of fans, he falls over them awkwardly, spilling their snacks and getting wrapped up in a tangle of legs and chairs.


    Eve rolls in and out of the ring to break the count. Matt finally reaches the barricade to attempt to climb over, but Eve runs and flies over it with a crossbody smash! Both wrestlers fall over the same fat fans with the popcorn mess!

    Connor (laughing) My goodness! I bet these two guys had no idea what was in store for them tonight when they took their seats!

    Cohen: They are getting a first class interactive experience, how lucky can they get?!

    Connor: (Tries to say something but starts laughing)

    Referee Akiyama is out of the ring now, yelling at both wrestlers to get back in the ring. Eve grabs Matt and throws him over the barricade. Eve climbs on the barricade, she jumps but Matt recovers quickly, he snaps her down with a powerslam right on the padded concrete! Matt sits next to her as she gasps for air. He takes a quick breather before pulling himself to his feet. Referee Akiyama yells at them to get back in the ring again.

    Matt: Bite me, you stupid WANKER!

    Clearly audible and loud, the crowd laugh. Soon a chant starts...


    Matt grabs Eve and bounces her head right off of the steel post, then throws her into the ring. She rolls around in the ring holding her face. Matt climbs in the ring, he waits until she gets to her feet, he nails her with a very fast belly to belly suplex! Eve bounces and almost rolls out of the ring. Matt grabs her by the hair and hauls her close to the middle of the ring, he picks her up and places her on the top turnbuckle. He climbs up and grabs her for a superplex! But Eve blocks it and headbutts Matt, she drills him in the face with a right, then another one, another one and one more for good measure! Matt nearly falls but Eve grabs his hair and prevents it, she lifts her legs and hooks them behind his back, under his arm pits, she jumps over him and flips him down for a SUPER LEG TRAP SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB!!! BOOM!! Matt and Eve crash hard on the mat and bounce from the impact!



    Matt Tastic kicked out! The crowds cheered loud for this.

    Connor: Matt kicked out Jack! I thought that was it!! What heart he must have!!

    Cohen: There's no tougher son of a bitch in this company Cat! What a move by Eve, I thought that was it too!

    Eve picks up Matt and throws him off of the ropes, she swings with a clothesline but Matt ducks and bounces off of the far ropes, Eve fakes another clothesline and Matt ducks...right into a spinning heel kick to the jaw High Heel Kick! Matt falls to the mat like he was shot with a gun. Eve positions Matt closer to the turnbuckle as he looks knocked out on his back. Eve climbs to the top turnbuckle. Eve blows a kiss to the crowds and jumps high in the air! She bends her knees for the Stiletto Stomp double foot stomp! Matt rolls out of the way at the last second! Eve's feet crash on the canvas awkwardly and she lets out a yelp as she holds her feet in pain. She staggers around the middle of the ring. Matt wobbles up to her, she throws a weak punch at him but he blocks it, he quickly gives her a three punch combo at her stomach, he jumps and takes out both of her legs with a baseball slide and holds up a fist as she falls on him!

    Cohen: CHARGE SHOT! That was Charge Shot Cat! This one is over!

    Matt drapes his arm over her torso, Referee Akiyama jumps down for the pin..1......2..... Eve Taylor kicks out!!!

    CHEEEEER!!!! ​

    A big reaction for Eve kicking out, both wrestlers are laying on the mat now, exhausted from the match. The ref starts a count. Before he can get to 5, both wrestlers manage to scramble and claw at opposite ropes to get to their feet. They walk up and start trading rights and lefts at each other, just like how they started the match!


    Eve suddenly jumps and catches Matt with a hurricarana, he flips frontwards but lands on his feet and bounces off of the ropes, he jumps and catches Eve with a hurricarana but she stops him in mid flight and falls down with a sit down powerbomb! BAM!!! 1......2.......

    Matt Tastic kicks out!!! He scrambles to his feet, Eve runs at Matt but he lifts her in the air and spins her around, he drives his knees into her back!!! She goes flying in between the top and middle turnbuckle headfirst into the ringpost! DINK!!! She rebounds back into Matt's clutches he picks her up and hits an Emerald Flowsion HEADACHE DRIVER!!! But Eve hooks her leg in Matt's arm pit and drops him down to the mat into a reverse STO into a Koji Clutch!!! EXTREME MAKEOVER!!!

    Connor: Extreme Makeover! Extreme Makeover in the middle of the ring! There is nowhere to go here!!!

    Cohen: I can't believe what I just saw! Headache Driver reversed into Extreme Makeover! Crawl to those ropes Matt!!!

    Sweat dripped off of both competitors as Eve cranked on the pressure, Matt was turning blue as he tried to claw towards the ropes for a rope break. Akiyama was close by, ready to start lifting his arms to see if he was still conscience. With no energy left to claw, Matt Tastic has no choice and taps on Eve's arm weakly.

    CHEEEEEER !!!! ​

    Connor: He tapped out! He tapped out! Eve Taylor advances! What a match Jack!

    Cohen: Calm down Cat! This isn't over yet, the time may have expired here! Let's listen to the official call.

    Anderson: The winner of this match and advancing in The Gold Rush Tournament....EEEVE TAYLOOOOOR!!!!


    Eve climbs the turnbuckle, full of emotion and raises her hands in a victory pose. Matt pulls her down from the turnbuckle. They stare at each other for a moment, then shake hands in a quick showing of respect.

    Cohen: I don't think the timekeeper was doing his job Cat, the time clearly expired here! Matt Tastic was ROBBED here at Gold Rush!

    Connor: Oh please! Why can't you give credit where credit is due! Eve Taylor reversed the Headache Driver and Matt Tastic had no choice but to submit! It was a great match by two great wrestlers and I can't wait for what comes next for both of these wrestlers in WZCW!

    Matt walks up the ramp and accepts a soda pop from a fan,he looks at it but it just spills over, Matt looking dejected from the loss. Eve poses on the turnbuckle, blowing kisses and basking in the spotlight.
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    Leon: I'm joined at this time by the number one contender to the Mayhem championship, Randy Studd.

    Randy Studd is looking left and right.

    Studd: Where is she?

    Leon: Who?

    Studd: Stacey! She's a fox, now if she could do my interview maybe she could take a ride on the S-Express.

    Leon: She's sort of seeing someone.

    Studd: As if that's stopped me before. Fine then, what about Becky?

    Leon: She's a General Manager, not an interviewer.

    Studd: That must be a kick to the balls, didn't you start at the same time? Maybe one day chump.

    Leon: Yes, erm.'ve just defeated a tribe of other guys to become number one contender for the Mayhem title. How does that feel?

    Studd: Well Leon it feels pretty...

    At that moment Obi Okafor appears, carrying roses as normally.

    Obi: Ah congratulations to you Mr. Studd. Number one contender is a big thing. I just thought I'd let you know that you've not seen the last of me and...

    Randy Studd takes a rose from Obi and looks intently at him.

    Studd: I've seen the last of you. This I'll save for later.

    Studd proceeds to put the rose down his pants, smiles and walks off. Leon and Obi look bewildered as we head to commercial break.
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    We cut back from commercial to see Leon Kensworth chasing after a dejected looking Matt Tastic.

    Leon: Matt! Matt! Matt!

    Tastic stops and turns around.

    Tastic: What do you want Leon?

    Leon: I want to get your thorughts on your match, you're now out of the Gold Rush.

    Tastic: I hadn't noticed. It's been 5 minutes, I'm crushed at losing but offer congratulations to Eve Taylor. Thanks.

    Tastic begins to walk away but Leon stops him.

    Leon: So what next?

    Tastic: What next? I don't know, Leon. There's a lot to process. There's things I.should shake off. Maybe I'll go back to basics. I don't know. But I'd say Mark Keaton is as good a place to start at. That bastard owes me and owes Mikey. At Gold Rush, I'll make him suffer.

    Tastic walks off leaving Leon.

    Leon: You heard it here first. Matt Tastic will take on Mark Keaton at Gold Rush. Back to you Cat.
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    Connor: Gold Rush always throws things out at us. On Meltdown we saw Lynx with a huge victory over Kagura. Throw in the fact that VI are now eliminated with Yemrez Reqonic with one hell of a victory and anything can happen.

    Cohen: You say that, Cat but John Constantine is a man on a mission and I think there's very little anyone can do, let alone Anthony Mancini.

    Connor: He's brought all the help he can get.

    Cohen: I would have put $100 on Xaitlyn Serpiente never showing her face in WZCW so this is weird.

    Anderson: Please welcome back to WZCW. Xaitlyn Serpiente!

    The crowd seem to think so too, they don't know how to react as the former WZCW superstar makes her way out to the ring. No entrance music, as is tradition, the crowd more bewildered than anything else. She gets to the bottom of the ramp, turns and points towards the titantron.

    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, this is the second round match of Gold Rush Tournament and is scheduled for one fall!

    [youtube]uGcsIdGOuZY [/youtube]​

    Anderson: Introducing first from Yonkers, NY weighing 275 pounds...The Italian Stallion, Tony Mancini!

    Hero hits the PA system and Tony walks out onto the stage by himself. He listens to the majority of fans cheer for him. He high fives a few fans as he walks down the ramp, he gives Xaitlyn a hug but she looks really uncomfortable. He climbs into the ring, takes off the Cornicello Charm his mother gave him and hands it to a referee. He waits for Constantine kneeling in the corner and with his head on the middle turnbuckle saying a small prayer.

    Connor: This guy has been through a lot since he debuted in WZCW, I mean he's now a father, crazy!

    Cohen: As a father myself I know Manicni will just want to get onto it. However here's another father to prove himself.


    Anderson: And his opponent from St Louis, Missouri, weighing 265 pounds, Constantine!

    Connor: There's only one thing on Constantine's mind and that is WZCW champion.

    Cohen: I don't think anything would make him happier than defeating Justin Cooper.

    Constantine walks out slowly, he paces side to side but is thrown back as he notices a few cheers around the crowd. He almost cracks a smile, but not quite as he makes his way to the ring. He stares at Serpiente as he enters the ring.

    Connor: The last time these two faced off was at Kingdom Come for the tag team championship. A lot has changed since then.

    Cohen: Some have even argued that Xaitlyn taking her ball and going home led to the removal of the tag team championship.

    Connor: Indeed!

    Referee Elizabeth Prince is in the middle of the ring as Mancini and Constantine look at each other. Xaitlyn is outside the ring and bell goes. Mancini is first out the blocks as he runs over to Constantine, Mancini with the speed advantage here despite being 10lbs heavier. He gives a few swift punches to the Power Trip.

    Constantine is a bit bewildered as to what has happened here as he's in the corner now. Mancini still at it with the quick punches. Constantine's anger builds as he delivers a swift right punch to the face of Manicni. Using this Mancini is whipped into the other corner. Constantine slowly walks over, his frame menacing. Constantine then starts the Recompense to Mancini. Those mounted punches get a mixed reaction from the crowd. The Power Trip is fully in charge.

    Cohen: This looks like an easy one for Constantine. He seems to have not lost pace since leaving VI.

    Connor: I would hardly say he left, he was kicked out. That said Manicni has the numbers advantage with Xaitlyn outside.

    Cohen: So you're saying John's lucky that Gino and the baby aren't there?

    Connor: That's not what I'm saying, what I'm saying is...

    Delivering some Recompense to Mancini allows Constantine to step it up another gear. He receives some Collateral Damage as Condtantine is able to his his twisting Spinebuster finisher so early. He makes the cover. 1...2... suddenly Tony Manicni is not there. Xaitlyn Serpiente pulls out her former tag team partner to break up the pin.

    Connor: THAT! Tactical genius from Serpiente!

    Cohen: I call that cheating round these parts. Constantine is pissed!

    Constantine is furious, he's shouting in the face of Prince but she tries to calm him down. The crowd a mix of boos and cheers. Constantine catches the eye of Xaitlyn Serpiente and exits the ring. Mancini wisely climbs back in the ring. Constantine starts to shout at the snake one who pushes the Power Trip. He looks ready to destroy her but turns around and walks away. The crowd cheer this decision.

    As Constantine turns he looks to see Manicni has climbs the turnbuckle. A diving clothesline makes the crowd go crazy and the Power Trip is flat out. Manicni throws her back into the ring. He covers 1...2...kick out. On the outside Xaitlyn applauds the two count.

    Connor: Smart from Mancini, he's not normally one for high flying theatrics but that almost got him through to the semi final!

    Cohen: We're seeing a difference in Constantine. The John Constantine of old would have laid Xaitlyn flat out there, him turning away from her has the crowd on his side.

    Manicni picks up Constantine and gives a DDT to the Power Trip. Constantine is struggling here as a guillotine leg drop is hit. Xaitlyn jumps for joy outside. Another cover. Kick out at 2 again. The crowd are quite mixed as to who they want to win but seem to have liked this kick out.

    Constantine is picked up by Mancini and thrown into the turnbuckle. A running knee is delivered by Manicni and Constantine is whipped into the other corner. Mancini signals for Il Siluro Italiano as the crowd pop for this. Constantine turns round and Mancini runs for the gore. He misses! Mancini smashes straight into the posts.

    Constantine is full of adrenaline now and hits The Axis. The Angle Slam is enough to knock Manicni out cold. Constantine covers 1...2...but Xaitlyn on the outside has put Mancini's foot on the rope. Elizabeth Prince calls for three. She hasn't seen the foot on the ropes!

    Connor: The match is over but Manicni had his foot on the ropes.

    Cohen: By Xaitlyn helping. That's some bad cheating there. Constantine progresses!

    Connor: If the referee didn't see it, it didn't happen as you always say.

    Anderson: The winner of this match and through to the semi final of Gold Rush. John Constantine!

    Cohen: That leaves a final four of Lynx, Eve Taylor, Yemrez Reqonic and Constantine.

    Manicni and Xaitlyn are arguing with Prince as we cut to commercial.
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    Returning from the commercial break, the ring has been transformed for the following major announcement.

    Cohen: I’ve been waiting for this news all night, CC. Do you have any clue who the person is?

    Connor: I haven’t been able to find out who the mystery inductee is but what a special moment it will be when it’s revealed. Induction into the WZCW Hall of Fame is usually restricted for Kingdom Come weekend but WZCW officials have deemed it appropriate in light of recent events to make an executive decision.

    Cohen: Well, it’s an honour for anybody to get a spot in the WZCW Hall of Fame. I’m sure whoever it is they will have earned it.

    A large Hall of Fame plaque, ring and golden jacket are in the ring; the ropes have been turned golden and the canvas of the ring has been covered with red carpet. A long table is in the ring with several exposed items and a few that are covered. What could possibly be a large painting is covered, a few trophies and exposed on the table are a WZCW Tag Team Championship and a WZCW World Championship.

    That is not the only thing in the ring as standing in the middle amongst all the festivities is WZCW Owner, Mr. Banks. Vance Bateman and Becky Serra are also there, sitting on the outside of the ring. When the camera zooms in on him the crowd begins to boo. Banks just laughs it off, stepping forward with the microphone in his hand and waving his free hand out before him.

    Banks: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a very special night, we are here live on Ascension 118 and tonight you have the honour of witnessing a dream come true. You people get to witness the joy, the excitement and tears of happiness that come along with joining the WZCW Hall of Fame.

    The microphone cuts off towards the end. A small pause from Banks as he walks around the ring.

    Banks: Only a select few have been granted the honour of joining the ranks of the elite. To be forever enshrined in the WZCW Hall of Fame is not something that comes easy. The likes of Titus Avison, Everest, David Cougar and one of our newer inductees, Big Will. They have all fought and earned their spots at the top of this business. Tonight, another takes their rightful place. As you can see we have a few hints for who it might be. A former World Champion, as you would expect, but also a former Tag Team Champion.

    The anticipation is building as Banks clears his throat.

    Banks: Tonight is their night so I will not take up all the time in the world.

    Again, Banks pauses this time a little longer.

    Banks: I would like to say a few words about this competitor. I have seen a lot of wrestlers throughout my years but this man, yes it is a man, has worked extremely hard. They have given so much to this company. Not only has this company transformed thanks to them but he himself has transformed along with it. From somebody nobody expected to win anything, all the way through to being World Champion. He is one of the greatest professional wrestlers I have ever seen. He has defeated legends near and far, he has changed the game forever and this man has recently made a game changing decision, which is why we are here tonight. Retirements are difficult, hard decisions of course, and when I heard about it a few weeks ago, what was going on, I knew that the Hall of Fame needed to add this person immediately.

    The crowd cheer, some are talking to their friends believing they have figured it out. Others are not so sure, Banks smirks and raises his up towards the entrance ramp.

    Banks: Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honour, as the Owner of WZCW, to welcome into the WZCW Hall of Fame…

    A long pause, nothing happens and it gets to the point that Mr. Banks has to lower his arm. The crowd are on the edge of their seat. Some are positive they have figured it out and are chanting names of various stars.

    Cohen: They're late for their own Hall of Fame induction, CC!

    Connor: People love to drag these things out, Jack. It's all part of the game.


    Cohen: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? JUSTIN COOPER! God bless you, Mister Banks!

    Connor: This has to be a joke, right? Justin Cooper, the reigning WZCW World Champion, leader of Vis Imperium is the man being inducted!

    Cohen: I love it, CC! Don't you deny his Hall of Fame spot. This man won Lethal Lottery, he main evented Kingdom Come, he is a two time Tag Champion, Mayhem Champion and an Elite X Champion. He has completed the WZCW Triple Crown! Legend!

    The fans are pissed. Many of them feeling robbed and hoodwinked by this announcement and their fury only grows when Justin Cooper, WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, struts out onto the stage with Vis Imperium in full force behind him. In a new grey suit with title belt on his shoulder, Cooper cannot contain his smile as he walks down to the ring. Fans are yelling and cursing at the faction but they are in celebration mode tonight, even after the lacklustre performances of both LeBelle and Keaton earlier in the week. Cooper reaches the ring and walks up the steps, Adonis climbs onto the apron and opens up the ropes for him, Cooper says thank you and steps through.

    Cohen: I’ll be honest, CC. I didn’t see this coming but it makes all the sense in the world. We all heard those retirement rumours from Justin Cooper before our last pay-per-view. Luckily for us he decided to re-sign with WZCW and hasn’t looked back since. I’m glad we’re getting him into the WZCW Hall of Fame before he rides off into the sunset and forgets about these stupid fans.

    Connor: Don’t tell me this has nothing to do with Cooper being the man attack dog for Mr. Banks. This is disgusting. They are making a mockery of the WZCW Hall of Fame. Those men got into the Hall of Fame because of their achievements, not because they were buddies with the owner of the company. Come on, Jack! You cannot support this.

    Inside the ring, Vis Imperium all shake hands with Mr. Banks. The table is completely uncovered to show Justin Cooper’s Lethal Lottery trophy, his remaining title belts and a large oil painting of him at Kingdom Come holding the title belt. Cooper is handed a microphone and moves next to Mr. Banks, the crowd absolutely furious.

    Cooper: Thank you, Mr. Banks. It is with a great deal of respect…

    The booing gets louder, so loud we can hardly hear Cooper speak, and Banks has to cut in.

    Banks: Shut your mouths! The champion is trying to speak.

    That only infuriates them even more and Banks goes to do it again but Cooper places a hand on his shoulder and says it’s fine. The World Champion adjusts the title belt and looks around at all his achievements.

    Cooper: It is with a great deal of respect that I accept this amazing honour. To be welcomed in the WZCW Hall of Fame, the elite of this industry, is what I have always wanted to do. I cannot express how much this means to me, truthfully I could never put it into words, but I will say that without you fans none of this world be possible.

    Some of the crowd actually let up to hear what he has to say.

    Cooper: Because it was seeing how stupid you all are that motivated me to be nothing like you!

    Right back to where we started, the crowd throw rubbish into the ring and Vis Imperium stand their laughing. Cooper walks over to the golden jacket, feels it with his fingers and then grabs the ring, putting it on his right index finger. It sparkles, several diamonds through the ring.

    Cooper: Mark, come and help.

    Quickly, Mark Keaton hurries over and helps remove the jacket that Justin was wearing and replaces it with the official WZCW Hall of Fame jacket, only the tenth in existence. Once the jacket and ring are on, Cooper walks back into the middle of the ring, glancing over at his large oil painting.

    Cooper: I deserve this more than anyone else in this business. You people have your favourites but none of them come close to what I have done. Action Saxton? A failure of the highest order. Nothing but a cheap gimmick and two tag titles. I have two tag titles and more, yet you idiots would say he should be in instead of me!

    The camera pans over the faces of Vis Imperium; Adonis nods approvingly, Xander claps, Banks grins and Keaton is crying uncontrollably.

    Cooper: You people put Celeste Crimson on a throne like she is some queen. Why? Because she is a woman? You don’t get more points if you have a disadvantage. In basketball, if you’re five foot two, your shots count the same as LeBron James’. This fantasy world that has been created to celebrated mediocrity is sickening! I have beaten the best, I have won titles, Celeste hasn’t won shit and yet you all would gladly see her name enshrined in the Hall of Fame but are near rioting because I have achieved it!

    Fans continue to boo and curse. Cooper climbs the turnbuckle and begins shouting at the top of his lungs.

    Cooper: Fuck you! Is that what you people want to hear? I hate every single one of you and I’ll gladly stand here all night cursing your names because I am better than you. I have achieved greatness and you are nothing but vermin! You are the rats in the streets and I am a legend, kiss the ring and get on your knees to worship at my feet!

    He turns to the middle of the ring, his face red and veins bulging.

    Cooper: Austin Reynolds, Ricky Runn, Steven Kurtesy, Steven Holmes, Saboteur, Triple X, Rush and especially Chris KO – they all can’t tie my boots. They all don’t hold a candle to me and now I stand above them all, forever, in the WZCW Hall of Fame. And even that coward Ty Burna. Yeah, I said Ty Burna! Ty Burna! Ty Burna! Ty fucking Burna! What is he going to do?

    Suddenly, Cooper drops to his knees and raises a hand in the air. LeBelle and Keaton drop down to theirs and can barely control their laughter.

    Cooper: You changed your name because I beat you. I didn’t beat a legend, I exposed a myth! Now they are afraid to say your name but not me. I speak it as I always have. Ty Burna! You are false, you are a coward and you can kiss my…

    The microphone goes out fully after malfunctioning all night. A curious look comes over the face of Justin Cooper, he taps the microphone.

    Cooper: Hello? Test. We good? As I was saying, I fear no man. I am at the top of this business and nobody, not Ty Burna or Flex Mussel…

    Once again the microphone cuts out and now Vis Imperium begins looking over at Banks. He looks just as confused and yells at Vance Bateman, sitting on the outside of the ring with Becky Serra, to fetch another microphone. A few moments later, Cooper is given one.

    Cooper: Ascension, clearly the B-Show it seems. I am the best…

    Not only does the microphone go out but the lights inside the arena go out also. The only thing that remains powered is the titantron.


    Blades: Enjoying yourself, Justin?

    A huge roar from the crowd as Tyrone Blades appears on the big screen holding his black baseball bat. Inside the ring, Mr. Banks is freaking out and screaming for Blades to be removed from the screen. Becky and Vance on the outside of the ring are hurrying about talking to the technical staff but for the moment, Ty has everyone’s attention.

    Blades: I could only listen to so much of your crap before I had to step in. I hope I made this farce at least a little bit enjoyable for everyone else. Screwing with the microphone is fun and all but really what I want is to see you assholes suffer.

    Vis Imperium are losing it. Cooper is shouting for Banks to do something but it looks like a bunch of headless chickens inside the ring.

    Blades: The party is over, Justin. You don’t deserve that ring or that jacket. None of it. You’re not a Hall of Famer. You don’t get to join our ranks because of kiss ass. You join us by working hard and making a difference in this business. You haven’t made a difference. If we erased you from WZCW than nothing would change. You’re not even a footnote in this company, Justin.

    Watching from below, Cooper is screaming for Tyrone to shut up. His World Championship closely held to his chest and something comes over Cooper’s face – fear.

    Blades: I’m not the only one who is sick of this charade. Times are changing. People are waking up to your vile ways, Banks. They see through the bullshit. The time for talk is done, it’s time to riot! And riot we shall!

    Suddenly, the lights in the arena come back on but something is different. Standing inside the ring is not just Vis Imperium and Mr. Banks – but also the number one contender to the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship: Flex Mussel! The crowd pops as Flex picks up the Lethal Lottery trophy and smashes it into the face of Adonis, knocking him out cold and to the outside of the ring.

    Cohen: What the hell is happening? Flex and Tyrone have ruined this Hall of Fame induction. This is outrageous.

    Connor: This is justice, Jack! Vis Imperium attacked Flex Mussel last week and now he is sending a huge message to them and Justin Cooper.

    Chaos has erupted inside the ring, Flex Mussel is running wild attacking anybody who dares get close to him. Keaton attempts to fight him off but Flex blocks a punch, hits one of his own and throws Keaton into the turnbuckle. From behind, Xander grabs Flex but the fittest man on Earth knees him below the belt, grabs the oil painting and smashes it down onto the head of LeBelle. Out the other side pops Xander’s head and he falls down onto the canvas knocked out cold.

    Cohen: These damn lights keep flickering, it’s making it difficult for Cooper and Mr. Banks to get to safety.

    Keaton once again charges at Flex but gets a forearm to the face for his troubles. The crowd is going wild as Flex lifts Mark high up in the air and tosses him out of the ring, all the way to the floor below. Now, the fans are getting even louder as Flex Mussel slowly turns and eyes Justin Cooper and Mr. Banks. The only two men left inside the ring. Everyone is standing, Flex has a wild look in his eyes, he points a finger at Cooper and says it’s time for a beating. As he approaches the two men, trapped in the corner, Cooper wriggling to get behind Mr. Banks, Flex tosses all the title belts and trophies to the floor. He stomps on them, breaking everything and snaps the Hall of Fame plaque in half.

    Cohen: That wasn’t his property, CC! Where is the damn security? The World Champion and owner of this company are in trouble.

    Connor: Nobody is coming to save them. Finally, justice will be served. Flex is going to give Justin a lesson in respect and he has no way out. Listen to this place! The fans have been begging for this and now they are finally going to get it.

    As Flex Mussel approaches, he goes to grab Mr. Banks but Vance Bateman jumps into the ring and pulls Flex towards him. Vance is pleading with Flex to calm down and not do something stupid. He points to all the chaos caused in the ring and says that Flex has to stop before he does something he regrets. Due to this distraction, Mr. Banks and Justin Cooper slip out of the ring and run up the entrance ramp to safety. A security team finally arrives and they surround Cooper and Banks, both men clearly shaken from the experience.

    Cohen: Thank you, Bateman! See that’s a good employee. He did the right thing.

    The crowd boos, Cooper and Banks got out without being touched and are now heavily protected. Inside the ring, Flex looks disapointed. He lowers his head as Bateman continues to try and calm him down. Slowly, Flex raises his head and he rubs the top of it with his hand. With hands on his hips now, Flex turns to look at Justin Cooper before turning back to Bateman and kicking him in the stomach.

    Connor: Oh no, Flex don’t do that!

    Nobody has time to move as Flex Mussel knocks Bateman down to the ground, grabs hold of his legs and dead-lifts him up off the canvas and sends him through the table with a Mussel Bomb! Flex Mussel just hit the Mussel Bomb through a table on the General Manager of Meltdown, Vance Bateman! Everyone is stunned as Flex kicks away the smash bits and pieces at his feet, he looks down at the lifeless Bateman, the man who just got in the way of something that didn’t involve him, and the crowd is going nuts. Flex turns towards Justin Cooper and Mr. Banks, he climbs the turnbuckle at the top left of the ring and poses, receiving a loud cheer (slowly infiltrated by boos).

    Connor: The damage has been done here tonight on Ascension. Flex Mussel has crashed the party of Vis Imperium. He has left three out of four members prone at ringside with Justin Cooper just barely escaping untouched. He wants the World Championship and it’s going to take a huge effort by Cooper to stop him. We saw it tonight, Vis Imperium can be dismantled!

    Cohen: It was a sneak attack likely in co-operation with that radical Tyrone Blades. Look at him standing on the turnbuckle like he did something tonight. He ruined a celebration! This was Cooper’s moment and this disrespectful man just showed up without an invitation. It makes me sick!

    The crowd begins to settle down as Flex marches back into the middle of the ring. He holds up the broken Hall of Fame plaque and tosses it to the outside of the ring. We get a final shot of Cooper and Banks looking furious, Cooper holding the World Championship a little tighter than usual.
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    Anderson: The following contest is set for one fall and is for the WZCW Elite Openweight Championship!

    Anderson: Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by her sister Gabi, from New York, New York, weighing 100 pounds, Callie Clark!

    As the music kicks up Callie struts out onto the stage, receiving some heat from the crowd as she places her hands on her hips to pose like Wonder Woman. Dressed up from head to toe like the iconic superhero, Callie begins walking down to the ring, sneering at some of the fans who dare look or even reach out to touch her. In her right hand Callie holds a golden lasso, placing it on the steel steps as she enters the ring.

    Connor: A big match for Callie tonight in what will be her very first championship encounter. We’ve seen her preform really well recently but this is a whole new level for Callie. She has to be nervous stepping into the main event with the Elite Openweight Championship on the line. How do you think she’ll go tonight, Jack?

    Cohen: It’s a new level but keep in mind that the reigning champion isn’t exactly the most seasoned competitor. Batti is still a fresh face in WZCW so I don’t see a major difference in experience for either of these two young ladies. Another big factor is Gabi, she’ll be at ringside tonight and if you think that she is just here to cheer on Callie than you’re kidding yourself.

    Connor: We can see Gabi Clark strolling around ringside as we speak. The referee is going to have to keep a close eye on that one. I want to see a fair and clean championship match and not one filled with controversy.

    With Gabi on the outside of the ring, looking stern, Callie Clark stretches out a bit inside the ring and turns her attention to the entrance ramp.

    Anderson: And her opponent, from Neo Japan, weighing 115 pounds, she is the WZCW Elite Openweight Champion, Batti!

    Beach balls drop from the ceiling and land into the crowd and the ramp. Batti comes out running back and forth and kicking the balls into the audience. With the Elite Openweight Championship in her hands, Batti raises it high into the air receiving a big pop from the crowd. She seems overly excited as she tries to strike a pose but does so clumsily. Batti runs down the runway but comes to a sudden halt when she notices Gabi Clark inching towards her, they exchange a glance before Batti raises the title belt again.

    Cohen: The choices aren’t exactly what I’d pick but thank goodness we have the chance to rid ourselves of this disgrace. Finally, the Elite Openweight Championship will be taken away from... whatever the hell she is and given some prestige. Callie Clark may dressed up in stupid costumes but at least she isn’t Batti. Anybody but Batti, CC!

    Connor: You’re awfully harsh towards Batti, Jack. She has worked hard and it’s wonderful to see her living this dream. To be the Elite Openweight Champion, she looks so happy and proud to represent the company as the champion. I’m a big fan, sure she is a little strange, but aren’t we all?

    Cohen: Speak for yourself, CC. She had no right to beat Xander LeBelle, robbed he was, and tonight I think that Callie Clark is about to knock her down off this throne people have put this freak on!

    Both competitors stand inside the ring as the crowd takes their seats for the beginning of the contest. Anderson exits the ring, the referee takes the title belt from Batti and holds it up in the air. When the title passes by Callie, she extends her hand and brushes the gold plate which infuriates Batti. The two women trade taunts from across the ring until the referee is back into position, he gives both of them a nod and signals for the bell!


    The bell sounds and immediately Callie Clark rushes forward with a combination of punches to the head of Batti. She backs the champion up into the corner, grabs hold of the top rope and begins kneeing Batti viciously as the crowd begins to rain down heat. A grin comes over the face of Callie as she digs her nails into Batti’s face, tearing away quickly, back and forth, until the referee pulls her away since Batti is in the ropes. He checks on the champion as Callie Clark struts into the middle of the ring and bows to the crowd, Batti is stunned from the early attack and gets very little time to recover as Callie follows up. The referee just moves out of the way as Callie connects with a step up knee in the corner, cracking Batti on the jaw before jumping down and pulling Batti by the hair into the middle of the ring.

    On the outside Gabi Clark cheers her sister on and looks very pleased with the early advantage. Callie flicks her hair before slinging Batti into the ropes and on the rebound goes for a spinning back fist! Batti ducks the punch, cracks Callie in the face with a right hand and nails a belly to belly suplex in the middle of the ring. The crowd pops as Batti gets back to her feet and throws up the devil horns with her hand before charging towards the ropes, on the rebound she hits a baseball slide dropkick to the face of Clark. For the first cover of the match Batti rolls Clark over. 1... Kick Out! Not even close to being over at this point as Batti scrambles onto Callie and begins punching away. They go back and forth on the ground, each getting the top position after the other until they separate and both women go for a dropkick in the air. It’s all feet, they get back up quickly, Batti goes for a clothesline but Callie ducks, she goes for the Pele Kick but Batti catches it and goes for the Spinning Toe Hold however Callie rolls forward and Batti flies through the ropes to the outside of the ring.

    Connor: Both of these women are pulling out all the stops in the early going of this contest. Neither wants to lose this match with the Elite Openweight Championship on the line. Both have clearly been studying the other and now it’s time to see who the best truly is.

    Cohen: Clark has got off to a good start. Plus, I see Gabi Clark watching from the side. Just waiting for the right moment, CC.

    Batti for the moment part lands safely on the outside. Getting her hands down before the fall and stopping any real damage from taking place. She throws a look over to Gabi who slowly approaches, but not in time to catch Batti as she slides underneath the bottom rope. This moment of caution however allows Callie to gain control once more, stomping on the left hand of Batti as she enters the ring. Batti screams out in pain as Callie grabs hold of the left leg and drives the point of her elbow into the joint at the knee. The challenger places the leg on the bottom rope, jumps up into the air and drives both of her knees into it. With a look of disdain on his face, Callie pulls on the left leg, dragging Batti into the corner of the ring and begins stomping all over the champion’s body - with extra focus on the left leg.

    It’s all kinds of trouble for the champion as Callie Clark drives her shin across Batti’s face repeatedly. The crowd begin a chant for Batti which only annoys Callie further as she helps Batti to her feet, sends her into the corner and goes for another step up knee. This time Batti moves out of the way, Callie lands on the second rope and Batti pulls her feet out from under her, leaving Callie to crash face first into the turnbuckle! Callie stumbles backwards, clutching her face, and is knocked down by a hard Axe Kick by Batti! The champion dives into the cover. 1... 2... Kick Out! While still holding her face, Callie gets the shoulder up and rolls to the apron of the ring. Batti goes after her, grabbing a handful of hair and driving Callie face first into the ring post from the apron! Callie tumbles down to the outside of the ring but is caught by Gabi Clark. The referee jumps in and warns Gabi not to get involved and she places her sister carefully on the ground, standing between her and Batti.

    Connor: A tough break for Batti. She could have followed up off that move but Gabi Clark has stepped into the line of fire. She will not let Batti get near her sister.

    Cohen: Batti is letting this team advantage payoff. She has to stay on the attack if she wants to retain the title.

    Thanks to her sister, Callie Clark recovers and uses the barricade to pull herself to a vertical position. The referee has started a count and is at seven by the time Clark climbs the ring steps, yelling at Batti to back off a little before stepping back into the ring. She tries to strike Batti in the eyes but the champion ducks her head and tackles Callie into the corner. A combination of kicks from Batti has Callie trying to hide in the ropes but Batti pulls her forward and connects with a Wind-up Punch! It’s a big shot which sends Callie onto her backside and into the corner. Batti massages her left leg as she backs up into the opposite corner, shaking it out a little bit, before running forward and hitting a Bronco Buster! The crowd cheers loudly as Batti pulls Callie out from the corner and hooks the leg for another pin. 1... 2... Kick Out!

    Callie Clark is shown shaking her head, her eyes locked towards her own sister on the outside and as Batti tries to grab hold of her, Callie kicks wildly and knocks Batti in the face with a boot. The champion staggers away for a moment, Callie gets up and with a head of steam sprints towards Batti and hits a running bulldog. Without a moments hesitation, Callie ducks under the top rope and begins climbing the turnbuckle. The fans stand up, not wanting to miss the action, and moments later Callie flies through the air with a Corkscrew Plancha! Beautifully executed and it hits perfectly, Callie presses her body against Batti’s for the cover. 1... 2... Kick Out! Gabi can be heard telling Callie to stay focused as her sister rolls back to the apron of the ring. It worked before and now Callie is climbing back to the top rope, her hair brushed from her fair, dressed as Wonder Woman, the Elite Openweight Championship on the line. Callie Clark ascends to the top rope and takes aim - Spiral Tap!

    Cohen: High risk and high reward for Callie Clark with that move. This crowd cannot believe what they are seeing.

    Connor: It’s all on the line - Callie Clark flying through the air and nailing Batti with the devastating Spiral Tap. This has to be it.

    The referee slides into position as Callie Clark hooks the leg. A huge smile on her face and her sister, Gabi, counting along with the official. 1... 2... Kick Out! The pop from the crowd is big, Batti gets the shoulder off the mat somehow and Callie Clark looks stunned. On the outside, Gabi is shaking her head and pounding her fists against the apron of the ring. Callie turns to the official and demands it was a three count but the referee confirms it was not. Replays are shown on the big screen and Callie nearly claws her own eyes out in disbelief at what she just witnessed. A perfectly executed Spiral Tap but still Batti kicked out. She continues to argue with the referee no matter how many times she is shown the footage. All of a sudden, with this mass of time left between moves, Batti sneaks up on Callie hits the Batbreaker! Callie cries out in agony, the surprise like a stab to the heart. She had control but let it slip through arguing with the referee even though the decision was already made.

    Now, Batti claps her hands together and stands back up. Her left leg giving her major difficulties now. She takes aim and hits a clothesline on Callie, then a second when she gets back up and on the third Batti pulls Callie close for a second belly to belly suplex! No cover is made, instead Batti rolls to the rolls and pulls herself up and onto the top turnbuckle. A quick glance to check where Gabi Clark is, far enough away, and then Batti leaps with a dabbing elbow drop from the top! It connects and Callie begins coughing uncontrollably, Batti then hooks the leg. 1... 2... Kick Out! Neither of these women want to give this match up and it has taken a turn into the championship rounds. Batti is the first to a vertical base and can hear the fans cheering her on but doesn’t turn to acknowledge them. This is game time and Batti knows it - her heart racing as Callie Clark begins to stand.

    Cohen: This is a fine championship contest and a strong Ascension main event. I may not like the get up of either of these women but they are leaving it all in the ring for this title match.

    Connor: Either Batti will retain the title she just won a few weeks ago or Callie Clark is about to become the new champion. It’s a high tension moment, don’t go anywhere ladies and gentlemen. It takes one big move for everything to change here in WZCW!

    Callie gets to her feet and feels Batti wrap her arms around the waist - Bear Hug! The crowd begin to stomp their feet as Batti tightens her grip on Callie, squeezing with all her might to retain the title. Suddenly, Callie wiggles her leg a little and is able to knee Batti in the bad leg. The hold is broken and Batti stumbles away into the ropes. Without warning, Callie executes a dropkick which knocks Batti to the outside of the ring. This match just keeps going back and forth as Callie bounces up and down in the ring, feeling it now, and dives over the top rope in a Suicide Dive onto Batti! Both women are down on the outside but Callie Clark is clearly in the better shape; replays show that Batti had all the weight of Callie Clark come down on her bad leg! It’s a bad look and now Callie gathers herself, leaning against the apron of the ring as the referee orders them to get back inside. The challenger rolls into the ring and approaches the referee, grabbing him by the collar and leaning against him. With the distraction, Gabi Clark charges forward and shoulder blocks Batti! Batti is knocked back down and then has her left leg near ripped off as Gabi pulls it violently and slams it into the steel steps.

    The Clarks execute the double team without being caught and as soon as Gabi has done the damage, Callie heads to the outside of the ring to pick the bones of the champion. Batti is in terrible pain, grasping at her left leg as Callie throws her into the ring. A quick cover is made by Callie. 1... 2... Kick Out! Grit, heart and determination are all on show as Batti kicks out. Her eyes filled with tears from the pain but somehow she kicked out. Callie refuses to believe it but instead of arguing with the referee, she picks up Batti and shoves her into the corner getting right up close to her face. So much emotion running through her veins, Callie grabs Batti by the face and screams at her to stay down. Then, Batti smacks her with a head-butt right in the teeth! Callie is knocked backwards as Batti screams out, charges forward, delivers a kick to the stomach and lifts Callie up for the Bakka Bomb! Another big pop from the crowd; Batti however can’t celebration as she pounds the mat in pain from putting so much weight on the leg. It delays the cover for what seems like an eternity. 1... 2... Kick Out!

    Connor: My word what a match! These women are throwing everything they have got into this match. Nobody is holding back and I don’t know who is going to win or when this match is even going to end.

    Cohen: We’ve seen Callie do some amazing things from the top rope and Batti fight through a badly injured leg. Call your friends if they aren’t watching this and tell ‘em to tune in. This is history we’re seeing right now. A true rivalry being born!

    Batti can only lay on the mat as the match continues. Her head rested against the canvas and her title reign in the balance. Opposite her is Callie Clark, she is also down on the ground and her cheek feels the coolness of the canvas. It’s now or never for both women as this match enters the final stages. The first to their feet is Batti, having to use the ropes to do so, and Callie follows soon thereafter. They end up leaning against each other in the middle of the ring, their eyes locked and the world completely irrelevant outside of them. This is it. The end to their epic beginning. A forearm from Batti knocks Callie back a step but she returns fire with a kick to the bad leg. Through gritted teeth, Batti hits another forearm and Callie kicks harder at the bad leg. It stumbles Batti this time, Callie makes to grab the champion but Batti sweeps underneath and hits a Wind-Up Punch! Callie ends up against the ropes and Batti knocks her over with a clothesline before turning her back and dropping to one knee. Unfortunately, Callie never dropped to the outside - she hung onto the top rope and landed safely on the apron. Batti’s leg is in so much pain she fails to notice, instead looking to take a few seconds to ease the pressure off her leg.

    As Batti turns around, thinking Callie is on the outside of the ring and prone, she is shocked to see Callie flying through the air and gets nailed with a Springboard DDT! Batti’s head smacks the canvas hard, the referee slides into position but Callie waves him off and instead marches towards the turnbuckle. She makes sure Batti is position correctly, throws Gabi a nod and then jumps into the air - Calliesault (Best Moonsault Ever)! It connects perfectly, right on the money and Callie hooks the inner leg. 1... 2... foot on the rope!

    Connor: A foot on the bottom rope to save the title reign of Batti! You have to be perfect in this match to get the victory and Callie hooked the wrong leg. What a heartbreaking mistake.

    Cohen: You spoke of inexperience. That right there is a game changer. It sucks all the air out of the sails of Callie Clark. She just cost herself the Elite Openweight Championship!

    The crowd are remaining standing now as Callie Clark rolls into the middle of the ring and places her hands on her hips. She is shaking, emotions running high right now as she may have just let the Elite Openweight Championship slip right through her fingers. The champion has not moved since surviving the pinfall attempt. On the outside, Gabi Clark is pleading with her sister to stay focused but Callie begins screaming and clawing at the mat with her nails. She had the title won! Now, Batti begins to stir and pulls herself up using the ring ropes. Callie has a wild look in her eyes and moves forward, grabbing Batti by the hair and slinging her into the ropes - on the rebound Callie ducks down but Batti leaps into the air - Kawaii Kick! A thunderous cheer from the crowd as Batti pulls off her finishing move and hurries, as best she can with a bad leg, into the cover but is unable to hook any legs in her hurried attempt. 1... 2... Kick Out!

    Cohen: Look at the faces of this crowd. They are stunned. They are excited and they are all standing on their feet for this contest!

    Connor: We are live here on Ascension and you are witnessing Batti defend her Elite Openweight Championship against Callie Clark in what may be the best match either of these two women have ever wrestled. It’s been back and forth, big moves all over the place but somehow nobody has gotten a three count. We will stay with this match all night if we have to - we will crown a winner here tonight!

    Everyone is standing except for the two ladies in the middle of the ring. Batti is in the corner, breathing heavily and removing her boots. Her leg throbbing with pain and surely effected the strength of the Scissors Kick. Callie Clark is face down on the canvas, her mouth open as she looks up and her eyes glazed over. What more does she have left? On the outside, Gabi is nearly pulling her hair out and can only watch on as this title match nears the end. Batti crawls over to Callie and punches her hard in the back. Together they stand, Batti shoves Callie into the turnbuckle and gingerly walks forward with the bad leg. Suddenly, Callie tries to kick it but Batti catches the kick and hits a forearm to the face. The champion leans against the challenger for a moment, just taking time to recover, both are exhausted - Callie explodes with a flurry out of nowhere, switching positions and hitting five quick knees to the stomach of Batti. The tank might be dry now as Callie nearly collapses after that, somehow digging deeper than ever as she lifts Batti up onto the top rope.

    Following after, Callie stands on the inside of the ring perched on the second rope of the turnbuckle while Batti sits facing the inside of the ring at the very top. Callie attempts a superplex but Batti counters with a head-butt. A second follows and then Batti hits a Wind-Up Punch! Callie is knocked down off the turnbuckle and stumbles, turning away and going to her knees clutching her jaw. Suddenly, as the referee turns to check on Callie, her sister charges up onto the apron and attacks Batti! No, the champion spots it and fights Gabi off, kicking at her from the top of the turnbuckle. A stiff kick knocks Gabi Clark down to the hard floor below. When Batti turns back to the ring, Callie is running at her and almost gets caught! Batti however jumps off the turnbuckle, causing Callie to miss, and Batti lands safely in the ring - until the knee buckles under the force of the jump! Batti screams out in pain and her muscles freeze, Callie rushes up from behind, Batti can’t move - Lights Out (Small Package Driver)! A cover from the challenger. 1... 2... 3!

    Connor: What an epic encounter we have just seen. That right there is going down in the history books as one of the best all female matches we have ever seen.

    Cohen: They fought long and hard but in the end it was the skill of Callie Clark that came out on top. She targeted the leg early on in the match and at the very end it paid off big time.

    Connor: Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new Elite Openweight Champion and her name is Callie Clark. Confetti is falling here tonight at Ascension, this crowd is stunned but the reign of Batti has come to a quick end. Let’s go to Anderson for the official announcement.

    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner and the NEW WZCW Elite Openweight Champion - Callie Clark!

    Confetti has indeed started to fall as Callie Clark stands alone for the moment inside the ring. Batti rolled to the outside of the ring as medical tends to her but the story is about what is occurring inside the ring. The crowd is stunned, Callie Clark is helped up by the referee, completely exhausted from the match and is handed her championship belt. Tears swell in her eyes and Callie falls down to her knees, clutching the title to her heart. A few moments later, Gabi Clark enters the ring and the two sisters exchange a hug. The fans can’t believe it, booing loudly, but the Clarks don’t give a damn. This is their moment - it’s Callie’s moment - and history has been made tonight.

    Thousands of cameras begin going off as Callie parades around the ring holding up the Elite Openweight Championship - a smile on her face like never before. She glances at the title every few seconds, unable to believe that the title is actually her own. She is the champion. Callie goes to every corner of the ring and holds the belt up high in the air as Gabi cheers her sister on, yelling at the fans to shout their mouths and show respect. Finally, after going to every corner of the ring, Callie looks up the entrance ramp and sees Batti looking heartbroken as she limps away in defeat. Callie laughs and makes an ‘L’ shape with her fingers and places it on her forehead.

    Cohen: We said about halfway through that this could be the beginning of an epic saga between these two women. You know what, CC? I reckon that is correct. I doubt this will be the last time we see these two women wrestle and if that was the first match, can you imagine the second?

    Connor: History has been made tonight. Callie Clark has become the new Elite Openweight Champion in a fantastic match. How will Batti recover and what does this mean for Gold Rush? From the hurt of a loss last week to the celebration of victory, Callie Clark has left her mark in the history books of WZCW. Thank you for joining us, goodnight everybody!

    Callie and Gabi hug once more in the middle of the ring, then Gabi lifts her sister up onto her shoulders and Callie holds the title proudly. The show comes to an end with a shot of Callie Clark, holding the Elite Openweight Championship, upon her sister’s shoulders.
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    Batti versus Callie Clark (Elite Championship) - Prophet
    GR 2 - Eve Taylor versus Matt Tastic - Jeff
    GR 2 - Tony Mancini versus Constantine - Lee
    Flex Mussel versus Wren - Dagger
    Vox versus Obi Okafor versus Bandit versus Logan McAllister versus Randy Studd - KJ
    Segments - Prophet, Lee & Falkon


    Gold Rush 2017
    *Matches to be announced*

    Confirmed matches:

    WZCW World Heavyweight Championship
    Justin Cooper (c) versus Flex Mussel

    WZCW Eurasian Championship
    Best 2 out of 3 Falls Match
    Titus Avison (c) versus Wren

    WZCW Mayhem Championship
    Tyrone Blades (c) versus Randy Studd

    Gold Rush Tournament Final
    TBA versus TBA

    Singles Match
    Mark Keaton versus Matt Tastic
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