How to fix Bray Wyatt

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    Well, it seems like there are two big things the WWE could use according to threads posted here and probably in the minds of many fans ...

    1.) Fixing Bray Wyatt


    2.) Stables

    So why not combine both? Fix Bray Wyatt by actually having him become a successful leader of a stable. They could be the "Human Nightmares" stable/New Wyatt Family.

    I like the idea someone had where Wyatt does less talking for now, and over the course of a few weeks or months just randomly lays out certain stars with little to no explanation. Then, he proclaims he can save individuals if they follow him.

    He, and his followers can also attack BOTH babyfaces and heels. They can be more of a tweener stable. Basically, they attack anyone who gets in their way.

    And the way to SAVE Wyatt is let him be the one who gets the wins. Sometimes his followers will help but sometimes he will just outsmart and outwit the opponents. But IF he does lose, he has to be relentless. He may lose a match but then attack and torment the winner until they either "JOIN HIM or BE CAUGHT IN A LIVING NIGHTMARE!"

    Many stars he could recruit including: Gallows and Anderson, the BROKEN Hardys, steal Dallas and Axel from Miz, maybe a heel Dean Ambrose after a Shield reunion where AMBROSE becomes the one to betray the team due to Wyatt's suggestions.

    Now, the New Wyatt Family will be strong, it start with two new members and grow to add another one or two. But it will be strong and noticeable. When you watch Raw at anytime the lights could go out and the Wyatts could appear having laid out any stars.

    Quickly, certain stars will get fed up with this. Now, if they got at it alone, they will quickly find they will lose. So they figure they must band together. This is where other stables will form and finally we will be back to the glory days where it is Stables Vs Stables.

    WWE seems very hesitant these days to make strong stables, they seem to want everyone to be an individual who occasional team up. I think that's limiting the interest level in their product. It could also be because they have pretty concrete plans about how they want to get to WrestleMania. I.E. Reigns as the top dog winning the Universal Title from Brock Lesnar. Everything else seems to be an afterthought, so building up Stables seems too much. I think they are missing out.
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    The interesting thing is that WWE have just signed up with Tarantino to make a Manson family movie... so the "cult leader" gimmick may be being phased out... Bray can't PLAY Manson, he's not the right size or "manner" but there could also be some reflected glory in retooling the Wyatts when that movie comes out... giving Bray a Linda Kasabian for example or starting to allow his antics to get less PG... let's face it... if WWE Studios is making a Tarantio film...about the sickest murder of the 60's... it also means they can't call any shit on Benoit anymore... making a movie about a pregnant woman being gutted isn't going to win over new fans.

    Bray doesn't need much to fix... that's his blessing and his curse. He's a good hand, knows his character and can move up and the card with virtually no effort... I hate that term Bulletproof but he genuinely seems to be. There's only the personal life shit that's really a negative for him right now.

    He's not Undertaker, he's not so meta that he never speaks out of character... indeed that was part of what got him over to begin with... the world and "WWE Universe" KNOWS he was Husky Harris and it'd be pointless ever to retcon that... or even that he is IRS's son if it comes to it.

    One way they could get him back is to use Mike Rotundo... have him try and "intervene" on his son to "get him back"... They can also rebuild Sister Abigail this way as being the figure who lured him away. Use Bo as a "tug of war" if you need to, have him torn between his real family and The Wyatt way... beats being Miz's stooge.

    This can of course bring Abigail herself into the mix... there is plenty of talent out there they could use... or if it's strictly a non-wrestling role, cast to play a creepy role....

    At this stage, unless you're going face...which they seem reluctant to do because of the inevitable backlash from parents groups of making a "cult" something kids should like... then they have to bring the cult of Abigail to the fore... Think Mrs Vorhees only younger...fuck, if they can get her back...make it AJ Lee... with the A always being for Abigail...
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    Successful characters evolve as time goes on.

    I'm sad to say that for the most part, the Bray Wyatt character has mostly devolved over the years. I'd also like to say that, for the most part, it's not Windham Rotunda's fault. In fact, his creativity in the Bray Wyatt character is essentially why "Husky Harris" wasn't future endeavored from WWE years ago.

    The problem is clearly with Wyatt not being permitted to let loose, regardless of whether it's been on Smackdown or RAW. Bray Wyatt should be the exception to the rule, not it's conformity. What other superstars can't do, Bray Wyatt not only should do but should do it to the extreme.

    Wyatt is a manipulator, a human chess player. He shouldn't be in feuds per se, he should pick his shots to advance his agenda. He doesn't need a band of followers. He needs worshippers who he has mentally manipulated into serving his purposes. I want to know why his associates follow him, what power he has over them... how specifically he abuses knowledge of those individuals to bend their wills to his.

    The problem is that a character like Bray Wyatt begs to be in an environment that is more dark, more out of control and less colorful and silly. In today's WWE, he's essentially facing an uphill battle... go far enough to keep the character relevant but don't go too far as to draw the ire of advertisers and/or advocacy groups. It's a tough line to dance.

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