Welcome to the 5th Annual WZ Tournament!

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    This is the 5th Annual Wrestlezone Tournament. Over the next few months this is going to be the biggest thing going on WZ and you'll want to be a part of it. There will be 128 names in this contest who will be eliminated over the course of seven rounds. Here are how the rounds will take place with the round number, the number of participants as we start and the stipulation in that round.

    1st – 128 – Regular
    2nd – 64 – Regular
    3rd – 32 - Gimmicks
    4th – 16 – Mega Gimmicks
    5th – 8 – One Night Tournament
    6th – 4 – One Night Tournament
    7th – 2 – One Night Tournament

    Keep in mind that this section and all of the regions are NON SPAM. The campaigning section does in fact allow for spam though. In this section, the ask a question thread is spam friendly and that's it.

    Have fun and the first round starts Tuesday with 16 matches which will be open for four days. There will be 16 more every day for four days until the round is over on the following Tuesday.

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