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    The camera spins around the arena as the opening theme music plays out loudly. Amongst the signs that can be seen in the crowd, the name of Titus seems to be the most prevalent. The fans are on their feet and almost rucous as the voice of Meltdown welcomes us.

    Copeland: Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, after what seems like forever away. My name is Sebastian Copeland and tonight I am joined by the one and only Jack Cohen. But more importantly, tonight, WZCW rocks up to one of the most iconic WZCW locations. The home of Titus Avison... It is, of course, Keystone City!

    Cohen: Absolutely right, Seabass! It is, invariably, going to be a huge night for WZCW and an edition fo Meltdown that no one is going to forget. The main event is a 6 man brawl that will shape the foundations of WZCW for a long time to come by the looks of it. Vis Imperium may finally get a taste of their own medicine as three Hall of Fame superstars team up in a huge 6-man tag match.

    Copeland: That and so much more, Jack. The Great Milenko makes his TV debut after a huge hiatus and so does Ace Stevens. It's going to be a big night, folks. Mar my words!

    The familiar echoes of John Constantine's entrance music catches everyone by surprise the golden lights that mark his entrance begin flickering. A huge wave of cheering meets the opening chords – an emotion that must still feel very alien to a man who has made a career out of being the bad guy. After a few seconds, Constantine finally makes his way out onto the ramp to a massive ovation from the Keystone natives. He allows a wide smile to appear on his face as he begins his walk towards the ring.

    Copeland: And what a huge way to start the night, folks. Let's not forget that, somehow, Constantine has managed to book himself into the main event of Unscripted in a few weeks time. The Heavyweight Championship will be on the line for probably the final time in Constantine's illustrious career. And his opponent? None other than the man who supplanted him as the leader of Vis Imperium – Justin Cooper.

    Cohen: He may be smiling tonight, Seabass. But wait until Unscripted when Constantine gets into the ring with the best Heavyweight Champion that this company has seen in years. A man who's legacy probably goes way above and beyond that of the Power Trip. He wont be smiling then!

    Constantine finishes his walk towards the ring and mounts the steps. In his traditional suit, Constantine cuts the figure of a man with the utmost confidence in himself. He offers the fans one final smile before picking up the microphone from the steel steps and getting into the ring.

    Constantine: I'm not out here to steal the show-

    Suddenly, a massive roar of approval from the Keystone natives drowns out the WZCW Hall of Fame superstars. So much so that he stops for a moment and allows a massive grin to creep across his features. After the noise settles a little, Constantine continues.

    Constantine: Like I said, I am not out here tonight in a vain attempt to steak the show from anyone. I am aware of the location of tonight's show and that the only person you really want to see has a EurAsian Championship strapped to his waist.

    Another massive roar greets the words of Constantine as he continues to pander to the baying audience. An audience that is lapping it up.

    Constantine: But it is worth me coming out here tonight and setting a few things straight. First of all, my retirement is coming at me very fast. In a few months time, it will be Kingdom Come – my final Kingdom Come. And with that, my final match will come too. I really hope that by that time, I have ticked off as many things on my WZCW bucket list as I possibly can. Winning the Lethal Lottery at the 6th time of asking would be nice. Winning the EurAsian Championship and being the man to finally beat Titus would be even better.

    Suddenly, a harsh boo meets the Power Trip for the first time in the night. Constantine simply smiles through the joke and keeps talking.

    Constantine: But the thing that is going to mean the most to me is driving a stake through the heart of Vis Imperium! For too long, the group that I created and spearheaded have run roughshod over this company and have held everyone down in the process. It is only now that I realise what I did to everyone else in the back and why no one will take my new persona seriously.

    Constantine stops for a moment, allowing the peak behind the curtain to really sink into the audience.

    Constantine: But when I finally get rid of Vis Imperium by beating Justin Cooper at Unscripted, people will realise that everything I ever did in my career was for the betterment of this company. All of the plots I have hatched and all of the schemes I have rendered have all been with the one goal in mind – to make WZCW the best wrestling product on the market. When I finally get rid of Vis Imperium and Justin Cooper from the perch they currently sit upon, I'll have accomplished that!

    Copeland: You know, I thought the Heavyweight Champion just might have something to say about that, Jack.

    Cohen: Well, what kind of Champion would he be if he just let someone like Constantine run him down to nothing? This is the kind of Champion that Justin Cooper is – willing to do the difficult things and stand on his own two feet. A Champion that all of these people can really be proud of.

    After a few seconds of relentless booing, Justin Cooper makes his first appearance at Meltdown, the Heavyweight Championship around his waist and a strange briefcase in his left hand. He offers a sly smile towards Constantine – who seems to be oddly happy that Cooper has appeared at all.

    Cooper: You know, John, you really have a nerve, don't you? You stroll out here to the adulation of these absolute buffoons like a new man. There is a big smile on your face and you say all of the right things to get a reaction from these fans. I've got to admit, I thought you better than simply pandering to the fans to try and get over. But, hey, I've been giving you more credit than you are due for the majority of your career.

    With that, Cooper bursts out laughing as Constantine continues to smile in the middle of the ring.

    Cooper: What's worse is that you try and be something new to all of these people – like that is going to interest them. But really, you're fooling no one. You're still the same old John Constantine under the new suit and the new smile. You act like you are a man of the people now, a trait that would probably have served you better if you'd have learned it when you were a politician. But you, more than most around here, should know that people are stupid – they always have been. They only hang onto the most entertaining thing and when the water hole is dried up, they simply move onto the next big thing.

    More booing meets the harsh words of the Heavyweight Champion but Cooper seems to care very little for the audience reaction – he is in the zone and only has eyes for the man he will face at Unscripted in a few weeks time.

    Cooper: But I am a true man of the people in that regard, John. I am going to give the people what they want and teach you a lesson in the process. The lesson that these fans might be cheering for you now but as soon as I am done with you – and you are lying in the middle of the ring at Unscripted, just hoping for your retirement to come even sooner and put you out of your misery – these people will move on. I AM THE KING OF ENTERTAINMENT!

    Cooper's sudden exclamation is a little lost amongst the feedback from the speakers in the arena. But the sick smile on the face of Cooper says everything the fans need to know.

    Cooper: That's why, on this very night, I am offering a bounty on your head, John. A $50,000 bounty in fact. A bounty that will be happily rewarded to the man or woman who finally puts you out of action and retires your sorry ass once and for all.

    True to the words of Cooper, the fans seem to be on high alert as the huge admission is made by the Heavyweight Champion.

    Cooper: The rules are simple, ladies and gentlemen, retire John Constantine and claim the bounty from the Heavyweight Champion!

    Copeland: Wow! What a huge announcement from- Wait a minute! What is going on behind Cooper?

    Cooper begins laughing but attention is drawn away from his massive announcement as the tron behind him flickers into life, revealing the face of Titus Avison! The fans in the arena are on their feet and cheering so loudly that the first few words of Titus' speech are completely lost amongst it. Hearing the reception from the fans backstage, Titus allows a smile to appear on his face.

    Titus: Guys, guys! Why are you two out there hashing the buzz of these great people in the first place? Don't you know that the people of this great city only came to see one man and you are looking at him!? Bounty, Championships, matches... They all pale in comparison to one thing, gentlemen! Titus back in his home city of Keystone, BABY!!

    With that, Cooper offers one final sick smile in the direction of Constantine before turning on his heels and exiting the stage. Titus offers the fans a massive smile as his music begins playing and the show goes to commercial
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first...

    Harrys: From The Dark Carnival, weighing 220 pounds, The Great Milenko!

    The music starts to the pulsing of black strobe lights. After a couple minutes with no sign of Milenko on the stage they stop, plunging the entire arena into darkness. The lights come back on and Milenko is standing in the middle of the ring, he has an evil look on his painted face, Harrys flinches as he wasn't expecting the evil clown to suddenly appear near him like that. The camera switches to a mother holding her hands protectively over a scared little girls eyes as the little girl is crying in fear.

    Copeland: What a scary sight here in Keystone, Jack! This Great Milenko has come along at a perfect time. The movie I.T is still fresh in theaters and scary clowns are on the conscience of all these fans. Look at him pacing around the ring, the man gives me goosebumps.

    Cohen: No kidding, I saw the movie just a few days ago and as much as I don't want to admit it, I jumped a few times Seasbass! What a scary film! But if you thought clowns were scary, wait until you see Batti's new entrance music! You won't be able to sleep for weeks!

    Harrys: And introducing his opponent.....

    Harrys: From Neo Japan, weighing in at 115 pounds...Batti!

    The crowds cheer loudly as a wave of beach balls fall from the ceiling and also from behind the titantron, rolling off of the stage and into the crowds. Batti emerges and kicks a few of the beach balls and waves enthusiastically to her fans. She runs and slides into the ring, headbanging to her music. She stops when she sees her opponent, she has a worried expression now and steps to an opposite corner to do some stretches.

    Copeland: For the love of Pete! What in the world was that? I'm trying hard not to laugh here!

    Cohen: I tried to warn you! That was a crazy entrance song wasn't it? Anyway, Batti looks a bit scared of The Great Milenko here tonight. It looks like this evil clown already has the psychological advantage before the match has even started.

    Copeland: Well, Batti has proven herself time and time again that she will not be underestimated in any match here in WZCW. Her performance in The 10th Anniversary Show speaks for itself. She qualified for the KFAD match by defeating Eve Taylor and Elite Openweight Champion, Callie Clark. Then she battled her way into the final two wrestlers in a completely brutal KFAD match and nearly won the whole thing!

    Referee Elizabeth Prince is finishing her final checks of both wrestlers for illegal objects, she waves her finger towards the timekeepers table...


    Batti reluctantly circles around the center of the ring with her hands up, ready to strike. Milenko has only taken one step towards the center of the ring, he stands silently, daring Batti to make the first move. Batti slaps Milenko in the face then jumps back. The evil clown barely flinches and stands his ground. He dares her to try that again and points to his own painted face. Batti points to her own face then leans in towards Milenko and dares him to slap her instead. He seems angered by this and shakes his head no, he points to his own face and yells to strike him. Batti looks to the fans and shows them the palm of her hand, they cheer and encourage her to do it. She's unsure and asks another section of fans by showing them her palm, they react even louder for her to act. She nods her head and walks towards Milenko, she reaches back and strikes.....

    But the lights go out!

    They come on seconds later and Milenko is suddenly behind Batti! He grabs her by the back of the hair and delivers a vicious headbutt to the back of her head! She falls on her face hard, holding the back of her head.

    Copeland: Wow! I don't know what happened there, but he seemed to use some of his evil magic to get an early advantage!

    Milenko is stomping away on her back drops and elbow on her spine. He flips her over and grabs her hair, he punches her in the face over and over again until referee Prince intervenes and tells him to watch his closed fist strikes. The evil clown curses at her then drops another elbow on Batti. Milenko pulls Batti to her feet, he puts her head between his legs and lifts her up, he powerbombs her hard on the mat! He jumps down for the pin...


    Batti gets a shoulder up. Milenko grabs her in a headlock on the mat and squeezes as hard as he can. He positions her face on the canvas and starts rubbing her face in the mat. He suddenly stands up and looks startled, like somebody outside of the ring has just yelled at him. He drops to the canvas and rolls outside the ring. He kicks the steel steps out of the way and looks under the ring. He reaches under and retrieves the black crystal skull, he holds it close to his face and starts apologizing to it, he looks like he's ready to cry. Referee Prince checks on Batti then starts to count out Milenko.

    Cohen: I've seen a lot of weird characters in WZCW over the years Seabass! But THIS guy just might be the champion of Weirdsville! He's talking to a crystal skull and it looks like he's really upset about what the thing is saying to him!

    Copeland: If Milenko is not careful, he's going to find himself counted out here by talking to his imaginary friend!

    Milenko hears Prince call 8, he carefully places the crystal skull by the ringpost on the canvas and rolls back into the ring. As soon as he stands up, Batti rolls him up...1....2.... Milenko kicks out.

    He jumps and fires off a bicycle kick at Batti, she quickly dodges it and kicks him in the back of the knee, he wobbles, she kicks him in the thigh, then the side of the arm, then a slap, spinning slap combo into a bear hug! Milenko looks confused as she holds him tight, she hurls him across the ring with a belly to belly suplex! The crowds cheer as Batti kips up and jumps into a cat taunt, she acts like a cat, crawling around the ring, then up on the turnbuckle and screams MEOW to the fans! Milenko rolls to the corner and stares at the crystal skull again, he starts asking it questions with a pained expression on his face. Batti climbs down and rolls out of the ring, she searches under the ring and brings out Captain Claws! She holds up the black and white bear and the fans cheer for it. She rolls back into the ring. Milenko is standing by the corner, he has the crystal skull in his hands, the skull is facing Batti. She holds Captain Claws towards the evil clown and looks to the crowds for inspiration, they cheer loudly. She slowly puts the teddy bear down then steps back, Milenko does the same with the skull, the Crystal Skull and Captain Claws are facing each other in the center of the ring.

    Cohen: Referee Prince has to restore some order here Seabass! We have two inanimate objects about to square off with two loons awaiting the confrontation! We could be here all night!

    Copeland: I don't have any words right now Jack! I really don't!

    Referee Prince yells at both wrestlers to smarten up, she picks up Captain Claws and hands it to a member of the ringside crew, the fans boo as Batti protests. Prince picks up the Crystal Skull, Milenko viciously rips the skull out of her hands, he stumbles back and Batti rolls him up from behind..



    Harrys: The winner of this match, by pinfall, Batti!


    Milenko still has the cystal skull clutched in his hands as he rolls out of the ring, the same skull he refused to let go as he was getting pinned causing him to ultimately lose the match. Batti retrieves Captain Claws and climbs the turnbuckle to celebrate as her fans cheer. She raises his paw to acknowledge his victory as well.

    Copeland: Another victory by Batti here tonight! She overcame her fear quickly and vanquished this scary clown threat. In inuque fashion I might add!

    Cohen: It's clear who Prince was favoring in this match Seabass! She practically PUSHED Milenko into Batti, who rolled him up for the win! How can that even count!? It's a referee, wrestler combo for the win!

    Copeland:Well, maybe if The Great Milenko wasn't so crazy, he'd drop the skull and kick out of the pin attempt! He held on to the darn thing like it was a small child!

    Batti celebrates up the ramp, holding up Captain Claws to the cheering fans.
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    Backstage, we see a clearly focussed Tony Mancini walking down the corridors. He takes the towel from his left shoulder and rubs his sweaty brow with it before slinging back over his shoulder. Suddenly, he is confronted by a very familiar face in the world of WZCW – Everest. Tony has his guard up for a moment but a warm smile from the very first WZCW Hall of Fame superstar soon puts Tony at ease.

    Everest: Hey, Champ! I just wanted to come out here and tell you not to worry about what happens tonight. You know, one thing that being in this company has taught me is just how consistent you have to be to get to the very top. We'd all like to be like Titus and hold onto a title for 600 days. But, in reality, wins and losses are peaks and valleys. Take the rough with the smooth kid and you'll do fine.

    Tony lets a small smile appear on his face as Everest pats him on the shoulder.

    Mancini: Yeah, I'll try. Thanks a lot.

    Everest: Don't sweat it. Plus, you've got a huge match to look forward to against Titus very soon. Being out there against a former Champion tonight is gonna show you just what it is gonna take to get the better of Titus and end that reign of his. Learn from mistakes and keep moving on. Big things are happening for you...

    Suddenly, a few WZCW backstage staff run past Everest and Tony and down a nearby corridor. Everest shoots a confused look at Mancini before jogging down the corridor behind the multiple people. As the crowd begins to clear and the camera pushes through, the one and only Ace Stevens can be seen getting out of his car and stepping foot into a Meltdown for the first time in years. The roar from the fans inside the arena can be heard all the way backstage and it brings a smile to the veteran's features. Everyone is dying to meet the former Mayhem Champion, leaving Mancini alone some way down the corridor with a look of annoyance on his face.

    Mancini: Figures...

    With that, Mancini turns on his heels and begins walking down the corridor and away from the returning superstar.

    Copeland: Well, you seen it here first, folks. Ace Stevens is back on WZCW TV for his first match with the company in years. He faces a triple threat a little later on and one of his opponents just got a pep-talk from Everest. Can he take a win? We will find out very soon.
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    Elsewhere, we transition to a shot of a waterbed with red pillows in the shape of a heart scattered all over the place. The lighting is dim and a box of chocolates is opened on the bed.

    Studd: Hello ladies and girls, welcome to another edition of the hottest show in all of entertainment – the Love Shack.

    The camera pans out and reveals Randy Studd laying on the bed, wearing nothing but the WZCW Mayhem Championship.

    Studd: Take it in ladies, we have all the time in the world. Soak in your truest desires, imagine your wildest fantasies as I lay here, the greatest gift to billions of women around the world. Close your eyes and think about what it would be like to spend hours, days or even a lifetime here with me, Randy Studd, in the Love Shack.

    The waterbed moves around as Studd changes his position, ever so slowly so as not to reveal anything, and grabs a rose from behind a pillow. He begins rubbing it against his chest.

    Studd: Tonight, I have no time for a guest. A pity. I would so love to give one of you lovely ladies five minutes in the Love Shack but tonight my attention is turned to another woman. Yemrez Reqonic, a beast of a woman if ever I saw one. Hardly a delicate flower or worthy of my attention. Fear not, after tonight I’ll still be Mayhem Champion and I’ll have all the time in the world to pick out the finest ladies in the world to bring back to my Love Shack.

    Suddenly, the lights come on fully and Studd looks startled as Yemrez storms into the shot!

    Reqonic: You are a disgusting man, I say! Look at the way you disgrace the WZCW Mayhem Championship. You are no champion, Studd!

    Studd: Get out of here, pig! Animals like you do not belong in my fortress of love making!

    Reqonic’s face turns to rage as she begins to shake.

    Reqonic: You don’t know the meaning of the word love. You love nothing but yourself, Studd. That title is disgraced so long as you hold it and after tonight you will hold it no more!

    Studd: Oh, is that right?

    In a quick burst, Studd leaps off the waterbed and tackles Yemrez with a hard clothesline. They begin fighting all over the Love Shack (thankfully Studd’s title belt is clipped tightly and doesn’t reveal anything). A punch from Yemrez knocks Studd over the bed, she picks up the box of chocolates and forces some of them into his mouth.

    Reqonic: Argh!

    Studd bites down hard on Yemrez’s fingers. Security rushes onto the scene and pulls the two of them away from each other. Studd spits out the chocolates and tries to attack the challenger once more but the security keeps him under control. Across the room, Yemrez is still trying to get at Studd however security has her locked down also.

    Cohen: I cannot wait to see these two go at it again, Seabass!

    Copeland: The WZCW Mayhem Championship is on the line when Randy Studd defends his newly won crown against Yemrez Reqonic. It’ll be pure chaos if this was anything to go by, stay turned for that match later on in the evening.
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    Harrys: This triple threat bout is scheduled for a single fall…


    The lights go out as Imagine Dragons' Radioactive plays. The monsterous figure slowly walks his way to the entrance and a spotlight dims on him. Around 0:29, the lights come back on and he slowly walks his walk to the ring; all eyes focused on the ring. He glares at someone at the audience and then enters the ring, around 0:57, he puts a fist on his right hand as to simulate an atomic weapon; he turns to his opponent and does the same thing to him.

    Harrys: Introducing first from The Pentagon, weighing 308 pounds, War Zone!


    Ace waits for the opening bars and comes through the curtain as the beat kicks in. As he walks toward the ring, Ace struts, adjusts his hair, jacket, slaps five with some fans and just generally tries to look as cool as possible.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from Brooklyn, New York, weighing 228 pounds, Ace Stevens!


    Xaitlyn comes out first to no music. She stands their listening to the cheers from the fans that remember her time as an active competitor. After about 15 seconds Aive by P.O.D. hits PA system and Tony Mancini walks out to cheers from the audience. Tony walks to the ring with Xaitlyn at his side. He listens to the majority of fans cheer for him while there are still a few boos (these reduce over time). He high fives some fans as he walks down the ramp. He climbs into the ring while Xaitlyn stays on the outside. He takes off the Cornicello Charm his mother gave him, kisses it for luck and hands it to a ringside worker. As he waits for his opponent he kneels in the corner and with his head on the middle turnbuckle says a small prayer before every match. If he comes out second he talks to the ref and asks them to wait before starting the match and then says his prayer.

    Harrys: Introducing first from Yonkers, NY being accompanied to the ring by Xaitlyn Serpiente, weighing 275 pounds...The Italian Stallion, Tony Mancini!

    The referee checks all three men and before calling for the bell…

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    Stevens and Mancini turn to stare down the much larger War Zone. The giant screams at both men, as they decide to double team the huge man. War Zone displays his monstrous strength by shoving both men back at the same time. He runs forward and knocks both men down with a massive clothesline. He lifts the smaller Stevens off the mat and drives him back first into the ring post. He stomps away, but is quickly cut off by a clubbing blow from behind. He turns and is caught by a right hand as Mancini gets in his face. He ducks a clothesline, as Ace Stevens flies out of the corner and nails the monster with a forearm shot the face. Mancini quickly takes him to the mat with a running bulldog. Ace Stevens plays to the crowd a bit, before grabbing a recovering War Zone. He and Mancini whip the giant off the ropes and deliver a double dropkick, sending the huge man to the mat. Realizing that he’s at a disadvantage, War Zone rolls out of the ring to shake the cob webs loose.

    Copeland: Tony Mancini and Ace Stevens showing some solid teamwork against the monster here.

    Cohen: And War Zone showing that he’s not just all brawn with that decision to retreat.

    Mancini and Stevens circle each other before locking up. Stevens quickly takes the larger man to the ground and gets behind with a rear chin lock. Mancini reverses the hold into a hammerlock, but Stevens counters and wrenches Tony’s arm before flipping him over with a snapmare. He reapplies the chin lock, pulling back on Tony’s neck, while forcing his left knee into his back. Tony grunts in pain, and starts to get to his knees. He stands and pushes Ace’s body towards the ropes. Ace rebounds off the ropes and runs to the other side, as Mancini drops to his stomach. Ace jumps over him and rebounds off the other side. Tony tries to catch him coming off the ropes, but Stevens meets him with facebreaker knee smash. He follows that up with a lifting DDT. But before he can follow up, War Zone drags him out of the ring. The big man whips Ace straight into the steel steps.

    Copeland: War Zone just sent Ace flying into the steel stairs! The impact of flesh on metal is almost enough to make your skin crawl.

    Cohen: There’s no DQ’s in a triple threat, Seabass. Who knows what that monster might do now.

    War Zone enters the ring to turn his sights on Mancini, but the Italian is waiting for him. He starts to rain down on the giant with hammer fist punches, but the big man swats him away. He whips Tony off the ropes and nails him with a big boot to the face. He picks him up off the mat and delivers a running powerslam. He goes for a cover…



    But Tony kicks out. War Zone lifts him up and whips him into the corner. He sizes him up and runs, but Tony counters by sticking his boot out and kicking the giant in the face. War Zone rushes him again, but Mancini counters with an elbow this time. He grabs the big guy and positions him for a suplex. Tony tries to take him over, but doesn’t have enough leverage, and War Zone counters. He lifts Tony for a suplex of his own, but Tony floats over and lands behind him, dropping the monster with a DDT. He goes for a quick cover….



    But War Zone kicks out. Tony tries to lift him to his feet, but Ace Stevens rolls back into the ring and kicks Mancini in the side of the head, sending him tumbling from the ring. He measures War Zone and knees him in the side of the head, sending him back down to the canvas. He climbs to the top turnbuckle and slicks his hair back before leaping off and delivering an elbow drop straight to the giant’s heart. He makes a cover…



    But it isn’t enough. Tony rolls back in the ring and knees Ace in the gut as he gets to his feet. He delivers a gutwrench suplex and turns his attention towards War Zone as the monster stirs. Mancini kicks him in the stomach and takes the big man up and over with a powerful looking vertical suplex. He drops down and applies a headlock, but finds he can’t keep War Zone down for long. The giant stands and throws him off into the ropes. He then grabs and plants Tony with a sit out spinebuster. Before he can capitalize, Ace Stevens is in his face, nailing the big man with chops and forearm blows to the chest. War Zone grabs the smaller man and throws him off, but he rebounds and hits a European uppercut. War Zone stumbles back, slightly stunned until Mancini floors him with a hard-hitting lariat. He turns and walks right into a snap scoop powerslam from Stevens, who makes a cover…



    But Tony kicks out.

    Copeland: What a fast-paced match. This could be anyone’s victory.

    Cohen: All you need is one shot, Seabass. One shot to win it all.

    Stevens tries to lift Mancini to his feet, but finds himself being pummeled by the now recovered War Zone. The monster grabs Stevens and whips him hard into the opposite corner. He hits the turnbuckle hard and falls to the mat in a heap. War Zone yells, and lifts Mancini, but he counters and hits a side walk slam on the big man. He makes a cover…



    But Ace breaks it up. He and Mancini begin to slug things out with punches and forearm smashes. Ace begins to get the upper hand, and unleashes a flurry of strikes to Mancini’s chest. He runs and rebounds off the ropes, but Tony catches him in a bearhug. He squeezes the smaller man’s ribs with all the force he can muster, but he doesn’t have the hold locked in for long as War Zone forces him to break it with a big boot. The force sending him crumbling to the canvas. Ace grabs his back, and with a primal yell he delivers the Punchline, a spinning elbow smash, to War Zone’s face, but it isn’t enough to drop him. Stevens measures him and delivers another Punchline. This time making the cover.




    Harrys: Here is your winner of the bout, Ace Stevens.

    Copeland: What a match. Ace Stevens won in the clutch with not one, but two Punchline’s to topple the mighty War Zone.

    Cohen: Tony Mancini also had a great showing tonight, too. Displaying his power on several occasions, but it wasn’t enough to secure him the win.

    Mancini roles out of the ring, as Xaitlyn comforts him at ringside, as Ace Stevens plays to the crowd, celebrating his hard fought victory.
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome… Titus!


    The applause from the crowd is unmatched compared to anything we have heard in recent history as Titus emerges onto the stage with the WZCW Eurasian Championship around his waist. His old theme can just be heard among the cheers. Many fans in the arena hold up signs celebrating the return of their favourite son and Titus can’t help but crack a huge smile.

    Copeland: Listen to this ovation from this crowd here tonight. They are standing on their feet for the return of Titus to Keystone City. He has been one of the most hated superstars we’ve ever seen during his reign as Eurasian Champion but tonight, in this place, he is the most beloved.

    Cohen: Home is where the heart is, Seabass! These people were never going to boo the man who put this city on the map. He is the heart of this city. A true icon of their history and tonight he is back.

    As Titus walks down the ramp with a smile on his face he starts flipping the crowd off. This only makes them cheer louder.

    Copeland: Why would they cheer that?

    Cohen: In Keystone it means Peace among worlds!

    Standing inside the ring now, Titus unclips the Eurasian Championship and places it on his shoulder. His eyes scan the arena, fans still all standing and cheering their hero. Titus begins walk around the ring, slowly going from turnbuckle to turnbuckle, climbing up and doing his trademark ‘point’ towards the fans. Thereafter, Titus is handed a microphone and takes the centre of the ring.

    Titus: Some say I made my name in Hollywood, others say I did it on the big screen and another group will argue that my name was made in WZCW. Well, I’m here to tell you that they would all be wrong. I never made my name in those places because my name was already made, my name was, is and has always been made in this city! My city – Keystone City and I’m back… home!

    Huge roar from the crowd and they begin to chant “Welcome Home” at their living legend.

    Titus: It’s been a wild reign as Eurasian Champion and during this entire time I haven’t heard a reaction like that. It’s been years since a building full of people has cheered when I’ve made that walk to the ring. For a moment, I forgot what it was like but tonight, I got it back ten times over.

    More cheers from the audience.

    Titus: I wanted to address something that has happened lately. In fact, it’s the whole reason I bring up where people say I was made. I wasn’t made in WZCW. No, I made WZCW. Through the battles with the likes of Vengeance and Everest. I put this company on my back and I dragged it back from the dead and made it the global powerhouse that it is today. I have given so much to this company and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let some punks like Vis Imperium burn it to the freaking ground!

    The Eurasian Champion looks into the hard camera, his finger pointed and his jaw tight.

    Titus: Vis Imperium, listen up, you don’t get to run around and ruin what I spent years creating. I may not get on with many of the other competitors in the back but they have fought this battle as best they can. People who have been in this company months have picked up the fight against Vis Imperium while I’ve sat back. That ends now! I will not allow WZCW to die under the reign of Mr. Banks and Vis Imperium. For the most part they’ve left me alone, I know that’s all over know, I know that the moment I took that mask off at the anniversary show and stood by Tyrone Blades that my professional career was changed forever. Well, bring it on! I’m not backing down. WZCW will not fall to Vis Imperium so long as I’ve got an ounce of strength left in my body!


    The music causes the crowd to jump to their feet and begin looking around the arena with intrigue. Titus looks a little flustered as he begins searching for the incoming storm. Amongst the crowd, Tyrone Blades appears and he jumps the barricade before sliding into the ring.

    Cohen: He we go, Seabass! It’s Titus and Blades inside the same ring once again.

    Blades gets right up close to Titus and stares him down. Titus holds his ground and looks directly into the eyes of Blades, not wanting to appear weak. With his left hand, Blades grabs the microphone from Titus while holding a black baseball bat in his right hand. Slowly, Blades lifts the microphone up to his lips.

    Blades: It’s about damn time.

    Thud, the microphone is dropped and Blades shoves his shoulder into Titus as he walks straight past him and exits the ring. Titus looks over his shoulder as Blades jumps the barricade, opposite to the one he appeared from originally, and disappears into the crowd.

    Copeland: He didn’t say much but those were powerful words from Tyrone Blades. This battle between WZCW and Vis Imperium has reached a new level with Titus joining the fight. Blades, who has fought Mr. Banks since before Lethal Lottery, finally has some more support from the larger roster. The winds of change are coming, Jack.

    Cohen: I’m so disappointed in Titus! He could’ve stayed out of this entire mess. He said it himself, Vis Imperium had left him alone. They had no beef with Titus but now he has gone and stuck his nose where it doesn’t belong. You say it, Blades isn’t even appreciative of Titus’ defection to the rebel side.

    Copeland: I think that has more to do with Blades not being someone who gets on his hands and knees to say thank you. He has been fighting this war for months by himself and only now that there is a serious threat has Titus come to the aid of WZCW. I think that Blades is thankful but he has been waiting for reinforcements for months.

    Cohen: Titus has made a huge mistake, in my opinion. He should’ve never sided with Blades and Constantine. I fear that his historic title reign is nearing an end, Seabass.
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    *Ding Ding Ding*

    The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WZCW Mayhem Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, from Tallinn, Estonia, she is "Ms. Unorthodox", Yemrez Reqonic!!

    The challenger makes her way down the aisle, holding the Estonia flag high and proud, ready to make her country proud. She high fives fans as she reaches ringside and enters the ring.

    Copeland: She's been close several times to a breakthrough, but tonight could very well be the night she reaches that pinnacle and walks out with Championship gold. Mayhem title on the line here.


    Her opponent, residing in Venice, Italy weighing 240 pounds, he is the current reigning and defending WZCW Mayhem Champion, "The Ladies Man", Randy Studd!

    Randy makes his way out to the entrance where he stands and flexes his amazing, shiny muscles. He showcases his title before making his way down the aisle, one flex bicep as he walks down.

    Cohen:You say Yemrez could break out after months of trying to make a big impact. Well, this man here has done it. And it has opened a world of confidence for him which will help him retain tonight.

    Copeland: Lets just hope he doesn't become overconfident.

    Both contestants seem prepared as referee Keith Morse raises the prize in play in this match. Both competitors being surprisingly tranquil as the bell had already rung. Keith signals to start the match. The two circle each other, waiting for who makes the first move. Yemrez seems calm but Studd appears nervous. He's facing a female, after all. He can't resist and begins to show off. Posing as only he can. Yemrez stops to look and just decides to slap Randy straight out. Randy moves in but gets caught in a Headlock and is taken down to the mat, held to the canvas by the former Olympian. Studd does manage to shift weight and tries a cover. 1............ 2........- But Yemrez gets out of it quick and stays on the Headlock. This time seated though, Studd's able to turn around to try and break loose from the hold. Yemrez' grip is strong, obviously, but Studd has far larger body mass. He can't get loose, so instead he lifts her, still clutching to his head and charges her against the corner. Making her let go. Right there, he delivers a series of shoulder tackles to assert his control.

    Copeland: It will be a problem for the challenger if she has all this power but she's still stopped by someone half a foot taller and 100 lbs heavier.

    Cohen: It's the one flaw of intergender matches. And I don't mean this in the wrong way. But women tend to be a lot smaller than men. And Yemrez is in a match with a guy who loves tossing meat around.

    Copeland: ..........Come again?

    Yemrez collapses and Studd mounts her on his shoulders, stretching her with a Torture Rack, bending her across his neck as Keith Morse asks her if she wants to give up. But the answers is no as she struggles to get loose. Flailing around too much, Studd loses control and has to drop his opponent. To just brag about how easy it is to turn things around, he starts to showboat. Posing and blowing a kiss at his rival, Yemrez. She clutches her stretched back but looks more annoyed at the kiss than anything else. Studd continues posing, giving his back to his opponent which gives Yemrez the opening and clutches the Champion with a Victory Roll. 1.................. 2.............3-But Studd manages to get out of the hold, looking shocked that she took advantage. He turns around and is met with an oven pan to the head!

    Copeland:A grave mistake by Studd, giving his back to his opponent. That will cost him the title if he does that again.

    Cohen:Surprisingly, I agree. That was scary there. Where did she get that from?

    Yemrez puts the pan on Studds face and starts to stomp away on it with great anger as Studd tries to cover himself up. He rolls out of the ring to get away, covering his face as the fans heckle him over the barricade. Yemrez doesn't let him go and gives chase. She takes a swing but Studd manages to duck and the pan hits the ringpost, the impact making Yemrez drop the now bent object. Yemrez still chases after Studd who tries to hide under the ring. Yemrez grabs the leg but he gets away and scurries under. Yemrez tucks under to try and see. She can't find anything but opts to grab an object. Pulling out a set of steel chairs and carrying one. She waits for Studd to pop his head from under the ring. He does. But she's in the opposite side. She runs over but Studd gets back under. Yemrez is exasperated with this. She rolls in the ring and starts smashing the chair against the canvas as hard as possible. The slamming freaks Studd out who bolts out from under due do the hard sounds and the bouncing ceiling over him. Yemrez slides the chair through the canvas, which hits Studd right in the ribs. She runs toward him and jumps off the apron with a Cross Body. She gets pumped with the crowd cheering on and tosses Studd back into the ring.

    Cohen: Studd, focus! You have to focus!

    Copeland:Randy Studd has been unable to catch his breath since being hit with a pan. Yemrez has let her frustration towards this womanizer drive her and not give him any break whatsoever.

    Yemrez throws a series of kicks to weaken Studd, following it up with a Corkscrew Neckbreaker. She hits a couple of footstomps and picks up Studd, on her shoulders. She hits the Rolling Slam and hits it with a Moonsault for the Eerie Blitz. She makes the cover. 1.......... 2............ 3-But Studd kicks out. She goes to the top rope and measures for the Upshot. She jumps but in plain jump, Studd pulls something out of his trunks and blows what looks like dirt across her face, stopping her as she crashes to the mat. He applies the Studd Muffler. Yemrez has no choice, unable to see and her being stretched. She taps out.

    Here is your winner and still the WZCW Mayhem Champion, Randy Studd!!

    She had him on the ropes for most of the match. I'd say it was dirty what he did, actually, it was pretty dirty what he did. But it was legal.

    Cohen: Oh, I get it. Because it was dirt. Well, those are the rules of the match. Yemrez got too caught up in getting to him, she left herself open.

    Studd clutches his title, not bothering with having his hand raised, instead checking on his face. Meanwhile Yemrez is beside herself having lost.
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    Backstage, we find Mark Keaton and Xander LeBelle standing in the interview area with Leon Kensworth. The veteran interviewer begins to speak but is cut off as Keaton places his hand over the microphone and slowly removes it from the grasp of Leon.

    Keaton: You will not be needed tonight, Leon. Please, find yourself a place to the side and watch as two of the greatest athletes in the world deliver and sermon equal to that of the greatest saviour himself!

    LeBelle: The saviour who has been sent to cleanse the world of its sins and tonight we will stand beside him against three of the most vile, pathetic, washed up losers that this company has to offer. We speak of course about our leader, the greatest of them all – Justin Cooper!

    Loud boos from the live audience.

    Keaton: We stand with him against three idiots who dare to challenge the most successful stable in professional wrestling history. A stable created not by Constantine as he would have you believe but by the finest mind in all the land, Mr. Banks! Praise be to Mr. Banks for he is the man who allows us to be standing here tonight. If not for him than none of this would exist anymore.

    LeBelle: Tonight, we put an end to three of the biggest doubters of Vis Imperium. They doubt our strength but tonight they will all feel it. From the false creator, Constantine – to the likes of the rebel Tyrone Blades. They will all feel just how dominant Vis Imperium can be and they will recognize that nobody in WZCW can stop us!

    With an arrogant smirk, Keaton pulls out a red mask from his back pocket.

    Keaton: Even your own Titus will face the full wrath of Vis Imperium. He thinks that this is his company and he must defend it? This isn’t your company, Titus. It belongs to Vis Imperium! We are WZCW and anybody who doesn’t like it can get the hell out! We run this world now, Titus. You are yesterday’s news and it’s time for you to understand that fact.

    LeBelle and Keaton stand together as they peer into the camera.

    LeBelle: This isn’t a war between WZCW and Vis Imperium. We won that a long time ago. This is nothing more than a waste of time and anybody who thinks about joining these three fools would be advised to think again. We will not forget those who stand with us but we will never forgive those who draw up arms against us. Think carefully, what side do you want to be on when the dust settles and Vis Imperium reigns supreme?

    The camera fades to black as Keaton rips the red mask to pieces and the camera pans down to the floor, zooming in on the bits and pieces that lay at their feet.

    Copeland: Strong words for Vis Imperium and they'll need that attitude because coming up next is a huge main event. It's the team of three Hall of Famers; Constantine, Titus and Tyrone Blades versus Vis Imperium.

    Cohen: That match is live next on Meltdown!
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    Copeland: Well, ladies and gentlemen, this ought to be something of a special match indeed. This type of match could easily be reserved for the main event of Kingdom Come but it seems like a special night here in Keystone. Truthfully, a special night deserves a special main event and what a blockbuster it ought to be.

    Cohen: Exactly, Seabass! Tonight is the first night that Vis Imperium, in their totality, get to lock horns with the three men who would seek to destroy them. But in reality, I'm sure Constantine, Blades and Titus are going to find out what it is really like when the full force of Mr Banks and Vis Imperium comes crashing down upon your head. I can't wait!

    Harrys: This match is a 6-man tag team match and is scheduled for one fall!

    Despite the earlier roasting of the crowd in the arena, most of the fans are still on their feet for the introduction of the man who put the city on every map conceivable. It is definitely more of a mixed reaction for the EurAsian Champion but he seems to care very little indeed as he makes his appearance through the curtain; laughing at anyone who would dare boo him.

    Harrys: Introducing first, weighing in at 225 pounds and hailing from KEYSTONE CITY... The EurAsian Champion... TITUS!!

    Copeland: At the start of tonight, these fans wanted so badly to see Titus and what they had been missing for so long. But after what happened earlier, I'm not so sure that everyone is singing off the same hymn sheet any more, Jack.

    Cohen: Who cares, Seabass?! This man has held that EurAsian Championship longer than anyone has held any Championship in WZCW. He didn't need the fans to get him there. Titus Avison is one of the greatest superstars to ever lace a pair of boots and the fans will have to make their peace with that, regardless of whether they want to cheer him or boo him.

    Titus continues to make his way down to the ring, laughing all the while as the heat on him intensifies. As he reaches the bottom of the ramp, he rolls under the bottom rope and makes a dash for the far turn-buckle. He raises the EurAsian Championship high above his head as his award winning smile begins to appear on his features.

    After a few seconds of waiting, the camera finally finds Blades amongst the crowd. People clamour to get next to him but he cuts the figure of a man with only one thing on his mind. With his bat slung over his shoulder, he barges through the crowd towards the ring. The crowd are firmly behind the man formerly known as Ty Burna but he, too, seems to care very little about their reaction to him.

    Harrys: And now his tag team partners. Introducing first, weighing in at 225 pounds... TYRONE BLADES!!

    Copeland: Here is a man who has waited so long to share a ring with Vis Imperium, Jack. It seems as though Tyrone Blades has been fighting against VI since their inception almost and, you would think, he is dying to get in the ring with them and get his hands around their necks once and for all?

    Cohen: Ha! He can try! He hasn't been able to put them away in all this time so I doubt he has got the right stuff anyway, Seabass. At least tonight he will get to see what a real Champion looks like when he shares the ring with Justin Cooper.

    Blades struts towards the security barrier before effortlessly hopping over it and looking around the arena. The fans in the arena are very much behind him and, for the first time, it seems as though Blades is recognising that. He holds his bat up in the air as he pulls the bandanna from his face. The fans give one final cheer as he makes his way up the steps and into the ring. The lights darken in the arena one more time.

    The crowd continue to cheer loudly as the final member of the team's music begins rocking through the speakers. The lights dance as they usually do but there seems to be no sign of The Power Trip anywhere. Blades and Titus share a concerned look as time drags on without sight of the number one contender to the Heavyweight Championship. Suddenly, the music stops and the tron at the top of the stage shows a harrowing scene.

    Copeland: What the Hell is going on back there!?

    There is an audible gasp of shock as the scene backstage is shown to be unfolding. On the screen, Constantine is shown being whipped into a metal shutter that sends him crashing to the stone floor. The camera widens to show none other than Logan McAllister standing over The Power Trip. McAllister has a look of focussed intent on his face as he goes over to Constantine and begins peppering him with stiff kicks and stomps to his head and body. After at least a dozen kicks, Logan begins walking away from Constantine and picks up a nearby chair from under a wooden table. He folds it up and then hoists it above his head. Suddenly though, Constantine runs at him and spears him to the floor. The roar of approval in the audience is hear backstage as both men lie motionless on the floor. But it is Constantine who begins moving first. He gets to one knee and grabs McAllister by the hair. Constantine pulls McAllister towards him but doesn't notice that Logan has grabbed the chair once more. Logan nails The Power Trip with a shot to the gut with the metallic instrument of destruction before smashing him over the head with it! Constantine immediately begins to bleed as he lies motionless on the floor.

    Copeland: No! This can't be happening!

    Cohen: Oh, it is, Seabass! How clever is Justin Cooper? I'm willing to bet that Logan McAllister thought of the life that $50,000 could provide his son and was willing to risk it all for a shot at the bounty on Constantine's head! There is no way that Constantine will be able to compete here tonight, that's for sure. The odds just got a massive swing in the favour of Vis Imperium!

    The tron suddenly changes from the shot of Constantine's motionless body to the entrance video of Vis Imperium. After a few seconds, all three members of VI make their way out onto the stage – an action that is met with the ire and hatred of the Keystone City locals. Noticeably, the face of Justin Cooper has a wide smile plastered all over it – an action that makes the hatred even more noticeable. Cooper raises a microphone to his mouth and begins speaking.

    Cooper: You honestly thought that we were going to come down there and face off against you three tonight? Christ! I knew that you were stupid, Ty. But I gave you far too much credit for intelligence.

    Cooper and the rest of Vis Imperium share a laugh amongst the relentless booing from the fans.

    Cooper: Not only did I end any hopes of this match taking place as previously stated, I have made sure that John is the most hated man on the WZCW roster. If Logan McAllister hasn't already claimed the bounty on his head, someone else will. Hell, I might just put a bounty on all of your heads and have the rest of the locker room do all the dirty work for us!

    Again, the members of Vis Imperium share a laugh at the expense of their opponents. Meanwhile, a look of the utmost rage is beginning to appear on the face of Tyrone Blades.

    Copeland: Yeah, very clever, Cooper. Why don't you get in the ring with Titus and Blades and see how much you are laughing then?

    Cooper: The sooner that you realise, gentlemen, that Vis Imperium are here to stay, the sooner that you will find that life becomes a little easier for you. Look at poor Johnny backstage. I'll bet he hates me right now for being one step ahead of him and showing him how the dirty work gets done. But in the back of his head, he is probably thanking his lucky stars that he doesn't have to be in that ring taking an even bigger beating tonight. Because I am always one step ahead of the curve, gentlemen. I will always be willing to do what it takes to hold onto this Championship and do the dirty work...

    Cooper stops for a moment before considering his next words.

    Cooper: But unlike Johnny backstage, you two aren't going to be so lucky to avoid a true beating!

    With that, Cooper gives the signal and the rest of Vis Imperium begin moving down the ramp. The booing inside the arena is drowning out everything else as Cooper continues to smile through the chaos. When they reach the ring, the three members of Vis Imperium break apart and surround the ring like hunters stalking their prey. Blades and Titus look absolutely fuming with how things have played out but their immediate emotion should be that of utmost concern. Cooper again gives a signal and all three men get onto the apron as an ominous and tense atmosphere sweeps the arena.

    Copeland: I don't like the look of this, Jack. Titus and Blades are going to find themselves in some real trouble right now if they can't find a way out of this situation...

    Cohen: There is no way out, Seabass! This has been coming for a long time and now it is time to pay the piper.

    As Cooper, LeBelle and Keaton get onto the apron, the booing intensifies even more. There is a beating coming for Blades and Titus, that much is obvious. But judging by the sick look on all three of Vis Imperium's faces, it could be something very damaging indeed. Cooper gives one final nod to his team as they begin making their way through the ropes. Titus and Blades brace themselves for the onslaught that is about to come until the lights go out and a very familiar theme begins playing to the crowd.

    The crowd can hardly believe it but the distraction from the theme music is enough for Titus and Blades to take their chance. They immediately pounce upon their opponents and start bombarding them with stiff punches and making them re-evaluate their choices. The fans in the arena are on their feet as Titus takes on Mark Keaton in one corner of the ring – leathering him with stiff shots and then mounting the turn-buckle and peppering him with even more punches to the face. In the opposite corner, Blades is alternating between LeBelle and Cooper with chops to the chest and punches to the face. LeBelle goes for a punch of his own but Blades manages to duck underneath his flailing arm and nail with with a beautiful lariat that takes him to the canvas. But just as it looks as though Blades and Titus are about to get the better of their opponents, the numbers game catches up to them. Cooper smashes Blades with the Heavyweight Championship to the back of the head. Titus notices that his tag team partner is in trouble and drops from the turn-buckle to go over and help him out. But Keaton seizes the opportunity and nails him with a double axe-handle to the back of his head. With both Titus and Blades now down on the canvas, Vis Imperium waste no time in beating them to a pulp.

    Copeland: Somebody stop this!

    Cohen: Who is going to come out here and stop this, Seabass? Vis Imperium are the iron fist of Mr Banks and Mr Banks is in control of this whole organisation. Blades and Titus wanted this, remember that! Now they are getting exactly what is coming to them.

    Copeland: They wanted an even match, Jack. Not an ambush!

    Blades and Titus are helpless to stop the onslaught from their opponents and, soon enough, the fight seems to leave them. The crowd, again, start booing as Cooper begins calling out his orders to the rest of his team. The camera pans in on Cooper, who seems to be salivating at the thought of finally putting Blades and Titus out of commission. Keaton hoists Titus onto his shoulder and LeBelle hits him with the BLANK CHEQUE! Cooper instructs both men to get back up and do the same to Blades, an action that Keaton and LeBelle oblige to without question. Keaton picks up Blades and, once again, hits an opponent with the BLANK CHEQUE!

    Copeland: Who is that?!

    The camera turns to reveal the stage, where a beaten and bloody Constantine is making his way down the ramp. In his hand, the same steel chair that struck him only minutes earlier can be seen. Through the crimson mask on his face, a look of sheer hatred can be seen on the face of the number one contender as he finally reaches the ring. The crowd come unglued as Constantine rolls under the bottom rope and nails Keaton with a shot to the gut with the chair. Keaton immediately rolls out of the ring and to some level of mercy. Next up, it is LeBelle who feels the weight of Constantine's rage – taking a shot to the back as he tries to leave the ring. He hits the canvas and rolls out too, leaving just Constantine and Cooper on their feet in the middle of the ring. The fans are on their feet and loving every moment as Cooper and Constantine come face to face finally. Suddenly, Blades and Titus begin getting back to their feet and the tide has finally turned. Cooper doesn't seem to be scared and instead is roaring vile hatred at his opponents as they begin to surround him.

    Copeland: YES! He is about to finally get what has been coming to him for a long time!

    Suddenly, two hands reach under the bottom rope and pull Cooper to the canvas – dragging him out of the ring just as Constantine swings the chair at his head. The crowd cannot believe it, Cooper has escaped unharmed after everything he did! Vis Imperium make a break for it around the ring and find themselves on the ramp. Cooper allows his sick smile to appear on his face again as he raises the Championship high above his head once more.

    Cohen: And as per usual, the Champion is one step ahead of the game, Seabass. Like him or not, Justin Cooper is a man of his word and he continues to be the most dangerous man on the roster.

    Copeland: Maybe so, Jack. But Justin Cooper's time will come, sooner or later. John Constantine, Titus and Blades may been one-upped here tonight but this feud is far from finished. These fans have been robbed of a tremendous main event here tonight and I am positive that Justin Cooper will eventually pay for that too. But that is all the time we have for tonight, folks. Tomorrow night on Ascension, the train to Unscripted rolls on. Join us then!

    The final shot of the night is the faces of Constantine, Blades and Titus. Their faces are full of rage as Cooper makes his way up the ramp unscathed.
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    Unscripted 2017
    *Matches to be announced*

    Confirmed matches:

    WZCW World Heavyweight Championship
    Justin Cooper (c) versus Constantine

    WZCW Mayhem Championship
    Randy Studd (c) versus Obi Okafor or Vox


    Titus Avison, Constantine, Tyrone Blades versus Vis Imperium (Cooper, Keaton & LeBelle) - Dave
    Randy Studd versus Yemrez Reqonic - Mayhem Championship - KJ
    War Zone versus Ace Stevens versus Anthony Mancini - Ech
    Milenko versus Batti - Jeff
    Segments - Dave, Prophet
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