Worst Match of the Year

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Worst Match of the Year

  1. Hornswoggle v. Chavo Guerrero

  2. Divas Battle Royal

  3. Mickie James v. Alicia Fox: Raw

  4. Jenna Morasca v. Sharmell: Victory Road

  5. Mickie James v. Maryse: Night of Champions

  6. Kane v. Khali: Summerslam

  7. Triple H v. Randy Orton: WrestleMania

  8. Foley v. Angle: Keys on a Pole Match

  9. Indians v. Pilgrims: Thanksgiving Raw

  10. Rey Mysterio v. JBL: Wrestlemania

  11. Vickie v. Santina: Hog pen match

  12. Royal Rumble

  13. OTHER (Please specify)

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  1. Tastycles

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    Hornswoggle vs Chavo wasn't wrestling as we know it, and as shite as it was, I'm not sure it merits going here. Anything on the list has a case for being voted, but I went with the divas battle royal. The reason is that I have never felt lower having paid for something than the Kid Rock performance followed by that piece of shit. Plenty were deserving, but none moreso than that for me.
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