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    * PYRO *
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    Copeland: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the 150th edition of WZCW Meltdown. We are emanating from Paris, France tonight – inside of the Parc des Princes. Tonight is a momentous occasion for all of WZCW as we reach another unheard of milestone in eFed wrestling. To mark the occasion, we have a sterling card for you, packed from head to foot with world-class action. I am Sebastian Copeland and I am honoured to call it all for you with Jack Cohen!

    Cohen: And what an incredible night it will be on the road to Kingdom Come, Seabass. You and I were both there on Meltdown number 1 and now we have reached out 150th show. The venue is a beautiful stadium in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The stage is set for another night of brilliant action. Let's get right to it.

    Copeland: I'm with you, Jack, I just can't wait to see what happens tonight after such a tremendous set of shows last time out. We will-

    After a few seconds of anticipation, Constantine makes his appearance. He has a smile on his face as he walks out in his trademark suit and tie. He stops in the middle of the stage and takes a bow for everyone to see. When he rises, he offers a wave to everyone in the crowd as he begins making his way down the ramp.

    Copeland: Well, what better way to start the 150th edition of Meltdown than with a true WZCW Hall of Fame superstar? Constantine looks very pleased to be here after his intentions to retire at Ascension last week was spoiled by Titus Avison.

    Cohen: Spoiled? I really don't think so, Seabass. Constantine didn't need to accept the match with Titus at Kingdom Come but he did. He just couldn't step out of the spotlight for one moment and allow the new generation to come through – like he has been harping on about for so long.

    Constantine continues to make his way down the lengthy ramp, stopping every now and then to slap some hands and offer more waves to the assembled masses. He grabs a microphone from the steel steps and walks up the stairs. He gets into the ring and walks across the mat for a few seconds before he begins talking.

    Constantine: You know, I wasn't sure what kind of reception I was going to get out here tonight...

    Suddenly, the crowd comes to life, cheering for the Hall of Fame superstar as a wide smile appears on his face.

    Constantine: I don't want to bore anyone or keep anyone back, so this will be a short one. Tonight, some of the world's best wrestling is going to come your way. In my spare time, I have been watching everyone that I could and I have to tell you, the future is so bright for WZCW. There are so many wonderful talents coming through just now, it was so difficult picking anyone to take on Titus tomorrow night.

    Constantine pauses for a moment as a warm applause greets him.

    Constantine: I know that Titus isn't here tonight, so I want to say something when I know I wont be interrupted again. Last week, I really had intended to retire from in-ring competition. But someone like Titus really knows how to get under the skin of the people he is paired against. I honestly thought that I wouldn't be sucked in that... And for a while, I guess, I wasn't.

    The Power Trip falls silent for another few seconds, looking around the vast arena.

    Constantine: But the way Titus has been lording over everyone in this company is making me sick. For me, this match isn't about winning an EurAsian Championship or completing a Grand Slam. This match is about showing Titus that burying talent after talent is not going to help anyone. This match is about putting Titus in his place once and for all. In my final match, I will show Titus just how good I can be with all of you behind me.

    Another huge cheer goes around the arena.

    Constantine: Titus, this is a message just for you. We are standing in the way of progress right now. How is anyone supposed to get better when you have been holding that Championship for so long? That's why I want... No, I need, to take that Championship from you. For the sake of all these people, for the sake of everyone in the back – you need to be put in your place. With these people behind me, there's no way you can beat me. So with that in mind, on the eve of your match with an opponent of my choosing, I want to extend an invitation to face you at Kingdom Come in a Pure Rules match...

    With that, Constantine drops the microphone and heads out of the ring – the fans are cheering as he heads up the ramp.

    Copeland: Well, you heard it here first, folks. Constantine is so confident of beating Titus at Kingdom Come, he has challenged him to a match inside of Pure Rules – the same match that Titus has made his own trademark in WZCW. A bold call to be sure but Constantine might just be the man to do it.

    Cohen: I thought Constantine was dumb to accept the match with a bum knee. But making that match a Pure Rules match against Titus is like climbing into a lion's den and expecting not to get mauled. Crazy!
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    Harrys: The following contest is a singles match of the Elite openweight League. Introducing first from The Ashen Jungle, weighing in at 210 LBS "Red Hot" Blazing Tiger!


    The lights go out, leaving the arena in blackness for a few moments before the sounds of a lone piano start, as the arena turns red. With the words "we're on the path" Tiger starts slowly walking down the ramp to the ring. When "It's time to get in the zone" he drops to one knee, looking down. He rises and poses, spreading his arms wide when "Tigers are out of the cage" before breaking into a run with the shout of "Move!" breaking into a sprint when "I think it's time to steal the show." He slides into the ring under the bottom rope. Once back on his feet he runs towards the hard camera side sumping off the middle rope into a backflip. Until the bell rings he's restless, bouncong on the balls of his feet, stretching as if he's frightened of his muscles cooling down while he waits.

    Copeland: Blazing Tiger not wasting any time tonight. He wants to go on and fight for the Elite Openweight Championship at Kingdom Come.

    Cohen: What's more important is it looks like he got real entrance music. No more of that stupid soundcloud crap. Hopefully he makes it permanent.

    Harrys: And introducing his opponent from Boston Massachusetts, weighing in at 275 LBS "The Son of Boston" Logan McAllister!


    As the bells hit the lights go dark, before green lights begin pulsating to the beat of the song, the letters L-O-G-A-N slowly appear on the video screen. Logan walks out and walks with a purpose down the ramp. When he approaches the steps he runs up them, before walking slowly to the middle of the ring edge, leaning back on the ropes and staring out into the crowd. Logan then enters the ring posing in the center of the ring, jersey open and arms outstretched as he stares at his opponent.

    Copeland: Logan is out here but where is his manager?

    Cohen: I don't know Seabass but I don't see Logan winning this match without him. Since joining forces he's been the driving force behind the success of Logan McAllister.

    As the annoucera talk the ref calls for the bell.

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    As soon as they hear the bell both competitors start circling each other for a few seconds before going for a collar and elbow tie up woth Logan easily getting the better of the smaller man, throwing him halfway across the ring.[/color]

    Cohen: Well that was stupid of Tiger, Logan has over fifty pounds on him.

    Copeland: I can't help but agree with you Jack. Tiger needs to change his game plan a bit. Maybe use his speed advantage instead of trying to match power with Logan.

    Logan slowly walks over to Tiger and picks him up off the mat looking to inflict more pain but as soon as he gets on his feet Tiger throws Logan's hands off him and delivers a hard slap to his face before jumping up and hitting a headscissors takedown, sending Logan down to the mat. Unfortunately for Blazing Tiger Logan gets up immediately, grabs him by the arm and hits a vicious short-arm clothesline.

    Copeland: Tiger taking Logan by surpise a little bit there but it doesn't look like it was enough.

    Cohen: of course it wasn't Seabass. I mean look at Logan.

    Logan looks down at Tiger with a smirk and goes to pick him up in order to inflict more pain but Tiger rolls him up and pins Logan's shoulders to the mat. 1…2…3!

    Harrys: Here is your winner... BLAZING TIGER!

    Cohen: wait what the hell just happen? Did Blazing Tiger just win with a roll up? Does he even have a finisher?

    Copeland: I don't know Jack but however it happened Blazing Tiger gets three points for beating Logan McAllister. We're you aware that with his win here tonight if Tiger beats Randy Studd next week and Harald Var Krigare loses to Logan then Blazing Tiger is added to the Elite Openweight Championship match at Kingdom Come?

    Cohen: God help us all if that happens.
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    Backstage, the resident Scotsman of WZCW can be seen lumbering through the halls of the Parc Des Princes with a beret placed impeccably upon his bald head. He is chewing a toothpick and looking very calm and collected as Leon bursts into shot and thrusts a microphone into his face.

    Kensworth: Stevie, I'd love to get a word with you before you head out into the arena. Last week, you came up against the Mayhem Champion and managed to pick up a very important win in your first singles match in WZCW. How confident are you that you'll be able to capture your first Championship in WZCW tonight?

    Stevie takes the toothpick out of his mouth and considers the words of the veteran WZCW interviewer for a second.

    Broon: Know who you remind me of, pal? You remind me ae mah boss, Boaby. Boaby is a genuinely nice guy and you seem like a decent dude as well. But Boaby is full ae questions and that gets right on Stevie Broon's tits.

    Kensworth: I'm so-

    Broon: Stevie, where's the forms ah asked you to hand in? Stevie, did you take the colossal shite in the disabled toilets? Stevie, when are ye gonna stop telling customers that you'll take their change oot of their arse? It never ends, pal!

    Leon stares right through Stevie, trying to work out if he should be annoyed or terrified. In the end, he settles somewhere in between. Sensing the tension between the two, Stevie throws Leon a bone and actually answers his question.

    Broon: Listen, pal, Ah'm not here to make up the numbers. Ah'm here to put people on their arse and ah'm here to take oot mah frustrations on some unwitting dafty. Tony Mancini has proved himself to be dafty number 1 at the minute. Ah am the Baron of Jakey Bashin' and Tony Mancini is right in mah way. Championship or not, it's go time!

    With that, Stevie offers Leon a smile as he pats him twice on the shoulder – harder than it probably should have been. He puts the toothpick back in his mouth and continues towards the ring.

    Copeland: Well, folks, a big opportunity lies in wait for Stevie Broon here tonight. His second match in WZCW and he has the opportunity to take home a slice of WZCW gold. It really doesn't get much bigger than that.

    Cohen: We'll see if he's really a man of his word in a little while, Seabass. Whatever his words actually mean, I'm still struggling with that.
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall and is for the Mayhem Championship!

    After a few seconds, the former Police officer makes his way through the curtain for one of the first times in his WZCW career. He has an intense look on his features as he scans the French audience. He takes a deep breath before yelling “IT'S GO TIME” and heading down the ramp towards the ring. The crowd are on their feet for the rookie but it matter very little to Stevie Broon.

    Copeland: Here is a guy who has struck a chord with so many in such a short period of time. His win against Mancini last time out has put him right into the mix for the Mayhem Championship.

    Cohen: Nonsense, Seabass. This guy strikes me as nothing more than a flash in the pan. Trust me, I've seen thousands of kids like this guy. He won't last.

    Harrys: Introducing first, weighing in at 221 pounds. From Easterhoose, Scotland... PC Stevie Broon!

    Stevie continues down the ramp until he reaches the ring. With the same intensity as before, eh slides under the bottom rope and gets into the ring. He mounts one of the turn-buckles and raises both of his hands into the air. The crowd give him a warm reception as he nods his head in approval. He drops back onto the canvas as he awaits the Champion.

    After a few moments of the Champ's entrance theme playing, the Italian American makes his way through the curtain and out onto the stage. He is immediately met with a hostile reaction from the natives but he doesn't seem to care at all. He points towards the Championship belt around his waist and offers the fans a wry smile as he begins making his way down the ramp towards his opponent.

    Copeland: Here is a man with something to prove, Jack. Coming off a loss to Stevie Broon will make Mancini all to aware of what Broon is capable of, surely?

    Cohen: Maybe so. There's no doubt that Broon is talented, if totally unintelligible. But I know in my heart of hearts that Tony Mancini will be more than prepared for whatever that madman will throw at him. He's Champion for a reason, Seabass. Get used to it!

    Harrys: And his opponent, the Mayhem Champion! Weighing in at 275 pounds, and residing in Little Italy, NYC... Tony Mancini!

    With Gino by his side, the Mayhem Champion struts towards the ring with confidence. He eyes Stevie in the middle of the ring but doesn't seem all too concerned with the challenger. He slowly mounts the steps into the ring and then gets into the squared circle. Offering Stevie a derisory laugh, he makes his way across the ring and holds his Championship aloft to the baying fans.

    Copeland: Well, ladies and gentlemen, these two are becoming well and truly used to each other at this point. Stevie Broon made big headlines last round when he beat the Mayhem Champion to earn his first WZCW win. If he can make it two on the bounce, he'll leave here as the WZCW Mayhem Champion.

    Cohen: Easier said that done, Seabass. I was impressed with Broon in his first singles match. But one thing you can say about Tony Mancini is that he always rises to the challenge. He took a loss last round, no big deal. But that should set a fire in his stomach and he'll be a different animal tonight. Broon is about to be put in his place, mark my words.


    The referee signals for the bell and the match gets underway. Mancini mouths insults towards Stevie but Broon continues to smile like a lunatic throughout. The referee urges both competitors to come forward and they oblige. Suddenly, the match bursts into life as Mancini and Broon tie up for the first time in the match. Mancini uses his instincts, however, and manages to drive a knee into the gut of the former police officer. With Broon bent over double, Mancini brings a swift and powerful clubbing blow down on his back – sending him to the canvas for the first time in the match. The crowd boo as Mancini allows a disgusted look to cross his features as he begins stomping on the man who beat him only the round before. After a few more punishing stomps, Mancini grabs Broon by the head and begins pulling him back to his feet. Once vertical, Mancini catches Broon with a crisp elbow to the jaw, sending him reeling backwards into the corner of the ring. The crowd take a sharp intake of breath as Broon recoils in pain. Mancini moves forward, looking to continue the attack on the WZCW rookie – punishing him with a few stiff chops to the chest, resulting in a lit-up skin tone for Broon.

    Copeland: Wow! You were absolutely right, Jack! Tony Mancini has come flying out of the traps here tonight. He was obviously upset by the becoming a bit part player for Kingdom Come and wants to take that out on the rookie here tonight.

    Cohen: I did tell you so, Seabass. That Championship means everything to Tony Mancini, there is no doubt about it in my mind. Becky and Chuck have a lot to answer for in making the Mayhem Championship an afterthought. It seems as though Stevie Broon is the one who is going to pay for their mistakes, however.

    Mancini whips Stevie across the ring and into the far corner. Broon slams into the turn-buckles and uses the ropes to lean on – obviously feeling the effects of the start of the match. Gino yells at Tony to make it count and Mancini nods his head in approval. He runs across the ring and raises his leg, looking for the inevitable kick to the jaw. But somehow, Broon manages to get his body out of the at the last minute. Tony's leg flies over the top rope and he finds himself trapped on the top turn-buckle. Stevie, the wily and dangerous Scotsman, senses that his opportunity to start finding a way into this match has come as he gets back into the action. He begins peppering the body of the Mayhem Champion with a few right hands. The crowd come alive as the popular supermarket employee begins exacting some revenge on Mancini. Finally, Broon grabs Mancini from behind and tosses him across the ring with a stunning belly to back suplex. Mancini struggles back to his feet but Broon is on him straight away. He back him up into the corner that Mancini assaulted him in and returns the favour on the Mayhem Champ. Broon mounts Tony in the corner and begins raining punches down upon him as the crowd get out of their seats and count along.

    Copeland: What heart from the rookie, Jack. A few minutes ago, we thought that Tony Mancini would be putting this match away. But Broon has managed to take advantage of some slack offence from the Mayhem Champion and is now teaching Mancini a lesson.

    Cohen: Very true, Seabass. It's been an impressive turn-a-round from the challenger but all he is doing is making Tony mad. Remember that there is a reason Tony Mancini is the Mayhem Champion. He knows a Mayhem Championship matches like the back of his hand and he's just about to show Broon the value of his experience.

    Broon gets down off of Mancini as the Champion struggles to find his senses. Mancini walks out of the corner on shaky legs and then crumbles to the canvas. Gino shouts at him to get up but the ferociousness of the attack from the challenger has really left it's mark on Tony. Broon tells the crowd that this match is going to be over very soon – an act that gets the people out of their seats and a growing sense of a change in Champion. Broon gets close to Mancini as the Champion tries to pull himself up using the ropes. It looks as though Broon is setting up for the CLEAN UP IN AISLE 9 (Angle Slam). But just as Broon goes to grab Mancini from behind, Gino jumps up on the apron and pulls his boss from inside the ring. The crowd go crazy with booing as the referee and Stevie look on in pure shock. Stevie shakes his head as Tony and Gino escape with the skin of their teeth. Gino pulls Tony back to the floor below and they begin coming up with a new strategy for dealing with the former police officer. The referee has no choice but to begin his count as Broon rues his luck.

    Cohen: Very clever stuff from Gino and Tony there, Seabass. The Champion realised he was in a spot of bother there and managed to get out of the ring before he had his Championship taken from him.

    Copeland: I don't think Mancini had any clue of what was going on there, Jack. In fact, had it not been for Gino on the outside of the ring, we might be looking at a new Champion right now. They have a few seconds to come up with a new plan of attack but Stevie looks really up for this tonight.

    1... 2... 3... 4... 5...

    Tony and Gino walk around the ring talking amongst themselves as Stevie continues to look on through the ropes. He walks towards the pair but is stopped by the referee as he continues to count. Stevie looks annoyed but allows the referee to do his thing. Suddenly, a thought crosses the mind of Tony as he goes under the ring apron and pulls out a steel chair from under the ring. The crowd begin cheering at the thought of this match getting hardcore.

    Copeland: Uh-oh, Jack. You might be right again. Tony has a steel chair in hand and there is nothing Stevie can do about that.

    6... 7... 8...

    Tony darts around the ring, looking for a way back into the ring as Stevie tries to cover all of the entrances. He knows that if Mancini gets into the ring cleanly, he will be right up against it one more time. But the speed of Mancini's run all but slows down as the referee continues to count. Mancini walks around to the time-keeper's table, collects his Championship and opens the chair up. He sits on it as the referee counts the last two seconds that damn Stevie to losing his chance at the Mayhem Championship.

    9... 10!

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match... Stevie Broon! But, due to Champion's advantage, still Mayhem Champion... Tony Mancini!

    Copeland: Oh, what a low life! And look, he is bloody laughing about it too! This is a travesty!

    Cohen: Travesty? This is utterly genius from Tony Mancini. He was an after thought for the planning of Kingdom Come and now he is letting everyone in this arena know how much the show needs him to perform.

    Stevie looks pissed off in the ring but there is nothing he can do about it now, the match is over and he has not claimed the Championship. Gino and Tony continue to laugh as they walk around the ring and begin walking up the ramp – laughing and pointing at the frustrated and furious challenger in the ring.

    Copeland: That is beyond a joke! Someone needs to fix this! Tony Mancini has worked the system and holds onto his belt again!
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    Backstage, we see a visibly annoyed Callie Clark makes her way through the arena until she finds what she is looking for – a sign with Becky Serra's name written on it, stuck on a wooden door with some sticky tape holding it in place. She careens through it and slams a few sheets of paper down on Becky's desk – an action that draws a look of exhaustion from Becky and a deep sigh.

    Becky: Anything I can do you for you, Callie?

    Callie offers Becky a derisory laugh before slamming an extended finger down on the sheets of paper.

    Callie: You know what this is, Becky? This is a petition that I plan on delivering to you with over 10,000 signatures on it! This is a petition designed to make you and that idiot, Chuck Myles, change your minds over the fatal 4 way at Kingdom Come. Yes, I might be in on it but how do you expect me to keep the Championship against such massive odds? It's totally unfair!

    Becky runs her eyes over the sheets of paper before looking back up at Callie.

    Becky: You know, if you can get that many signatures, of course I'll have a think about it. How many signatures do you have now, just out of curiosity?

    Callie sneers.

    Callie: So clever aren't you, Becky? I haven't started doing it yet! So only 1! But don't you worry, little Miss Clever, I'll be back with my thousands of signatures. And when I do, with the Elite Openweight Championship once again draped over my shoulder, we'll see how very smart you are.

    Becky offers Callie a smile that only serves to agitate her more. She offer a noise of pure disgust as she turns on her heels and slams into Harald Var Krigare behind her. Callie looks up at the monster of a man as he towers over her. She thinks about extending the petition to him but quickly rethinks her position and squeezes past him and out the door.
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall and is a second round match in the Elite Openweight Leagues!

    After a few seconds of the into playing, the former Mayhem Champion makes his way through the curtain and out onto the stage. Studd looks very at home in the city of love and the fans seem to be greeting him very warmly indeed. Studd adopts a wide smile as he looks around the Parc De Princes.

    Harrys: Introducing first, weighing in at 240 pounds... The Ladies Man... Randy Studd!!

    Copeland: Well, here he comes, ladies and gentlemen. Randy Studd is a former Mayhem Champion and certainly knows his way to gold. With his win against Logan McAllister in the last round, he has put himself in a very strong position to challenge for the Elite Openweight Championship at Kingdom Come.

    Cohen: And what's more, he looked good in doing it, Seabass. He has picked his game up since he lost the Mayhem Championship and now he finds himself on the cusp of eve more gold in WZCW. He might come across as something of a joker but he is all kinds of serious when it comes to winning Championships, that's for sure.

    Studd continues down the ramp and pulls a rose out of his pocket. The Frenchwomen in the front row of the aisle are all desperate for the Ladies Man to give them the flower, so Studd seems to have his pick. He finally offers it to a beautiful brunette in the front row and then walks the rest of the way to the ring. He slides under the bottom rope, offers a few pelvic thrusts on the canvas before getting up and waiting for his opponent.

    As Harald's music hits, the gorilla position begins to flash blue and gold, as the screen backdrop displays a lion emerging from flames. Harald, wearing a navy hoodie, with a pair of small Swedish flags attached to the back, emerges, and strolls hastily to the ring, a stern, determined expression on his face. He slides under the bottom rope, and removes his hoodie, throwing it into the crowd. He then roars at the audience, raising both of his arms in the air and receiving a very tepid reaction from the crowd.

    Harrys: And his opponent, weighing in at 303 pounds... The Lion From The North... Harald Var Krigare!!

    Copeland: Well, that was certainly a quick entrance to the ring, Jack. It doesn't look as though Harald is in any mood for messing around tonight.

    Cohen: And why should he be, Seabass? Harald has looked really impressive since his debut in the Lethal Lottery. Hell, he even performed very admirably in that match too, a daunting experience for many WZCW talents. He won his match against Blazing Tiger last round too. He's in just a strong position as Studd and he must fancy his chances of another win tonight.

    With both men finally in the ring, the referee checks them both and offers his instructions before signalling for the bell to start the match. The crowd offers a warm applause as the bell rings.

    DING! DING!​

    Copeland: It really goes without saying, folks, this match is going to set the men from the boys. The winner of this match should go on and qualify for the Elite Championship match – it really is that simple. Win here and you punch your ticket for the Championship match. Lose, and it is going to be very difficult indeed.

    As the bell rings, both men stare through each other – daring the other one to make the first move. The fans are on their feet in anticipation of the match that is about to come and the tension between the competitors is palpable. Studd begins circling the ring but Var Krigare doesn't seem to be interested in making the same move. Suddenly, Var Krigare rushes Studd and nails him with a swift knee to the gut. Studd hits the canvas for the first time in the match as Var Krigare stands over him with a look of determination on his face. Grabbing Studd by the hair, Var Krigare pulls him back to his feet and nails him with a few stiff punches – backing him up into the corner and absorbing some of the hate from the fans as he does. Once in the corner, Var Krigare nails his opponent with a crushing back elbow to the jaw that sends him recoiling out of the corner. Var Krigare lies in wait as Studd tries to regain his senses. One the right time arrives, Var Krigare pounces – nailing Studd with a punishing reverse DDT that takes both men down. Var Krigare immediately covers Studd for the first pin fall of the match but the referee is no sooner on his knees and counting the fall than Studd manages to get his shoulders off the mat and keep this match alive

    Cohen: An amazing start right out of the blocks for Var Krigare. He has certainly shown us lately that he can mix it with the best there is and tonight looks to be another great performance.

    Copeland: No doubt about it, Jack, Var Krigare has been on fire so far tonight. He looks fiercely focussed and is really putting the screws to Studd early on in this match. Studd is going to have to find his feet in this match, and fast, if he is to stand any chance at all.

    Var Krigare looks absolutely raging with the actions of his opponent and immediately tries to continue his advantage. He pulls Studd to his feet and immediately backs him into the ropes. Var Krigare nails him with a few chops to the chest and then whips him across the ring. Studd hits the far ropes and rebounds towards his opponent. But Var Krigare's chances of making his advantage count more are put on hold as Studd fires back, launching himself through the air and catching Var Krigare with a beautiful flying shoulder block. The crowd comes to life as the playing field is levelled beautifully. Studd gets to his feet and looks around the baying audience, drawing in their support and using it to spur him on. He hits the ropes one more time as Var Krigare gets to his feet. Once more, he tosses himself through the air and nails Var Krigare with another beautiful shocker block. Studd fires back to his feet and immediately drops a stunning leg drop across the throat of his opponent. The crowd come alive as Studd goes for the cover and the end of this match. But, similar to before, he is only able to catch a count of 1 before his opponent powers out. Studd knows that he has to make his advantage count, now that he has levelled this match and immediately begins pounding away on his opponent, nailing him with a few right hands to the jaw as he lies on the canvas. Var Krigare absorbs a few punches before finding the ropes and rolling under them to exit the ring.

    Copeland: It looks as though Var Krigare needs a quick break to get this thoughts together in this match. And you can see why, Studd has been red hot since getting the wake up call in the form of that early pin fall attempt.

    Cohen: This is something that only the best of the best can get away with or have the ring presence to know about. If things aren't going you way, you get the hell out of there and derail the momentum of your opponent. Var Krigare continues to show his veteran instincts and you have to give him some credit for that.

    The crowd give Var Krigare a piece of their mind but it is for naught as he continues to pace around the ring, staring a hole through Studd. After a few seconds of pacing, Var Krigare knows that he needs to get back into this match. He steadies himself with a deep breath in before rolling under the bottom rope and getting back into the ring. No sooner has he accomplished this feat than Studd is on him, landing clubbing blows to his back and head. Somehow, however, Var Krigare is able to absorb the blows and manages to find his way back to a vertical basis. In the middle of the ring, the two men fight for supremacy – exchanging right hands as the fans boo and cheer with every single shot. It is Studd who manages to get the better of the exchange, albeit surprisingly. Var Krigare throws one final desperate punch towards his opponent but Studd manages to duck underneath his flailing arm and get his back. Almost immediately, Studd locks his arms around the waist of Var Krigare and punishes him for his mistake with a beautiful German suplex that sends his shooting across the ring. Var Krigare clutches at the back of his head as he gets back to his knees. But Studd is not finished with him by a long shot. Studd gets to his feet quickly and runs at Var Krigare, nailing him with a running knee right to the side of his head and sending him crumbling to the canvas one more time. Studd wastes no time in going for the pin fall. But he is only able to pick up a 2 count at this time of asking as the match rumbles on!

    Copeland: What a turn around we have seen in this match, folks! Var Krigare came out of the blocks like a greyhound but all of his early momentum has been put on hold as Studd really begins taking control of this match. If Var Krigare doesn't get back in this match soon, we could see this one in the books.

    Cohen: Please! Let's give Var Krigare a little bit of credit. He controlled this match in the beginning and it has been turned on it's head. He has all of the skills to turn this match back in his favour and you would be doing him a massive favour by writing off his chances of doing so.

    Studd knows this his opportunity to claim victory in this match is not far away and he knows that he needs to follow up on his whirlwind offensive. Studd gets back to his feet and begins stomping away on Var Krigare viciously. With every boot that falls onto the torso of The Ladies Man, the fans come even more out of their seats. After a few more stomps, Studd wheels away, looking for inspiration on ways to put this match beyond the control of his opponent. Studd makes his way back to the broken body of his opponent and begins picking him up until he is back on his unsteady feet. The Lion From The North looks in the eyes of his weary opponent before hoisting him into position for the brainbuster. But, somehow, Var Krigare manages to find the will to begin wriggling free of the hold. Studd tries his best to execute the move but, before he can help it, Var Krigare manages to wriggle free and falls to his knees on the canvas. Studd tries to reclaim the advantage by grabbing Var Krigare in a headlock – perhaps even looking for the DDT. But the desperation in the actions of Var Krigare is plain for everyone to see. He manages to twist the arm of Studd and pull him towards his frame, eventually nailing him with a stunning belly to belly suplex that plants Studd perfectly to the canvas. The fans are stunned at what they are seeing but they are powerless to help The Lion From The North. Var Krigare quickly goes for the pin as the fans quickly get to their feet. The referee counts the fall! 1... 2... Kick out by Studd with no time to spare at all!

    Copeland: Wow! That belly to belly was full of impact but the fight in Studd is obvious for everyone to see. This match continues and, given the way it has gone so far, who knows what way the momentum is going to swing.

    Cohen: I can tell you this for a fact, Var Krigare seems to be right at home in a match like this. You may not like him but you can't argue with the level of heart he has, or the level of fight that he continually shows.

    Var Krigare sits up from the cover attempt and slaps his hands on the canvas in frustration; a look of rage and disgust creeping it's way across his features and giving an insight into his true feelings. Getting to his feet, Var Krigare paces across the canvas, trying to calm himself and come to terms with a way of putting this match to bed. As Studd begins getting up, Var Krigare finally settles into the corner of the ring. He lies in wait, just waiting for the moment that Studd reclaims his vertical base. Studd uses the opposite corner to get back to his feet but as he finally gets vertical again, Var Krigare runs at him, looking to put this match away. Suddenly, Studd pulls the referee towards him and into the path of the Scandinavian warrior. Var Krigare comes to a complete halt, stopping just short of smashing into the referee and opening a can of worms that no one wants to be a part of. Var Krigare offers the referee a comforting smile as he puts his hands on his shoulders and gives a small laugh. Suddenly, he pushes the referee out of the way as Studd drops to his knees quickly and lands a shocking low blow that takes Var Krigare to the canvas so quickly that the referee hasn't even had the chance to witness it. The crowd inside the stadium are absolutely raging but there is nothing they can do about it. Studd crawls on top of Var Krigare and covers him. The referee counts for the travesty... 1... 2... 3! It's over!

    Harrys: Here is your winner... RANDY STUDD!!

    Copeland: NO! This match has been stolen from the grasp of Harald Var Krigare! Talk about your lack of sporting conduct! This is a shocking turn of events...

    Cohen: It doesn't matter, Seabass. You can cry all you want. But the facts of the matter is that Randy Studd has picked up the win and gets the 3 points on offer. If the referee didn't see it, it didn't happen. It's as simple as that.

    Copeland: I don't know if anyone in here will agree with you, Jack. But you are right in the sense that Studd will pick up the win. He should be ashamed of his behaviour though.

    Studd rolls out of the ring immediately and raises both of his arms in celebration as he begins heading up the ramp. In the ring, Var Krigare is sitting on the canvas, clutching a delicate area and trying to tell the referee what happened. The referee is telling him that he didn't see it but it doesn't seem to make Var Krigare any less annoyed at what just happened. As we go to an ad break, the last shot we see is of a smiling Randy Studd heading up the ramp laughing.
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    The Paris crowd erupts in a standing ovation as the hometown hero King Mussel makes his way onstage. Wearing his classic jumpsuit he struts to the center of the ramp chest pumping with a t-shirt gun in one hand and his duffle bag in the other. With a massive grin on his face he sets down the duffle bag and begins shooting t-shirts and other props into the crowd. He recklessly fires and ends up hitting a few fans in the face but no one seems to care as everyone clamors for free Flex Fitness merch.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentleman, please welcome Paris, France’s own….KING MUSSEL!!!!

    The crowd becomes even louder at the announcement of their own hometown as Flex continues sauntering down the ramp tossing fruits, veggies, and protein shakes into the crowd. As he makes it to the ring he unzips his jumpsuit jacket revealing his FlexAmerican World Title. He enters the ring and poses with it on the top rope as crowd members throw roses and streamers into the ring.

    Copeland: Wow, you would think this man is returning with a Nobel prize, Olympic gold medal, and the world cup trophy with the way he’s being praised.

    Cohen: Show some respect Seabass!!! This is King Mussel and he is returning to his Kingdom! Obviously the peasants will rejoice when royalty graces them!!

    Mussel continues to soak in the applause for an uneccessary amount of time until he procures a microphone and instructs the crowd to settle down.

    Flex: Paris, France! King Mussel est de retour!!!! (Paris, France! King Mussel has returned!!!!)

    The crowd attempts to let out another cheer but they are quickly silenced by Flex like a mistro silencing the ochestra.

    Flex: Mais avant que je puisse vous répondre correctement. Un roi a besoin de son trône. Un roi a besoin de son trône (But before I can address you properly. A King needs his throne)

    The fitness freak snaps his fingers impatiently awaiting for something that doesn’t seem to be coming. Eventually he looks up the ramp towards the ramp and yells his frustrations

    Flex: That means lower the throne you imbeciles!!!

    After that a royal throne chair is quickly lowered from the top of the arena into the center of the ring. King Mussel immediately sits and begins addressing the crowd.

    Flex: Tout d'abord, je voudrais vous souhaiter la bienvenue à la première édition de "The King's Court".. (First and foremost I'd like to welcome you lucky individuals to the first edition of "The King's Court".)

    A few crowd members let out cheers that annoy the King.

    Flex: And you will also be last individuals to hear me speak solely in your native, disgusting tongue.

    The crowd becomes very confused by the statements of Flex.

    Flex: Don’t play stupid now you fools, I remember how you treated me last time I was here, I read your little message board posts where you said I wasn’t French enough. That I was a fake half French-men not worthy of representing your flag. But now that I’ve accomplished feats none of you could’ve imagine you want to pretend I’ve been your hero from the start. But the truth is none of you are worthy to have me representing you! Paris, France is my home because of High Queen Mother Mussel! Not any of you ungrateful swine and peasants!!

    The crowd now begins booing Flex due to disrespect he’s shading them with.

    Flex: I’m creating a new nation. One that has the sophistication of France but without the ungrateful commoners like you. One that has the freedom of the United States but without the idiocy and gluttony. The nation I represent is FlexAmerica!!!!

    Copeland: What an original name….

    Cohen: Shut your mouth Seabass!! It’s brilliant!!! I’ll be applying for citizenship as soon as the show is over!!

    Flex: But that’s neither here nor there. The reason for today’s King’s Court is that I want to address something that everybody and their overweight mother has been asking me all week: Flex, why did you assault Batti?!?!?!? Why did you assault and power bomb her?!?! Well the answer is simply really: much like all of you she’s simply a fake bitch!!

    The crowd boos Flex mercileslly but he raises his voice to talk over them and continue his rhetoric.

    Flex: That American-born harlot has culturally appropriated her way into the hearts of all you sheep. And back when she was performing happy endings just to get booked on the card I could’ve cared less, but the moment she decided to steal my chance to main event Kingdom Come in order to help her “way past his prime” boyfriend I could no longer just sit idlely by. So I decided to teach her the way a King punishes criminals in his Kingdom. And every time Batti wants to break a law or cross the King, she will be punished, and each time she does it, things will get worse!


    Cohen: How rude!!!! How can she interrupt a King’s procolomation!!!

    Copeland: Just like the rest of the building she’s obviously sick of what she’s hearing!!!

    The crowd becomes alive again as they look to the ramp for Batti who immediately begins skipping her way down the ramp and to the ring. But after a few seconds it becomes clear that it’s not really Batti, but some overweight man dressed in a Batti outfit with a wig!! Once the crowd realizes they become dejected and Flex begins laughing in his throne. The Imposter Batt makes his way into the ring and throws up the Kawaii sign to more boos.

    Cohen: HA!! I bet you thought it was the real one Seabass!!

    Seabass: This is just disrespectful, obviously Flex has hired someone to impersonate Batti but this just unnecessary.

    : Wow Batti,I had heard you stopped hitting the gym so you could recover from the beat down I gave you but I must say you’ve really gained some weight.

    Flex stands up and motions for the imposter to speak into the mic but before he can Flex takes away the mic.

    Flex: Oh I’m sorry I almost forgot, criminals don’t get to speak into the King’s mic. I’m afraid you’ll have to find another.

    The imposter goes to retrieve another microhpone but as he does Flex spins him around right into a FLEXICUTION!!! The impact of the clothesline is hard the wig is knocked off of him. The bodybuilder then picks up the imposter and delivers a MUSSEL BOMB dropping him right on his neck!!! Flex then procures the wig, spits on it, and tears to pieces and throws it into the crowd as they begin throwing trash in the ring and swearing in French.

    : Wow, what a disgusting display from Flex.

    Cohen: That’s King Mussel to you Seabass!! And this is what happens you break the law in King’s Court!!

    Flex continues to laugh before stepping over the beaten down imposter to exit the ring. He holds his FlexAmerican championship high in the air as he exits up the ramp to plenty of jeers and insults!!
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, residing in Randers, Denmark, weighing in at 361 lbs, Mikey Stormrage!

    Mikey Stormrage calmly makes his way down the aisle with none of his usual fanfare as he seems serious on his opponent.

    Copeland: It was just a couple of weeks ago when Triple X, Mikey Stormrage's opponent, appeared from out of nowhere and attacked. He laid Matt Tastic out with a chair shot right to the head. Tonight Stormrage wants revenge for his best friend.

    Cohen: And that's the problem right there. Mikey is not focused on winning. He wants revenge instead.


    And his opponent, from Hells Kitchen, New York, weighing 210 pounds, The X-Rated Superstar, Triple X!

    Triple X makes his way down the aisle with a serious look on his face, insulting fans that heckle him. In the ring, he throws up his arms to make an X as he poses in the corner.

    Cohen: And there is the man looking to make an impact. He attacked three men weeks ago all in the name of making a statement. All he has to do tonight is win to prove his point.

    Copeland: You say that. What if all he did was enrage his opponent and make it harder for him to win?

    *Ding Ding Ding*​

    Triple X stares daggers at Mikey who seems to do the same but the stare turns to anger and Mikey charges right at Triple X as a seeming hockey fight breaks out between the two. Referee Keith Morse tries to break it up but there's no stopping the two. They brawl to the corner where they trade pushing each other against the turnbuckle. Stormrage hits Triple X with a chop but Triple X turns it on him to do the same. They go back and forth with the chops, but they get more and more violent. Triple X pulls Mikey by the collar of his shirt and stretches it, chopping him hard on the chest. The impact of the blow makes Mikey grasp his chest in pain. Triple X badmouths him but Mikey gets back up. He breathes heavily in anger, looking Triple X dead in the eyes who challenges him to try to out do him. Mikey obliges with a powerful chop to the chest, knocking Triple X down solidly on his back. Mikey doesn't seemed pleased and grabs Triple X by the head to stand him up and hits him yet again with a loud chop across the chest to knock him down. Mikey paces the ring, showing his frustration but goes back to Triple X and pulls him back up yet again but Triple X, while still holding on to his chest, hits a Jumping Enzuigiri, hitting Mikey right in the back of the head and knocking him down.

    Copeland: You can hear the anger in those chops. My God, their chests are red already.

    Cohen: Yeah, but Stormrage seems to be bad at it. You're not supposed to push down your opponent when doing it.

    Triple X keeps holding on to his chest in pain as we see it beat red. He pulls himself up with the ropes and catches Mikey leaning on the corner and hits him with a big forearm. Triple X dashes across the ring and hits Mikey with a Spinning Wheel Kick, knocking him down again. Once again, Triple X dashes across the ring yet again, but coming around, Mikey manages to pop back up to his feet and catches Triple X with a big Uranage. Mikey manages to make a loose cover, draping his arm over Triple X. 1.......... 2........ 3-But Triple X gets the shoulder up. The two lay on the canvas catching their breath and start to get back up. Triple X goes swinging at Stormrage who manages to duck the shot and catches Triple X. Tossing him overhead with an Exploder but Triple X manages to land on his feet. Mikey without turning around hits a big back elbow, nailing Triple X in the back of the head, driving him to his knees. Mikey turn around now and hits a big kick, also hitting a big kick to the back of Triple X's neck, right where he also hit him with the elbow. He goes for a second one but Triple X seems to collapse forward.

    Cohen: Stormrage is playing dirty here with those shots to the back of the head. That's just uncalled for.

    Copeland: They feel very vicious but they are in fact legal.

    Mikey grabs him by the head as he was doing earlier but Triple X takes a page out of Mikey's playbook and hits him with a back elbow, right in the jaw. With Mikey backtracking, Triple X chases after him and hits a Cactus Clothesline sending both men through the ropes and to ringside. Triple X grabs Mikey and slams him against the barricade as the fans cheer on seeing the action right in front of them. Mikey pushes back, bouncing Triple X off the ring apron as the referee seems to be reaching 4 on his count. He reaches 7 as both men recompose themselves and realize whats going on. They both grab the ropes to re-enter the ring, but Triple X stops and once again grabs Mikey, ramming him against the ringsteps and knocking them away. Triple X re-enters the ring and urges the referee to hurry up as he reaches 8. Mikey tries as badly as he can to stay on his feet after the impact but can't and falls down as the referee counts to 9. With only seconds to spare, Triple X seems elated. Victory seems assured. The referee's hand goes up for 10 as it does, Mikey manages to have a short burst of adrenaline. He gets back up to his feet and using the ringpost, swings himself to the ring apron and gets his feet inside the ring, breaking the 10 count as Triple X grabs his head in disbelief.

    Cohen: That cannot be legal! his torso is still on the apron! And how did Stormrage even do something like that?

    Copeland: Adrenaline and anger makes us do some very unexpected things. This is what Triple X brought out of Stormrage with his attack.

    Triple X starts stomping away on Mikey who hasn't gotten up yet. Panting in exhaustion after his sudden burst of stamina. Triple X yells at him as Mikey tries to get back up. On his knees, Triple X grabs his arms from behind and tosses him with an impressive Tiger Suplex. Mikey's back and neck seemingly folding off the canvas with the impact, but Mikey's momentum makes him roll face first on the canvas. He tries once again to get back up but is still groggy from getting back to the ring. All he sees is Triple X on the air, twisting and turning midjump and hitting him with a Whisper In The Wind. Triple X also seems to be a bit winded, trying to keep Mikey down. He catches his breath and goes for the ropes again. Slowly climbing as he measures his opponent. Triple X looks at his wrist as if it were a watch, signaling for his Zero Hour maneuver. He leaps but in the middle of his jump, Mikey manages to come about. He raises his arm up high. BOOM! HEADSHOT!! An elbow lands right on Triple X's forehead, knocking him right off the air and bouncing him off the canvas like a basketball. Mikey takes the opportunity and winds up another one. Stopping just to taunt Triple X with a cross armed crotch chop before hitting another Headshot and going for the cover. 1........ 2....... 3-But Triple X barely kicks out.

    Copeland: I thought Stormrage had it there, knocking Triple X right out of the air.

    Cohen: You need more than that do bring down a Superstar that is rated X.

    Mikey falls seated off the failed cover attempt, looking at the limp Triple X and contemplating his next move by putting his hand under his bearded chin and scratching. He seems to have pondered something up and gets to his feet. He grabs Triple X with his two hands. One on his shoulder and the other down under. Mikey bends his knees and hoists Triple X off the canvas and on to his chest as the crowd reacts, impressed with his display. He goes for Game Over but just in the nick of time, he elbows Mikey in the temple, making him let go. Triple X falls on his feet right behind Mikey and quickly leaps onto Mikeys shoulders. He turns him inside and over for the Poisoned Frankensteiner as Mikey is driven neck first by the legs towards the canvas but as the motion takes place, Mikey manages to tuck his neck and hold it with his hands. He certainly hit his neck and upper back on the canvas but the impact was reduced enough. As Triple X thinks he's got the upper hand, Mikey rises up, still holding his neck. It gets noticed as his opponent turn around to see it. Mikey lets go of his neck and lets out a powerful roar, surprising Triple X. Mikey catches him and hits a big Live Mas Slam. He once again presses Triple X off the floor but he sneaks out of the move again.

    Copeland: Mikey Stormrage seems to have a very impressive display of strength in mind, but Triple X has countered it twice now.

    Cohen: He's going to the well too many times.

    Triple X hits Mikey with a kick to the leg and then the X Rated Superkick but Mikey is not down, just groggy on his knees. Triple X quickly goes for the ropes again and without wasting any time, leaps with the Zero Hour. He tries to Flatline Stormrage, but there's a problem. Mikey put the brakes on the move! He stops Triple X's momentum and hits another Live Mas Slam! He yet again presse Triple X off the canvas and this time, third time's the charm, hits Game Over!! He makes the emphatic hook to the leg. 1.......... 2....... 3!!

    Here is your winner, Mikey Stormrage!!

    Copeland: The third time was the charm. He finally hit the Game Over in the midst of Triple X's own attempts to jump off the ropes.

    Cohen: I knew Mikey's anger was a great motivator. Maybe.

    Referee Keith Morse raises Mikey's arm in victory. Mikey poses for a bit in the corner before quickly leaving as Triple X is being tended to. He does not seem happy in the least.
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    The camera goes to the backstage area as Callie Clark goes around asking everyone she sees to sign her petition to have the winners of the Elite Openweight League fight in a number one contenders match at Kingdom Come instead of the title match being a fatal-4-way. She stops next to a few backstage workers and shoves the clipboard into their hands.

    Callie: Sign this.

    One of them opens their mouth to say something but after looking at the fire in her eyes signs it and passes it to the others so they can do the same. She takes the petition back, not even acknowledging the people in front of herand goes looking for others to sign her petition. After a few minutes sees Randy Studd walking towards her. She puts on her biggest smile and walks a bit faster to meet him.

    Callie: Randy I was wondering if you could take a look at and sign my petition to have the winners of the Elite Openweight League fight in a number one contenders match at Kingdom Come instead of the title match being a fatal-4-way.

    Studd: Did you say four way?

    Callie: Well yes but…

    Not letting Callie finish Randy grabs the clipboard and signs his name before handing it back and giving her what he things is a rather fetching smile but in reality is rather creepy. Instead of answering Callie quickly walks away as the camera goes back to ringside.
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    For the past few years, around this time, WrestleZone Championship Wrestling has did it's best to reward those who have gone above and beyond this company in terms of endeavour and success. The WZCW Hall of Fame is the highest honour for any WZCW superstar to ever receive. Only the best of the best have been handed the opportunity to be recognised and, following on from tradition, WZCW will recognise 3 more superstars at this year's Kingdom Come event.

    The WZCW Hall of Fame is reserved for those amongst us who have shown the guts, determination, hunger and passion to reach the very top of the business and this year's class is amongst the very best class that we have ever seen. Joining John Constantine at this year's Hall of Fame event, WZCW would like to welcome home to the WZCW Hall of Fame...

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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! About to make her way to the ring, she is the former WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Kagura!

    The crowd cheers and applauds a little, but more wait in anticipation for Kagura's music to hit.


    When Kagura's music hits, the applause grows louder. The pink lights we have grown to be accustomed to during her entrance swirl around. She makes her way to the stage, smiling slightly to the crowd. She hesitates a little, by now the fog for her entrance has usually hit. She seems frustrated and throws her hands in the air. She makes her way to the ring and stretches in a corner as she awaits her foe for the night. Just as the lights come back up, the fog starts to pour onto the stage. Kagura shakes her head.

    "Bordel de Merde!"

    Copeland: I don't speak a lot of French, but I think I know what those fans are chanting.

    Cohen: Can you blame them? Someone in the truck better be fired for this one. Kagura is a former World Champion and she deserves better.

    Copeland: It has been a whirlwind of emotions for Kagura lately. From winning the World Title in her home country, to losing it just days later. Rumors of turmoil in her personal life are rampant, and fans and analysts alike have been calling her out on social media.

    Cohen: She should pay them no mind. Giving those cretins attention just validates their worldview.

    As Seabass and Jack continue their conversation on attention craving trolls off mic, the crowd starts to build to a fever pitch as the lights go down and the spotlight searches around the arena.


    Harrys: And her opponent, he is the 2018 Lethal Lottery winner, Tyrone Blades!

    The spotlight catches Blades, standing off to the side of the stage, having been taking Kagura's entrance in. He is tapping his bat against his foot. He takes a quick drink from a water bottle, before he bats it into the crowd and heads to the ring. He leaves his bat propped up next to the steps and offers Kagura a nod of respect as he removes his jacket.

    Cohen: You know, I rarely know what to make of Tyrone. His list of accomplishments in WZCW is only matched by his rap sheet of charges against it. The fans embrace him though, and he proved even thought he has been in this business longer than most, he still has it, when he outlasted the twenty nine other superstars in the Lethal Lottery.

    Copeland: There really isn't much Tyrone hasn't done, but he did most of it as a villain. Now, with the WZCW faithful behind him, he seems to have found a new purpose. A sort of Robin Hood who is robbing for the hood if you will.

    Cohen: Never say that again.

    Tyrone and Kagura both nod that they are ready and referee Keith Morse calls for the bell to get the match started.

    *DING! DING!*

    The two come out of the corner, Kagura bouncing on her feet, Tyrone in more of a traditional boxing stance with his hands high. They offer a quick MMA style touch of the hands as a sign of respect for each other before they begin their dance around the ring. Kagura is clearly the quicker of the two, as she darts in and out of Tyrone range, respecting his reputable striking game. She peppers him with a few jabs but few do more than graze his hands or arms. She continues to stay light on her feet and she manages to make contact with a decent right, she slipped a push kick by Tyrone at the last second and sneaked it in. Tyrone nods his head and smiles like he is enjoying this. Kagura keeps focus, knowing that she is playing Tyrone's game. She knows her speed is superior, but the grit and scrappy power of Tyrone could easily overwhelm her if she lets her guard down. They circle a little more, Blades starting to fire off some leg kicks, trying to take the bounce out of Kagura's step. The first two or three kicks don't seem to impact her much, but the more Tyrone connects with, especially when Kagura puts her weight down to throw a punch, the more they seem to slow her. She throws a feint to draw Tyrone off guard, and he reacts, leaving him open for a flush right hand to the jaw. He winches and puts his hand to his face. He smiles, as he knows he has Kagura in his realm.

    Copeland: I commend Kagura for trying to stand and bang with Tyrone, but this is not her game, and the look on his face shows he knows it.

    Cohen: Yeah, I'm not sure what point she is trying to prove, but this is like throwing a lamb into the ring with a loin. It may not happen quickly, but you know it will only end one way.

    Almost on cue, Tyrone fakes a leg kick to Kagura's lead leg, causing her to react and try to check it. As she does, Tyrone throws a hook kick that lands flush and causes Kagura to fall back onto her ass. She recovers quickly though, showing she was just stunned as opposed to knocked off, and grabs the ropes to pull herself up. Tyrone throws his hands up as if to show he is backing off, but he does it with a grin that implies the trade mark Tyrone Blades trash talk. Kagura takes a second to lean over the top rope and spit a small amount of blood to the flour below. Without warning though, she uses the ropes to springboard and connect with a hard hitting flying forearm that knocks Tyrone down. They both scramble back to their feet and Kagura keeps up the pressure with the forearms. She fires them off rapidly, showing her trademark Japanese style, and backs him into a corner. The referee tells Kagura to make sure she doesn't keep him tied in the ropes. She relents her attack just momentarily, just long enough to back up to give herself room to connect with a series of quick strikes to the chest region, before she finishes it off with a throat thrust, which causes Tyrone to fall to the ground. She makes sure to grab his leg nearest the ropes and hook it as she makes the cover...1!...2!...but Tyrone kicks out just after the hand hit for two.

    Cohen: Maybe that sheep was actually a wolf in sheep's clothing.

    Copeland: Kagura was all sorts of fired up after that nasty head kick from Tyrone. Maybe she is determined to prove she deserves another shot at the World Title, maybe she is just motivated by the keyboard cowboys posting about her faults, but something has clearly lit a fire under Kagura here.

    Kagura wastes little time in trying to get back on the attack. She grabs the arm of Tyrone and tries to isolate it, pulling it behind him as he tried to get to a vertical base. She tries to secure the arm bar, but Tyrone has about seven or eight inches on Kagura, so he uses his length and long limbs to fight to his feet, despite her having a vice grip on his left arm. He tries to reach out for the ropes for a clean simple break, but he is a little too far and Kagura shows off surprising strength to keep him from simply using his larger frame to muscle to the ropes. He uses his free hand to try to grab Kagura, but he only manages to get a handful of hair. The ref is quick to warn him and Blades throws his hand up to say it was a mistake. He tries to use the size difference to his advantage and twist around and connect with a modified short arm clothesline, but Kagura ducks and kicks the back of his knee. He stumbles so Kagura runs and hits a leaping knee into the center of his back. This causes him to tumble through the ropes, but he lands on his feet. He slaps his hands on the ring apron, clearly frustrated at Kagura's spell of dominance.

    Cohen: Blades is clearly letting Kagura get to him a bit, after he seemed to be enjoying their early match kick boxing contest. What goes around comes around I guess.

    Copeland: I do wonder how long this aggressive nature will pay off for Kagura, because usually she does her best when she picks her spots. She seems like she wants to keep up the pressure, as she just ignored Keith Morse's instruction to stay in the ring.

    Indeed Kagura rolls out of the ring to go after blades, not wanting him to catch his breath. She runs and uses the ring steps to launch herself at Blades and catches him with a knee, though he had the presence of mind to get his hands up and block the brunt of the impact. He stumbles back into the barricade, catching himself before he falls. Kagura gets her feet under her and runs at him, but he gets a boot up to stop her. She stumbles back a bit and Tyrone tackles her back first into the ring. He connects with a quick chop just to soften her up, before he rolls her back inside.H e shakes his head out before he does anything else. Kagura is trying to crawl away, so Tyrone grabs her ankle and pulls her back to the floor, hard, her face making a loud smacking sound when it hits the padded mat. he wastes no time in grabbing her and Irish whipping her into the steel steps, they come off their base as she is sent shoulder first into them. Keeping his foot on the gas, Tyrone grabs her and tosses her hard into the barricade. He takes a moment to wipe the hair from his eyes before grabs her again, this time taking her to the announcer's area. He slams her head off the table, causing the cover to come loose. He does this a second and third time, both times the cover on the top of the table bounces and exposes the monitors. She tries to fight as he goes to do it a fourth time, but he sees the monitors have been exposed. He hesitates, not wanting to play too dirty, and Kagura responds with an elbow to the side to create a little space. She doesn't get far though as he grabs her and clubs her across the back. He drags her to the ring and rams her, chest first this time, into the ring. He then positions her so she is laying in the ring, under the ropes, with her head just hanging over. The referee warns him to get back in the ring, so he takes a few steps back to gather speed and hits a running knee to her head. He climbs onto the apron and then to the top rope. He leaps and hits a flying elbow drop and makes sure to make the cover...1!...2!...but Kagura is able to get a shoulder up. Tyrone sits up and looks over, just checking with the ref that it was only two.

    Copeland: Well Tyrone has turned the tables here, by turning back the clock and bit and really bending the rules to his advantage.

    Cohen: Not much in the way of pure wrestling from Blades, but it has been effective Seabass, no denying that.

    In full control, Tyrone takes a moment to plan his next move. He walks over to the turnbuckle and perches on the second one. He motions for Kagura to stand. She begins to stir and he calls out to her, urging her on. She recovers enough to realize what he is doing and charges him. He waits until the last minute to leap over her as she crashes head first into the middle turnbuckle. Blades then runs and connects with a leaping stomp, driving her head into the turnbuckle. She is slumped in the corner, her eyes wide open, but paying attention to nothing of note. The Hall of Famer calls for the match to be over and readies for his go to finish, Click Clack. He waits in anticipation, but Kagura doesn't move.

    Copeland: I think Kagura may be out.

    Tyrone walks over to where she is, and tries to move her but she just falls limp. He tries to position her in the corner, but she is dead weight and just slumps against the turnbuckle. He looks over to the referee, who instructs Tyrone to fight on for now. When he turns his attention back to Kagura, she unleashes her red mist, but Tyrone was wise to it and avoids the spray. The distraction is enough for Kagura to get back on the offensive though and she connects with a saito suplex. She keeps hold and powers to her feet and hits a second saito suplex. She rolls away and waits for Tyrone to get to a kneeling position to try to get up and when he is in position she goes for the First Dance of Awarawa no Mikoto, her skull crushing shining wizard! Tyrone is able to just avoid it and get back to his feet, but he turns right into Fifth Dance of Amaterasu Omikami! Kagura's double fisted heart punch that was put hundreds of opponents away in her career. She hooks the leg deep for the cover..............but there is no count as referee Keith Morse is still trying to wipe his eyes of the mist from earlier.

    Cohen: Kagura might have just cost herself the match with her own desperation ploy. The mist that Tyrone avoided seems to have caught the referee and he can't see to count the pinfall.

    Kagura kicks her foot to the mat in anger and shouts in Japanese at the referee, who slowly stumbles over to count the pin............1!.........2!..........3-NO! Tyrone kicks out! He has the delayed pin count to thank, but he is still alive. Kagura jumps to her feet and is in the face of the ref, despite it being her fault he was distracted. She yells and gestures as he continues to try to wipe his eyes. She doesn't see Tyrone in the back stirring and getting to his feet. When she does turn, she just just avoids the super kick that sets up Click Clack. She turns off balance to try to connect with another Fifth Dance, but Tyrone manages to move enough to avoid it and grabs hold of one of her arms and takes her to the ground with a crossface submission. He has this arms cinched around her face, but he is still trying to secure her legs around her free arm. She fights him the entire way. She is feeling the pressure, but manages to keep her arm free long enough to avoid the hold being fully locked in. As Blades goes to readjust to properly secure the hold, Kagura shifts her weight and manages to roll Tyrone onto his back, with his shoulders down...1!...2!...3! Tyrone kicks out a fraction of a second too late, but three has been counted. Kagura is on her hands and knees, trying to catch her breath as Tyrone has already rolled out of the ring and kicks the steps in anger.

    Harrys: Here is your winner, Kagura!

    Copeland: So after almost costing herself the match due to some overly aggressive moments and blinding the referee, Kagura manages to walk away with W over the number one contender.

    Cohen: We saw Tyrone turn the clock back a few times and show off that aggression that made him famous to keep pace with Kagura, but in the end, she ekes out a close one thanks to a craft pinning attempt.

    As Keith Morse raises the hand of Kagura, she looks to Blades. He has collected his bat and started to walk away. He turns and raises his bat to Kagura as a show of respect to the fellow former World Champ before he disappears back to the shadows of the arena. The ref gives Kagura a moment alone to bask in the victory as a WZCW medical attendant comes to ringside to check his eyes. Kagura climbs to the second turnbuckle to bow to the fans, when suddenly she is taken down from behind by a masked man with a chair shot. The man removes the mask to reveal himself to be Garth Black as the crowd rains down boos. He drives the end of the chair into her chest a few times before he kicks her out of the ring. He pulls a microphone out of his pocket and places the chair in the center of the ring. He takes a seat.

    Black: For years I would step into this ring each night and go to war with whoever they put in front of me. For years, I never said a word, content to try to work my way to the top. For years, I watched others jump me in line. Now I am not a man who likes to complain just for the sake of complaining. Some of those men, they earned those spots. This company has seen some great wrestlers and it was an honor to share this ring with them. Most of them? Most of them were utter shite that I would scrape from the bottom of my boot with a stick. Newcomers with a pretty face and flashy gear. Washed up has beens who would plead to the fans to support them on one last run at the top. Complete jokes who never accomplished anything, so they were given chances out of pity. I watched this company fall into pit, and I couldn't take it anymore. I spoke up, I fought and clawed my way to the top despite some higher ups who didn't want me there. I earned my World Title shot. I earned the right to be called champion when I went out and beat the champ in the ring. I was never given a fancy briefcase that promised me a match anytime anywhere. I never won the title, only to lose it in my very next match. When I saw that Kagura had been given that briefcase, I knew this company was on the expressway straight into the toilet. I feared the worst, and the worst came true when John Constantine, a man who has earned respect in this business, was brutally attacked, unprovoked I might add, and Kagura was allowed to step in and reap the rewards. She never beat Constantine. The corrupt owners of this company did. Why? Diversity? To fill a quota? To set up someone for a future political career? Whatever the answer may be, Kagura is weak. She has proven it night in and night out, and she is proving it now by lying out there gasping for air while Dr. Nick tends to her. She wasn't strong enough to keep her title at Lethal Lottery, she wasn't strong enough to beat Tyrone clean here tonight, she wasn't even strong enough to keep a man in her life. So please, Kagura, do us all a favor and run off back to Japan where you belong, before you really get hurt. Maybe you'll get lucky and some rich business man will take pity on you and you can start a family that he supports and you never have to worry about being strong again.

    Garth stands and tosses the mic in the direction of Kagura. He doesn't even look at her as he exits the ring and heads up the ramp as two more medical personnel run to check on Kagura.
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    We see Blazing Tiger backstage, winding down from his own match against Logan McAllister. Suddenly, we see Harald Var Krigare stumbling into view, his hands placed over his wounded pelvic area. He places one hand against the wall of the corridor, a look of discomfort across his face.

    Tiger: Are you alright?

    Harald: It's gonna hurt to use the toilet for a few days, I'll tell you that much now.

    Tiger: Good. Just like the hurting you left on my chest last week.

    Harald: About that...I wish I could have caught you before my match, but I just want to apologise for leaving you lying there.

    Tiger: What good is an apology? Not only did you pin me, but you left me to look foolish in my debut match. Not to matter though, because I'll be the one to win this league.

    Harald: Ha, I guess that's why they call you Blazing, your fire is admirable, as was your performance against me.

    Tiger: You thought so?

    Harald: Absolutely. You fought with vigour and courage, and though you didn't win the match, you certainly won my respect. And I realised, that the biggest loser in that match was me, for not offering you the respect you deserved afterwards.

    Tiger: No, I lost the match, fair and square. You only did what you had to do to win. And I can respect you as a worthy combatant in your own right.

    Still noticeably wincing, Harald extends a hand towards Tiger in a gesture of respect.

    Harald: I just want you to know, if anyone else wins this league, I personally hope it's you.

    Tiger contemplates his choice, before accepting the handshake.

    Tiger: Likewise. I'd wish you luck in your match, but I think that would be an insult to your...

    Tiger looks down towards Harald's nether regions, somewhat embarrassed.

    Harald: I get you. Nonetheless, congrats on the big win tonight. And Tiger?

    Tiger: Yes?

    Harald: Kick Randy Studd's ass for me.

    Tiger: Gladly.

    With that, Harald leaves, still limping, as Tiger nods his head in approval.
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    Harrys: Ladies and Gentlemen, this regulation bout is scheduled for a single fall. The Elite Openweight title will be on the line!


    As the music kicks up Callie struts out onto the stage and strikes a pose. Her latest cosplay outfit features a homage to Octavia Blake from “The 100.” Her face is painted to reflect that of a Viking warrior, and her clothes resemble those of a Gaelic soldier. Her blond hair is even dyed brown. She walks down the ramp holding the petition that she presented to Becky in her hands. She walks up the steps and enters the ring through the middle rope and poses. The reaction is negative, but she clearly doesn’t seem to care.

    Harrys: And the challenger, weighing in at 100 pounds, hailing from New York City, Callie Clark!

    Copeland: This match has been months in the making, since the Elite Openweight title was left off the card at Lethal Lottery. Callie, even though being guaranteed a title shot at Kingdom Come, does not want to compete in a Fatal 4-Way match.

    Cohen: And I don’t blame her, Seabass. Would you want to compete for a title where your odds of winning are only 25%? No. Callie is smart and showing initiative about all of this.

    A clock appears on the TV-Tron and begins to count down from 5. When it reaches 0, familiar music begins to play as the fans cheer.


    Lynx walks out onto the stage with his trademark hooded robe covering his face. Multiple colored lights begin to flash through the area, as he reveals his face and raises the Elite Openweight title above his head. The champion walks down the ramp and pauses about halfway down. He yells, “What time is it?” as he raises the title and points towards Callie in the ring. He climbs the steps and enters the ring through the middle rope.

    Harrys: And introducing the defending champion, from Times Unknown, weighing 204 pounds, he is “The Melanistic Jaguar” Lynx!

    Copeland: Now this young man must be having quite the inner conflict. If he wins here tonight, then he must defend his title in a Fatal 4-Way at Kingdom Come. If he loses, he still competing at Kingdom Come, but as a challenger.

    Cohen: Lynx hasn’t impressed me at all since becoming champion. A string of losses followed by an unimpressive showing at the Lottery has really damaged my view of his stock. If he can’t win here tonight, then I think that’ll prove that his victory over Clark at MD 147 was a fluke.

    The referee checks both competitors and holds the belt above his head. Callie strips off her cosplay outfit to reveal her wrestling attire, as Lynx sheds his robe. Callie hands her petition to the timekeeper for safe keeping, and the referee singles for the bell.

    *Ding Ding Ding!*​

    And the match is underway. Callie doesn’t waste any time charging straight in to meet Lynx in the center of the ring. She blasts the larger man with forearm shots to the chest, staggering him. Lynx grabs her arm and in one motion uses his hip to flip her down onto the mat on her back. Callie quickly gets back to her feet, but Lynx grabs her and applies a front facelock. He applies pressure, really cinching in the hold. Callie tries to fight back, but Lynx digs in and rears back applying a chancery, turning the simple maneuver into a deadly submission hold. The referee checks for a choke, but Lynx hooks her arm around his head and lifts her up high. He holds her up in the air for half a second before sending her crashing back down to the canvas with a Falcon Arrow! He goes for a quick cover: 1…2… But can only manage a short 2 count.

    Copeland: Lynx is trying to put Callie away early with that Falcon Arrow, but it’s going to take more effort than that.

    Cohen: Callie has had to fight tooth and nail to get another crack at Lynx, Seabass. Unlike Lynx, she had to earn her Kingdom Come spot through hard work and determination.

    Copeland: I’m sorry, what? Becky Serra placed her in the Fatal 4-Way match. They both bypassed the league.

    Cohen: At least Callie hasn’t lost every single match since the start of the Lethal Lottery cycle unlike our current “Elite” Openweight champion.

    Callie makes it back to her feet first. Lynx goes to grapple her, but she cuts him off with a knee to the gut. The champion is caught off guard by the pain, as Callie reaches up and traps him in a headlock. She tries to take him down to the mat, but Lynx blocks the takedown with his leg. He wraps his arms around her waist and leg and lifts her up, looking to drop her to the canvas with a back suplex, but she counters and falls forward. Callie uses the larger man’s momentum and Lynx winds up on his back curtesy of a side headlock takedown. Callie has the headlock still applied as Lynx rolls and gets to his knee. He stands, but Callie doesn’t give him an opportunity to counter. She jumps onto his back and applies a sleeper! Caught off guard, Lynx tries to pry the smaller woman off him, but she wraps her legs around his torso to prevent that. She holds on for dear life, and squeezes for all she’s worth! Like a bucking bronco, Lynx tries to free himself, resorting to ramming her backwards against the turnbuckle. The first shot dazes her, as her head bounces off the pad. The second shot causes her to release the hold. Lynx frees himself and turns around. He grabs her leg and pulls her out of the corner and performs a Dragon Screw takedown. He grabs a hold of her leg and drops down, applying a foot lock submission hold. Callie screams in pain and immediately begins to crawl towards the ropes. She manages to grab the bottom rope and forces Lynx to break the hold.

    Copeland: Both competitors are still looking for that knockout blow early. Callie used a sleeper and Lynx responded with a painful looking submission hold of his own. There’s a lot of animosity between these two.

    Cohen: No kidding. Lynx is too soft to be champion right now. He’s lost his killer instinct. Whereas Callie has more fire now than ever before.

    Copeland: What about Callie’s loss to Titus recently. Don’t you think that hinders her momentum, Jack?

    Cohen: Of course not. Titus is the greatest champion in WZCW history, however once Callie regains that belt, I think she has the potential to be an even greater champion.

    Lynx lifts Callie to her feet and but she slaps his arms away and kicks him in the gut before he can do anything. She rears back before stepping forward and delivering a high knee straight to his chin. She hits him with a double backhand chop. And then another. With a primal scream, she spins and nails him with a spinning backfist. And Lynx is reeling! Callie glances behind her and runs and bounces off the ropes to give herself a boost, before jumping up and sending Lynx crashing down to the mat with a tornado DDT! His head spiking off the padding as Callie lays on top of him, and pins his shoulders to the mat: 1…2… But it’s not enough. Callie is livid and shouts at the ref, but she quickly regains her senses, now realizing what’s at stake. She mounts him and begins to rain down vicious looking forearm shots. Lynx covers up to protect himself the best that he can. Finally, she stops and stands over him, screaming at him “the title is mine!” She turns, with her back aligned with his torso, as she performs a standing moonsault. She drives both knees in his gut, driving the air completely out of his diaphragm. She pins him again: 1…2…But it’s still not enough to keep him down.

    Copeland: Callie continues to assault the champion; she’s relentless! But Lynx won’t stay down. And you say that he lacks heart, Jack? Look at that man’s tenacity; look at his spirit.

    Cohen: I stand by what I said, Seabass. Lynx is simply coasting on merit right now. He’s been champion since MD 147 where he won the title from Clark. But what’s he done since then? Nothing. He hasn’t brought that title any prestige. If Callie wins it again, she’ll be a 3-time champion. The first person in WZCW to do so, man or woman. Callie is poised to make history. Lynx is poised to continue being a mediocre champion.

    Callie runs her hands through her hair in frustration, but she stands and drags Lynx’s body closer to the corner. She signals for the end and quickly climbs to the top turnbuckle with no wasted motions, no showboating, and flips backwards, looking for the Calliesault! But he’s prepared and gets his knees up as the smaller woman crashes down hard! Lynx climbs to his feet and waits, as she slowly gets back to her feet, cursing the mistake that she made. The champion has her measured and strikes as quickly as a snake biting into its prey, as he kicks her head with the Kick to the Future! Callie looks to be dead as Lynx falls into the cover. 1…2… But Callie kicks out! And Lynx can’t believe it. He takes a deep breath, as Callie lies on the mat, still dazed. He gets to his feet and stand over her. “I’m sick of your games Callie!” He practically yanks her to her to feet and twists her arm behind her back with a hammerlock. He swings her forward, driving her shoulder first into the turnbuckle. He grabs her waist from behind and lifts her up. He turns 90 degrees and slams her down on the matt with a back suplex. Wasting no time, Lynx climbs to the top turnbuckle and flips off with a moonsault of his own! He lands hard, his weight driving all the air from her lungs. He rolls off her and stands. The crowd comes unglued as Lynx signals for the end. He measures her. Begs her. Pleads with her to recover. Callie stirs and gets to a knee and slowly stands. She wobbles forward as Lynx moves in for the kill, when suddenly Callie drops down to the canvas and rolls out of the ring!

    Copeland: Callie went for the moonsault, but Lynx had it scouted, and not even the Kick to the Future couldn’t keep her down.

    Cohen: Don’t get up Callie! Stay down girl, stay down!

    Copeland: Lynx is looking for the Dimensional Vortex! If he hits that it’s over. Look at him, he’s like a man possessed! Callie stands, and… oh my god!

    Cohen: Yes! That feign was beautiful. Dropping down and rolling out of the ring at the last second. Regain your strength Callie!

    The referee begins to count, as Lynx eyes his opponent on the outside. Callie seems to be regrouping, trying to regain her strength, but she still looks dazed. She wearily wanders towards the barricade and stops, looking completely lost. She turns around as Lynx eyeballs her. He’s run out of patience and sees an opportunity to drain what little strength she has. He slingshots himself over the top rope looking for a plancha, but Callie rolls out of the way at the last second! Lynx crashes and burns! The referee counts as both wrestlers are down on the outside. The last-ditch gamble has paid off for Callie. She recovers and gets to her feet the same time Lynx does. Both competitors roll back into the ring at the same time, barely beating the 10-count. The two wrestlers charge each other, greeting each other with a hellacious volley of forearm shots and punches. The animosity that these two have grown to share for each other is reflected in those blows. The crowd seems to be behind Lynx, as they begin to turn on Callie every time one of her punches land. Lynx gets the upper hand after a volley of forearm smashes to the face has Callie dazed. He grabs her in a front facelock, and yanks back applying a chancery like he did in the beginning of the match. Once he feels the strength leaving her body, he plants her with a swinging neckbreaker. Instead of going for the cover, he stands. He knows it’s not enough to beat her. He has one maneuver left. He grabs his hair with his fists and waits, practically willing the girl back to her feet. Callie stands and stumbles like a drunkard. Lynx charges forward, but Callie again falls to the canvas and rolls way. Reeling, she begs for mercy. For forgiveness. She begins to slide backwards towards to turnbuckle while holding her arm out to keep Lynx at bay. Frustrated beyond belief, the champion marches forward and screams “Fight me, Callie! Fight me!” He reaches out to grab her, barely noticing out of the corner of his eye the wicked smile now forming on her face. With a shriek that would do a banshee proud, Callie buries her fist into Lynx’s gut. The larger man doubles over in pain, completely taken by surprise, as the referee rules the strike legal. Callie stands and grabs her opponent and applies a front facelock. She lifts him up and drives him down to the canvas with the Lights Out in one quick motion! Lynx struggles as Callie pins his shoulders to the mat: 1…2…3…!

    Harrys: Here is your winner, by pin fall, and the new Elite Openweight Champion; Callie Clark!

    Copeland: Callie played possum and just buried her fist into Lynx’s gut! The strike looked a little low, but the ref calls it legal. Front facelock applied; Callie hits the Lights Out! The referee counts, and we have a new champion! Callie Clark has pinned Lynx off the quick pin fall!

    Cohen: I told you, Seabass! That girl right there is going to cement her legacy as the greatest Elite Openweight champion that WZCW will ever have.

    Lynx looks absolutely stunned as he rolls out of the ring. He grabs the ring apron and gazes up as the referee awards Callie Clark the title. The petite blond looks to be beside herself with glee as she hoists the title above her head. The crowd seems to be mixed, but Callie doesn’t care. Lynx walks up the ramp. Clark rolls out of the ring, walks over to the timekeeper’s area and retrieves her petition. She walks around the left side of the ring, holding the belt in the air. She drapes the title over her shoulder and begins to walk up the ramp shouting, “I am the greatest! I am the greatest!” while also showing off her petition as the show goes off the air.
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    Logan versus Blazing Tiger - Milenko
    Kagura versus Blades - Yaz
    Mancini versus Broon - Dave
    Harald versus Studd - Dave
    Triple X versus Mikey - Killjoy
    Lynx versus Callie - Echelon
    Segments - Dave/Echelon

    Special thanks to Dynamite for the Flex segment. Ascension should follow tonight or tomorrow.
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