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    Copeland: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Meltdown!

    After a few moments, the umber one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship makes his presence known to the fans packed inside of the Moda Centre in Portland; an immediate negative reaction his welcome. But Constantine seems completely uncaring about the reaction of the fans, a smile appearing on his face as he walks to one side of the stage and then the other; stretching out his arms in celebration of the event. With his trademarked deep blue suit on and red tie to boot, Constantine looks the part of the number one contender.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the number one contender to the WZCW Heavyweight Championship... The Power Trip, John Constantine!!

    Copeland: Well, there he is, ladies and gentlemen...

    Cohen: If Meltdown 128 goes on the way that it has started, Seabass, then we are all in for a genuine treat. This is the man who has promised everyone that he will leave tonight as World Heavyweight Champion. And I believe him.

    Copeland: We all know that Constantine is capable of anything, Jack. And with Dr Zeus seemingly on the next boat out of the WZCW harbour, it could very well happen right here and now. What a terrible night that would be.

    Constantine continues to smile as he begins heading down the ramp towards the ring. In the ring, a lush red carpet has been laid with a podium in the middle of it. On the podium, a drape covers a mysterious item. Constantine gives a few waves to the fans of Oregon as he finally reaches the bottom of the ramp. Grabbing a microphone from the metal steps and then climbing them, Constantine enters the ring with a flourish.

    Constantine: THANK YOU! THANK YOU ALL!

    The arrogant and putrid smile plastered across the features of the Power Trip is an immediate insult to everyone who has paid their money to see the show from ringside. Constantine offers a bow of his head as he begins pacing around the ring.

    Constantine: I always knew that the people of Oregon were smarter than the average Joe. And tonight, you have proved me right in that assumption...

    Copeland: Is he deaf? These people hate him.

    Constantine: Change, ladies and gentlemen, change is something that comes at a cost; you all know that better than most. And what're more important, I know that. In my time in WZCW, I have seen a lot of changes. I seen Ty Burna assume control of Meltdown and then be removed from power. I seen the coming and going of some of the best WZCW talents there have ever been. I have seen the rise and fall of the Mayhem Championship.

    A small cheer goes up for the mention of the Mayhem Championship.

    Constantine: Change can be painful for some. But change can be a powerful motivator for inspiring positive results. For instance, you will all remember my exquisite reign as Elite X Champion back in the day, right?

    Constantine beckons for answer; the same smug smile apparent on his features as he does.

    Cohen: What a run it was!

    Constantine: Of course you do. Management sent their best my way and, one by one, I dispatched them with ease. El Califa Dragon, Eve Taylor, Theron Daggershield, Aubrey Sloan; all of them fell victim to the ruthless aggression of a man who knew what he wanted to accomplish and, what's more, knew how to go about accomplishing it.

    The Power Trip pauses for a moment, probably silently contemplating the Elite X Championship run for what it was worth.

    Constantine: People have remarked that I am the greatest Elite X Champion of all time. I beat more wrestlers as Elite X Champion than anyone ever has or probably will. I held it for longer than anyone else, and what's more, I made it count for something. I am the only man who ran the Elite X Gauntlet and cashed it in for a bigger prize. Where many tried and failed, I was the ultimate success!

    The fans in the arena begin boing again as Constantine raises his voice in excitement.

    Constantine: But I knew that, sooner or later, I would have to give up the Elite X Championship. I knew that everything I had worked for would soon require that I hand off the Championship to someone who didn't deserve it. And that is exactly what happened. For me to go forth and take the biggest prize in this industry, I had to accept the change that was coming. I had to swallow a hard pill when I dropped the Elite X Championship...

    The tone of the Power Trip almost seems deflated as he continues, his eyes wondering as he considers his great loss.

    Constantine: But I was driven forward on the path to glory. Through that change, I knew that something bigger and better was coming my way. And soon enough, I had dethroned Matt Tastic and won the WZCW Heavyweight Championship!

    With that, Constantine whips the cover from the podium to reveal the actual WZCW Heavyweight Championship; the name of Dr Zeus seemingly removed from the brilliant gold surface. A huge gasp goes around the arena as Constantine allows a massive smile to appear on his face.

    Constantine: As I said, your reaction to me just proves how hurtful change can be. You're hurt that I ousted Doctor Zeus from this company and I get that. But you should be thankful. Thankful for the change that is coming to WZCW. Tonight, I will be awarded the WZCW Heavyweight Championship for a second time in my illustrious career.

    Copeland: WHAT!?

    Cohen: Yes!

    Constantine lets out a maniacal laugh as he runs his hand over the main plate of the Heavyweight Championship.

    Constantine: People of Oregon, rejoice! The worst part is over! Tonight, we move onto the future that I have promised you; glorious and without opposition. Keep in mind that change is scary but change is inevitable! It will help all of you swallow this a little easier...

    With that, Constantine drops the microphone and leaves the ring; the Championship waiting for him later in the show.

    Copeland: What a revelation from John Constantine, folks. So many questions and not a lot of answers. Tonight promises to be a huge show, no doubt about it. Welcome... To MELTDOWN 128!



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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Welcome back to Meltdown, ladies and gentlemen. It is the first match of the night after that major announcement by Constantine. New World Champion to be crowned tonight, Jack.

    I know, Seabass. It's as if God Himself sent his Son from the heavens and decided to just fix our problems. Fitting, given Easter was this Sunday.

    Introducing first, he is Diabolos!!

    Diabolos raises his arms as his name is announced, already in the ring behind the announcer and ready to wrestle.


    And his opponent, from his Secret Underground Lair, weighing at a 243 point 7 pounds, he is the Machiavellic Mr. M!!

    M walks down the aisle, arms raised in the air open as a single light illuminates him as he walks down ringside and enters the ring. He looks at his adversary before taking off his cape and tossing it away, now ready for battle.

    Copeland:M may not be in the Gold Rush tournament after losing to Ve A.D.Z. but he's had a pretty successful run since his return. He looks to get right back to it here tonight against Diabolos.

    Cohen: Diabolos looks to be on his game tonight. I don't know.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    The referee waives for the wrestlers to meet in the center of the ring to do battle. Both men oblige and lock up. Diabolos gets a wristlock and then changes it into a headlock as he roams M in a circle. He trips M to the canvas with a takedown, keeping the pressure on the head as M tries to push his hand to force Diabolos to release but to no avail. Diabolos keeps the pressure on as M tries to get loose some way or another. He rotates his body around and manages to get some manner of leverage. He shoves Diabolos, making him ricochet off the ropes. He catches him with a choking Thesz Press. He immediately hooks the M Special and Diabolos submits.

    The winner of this match, the Mooing Mr. M!!

    Cohen: Or you know what? I could be wrong.

    Copeland: A dominant comeback performance from Mr. M here tonight who according to Truman Harris, moos.

    Cohen: It was a moo of victory I guess.

    M has his hand raised high by the official as the man cackles evilly at the fruit of his labor. He clutches the microphone away from Harris as he continues to laugh. But he suddenly stops and does a full turn to talk.

    M:MMMMMMMmhhhahahahahaha. Did you see that? Did you see? How I just fooled Diabolos? I made him think I'd cheat like any regular villain would and when I didn't cheat, it totally caught him off guard. Ha! But I showed him. I showed everyone. I showed you people here tonight. In..... Where are we again? Right. Seattle.


    M: See? I fooled you again! I actually do know we're in Portland. But I made you think I was oblivious to the fact. I played you all! Because it's a proven fact at this point. I'm the greatest super-villain that ever lived! Bigger than Newman! Or the Soup Nazi! Better than even DONALD TRUMP!


    M: You don't fool me, Portland. I know you cheer me to confound me with my own trickery. But it does not work on the mind of the greatest super-villain in history!


    Familiar music hits as the arena turns to the ramp to see the men come out. Steven Holmes with Abel Hunnicutt in tow. They both walk down to the ring with Holmes looking on angrily at M. M responds with a perplexed look on his face as Holmes grabs his own mic and stands outside. He waves his cane ordering Abel in to the ring. Abel hoists Diabolos up to his shoulders and hits the Worlds End on Diabolos before dumping him from the ring. He then turns to M as Holmes raises his mic.

    : Mr. M, allow me to introduce myself. I'm a man of wealth and taste. Something you clearly are not. This here is Abel Hunnicutt. My instrument. A soon to be World Champion wrestler. Something else you clearly are not. Now leave my ring you trash.

    Abel throws a right hand but M manages to duck it. He mounts his own offensive pushing him to the corner. He hits an Enzuigiri on the corner as Holmes looks on concerned. M goes to one corner, looking for the Mega M Punch. He leaps but Abel gets out of the way. M manages to roll and avoid damage but is quickly knocked for a loop by a nasty lariat. He quickly gets M on his shoulders and hits him with the Worlds End too.

    What got into them? Why did Holmes order Hunnicutt to attack M?

    If I had to take a wild guess, I'd say Holmes was just mad and made Hunnicutt blow off some steam. I doubt Steven Holmes likes M's antics.

    Abel leaves the ring with Steven Holmes as M is checked by the referee.
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Introducing first, weighing 240 pounds, he is one half of the WZCW Tag Team Champions, Ty Burna!

    The fans cheer as the lights go out. The lights begin to slowly pick up and as Ty slowly makes his way onto the stage. He stands still for a moment before he raises his title belt high, pillars of fire erupting as he does so. He removes his hood and walks down the ramp and into the ring, before he again raises his belt high to more fire.

    Copeland: Arguably the most dominant superstar of all time, making his way to the ring. You have to think he will be looking to deal with the fly in his soup, Justin Cooper tonight.

    Cohen: You say fly in his soup, I say legit contender to Ty's tag team title.


    And his opponent, making his way to the ring, from Sydney, Australia weighing 210 pounds, Justin Cooper!

    The crowd boos as Cooper makes his way onto the stage. He flashes his maniacal grin as he makes his way down the ramp. The crowd continues to boo as he slides into the ring and climbs the nearest turnbuckle to more boos as he shouts out at the crowd.

    Copeland: Cooper, no slouch in his own right, will be looking to score the upset and build some momentum heading into the likely match at Gold Rush.

    Cohen: Ty Burna isn't the unstoppable monster he once was, he can be beaten, and Cooper is going to do just that here tonight.


    Referee Keith Morse calls for the bell and the two combatants begin to circle each other. Ty goes to tie up Cooper, but Cooper dodges and begins to fire off big punches, backing Ty into the ropes. Before the ref can step in to force a rope break, Cooper Irish whips Ty across the ring. He then takes him down with an arm drag. Ty is on his feet, but Cooper takes him down with another arm drag. Ty bounces back to his feet, but Cooper takes him down with a third arm drag, but this time he locks onto the arm and works an arm wringer. He works the hold as Ty struggles to break free. Cooper showcases his jiu jitsu prowess by switching to a headscissor, just as Ty was about to break free of the arm hold. Ty forces Cooper's legs from around his head, and rolls away, Cooper scrambles to his feet. Cooper catches Ty with a European Uppercut, causing him to stagger. From there he connects with vicious chops to the chest, backing the champ into the corner. He continues to chop away, two, three, four, five chops. He then climbs to the second turnbuckle and begins to punch down at Ty. He only manages one punch before Ty grabs him a powerbomb position. He walks a couple of feet before he drops Cooper in a backbreaker from the powerbomb position. Ty then moves into a lateral press and Keith Morse slides into position. One!...but only one as Cooper kicks out with ease.

    Copeland: A quick cover by Ty, something you don't often see.

    Cohen: I think maybe Cooper is in his head.

    Ty pulls Cooper to his feet and connects with a couple of stiff right hands. He then picks Cooper up and slams him down, before he hits the ropes and connects with a running knee drop. He again makes a cover. One!...and again only one as Cooper kicks out. Ty again goes to drag Cooper to his feet, but Cooper rolls Ty up and the referee slides into position quickly. One!...Two!...Ty just manages to kick out despite Cooper having a handful of tights. This enrages Ty who kicks Cooper in the back head, causing Cooper to stumble toward the ropes. Ty takes a running start and then clotheslines Cooper over the top rope, Ty tumbling over with him. The referee steps to the ropes to check that both men are okay, before he starts his ten count...ONE!...TWO!...
    Ty gets on his feet and tries to Irish whip Cooper into the ring post, but Cooper reverses and sends the champ face first into the ring post, his face bouncing hard off the metal post. FIVE!...SIX!...
    Cooper roles back into the ring, urging the referee to count faster as Ty crawls along the floor...SEVEN!...EIGHT!...
    Cohen: Cooper is going to win by count out!

    Copeland: Not so fast, Ty is on his feet.

    NINE!...TY DIVES BACK IN! Cooper begins to stomp away at Ty, who grabs the ropes to try to get back on his feet. With Ty steadying himself on the ropes, Cooper runs toward the opposite side of the ring. He runs at Ty, who drops Cooper over the top rope. Cooper lands on his feet on the apron and connects with a forearm to Ty as he turns around. He then uses the top rope to launch himself into the ring, hitting Ty with a shoulder block. He then locks on a Boston crab to the downed champion. He leans back, wrenching on the hold as Ty struggles to break it. He crawls, dragging Cooper to the ropes, where he wraps his hands around the bottom rope to break the hold. Cooper continues to wrench on it, forcing the referee to step in and try to break the hold.

    Cooper: I have till five!

    Cooper releases the hold at the count of four, getting in the face of the referee as he does. As he turns around and tries to lift Ty, the former World Champion manages to tie Cooper in The Final Seance! A devastating triangle choke! Cooper struggles, Ty locking the choke in deeper. Cooper rolls, unable to break the hold, but able to get his foot on the rope. The referee warns Ty that he has until five to break it.

    Ty: Fuck five!

    The crowd oohs and aahs at Ty, who reluctantly breaks the hold.

    Copeland: A bit of viciousness coming of Ty.

    Cohen: But does he have to use such foul language Seabass?

    Ty gets to his feet and stomps away at Cooper, who rolls under the bottom rope and out of the ring. He stumbles over to the timekeeper's area, where he rests against the barricade. Ty rolls out of the ring and charges at Cooper, throwing his body at Cooper, sending both men over the barricade and into the timekeeper's area, where Truman Harrys scrambles to get out of the way, leaving his chair. As Ty tries to get Cooper to his feet and throw him back in the ring, Cooper grabs the chair and drives it into the ribs of Ty, forcing the referee to call for the bell. Harrys, now standing on the opposite side of the announcers, grabs his microphone.

    Harrys: Here is your winner, by disqualification, Ty Burna!

    Copeland: What a cowardly way out for Cooper.

    Cohen: And I don't think he is finished.

    Cooper doesn't stop his assault however, driving the chair across the back of Ty, who stumbles around, refusing to go down. Cooper throws the chair down and then grabs Ty and connects with Your Final Verse right on the chair, putting Ty out. Cooper grabs the Tag Title belt from from nearby and hoists it high in the air before throwing it down on Ty and walking up the ramp as medical personal rush to check on Ty Burna. Just as medical personal get to him, Ty shoves them away and rises to his feet, his red eyes never leaving Cooper.


    Stacey Madison: Up next, we'll see the first of two Gold Rush Quarterfinal matches tonight! I'm here now with the young man that is taking on Matt Tastic later tonight in the other.

    The camera pulls back, revealing Vee A.D.Z., who is bouncing on his feet, towel draped over his head. His eyes are focused on something in the distance.

    Stacey Madison: Vee...Before the opening round, there was a lot of talk in the IWC that you were a darkhorse to win the title shot this tournament awards its winner, and thus far you've proven to live up to that hype. How do you plan on defeating former champion Matt Tastic?

    Vee breaks his own gaze, turning towards the interviewer.

    Vee A.D.Z.: Matt Tastic has had a long career in WZCW. I'm just a rookie. I know this. He has done things in the ring that will be remembered for generations yet to come. But, his time has past. Tonight, I will use my superior intellect to grasp the proverbial torch from Matt's clutches, and claim my spot in the Semi-Finals. I'm more focused than ever before, and have been pushing my body, and my mind, with hours of training, preparing myself for anything that can get in my way.

    Tonight, you see a new Vee A.D.Z.

    Vee quickly swipes the towel from his head, and leaves.

    Stacey Madison: Well, there you have it. The intellectual Bohemian, Vee A.D.Z.!

    The camera turns to watch Vee as he shadowboxes down the hallway.
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, this is a Quarterfinal match in the Gold Rush Tournament, and is scheduled for one fall!


    Harrys: Making his way to the ring first, weighing in at 230 pounds, hailing from The Mechanical Mecca...The mandroid...S.H.I.T.!

    S.H.I.T. enters a darkened arena, surveying the crowd, before making his way to the ring. He quietly climbs to the apron, and steps through the ropes, before turning his attention towards the ramp, awaiting his opponent.

    Copeland: The mandroid picked up a victory over the current King For A Day in the opening round of the Gold Rush tournament, and looks to make his was to the semi-finals over Kagura Joheki here tonight.

    Cohen: You mean "Daikonran", right?

    Copeland: No, my paperwork here says "Joheki".

    Cohen: Is this anything like Armando Ro-I mean Paradyse?

    Copeland: I don't believe so!


    Harrys: And his opponent, from Ise, Mie, Japan...KAGURA! JOHEKI!

    The lights begin to swirl and transform as Kagura enters the arena, smiling wider than normal, clutching her book to her chest as always.

    Copeland: We have our answer, Jack! Kagura was impressive in her win over Flex in the opening round, but more importantly, it would seem, she's taken an interest in a different member of this tournament...Ramparte!

    Cohen: We've all seen Kagura acting a little strangely lately, but what we saw last week takes the cake! She performed a ritual of some sort, stealing the bookworm's voice! I've never seen anything like it!

    Copeland: If we've learned anything, it's that Miss Joheki is not one to be trifled with!

    Halfway down the ramp, Kagura pulls a microphone from within the folds of her robe, and sits cross-legged before addressing her opponent.

    Kagura Joheki: Aw, little S.H.I.T. I have no quarrel with you, but we are listed as opponents for tonight. I've been training my whole career for the opportunity afforded me in this tournament. You've also been training, since you were created to be the best in WZCW, am I right?

    S.H.I.T. cocks his head to the side, taking in the words of the shrine maiden. Kagura continues.

    Kagura Joheki: We've both worked and practiced, preparing for each of our opponent's moves, correct?

    S.H.I.T. slowly nods. The crowd sits quietly, puzzled by Kagura's actions.

    Kagura Joheki: For instance...I'm sure, once the bell rings, you would undoubtedly attempt a Piston Chop. I, being smarter than you, would see that maneuver coming, and would evade it. I'd follow up with some knee strikes. But, you're programmed to know every match I've ever participated in, aren't you? You could possibly see that maneuver coming, and would evade it yourself, no?

    S.H.I.T. again cocks his head to the side, moving a little slower than usual.

    Kagura Joheki: We both know that human intellect, the human element, if you will, is undoubtedly smarter than anything a robot can be prepared for. You'd see those knee strikes coming, and would want to slow me down. Perhaps with a nerve hold. Ah, yes. A nerve hold. That would do the trick, wouldn't it?

    S.H.I.T.: Yes. Perhaps.

    S.H.I.T.'s voice is a little shaky, slower than his usual monotone deliver.

    Kagura Joheki: But, I am a trained warrior now, S.H.I.T. I have been reading from this book, and studying the ways and legends of the greatest warriors of all time. Ramparte's voice has allowed me more than just the ability to speak, and speak well, but has triggered in interest in all things literary. The volumes of knowledge I have gained in just this short time are too much for your puny little hard drive to compete with. A victory from you would be inconceivable!

    S.H.I.T.'s head starts to twitch. The referee backs away from him, watching as the mandroid reacts.

    Kagura Joheki: Inconceivable! I love the sound of the word! I keep saying it, but I'm not even sure I know what it means fully! You understand, S.H.I.T.? I have outsmarted even myself! How could you believe that you stand a chance! I will come to the ring, and the referee will ring the bell. You will attempt your Piston Chop, that I will avoid, and counter with knee strikes. You will telegraph those strikes and go for a nerve hold. Or will you? If I know what is going to happen, would you still perform those same moves? It's a paradox S.H.I.T.! A Catch-22, if you will! Do you do the moves I see coming, knowing they are the best course of action to victory? Or do you change your strategy, because I know all of your moves? And, no matter your choice, how do you know I haven't already predicted that outcome, and prepared accordingly?

    S.H.I.T. begins to shake violently, smoke emanating from the neck area of the mandroid. The referee tries to check on him, but sparks begin shooting from S.H.I.T.'s joints. The mandroid freezes in place. As he does so, Kagura drops the microphone, and her book, and rolls into the ring. the two wrestlers are face-to-face, but S.H.I.T. has yet to move, smoke still pouring out of all crevices.

    Copeland: This has been an odd turn of events, to say the least! What just happened, Jack?

    Cohen: I think...I think Kagura just outsmarted the mandroid, using an endless loop to overwork his circuitry, and shut him down!

    The referee watches on, puzzled, but has no choice but to ring the bell!


    Kagura hesitates for a second, watching for movement from the mandroid. After a few moments pass, she executes the Fifth Dance Of Amaterasu Omikami! The two-fisted heart punch chops S.H.I.T. down like a tree, and he falls flat to his back; his arms and legs still dangling in the air, unmoved. Kagura dives on top for the lateral press!


    Harrys: Your winner, advancing to the Semi-Finals of the Gold Rush Tournament...KAGURA! JOHEKI!

    Kagura rises to her feet, and bows over the body of her opponent. She slowly and quietly leaves the ring, collecting her book from beside the ring. As she leaves up the ramp, a group of handlers rush to the ring with ropes and straps, as well as a furniture dolly, and begin their work in collecting the falling manbot.

    Copeland: Kagura has used this...match, I guess it would be show that she deserves her place in this company, and will do whatever it takes to collect the guaranteed title shot the winner of the tournament receives. I would not want to be in her path at Gold Rush!

    Cohen: This may not have been much of a match, but it was certainly impressive! If I were a betting man, and I am, I'd put a good deal of money behind that woman at the pay-per-view! S.H.I.T., on the other hand, has a rocky road ahead of him, if he wants to get back in the title picture.


    We go backstage to where Leon Kensworth is standing by with Matt Tastic.

    Leon: Matt, you stand before me tonight on the cusp of heading to Gold Rush with a shot at winning the whole tournament. Just what is your plan to get past Vee A.D.Z. here tonight?

    Tastic: I'll deliver kick assery all over Mr. Alphabet Soup.

    Leon: Is that all?

    Tastic: Look Leon, I have done it all in this company. From main eventing Kingdom Come, to curtain jerking house shows. Lately though I feel without direction. Beating Vee and securing my place in the semi-finals of the Gold Rush Tournament will help be find purpose again. I'm as motivated as I was when I won Lethal Lottery in my home country. Vee better watch out tonight.
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    The familiar sight of Truman Harrys, microphone in hand, lets us know that we are set for our next match.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, this next contest is your second Gold Rush Quarter Final match, set for one fall.

    Ever the professional, Harrys pauses, allowing the crowd to react and stew, awaiting their participants:


    Harrys: Introducing first, from Crawley in the South East of England, weighing 185 pounds; VEE A! D! Z!

    A positive reaction welcomes the super agile athlete. He pops out with great gusto and looks left, then right, soaking in the atmosphere. Slowly, a big grin creeps onto his face and he storms to the ring, serious business on his mind.

    Copeland: Having knocked off the maniacal M, this could be the biggest match so far in the young career of Vee A.D.Z. wouldn’t you say so Jack?

    Cohen: Without question; he’s a mere three wins away from a shot at the biggest prize in our sport. He wins tonight, and its one hell of a scalp and certainly sends a message to those remaining in the tournament.

    Quickly, Vee poses briefly for each side of the ring, before returning focus, squatting in the middle of the ring, bouncing to the lyrical rhythm. A serious look now crosses his face as the music changes:


    Another positive ovation as one of the longest serving members of the WZCW roster emerges. He is far more considered, slowly making his way onto the stage.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from Southwestern, Puerto Rico, “The Invincible”; MATT…TAS-TIC!

    Whilst raising one arm up, to acknowledge his name, Tastic locks eyes with A.D.Z. from atop the ramp and nods, a deadpan expression on his face. He makes a beeline for a ring; he’s all business too.

    Copeland: Matt Tastic has won practically every title and accolade possible in WZCW. With a renewed focus on regaining the World Heavyweight Championship and a burning desire to win one of the few prizes that has eluded him in the Gold Rush tournament, Tastic has got to be a favourite not only here tonight but to win the whole thing.

    Cohen: Ugh, I certainly hope not Seabass. I’m not exactly this “man’s” biggest fan, and I’d much rather we see an upset for once.

    Tastic throws himself over the top rope and quickly removes his ring jacket, tossing it aside. Vee pops up and the pair meets in the middle. The music dies down and the crowd are ready, yelling out, ready to see battle it out. Referee Keith Morse signals for the bell but neither Tastic nor Vee back down. The two are locked in a dead staring contest. Neither dares blink first. A hushed anticipation has now blanketed the crowd. Vee says something which Tastic responds with a look of ‘oh really?’ A.D.Z. then puts his head into Matt’s and shoves, infuriating the former heavyweight champion. Thoroughly irritated, Tastic slaps the taste from Vee’s mouth. The crowd lets out an ‘ooooohhh!’ Now it is Tastic who talks a little trash.

    Cohen: Haha! I love it, these two ‘goody two shoes’ have come to play tonight! They’re going to do what they have to get to the big show and the semi-finals!

    Thoroughly irritated and deeply annoyed, Vee has a foul look across his face. He rubs the side of his face and stalks Tastic, throwing a few tentative kicks the way of the veteran’s legs. The kicks grow harder, stiffer, until they begin to sting Tastic a little and force him to move faster. Then, trying to catch Matt off guard, Vee leaps upward and seeks to execute a dropkick. It looks picture perfect, but Tastic slaps Vee’s legs away, moving just ever so slightly out of the move’s range. Then, as Vee turns to see Tastic, the former Lethal Lottery winner again slaps his adversary across the chops. He tries to follow it up with a spinning wheel kick, but Vee ducks and scoots out of the way. Tastic encourages his opponent to get to his feet.

    Cohen: This bravado by Tastic, I could get used to it.

    Copeland: This is a great veteran move of Matt’s part, trying to get into Vee’s head.

    As the commentary team admires Tastic’s antics, Vee nods, sticking his lower lip out. He rises and indicates for Tastic to bring it. The supposedly “Invincible” one bops up and down, carefully making his way toward A.D.Z. The two trade a few carefully measured and easily avoided fist strikes, before Tastic goes for a spinning back heel kick. Again Vee is careful to avoid it, but this time he counters with a strike of his own, a 540 degree kick. It lands sweetly across the jaw of Tastic who collapses like a sack of potatoes! The crowd roars, uncertain of what to make of this. Vee sees victory in his grasp and dives into the cover: 1…2…3?!?!

    Cohen: WHAT? It’s over?

    Look again Jack…

    True enough, referee Morse is waving off his count; Tastic’s arm is under the bottom rope.

    Copeland: Fantastic ring awareness and instinct have saved Matt Tastic here.

    Vee is clearly devastated, thinking he had this in the bag with that one, supposedly knock-out, blow. Tastic’s eyes are open, but they appear glazed over. To use an old clich√©, the lights are on, but nobody is home. Smelling blood in the water, Vee looks for the kill. He tries to pick Tastic up, but the veteran is like dead weight and it takes a good deal of strength for A.D.Z. to pick him up. When he does so, Tastic merely collapses down, only just stopping himself from face-planting the canvas. The referee jumps in to make sure Tastic is able to continue. Vee though is unrelenting, wanting to win this and move onto the semis.

    He brushes past the ref and picks up Tastic, shoving him into the corner. Matt is slumped against the turnbuckles, a soft grip on the top rope. Vee goes for a variation of his spinning backfist and hard left punch combo, but Tastic has enough sense to duck it and block Vee into the corner instead. He throws some very limp right hands and executes a weak chop, before Vee uses his speed and flexibility to throw a foot upwards to block the fist lead offence and shoves Tastic down. The man from Crawley points at himself and talks a little trash, revenge for the earlier slaps. The crowd elicits a mixed response. Again the referee tries to step in to asses Tastic, but this time Tastic brushes the ref out of the way, looking to go toe to toe with Vee once more.

    Slowly Tastic’s sense are coming back to him and the fire within is beginning to burn again. Vee chuckles, before throwing some soft open handed strikes Tastic’s way, trying to bamboozle the former Baez. Tastic’s response is to throw another slap Vee’s way, downing the supposed genius. With half his wits about him, it is Tastic’s turn to chuckle, backing off, knowing that Vee will come heavy and hard. Indeed, he does, charging at Tastic, throwing several stiff kicks Matt’s way. Most of them connect with Tastic’s legs, trying to weaken his balance once more and leave him open. This works and A.D.Z. delivers a hurricanrana, hooking the leg: 1…2…KICK-OUT! Tastic pops out and rolls away, seeking refuge under the bottom rope.

    Matt reaches upwards, pulling himself up to a standing position, on the outside of the ring, but still atop the apron. Hungry for violence and victory, Vee storms towards Tastic, but the wile veteran drops to one knee and drives his shoulder into his foe’s gut. Now bent over, Vee is prone as Tastic launches himself, executing a quick roll-up. It isn’t pretty but it does the business, ending in a pinning predicament: 1…2…KICK-OUT! Vee squirms his way out, but is caught off guard as Tastic modifies his move-set slightly, throwing a gut punch into the chiselled stomach of Vee and then rising to grip him in position for a belly-to-belly suplex. The throw is laboured, almost to the point of dropping Vee on his skull, but it does vaguely resemble the classic wrestling throw.

    Copeland: It isn’t pretty, but Matt Tastic is still managing to execute a good portion of his move set effectively.

    Vee now rises, and is again caught in the grip of Tastic who this time goes for a Northern Lights Suplex! With a shaky looking bridge, Matt covers: 1…2…KICK-OUT! The two men get to their feet at the same time, Tastic pushing Vee away who tries to run at Matt. Puerto Rico’s finest though nails a crisp snap powerslam. 1…2…KICK-OUT! Now Tastic’s movements are more deliberate, more meaningful, he’s beginning to regain a sense of time and space. Vee tries to escape from the wrath of the grand slam winner, crawling away. Matt grabs at A.D.Z.’s leg, but gets caught in a small package out of nowhere! 1…2…REVERSAL! Now it is Tastic who has the small package, having shifted his weight! 1…2…REVERSAL! Again Vee has Matt’s shoulders pinned: 1…2...REVERSAL! Once more Tastic has the advantage. 1…REVERSAL! Vee yet again with the pin: 1…KICK-OUT!

    Copeland: Tremendous sequence of reversals there from both Tastic and Vee!

    Both men come to their feet, furious with the other, they butt heads just like the beginning. Tastic has come to his senses, and Vee is ready for more. They talk trash as the noise level rises inside the arena. Tastic once more goes for the slap, but it’s one time too many and Vee catches the arm, throwing himself at it, trying to lock in the bicep slicer. Matt though powers him up. Vee shakes his head, hoping, begging Tastic not to drop him. Surprisingly, Tastic complies, but only in as much as trying to land him on his shoulders to set him up for something much worse. Vee though frantically wriggles and writhes against it and slips out behind him. He bounces Matt off the ropes and looks to roll him up: 1…2…KICK-OUT! As Matt comes back, Vee A.D.Z. tries to go for yet another one hit knock-out blow, hurtling himself like a pinball, looking to deliver the 720 degree kick this time. Matt drops to his back to avoid it though.

    Coming in for the kill, Vee gets caught by Tastic’s legs, which wrap themselves around his former Team Stormrage partner’s head, throwing him down for a short hurricanrana. Matt hooks a free leg and attempts a pin: 1…2…KICK-OUT! Vee is now groggy himself and somewhat discombobulated. It only gets worse when Tastic, returning the favour from earlier hits a spinning wheel kick. It isn’t as crisp or on point as Vee’s earlier kick, but it knocks sense from A.D.Z. all the same. Before Vee can hit the canvas, Matt catches him, propping him up and then hoisting him on his shoulders. Vee feebly, tries to fight out of this position. It does not work as Tastic executes the Headache Driver! Having nailed his emerald flowsion, Tastic confidently hooks the leg: 1…2…3!

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner of this Quarter Final, the “The Invincible”; MATT…TAS-TIC!

    Copeland: And Matt Tastic will go marching onwards in the Gold Rush tournament. You can’t take anything away from Vee though; he just about had this one all sewn up, especially in the early going. Admirable outing from the youngster.

    Cohen: Hmph, an impressive showing maybe, but he didn’t get the job done and, for better or worse, Tastic, the glory hound, is marching toward the Gold Rush semi-finals.

    Tastic quickly gets to his feet, all the while allowing the referee to raise his hand in victory. With his spare arm he acknowledges fan support, giving them a little smile as he does so. Quickly though, the referee’s attention turns to Vee. A.D.Z. appears to be fine, his eyes wide open, but a look of obvious disappointment etched across his face. Tastic stands over his fallen foe and, in a great move of sportsmanship, offers his hand.

    The currently not-so agile athlete sees this and after a brief moment of hesitation, accepts, allowing his now former opponent to help him to his feet. The two keep hold of the other’s hand, offering a quasi handshake for a few fleeting moments before they break. Vee wags his finger, suggesting that there might be a next time between the two as Tastic smirks and nods.

    Copeland: Great respect between these two superstars, but something tells me this won’t be the last time they square off.


    Backstage at the gorilla position, Matt Tastic is seen drinking a bottle of water and toweling off. Mikey Stormrage walks up and pats him on the back.

    Mikey: Good show out there man. You know I'm pulling for you in this thing.

    Matt: I told you, kick assery all over the place. Now you go out there and take care of Doe.

    The two best friends fist bump in classic fashion before Matt walks to his locker room and Mikey stretches, awaiting his music.
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall !

    "ONE FALL!!!"


    As the music climbs, John enters through the curtain, staring out at the crowd with a sneer. Without his mask, he slowly walks to the ring, pushing away the outstretched hands of fans. He sees there's a religious sign out, and aggressively takes it and tears it up. He reaches the steps to a chorus of boos, enters through the ropes, and then paces impatiently.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from The Independence Mental Health Institute: Independence Iowa, "The Left Hand of God", John Doe !!!

    Copeland: Trinity is a sinking ship without a captain now. You have to wonder what exactly is going through John Doe's mind now that he is pretty much on his own.

    Cohen: Doe is a blue chipper, SeaBass. He is the kind of guy that won't get lost in the shuffle. Just watch what he's about to do to Mikey.


    Green strobe lights flash in rhythm to the music until Stormrage makes his way onto the stage, throwing a single hand into the air as the top of the ramp. He slaps hands and interacts with fans on his way to the ring. He stops short near the ring itself and gives his opponent his undivided attention. He rolls into the ring and makes his way cautiously to a turnbuckle, climbing to the second rope and yelling out and performing his "Game Over" taunt.

    Harrys: And his opponent, San Fransisco, California by way of Indianapolis, Indiana, weighing 325 pounds, Mikey Stormrage !!!

    "Game Over!" "Game Over!" "Game Over!" "Game Over!" "Game Over!"

    Copeland: The fans are exercising their First Amendment rights as they let us know who they came here to see.

    Cohen: The folks at home probably think this is annoying. I would agree with them.

    DING DING DING ! ! !

    John Doe doesn't move. He lingers at Mikey Stormrage with a vile expression on his face. The intensity rests in his eyes as Mikey steps up to him wearily. The two are nose-to-nose. Stormrage isn't backing down from the antichrist superstar. Doe remains immobile, trying to psyche the video gamer out. It is ineffective. The crowd roars their approval at the two behemoths standing in the center of the ring. The first to break is John Doe, who knees his opponent square in the gut. Stormrage falters. The Left Hand of God doesn't let up- clubbing the adversary across his shoulder blades repeatedly and causing the Number One Contender to drop on all fours. Doe stays ahead, running the ropes and lashing out with a Shining Wizard! It catches Stomrage full in the face. Doe runs the ropes again, hurdles over the fallen Mikey, rebounds on the other side of the ring, and tags Stormrage into the temple with another vicious Shining Wizard! Doe goes for the quick pin with Referee Katie Shepard at the ready...1!...2- Kickout ! Dr. Zeus's son is unmoved.

    Copeland: Cheap shot followed by back-to-back knees connecting the skull. John Doe is in control.

    Cohen: Nothin' cheap about Doe. Like I said, a blue chipper.

    Doe grabs Stomrage's arm and wrenches it. This forces Mikey to his feet. The three-time tag team champion cries out, rolling forward in an attempt to regain control of his arm. Doe counters this by twisting himself as well as the arm even harder. John walks Mikey towards a turnbuckle, secures his footing by stepping onto the lowest rung, and starts to step onto the ropes themselves. He leaps, grabs Mikey's head, and performs a Tornado Single-Arm DDT, but it's countered! Mikey with a Sidewalk Slam to John Doe and the fans cheer loudly. He slaps at his forehead trying to dust the cobwebs off. Doe brings himself up rapidly and charges like a bull at the fan favorite. Doe with a Roaring Elbow...and it is executed flawlessly. Stormrage is back on the ground as Doe brings down a boot over his neck, choking him out. Katie Shepard gets to 4! until John lets up. Mikey battles to breathe and John soaks in the jeers emanating from the sold out crowd.

    Cohen: Smarmy little cretins.

    Copeland: They came here to see a contest, not some arrogant theatrics. I don't blame their disapproval.

    John Doe and Mikey Stormrage lock up. Doe power steers Stormrage towards the other side of the ring, delivering an elbow across Mikey's chest. He headbutts Mikey, causing Mikey to fall into a turnbuckle corner. A few drops of blood form on Doe's face as he smiles unpleasantly. Doe backs away, and places his foot across Mikey's neck again. He applies pressure and Katie gets to 3 ! until Mikey takes hold of Doe's boot and pushes forward. He clutches the ankle and backs out, making John Doe hop backwards trying to keep balance. Doe with an Enzuigiri- Stomrage cuts him off by pulling him close and dropping the Headshot to the top of his cranium! The elbow strike destroys Doe's lethal kick and takes him down to the ground for a brief second. A little winded, Mikey shakes it off before lifting the Trinity member up. He takes his arm around his neck and drops him right back down with an Exploder Suplex. The impact of the move brings Doe back to his feet and tangled into the ring's ropes. Stomrage stays persistent, sprinting at Doe with a Running Body Block. Doe somersaults out of the ring and his head connects with the ring apron on his way to the outside. Mikey takes a moment to check his neck before spilling out of the squared circle himself. Katie with the ring-out at 1 !

    "Oh Mikey You're So Fine,

    You're So Fine You Blow My Mind

    Hey Mikey !!!

    Hey Mikey !!!"

    The WZCW Universe sing these few verses over and over again to Stormrage. 2 ! He acknowledges the altered song and gives them a quick smile before intercepting John Doe.

    Cohen: Oh, what are they on about now?"

    Copeland: They're serenading Stormrage.

    Cohen: WHY?!

    Copeland: I...I don't rightly know, Jack.

    3 ! Mikey delivers a clubbing blow of his own across Doe's back, making the maniac cry out in pain. He hoists the weakened Doe up onto his shoulders...4 !...Samoan Drop into the steel barricade! The barricade breaks freely, exposing the audience to the action up close and personal. 5 ! Hearing the count, Mikey Stormrage picks himself up, dusts himself off, and gets to the ring apron. 6 ! Mikey slides in. John Doe stirs maddeningly from the feet of the first row. He collects himself, using a fan as leverage before pushing them aggressively away. 7 ! Doe cradles a shoulder and limps towards the ring, trying to hold onto the bottom ropes to pull himself up. 8 ! The count is broken as John Doe stands on the ring apron, about to step back inside.

    From across the ring, Mikey whips himself into the ropes, dashing wildly head-first towards Doe, and dives...spearing Doe in the ribcage!!! Doe's back smacks the corner of the Spanish Announce Table, breaking it at a slant!!! The crowd are on their feet as both competitors lie prone on the arena floor.

    Cohen: ...

    Copeland: God...


    Katie Shepard begins another 10-count, but takes her time with it in fear that they may need medics. 1 ! The two men are spread eagle, Mikey barely manages to wipe his face and Doe stays unresponsive. Feeling the nervousness growing within the crowd, Mikey tries rolling to his side, but fails. Doe is still out cold. 2 ! Katie Shepard gestures at the ramp's curtains, attempting to summon an EMT to check on their status. Mikey massages the arm he used to tackle Doe. The impact of the move catching him as much as it caught his opponent. 3 ! Medical Technicians pour out from the back, a stretcher accompanying them. Stormrage rolls over, slowly catching his breath. His rival shows no signs of movement. 4 ! The doctors ask if Mikey can continue. He nods to them and proves it by getting to one knee. They ask the same of Doe, but no words come from the madman. 5 ! The video game nerd is on his feet and the crowd approves respectfully, applauding his strength and determination. Medics check Doe's vitals, and decide to place him on the stretcher. 6 ! Mikey limps to the stairs, and makes his way into the ring, his position safe from a count-out. The medics carry Doe's carcass onto the stretcher, and begin to move him. Katie is about to call for a knockout until Doe sat up bolt-right. This makes the medics jump back in surprise. Blood from earlier covers his face like a crimson mask, and he laughs at the people in attendance. Regaining control, Katie continues the count-out at 7 ! John Doe casually slithers off of the stretcher and ambles towards a shocked Mikey Stormrage. Doe slides into the ring and is met with a deadly assault of open-fisted rights and left, but they all just glance off of The Good Doctor's Son. Doe lets out a loud and foreboding laugh at Stormrage, who recoils out of fear.

    Copeland: I...I don't believe what I'm witnessing.

    Cohen: Doe has revived! Doe has revived!

    Doe dodges a left, yanks Mikey's legs out from under him, and positions them into the Iowa Cloverleaf! Stormrage bellows aloud, but not louder than Doe, who mocks him as the blood continues to drip onto the ebony mat. Mikey crawls close for a rope break, but Doe saunters slowly away from them, taunting him as he now gets both of them to the dead center of the ring. Unable to overpower the gargantuan, Mikey holds on for dear life. Seeing this, Katie Shepard hunches down and asks him if he wishes to continue. He answered with a nod just as he did with the medics. Deranged, Doe starts to stretch Mikey's limbs out over and over again, tearing the big man down. Katie asks again if Mikey wishes to remain in the match. Mikey doesn't respond, but weakly flails an arm out. This forces Katie to grab Mikey's hand, hold it up at a ninety degree angle, and see if it stays there once she releases. It doesn't. She audible yells 1 ! Doe lashes out more with the Cloverleaf, daring Mikey to keep his hand up. The referee clasps Mikey's wrist a second time, and once again it falls to the mat. 2 ! The arena clap together, encouraging Stormrage to pull through. For the third and final time, Katie raises Mikey's hand up.

    It comes down...

    It twitches alive...barely.

    The clapping grows louder as Mikey wiggles his arm and elbow after elbow he digs into the canvas and forces himself to get closer to the bottom rope. Unphased, Doe just steps forward, making Mikey lose footing. Still determined, Mikey Stormrage reaches out, and moves Doe backwards! John Doe attempts to regain control, but the one slip has Stormrage crawl frantically for the bottom rope. He reaches it, earning the rope break.

    Copeland: What a valiant display by Mikey.

    Cohen: The damage is done. He has nothing left in him.

    Doe stomps at the grounded Mikey until Katie got to 4 ! With his back to him, Doe reached out and locked his arms around Mikey's neck and shoulder blades. The full nelson secured tightly, Doe drags Mikey back to the center. The submission move is temporary, however, as Doe takes everything he has by lifting the big man from the mat and into the air with THE CRUCIFIXION !!! Mikey's back slaps the canvas hard enough for the arena to hear it and Doe waists no time for the pin...........1 !..............2 !................3 !...shoulder up in time! The look on Doe's red face is that of absolute confusion as the gamer refuses to stay down. Having enough, the monster of a man grabs Mikey from behind again...takes hold of Stormrage's arms....and twists them both around for Baptism By Blood!!! IT CONNECTS!!! The cheers of the adoring crowd are hushed as Doe goes the extra mile by crossing Mikey's arms in the form of an X for the pin:

    1 ...

    2 ...

    3 ...


    Copeland: How?

    Cohen: The Hell?

    John Doe is completely manic. The audience can be heard from as far away as the arena's parking lot. Doe argues with Katie Shepard, but she even points at Mikey's leg. In absolute dismay, Doe smacks the mat repeatedly in a tantrum. His eyes are death itself. He grabs Mikey by his hair, towing the indisposed Live Mas member away from the ropes. He pins Mikey again sans theatrics-

    1 !

    2 !

    But just as before, the 3 ! count was broken, this time with a shoulder up. The crowd roars red hot for Stormrage. Doe signals that the end is near, bringing the crowd's morale down. He grabs Mikey from behind once again, but this time flips himself over...The Word of LaVey!!! The World of Lavey makes Mikey scream deafeningly. Katie checks on Mikey. Mikey shakes his head NO in a rage as he takes everything he has to try and get to his knees.

    Copeland: Oh God; He is now in prime position for Baptism By Blood again if the submission hold doesn't take him out first.

    Cohen: He can't revive like Doe can. This is it.

    Doe hollers out in surprise. He is lifted off of his feet and his head collides with the canvas...a Vertebreaker! The move brings both men down spread out onto the mat. Mikey, overexerting himself, doesn't get up. Doe is immobile. Katie Shepard starts a 10 count for the third time in the match. 1 ! Surprisingly, they both show signs of life, both crawling on their stomachs and looking at each other in fiery intensity. Doe's red face is no longer smiling. Neither is Mikey's. 2 ! In unison, they both leap up on their feet without letting Katie give them their allotted time and they exchange a barrage of fists.

    Copeland: They're no longer even on Earth. This is a whole nother plane altogether.

    Cohen: What will it take to crown a victor?

    Mikey gains the upperhand with a Falcon Punch, knocking Doe down to the mat. He signals for the end himself, no longer even noticing the audience but doing it more for himself and Doe. Mikey slowly ascends a turnbuckle. One buckle, two buckle, and he secures his place at the top and perches himself there, waiting on his opponent. John Doe uses his hands to regain composure, staring dead-eyed at the large man on the top rope. Doe motions with his hands, telling Mikey to give him his best shot. Mikey receives lift-off with The Flying Burrito!!! He lands perfectly across Doe's chest with his ass. He plants Doe into the ground as Katie does her three count of 1 !...........2 !..........


    DOE SHOVES STORMRAGE OFF! A THIRD FINISHER BROKEN! Stormrage is beside himself now, wondering what it could possibly take to end the match.

    "DIE ALREADY" *Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap*

    "DIE ALREADY" *Clap Clap ClapClapCLap*

    Mikey shouts "Game Over" and it hypes the fans up to a fever pitch. Both men sit up, pick themselves off of the ground, and grapple with everything they have...but Stormrage lifts Doe up into the Game Over- Doe gives Mikey a low blow before the finisher is applied fully! Mikey goes down and on instinct John Doe hooks his leg for the pin, but the referee saw the illegal move and called for the bell.

    Harrys: Here is your winner by disqualification, Mikey Stormrage !!!

    John Doe sits up, unsure of what's going on. Stormrage tumbles out of the ring, cupping his balls in severe agonizing pain. He adjusts himself once on the runway, where he is patted on the back by several front row fans. Mikey gives Doe a respectful nod before exiting the arena. Doe is still confused and asking Katie Shepard why Mikey is leaving.

    Cohen: I don't think John Doe is aware that he even hit Mikey down there. They were in their own little world.

    Copeland: For once I agree with you. After going through a barricade, kicking out of finishers, and bleeding all over the place, it is actually a miracle Doe isn't in a heap right now. But that's not to take away from Mikey. The man just got out of everything John Doe threw at him and was on his way to ending the match the right way.
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    The crowd is a mix of cheers and boos as Mr. Banks makes his way onto the stage, the WZCW World Heavyweight Title in his arms. He walks down the ramp, making sure to showcase the title as he climbs into the ring. Once inside the ring, which has been set up with a red carpet and podium, he places the belt on the podium and grabs a microphone.

    Banks: Thank you everyone. As was announced by the Mr. John Constantine himself, I am here to crown a new WZCW World Heavyweight Champion. Unfortunately, with the disappearance of Dr. Zeus, we were forced to make a change ahead of the highly anticipated match at Gold Rush. Since we all knew the outcome of that match was going to be Constantine walking out with gold strapped around his waist, we have decided to expedite the process. So I am proud to announce, the NEW WZCW Heavyweight Champion, John Constantine!


    The crowd boos heavily as Constantine makes his way onto the stage. He is dressed in his finest suit as he walks down the ramp and climbs into the ring. He shakes hands with Mr. Banks, who hands him a microphone.

    Constantine: Thank you Mr. Banks. I must say it is an honor to receive this title from you personally. All the hard work that I have put in and the sacrifices that I have made to get to this point, it is all worth it to be able to call myself champion again.

    Banks: I must say John, this was an easy choice. When I look at the locker room, I see a lot of hungry superstars, but only one that truly personifies the greatness that it takes to represent my fine company.

    Constantine: Why thank you Mr. Banks. Those kind words mean the world to me.

    Banks: Well since it was a forgone conclusion that you were going to beat Dr. Zeus at Gold Rush, I find no better place than right here in Portland, Oregon to present you with the WZCW Championship.

    Constantine reaches out to grab the title from Mr. Banks...


    The crowd erupts as Mikey Stormrage's music hits and he makes his way to the ring carrying a mic.

    Stormrage: Now hold up just one second. Not that I disagree that Dr. Zeus was losing at Gold Rush, but the guy he was going to lose to, you got all wrong.

    Stormrage climbs into the ring.

    Banks: What is the meaning of this?

    Stormrage: People seem to be forgetting that match at Gold Rush was a triple threat. It was Dr. Zeus versus Constantine versus, uhhh damn I'm forgetting who the third man was. Maybe the crowd right here in Portland will remind me.

    Stormrage holds his mic out to the crowd and they begin to chant.

    Mikey! Mikey! Mikey!

    Stormrage smiles and turns to Constantine and Banks.

    Stormrage: Oh yeah, it was me! I understand its easy to overlook little old me, but handing the title to Constantine, who couldn't beat me, would be a travesty.

    Constantine: You better take your fat ass back where it came from, I deserve this!

    Stormrage: Actually I think you deserve this.

    Stormrage blasts Constantine with the mic in his hand and begins to hammer away with bombs. Constantine and Banks retreat from the ring, where Constantine manages to get a punch in on Stormrage. The two begin to brawl at ringside. Constantine sneaks in a cheap shot and begins to take control, throwing Stormrage into the ring apron. Stormrage retaliates by tackling Constantine into the announce table. The two continue to trade fists until Mr. Banks grabs a microphone and orders security to separate the two.

    Banks: ENOUGH! I can see that Stormrage isn't going to take me just handing Constantine the title lying down. So at Gold Rush Constantine will take on Mikey Stormrage with the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship up for grabs, literally. Because it will be suspended above the ring in a ladder match!

    The final shot is of security restraining both Constantine and Stormrage as the copyright information flashes on screen.
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    Yaz: Ty vs. Cooper, segments
    Killjoy: M vs. Diabolos
    Dave: Opening, segments
    Spidey: Doe vs. Stormrage
    NSL: Kagura vs. S.H.I.T.
    FunKay: Tastic vs. Vee

    Enjoy everyone. Rep the guys who worked on this and Ascension will be up in the next 24 hours.
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