Jason Jordan And Bray Wyatt

Discussion in '[Hidden] World Wrestling Entertainment' started by Jack-Hammer, Nov 14, 2017.

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    Here are a couple of guys in which the question of "what's next?" seems appropriate.

    Bray Wyatt made his return on last night's Raw to no fanfare and lost in a flukey style to Jason Jordan. Jason Jordan, on the other hand, is "injured" in a post match attack that results in him being kicked off the Survivor Series team in rather spectacular fashion by Triple H, who has taken his place, via a Pedigree.

    As for poor Bray Wyatt, he's probably lower now than he's ever been though the virus he caught may have been a blessing in disguise if it means we won't be seeing him portray Sister Abigail. I don't think any of us were looking forward to that and I'm guessing that the remainder of Wyatt's program with Finn Balor has been scrapped, given that it'll soon be time for Balor's build to his match with Brock Lesnar to start and that Wyatt lost last night. As for what's next for Brother Bray, my guess is that he ultimately stays on the path of being the guy who elevates others on their way up the card.

    When it comes to Jason Jordan, I think we may have seen the beginning of a heel turn for him last night that leads to a program with Kurt Angle in a "father vs. son" type of deal. Not only did Angle stand by while Triple H kicked him off the team, he stood there while Triple H nailed him with the Pedigree on his way out of the ring. Jordan displayed good emotion during his exchange with Angle in the promo and it was a positive step for him overall; Jordan has all the physical tools in the world to be a significant player so if he's able to show more personality via a heel turn, then I'm all for it. If this is the plan, I'm hoping that they don't try to rush into things too quickly, they haven't thus far and it's proven to be a really good decision, and if the plan is to have a program with Angle at WrestleMania, at least it'd be a part timer against a young, fresh talent with something to gain from being in the program.
  2. Un-Bo-Lievable Jeff

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    I'm curious as to why you think Balor will be starting a programme with Lesnar soon?

    All reports are that it'll be Reigns vs Lesnar for the title at WM.
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    UnBoLievable, I think its the fact that Heyman keeps bringing up Balor, keeping him at the forefront of our thoughts. Also, it doesnt mean Balor will win the title. Seeing as i doubt Reigns Lesnar will need a 4month build, Lesnar will need a challenger at Royal Rumble and it seems like a perfect opportunity to slide Balor in.
  4. AegonTargaryen

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    I agree, by this time it's all "poor bray" .

    Though to be honest I never really saw anything in him whether in terms of his promos or his in-ring work, and yet read everyone in the comments section eulogize him and compare him with Mankind or Kane or Taker. I never even understood a Bray Wyatt promo, if at all they're meant to be understood. And that's very unlike every Mankind or Kane promo to which I found myself riveted to.

    And this Bray Wyatt is a former WWE champion and that's shocking!

    As for Jason Jordan, the whole Kurt Angle is my father thing has been so corny and resulted in such pathetic and apathetic reactions so far, I wonder why they haven't scrapped it.

    Perhaps as you've said, a heel turn and a complete transformation looms large for one Jason Jordan.

    However, Kurt Angle is too good to face Jason Jordan at WM, so I'd rather he feud with or face any one of the Shield Members, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, if not HHH.

    And a reignition of Kurt vs HHH(with Stephanie involved) makes perfect sense, and the seeds have already been sown, judging from the palpable vitriol and malice in Stephanie's promo.
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    Jason Jordan is going to turn heel. I believe if they want a good attraction for the rumble they can have him face off against Kurt. If they really want the story to be good (which they probably won't do), I will have Jordan cost Angle to be eliminated, and on Raw announce that he needs to start learning from HHH and Stephanie and join them in their conquest against Kurt (who will stay GM of Raw because Owens and Zayn must cost Shane this match).
    Then they will have Jordan vs Angle at the Rumble which can go either way in the lead up to HHH vs Angle at Mania for control over RAW. This could even end up with Jordan turning on HHH allowing Angle to win, turning him back face - and he will be hot at this time leading to a HHH vs Jason Jordan match at Summer Slam or Survivor Series.

    As for Bray Wyatt, I think if they are not going to have Braun Strowman be the sole survivor this sunday, then Bray must be the one to cost his elimination (possibly via a count out like last year), and then have a Bray vs Braun feud begin which will be nice. Hopefully the sister abigail CRAP is sCRAPped :)
  6. George Steele's Barber

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    Was Jordan so broken that he seeks out a new father figure in Bray Wyatt?

    That's not the way I originally saw this going. But it could be a good place for Jordan. I originally saw Jordan as this immature kid who basically took advantage of his dad by getting in matches where he didn't belong, disrupting shows by doing things like throwing tomatoes knowing he could get away with it, and bragging about things like being so good that he got to be a Hardy Boy and Shield member even though we know his dad got him those opportunities. I also thought that it was possible for us to learn that his relationship to Kurt was all a fake Claire Lynch/Hornswoggle level setup. Regardless, it seemed that Jordan would become his own man by turning heel on his "dad".

    I'm not so sure anymore. Adding Jordan as a Wyatt disciple makes sense. Wyatt can protect him on the mic and they can help each other win matches. They can be a strange but formidable tag team to a division that has had excellent matches but really lacks new contenders. It's a Lifetime movie waiting to be written where Kurt "Meredith Baxter Burney" Angle loses his child to the local cult.

    The internet will never give it a chance. I love it.
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    I think an ideal situation would be to have the final 2 guys left as Braun and Shane. Have Braun does completely dismantle Shane. Then lights go out, comeback on and Bray, Rowan and harper are in the ring and beat the hell out of Braun with Shane getting the win and essentially a heel turn. Announce a trade of Wyatt to Smackdown for something stupid like Sin Cara, Rawley and Zach Ryder. This could lead to a Shane and Bryan feud with Shane trying to fire Bryan but Bryan using his real life expiring contract in 2018 as a way of saying its Iron Clad and he can't be fired. Maybe Bryan even brings in Sanity from nXt and we get a Sanity/Wyatt family feud leading to WrestleMania.
  8. HeenanGorilla

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    Jason Jordan is cringe worthy. Every time he pulls down the straps and yells, it is met with NO reaction and is completely embarrassing. I saw last night that he lost the straps but kept the scream...no improvement.

    Anyone who has watched pro wrestling for ANY amount of time should have known that a Jason Jordan heel turn was coming the moment he was announced as Angle's kid. Ridiculous how many "might be" or "could be" statements have been made here. The whole point of the father/son angle was to have a heel turn. Triple H may or may not be involved, but regardless, it will be a moment with no heat. Heel turns need people invested in the face. Who could possibly care about a Jason Jordan heel turn? Oh that mediocre guy who unintentionally wasn't getting cheers is now intentionally getting boos? Great... The guys is a total blank. He has size and a look, maybe, but his non-charisma hampers that completely. I think he is an early contender to join the "never drew a dime" stable with Jeff Jarrett, Mark Henry and others who don't immediately come to mind...mostly because of this reason.

    I LOVE that they replaced him on Team Raw with Triple H and I hope Angle/Triple H is at Mania, rather than Angle/fake son that brought no emotion to the story. Have that at another PPV, if they think people care. But, again, I don't see how anyone could. Terrible character.
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    Hello Everyone,

    To be perfectly honest, I have never been a huge Bray Wyatt fan. At the beginning I thought it could go somewhere and then they got Randy Orton involved and I thought that maybe they really wanted this to work and then everything changed. Randy left after that atrocious House of Horrors match, everyone went there separate ways with Braun Strowman becoming the *Monster Among Men*, Rowan and Harper as *The Bludgeon Brothers* and with the unfortunate sickness that he suffered (Glad he is feeling better) but the more unfortunate Demon vs. Sister Abigail, hopefully its still being scrapped. (And I know that's not the precise order of how it happened). Just to me, The character got old fast.

    Jason Jordan, its hard to say because there is talent there. Lots of it, when he was one half of American Alpha, I wanted them to hold the Tag Team Championships but when they got separated, it was just awful. Terrible story with Kurt Angle as his son. (I think they maybe be able to turn it around though with what they have done on this pay RAW.)

    So what should they do with both?

    Bray Wyatt, Maybe push him with a feud with Braun Strowman, Monster vs. Creator or George Steele's Barber idea because its brilliant.

    *Was Jordan so broken that he seeks out a new father figure in Bray Wyatt?

    That's not the way I originally saw this going. But it could be a good place for Jordan. I'm not so sure anymore. Adding Jordan as a Wyatt disciple makes sense. Wyatt can protect him on the mic and they can help each other win matches. They can be a strange but formidable tag team to a division that has had excellent matches but really lacks new contenders. It's a Lifetime movie waiting to be written where Kurt "Meredith Baxter Burney" Angle loses his child to the local cult.*

    It would push both and it would give Raw another tag-team.

    An idea that I thought of for Jason Jordan is he takes the last spot on Smackdown tonight. AJ Styles is now facing Brock Lesnar, Smackdown now needs one more person for the spot and this would be a perfect spot. Smackdown steals a Raw person and people may not like Jordan and the son story but it will be Son Vs. Father and Jason can get some revenge for the Pedigree he received. The story kind of wrights itself.

    What do you all think?
  10. Psykohurricane55

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    For Bray, i feel like they might want to end his feud with Finn balor after survivor series and then he will continue on the same path he been on for years now which is to be the heel that being the stepping stone for whoever they want to put over next.

    As far as Jason Jordan is concern, i feel after the segment last night, they realize that they made a mistake with this angle and they pretty much killed it and i wouldn't surprise if they gave up on him and he's going into Low mid card hell and probably will get stock wrestling on Main event or even worst get put in Titus Worldwide with apollo crews.

    The thing is, i think that out of the 2, Jordan is probably the most screwed out of the 2 because they had something with him when he was part of the american alpha tag team and he's awful as a single and getting destroyed by HHH was just a death nail on his run, especially since he might just be the set up guy for the mania match between Kurt Angle and HHH.
  11. JoeMallard

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    Bray getting that big ovation for taking out Jordan shows how much Vince and company have screwed up with both of those guys. Bray will still be in the same spot he's been in since being fed to Cena and Reigns a few years ago, the only thing that can save Jordan is a heel turn.
  12. Dagger Dias

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    Jordan's future doesn't look good at the moment. Maybe he gets involved with the Survivor Series mens Elimination match costing Angle the match to turn heel. This whole Kurt Angle's son storyline has been a failure and it's painful to watch. He was so much better off in American Alpha. Other than a heel turn or reuniting with Gable, nothing comes to mind. The most entertaining thing he ever did in this solo run was when he threw vegetables at Elias. Maybe that could become his gimmick. He just comes out with a shopping cart and throws vegetables at heels.

    Bray's momentum (or lack thereof) has been a common topic on here for quite some time. The best way to salvage him would be first for the WWE to quietly sweep the Sister Abigail idiocy under the rug and never mention it again, and then for him to get some more underlings. The guy's best time was as the leader of The Wyatt Family stable. The only member of that stable currently on Raw is Strowman and he is better off on his own. A year ago I never would have seen that coming, but Strowman made a fan out of me and I was wrong about him. Anyway, back to Bray. I struggle to think of who else he could form an alliance with. Let him win some big feuds (doubtful) and maybe get another title shot once the Universal Championship is off Brock. Or send him back to Smackdown to lead the Bludgeon Brothers. Moving him to Raw honestly NEVER made any sense. He's salvageable although I do not see WWE making the choices that would entail. Just never EVER have Bray portray Sister Abigail again please.

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