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    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *

    the camera pans around the white hot crowd, who all look eager for the matches to start. To a man, everyone inside BC Place is on their feet and holding their home-made signs in the air. The atmosphere is electric as the familiar dulcet tones of Sebastian Copeland welcome us to the show.

    Copeland: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to WZCW Meltdown! Welcome to BC Place in Vancouver, Canada as WZCW heats up the Great White North, I am Sebastian Copeland and I am joined at ringside by my long-time broadcast partner, Jack Cohen!

    Cohen: What an atmosphere inside this building tonight. Two weeks removed from the biggest match and event in the WZCW Calendar and these Canadian fans are letting us know what they thought of it!

    Copeland: What a night we have in store for you tonight, ladies and gentlemen. Hall of Fame Superstar David Cougar makes his return to in ring action tonight, taking on one third of Cerberus in what promises to be a scintilating encounter. The new Tag Team Champions, Live Mas face off against the Men of Mayhem. And in a world-class main event, new WZCW Heavyweight Champion, Theron Daggershield takes on former two-time Heavyweight Champ and WZCW Hall of Fame superstar, Titus!

    Cohen: I'm so excited for that!

    Copeland: But first of all, let'sjust take you back to two weeks ago in London, England. The stakes were high for the new World Heavyweight Champion against a dangerous opponent. Let's remind you of just what happened.

    Copeland: What night for Theron Daggershield at the Lethal Lottery but so many more memories will be made on the road to Kingdom Come; right here in Canada! And right now, we are just hearing that Meltdown General Manager, Vance Bateman has a special announcement.

    We cut backstage to where Vance Bateman is standing in front of a huge WZCW poster that spans the entire wall. Dressed in a sharp suit, Vance has a huge smile on his face.

    Bateman: What a night this great company had in London only two weeks ago. We put on a show for almost 90,000 people in one of the greatest arenas of them all. And what's more, we entertained everyone watching at home. But since then, everyone has been talking about Kingdom Come; which is only natural. Theron Daggershield, the new hero of WZCW squares off against one of the most deadly and gruesome superstars to ever grace a WZCW ring in Dr. Zeus!

    Vance continues to smile as a huge roar goes around the arena.

    Bateman: But Theron should not lose sight of the fact that it is a lonely place atop the mountain. The friends he has amassed in his time in WZCW all want what he has and it is in that tradition that I am pleased to make a huge announcement, alongside Becky Serra tomorrow night on WZCW Ascension. This announcement will affect not only the WZCW Heavyweight Champion but many of the current roster of talent. Please, keep your eyes peeled for that announcement tomorrow night.

    Another huge cheer goes around the arena as people begin to think about what the announcement could possibly be.

    Bateman: And speaking of announcements, I am delighted to announce that the first ballot Hall of Fame entry will be announced tonight, right here on Meltdown a little later on. It has been a tough decision between some of the greatest wrestlers to ever step between the ropes. But I am glad to tell you that the decisions have been made and the picks will roll on through weekly until the biggest show of the year! But until then, let's get this things started. Thank you for your time.
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Noah walks out arms pounding his chest. He cups his hands over his mouth and calls out the 2 opening lines to the course before eagerly hopping his way down to the ring, clapping the hands of many of the fans he sees along the way. He slides into the ring and runs to the nearest corner, 2 stepping his way to the top rope where he raises both arms up.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, "The Unforgettable" Noah Ryder!!!

    Connor: I don't know, Harrys. Seemed forgettable at Lethal Lottery to me.

    Copeland: Why do you insist on being an asshole? Noah has proved week after week he is the man to watch. He'll make you remember what breed of superstar he is, wait and see.

    Harrys: And his opponent...


    As her music plays, the lights in the arena dim as pink lights begin to swirl, but they quickly change to gold and then to grayish white, representing the decay in the life of the cherry blossoms as snow falls. As the lights turn white she walks to the ring. She hands the timekeeper a book for safekeeping before sliding into the ring and bows to her opponent with a smile on her face.

    Harrys: ...from Ise, Mie, Japan, "Kagura of the 5 Dances" Kagura Daikonran!!!

    Copeland: There's something different about Kagura tonight.

    Connor: Gee, nothing gets passed you, SeaBass. Maybe it was the music, the lights, and her last name changed? What a mystery!

    *DING* *DING* *DING*

    The two shake hands briefly before locking up. Kagura goes after Noah's wrist but Noah slaps her hand away. Ryder gets his hands around Kagura's head but she shoves them off. The combatants exchange respectful nods before locking up again. This time Ryder gets the upperhand by kicking Kagura's legs out from underneath her. He goes to work on the back of her head with several heavy kicks and she cries out in pain. Noah Ryder gets her back to her feet and gets her in a suplex position. She counters with a judo throw...he rolls back up and grapples with her again- she catches him with a strike to the throat! He grabs at his Adam's Apple, caught off guard. Kagura sprints towards him with a running knee drop, and it misses. Noah Ryder slips passed her and gets his arm around her neck. Sleeperhold! Referee Katie Shepard asks if the geisha gives up. She shakes her head adamantly.

    Copeland: These stars are about dead even, Jack. One wrong move from either athlete may cost them this match.

    Cohen: You say that, but if you notice Kagura isn't afraid to get a little dirty. Can't believe Kate didn't warn her over that throat punching crap.

    Kagura can't break free! She starts to lull her head and her arms drip down. Seeing blood in the water, Noah wrenches harder. Noah takes her to a knee. Katie Shepard begins the headlock count by lifting the geisha's arm straight up and letting go...

    .....Kagura's arm falls to her side. Katie: 1!

    The referee lifts it again. Kagura's eyes are closed shut. Sweat pours from Noah.

    .....Kagura's arm falls to her side once more. Katie: 2!

    The crowd gets anxious, waiting to see if the Japanese superstar will pull through. Katie Shepard grabs Kagura's wrist for a third and final time.

    .....Kagura's arm falls to her side but twitches upwards before Kate could count 3!. Her hand pointing near the timekeeper's table. Towards Daikonran's book! The arm raises by it's own will and Kagura opens her eyes. A newfound purpose is shown on her face as she elbows Noah repeatedly until he lets go of his hold. She clutches to him and delivers a Saito Suplex. Noah Ryder's head slams to the mat on impact! He writhes in agony at the pain.

    Cohen: See? Now she's using witchcraft. Something's funny about that damn book...

    Copeland: You know it could just be ring experience and an unorthodox fighting style that has her in the driver's seat, Jack. Think you're being a conspiracist.

    As if hearing Copeland's words, Noah Ryder sprung up in a haste- knocking Kagura down with a Pendulum Clothesline! He protects his head with one arm and goes to work on Kagura's face with the other. The referee steps in to break the connection after a 5 count. Ryder jumps up and beckons the audience to get on his side. They do. He picks Kagura up and executes a Sling Blade! It leaves a sickening crick sound upon impact. Daikonran is down as Noah pins her.




    Kagura touches nearby ropes. Shaking his head, Noah drags Kagura to the center of the ring, and gives the loving fans a smile. He turns away but Daikonran grabs his trunks and pulls him into a roll-up!




    Noah breaks free at the last possible second! Bewildered, he looks at the geisha as if to ask "Where did all the respect go?". She smiles at him teasingly but instantly gets serious as he comes after her in a rage.

    Copeland: And now Noah is on the offense. What started as an equal display of comraderie has turned into this strange new attitude by Kagura.

    Cohen: She better watch out. Noah is looking to put her away with every trick in his arsenal.

    After taking her to a corner turnbuckle and landed a patented dropkick, Ryder called for the end- signalling for a Blow Ryder. With Kagura back to her feet, he ran to her with the kick- she dodges! - Kagura with the 5th Dance of Amaterasu Omikami, a double-fisted heart punch... Ryder rolls away! Ryder rebounds back, shifts behind her, grabbing her mid section and lifting her up into the night's sky. Blue Thunder Bomb! BUT KAGURA REVERSES THE MOVE MID-AIR WITH Third Dance of Amenouzume no Mikoto- a high speed victory roll! It connects and Kagura rolls Noah Ryder once more into a pin. Katie Shepard slams her hand into the mat...




    Noah Ryder kicks out, but the count was made. Katie Shepard calls for the bell as the Japanese superstar quickly slides out of the ring, bowing down to Ryder once more before heading back to the locker room.

    Harrys: Here is your winner, Kagura Daikonran!!!

    Copeland: What just happened? I blinked.

    Cohen: New name, new tactic in the ring too it seems. Dirty tactic. Noah Ryder still had juice left in the tank. This is highway robbery right here.

    Copeland: I wouldn't say that, but I agree Noah Ryder wasn't done. Kagura pulled off the finish in a spectacular finish though. Maybe there is something going on with her lately.


    Kensworth: Hey, guys. Joining me at this time, the man who came up short against Eve Taylor at the Lethal Lott-

    James Howard suddenly appears in the frame of the camera with one hand held towards the face and mouth of Leon Kensworth; stopping him unceremoniously in his tracks. The look on Howard's face suggests that he doesn't like what Leon is saying already.

    Howard: What kind of way is that to introduce anyone, Leon? The man who came up short? Are you kidding me!?

    The former Elite X Champion stares at Leon, his eyes burning a hole through the face of Leon. Leon shirks backwards, swallowing his words and his guilt as Howard moves towards him.

    Howard: Let me tell you something, Leon, I didn't lose anything. It might be semantic but I think that you will find that I was, in fact, robbed at the Lethal Lottery. Watch the match back one more time before you come in here and run your mouth. Not only did Eve Taylor use every slimy trick in the book to beat me... It was the only way she could beat me. Like it or not, Leon, I am the greatest wrestler to ever step through these doors.

    Leon: I was just trying to poin-

    Howard once again cuts off Leon as he pushes him backwards.

    Howard: You know what, Leon? Save it! I come in here every week and get taken advantage of every single week. Well, it's not going to happen any more. Tonight, I am going to make amends for the travesty that happened at the Lethal Lottery. I should be preparing for a huge match at Kingdom Come, defending my Elite X Championship. But trust me, tonight, everyone will be put on notice. I can beat anyone on the roster from Matt Tastic to Alhazred, from Constantine to Abel Hunnicut... Mark my words, it starts tonight.

    Cohen: I believe him!

    Copeland: Like him or not, James Howard will not give up on anything. He faces off against elegANT here tonight in what should be an intriguing match.
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    Harrys: The following contest is schedule for one fall!


    Harrys: Introducing first from the lap of luxury, weighing 179 pounds, the gentlemanly insect and friend to all, elegANT!

    The gentlemanly insect emerges from the behind the curtain the greet the fans and shakes the hand of the announcer and the referee before waving to the fans on all four turnbuckles. He then hands off his top hat, coat, and cane before awaiting his opponent.

    Copeland: Despite not winning the Lottery elegANT seems to be just as chipper as ever and looking to get a win here tonight.

    Cohen: A positive and happy demeanor won’t help him tonight, his opponent is not a happy man.


    Harrys: And his opponent, from Leeds, England, weighing 223 pounds, James Howard!

    Cohen: After losing the Elite X title to Eve Taylor at the Lethal Lottery James Howard is not thrilled with anything in the slightest. He’ll definitely be looking to take his anger out on his opponent tonight.

    Howard walks to the ring not even acknowledging the jeering fans. He looks determined, angry, and frustrated all at the same time as he takes off his hoodie and begins preparing for his match.

    Copeland: He certainly has the skills and means to deliver some serious damage tonight. Let’s hope for elegANT’s sake he can keep it under control.

    The bell rings and the two men quickly lock up. Howard is able to overpower elegANT however and back him into a corner. He immediately begins stomping away on the insect as the referee calls for him to back off. He disregards the warnings however and continues to beat away on his opponent. He Irish whips elegANT into the corner but the insect reverses sending Howard back first into the turnbuckle. elegANT follows up with a collar and elbow suplex slamming Howard down onto the mat. He picks him up looking to hit a body slam splash but Howard wiggles out and delivers repeated elbow strikes to the head. This dazes elegANT enough for Howard to give him a bridged German suplex as the ref counts the pin 1..2...elegANT kicks out!

    Copeland: There’s no feeling each other out tonight, these two are going straight at it with no regard for each other.

    Howard gets on top of a down elegANT and begins delivering repeated boxing punches. Each one lands more vicious than the last until the insect is able to catch one of the fists and is able to maneuver himself into a sleeper hold on Howard’s back! James begins to freak out trying to get the insect off of him and smashes his back into the turnbuckle attempting to get elegANT off. His attempt doesn’t work however as elegANT hangs on for dear life attempting to get Howard to pass out. Eventually Howard falls to one knee and the ref begins to check on him to see if he wants to give up. Howard refuses and then grabs the referee and gives a slight shove taking away his attention. Howard uses the split second without supervision to rake the eyes of elegANT and insect lets go of the hold to focus on his injured eyes.

    Cohen: And that’s why Howard is a winner, he’s willing to do what it takes while the insect just smiles and waves expecting to be handed things.

    Copeland: Howard’s dirty tactics may have just handed him the win.

    The ref doesn’t see what just happened and he goes to complain to Howard about the shove but Howard ignores it and hits a few Muy-Thai knee strikes to a kneeling down elegANT and goes for the cover 1...2...the ant kicks out! Howard becomes more and more frustrated as elegANT continues to be resilient. He picks up the ant and hits a snapmare but elegANT rolls through and hits a handspring back elbow taking Howar down. Both men are slow to get up however as they are pain. They’re eventually able to make it to their feet around the same time and Howard charges at the ant but he ducks a clothesline and bounces off the ropes and delivers a running crossbody taking James down. The former Elite X champion pops up right up holding his midsection and runs into a jumping knee lift knocking him down into a seated position. elegANT then bounces off the ropes and hits a running bicycle kick knocking Howard clean out as the insect hooks the leg! 1...2...Thr-Howard just barely kicks out!

    Cohen: What’s it going to take to put either of these guys away?!

    The insect sees that it’s going to take just a little bit more to put his opponent away and goes to top rope to hit a Good Day, Sir. As he gets to top of the turnbuckle however Howard is able to rolls to the opposite side of the ring making it virtually impossible for the insect to make it that far. elegANT hops down from the turnbuckle and heads over to his opponent but Howard plays possum and pulls elegANT into the turnbuckle. He then backs up to the middle of the ring and charges at the insect hitting a shining wizard and a running bulldog. He does not go for the pin however as he locks in the Tenzan choke looking to tap the Insect out!

    Cohen: It’s over! He’s got to tap out!

    elegANT begins flailing in the middle of the ring as the ref asks him if he wants to tap out. The insect then delivers repeated knee shots to the head of Howard. The former champion doesn’t let go however but he is dazed. The insect is able to roll through the submission hold into a cradle pin! Howard’s shoulders are down! 1...2...3!

    Harrys: And here is your winner, elegANT!

    Copeland: What a reversal and a great win by elegANT!

    Cohen: What a bad call! Howard obviously kicked out before the three!

    The insect gets his hand raised and celebrates on the outside of the ring as Howard throws a temper tantrum on the inside.

    Flex Mussel can be seen stretching backstage in the locker room. As he continues the Elite X champion Eve Taylor enters the room with her belt over her shoulder.

    Flex: Eve-

    Eve: Flex before you say anything let me first and foremost apologize for what happened at the Lottery. I had no intention of getting you or Ramparte eliminated and it was a complete accident. Let me make it up to you tonight by helping you against Showtime. He’s out of his prime and there’s no way he could handle us both.

    Flex: Thanks, but no thanks.

    Eve: Excuse me?

    Flex: I appreciate the offer but the truth is I was hoping to run into you so I could tell you to stay far away from my match tonight. I need to do this on my own. Showtime is my toughest and most decorated opponent and to be honest I don’t think he’s ever been out of his prime. If you see Ram tell him to keep his distance as well. We’ll all talk later.

    With that the healthiest man alive leaves the locker room to go to his match leaving Eve in shock, Eventually she snaps out of it and exits the locker room herself. A few seconds later Ramparte emerges from a dimly lit part of the room unknown to the two other members of Cerberus, seemingly eavesdropping on the conversation, yet emotionless.
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    Harrys: The following contest is set for one fall!


    Flex emerges on stage in his newly designed signature Flex Fitness track suit and his duffle bag in hand. He begins chanting "We Will Rock You" along with the fans to the beat of his theme music. He chugs a few protein shakes from his bag and hands a few out this time only to fans who ask for them. He enters the ring and poses on the top turnbuckle flexing his biceps before disrobing from his tracksuit to reveal body weights on his his arms legs which he takes off and puts into his duffle bag for safe keeping.

    Harrys: Introducing first from Paris, France, weighing 220 pounds, “The Healthiest Man Alive” Flex Mussél!

    Copeland: This should be an interesting match as Flex looks very focused tonight.

    Cohen: Focused? I think the appropriate word is angry. He's looking to vent out some frustration on the returning "Showtime"


    Harrys: And his opponent, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, weighing 219 lbs pounds, "Showtime" David Cougar!!

    A cloud of smoke fills the stage as the music begins to play. Right before the lyrics hit, the smoke disappears and Showtime is standing on the stage. He raises his arms up forming a diamond with his hands. He quickly lowers his arms to the side horizontally as pyro shoots up behind him. Showtime then heads down to the ring and high fives many of the fans along the way.

    Copeland: Cougar returned at the Lethal Lottery, drawing the coveted number 30, but unfortunately for him, he didn't last long. This will be our first real look at "Showtime" after a long absence.

    Cohen: I don't think he's ready. Flex is a strong man, and a very formidable challenge after being gone this past year. I'm voting Flex in this one Seabass.

    The bell rings and the match gets underway. The two men lock up, with Flex shoving Showtime to the mat. Cougar quickly returns to his feet, and locks up again, only to again be thrown to the mat.

    Cohen:Flex is letting Showtime know, "I'm stronger than you"

    Copeland:The match barely started though Jack!

    Cohen:Yeah, and he's already been on his back twice! This could get ugly.

    The Hall of Famer pops back up, and rather than play Flex's game, he immediately charges at Flex, catching the Healthiest Man Alive off guard and delivering a series of hard knife edge chops directly to the chest. The sound of the chops can be heard as Flex is backed into the corner. Flex receives another chop before he's struck with a shot to the face that leaves him slumped in the corner. Showtime plays to the crowd before he begins to kick Flex. The ref comes in and breaks Cougar away from Flex. Once away from the corner, Showtime comes off the ropes, looking for a clothesline, but Flex ducks it, grabbing Showtime and delivering a devastating German suplex.

    Copeland:Wow! Flex with the counter into an impressive German suplex! The impact Jack!!

    Cohen:Flex is about to make this Hall of Famer regret returning to WZCW.

    Flex picks up the fallen Showtime, clinching as he drives his knee into the man's gut. Strike after strike, Flex's strength keeping Showtime up as he delivers a fifth and final knee. As he lets Showtime drop, he turns to the crowd, stopping to show off his muscles. Showtime begins to stir, rising to his feet and he attacks Flex. He grabs him and delivers a quick snap suplex, immediately getting to his feet and dropping a series of leg drops across the chest of Mussel. Showtime begins to climb the turnbuckle, as Ramparte can be seen at the top of the ramp. Cougar dives off the top, looking for the elbow drop, but Flex rolls out of the way. Still oblivious to Ramparte's presence, Flex signals for the Spin & Win.

    Cohen:Looks like the end is near for Showtime!

    Copeland:You may be right Jack, but why is Ramparte out here?

    Cohen:What? He can't watch his friend have a match?

    Flex grabs Showtime's legs and the spinning begins


    Flex lets go of Showtime's legs, letting him crash into the mat. As Flex looks around, he finally notices Ramparte on the ramp. Flex walks towards the ropes, confused look on his face, raising arms, questioning why Ramparte is here. Just then, Showtime runs up behind him and tries a quick rollup pin.


    3...No! Flex kicks out! The two men stand up and begin trading blows. Flex begins to get the upper hand, delivering a stiff kick to the gut of Showtime. He quickly grabs him, setting him up for Full Body Fitness. As Flex hits the move, he immediately goes for the cover.


    Harrys: And you're winner, Flex Mussel!!!

    Copeland: Impressive win for one Flex Mussel! It was a hard fought match, but Flex was determined to show what he can do.

    Cohen: Anytime you beat a hall of famer, it's been a good night. I can't wait to see what else he's capable of. Totally impressi- Oh no! Look who it is.

    With Showtime still lying on the canvas and Flex getting back to his feet, Eve Taylor appears with Ramparte on the stage. She gives Ramparte a pat on the shoulder and then beckons him towards the ring. With the Elite X Championship resting around her waist like a new accessory, Eve looks the picture of success and esteem. She struts down the ramp like it was a catwalk with Ramparte in tow until she reaches the ring. She walks up the steps and then du cks under the ring ropes and enters the ring. In her haste to get to the ring, she hasn't noticed that Ramparte has not joined her in the ring. Ins tead, Ramparte remains on the outside of the ring; looking on at the two other members of the most successful stable in WZCW. Eve beckons him inside but Ramparte remains fixed in his spot outside the ring. Eve gives him a disgusted look before turning her attention to Flex and helping him back to his weary feet. She holds his arm aloft and smiles widely.

    Copeland: All seems to be well between Cerberus despite what happened at the Lethal Lottery.

    As Flex fully comprehends what’s going on he begins to celebrate until Eve signals for him to continue an assault on Showtime who is battered and just beginning to make it to his feet. Flex is conflicted as he looks at Eve and then at Showtime back and forth. Eve is confused by Flex’s hesitance and goes to attack Showtime herself until Flex yanks her back and shakes his head.

    Cohen: This is not the normal Flex we’re used to seeing…

    Flex tells Eve to back off and then makes his way over to Showtime to….pick him up and shake his hand!

    Copeland: Very uncharacteristic of the former tag team champion, this is certainly a different Flex than before.

    Showtime is a bit wary of the offer but he reciprocates the respect shown by Flex and the two quickly hug before Showtime quickly exits the ring as he realizes he’s surrounded by Cerberus members. Ramparte does nothing as Showtime walks past him up the ramp and Eve is still confused and a bit irritated by Flex’s unwillingness to attack. Mussel invites Ramparte into the ring to celebrate but he shakes his head denying the offer and walks up the ramp leaving both Flex and Eve in the ring alone.

    Copeland: Things may not be so hunky dory in the Cerberus household.

    Cohen: For once I have to agree with you Seabass, things are about to be interesting...
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    Backstage we see the World Tag Team Champions. Matt Tastic and Mikey Stormrage. They sit on benches preparing for their match and show off plaques they received. Mikey received one for breaking the Tag Team title reign record at 3 and Matt one for becoming a Grand Slam Champion. Matt's is noticeably bigger.

    Mikey: This is so cool. Plaques to recognize our greatness. What do you think, bro?

    Matt: Yeah. I don't think this thing fits on my ride. They're cool.

    Mikey: Listen, with this thing at hand now and these titles, we are gonna be the greatest Tag Team Champions ever. What do you think?

    As Mikey says that, Matt's plaque falls down hard. He looks at it as Mikey is a bit exasperated.

    Jesus Christ, this thing is ridiculous. I kinda wish it was the same size as yours.

    ....Yeah..... You with me?

    Yeah, I'm with you.


    Harrys: The following non-title tag team match is scheduled for one fall!


    Mikey Stormrage bursts out onto the stage, making sure to show off the Tag Team Championship belt around his waist. He throws an arm into the air and the music changes.

    Matt Tastic joins his partner on the stage. He bobs his head along to the music and after a fist bump, the champions head toward the ring.

    Harrys: Introducing first, at a combined weight of 563 pounds, they are the WZCW Tag Team Champions, Live Más!

    Mikey climbs up to the second rope and does his Game Over taunt, while Matt just watches from the center of the ring.

    The lights slowly start to dim until the arena is plunged into darkness.

    Harrys: And their opponents, at a combined weight of 465 pounds, Fallout and John Doe, the Children of the Damned!

    The lights come back up to show Doe and Fallout slugging away at Tastic and Stormrage. The champions try to cover up, but the attack is relentless. John has Matt backed into a corner, while Fallout has Mikey on the mat and is raining down mounted punches. Tastic drops to a seated position, allowing Doe to choke away with his boot for a few seconds before scraping at the former world champion’s face with a face wash. Referee Keith Morse tries to intervene, but Doe can shove him away with no repercussions, as the match has not officially started. Fallout growls in the direction of Doe, who seems to understand and moves just before Fallout throws Stormrage into Matt with a German suplex. John rolls to the floor and pulls Mikey under the bottom rope onto John’s shoulder. Meanwhile, Fallout drags Mikey toward the center of the ring. With one man from each team in the ring, Morse reluctantly calls for the bell. Fallout immediately goes for a pin, 1…2.., Tastic kicks out. On the floor, Doe has impressively carried Stormrage over to the timekeeper’s area and dumps him. Before walking away, John makes sure to throw some nearby chairs and the Tag Team Championships on top to really bury the champion. Doe hops back up onto the apron as Fallout stands, waiting for Matt to use the energy to climb back to his feet. Once he does, Fallout nearly takes him right back down with a European uppercut. When he sees that Tastic is dazed and without a partner to tag, Fallout shuffles to his corner and tags in Doe. Fallout hits another European uppercut before lifting Matt in an electric chair. He begins to drop back, and as he comes down, John catches Matt in a hangman’s neckbreaker. He goes in for the cover, 1…2…, Tastic just slips his shoulder out in time. Stormrage has started to stir, tossing a chair and one of the tag title belts off of himself toward the ring and using the wall to stand.

    Cohen: What brilliant strategy by the Children of the Damned!

    Copeland: Brilliant strategy? They jumped them before the bell! That’s cowardice if you ask me.

    Cohen: You are biased as always, Seabass.

    Matt tries rolling to the floor, but Doe manages to grab his ankle and pull the champion back into the ring. John looks over at Mikey for a moment, who is trying to pull himself up with the apron skirt, sizes up Tastic as he starts to sit up, and hits a shining wizard, driving his knee into Matt’s jaw. Doe goes in for the cover, 1…2.., before the referee notices that Tastic has grabbed the rope, he turns his attention toward the Live Más side of the ring, where Stormrage has thrown one of the WZCW Tag Team Championship belts into the ring. While Morse removes the foreign object, Fallout begins choking away at Tastic with his boot, while Doe lays in a barrage of stomps. Fallout heads back to the corner just before Morse turns around, but John doesn’t cease the stomping until the referee gets to a count of four. Doe backs away for a moment before dragging the nearly lifeless body of Matt back to its feet. John attempts to whip Tastic to the corner, but the former World Champion reverses it and charges into the corner, hitting the Guillotine Wheel Kick. Before Tastic can even start to think of crawling toward his corner, Fallout charges into the ring and makes a beeline toward Matt. He is intercepted by Stormrage, who rolls under the bottom rope and uses what seems to be his last bit of strength to lift Fallout into the air and connect with the Falcon Punch. Mikey collapses after connecting, and all four men are down.

    Copeland: The champions are throwing some of their best shots to get this match to possibly swing in their favor.

    Cohen: They’ve suffered too much damage for that to happen, Seabass.

    Fallout rolls to the floor, while the other three slowly get back to their feet. Doe sets to throw a right hand at Tastic, but eats a jab from Stromrage before he can connect. He turns his attention to Mikey, but this time is hit with a jab from Matt. The champions look at each other and nod, before they both start laying in a series of simultaneous jabs. After five, they pause, yell “Live Más!”, and drop John with a double right hand. As he falls to the mat, they head to their corner, and Tastic tags Mikey, making him the legal man. Matt picks Doe up and whips him into a neutral corner, while Stormrage waits opposite it. Tastic whips his partner in for an aided Jump Man Splash in the corner. Matt climbs out of the ring as Mikey does the Game Over signal to a roar from the crowd. John is pulling on the ropes to try and stay on his feet as Mikey tags Tastic back in. Stormrage pulls Doe from the corner, causing him to pull the top turnbuckle cover off, and tosses him to Matt who sets for the Headache Driver. As Morse goes to replace the pad, Fallout slides into the ring with the Tag Team Title belt that Mikey threw in the ring earlier. He charges at Stormrage, who ducks, causing Fallout to drop the belt. Mikey picks it up and swings at Fallout, who also ducks. He can’t stop his momentum, however, and drives the belt straight into his partner’s head. Before he can react, Fallout grabs Stormrage and throws him to the floor, kicking the dropped title on his own way out. Doe manages to roll Tastic up in what looks like a modified crucifix. Morse turns around and sees the pin, 1…2…3!

    Harrys: The winners of the match, The Children of the Damned!

    Doe rolls to the floor and meets his partner at the bottom of the ramp, evil smiles forming on both of their faces. Stormrage gathers both belts and rolls into the ring. Tastic is slowly sitting up, a trickle of blood flowing down his face. The crowd starts clapping and chanting for Matt, encouraging him to get up, with Mikey clapping along. He makes it to his feet, holding his head, and turns to his partner, who is holding out one of the titles. He stares at Mikey, and then at the title, and takes it, before tossing it to the mat. Stormrage starts to question Matt, but Tastic shoves his partner away and leaves the ring.

    Cohen: Big surprise there, Mikey Stormrage looks to have ruined another tag team.

    Copeland: Emotions are running high right now, but this may be something to keep an eye on. Matt Tastic did not look happy with his partner there.

    Following the match, Matt and Mikey recompose themselves. Fallout and John Doe leave as the Tag Team Champions look on defeated and dejected. Matt shoots a glance at Mikey and then exits the ring. He grabs the Tag Team titles and a microphone. He tosses one to Mikey to grab his attention.

    Matt: Mikey, I need to talk to you. Last year at All Or Nothing I defeated you for the Eurasian Championship. Then I won Lethal Lottery and the World Heavyweight Championship. I owe it all to you. Your friendship and your help. We vowed to someday meet up in the ring again for the World Heavyweight Championship. We made it our goal for Revolution. But at Kingdom Come, I won and you lost. It could've been at Gold Rush but we had a guest because at Revolution, I retained and you lost. We're a tag team now. And I'm very happy about being Tag Team Champions. But watching back Lethal Lottery last week, I saw what happened. I saw you were right there and capable of catching me like last year. Now I know you don't have to do that. You didn't have to last year, but you did. And it won me the World title. I'm grateful. This year though, you looked the other way. Mikey. I need to ask. Is this a case of you getting distracted? Or is it a case of you not wanting me to challenge for the World Championship again?

    Mikey looks on with a shocked face by Matt's words. He stretches his arms out wondering "why" as Matt looks on. He too showing his own sadness.

    You're my best friend. We've been close for well over a year now. I can tell something here is wrong. Is there a sense of jealousy, Mikey? Is there a belief in you that if you disassociate yourself from me, you would not be seen as the star you are now? I know something is up. And I want you to say it. Because whatever it is, cost me the opportunity to headline Kingdom Come again. And it may grind a gear between us if we don't work it now. I'll give you until next week. Please. Give me an answer.

    Matt walks up the ramp with a lowered head. He drags his Tag Team title belt as Mikey looks on from the ring.

    Oh my God, we could have just seen the end of Live Mas here!!

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    First of all, the rocks slid into place for Everest; the first man to be inducted into the glorious WZCW Hall of Fame. Chosen by a landslide, the Pinnacle of Perfection personified everything that was great about WZCW. Then, you had heard legend of the man but dreams came true for Titus in 2015, when he was announced as the second man to be placed into the Hall of Fame. The truest hero WZCW had ever seen took his place alongside his fiercest foe at Kingdom Come VI! Soon after, the spotlight shone on one of the most successful wrestlers to ever grace a WZCW ring, when “Showtime” David Cougar was announced as the third man to be inducted.

    All three of these magnificent warriors have had Hall of Fame worthy careers and have lit the path for the wrestlers of tomorrow to break new ground and take this Federation to places it has never been before. These three men have stood atop the wrestling industry and have elevated it to heights that no one ever deemed imaginable.

    The WZCW Hall of Fame was set up as a reminder to everyone about how far WZCW has come and to give imagination, direction and ambition to the future of the company. It is through the Hall of Fame that WZCW Superstars are gifted the highest honour that we have to bestow upon anyone. To join such illustrious company is not just a reward, but a measure of appreciation for the years of hard work and dedication to the Federation. It is with that in mind that WZCW welcomes the newest of 3 inductions...






    Copeland: Wow! What a huge induction to start the 2015 Hall of Fame!

    Cohen: Couldn't have said it better myself. If he's coming in at #1, can you imagine who the other two inductees could be? I cannot wait for the next announcement!

    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    The crowd gives a mixed reaction for the first time in many years as Titus walks out on stage with a casual stroll. He has a big grin on his face as he looks out to the people, hearing both cheers and boos.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Keystone City, Kansas, weighing 225 pounds..... THIS ..... IS...... TITUS!

    Cohen: Speaking of the Hall of Fame, here comes one of the inductees from last year! Titus has had such a great career and his performance at the Lethal Lottery continues to show us he is far from finished.

    Copeland: I don't know how kicking everybody in the groin equates to Titus being in top form. He won't be able to use that same technique tonight if he wants to win. However, what really concerns me is that Titus is utilising such a cheap tactic.

    Cohen: Anything goes in the Lottery, Seabass. Titus walked in where alliances were already formed; he had to do something to fight them off.

    He walks down the ramp and a fan sticks out their hands for the hi-five, Titus puts his hand in the air. The fan goes to hi-five Titus but he pulls away his hand and yells "too slow" to the fan who has a look of shock on his face. Titus lets out a hearty laugh and gives him a thumbs up, saying he is "only kidding."

    Copeland: Again, something uncharacteristic from Titus. Since when did he tease fans?

    Cohen: He's only messing about! Can't Titus have a little fun? Jeez, you are paranoid.

    Titus climbs into the ring and bypasses senior official Jurou Akiyama, heading towards the turnbuckles to taunt. He soaks in the atmosphere with a big grin and jumps down to the canvas, waiting for his opponent.


    The fans give a big cheering ovation as the music blares throughout the arena. Theron walks out with his sunglasses and trenchcoat still on and holds up his newly won championship under the bright multi-coloured lights shining down upon him.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from Stephenville, Texas, weighing 190 pounds... he is the NEW WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, "The Warblade of Mystra" THERON DAGGERSHIELD!

    Copeland: Can you listen to these crowds here in the BC Place show their admiration for the new champion? It's insane!

    Cohen: Theron Daggershield fought hard to become the new champion, I admit. However, he only received that spot in the match because of Constantine taking out the original champion. He slithered into that spot! Tonight, there is no slithering out for Theron as he takes on a true legend.

    Copeland: Dagger is no snake, Jack. He doesn't hide in the grass; he stands proudly and fights his foes. A few weeks ago, I would've said the same thing about Titus and this would've been a dream match. These days, I'm quite so sure.

    Dagger enters the ring & rolls his D20 along the canvas. He bends the knee and starts a prayer. Titus doesn't seem to be too amused with the antics of Dagger, looking at his wrist as if he was checking the time. When Dagger is finished, he stands up and removes his gear, placing the championship carefully on the ground. Titus urges senior official Akiyama to hurry Dagger up and get this match going. Akiyama shoots Titus a quick look before asking Dagger if he is ready. When he responds, Akiyama signals for the bell.


    Theron looks to start this competition and closes in on Titus, looking for a tie-up... but Titus instantly exits the ring. Theron gives up chase as Akiyama questions Titus about the move. Some of the fans in the arena boo Titus for his actions.

    Titus: You didn't ask me if I was ready for the match!

    Akiyama gives Titus a stern look as Titus does some warm-up exercises on the outside. Both referee and opponent are in disbelief of what Titus is doing.

    Copeland: So Titus tells Akiyama to hurry up Theron during his pre-match ritual but as soon as the match starts, Titus takes a break and wastes time. What is he doing?

    Cohen: Akiyama only asked Theron if he was ready, not Titus. Now Titus must stretch during the match where Theron could easily steal the victory. I expected better from our senior official!

    Akiyama begins to count, inciting further complaints from Titus who is adamant about not being ready as of yet. Dagger slips out of the ring, looking to pursue the legend. Titus sees this and tells Akiyama to get involved but Dagger grabs the legend and slides him into the ring. Dagger rolls in shortly after as Titus gets to his feet and puts his hands up, asking Dagger to cool down and explains the situation to him. Titus says he is ready now and wishes to do battle, holding up his right hand for a test of strength. Dagger is a little hesitant but eventually gets in position and looks to take on Titus.

    As Dagger's left hand is about to lock with Titus' right hand, Titus puts his right hand away and lifts up his left hand. Dagger looks at him and Titus gives him a big grin. Dagger shakes his head and pulls his right hand up instead, looking to lock up. However, once again Titus puts down his hand and switches to his other with a grin. Dagger gets frustrated with the antics of Titus and quickly looks to lock up this time, falling short once again. No matter what Dagger does, Titus switches hands in the air with a grin. Titus stands up straight and laughs, giving Dagger a couple of light taps on the check.

    Titus: You'll get there, sport.

    Titus turns his back on Dagger and lifts his arms in the air, looking out to the audience. The cheering fans start to cross-over and become booing fans of Titus, questioning their support for Titus.

    Cohen: Despite Theron being the World champion and being here for multiple years, Titus is treating him like a rookie and taking him to school!

    Copeland: I don't know why Titus is stalling for time and not wanting to wrestle Theron. He was eager to start and now he won't let Daggershield lay a thing on him.

    Cohen: It's called strategy, Seabass. He's getting inside the head of Theron with this veteran tactics and when he slips, Titus will take advantage.

    Dagger walks up to Titus who is still taunting and spins him around, hitting Titus in the face with an elbow smash. Titus grabs his cheek and drops to the ground, rolling to the outside to recover. Titus yells at Dagger for the cheap shot and being a bad sport. Dagger exits the ring and chases Titus who runs around the ring. Titus slides into the ring shortly followed by Dagger. Titus quickly turns around and pummels Dagger with a series of mudhole-like stomps, keeping the champ grounded until Akiyama comes out to admonish Titus. He asks the senior official why he is being held up whilst Dagger recovers. Dagger comes in pursuit but Titus sees this, pointing at Dagger for the referee. Akiyama turns around and pushes Dagger back as he talks with Titus but the legend uses this to his advantage and clocks Dagger in the side of the head with a kesagiri chop. Akiyama warns Titus of his behaviour but Titus ignores it, attacking Dagger with a series of European uppercuts and kesagiri chops that trap Dagger in the corner.

    Copeland: Since when did Titus hide behind the referee and run from his opponent?

    Cohen: All I see is Titus striking Dagger in the corner.

    Akiyama gets involved and pushes Titus away, warning him once again. Titus lifts up his hands and apologies for his actions this time, going back to Dagger and pulling him out of the corner as per the referee's orders. However, Titus whips Dagger into the opposite turnbuckles with a lot of power, causing Dagger to fall to his knees. Titus casually walks over to Theron and picks him up, whipping him strong into the opposite corner yet again. Theron hits the canvas clutching his back as Titus wipes his hands clean before going over to Theron and covering with a very poor pin attempt...

    ... 1
    ... kick-out.

    Titus grins as he picks up Theron by the head. He looks to whip Theron into the opposite corner once again but Theron manages to reverse it, letting Titus hit the corner instead. Theron takes a second to recover but looks to charge at Titus. The legend puts the boots up to Theron, stopping him in his tracks. Theron staggers out the corner, allowing Titus to climb the turnbuckles for his patent flying clothesline... but Titus re-thinks his strategy as he hears the cheers from an excited audience, only going to the second rope instead of the top rope. He jumps at Theron and hits him with a simple double axe handle. Titus covers poorly again as the fans boo...

    ... 1
    ... 2
    ... kick-out again.

    Titus sighs as he slaps on a chinlock to Theron, keeping him grounded and applying the pressure. Akiyama is there to call the submission.

    Cohen: Great thinking on the fly by Titus. He didn't want to risk injury from such a height so he adjusted and hit Theron with a more reliable attack.

    Copeland: This is Titus we're talking about, Jack. He has used the flying clothesline from the top rope more times than I can count. He does that attack with the greatest of ease; he'd damage himself more by landing a double axe handle. Why change now? Why is he exerting little effort into the match?

    The crowd puts their support firmly behind Theron as Titus continues to apply the pressure. Theron refuses to give up and begins to rally against Titus, slowly getting to his feet. When Theron gets there, he delivers a couple of elbows to the stomach of Titus before hitting him with elbow smashes to the face. Titus breaks up the hold and stops Theron's attacks by pushing Theron away, allowing Theron to gain some momentum and rebound off the ropes. Theron runs at Titus and looks for a clothesline but Titus locks in a sleeper hold. Theron flails his arms around and tries to go over to the ropes but Titus locks in the hold tight.

    Theron feels himself slipping away and attempts a desperation jawbreaker on Titus! Theron stuns Titus who grabs his chin, staggering backwards. Theron takes a second but manages to get up and hit Titus with an Atomic Drop, causing further pain to Titus! Using this opening, Theron quickly staggers back towards the turnbuckles and climbs up, delivering a missile dropkick to the veteran! Titus is pushed all the way back into the corner by the sheer force of the hit, knocking his head. Theron recovers and runs at Titus with a turnbuckle clothesline, clobbering him. Theron gives Titus the "X" taunt and hits a sidebuster on a groggy Titus. Theron looks out towards the crowd and slaps the turnbuckles, looking to climb up.

    Copeland: Theron has somehow managed to escape the strangehold of Titus and is throwing everything he has at the legend, reversing the tide of the match in mere minutes!

    Cohen: And being a very disrespectful competitor at that! He hit Titus in the groin and told him to... I don't even want to say it! What kind of champion treats a legend like that who paved the way for kids like him?

    Theron stands perched on the turnbuckles and dives onto Titus with the Dragoon Jump, planting his elbow into the heart of Titus! The fans are fired up as Theron gets up and signals for the end of the match, waiting for Titus to get up. Titus clutches his chest as he tries getting to his feet, struggling to get up. Senior official Akiyama gets a little worried and comes in for closer inspection. Titus gets to his feet and THERON GOES FOR THE CRITICAL HIT... BUT TITUS PUSHES HIM AWAY, KNOCKING HIM INTO THE REFEREE! Senior official Akiyama gets knocked by Theron accidentally, causing him to crash to the canvas. Akiyama looks out of it as Theron puts both hands on his head, looking in disbelief as to what has occurred!

    Cohen: The referee is down! Theron just took out the referee!

    Copeland: You know as well as I do that it was an accident. Titus counters Theron's finisher and got pushed into the referee.

    As Theron is distracted with reviving the referee, Titus comes from behind and delivers a nasty low blow to Theron who falls straight to the canvas clutching his groin area. The crowd boos as Titus uses this time to slowly recover from the attacks of Theron. Akiyama doesn't seem to be moving and Theron is on the ground. Titus smirks at the situation as he continues recovering.

    Copeland: What a cheap shot, resorting to the low blow once again! I bet you Titus pushed Theron into the referee.

    Cohen: Nonsense! Even you admitted it was an accident. The low blow is merely Titus taking advantage of the rules no longer being enforced for the time being. Theron would've used one as well.

    Copeland: I refuse to believe that... hey, where is Titus going?

    Titus rolls out of the ring and inspects the ring apron, moving it aside. He looks underneath the ring and pulls out a steel chair. He wields it in his hands and has a big grin on his face. He holds it up in the sky and the fans boo him as he tosses it casually into the ring.

    Copeland: What's he doing with a steel chair?

    Cohen: Taking advantage, Seabass!

    Titus slides into the ring and holds the chair in his hand, waiting for Theron to recover. He holds it up high when he notices something out of the corner of his eye; senior official Akiyama is recovering and is almost awake! Titus darts between Theron & the referee, getting impatient at Theron's slow recovery and not knowing whether he'll be able to hit Theron in time. However, Titus' eyes grow wide open and a smile forms on his face as he thinks of something.

    As Akiyama is about to get to his feet and turn back to officiate the action, Titus slams the chair as hard as he possibly can against the canvas. As Theron recovers, Titus tosses the chair at Theron who catches it upon instinct. Titus immediately drops to the canvas and starfishes, pretending to be knocked out cold. Akiyama turns around and sees Theron with the steel chair in his hand and Titus laid out on the canvas. Theron soon realises what has occurred as Akiyama starts asking questions. Theron swears he had nothing to do with it but Akiyama insists he heard a noise of a chair being swung and since Theron has a chair in hand & Titus is out, the only conclusion is that Theron used it. Theron continues saying he didn't do it but Akiyama has no choice but to call for the bell!

    Copeland: No way! Did he really just get away with it!

    Cohen: I think he did!

    Akiyama goes over to the ring announcer and explains the ruling. Truman Harrys nods and goes for the announcement.

    Harrys: Here is your winner by disqualification... TITUS!

    The crowd boos as Akiyama points to Titus, declaring him the winner. Theron comes over to the referee to plead with him about the decision but Akiyama tells Theron to back away from Titus as he looks after him. Akiyama examines Titus who begins to "slowly recover" and asks Akiyama where he is. Akiyama checks his eyes and waves his hand in front of Titus but he Titus seems completely dazed. Akiyama gets up and calls for medical attention before confronting Theron about his actions. Theron continues to swear his innocence but Akiyama is having none of it.

    Cohen: Titus just defeated the World champion! What an amazing victory!

    Copeland: Excuse me? Titus just cheated tonight! He feigned a chair shot and put the blame squarely on Theron's shoulders, causing him to take the disqualification. Titus took the easy way out.

    Cohen: That's not the same match I watched, Seabass. Titus used his veteran skills in the ring to frustrated the champion. Even though Theron threw everything at Titus, the legend would not go down and Theron resorted to using a steel chair to knock out Titus. Luckily, the referee did something right and caught Theron red handed.

    Copeland: Please... are you listening to yourself right now? Titus clearly brought the chair in, made the sound you'd normally hear when steel meets flesh and used his acting skills to convince the referee Theron did it even though nobody used the chair!

    Cohen: Whatever you believe, Titus just defeated the World champion fresh off his title victory. A big win for the legend.

    As Titus is getting attended to by the medical personnel and official Akiyama, Theron stands in the ring and shakes his head, completely disappointed in himself. He watches Titus get taken up the ramp, trying to figure out what has happened. He takes a moment and bows his head in shame before turning around, looking to get his World championship...

    ... however...

    Copeland: Oh no!

    ... Theron gets clocked in the face with the World championship by none other than Dr. Zeus! The crowd boos mercilessly as the Lethal Lottery winner Zeus stands over the fallen body of Theron and holds the championship up high, snickering to himself.

    Copeland: Why is he out here now? There was no need for this attack!

    Cohen: They're opponents for Kingdom Come, Seabass. It is inevitable these two will clash. Zeus is kicking his opponent whilst he is down to get the advantage and the momentum before the event, even if it is still weeks away.

    Zeus is not done with Theron as he picks up the body of Theron and locks in Euthanasia, looking to squeeze the life out of Theron. As this is happening, Titus is about to be taken through the entrance way and looks back at what is happening. He thinks about helping out Theron for a second and the crowd rally for Titus to give Theron a hand.

    Copeland: C'mon, Titus! I know there is still some good inside you!

    Titus looks to head out and help Theron but instead, continues with the acting of being hit in the head. The medical personnel help Titus through the curtain as they boo what is happening.

    Copeland: I cannot believe it! Titus left Theron out there by himself.

    Cohen: It's not his business. Plus, Titus is pretty hurt. What good would he do?

    Zeus lets go of Theron and he drops to the canvas. Zeus snickers and smiles as he stands tall in the middle of the ring.
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    Theron Daggershield vs. Titus - FalKon
    Live Mas vs. Fallout & John Doe - Thriller
    Flex Mussel vs. "Showtime" Cougar - K Web V3
    elegANT vs. James Howard - Dynamite
    Kagura Ohzora vs. Noah Ryder - Spidey
    Segments - Dave / FalKon / Killjoy / Dynamite

    Thanks for your patience, everyone. Like has been pointed out, it has been a pretty tough week for most of us on Creative.
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