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    * PYRO *
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    The camera pans around the sold out Don Haskins Center in El Paso, Texas. Many signs are up in the crowd saying &#8220;I <3 Theron&#8221; and &#8220;Eyy Lohhgan youuu rock&#8221;.

    Copeland: Welcome to the go home show of Meltdown before we hit Lethal Lottery.

    Cohen: That's right folks, we have a fun show ahead of you tonight with many appearances by such...

    Cohen: HE'S HERE!

    The EurAsian champion makes his way out to the ring, the arena boo him as he smiles. He's suited, a rareity, as he stands in the centre.

    Titus: Welcome to Meltdown! I know, as well as you know, that you've paid to see one man tonight.

    The crowd begin to chant for Theron as Titus looks unmoved by this.

    Titus: Guys, gals the pronunciation is Titus, not Theron. That's right you've paid good money to see me. Mr. WZCW! The man who's been here from day one. The legend. The Hall of Famer. The holder of the grandest prize in the whole world. It's me...

    The crowd boos some more.

    Titus: I am sorry though because I will not be defending the title tonight. That will be in Phoenix, too far for you hicks to make it.

    More outrage from the crowd as a couple throw trash at him and boo.

    Titus: Shall I say it's unfair? Of course. I'm a man who has defeated them all one on one. But tonight I have to face all three and at Lethal Lottery any against me. What's worse is they aren't alone, they all have a manager. How is that fair?

    The crowd laugh as some music hits.

    The cord boo some more, eventually shushing as Xander Labelle and Adonis make their way out.

    Adonis: I get it buddy, tonight is all about business and...

    Titus: Speak for yourself Xander. You're a big boy. At Lethal Lottery I will win this and then go on to the Kingdom Come as the longest holding champion in WZCW and there's not one person who can stop...

    Mancini and Gino make their way to the stage, Adonis and Labelle already in the ring. Tony slowly works down.

    Tony: Blah, blah, blah. I've heard the legends but you know tonight I'm going to beat you and at Lethal Lottery I will take that prize from you. Capisce?

    The crowd doesn't know how to react with a few cheers dotted round. Before Titus can even say anything the music of Blackjack Theron hits.

    He makes his way to the ring with Tiffany.

    Theron: The odds matter not Tidarthian as they are never in my favour. I roll the dice and Manoosko and Excalibur Labarbra will be vanquished.

    Titus gets out of the ring and stares at Theron eye to eye. Xander and Tony eye each other in the ring as we hit to commercial.
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    Harrys: Making his way down to the ring from Bollywood, India, weighing 251 pounds, &#8220;The Showbiz himself&#8221; Veejay!

    The arena is still dark when Veejay enters, his hooded robe over his head and his back to the ring. The crowd welcomes him with a round of cheers. He then turns towards the ring as the lights come back on, takes off his hood and explores the entire arena. Then with a determined look on his face, he slowly moves towards the ring, fist pumping and fist bumping with ringside members of the audience. Once inside the ring, he gets up on the turnbuckle and poses for the crowd and riles them up before finally taking his robe off in the ring.


    Luke Manson looks focused as he heads down to the ring.

    Harrys: Making his way down to the ring from Queens, New York, weighing 212pounds, Luke "The Man" Manson!

    Copeland: Veejay sure looks focused.

    Cohen: That's more than I can say about Luke right now, Seabass.

    The bell goes as Veejay charges at Manson. Veejay dukes as Manson goes for a punch asnd Veejay avoides it. Veejay provides a European Uppercut as he knocks Manson into the corner. Manson looks shocked but stumbles back to the turnbuckle. Luke charges at Veejay as Veejay avoids it and then gives him an Irish wip into the other corner. Manson looks dazed as Veejay runs into a forearm, he misses.

    Copeland: Great opening by Veejay he seems on form.

    Cohen: Though Manson has turned it around.

    Manson throws Veejay into the other corner. He delivers a corner splash and into the other corner. Another Splash! He sends him back to the original corner. Manson sends Veejay to the turnbuckle as Manson runs for another corner splash. He bounces Veejay off the ropes and goes for the running clothesline...

    Veejay avoids it and hits the pele kick.

    Copeland: Crikey! One heck of a turn around for Veejay.

    Cohen: This doesn't look good.

    Veejay hits the Bollywood meets Hollywood and he holds it on Manson. Manson taps immediately and the bell rings.
    Veejay keeps the hold in as the referee breaks the hold. Veejay does (being declared match winner by Harrys) and hits the victory lap.

    Harrys: Here is you winner... Veejay!!

    His music hits as he leaves the ring.

    Copeland: Wow that was unusual.

    Cohen: Not at all Seabass, this is the true Veejay.

    With that Veejay stops, turns around and goes back to help Manson up from the ring. We hit to commercial.
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    Backstage, we are met by the smiling features of Stacey Madison. She brushes a few strands of hair off of her face and raises her microphone as she is given her cue.

    Madison: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome backstage at the Don Haskins arena, right here in El Paso, Texas. Tonight promises to be a great night on the eve of the Lethal Lottery. My guest at this time is someone who might fancy his chances of an upset at the Lethal Lottery event. Ladies and gentlemen, Logan McAllister.

    After a second or two, the Bostonian wonders into view. He gives Stacey a coy nod of his head before settling into his position.

    Madison: Logan, I guess everyone wants to know about your chances in the Lethal Lottery. Can you give the audience an insight into your mindset as we approach the match? What does a win at the Lottery mean to someone like you...

    Logan gives Stacey a look of anger and confusion as her last words seem to sting like a barb. He shakes his head in disapproval before beginning to talk.

    McAllister: What does the Lethal Lottahry mean someone like me? It means anothah shot at fulfilling that promise to my boy, Stacey

    Logan offers Stacey an invredulous look, obviously still seething about her unnecessary jibe earlier on.

    McAllister: Look, I may have failed last week on Ascension, and though I'm not done with Reynolds or Vis Imperium, the Lottahry can have me headlining the biggest show of them all, and with a chance to win the biggest prize. If you aren't here to become the best, you shouldn't even entah the match.

    Logan catches his breath for a moment and shoots Stacey a look of pure hatred.

    McAllister: Logan will be the best, soonah rathah than latah.

    With that, Logan sniffs, wipes his nose and walks off.

    Copeland: Well, the stakes are very high heading into the Lethal Lottery next round, Jack. It seems as though everyone is staking their claim to go to the headline match at Kingdom Come.

    Cohen: Yeah but how many will actually mean it? Logan is a choker and he knows it, Seabass. Constantine is gonna make sure he doesn't even see the Lethal Lottery match tonight.
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    Harrys: The following match is scheduled for one fall!


    Harrys: Introducing first from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing 222 lbs, "The Unforgettable" Noah Ryder!

    Noah walks out holding the King For A Day briefcase. He cups a hands over his mouth and calls out the 2 opening lines to the course before eagerly making his way down to the ring, clapping the hands of many of the fans he sees along the way. He slides into the ring and runs to the nearest corner, 2 stepping his way to the top rope where he raises both arms up, the briefcase in one of them, the fans cheer. He then places the briefcase down at ringside.

    Cohen: When is he going to cash that thing in anyway, or did he forget that it has a day it has to be used by?

    Copeland: Noah is likely more focused on this match tonight than his briefcase. He and Flex both must have gone through a lot to prepare.

    Cohen: I don't know about that, Seabass. Not after the conversation Klamor and I had earlier about Ryder.


    Harrys: And his opponent, from Paris, France, weighing 220 pounds, &#8220;The Healthiest Man Alive&#8221; Flex Mussél!

    Flex emerges on stage in Flex Fitness tracksuit with a hood over his head and holding his duffle bag. Fans continue cheering as he walks down the ramp. As he enters the ring he poses on the turnbuckle before ripping off the the tracksuit and hood revealing neck and body weights that he takes off and puts in his duffle bag. Flex goes over to Noah offering to shake his hand. They shake hands to a very positive reaction from the fans.

    Copeland: That's a good show of sportsmanship right there between two competitors who the fans are excited to see.

    Cohen: This is WZCW. We are here to see who the better wrestler is, not who has the better handshake.

    The two head to opposite corners of the ring and the bell rings to signal the start of the match. They both approach each other and lock up. Flex turns Noah around and grabs him from behind hitting a Belly to Belly Suplex. He stands over Noah and waits for him to get up. Flex goes to grab Noah again once he has stood up, but Noah hits a Swinging Neckbreaker. Noah goes and stands over by the ropes. Flex stands up and approaches Noah. They grab each other. Noah tries to turn the grapple into a Head Lock Takedown, but Flex reverses it and makes his way toward the corner of the ring. Noah follows him and uses the ring ropes to help climb onto Flex's back. Flex steps back away from the corner of the ring with Noah still on his shoulders, he uses an Electric Chair Drop to knock them both backwards and down onto the mat in the center of the ring. Both men are down. The fans cheer for this.

    Copeland: What amazing strength Flex has.

    Cohen: He will need more than strength to win this match though, Seabass.

    The two remain down and Akiyama goes to check on them. Noah is the first to get up. He stands and looks around the ring, Flex is still down. He steps back a little. Flex has begun getting up and as soon as Flex turns to face Noah, he is hit with a Running Rising Knee. Noah runs for the ropes, Flex is bent over. Noah springs off the ropes and hits a clothesline. He covers Flex for a pin. Akyiama gets into position to count. 1.... 2.... Kick out by Flex! Flex pushes Noah off. They both sit up and stare at each other as they stand up. Noah begins running toward the corner, Flex grabs him just as he gets to the corner and hits a German Suplex. Flex remains in position once they are down and Akiyama goes to count. 1.... 2.... Kick out by Noah! The fans' cheering gets even louder in their excitement over this.

    Copeland: A close call for both men. They each want momentum heading into the Lethal Lottery. It would be a significant win for Flex especially, given that Noah has a second chance in the Lottery this year.

    Cohen: He doesn't have a second chance in this match though. All it takes is three seconds and then it's all over.

    Flex stands and notices Noah is still down. He grabs him by the legs. He begins to rotate. It's his Signature move, the Spin & Win! Flex does 4 full rotations before stopping. He picks up Noah and tries to hit a German Suplex but Noah reverses it, into a Spin-out Sitout Powerbomb! Noah does not go for a pin though. He makes his way into the corner on the opposite end of the ring from where Flex is using the ring ropes to slowly help him climb back up. Noah stares intently waiting for his chance to make his next move. Flex turns around and Noah dashes from his corner to Flex's and hits his finisher, the Blow Ryder! He covers Flex and Akiyama starts counting. 1.... 2.... 3!

    Harrys: And here is your winner, Noah Ryder!

    Copeland: A fantastic effort from both competitors in this match. With his King For A Day briefcase as well as the extra life in the Lottery itself, Noah Ryder has the odds in his favor.

    Cohen: That is, if he remembers to use either the briefcase or the extra life. Based off what Klamor told me, Ryder had no idea who Flex was. I give him credit for being the better man in this match at least.

    Ryder's hand is raised as the winner, to the applause of the fans. Flex has stood up and Noah extends a hand once he sees his opponent. Flex does as well and the two shake hands. The fans erupt into even louder cheering. Flex gets out of the ring and begins walking up the ramp to the back. Noah grabs his briefcase from ringside and poses with it in the ring as we fade out.
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    We fade back in and Noah Ryder is still in the ring following his victory against Flex Mussél. He motions for a microphone and is brought one by an official.

    Copeland: Looks like Noah has something he wants to say.

    Cohen: This I gotta hear.

    Noah stands holding his briefcase in one hand and the microphone in the other as the fans continue cheering for him.

    Noah: The Lethal Lottery is coming and I am the one walking in to that event with the best shot at winning.

    The cheering dies down a little, the fans allow Noah to speak.

    Noah: I've put in the the work and my results showed here in this victory, the same will be the case at the Lethal Lottery. Everyone else loses if they are eliminated. I have to be eliminated twice in order to lose, because I won an extra life when I defeated Blackjack Theron!

    Then he holds up the briefcase.

    Noah: I also have this! The King For A Day briefcase, my insurance policy! The Elite Openweight Champion and the Eurasian Champion better be watching.

    He keeps holding up the briefcase for a moment, to a strong positive reaction from the fans in attendance.

    Noah: Thank you.

    He hands the microphone back to the officials at ringside and begins walking back up the entrance ramp holding his briefcase.

    Cohen: He may sound confident now, but we will have to wait and see. I stand by my case and what Klamor spoke of. Will he remember to use the insurance policy he mentioned?

    Copeland: You cannot argue with what Noah has accomplished recently, Jack. Between his extra life in the Lottery and his King For A Day briefcase, Noah Ryder is the most dangerous competitor walking into the Lethal Lottery and I for one cannot wait to see what happens. It could very well be his night.
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    A sudden and rapturous applause and round of cheering goes up in the arena as the familiar entrance theme of Matt Tastic begins to play. After a moment or two of more cheers, Matt finally makes his appearance onto the stage and gets another huge welcome from the WZCW faithful inside the Don Haskins Centre in El Paso, Texas. Matt offers them a wide smile in acknowledgement of their thunderous welcomes as he begins making his way down the ramp in his ring gear.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the ring... Matt Tastic!!

    Copeland: Ladies and gentlemen, we have a huge match for you on the way. In a moment, we will see a match of gargantuan proportions as two former Heavyweight Champions face off in the midle of the Meltdown ring. Ty Burna, or should I say, Tyrone Blades-

    Cohen: Yes, you should say that, Seabass, thank you!

    Copeland: Tyrone Blades and Matt Tastic are two of the great Champions of this generation and tonight we get to see them go one on one. It's going to be a hugely entertaining and wildly competitive match, I would bet.

    As Matt continues down the ramp towards the ring, a stage hand gives him a microphone, which he gleefully accepts. The fans in the arena are still on their feet for the firm fan favourite as he climbs the steps and gets into the Meltdown ring for the first time this evening. He gives the fans a small salute with one hand and nods his head appreciation. Finally, he begins to talk.

    Tastic: Two long years...

    Matt is cut off again by a sudden round of cheering from the El Paso faithful as his voice booms around the arena.

    Tastic: It has been two long years since I won the Lethal Lottery match. In that time, I have experienced the very best and very worst of times. But the best times far outweighs the bad. In fact, winning the Lethal Lottery two years ago will probably turn out to be the biggest things that ever happens in my whole WZCW career.

    The fans continue to cheer, almost breaking into a chant for the Immortal One.

    Tastic: Since that win, I have went on to win the World Championship twice. I have won the Gold Rush Tournament. And what's more, I have made so many of you fans of mine. In wrestling, you have to roll with the punches and enjoy the time that you're on top for. That time is always fleeting and never lasts forever. But heading into this year's Lethal Lottery, I know I have what it takes to reclaim my career and become the only man to ever win the Lethal Lottery twice in his career.

    Another huge cheer greets the words of the passionate man from Southwestern, Puerto Rico. Matt offers the fans one more smile as he continues.

    Tastic: Tonight, I go up ag-

    Suddenly, the cheers of the fans for Matt Tastic seem to completely disappear as the familiar vulgarity of Tyrone Blades' entrance theme begins to play through the arena. The camera catches Matt's face as he lets out a sigh before it begins circling around the arena in an attempt to find the brawler.

    Harrys: And his opponent, weighing in at 225 pounds... Tyrone Blades!!

    Cohen: Thank God for that! I thought, for sure, that Matt Tastic would have been in the ring for hours blowing his own trumpet and telling us all about his, supposed, brilliant career in WZCW. Here comes a man who has no time for all of that, Seabass. Tyrone Blades is here to kick ass and chew bubblegum.

    Copeland: Be that as it may, Jack, he could have let the man finish. Regardless, Tyrone Blades is on his way to the ring and looks to continue his impressive run since returning from his suspension at the hands of Mr Banks.

    Cohen: He seems to be on some sort of mission to claim his spot back, in some form or another, Seabass. But since returning, he has looked even more dangerous than he ever did. I guess a black baseball bat will always lend a hand in that regard...

    Finally, the camera catches Blades coming through one of the entrances in the midst of the crowd. Some fans clamber to try and get near him but he simply nudges them out of his path and continues to walk furiously towards the ring. Down the steps and through the crowd, his baseball bat still in his right hand: Tyrone looks extremely focussed and set on doling out some destruction here tonight.

    Copeland: Blades doesn't look too impressed with Tastic's monologue, folks. Right after the break, we will have all the action from what promises to be an amazing contest. Right here, on WZCW Meltdown!
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    Kerms: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the social media lounge backstage at WZCW Meltdown, right here in El Paso. And, in somewhat of a break from tradition, I am here to tell you all about the upcoming stuff that has in store for you in the run up to the Lethal Lottery show in a couple of weeks.

    The camera pans in on the face of the website manager as he flicks through some cards in his hands.

    Kerms: We all know what surprises the Lethal Lottery gives us every year but...

    Something catches the attention of the website manager to his left. His words trail off as an unkown voice seems to give him direction.

    Kerms: How can that be poss...

    The picture begins to break up,

    Kerms: The Ho... How is t...

    Suddenly the screen cuts to static as the tremendous noise fills the screen and the arena. Suddenly, an ominous image appears through the static...


    Fade to black.
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    We return from the commercial break with both men standing inside the ring. Matt still looks pissed that Blades had the audacity to interrupt him when he was getting his moment to shine. But, truth be told, Tyrone doesn't seem to really care. Removing the bandana from his face, Ty screws up his features in anger as he stares down the man who, some would say, has become the poster boy for WZCW in recent months and years. The referee makes his way over to Tyrone and asks for his bat but Blades doesn't seem to keen to give it away just yet. But finally, with a little more coaxing, Tyrone hands over the bat and the referee hands it off to a member of WZCW staff at ringside. The referee moves back into the centre of the ring and calls for the bell.


    Copeland: Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to WZCW Meltdown. Before the break we seen Matt Tastic address this great crowd in El Paso about the Lethal Lottery. That was until Tyrone Blades, formerly Ty Burna, cut him off in his prime. These two go back a long way and now, it seems, there is a new twist in this tale.

    Cohen: There doesn't need to be any added needle between these two men, Seabass, there records speak for themselves. Both men are World Champions and, what's more, both men have their ideas about how a match should be wrestled and how a company should be run. More than anything, this is an interesting clash of styles between two of the very best.

    Both men begin circling the ring, not daring to take their eyes off of the other man in the ring. The crowd get to their feet and begin cheering loudly as this match gets underway. After what seems like an eternity of sizing each other up, both men make their way to the middle of the ring and look to tie up. But Matt is a little naïve and gets punished for it, when Tyrone drops to one knee and finds his way around the back of Matt with a fair level of agility. He puts a waist-lock on The Super Saiyan of Professional Wrestling and then takes him down with a beautiful German suplex out of nowhere. The crowd take a sharp intake of breath as the back of Matt's head collides with the mat for the first time and Tyrone Blades shoots for the cover. But the referee only manages a count of 1 before Matt rolls the shoulder out and the match continues. Matt gets back to his feet quickly and swings a wild right hand in the direction of his opponent but it is clear that he is taken aback by the violent start to the match and misses as Tyrone dances around him. Tyrone immediately grabs the neck of Matt and pulls him down onto his bent knee for a stunning back-breaker manoeuvre puts Matt Tastic in a world of hurt. Once again, he shoots for the early pinfall. But Matt once again kicks out at 1 to save the match and keep the people on the edge of their seats.

    Copeland: What a great start from Tyrone Blades, Jack. He seems to be in a very foul mood tonight and it seems as though he has targeted Matt Tastic as the person he wants to take that bad mood out on.

    Cohen: Well, we all know what Tyrone Blades is capable of, Seabass. Since he first showed up on WZCW TV, he seems to be in a permanent bad mood. Matt Tastic is simply the next in line to feel the wrath of a man with a grudge to bear. And he wont be the last man in that line by the looks of it.

    Blades doesn't seem to be in the mood for playing games as he gets back to his feet straight away; not taking any time to curse his luck or give his opponent any time to breath. He meets Matt Tastic on a vertical base and lands a stiff elbow to the side of Matt Tastic's jaw. Matt Tastic recoils into the corner as he tries to come to terms with the fast start of his lethal opponent. But that task is made more difficult as Blades nails Matt Tastic with another swift elbow to the jaw. Seemingly undeterred to take full advantage of the rules, Tyrone grabs Matt by the throat and begins choking the life out of him until the referee intervenes sharply. The crowd boo loudly as the referee uses his full 5 count before Tyrone is happy enough to break the illegal choke hold on his opponent. Blades holds his hands up in the air as the referee admonishes him for his unfair behaviour but, in truth, Blades doesn't seem to be overly bothered by his pleas. In the meantime, Matt crumbles to the canvas, trying to catch his breath and find a way back into this match. Ty gives the referee a roll of his eyes before pushing him out of the way and moving over to where Matt is on one knee in the corner of the ring. Showing an evil edge to his ring work, Blades follows up the assault by running at Matt and landing a swift punt right to the jaw of the Live Mas brother. Matt crashes into the corner of the ring as the crowd struggle to come to terms with what they are seeing. Blades pulls Tastic up by the hair and yanks him into the middle of the ring. Pausing for only a moment to allow the crowd to pour some hatred upon him, Tyrone then nails Matt with a crushing roundhouse kick: knocking The Invincible One back to the canvas. The crowd holds it's breath as Tyrone saunters over to Matt and puts one foot on his chest for the pinfall. But Matt manages to get a shoulder up at 2 to keep this assault going.

    Copeland: Wow! This has been nothing more than ruthless aggression from Tyrone Blades tonight, folks. As we pointed out, Tyrone seems to be on some sort of mission to reclaim WZCW to the way it was, presumably, when we was Champion. And if he continues like this, then he might just get his way.

    Cohen: Totally impressive, Seabass. I haven't seen Matt Tastic manhandled like this in a long time. When you get hit with that kick to the jaw, your lights go out. Had it not been for the arrogance in Tyrone's pinfall attempt, we would be looking at a winner in this match already.

    Copeland: I think he might actually be enjoying this match, Jack. So much so that he doesn't want it to end just yet?

    Cohen: I think you might have nailed it, Seabass.

    Blades lets a smile appear on his face as he looks down at Matt Tastic, who is beginning to stir on the canvas. Biding his time and waiting for his opponent to get up, Blades backs himself all the way into the corner of the ring. But waiting for his opponent to get to his feet proves to be a task that takes a long time as Matt Tastic crawls towards the opposite corner. Using the ropes to get to his feet, Matt Tastic turns around to face the middle of the ring. Blades senses blood in the water and makes another run for Matt Tastic. But Matt Tastic seems to have played possum and dodges the clothesline of his opponent, causing Tyrone Blades to continue his run and collide with the corner of the ring. The crowd jump to their collective feet as Matt Tastic finds the courage to, somehow, rally. Matt pulls Tyrone back through the ropes and smashes his head against the top turn-buckle a few times' seemingly finding anew lease of life in this match and a new hunger to dish out some punishment of his own. The crowd seem to come unglued Matt continues to pound Blades' face into the ring post until Tyrone can't stand any more. Blades crumbles into the corner as Matt wheels away to catch his breath. After a moment or two, Matt turns to Blades, who still remains seated in the corner of the ring. Somehow finding the energy, Matt runs at Blades and nails him with a running drop-kick that drives Blades' back into the corner of the ring and driving the air from his lungs. Pulling Blades out of the corner, Matt goes for the quick pinfall. But the referee can only get to a count of 2 before Blades manages to power out!

    Copeland: That is utterly amazing, Jack. Just where Matt Tastic has found the energy to fight his way back into this match is a mystery to me. It is absolutely no wonder that these fans continually gravitate towards Matt Tastic. On every single night, he gives them everything he has in order to entertain. And now Matt has got going, it might be a rough night for Tyrone Blades.

    Cohen: That is not a fun position to be in, Seabass. When that drop-kick lands, you immediately feel the air being driven from your lungs. And, let's face it, if you can't breath then you can't win. Frankly, I think it should be outlawed in wresting. It's too dangerous!

    The crowd slump to their seats once again as Matt fails to get the job done on this occasion. As the damage of the match becomes abundantly clear, both men begin stirring as the playing field begins to level out for the first time since the start of this match. Matt moves towards the ropes and begins pulling himself back to a vertical base whilst Tyrone heaves himself back to his knees. Finally, both men are back on their feet and the crowd show their appreciation for their efforts already in this match. Tyrone spins around on his heels to find where Matt is and immediately runs at him with a look of anger and destruction in his eyes. But Matt sees it coming and nails him with a beautifully deep arm drag that sends Tyrone sprawling across the ring. Tyrone pops back up in an effort to right that wrong but is caught by the exact same move one more time. This time, however, Matt holds onto the arm and locks in the arm lock on his mayhem-loving opponent. The crowd bursts into life as Matt shows the fire and determination that has made him one of the most likeable and successful fan-favourites in the history of the company. Matt levers the hold in as deep as he can and it looks as though he has the beating of his opponent. The pain on Tyrone's face is clear for everyone to see as he struggles to break the hold. Reaching out for the ropes with his spare arm, Tyrone seems to be so far from salvation. Slowly but surely, Tyrone begins inching towards the bottom rope as the look on his face illustrates more pain with every movement. He reaches out one final time with his hand but still cannot reach the bottom rope. The crowd are willing him to give up but, with one final lunge, Tyrone manages to get his foot onto the bottom rope. The referee calls for the break as the crowd boo heavily.

    Copeland: The fans at ringside lived every single moment of that submission, folks. There is a clear divide in this arena tonight. These fans appreciate everything that is given to them and they love an underdog story. Matt Tastic might have been considered to be out of this match in the early going. But he has recovered so well and now it is Tyrone Blades who finds himself on the wrong end of a beating.

    Cohen: This is what defines you as a Champion, Seabass. You think that Blades hasn't been under pressure in the past? This guy lives and breathes for the challenge of beating someone in the ring. Make no mistake, much the same way as Matt has done, Tyrone is capable of mounting a comeback and taking the wind right back out of Matt's little sails...

    Matt rolls onto his back and spreads his arms and legs in sheer exasperation. But that is as nothing compared to the damage that Matt has seemingly done to his opponent. On the canvas, Tyrone rolls around clutching his shoulder and yelling in pain. Suddenly, Matt sits up and looks at Tyrone with intent. Intent on ending this. Intent on making someone pay for the situation that he finds himself in. Matt slowly gets to his feet and waits for Tyrone to begin pulling himself back to a vertical base. Stalking his opponent, Matt seems to wait forever as Tyrone pulls himself up; obviously feeling the effects of the dangerously well-executed arm lock only moments ago. But as Tyrone gets to his feet, Matt shows no remorse and no mercy in charging at him. Suddenly, and without warning, Tyrone Blades pulls the referee into the path of the charging Super Saiyan of wrestling and manages to avoid the contact himself. The referee and Tastic, however, are not so lucky. Matt crashes into the back of the referee as their heads clash violently. Both men hit the canvas as a steady stream of blood begins to pour from the back of the referee's head. Immediately, a member of the WZCW medical staff are in the ring as Tyrone slinks out of the ring.

    Copeland: Oh my God! Get someone in there!

    Cohen: That's bad. This puts everything else in perspective.

    The trainer flits between Matt and the downed referee as Tyrone makes is way around the ring. Beginning to focus on the referee, due to the blood, the trainer makes an &#8220;X&#8221; symbol with his arms in the air and the crowd begin to boo the decision. They know what's coming.

    Copeland: I fear the cowardly actions of Tyrone Blades have cost these fans a great match tonight. But so much more than that, his actions may have caused one of the WZCW officials to suffer a horrendous injury in the middle of TV show. This is ridiculous.

    Cohen: I don't see how that was Blades' fault, Seabass. The referee got in the way of the man and he paid the price for it. I don't like to see things like this but you can't go around sharing blame in moments like these.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen. Due to an injury in the ring, this match is a no contest!

    Copeland: Well, that was a given. But what is Tyrone doing over here?

    The camera flicks to a shot of Tyrone Blades rummaging through some of the equipment at ringside. The fans cannot help but boo the freshly-returned superstar as he completely ignores what is going on inside of the ring. By this time, some more staff have arrived from the back and are helping the trainer to stem the bleeding from the referee's head. In the meantime, Matt Tastic is beginning to come to his senses. He rolls onto his back and takes a few breaths as Tyrone finds what he has been looking for.

    Cohen: Oh-no, Seabass! This is about to get ten times worse for everyone involved.

    Suddenly, Tyrone pulls his black baseball bat out from a bundle of things and holds it vertically into the air. The crowd take another intake of breath as a hushed tone of concern begins to populate the arena. Tyrone allows a smile to form on his face again as he swings his arm in a typical baseball fashion. However, the pain in his shoulder takes over and Tyrone gives a wince of pain. But rotating his arm seems to give Tyrone enough confidence that he is going to be able to do what he wants to do. He moves around the ring again and finally rolls under the bottom rope: waiting for Matt Tastic to get back to his feet. The fans boo loudly as trainers and staff continue to work on the referee in the corner. Finally, Matt gets back to his feet and is about to feel the full force of Tyrone's bat. But suddenly, Matt surprises everyone by hoisting Tyrone up and looking for the HEADACHE DRIVER! However, Tyrone manages to wriggle free from the shoulder of Tastic and immediately rolls under the bottom rope and out onto the mats below.

    Copeland: Thank God for that! Tyrone Blades was just about to bust open Tastic's head like a watermelon. But Tastic used all of his experience and came out of that very lucky indeed. Someone needs to stop Tyrone Blades before he kills someone, Jack.

    Cohen: I don't think these two will have seen the last of each other, Seabass. Until then, we will wait and see what happens with Tyrone Blades.

    Ty scurries back to his feet before putting his bat over his shoulder in a relaxed fashion. Both he and Matt share a look before Tyrone turns on his heels and makes his way up the ramp to a chorus of booing.
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    We cut backstage once more to reveal the smiling features of Leon Kensworth. This time, the WZCW interviewer is joined by The Power Trip, John Constantine. Leon gets his cue from the producer and begins introducing his guest with a wider smile than ever before.

    Kensworth: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time is one half of the Tag Team Champions, John Constantine. Welcome, John.

    Constantine gives Leon a nod of his head as he shares a smile of his own. In his own smarmy and conceited kind of way, of course.

    Kensworth: John, I'm not gonna mess you about because I know that your time is short. But take me through, first of all, what happened last week and, second of all, what is going to happen tonight and going forward.

    Leon tilts the microphone towards his distinguished guest.

    Constantine: What happened last week? I assume you mean the targic loss of Vis Imperium to Matt Tastic and Noah Ryder?

    Leon gives a nod of the head.

    Constantine: Indeed it was quite the shocker, Leon. But you really have to ask yourself why it is such a shocking result. Vis Imperium hold most of the Championships in WZCW, this much is a given. But have we ever professed tat we are infallible? I don't remember saying that personally. Rather, the strength of said stable is that we know our weaknesses and endeavour to make ourselves better. The same way, of course, that we endeavour to make WZCW a better place every single day. The loss at the hands of Matt Tastic and Noah Ryder last week was nothing more than experience for a bigger fight on another day.

    Leon narrows his eyes, a thought forming in his brain.

    Kensworth: So you are saying that Vis Imperium don't care about wins and losses?

    Constantine: Wins and losses? Yes. But I will not stand here and lie to the great people of this country, Leon, it has never been in my manifesto. There has been times where Steven Holmes has been absent recently and we have not been able to prepare like we normally would like to. But excuses have never been my thing either. Rather, we forge ahead and look to the future to show what Vis Imperium is capable of. Tonight, I take on Logan McAllister in a one on one match. Last week, he took on Austin Reynolds and was thoroughly beaten. He is down but not out. Tonight, however, that will change. Mark my words.

    With that, Constantine rather royally turns on his heels and walks out of shot. Leon raises his eyebrows as Constantine leaves him standing alone.

    Copeland: Well, those sound like fighting words from Constantine tonight, folks. Whether he is in denial or he is that stupid, I cannot decide. But what I can tell you is that he is going to have his hands full with Logan McAllister momentarily.

    Cohen: Maybe you're the stupid one, Seabass. Constantine is a Triple Crown winner in this company. He doesn't make mistakes and he is a talent, the likes of which are hard to come by. I firmly believe him when he says that tonight is the end of the road for Logan McAllister.
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    Harrys: The following contest is a singles match and is set for one fall.


    Harrys: Introducing first from St Louis, Missouri, weighing 265 pounds, he is one half of the reigning WZCW Tag Team Champions... Constantine!

    After a moment or two of the music playing to the arena, Constantine makes his first appearance on the stage. Constantine slowly paces from side to side on the stage before stopping on the middle of stage; he unclips the championship and hangs it over his shoulder. He dips his chin to his chest as the chorus kicks in. The lights dim in the arena save for one spotlight that shines down on The Power Trip. As the music continues, Constantine raises the title into the air as the light begin circling in the arena and the lights come back up. He makes his way down to the ring with an arrogant smirk on his face, looking extremely confident about tonight&#8217;s match. He enters the ring via the steps and mounts the turnbuckles; holding his WZCW Tag Team Championship proudly above his head.

    Copeland: It was a rough week for Constantine last week when he and Abel Hunnicutt lost to the makeshift team of Noah Ryder and Matt Tastic. Vis Imperium has been so dominant during their time in the company but last week exposed that they are not unstoppable. I&#8217;m sure Constantine will be looking to get back on track against Logan McAllister, who has become a thorn in the side of Vis Imperium over the last few weeks.

    Cohen: Don&#8217;t be so ridiculous, Seabass! Vis Imperium wasn&#8217;t exposed last week. They had an off night, the official clearly had no idea what they were doing. Vis Imperium is still as strong as ever. Just look at Constantine, he&#8217;s a champion, a man of legacy and he&#8217;s one half of the best damn tag team in the world! You see him, Seabass? Enjoy the greatness!

    Copeland: I see a man, who for whatever reason, looks very confident right now. He&#8217;s got an extra strut in his step tonight. I not liking what I&#8217;m seeing from a man as dangerous as Constantine. If he&#8217;s confident it can only mean bad things for Logan McAllister.


    Harrys: Introducing first from Boston, MA, weighing 275lbs pounds, "The Son of Boston" Logan McAllister!

    The lights flicker red, before switching over to a blue, pulsating to the beat of the song. Logan walks out with a look of determination on his face. He&#8217;s focused; walking down to the ring ready to fight with his eyes locked on Constantine. The crowd cheers as Logan climbs onto the ring apron and points towards Constantine, the champion still smirking.

    Cohen: Look at this guy trying to get in the head of Constantine. He can&#8217;t make Constantine feel nervous. Constantine has beaten the very best in the business and he&#8217;ll defeat Logan McAllister here tonight.

    Copeland: Logan McAllister looks like he has a fire about him tonight. He came within seconds of winning the Elite Openweight Championship last week. You can see how much he wants to become a champion and a win over Constantine would put him back into the conversation for the Elite Openweight Championship against fellow Vis Imperium member, Austin Reynolds. He wants to get even for the assault last week and I wouldn&#8217;t want to be in the ring with Logan right now.

    Cohen: Constantine fears no one. Logan McAllister failed last week just like he&#8217;s going to fail this week. He can&#8217;t hang with the very best and Vis Imperium is the best. And---

    Without warning Austin Reynolds and Abel Hunnicutt rush down towards the ring and grab hold of Logan McAllister. Steve Holmes follows them, walking down to the ring, barking orders to attack. Inside the ring Constantine remains silent, leaning back on the ring ropes and enjoying the assault taking place. Logan is yanked off the apron and falls to the ground where Reynolds begins laying in the boots. The crowd boos loudly as Reynolds goes into the mount and slashes his forearm across the face of McAllister over and over again. He yells in McAllister&#8217;s face before standing up and passing him to Hunnicutt who slings McAllister into the steel steps.

    Copeland: What the hell is this? This attack by Vis Imperium is sickening. They&#8217;re destroying this poor man. Somebody has to do something.

    Cohen: Oh please, everything is fair in love and professional wrestling. Logan McAllister picked a fight with Vis Imperium and now he&#8217;s paying the price for that fight. You don&#8217;t target the guys with the numbers advantage and think you&#8217;re going to get a fair fight. This is a lesson he needs to learn!

    Holmes stands proudly as Hunnicutt throws McAllister into the guard rail at ringside. His back smacks the thick black covering and McAllister collapses on the ground. The crowd is furious, Vis Imperium is without mercy here tonight. Reynolds saunters over to McAllister, places a hand under his chin and asks him if he wants some more. Out of nowhere Logan punches Reynolds in the face! A huge cheer comes from the crowd and Logan connects with another punch. McAllister charges towards Reynolds but gets taken out by a big boot from Hunnicutt. The crowd dies quickly as Reynolds rubs his jaw and leaps onto McAllister&#8217;s body, hammering away with punches and forearms to the back of his head.

    Copeland: Damn it! Somebody stop this madness. Reynolds has gone insane, McAllister is hurt and Austin is attacking a defenceless man.

    Cohen: Logan started all of this last week when he attempted to take away Austin&#8217;s Elite Openweight Championship. He&#8217;s just getting what he deserves as payback.

    Holmes taps Reynolds on the shoulder and the champion steps off the lifeless body of Logan McAllister. Constantine remains in the ring, his championship handed over to the official as he awaits the start of this match. Homes turns towards the ring, Constantine gives him a nod and Hunnicutt quickly lifts McAllister up off the floor and throws him into the ring. The official looks disgusted and checks on McAllister who looks to be in all sorts of trouble. Constantine approaches the official and tells him to ring the bell right now or else. All three remaining members of Vis Imperium surround the ring, the official clearly feeling intimidated does as they request and begins the match!

    Copeland: You&#8217;ve got to be kidding me? This match is going to take place. Logan McAllister can barely stand let alone compete against Constantine. This isn&#8217;t fair. This kid has been sent to the slaughter by those pack of wolves.

    Cohen: It&#8217;s a learning experience, Seabass. It&#8217;ll teach him to keep his hands off other people&#8217;s possessions.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    The match begins and immediately Constantine goes for the cover. 1... 2... Kick Out! Logan McAllister has kicked out to the shock of Constantine and Vis Imperium. Reynolds looks ready to jump back into the ring and tear him in two but Constantine calls him off. Stalking his prey for the moment, Constantine watches as Logan McAllister tries to crawl towards the rope. It&#8217;s a slow process but he&#8217;s doing it. The fight in this man is strong as he grabs onto the middle rope and begins to pull himself off the canvas. Constantine approaches, ducking his head to avoid any possible punches, and he grabs hold of the top rope as he delivers stiff kicks to the body of McAllister. He backs Logan into the corner with the strikes and then connects with a standing clothesline.

    Cohen: Somebody got a stopwatch? This isn&#8217;t going to take long.

    Copeland: This match shouldn&#8217;t even be taking place. McAllister never stood a chance after the assault by Vis Imperium.

    Constantine sends Logan into the opposite corner and strikes with a hard forearm. Logan stumbles forward, Constantine tells the referee to get in position and he lifts Logan up for the Collateral Damage! Constantine falls into the cover, placing a forearm on Logan&#8217;s face and doesn&#8217;t even hook the leg. 1... 2... 3!

    Harrys: Here is your winner, Constantine!

    The match is over but Vis Imperium are not finished with Logan McAllister just yet. On the outside of the ring Abel Hunnicutt begins rip the announce desk apart. Austin Reynolds slides into the ring and shoves the Elite Openweight Championship into McAllister&#8217;s face and screams &#8220;You wanted to take this from me? This is as close as you&#8217;re ever going to get!&#8221; He kicks Logan in the back and then rolls him to the outside. Constantine shoves past the official and exits the ring, helping clear the way and ordering the ring crew to get out of the way for Vis Imperium.

    Copeland: Oh, come on! Enough is enough. How much more punishment is Vis Imperium going to put this guy through? He&#8217;s finished. You won the damn match, Constantine. You won the match. Just leave it be.

    Cohen: I told you he picked a fight he couldn&#8217;t win and now he&#8217;s paying the price. Watch your mouth or you might be next, Seabass. Move out of the way, these guys mean business right now.

    Reynolds and Constantine hold McAllister up as Holmes delivers instructions to Hunnicutt. The big man moves into position and appears to be looking for a powerbomb! They&#8217;re going to put McAllister through the table!

    Vis Imperium is going to put Logan McAllister through the announce table.


    Huge pop from the crowd!

    Mark Keaton comes sprinting down the entrance ramp, tossing his leather jacket into the crowd as he slides into the ring and then dives over the top rope! Keaton crashes down onto Constantine and Reynolds, all three men are down. Gingerly running, closer to a fast walk, is Justin Cooper but he&#8217;s got a steel chair! He meets Steven Holmes at ringside and slams the chair into his side! Holmes stumbles away as Cooper swings the chair at Hunnicutt! The chair smacks his arm but the monster doesn&#8217;t move. Cooper swings again but Hunnicutt grabs the chair and throws it into the crowd.

    Cohen: Justin Cooper wanted to play the hero but now he&#8217;s going to get punished for sticking his nose in other people&#8217;s business.

    Copeland: Here comes Keaton!

    Flying over the top of them comes Mark Keaton taking out both men. He pounds away on Hunnicutt, who then uses his strength to shove Keaton away and the big man escapes to safety along with Steven Holmes. They watch from the top of the entrance ramp as Constantine stumbles to his feet, grabs the tag titles and rushes for safety. Keaton tries to cut him off but Constantine manages to slip by.

    Keaton enters the ring and waves Vis Imperium down to the ring but Constantine, Hunnicutt and Holmes are safely on the entrance ramp and have no intention of doing battle so close to Lethal Lottery. The crowd boos for a moment until something on the titantron catches Keaton&#8217;s attention. He turns around and sees that Austin Reynolds has only just recovered from the suicide dive. He&#8217;s alone! He&#8217;s isolated from the other members of Vis Imperium. Reynolds is dazed but begins to realize the situation. He picks up the Elite Openweight Championship and sprints for the left side of the ring but Justin Cooper cuts him off.

    Copeland: Nowhere to go now! Austin Reynolds is about to get what he deserves. The numbers game is no longer in the favour of Vis Imperium. It&#8217;s payback time.

    Cohen: No! They&#8217;ve got to help him.

    Copeland: I don&#8217;t think any of them are going to risk injury with Lethal Lottery and a berth in the main event of Kingdom Come less than a week away. Reynolds is all alone and I like it!

    Reynolds tries to cut through the ring but Keaton tackles him and the two begin trading punches. Keaton blocks a shot and connects with an uppercut to knock Reynolds down. The champion drops the title belt and Justin Cooper enters the ring. Cooper and Keaton close in on Reynolds, the crowd cheering wildly and Vis Imperium can only watch on the top of the entrance. Reynolds is on his knees and shakes his head, pleading with them for mercy.

    He tries to scurry off but Cooper grabs hold of his leg and pulls Reynolds back and connects with a neckbreaker. Keaton points towards Vis Imperium and signals they want the WZCW Tag Team Championships back before climbing the top rope. Cooper holds Reynolds in a squat bear hug position while Keaton jumps off the top rope and delivers a devastating leg drop - Dysfunctionality! The crowd cheers like mad as Keaton stands up and embraces Cooper, the duo taking out Austin Reynolds! The crowd cheers even louder as Logan McAllister fights his way back into the ring, his entire body aching and he embraces Cooper and Keaton. All three man turn toward the members of Vis Imperium standing on the entrance ramp and they receive a look of fury from Constantine as he clutches the WZCW Tag Team Championship to his chest.

    Copeland: Ladies and gentlemen, we may have just seen the confirmation of an alliance. Vis Imperium have been dominant throughout this company but tonight we have seen them bested by Cooper, Keaton and McAllister. What does this mean for Lethal Lottery? What does this mean for the future of Vis Imperium and the championships which they hold?

    Cohen: It&#8217;s disgusting. Cooper and Keaton had no reason to be out here tonight. They stuck their noses in Vis Imperium&#8217;s business and as Logan McAllister can tell you, that doesn&#8217;t end well.

    Copeland: This rivalry will surely continue to explode when Mark Keaton faces Abel Hunnicutt and Justin Cooper goes one on one with Austin Reynolds on Ascension this week. Be sure to tune into that for the fallout of this newly formed alliance. The numbers game has been in the favour of Vis Imperium this entire time but I wonder what will happen now that these three men have come together?

    Reynolds rolls to the outside of the ring, holding his head. His championship remains in the ring and Logan McAllister picks it up and holds it high above his heads to the applause of the crowd. Reynolds retreats to the top of the entrance ramp and is furious, yelling that&#8217;s his damn title. McAllister clutches his mid-section and leans over the top rope with the Elite Openweight Championship in his hand as Cooper and Keaton stand on the second rope in opposite corners, signalling they are coming for the tag team titles.
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the General Manager of WZCW Meltdown... Vance Bateman!


    After a few moments of his entrance music playing, Vance finally makes his way out onto the stage to a huge applause from the live crowd. He stops on the stage to take in the huge crowd in the arena and allows a smile to cross his features. He gives the fans a wave of his hand in appreciation before heading down the ramp towards the ring.

    Cohen: Christ, what does he want!?

    Copeland: Well, I'd imagine it has something to do with the Lethal Lottery, Jack. A lot of rumours have been swelling over the past few days that Vance Bateman will be announcing a special entrant to the 2016 Lethal Lottery Match. Who that person is remains to be seen.

    Cohen: Whatever happened to just turning up to the event? Is nothing sacred to the clowns that run this place any more?

    Vance continues down the ramp until he reaches the ring. He grabs a microphone from a stage hand at ringside and begins moving up the steps. He walks along the apron before getting into the ring and allowing his coy smile to reappear.

    Bateman: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for bringing WZCW Meltdown into your city and into your hearts tonight.

    Another cheer goes up for the mention of the city of El Paso.

    Bateman: Tonight has been a startling and thoroughly entertaining night, I am sure you will all agree. Some of the best wrestlers in the world have treated you to a night full of mystery, intrigue and high-quality wrestling action. Tonight, however, is simply the starter to the accompany the main course. That main course is the Lethal Lottery in 2 weeks time.

    A huge cheer goes up again at the mention of the most exciting event in the WZCW calendar. Vance continues to smile a knowing smile.

    Bateman: As you probably have guessed by now, this Lethal Lottery match represents one of the biggest and best matches that we, as a company, have to offer. This match represents the meeting of the old school and the new school of WZCW. Superstars who have been here for years and have made such an impact on this business, will lock horns with bright up-and-comers that are looking to make their own mark on the wrestling business. The Lethal Lottery match has always been a point in the WZCW year that anything can happen and, what's more, we know that it gets you excited every time it comes up.

    Copeland: That's true! The excitement in this business alone is palpable. These fans are on the edge of their seats. Something big is coming, Jack.

    Bateman: As much as we love to see the Lethal Lottery match, what we really want to see is who will rear their heads from below the parapet one more time. It has been a staple of the Lethal Lottery event since it's inception and this year will be no different. I can promise you that we, as a company, have exhausted every and all measures to make sure that this year's Lethal Lottery match is the most exciting and most unpredictable matches in the history of the business. And that's why I have a very special announcement to make tonight regarding the participation of a WZCW icon.

    The tension and excitement in the building continues to rise as the titantron flickers back into life.

    Bateman: But what good would my words do when the man himself can announce it...

    The lights go off as the titantron begins to show a pre-recorded video package.

    In the misty hills of China, a small but beautiful building sits between two grey mountains. It is eerily quiet as the camera breaks through the smog and clouds to reveal the building in some more detail. A few stone steps head up a cobbled stone path and, above the steps, sits the building in question. It is a beautifully designed building that seems to fit into it's surroundings despite being well out of place. The black and white of the walls complement each other perfectly and, above the door, the word “DOJO” is written in black ink that has been painted on.

    As the camera nears the door, the doors open to reveal an empty dojo floor. The white walls and mirrors make the room seem much bigger than it is but there are still no signs of life amongst the peaceful surroundings. Suddenly, a voice-over begins to boom over the pictures.

    Voice: In his absence, he has taken on the best that the world has to offer. He has ignited a fire in the wrestling world that will never be extinguished. He has wrestled in every wrestling promotion in the world in the hopes of bringing through a stronger, more powerful, generation of superstar.

    The camera continues to probe the inside of the dojo but there are still no signs of life.

    Voice: But, as they say, unfinished business is a hard pill to swallow. At the Lethal Lottery match, a man who shaped the face of the wrestling business will return to his adopted home to settle the score once and for all. That man will enter the 30-man Lethal Lottery match and will outlast every other participant. This man has been training all of his life for this moment and now will see it come to fruition. To inspire a generation, you must do something memorable...

    The camera turns around slowly to reveal the legs of a superstar, dressed head to toe in a kung-fu Gi. The camera slowly makes it's way up the legs of the mystery person before moving onto his torso. Slowly but surely it continues to rise until only one sentence can be heard, reverberating around the empty room...

    Saxton: I'm back, Sucka!

    The face of a smiling Action Saxton is revealed...

    With that a deafening cheer goes around the arena as we fade to black.
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    Harrys: And the following contest if the Main Event of the evening! And is a handicap match!

    The crowd gets riled by their anticipation of the main event only to hear this.

    Harrys: "We ask you all, at this time for near perfect silence so that Xander LeBelle may make his entrance."


    They know all too well what&#8217;s coming as Xander Lebelle&#8217;s theme starts to come into play. Some fans are extremely restless and have no intention to comply with an order or silence but they&#8217;re eventually forced to as Xander refuses appear on stage until his demands are met. Lebelle&#8217;s theme eventually restarts the very arrogant Frenchmen makes his way onto the stage with a lit cigar in his hand. He begins to make his way down to the ring dumping his cigar ashes as he scans the arena. Eventually after sauntering down to the ring as slowly as possible (causing groans from the fans in the process) he enters the ring and hands the ref his cigar and begins to relax in the corner. Awaiting his partners and opponent.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Paris, France. "The World's Greatest Mind" Xander LeBelle!

    Cohen: Man this guy is just so cool.

    Copeland: His questionable in-ring tactics aside, he does have quite the style.

    Cohen: Questionable? You&#8217;re just mad you don&#8217;t have his edgy charm Seabass, you hater.


    The Italian Stallion Tony Mancine makes his way onto the stage with his bodyguard Gino behind him. The crowd boos him as he makes his way down the ramp and he responds with various foul gestures that the camera quickly pans away from to avoid lawsuits.

    Harrys: And his partner, from from Little Italy, being accompanied to the ring by Gino Rizzoli, weighing 275 pounds, Tony Mancini!

    Cohen: Tony has shocked the world in recent weeks scoring rising up the card. He&#8217;s just one important win away from becoming the EurAsian champion.

    Copeland: He has indeed been incredibly impressive lately and if he continues this roll he&#8217;s on he could gain his first championship. Though his partners and current champion may have something to say about that.


    Tony barely gets on the apron before his theme is cut off by Theron&#8217;s. This angers Mancini leading to he and Gino complaining to the ref while Xander laughs in the corner. The fans on the other hand cheer wildly as Theron makes his way on stage in his now signature trench coat and glasses. Multi-colored lights flash through the arena before he poses with his prop sword. Pyro goes off in the background leading to grand applause. He makes his way down the ramp and rolls his d20 before entering. Mancini is still enraged and yells as Theron poses on the turnbuckle.

    Harrys: And their partner, from Stephenville, Texas, "The Natural 21", Blackjack Theron!

    Copeland: Former World champion and huge front runner to win the Lethal lottery Theron has quite the momentum heading into the EurAsian fatal fourway. He could end up being the next EurAsian champion and if he wins the Lethal Lottery he could&#8217;ve even go onto challenge the World champion at Kingdom Come.

    Cohen: That&#8217;s a big if Seabass. I don&#8217;t see Theron winning this match let alone the title and the Lottery.

    Copeland: Well despite that the odds are not in the next competitor&#8217;s favor.


    The EurAsian champion makes his way onstage and proceeds to scan around the arena. He laughs as the crowd boos him. He unwraps the belt from his waist and holds it high in the air for all the competitors in the ring to see. Xander and Theron stare daggers through him but Tony is still incredibly frustrated with Theron.

    Harrys: And their opponent, from Keystone City, Kansas, weighing 225 pounds, he it the WZCW EurAsian champion, Titus Avison!

    Cohen: Titus has overcome the odds before I do believe he will do it tonight and at the Lethal Lottery!

    Copeland: He has some big mountains to climb. Let&#8217;s see if he can do it.

    Titus enters the ring and continues to raise his belt high in the air for his future challengers to see. Theron looks to start off the match but Mancini turns him around and the two begin to yell at one another. Theron tries to pay him no mind but Mancini seems to be demanding respect. Theron continues to ignore him until Mancini orders Gino clobber Theron from behind taking him to the ground. From there both men begin to stomp away on him. Xander is distracted by what&#8217;s happening and before the bell even rings Titus clobbers him in the face with the title belt knocking him out of the ring. Titus then nails Gino in the back of the head knocking him down and under the bottom rope. Tony finally sees what&#8217;s going on and charges at Titus but the champ pulls the top rope down sending Mancini barrelling to the outside.Titus realizes he and Theron are the only two left and the ring and rudely implores the ref to start the match and he&#8217;s forced to oblige.

    Cohen: Brilliant! I told you Titus would overcome the odds!

    Titus quickly goes for the pin on Theron but the former champion kicks out at 1. Titus then continues to stomp away on Theron before picking him up and putting him in the corner. He then uses all his strength to Irish whip Theron into the other side of the ring. Theron hits the corner with so much force the ring even moves a little. Titus then follows up with a knee drop to his downed opponent. He goes for the pin again but Theron kicks out a two. Titus surveys the area and sees Xander is still down recovering on the outside and Tony and Gino are discombobulated near the barricade. He lets out a sinister grin as he realizes he&#8217;s very much in control of the situation. He slides under the bottom rope and steps over a down Xander and grabs a steel chair. He gets back in the ring and waits for Theron to get to his feet.

    Copeland: What is Titus doing? Intentional DQ?!

    Cohen: Also brilliant! Who cares about the match, Titus wants to injure his opponents before the title defense!

    As Theron gets to his feet Titus swings wildly but Theron ducks and steel chair hits the turnbuckle causing Titus to lose control of it. The slightly distraction caused by the ricocheted metal is all Theron needs to capitalize as he hits a Northern lights suplex folding Titus in half! Both men get up and Titus goes for a right hand that Theron blocks and delivers an elbow smash. He then picks up Titus&#8217; leg and hits a dragon screw! The champ is in pain as he grabs his leg and tries to find comfort in the rope. Theron has no plans to let up however. Titus begs and pleads with the ref though as he yells something is torn. The ref is forced to get between the two to check on Titus&#8217; leg. As the ref is bent over and Theron gets lower to check on things the champ thumbs Theron in the eye causing him to move backwards in pain. Titus laughs as he&#8217;s pulled a fast one yet again but out of nowhere Xander grabs Titus&#8217; same leg and delivers an even more vicious dragon screw this time bending his leg on the apron! Titus screams out in horror as he&#8217;s certainly not faking now. Xander shakes out the cobwebs a bit and hops on the apron. He tags in a blinded Theron and goes to stomp away on Titus&#8217; leg. At that moment Tony pulls Theron outside the ring from his legs and Irish whips him into the steel steps.

    Copeland: This team is simultaneously prospering and imploding. It&#8217;s incredible to watch.

    The crowd boos at both Xander in control and Mancini once again attacking Theron. He gets on the apron and yells for Xander to tag him but the aristocratic thief ignores him and stomps away on Titus&#8217; bad leg. The champ pleads for the ref to intervene but Xander knows better than to fall for any tricks. He picks Titus up in the corner and places his leg between the second and third rope. He then begins to deliver knife edge chops straight to the injured leg of Titus. He then follows that up with kicks causing him to yell out in pain even more. Xander then gives Titus a couple of turnbuckle face smashes until Titus begins to elbow Xander&#8217;s head to make his way out of the situation. Xander is a bit stunned as the belt shot from earlier is still ringing in his head and Titus gets his leg from between the ropes and tries to hobble away. He doesn&#8217;t get very far however as Xander chop blocks him taking him down to the ground. He then drags him to his team&#8217;s corner and tags in Mancini so he can rest. Mancini is incredibly happy to finally be in the ring and he begins to stomping away on Titus&#8217; leg.

    Copeland: Not looking very good for Titus Jack.

    Cohen: I mean it is three on one after all, what&#8217;s he supposed to do pull out a miracle?

    Mancini picks up the champ to Irish whip him into the ropes but Titus can&#8217;t even make it that far and collapses. The Italian Stallion knows he&#8217;s in control and slowly makes his way over to Titus as the champ tries to crawl away to no avail. Mancini uses his brute strength to dead lift Titus off the ground into a German suplex bridge for the pin. The ref gets to two before Titus is barely able to kick out. Mancini then begins to play with Titus by rubbing his boot on the champ&#8217;s face. Just blatant disrespect towards the champ. Titus quickly grows annoyed but can&#8217;t do much as Mancini is standing on his injured leg not allowing him to move. Xander yells for him to finish the job already but Mancini is having too much fun being the spotlight to listen. The ref gets close to Titus trying to check if he&#8217;s still able to compete but Mancini gives him a slight shove to get away. Titus takes advantage of the situation and delivers a punch straight to Mancini&#8217;s dick!!

    Cohen: Yikes, the little Mancin&#8217;s are going to have a rough night.

    Xander shakes his head in disappointment as Mancini falls to his knees. Gino gets on the apron to complain to the ref who didn&#8217;t see the low blow. The ref&#8217;s distraction leads to Xander entering the ring to try to finish off Titus but he receives a punch to the dick himself! Xander is stunned in place holding his prized jewels and Titus shoves him through the middle ropes to the outside. He sees Mancini get to his feet and Titus uses the strength in his other leg to somehow bust out a spinning kick! Titus can&#8217;t capitalize because of his injured leg. Mancini is still stunned completely so both men are on the same playing field. Eventually a weakened Mancini is able to get to his feet and grab Titus&#8217; leg attempting to lock in a figure four but Titus uses his good leg to push Mancini off sending him into Gino knocking him off the apron. Tony is infuriated at this point and he picks up Titus only for the champ to hit a Tit Drop out of nowhere!

    Cohen: Amazing! Titus is going to pull off a miracle like I said he would!

    Titus still can&#8217;t make a cover however as he is grasping his leg in immense pain. Mancini begins crawling toward his corner but no one is there. Titus knows he&#8217;s still in a bad position and begins to crawl far away from his opponent. Tony gets to his corner but with no one there and decides to get into position for the W.G.T. instead. But before he can Theron hops up on the apron and tags himself in! Mancini is in shock as Theron enters the ring, but instead of going after Titus Theron delivers repeated elbow smashes to Mancini before throwing him outside the ring! He gets on the top rope and hits a diving moonsault on both Mancini and Gino! The ref exits the ring to check on all three men and tend to the chaos. Titus is left in the ring alone recovering in the corner. But Xander enters the ring with the EurAsian title looking to even the score from earlier. He&#8217;s about to strike Titus before Theron intervenes and takes away the belt. He tells Xander he&#8217;s going to win his way. As they&#8217;re arguing Titus makes one last effort to shove Theron into Xander causing the aristocrat to fall to the outside. Titus then makes a rollup on Theron. The ref scrambles to get back inside the ring and makes the count. He gets one, two, Theron just barely kicks out before three! Both men try to get to their feet but Titus is much too slow because of his leg, this allows Theron to nail the Critical Hit! Before he can make the cover though Xander tags himself in, throws Theron out the ring, and hooks the leg! One, two, three!

    Harrys: And here are your winners! Xander Lebelle, Blackjack Theron, and Tony Mancini!

    Xander quickly exits the ring and gets up the ramp raising his arms in victory just as Theron realizes what happens and enters the ring.

    Cohen: Well it&#8217;s a completely understandable loss for Titus as the odds were against him but nonetheless Xander Lebelle scores a huge victory over the champ and might have the momentum it takes to win the title very soon.

    Copeland: The opportunistic mentality of Xander may make him the next EurAsian champ.

    The ref checks on Titus who is out cold in the ring. Theron notices something in the corner of his eye and nails Gino with a Critical Hit. But as he turns around Tony nails him with the W.G.T.! Fans boo as Mancini celebrates in the ring as Xander still keeps his arm raised on the outside. Lebelle and Mancini lock eyes as the show goes off the air.
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