Unscripted: Callie Clark (c) vs. Matt Tastic [Elite Openweight Championship]

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    It is young versus old when the WZCW Elite Openweight Championship goes on the line at Unscripted. Callie Clark has been very outspoken about the use of weapons and hardcore elements in professional wrestling ever since the career ending injury to her sister, Gabi. Seeking a ban on all hardcore matches, known as Mayhem matches in WZCW, has put Callie on the wrong side of the fans and her opponent. Matt Tastic has worn the crown as Mayhem Champion more than anyone and at Unscripted will get the chance to add title to his long list of achievements. Can Callie Clark overcome the most decorated champion in WZCW history or will the new generation put an end to Matt Tastic?

    RP Deadline Tuesday 14th November 23:59 (Central).

    Extensions available upon request.
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    Note: Towards the end of my RP there is references to the TV show The 100, because Callie is cosplaying as a character from the show. I put the english translation right next to it so everybody can still know what she is saying. I just thought it'd be a cool way to show her getting into character.


    Backstage During Ascension 122:

    I couldn't believe it, everything was going so well. The stipulations were being announced for my title defense against Matt Tastic, Pure Rules, perfect! No weapons, no rule breaking, just me defending my championship. Iron Man? Okay sure going thirty minutes wouldn't be easy, especially against a hall of famer, but I could handle that and I wouldn't be at a total disadvantage. But then Becky announced that last stipulation, and instantly it struck fear into me, Mayhem Rules. They might put me in a Mayhem Rules Match, the match that ended my sisters career, and against a guy who clearly wants to hurt me, oh and he just so happens to be a multiple time Mayhem Champion and a hall of famer! Are you kidding me!? I had to talk to Becky, I had to convince her to choose a different third choice. I found Becky quickly backstage, and I was not about to let her get away with this.

    Callie: BECKY!!

    I stomped closer to her as she stopped walking, and slowly turned around to face me.

    Callie: You have to change that third voting option! Matt Tastic is just like these fans, sadistic and blood thirsty! I mean I didn't even do anything to him and he wants to hurt me!

    Becky didn't show much emotion as she listened to me talk, I didn't know what she was thinking, but clearly she wasn't thinking when she gave the fans a choice to vote for Mayhem Rules.

    Becky: First of all, I don't have to do anything, I'm your boss remember? Second, I gave you two options you would prefer, it's only fair I gave the fans an option that favors Tastic. I know you are against Mayhem Rules Matches after what happened to your sister, but it's only fair. Besides there's no guarantee that will be chosen.

    I rolled my eyes, how dare she act like she doesn't know what the fans are going to choose. I have my fans but most of these stupid fans are blood thirsty animals.

    Callie: Oh puh-lease! You know as well as I do that these people are haters and just wanna see me lose my championship! If they think Mayhem Rules is going to give Tastic the advantage that's what they're going to pick!

    I shook my head in disgust, I may have my loyal fans but there's still plenty of people who haven't seen the light and don't realize how great I am yet. Becky slowly nodded before beginning to speak again.

    Becky: Well, I will admit you're far from a fan favorite. But you do have your fans and you can always try to swing the odds in your favor by pushing your fans to vote for the match type you'd like to compete in most. But if I was you, I would be prepared for any of the three match types. Now if you'll excuse me I am a very busy woman and I have a show to run. Good luck Ms. Clark, I'll see you at Unscripted.

    Becky walked away before I could respond, rude. I can't believe she didn't see things my way, clearly she doesn't realize that without me as it's champion, Ascension would have terrible ratings and just be a much worse show in general. I guess I have to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

    Two Days Later: A Restaurant In New York

    I had time before I had to go to Toronto for Unscripted, so I flew to New York first to visit Gabi and Bates. I had already dropped Sid off with Bates, and now Gabi and I went to get lunch at our favorite restaurant in town. I did miss Gabi but the main reason I wanted to talk to her was to find out what it's like being in a Mayhem Rules Match. After all despite how much I've been pushing for Pure Rules on all my social media accounts, I know there's always a chance my fans get outvoted by the haters. We sat down at the table on the patio outside, taking a chance to enjoy the fall weather on a nice day.

    Callie: So how's the rehab coming along sis?

    Gabi: Pretty good, I mean I think I'm pretty much fully recovered but I don't have any desire to get back into a ring. At least not for a long time.

    I nodded in understanding, truthfully Gabi was never as big of a wrestling fan as me, and after the nasty injury she got who could blame her for not wanting to return? Unless maybe WZCW ends up listening to the smart fans who signed my petition and #BanTheMayhem.

    Callie: Yeah I hear you. Got any tips for me in case I end up having to defend my championship under Mayhem Rules?

    Gabi nodded as the waiter placed two glasses of water down on our table along with some bread before leaving.

    Gabi: Yeah, the biggest one being don't be afraid to grab a weapon and start swinging. Tastic is a 4 time Mayhem Champion and you know he'd go for weapons any chance he got. I know you want Pure Rules and I know you're getting your endurance up in case of an Iron Man Match, but you have to be prepared for the worst.

    I nodded in agreement, if the worst happens I won't be afraid to use weapons to my advantage. I can't be afraid to use them to my advantage.

    Callie: Oh I won't. I might not want that match type, but if it happens I have a lot of rage I would be happy to unleash on Tastic. Plus then finally I wouldn't get in trouble for a thumb to the eye or a low blow, and we both know I'm not afraid to do things like that. Whatever it takes to keep my championship, I'll do it.

    We both chuckled at that, as the waiter came back over and took our order. We both ordered the same thing, a chicken sandwich with curly fries, our favorite thing on the menu. After the waiter left we went back to our conversation.

    Callie: You know, I would've thought Tastic would be one of the first people lining up to sign my petition. I mean it was only a couple months ago that weapons ended the career of his bestie Mikey Stormrage.

    Gabi nods, before shrugging her shoulders at my statement.

    Gabi: Yeah I know, but that just proves he's a terrible friend.

    Callie: Yup, instead of signing my petition to help end what ended his friend's career, he'd rather try to end me and my title reign. And for what? Because I decided to show up on Meltdown and do commentary on his match?

    I shook my head.

    Callie: And then he calls me a bitch. Who does he think he is!? Does he not know who I am?

    Gabi: He thinks just because he's a hall of famer he can say and do whatever he wants, but I think you need to knock some humility into him. I've faced Tastic before and he's good, but I feel like he's going to overlook you and think because you haven't been around forever that you're an easy win, which means he'll be sloppy and you can take advantage of that to beat him.

    Callie: I agree, and this just isn't his show, he's lost at the last two Unscripted events and I'm gonna make sure that streak of his continues. Have you seen the way he's been acting about the match? It's like he doesn't care, or he's so confident he'll win that he's not even caring what match type the fans choose, or what I can do. Just because you've been in every match type known to man and have a hall of fame ring doesn't guarantee you victory, and I can't wait to leave him in shock as I pin him right in the middle of the ring.

    I grinned at the thought of it, beating Tastic would be huge for my career, and knocking the ego out of Tastic would be totes great. And I'd get everybody talking about me, well more than they already do.

    Callie: He might be the most decorated superstar in WZCW history, and he might be a hall of famer, but if he thinks I'm some punk rookie he can beat easily he has another thing coming. I think we can both agree I'm the fastest rising superstar that company has and as far as I'm concerned, Tastic is just some old has been that's getting by on his name and things he did in the past. What'd he do to earn the match against me? Call me names and beat a couple people?

    Gabi shrugged, she knew I was ranting and figured the quickest way to get it over was let me finish. Smart girl she is.

    Callie: Exactly! Like puh-lease, before I got my title match against Batti I had racked up win after win each week and only got pinned once! And you know how many times I've been pinned since winning this title?

    Gabi: You haven't!

    I nodded.

    Callie: Yup! I mean sure I "lost" my last two matches but I was just bored with fighting Ace Stevens or I could have hung around and pinned him. And the only reason I lost that tag match was because they forced me to team with a freaking loser from Boston! Everybody knows Boston and New York don't get along and he was dead weight, that's why HE lost.

    Gabi nodded in agreement, god it's nice talking to someone who sees things my way.

    Gabi: For sure I mean let's be real if I was teaming with you and not Logan, we would have wrecked Eve and Lynx that night. But at Unscripted you don't have to worry about anything but you being on your game and beating some respect into Tastic for the things he's said to you. And you know, avenge my past loss to him while you're at it.

    Gabi chuckled awkwardly, but she's right. Me beating Tastic would avenge her.

    Callie: Oh I know, and I plan to do just that sis. And after I beat him, maybe I'll force him to sign my petition, or better yet maybe everybody in charge of this company will take my petition more seriously and #BanTheMayhem once and for all.

    We both smiled at the thought of that as our lunch arrived at the table. It was good catching up with Gabi and getting some advice from her, I'm so glad she's been in the ring with Tastic and had a Mayhem Rules Match, makes her brain good for picking. But for now it's time to enjoy lunch and relax.

    The Next Day: The Clark's House

    I was sitting on the couch in front of the TV, watching Matt Tastic's match against Mark Keaton from Gold Rush and looking for any weaknesses I could find. Sid was laying next to me until Bates walked into the room and took a seat in a chair, taking a glance at the TV before turning back towards me.

    Bates: Studying the opponent eh?

    I nodded, and paused the video.

    Callie: Trying to look for weaknesses, sadly I've found nothing really.

    I sighed and frowned, it was frustrating knowing I didn't have a game plan for how to attack Tastic yet. It was even harder considering I had no idea what the match type was going to be. All I knew was I was going to have to bring out a more aggressive side of myself, that much was obvious.

    Callie: Did Gabi leave for her doctors appointment?

    Bates nodded.

    Bates: Yes, she just left. But I was wondering if there was anything I could do to help you?

    Callie: Uhh unless you know how I can beat Tastic and keep this baby,

    I picked up my Elite Openweight Championship off the cushion on the other side of me, I always keep it with me. A constant reminder of how far I've come and what I'm fighting for.

    Callie: Then no.

    I chuckled, as did Bates as he shook his head.

    Bates: Ah I think you're asking the wrong person for help there. You know, I don't think I've seen you put so much time into studying a opponent before, are you worried?

    I wasn't sure how to react, I hadn't thought about it but maybe I was worried. I hate how Bates is able to figure these things out before I do. I sighed as I answered him. I knew Tastic was good, and sure I was worried about a possible Mayhem Rules match, but overall? I didn't realize how worried I was.

    Callie: I guess I am. I know this is the biggest match of my career, and everybody thinks I'm going to lose. But I can't lose, I need to win this match.

    Bates nodded and raised his eyebrow at the last part of what I said.

    Bates: Why do you need to win? Just because your championship is on the line?

    I thought about it for a minute, was that all that mattered was keeping my championship? Sure it means a lot to me to have this, to be a champion is to be considered one of the best at that time. But as I was thinking about it, I realized it was more than that. This match wasn't just about the Elite Openweight Championship, or even me trying to get rid of hardcore wrestling. It was about something much more than either of those things. I hate when Bates makes me think about things differently, but somehow he has a way of doing that. Curse him.

    Callie: No, I need to win because if I do, it proves a lot. It proves I'm not just some rookie who got lucky and won a championship, it proves that I deserve to be a champion. And being a champion means everything to me, it's my ticket to the big matches, the top of the card, and super stardom in general. I need to keep this title, but I need to beat Tastic to prove I can, and prove I'm every bit as good as I say I am.

    Bates nodded again, speaking up quickly after that.

    Bates: It sounds like you have a lot of motivation going into this match. But I'm sure Matt Tastic will have the same motivation to beat you.

    I shook my head, truthfully after hearing everything Tastic has been saying I don't think he's nearly as motivated as me coming into this match. But then again why would he be? He gains nothing from beating me, besides the championship of course.

    Callie: No way. You know what being Elite Openweight Champion would mean to Tastic? Nothing. It would just be another championship on his resume, this is nothing but a prop to him.

    I looked at my championship, ever since I've won it I've been shutting the haters up and making everybody realize that Callie Clark is the definition of greatness.

    Callie: If Tastic beats me, it's exactly what people are expecting. The hall of famer beats the rookie, but if I win? Suddenly people realize that I'm not just a big mouth who can't walk the walk. I'll force them to admit that I am one of the best.

    I nodded and clutched the championship to my chest, and Bates took the chance to speak up.

    Bates: I understand, and I wish you the best of luck. I'll even make sure to vote for the Pure Rules Match for you.

    Before our conversation could continue, the doorbell rang. I jumped up and started walking to the door before Bates could, causing him to look surprised.

    Bates: Expecting someone?

    I shook my head before walking to the door, and taking the package from the delivery man. I closed the door and walked back into the room, ripping open the box and pulling out a mostly black, midlevel looking outfit.

    Callie: This is what I was expecting. It's my costume for Unscripted, I had to special order it.

    Bates looked confused, he didn't watch many of the shows and movies we did, so he wasn't sure what this was supposed to be. Seeing the look on his face, I grinned and let out a little chuckle. If only Gabi was here she'd know what it is. Oh well.

    Callie: I'll explain later, I'm gonna go make sure it fits.

    I took the clothing and quickly walked to my room, changing into the perfectly fitting outfit. I instantly felt more powerful as I walked into the bathroom, and grabbed the jar of black face paint off the counter, unscrewing the lid.

    Callie: Matt Tastic wants to hurt me? He wants my blood?

    I began applying the paint to my face, if I was going to go to war like I was fully expecting a match with Matt Tastic to be, I needed to put on my war paint.

    Callie: Then I guess jus drein, jus daun (blood must have blood).

    I finished applying the warpaint and looked at myself in the mirror, it looked good but something still felt off. I thought for a minute before realizing what it was, and grabbed a box of brown hair dye out of the cabinet, thankfully I always keep multiple colors of hair dye around in case I want to go all in on a costume.

    Callie: Tastic won't Live Mas after Unscripted, because after I beat him and leave him in shock, I'm going to make him bend the knee for the heda (queen) of WZCW.

    I opened the box of hair dye, and realized I should probably change before using it, I was nervous but confident at the same time for my title defense. It wasn't going to be easy, but I was going to give it everything I had in me. I had done all I could do to prepare for battle, and all I could do now was stay ready and wait. No matter what match type the fans choose, I was ready. It's time to beat Tastic and continue my quest to #BanTheMayhem.
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    Opening in an empty theather hall. All you can see are the lonely seats, fans that came to be entertained long gone from the last show to be seen. Theather. The original form of live entertainment. People flock to be amused by those talented enough to take a stand on stage. However this peculiar stage is weighed down today by live entertainment's most peculiar sub-genre. A ring stands on it. Representing professional wrestling. The long standing oddball of the entertainment world. Blurring the lines between fiction and reality. It is shunned for it's shameless exploitation of real life emotion through what many call "fake" combat. But make no mistake about it. Nothing "fake" exists between the lines. For every bodyslam, Suplex and Armbar, true anger, frustration and sorrow is seen as the best brush to paint in this 20 by 20 canvas. It is not easy to paint works of art on it for years. Let alone decades. Yet a few some have managed. And just like with many forms of art, one's works of art in between the ropes, is often a reflection of their souls.


    ============60 by 60: Matt Tastic============
    ==========Every Man Seeks Validation==========
    Directed by Robert Romero​

    Matt Tastic is a mere 3 months away from reaching 8 years in WZCW. While many others have wrestled for a lot longer, he holds the distinct honor of never seeing his profile in the "Released Wrestlers" section of the WZCW website. But despite a long list of accomplishments, he's also had a long history of ups and downs. To this very day, the man people call the most accomplished wrestler in WZCW still falls under criticism for shortcomings.
    Matt is seen walking slowly into the theater. He studies his surroundings before sitting on a director's chair. Surrounded by cameras as he's miked up.

    Robert Romero: Just to start things up, the obvious question has to be when it all started. When were you hooked on pro wrestling?

    Matt Tastic: As a kid. I was like, 10 maybe. I saw Bruiser Hanson fighting it out with like Carlos Savinovich on top of a f**king scaffold. There was just something that caught my eye about it. You know, growing up with limited resources around you, you sit down and watch all this fantastical stuff like Power Rangers, Dragon Ball, then you see a real life battle. Two larger than life characters. And one's trying to carve another one open. With, with a G**damn spoon! Haha. You know. It blew my mind.


    Titus: I remember the first time I saw him. He was this masked guy. Goofy mask too. I remember that because they weren't that many masked wrestlers, right away people were pointing at me. Or Red Mask. And it just lingered for like two years. Then we fought. But in those two years, he had a hilarious attitude about him. Acting like he was a big star. It wasn't the usual bragging either. It was along the lines of like a kid pointing at adults and screaming: "You'll see! One day I'm gonna be just as big, if not bigger than you!" He was confident to say the least.

    Romero: Do you think he was right?

    Titus: Was he right? I mean, I guess. His resume points to it. But I gotta ask. Is it a good thing that it took him so long to get to the top? I mean, believe it or not, most people would tell you he got here just by outlasting other people. Maybe that's a good thing in it's own merit. Maybe it says just how truly devoted he is to the business. But if you ask me, I feel he took too long given his level of talent.


    Chuck Myles: When Matt first came in, he was Mayhem Champion within weeks. Not only was he Mayhem Champion, he won it just before the biggest Pay-Per-View of the year. Kingdom Come II. So he had to be in a high profile match. ..........He lost the title. Like right away. And I remember just how badly in denial he was when lost it. Twice. In the same match. He kept insisting "oh, that means I have TWO rematch clauses." He would not shut up about it. In the end, we gave him two rematches. The second time he won the title back. Then promptly lost it again. You see today that selfish and kind of entitled streak loud and clear on television, but before then it was mostly implied.



    Matt: That I'm selfish and entitled? Haha. If that's what Titus said, I'm not gonna go out of my way to correct him. I never felt that way, but I guess that's how he see's me.

    Romero: What do you think caused this, I don't know, "entitled" attitude?

    Matt: I don't know, really. I never saw it that way. Maybe it's something about how I was raised. I remember as a kid, living first with my mother. Then with my dad. They'd always tell me how I had to be helpful. How if I wanted to get something, I had to earn it. Through hard work. Every day. I would do chores. I would do whatever they told me. Help with labor, name it. I helped. But when it came time for me to get help in return, I'd never get it. "Oh, you need to learn to be independent." "You can't keep depending on us." "We can't help you." Every day. Give. Give. Give. But no one ever let me take. Then I came to WZCW and I told myself I would not allow anybody to treat me the same way. I would not let myself be stepped over by other people. I mean, it wouldn't bother you if you're working for a while but its the newer toy in work getting all the benefits? The number of times it happened to me in WZCW.

    I mean think about it. You grow up your entire life being told you have to work hard. Hard work pays off. You have to work towards your reward. And then you wait and you wait and you wait. You're told over and over again, you have to work harder and harder and harder but they just keep making you jump through hoop after hoop. Don't you think that after a while, you would not get angry and demand what you feel is owed? I mean, I get it. I actually have to win matches if I want to win titles. But you know. I've developed that sense of aggression in me because of that.


    Granpa Tastic: His parents were separated. They did love him, but it was a case with him, coming from a lower middle class broken home. Both parents wanted to make sure he grew up responsable and independent. But in doing that, trying to teach him, they accidentally took advantage of him. They werent cooking. He was. They weren't doing laundry. He was. Then it started being bills. He was paying bills, rent and then it became a case about what has he getting in return for having to do all that? And the answer was being told he wasn't good enough "yet". And now he applies the same thing to wrestling. He's sick of hearing "yet".


    Tyrone Blades: One of the things that held Matt back so many times, probably had to be how he would forget that you had to perform at a certain level at all times if you want to win something. A title. A match. They aren't gifts given to you because you earn them. They're rewards you win at a moment's notice. You could work really really hard for one second. But then the next, you drop your focus and lose. Who do you blame for that? The company? For something that is 100% your own fault? How? But Matt would forget that. Often. He always leaned on his time here as reason. I mean, I get the frustration. I went through it too. I know that feeling of frustration, that you aren't getting what you deserve. But in pro wrestling, you don't get what you deserve. You have to take it. He remembers it now. I see him very focused now on winning his matches and he just happens to mention who he is.

    Romero: And what is he?

    Tyrone: An all-time great.


    Tyrone: But it's human nature. We learn lessons. We forget them. It happens. I just think it's funny its the same one with him.


    Mikey Stormrage: When Matt beat me for the Eurasian title I remember him apologizing to me. Saying that he wanted to be in my spot. He regretted taking the title. After a while, that same night, Live Mas basically came to be. It was a golden time for both of us. It made us be the top stars in all of wrestling. All the money. All the fame. But what mattered was that Matt and I finally were treated as the top wrestlers. Like we wanted. Matt, promised we would both get to the top together. And we did it. It was like he saw me and saw, I don't know, himself. And he didn't want me to fall behind because of him. But at the same time, when I beat him at Kingdom Come, I remember. He was REALLY frustrated. Even mad. Him saying that he did not want to lose his spot. But he would also tell me he was so happy for me. He always had that lingering sense of, I don't know. Jealousy? Envy? I wouldn't be able to name it. He wanted that top spot. To be seen as the best. And when he loses the sense that people see him that way, he gets mad.



    We cut to Matt walking around, outside of what looks like an abandoned building of sorts.

    Matt: It's kinda funny because I used to be like that. Pumping myself up. Trying to sound as high and mighty as I could. I wanted to measure up to the elite even though I was clearly outmatched. Eventually, it worked I guess. But up until a few days ago I was looking at my title match against Callie Clark as almost like a cake walk. I've never known what the hell that is, but I saw it easy. But the more I sit and talk about it, the more I kinda realize that fact. Me and this goofy little girl are very much alike. Just headstrong, brash. When she loses that title, she is gonna be very angry and will do anything to get it back or win something else. It's pretty clear, she craves that validation. I do too.


    Mark Keaton: Before I came to WZCW I saw Matt Tastic as kinda like this everyman who found success. The guy you look at when you sit and watch and you say "hey can do that too!". And I wanted to be like him. Then I did come in. And I wrestled against him. It was great.


    Constantine: When you look at all the wrestlers in WZCW, the characters I guess you could say, all had some sort of thing that made them larger than life. Titus is an actor, Ty was into the occult, I'm a politician and so on. He's not the first and he's not the last, but Matt Tastic has been the most outstanding wrestling with no real outstanding characteristic. I mean, he used to wear a mask. That's about it with him. And yet, look at all the stuff he wins.



    Mark Keaton: He was every bit as amazing as I thought he was. But he was clearly distracted. I don't know why.


    Mark Keaton: OK, maybe I know. But you'd think a guy after revenge would be more, I don't know, focused on revenge. He seemed off that night.


    Mikey Stormrage: So I got injured a few months ago and it happened to be the day he came back. In his mind, it was like it was his fault. He kept blaming himself. I had to talk to him because it wasn't a case of him getting all revenge hungry. It was like him being alone left him confused


    Constantine: For such an everyman, or whatever he was called, he's never been that social. Stormrage was really his only friend. He always kept to himself. Alone in a corner, playing his games or watching his shows. I kinda think that when he saw Mikey get injured he kinda figured he was alone.


    Matt: In a way, yeah. I guess. Mikey pulled me aside. He told me I was letting myself get lost, worrying about him. So I stopped. It seems to have worked. It had better work.


    Mikey: He was losing a lot. Then he took time off, saying he had to refreshing himself. He came back. He wasn't. It felt like he was worse. Just more lost than ever. I kinda figured it was because I wasn't around. I told him. You need to stop letting your wander. If you want something, you got to take it.


    Matt: So I started to take things seriously. Not letting anyone get ahead of me. Again. Like when I started. And now, I'm about to face Callie Clark for the Elite Openweight title. I held that thing for like, a heartbeat. I lost it so fast. It was an embarrassment.


    Not even a round and he lost it. It was hilarious. But that's just like him. One minute he's on top of everything. The next, he's on the ground, complaining about not getting opportunities.


    Matt: I'm gonna redeem myself. I have to.


    Keaton: Do I think he can beat Callie Clark? Sure. He's the most decorated wrestler in the whole company. He's capable of winning anything. I don't think the match rule matters. Hell, I think putting rules on the match is worse for Callie 'cause it lets him cheat more. He's a crafty one. Especially when he's got his head on straight.


    Titus: Pure Rules aren't that difficult as long as you follow the ref's instructions. If anything it would make Callie frustrated. That girl seems to have shorter temper than him.


    Tyrone: If it's Pure Rules, he'll figure out how to win. If it's Iron Man he'll do something crazy to win. If it's Mayhem, well that's just a silly idea. He just did that and he won.


    Constantine: On paper, this is a match he should win. Easily. Callie is a talented girl. But Matt is more talented. He's way more experienced. And he's also very unpredictable. Callie will have her day if she keeps it up. But in theory, it should not be at Unscripted. But it's all up to Matt Tastic to pull himself together. He seems to have it. All these weeks of flatout beating people. Frog Splashes through tables. Throwing people over things. He's in the zone. If he can stay in it, he wins.


    Mikey: I would so kick him in the d**k if he loses. Like really hard.

    Romero: You can't say that.

    Mikey: Well, I just did. Sorry.


    Matt returns to the ring, in the theater. This time, there are no chairs in it. No camera. He just paces in it. As we hear his voice.

    Matt: I've had a lot of ups and a lot of downs. I've made a lot of enemies and surprisingly enough, little friends. I love this business. I love it so much. It means everything to me. I don't picture myself doing anything else. But every single time I step through that curtain, I feel a pressure. That I have to prove myself. I have to validate myself. And what I did before, every title I won, every prize, even a Hall Of Fame plaque, they mean nothing if I go out there tomorrow and suffer a loss. I can never look myself in the mirror and say I'm great enough. I can't. I call myself scum instead. I think I'm worthless. So now, I go out and hurt people. I rage. I rage at myself. And tell myself that I am great. But I don't feel it. A title is validation to me.

    Matt drapes his arms over the ropes, panning to show the theater from afar.

    Matt: Is Callie talented? I mean she has to be. She won a title. Do I think I'm better? Well yeah. But how many times have I gone out there, say I'm the best, and then end up flat on my back wondering where it all went wrong? It's a vicious cycle. They bill it as "old vs new" but how exactly am I old? 7 years is that old? It's that long? I'm barely in my 30's and they talk about me like I'm gonna need a respirator or something. They miss the point. This isn't young vs old. It's the frantic vs the restless.

    We cut Matt in a recording studio, doing voice over. For this very scene.

    Matt: Callie, frantically begging people to eliminate Mayhem Rules matches. She misses the point. I'm way more than that. Meanwhile, I'm so good I got inducted into the Hall Of Fame, I haven't won a damn Pay-Per-View match IN YEARS. Gold Rush 2016. April 2016. The last time I held a title was October 2015. And I'm supposed to tell myself I'm the best? How the hell? How the fuck am I supposed to stand here and let that slide? I want that validation. I NEED that! I have to beat Callie Clark because otherwise, what in the fuck am I?!

    Romero: Matt, calm down now. I need you to watch the language.

    Matt: I don't care, Romero. Censor them. Find a way around the rules. Do something to make it work. Whatever the fuck you can. That's what I have to do. To make sense of what the fuck am I. I want to tell myself that I am the best. But how do I do that if I haven't won anything recently? If I'm just talk and no action? If I can't follow up? I have to do whatever it takes to take back control of my career, Goddammit.

    ???: MATT!!

    In the distance someone yells and comes in to the room as Romero tries to calm things down.

    Mikey: Fucking shit, man. You're not allowed to curse here.

    Matt: Fuck off. I already told him to bleep them out. It's cheap, short editing. For Christ sake we rented a theater and a ton of lamps for this. It can't be that hard.

    Mikey: Focus. Focus. It doesn't matter if it's hard or not. You. Have. To. Do. It. Forget other people. No one is working for you. You have to work for them. See. This is why you lose matches.

    Matt: How?

    Mikey: Because you start to think you deserve it. You think you deserve your words to be censored. You just said, you've gone so long without winning on PPV. Or a title. Why is that? You let yourself get frustrated. You think you're owed something. You're not. You gotta work for it. You don't get it yet? You work for it more. It takes too long? That's fine. Work more. When you finally achieve your goal, it'll be so much better. And if you think you're taking too long, look at your resume. The longest in WZCW. How did it get like that? Patience. Which you'll need if 30 minute Iron Match is picked. Inteligence. Which you're gonna need if Pure Rules is picked. And that sexy ferocity of yours if Mayhem is picked. Matt, you have the tools. You have to motivation. You have everything you need to go out there and break that streak of losses. And let the world know. Live Mas, man. Now, I think we should finish filming this thing.

    The two turn to Romero who looks on, exasperated. But then he just turns to a smile suddenly.

    Romero: Fuck it. I'm letting that in. That was too great.

    But, how's that supposed to be a documentary?

    Romero: Documentaries are people discussing a real life story, correct? I guess Matt is just gonna have to win.

    Mikey: Or be REALLY embarrassed.

    Matt: Fuck off. Lets go.

    Mikey: To win a title?

    Matt: No. To Taco Bell. I'm hungry. I'll Deliver Kickassery later.

    Mikey: Live Mas.

    Romero: I am so marking out, bro.

    ====== (c) Copyright Masacote Productions, WZCW, WrestleZone Ent.=====
    Thank you to all parties involved that allowed their self (character) for this production.
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