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    Welcome to the 8th Annual WrestleZone Tournament! Over the next several weeks we'll be going through a bracket to determine the greatest wrestler of all time.

    I've had a panel of our best posters send me a list of their top 128 wrestlers. I've scored and tallied the lists (128 points for #1, 127 points for #1 and so on down to 1 point for #128) and put them in order. The top four scores will be the #1 seeds, the fifth through eighth will be the #2 seeds and so on.

    Starting Thursday I'll be setting up the first four sets of matches with voting opening 24 hours later. Voting will be open four days for the first two rounds, five for the third and fourth rounds, six for the fifth and six rounds and a week for the championship round.

    The first two rounds are stand alone matches.
    The third round is gimmick matches.
    The fourth round is big gimmick matches.
    The fifth through seventh rounds are a one night tournament, King of the Ring style.

    Last wrestler standing wins.

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