Can LeBron Possibly Catch Jordan?

Discussion in 'The Sports Arena' started by SSJPhenom, May 2, 2017.

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    Why do I have to answer a question which has nothing to do with what I said? How stupid are you?

    As I told you last time, the point is that players of the 90s left teams to chase rings. Players of today flock to LeBron to win, players years ago didn't flock to Jordan to win, which shows LeBron is regarded as a far better teammate (in addition to the other things I've already mentioned). The players I named ALL left teams searching for a ring, none went to play with Jordan to win. People WANT to play with LeBron to win, they didn't want to play with Jordan to win. I have given you multiple examples. You engaging in fallacious arguments doesn't make you right, it just makes you stupid and/or dishonest.

    You've been warned. Don't lie again.
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    Lebron isn't getting 3 more rings. Only if he signs with GS, which would ruin his legacy altogether.
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    Well I don't watch Baseball so I can't compare Babe Ruth or Barry Bonds to their contemporaries.

    But LeBron James will be compared to the likes of Johnson, Jordan, Bryant, and Duncan all players whose part of the legacy is that their glory years was with one team.

    You mentioned Gretzky, Jordan, and Manning all playing in different teams. But Gretzky didn't exactly ask for a trade and even when he was people still remember his greatest years was with the Dynasty era of the Oilers. I don't watch Football that much either but know what Manning meant to the city in my 5 months living in Indianapolis plus, as I recall, it was the Colts that released Manning after the year we was sidelined. Yet despite winning a ring in Denver his legacy is cemented as a member of the Colts. As for Jordan, I think it's safe to say people will remember his prime years winning 6 Championships with the Bulls than the two twilight years with Washington.

    I think the difference with Lebron is that he actively sought to go to a new team twice. Very different circumstances from Gretzky, Manning, and Jordan.

    I guess the better term besides great is legacy. The fact you will always remember Gretzky as an Oiler, Lemieux as a Penguin, Brady as a Patriot, Manning as a Colt, Jordan as a Bull, and Bryant as a Laker means they will leave a far more memorable legacy than Lebron.

    Like I said nothing against LeBron. If I was a Heat or Cavs fan I would probably worship him as well. Especially if I was a Cavs fan who were dying to win a Championship.

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