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    Shawn Michaels (F)
    HHH (F)
    Chris Jericho (F)
    Randy Orton (H)
    Ken Kennedy (H)
    Edge (H)
    John Cena (F)
    Batista (F)
    WGGT ( Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas) (H)
    Rey Mysterio (F)
    M.V.P. (H)
    Ric Flair (F)
    John Morrison and Mike Mizanin (H)
    The Hardy Boys (F)
    Undertaker (F)
    Abyss (F)
    Kurt Angle (H)
    Booker T (F)
    Christian Cage (F)
    Kaz (F)
    The Amazing Red (F)
    A.J. Styles (H)
    Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) (F)
    Tomko (H)
    LAX (Hernandez and Homicide) (F)
    Jay Lethal (F)
    Petey Williams (H)
    Robert Roode (H)
    XXX (Senshi, Christopher Daniels, and Elix Skipper) (H)
    Team 3D (Ray and Devon) (H)

    Announcers are J.R. (red letters) and Mike Tenay (blue letters)
    Backstage interviewer is Jeremy Borash (green letters).
    All other people are going to be in orange.
    PPV’s are every two weeks.
    There are not going to be whole entire matches , but there are going to be the finishes of them.

    TWA Championship
    TWA Tag Team Championship
    TWA Hardcore Title
    TWA X Division Championship (will be crowned at Destination X)

    Thunder Wrestling Association Debut Show

    First match in TWA History

    J.R.: Ladies and Gentleman! Welcome to the very first edition of Thunder Wrestling Association’s Eruption!

    Mike Tenay: Yes, Ladies and Gentleman, we have a great first show for you tonight and we hope you enjoy.

    World’s Greatest Tag Team’s music hits and they come out to the ring.

    J.R.: Well , it’s time for our first bout of the night and in TWA’s History!

    XXX music hits ( Daniels and Senshi) and they come out to the ring.

    WGGT vs. XXX
    The Finish
    Daniels went for a sidewalk slam, but Haas flipped over and hit him with a backbreaker. Haas hit an elbow to the head and went to lock in the Haas of Pain. He had it locked in when Senshi came off the top rope and hit a double foot stomp to his forehead. Daniels went for a pin when Benjamin spring boarded over the top rope and hit a senton onto Daniels. Benjamin tagged Haas and went in to hit a T-Bone Suplex on Daniels.
    Winners: WGGT

    Tenay: Ladies and Gentleman, I hope you enjoyed that bout because we have another exciting match right now! And it’s to crown the first ever TWA Hardcore Champ!

    Abyss music hits and he slowly heads to the ring.

    Edge’s music hits and he runs and dives into the ring.

    Batista comes out and does his pose.

    Mr. Kennedy heads out and does hit own ring announcements.

    Match #2
    Fatal Fourway Match for the First Ever TWA Hardcore Champion
    Abyss vs. Edge vs. Ken Kennedy vs. Batista
    The Finish
    Edge speared Kennedy and went to spear Abyss, but he caught him and hit a Black Hole Slam. Abyss got up and Batista hit a spear on him. Kennedy got up and saw Batista about to spear him. He picked up a barbwire wrapped chair and slammed it into his head right as Batista got some air. Kennedy picked Edge up and tried to hit a mic check on him, but Edge countered and hit the Edgecution. He turned around and got hit with another Black Hole Slam from Abyss onto the barbwire wrapped chair! 1...2...3!
    The New TWA Hardcore Champion is Abyss!

    Borash in the back.

    Borash: Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome my first guests’ ever, Matt and Jeff Hardy! ( HUGE crowd reaction to that)

    Matt: I am so ready to get in that ring tonight, Jeremy! I can’t wait! Do you know why I can’t wait? It’s because I know that we have a great chance at being the first ever TWA Tag Team Champions!

    Jeff: Matt, you are so right, I know we will win tonight because we’ve got Charismatic Enigma, Jeff Hardy, and The Man Who Will Not Die, Matt Hardy! Matt let’s get out to the ring!

    A.J. Styles and Tomko come out to A.J.’s music and A.J. looks really excited.

    John Morrison and Mike Mizanin come out with the Paparazzi around them.

    The Hardy’s come out and they seemed fired up!

    Match #3
    Triple Threat Tornado Tag Match for the TWA Tag Team Championship
    Tomko and Styles vs. The Hardy Boys vs. Morrison and Miz
    The finish
    The Miz went for the Reality Check on Jeff, but it was reversed into a Twist of Fate. Matt was fighting with Morrison on the outside.
    Tomko clothes lined the back of Jeff’s head. He picked him up and Tomko and Styles hit a high impact whiplash for the surprising pin fall!.
    Winners and new TWA Champions, Tomko and A.J. Styles

    J.R.: Well, there you go folks. Our new tag champs, A.J. Styles and Tomko! Wow, that was a surprising win wasn’t it Mike?

    Tenay: Yes, it was J.R., but we need to get to our next match which is gonna be a big one as we introduce how great our X Division guys are!

    Team 3D comes out and is booed by the crowd!

    Robert Roode comes out by himself and the crowd boos him also.

    The Motor City Machine Guns come out to a huge reaction! The arena is exploding for these guys!

    Jay Lethal comes out and he gets an equal reaction!

    Tenay: Wow, J.R.! Will you look at this crowd! They’re going nuts for these guys!

    J.R.: Yes, they are Tenay, but lets watch these guys go down!

    Match #4
    MCMG and Jay Lethal vs. Team 3D and Rober Roode in a Street Fight
    The Finish
    MCMG and Team 3D fought in separate parts of the crowd.
    Alex Shelley hit a frog splash on Brother Devon and ran back to the ring to help Lethal who was being manhandled by Roode. He picked up the ring steps and threw it over the top rope and hit Roode in the back of the head. He got a table and set it up over the ring steps?!
    Meanwhile, Sabin was throwing Brother Ray into the trunk of a car in the parking lot. He slapped the back of the car and it drove off!
    Back in the ring, Brother Devon came back to hit a clothesline, but was sent over the top rope by Lethal. Shelley grabbed Roode and hit a Sliced Bread #2 through the table and onto the ring steps! Immediately, Lethal flew off the top rope and hit an Elbow Drop on him!
    Winners are MCMG and Jay Lethal

    J.R.: Well, Ladies and Gentleman, we hope you enjoyed our X Division superstars and I would like to applaud all the men in the match for putting on a great show!

    Tenay: Yes, J.R., those men did put on a great show and entertained us all, but now we have to go to our steel cage match for tonight, which will crown the first ever TWA Champion!

    Match #5
    Steel Cage match for the TWA Championship
    Win by pinfall or submission only
    Chris Jericho vs. Kurt Angle
    The Finish
    Jericho and Angle are fighting on top of the cage. Angle grabbed Jericho by the neck and throws him off the cage!
    Angle gets up and hit’s a devastating moonsault off the cage!
    Jericho kicked out!
    Angle tried to put the Ankle Lock on him, but Jericho rolled over and threw him into the turnbuckle. He put Angle on the top rope, but Angle reversed it and hit a Super Angle Slam! He goes for a pin!
    Winner and new HWF Champion, Kurt Angle

    Tenay: WOW! What a match! Our first ever TWA Champion is Kurt Angle!

    J.R.: Well folks, we hope you enjoy our first ever broadcast and hope you’ll join us next week on TWA Eruption!
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    TWA Eruption!​

    J.R.: Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to Eruption!
    Tonight we have #1 contender ship match for the Tag Team Titles tonight between Mike Mizanin and John Morrison vs. Matt and Jeff Hardy

    Tenay: That’s right J.R., but also we have a hardcore title match between Edge and Abyss! This is sure to be an amazing match. Also, Jay Lethal is going to face Robert Roode and it is going to be amazing!

    J.R.: Yes it will, but we also have a 6-man main event tag team match tonight! Kurt Angle, Ken Kennedy and Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, and Christian Cage! But that’s later tonight, lets get on to our first match!

    The Amazing Red and Rey Mysterio come out to Rey’s music and the crowd is on there on their feet!

    WGGT come out and get booed.

    Match #1
    The Amazing Red and Rey Mysterio vs. WGGT
    Red and Benjamin were attempting to hip toss one another when Haas came in and dropkicked Red. Rey came over the top rope and hit a springboard wheel kick on Haas. Benjamin attempted to pick up Red, but he did a Spin Kick on the ground and then hit a standing shooting star splash!
    Winners are Rey Mysterio and The Amazing Red

    Tenay: Wow what a win for these to guys!

    J.R.: Yes, it is Mike, but I’m getting word that something is happening backstage. Guys, do we have a camera back there?

    Abyss was walking to the ring for his match against Edge for the TWA Hardcore Title when Edge came from behind and nailed him with a steel chair. He picked up a sledgehammer and nailed him with it. Edge put a chair under Abyss’s head and hit a con-chair-to on him.
    Ref is nearby to count the pin fall.
    Edge has won the TWA Hardcore Title!
    (Crowd is booing)

    J.R.: Oh My GOD! That little devil just stole the title! I can’t believe it, the match hadn’t even started!

    Tenay: Yes J.R., I know, but as the rules state, as long as a ref is nearby to count the pinfall it can happen.

    J.R.: I know, I know! I just don’t like it and as you can see neither does the crowd!

    (Crowd is booing very loudly)

    Tenay: Well, I’m sorry J.R., but we have to get on to our next match.

    Jay Lethal’s music hits and he comes out with the MCMG.
    (Great crowd reaction)

    Robert Roode comes out with Team 3D and the crowd boos like hell!

    Match #2
    Jay Lethal w/ MCMG vs. Robert Roode w/ Team 3D
    Robert Roode got distracted by Alex Shelley and when he turned around he got hit by an enzuguirI. Lethal went up for the Elbow Drop, but Roode hit a rolling cutter in midair. Roode picked him up and hit the payoff for the pin.

    Winner is Robert Roode

    After wards Team 3D ambush MCMG and put both of them through tables with a super bomb and a 3D!
    Robert Roode throws Lethal out into the crowd and after a few minutes of Roode in control, Lethal hit’s a Lethal Injection on the concrete floor!
    Then he climbs up the stands and hits an amazing elbow drop!
    He runs back to the ring to check on Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin as Team 3D walks off smiling.

    J.R. : Wow, I can’t believe Team 3D did that! I used to have so much respect for them, but now they just piss me off!

    Tenay: Yes, me too, but now everyone just plain hates them!

    J.R: Ya, well lets get on to our next match which is for the #1 contender ship for the TWA Tag Team Titles!

    Matt and Jeff Hardy hit the ring to a huge crowd reaction!

    Miz and Morrison come down with the paparazzi, but the crowd boos!

    Match #3
    #1 Contender ship Match for the HWF Tag Team Championship
    Miz and Morrison vs. The Hardy Boys
    Matt attempted a leg drop off the second rope, but Morrison got up and hit a jumping kick to Matt. Morrison picked him and hit a DDT. Morrison was posing for the crowd and didn’t notice Matt tag in Jeff. Jeff came in and rolled him up, but Miz hit him and broke it up. Miz hit a neck breaker and then went back to his corner. Jeff got up and dropkicked Miz off the apron. Jeff turned around, dodged a spinning kick and hit a twist of fate and a Swanton bomb for the win.

    Winners and #1 contenders for the HWF Tag Team Championship, The Hardy Boys

    J.R. : Alright, now I’m extremely happy with that. Miz and Morrison are just too cocky.

    Tenay: Ya, they shouldn’t have a paparazzi following them, they’ve lost two matches in a row now!

    Kurt Angle comes out to a chorus of boos.

    Kennedy comes out with boos, but still does his own ring announcements.

    Orton comes out and gets showered by boos,

    Chris Jericho’s music hits and the crowd gets pumped up!

    Shawn Michaels comes out and the crowd is going nuts!

    Christian comes out and is very happy with his reaction!

    Match #4
    Kurt Angle, Ken Kennedy, and Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels and Christian Cage
    Cage was hip tossing Angle when Kennedy came in and hit a clothesline to knock him down. Angle locked on the Ankle Lock, but Christian got to the ropes. Christian tagged in Jericho and hit a Code breaker very quickly onto Angle. Orton came in and attempted an RKO, but got pushed off and hit with a Code breaker too. Kennedy ran in, but Michaels caught him with some Sweet Chin Music.
    Jericho locked on the Walls of Jericho on Angle and Angle taps out.

    J.R. : Well, alright, now that’s what I like to see!

    Tenay: Yes, it is! Wait look, Randy Orton is attacking Chris Jericho!

    Randy Orton comes in and hits an RKO on Jericho. Christian comes in and attempts to save him, but Kennedy hits a Mic Check on him. Michaels comes up out of nowhere and hit’s the Sweet Chin Music, but angle picks up his foot an applies the Ankle Lock.

    Tenay: Oh My God, I can’t believe this is happening!

    All of the sudden, HHH’s music hits and Angle is looking up the entrance ramp, but HHH comes from the crowd.

    He comes in and hit’s a clothesline to the back of Angle's head.
    Orton attempts an RKO on him, but HHH reverses it into a spine buster. Kennedy tries to hit a flying clothesline, but HHH hits him with kick to the stomach and then throws him over the top rope.
    Angle gets back up, but HHH is waiting. Angle turns around and gets hit with a pedigree.

    J.R. : Well, alright, thank goodness for HHH.

    Jericho, Christian, Michaels, and HHH pose in the ring.

    Tenay : Well, that is great sight to see. Ladies and Gentleman, thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you next week on TWA Eruption!

    Quick Results
    The Amazing Red and Rey Mysterio defeated WGGT
    Edge pinned Abyss backstage for the TWA Hardcore Title
    The Hardy Boys beat Miz and Morrison for the #1 Contendership to the TWA Tag Team Titles
    Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, and Christian Cage defeated Kurt Angle, Ken Kennedy, and Randy Orton[/CENTER]

    TWA Destination X will be coming shortly, so please check in to see it!
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    TWA Destination X!

    J.R. : Ladies and Gentleman! We are proud to welcome you to TWA’s Destination X!
    Tonight we will crown the first ever TWA X Division Champi

    Tenay: Also, we have Shawn Michaels vs. Randy Orton! That is sure to be a big one!

    J.R. : Also, HHH has proposed a challenge to Ken Kennedy for a Finisher Match. The rules are that the first one to hit there finisher, will be declared the winner!

    Tenay: That’s right folks, but that’s not all. We also have a The Hardy Boys vs. A.J. Styles and Tomko for the TWA Tag Team Championship! This one is sure to be a classic.

    J.R. : Yes, later tonight, we also have Abyss vs. Edge in a Barbwire Massacre! Ladies and Gentleman, this match is not for the faint of heart. Please be advised.

    Tenay: We also have The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Team 3D! This one is gonna be awesome.

    J.R.: The TWA Heavyweight title will be on the line tonight as Kurt Angle takes on Chris Jericho in a Submission Match!

    Tenay: That match will be great, but the main attraction for tonight is gonna be the Ultimate X match which will crown the first ever TWA X Division Champion! The Amazing Red, Rey Mysterio, Kaz, and Petey Williams will battle it out in the most innovative match in professional wrestling!

    J.R.: Those are all great matches, but we have to get to our first match of the night, which is the World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. XXX vs. Morrison and Miz!

    WGGT comes out to a boo/cheer reaction.

    XXX comes out to the same reaction.

    Morrison and Miz comes out and don’t get any cheers, but just a collision of boos.

    Match #1
    The finish
    WGGT vs. XXX vs. Morrison and Miz
    Daniels hit a neck breaker on Morrison, but Benjamin came up and hit a suplex on him from behind.
    Miz got up and tried to take down Benjamin, but it was reversed into a German suplex. Daniels came up and hit a uranage slam on Benjamin. He goes to the top rope and attempts the BME, but Benjamin moves. Daniels hit’s the mat hard, and Shelton does an Oklahoma Roll, but the attempted pin is quickly broken up by Miz. Miz tags in Morrison and he comes in and hit’s a DDT on Benjamin. Daniels gets up and Morrison attempts a springboard feint tiger kick, but Daniels dives under and tags in Senshi. Senshi dives off the top rope, but Benjamin catches him and hit’s a T-bone Suplex!

    The winners are The World’s Greatest Tag Team

    J.R.: Wow, what a great way to start off Destination X. These guys really deserve this win.

    Tenay: Yes, J.R., you’re right. I hope we see more of these guys in the future and maybe they might even be tag champs some day.

    J.R.: Maybe they will be someday, Tenay. Well, Ladies and Gentleman, our next match is gonna be a great experience for these fans because its gonna be the Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels vs. The Legend Killer, Randy Orton.

    Randy Orton’s music hits and the crowd is booing like crazy!

    Shawn Michaels music hits and the crowd switches and goes nuts!

    Match #2
    The finish
    Shawn Michaels vs. Randy Orton
    Orton hit’s the backbreaker on Michaels and goes for a pin.
    Kick out at 2.
    Orton picks up Michaels and hit’s a right on him, he body slams him and jumps up in the air to hit a knee, but Michaels moved. Michaels gets up and hit’s a clothesline.
    He runs and attempts a cross body, but Orton catches him. He throws him down and hits the knee this time. He stalks Michaels. Michaels gets up and Orton attempts the RKO, but Michaels throws him off. Orton gets up and HBK hit’s a flying clothesline. He hits another one and then the reverse atomic drop. He body slams Orton and goes up top for the Elbow Drop. He hits it and starts to tune up the band. He attempts the Sweet Chin Music, but Orton counters into an RKO. He goes for the pin.
    Michaels kicks out!
    Orton can’t believe it.
    He stalks HBK.
    HBK gets up and Orton goes for the RKO. Michaels pushes him off and hit’s the Sweet Chin Music.
    Shawn Michaels is the winner!

    The crowd is going nuts!

    Tenay: WOW! J.R. will you look at this crowd!

    J.R.: I see it Mike! This crowd is going wild for Shawn Michaels!
    Lets go to Borash in the back.

    J.B.: Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome my guest. Team 3D.

    Ray: Ladies and Gentleman tonight, you will see the royal ass kicking of the Motor City Machine Guns.
    Tonight you all will see us beat them at the pay per view that was made for the X Division! We’re gonna beat them at their pay per view. Now D-von come on lets down to the ring. But first, what do you want to say, my brother.


    MCMG’s music hits and the crowd is on their feet.

    Team 3D’s music hits and the crowd boos.

    Match #3
    Motor City Machine Guns w/ Jay Lethal vs. Team 3D w/ Robert Roode
    Shelley and D-von are hitting each other with rights and lefts. Shelley dodges a right and hit’s a feint tiger kick to the back of the head. He tags in Sabin and Ray runs into the ring, but Sabin hits a springboard dropkick. Sabin picks up D-von and hits a dropkick on him. Sabin puts D-von in the tree of Woe and Shelley runs and hit’s a dropkick to the face, followed by a hesitation dropkick from Sabin. Ray hit’s a double clothesline. Shelley gets up and trys a clothesline, but gets hit with a bubba bomb. D-von finally tags in Ray and Ray hit’s a choke slam on Sabin.
    On the outside, Lethal just jumped off the ring steps onto Roode. Ray looks to the outside and Sabin goes for a rollup.
    D-von breaks it up.
    On the outside Roode gets the upper hand by throwing Lethal into the guard rail. Sabin looks at him and Shelley attacks Roode. Sabin turns around and gets picked up into the 3D!
    Ray with the pin.
    Team 3D wins. Shelley runs in and 3D books it out of the ring. Lethal gets in the ring and helps chase out Team 3D. They stare at 3D as 3D raises their hands in victory.

    Tenay: OH WOW! Well, I guess they actually did win that one fair and square. They didn’t do any illegal tactics and the only thing that happened was Robert Roode and Jay Lethal got in a little scuffle. What do you think J.R.?

    J.R.: You’re right Mike, but I still would’ve liked to see the Motor City Machine Guns win this one. But, I’ll just have to get over it because we have to get on to our next match.
    This one is sure to be an instant classic!

    Ken Kennedy’s music hits and does his own ring announcements, but the crowd still boos

    HHH’s music hits and the crowd goes crazy!

    Match #4
    HHH vs. Ken Kennedy
    Finisher Match
    HHH runs at Kennedy, but gets hit with a knee lift. Kennedy throws him into the turnbuckle. He slams HHH’s head into the turnbuckle and lifts him up. Kennedy is setting up for the Green Bay Plunge. He is about to lift him up, but HHH pushes him off. He jumps onto Kennedy with a splash. He gets up and pulls him into the pedigree position, but takes to long. Kennedy flips him over. He waits for him to get up and throws his leg around to try the Mic Check. HHH throws an elbow and Kennedy falls back. Kennedy runs at him, but gets hit with a spine buster. Kennedy finally gets back up and HHH hit’s the Pedigree!

    The winner is HHH!

    Tenay: Well, alright. I actually thought Mr. Kennedy almost had him there. He almost hit the Mic Check!

    J.R.: Yes, he almost did Tenay. But, enough about that, let’s get on to our next match, which will be for the TWA Tag Team Championship!

    The Hardy Boys music hits and the crowd goes crazy!

    A.J. Styles and Tomko come out and get a boo/ cheer reaction.

    Match #5
    TWA Tag Team Championship Match
    Tomko and A.J. Styles vs. The Hardy Boys
    Jeff hit’s a flying clothesline on A.J.
    A.J. gets up and gets hit with a body slam. Jeff tags in mat and goes in. He picks up A.J. and hit’s a neck breaker. He picks him up again and this time, A.J. picks him up in a suplex, then drops him down onto his feet and hit’s a neck breaker. A.J. tags in Tomko just as Matt gets up. Tomko runs at Matt, but gets tripped and caught on the middle rope. Jeff jumps up and hit’s a leg drop onto Tomko. Tomko bounces back and Jeff hops on the top rope. Matt picks up Tomko’s legs and they do simultaneous leg drops. Matt goes for the pin.
    Tomko kicks out.
    Matt picks up Tomko, but Tomko steps back and delivers a vicious clothesline. He runs to A.J. and tags him in. A.J. jumps off the ropes and delivers a flying forearm onto Matt. A.J. picks him up and throws him to the ropes. Matt bounces back and A.J. hit’s a calf kick. He goes to the top rope and
    Matt gets back up and runs to the top rope. He hops up and grabs A.J. in a suplex position. He gets him up and hit’s a superplex! He goes for the pin.
    Tomko breaks it up. Jeff jumps over the top rope. Tomko attempts the clothesline, but Jeff dodges it and runs to the top rope and hit’s the Whisper in the Wind! A.J. gets back up and gets hit with a flying clothesline. He gets back up and Matt kicks him in the gut and hit’s the Twist of Fate!
    Jeff goes up top and hit’s the Swanton Bomb.
    Matt goes for the pin.
    Tomko breaks it up again!
    Tomko picks up Jeff and hit’s a Fall away Slam over the top rope. He picks up Matt and hit’s the torture rack neck breaker!
    Tomko and A.J. Styles are still Tag Team Champs!

    The crowd boos and cheers half and half.

    Tenay: Well, I don’t care what the crowd thinks, I like these guys and there ability as a tag team. I was kind actually hoping they would win and guess what, they did!

    J.R.: Whatever Mike! The Hardys should of won that one. They worked for there chance at it! I just hope they keep on going for. It’s gonna be hard for them, because Tomko is so huge and can toss them around so easily and A.J. can just come out of nowhere.

    Tenay: You’re right J.R. and that’s why they won this one.
    Well, lets get on to our next match, which is sure to be crazy and gruesome.

    J.R.: Yes, it will be and ladies and gentleman this is not for the faint of heart, please be advised.

    Edge’s music hits and gets booed massively!

    Abyss comes out to a warm crowd reaction.

    Match #6
    Edge vs. Abyss
    TWA Hardcore Championship
    Barbwire Massacre
    Edge runs at Abyss with a barbwire wrapped chair, but Abyss ducks and boots it in his face! He goes for the pin.
    Edge kicks out!
    Abyss cannot believe it!
    He goes to pick up the chair and doesn’t see Edge sit up. His face is bleeding incredibly! He gets up and kicks Abyss in the gut. He DDT’s him on the barbwire wrapped chair!
    Abyss screams in pain.
    Edge goes for the pin.
    Abyss kicks out of it!
    Edge is just staring blankly out into the crowd.
    He goes to the outside and sets up a barbwire wrapped table?!
    He climbs back up the apron, but Abyss catches him by the throat. He trys to pick him up, but Edge low blows him. Abyss is leaning on the top rope.
    Edge chokes him on it and then jumps off holding his neck.
    Abyss falls back and Edge gets back into the ring. He picks up the chair and throws it at Abyss. Abyss falls back and Edge runs at him for a spear. Abyss moves and Edge dives through the ropes into the barbwire wrapped table!
    Edge is bleeding from the head to his stomach!
    Abyss throws him back to the ring. Edge is shaking horribly.
    Abyss picks him up, throws him to the ropes and hit’s the Black Hole Slam onto the barbwire wrapped chair!
    He goes for the pin.
    Abyss is the new TWA Hardcore Champion!

    J.R.: OH MY GOD! That was a crazy blood bath. Look at Edge he’s just laying in the ring shaking. Are we going to get some EMT’s down here or what come on guys!

    Tenay: Wow, J.R., can you believe what we just saw? Edge just dove right into that barbwire wrapped table! He has cuts and holes all over his upper torso.

    J.R.: Ladies and gentleman we’re going to get away from this for a second and go to the back with Borash.

    J.B.: Thank you J.R. Ladies and Gentleman, here with me now is Maple Leaf Muscle, Petey Williams!

    Petey comes and the crowd is not really reacting that much.

    J.B.: Petey, what do you think of the Ultimate X Match tonight? Are you excited that you could become the first ever TWA X Division Champion tonight?

    Petey: Yes, J.B., I am excited that I could be the first ever champ, no wait, not could be, will be. You see all those other guys are so weak, they can barely hold there bodies on the ropes that hang 15 feet above the ring. Look at me, I am Maple Leaf Muscle, Petey Williams! I can hold myself up there for hours on end. I will be the first ever TWA X Division Champion tonight!

    J.B.: Well there you have it folks, Petey says he will be crowned the first ever TWA X Division Champion tonight.

    Back to ringside

    J.R.: Thanks J.B. Ladies and gentleman the blood and barbwire is cleaned up and we are ready to our Championship Match for the TWA Championship.

    Tenay: Yes, J.R. We are ready to see Kurt Angle take on Chris Jericho in a submission match. Who do you think will win this match J.R.

    J.R.: I really want to see Y2J make Angle tap out, but Angle is a very creative mat wrestler and can hook on the Ankle Lock from almost anywhere.

    Y2J’s music hits and the crowd cheers him all the way to the ring.

    Angle’s music hits and the crowd boos him and chants “YOU SUCK“, but he ignores it.

    Match #7
    Kurt Angle vs. Chris Jericho
    TWA Heavyweight Championship
    Submission Match
    Angle grabs Jericho in a headlock and holds on.
    Jericho pushes him off and grabs him in a chokehold.
    Jericho holds it until he is done. Angle comes back and flips Jericho over. He trys to put the Ankle Lock on, but Jericho gets to the ropes.
    Jericho gets up and Angle attempts the Angle Slam, but Jericho rolls over and runs at him for the Code Breaker. Angle catches him in a belly to belly type suplex. He picks him up and throws him to the turnbuckle. Jericho punches him and climbs the turn buckle. He is about to jump, but Angle catches him. He is about to throw him, but Jericho pushes him off. Angle stands back up, but Jericho catches him with a missile dropkick. He gets up and attempts the Walls of Jericho. Angle pushes him off and Jericho runs at him with a clothesline, but Angle catches him with triple German suplexes. He tries to lock on the Ankle lock, but Jericho pushes him off. Jericho dodges a clothesline and hit’s the Code Breaker. He locks on the Walls of Jericho. After a while, Angle grabs the ankle of Jericho. Jericho falls over and is caught in the Ankle Lock. Angle grapevines it and Jericho finally taps out to the agonizing pain!
    The Winner and still TWA heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle!

    J.R.: See, Mike, I told you he would probably lock on the Ankle Lock from some position.

    Tenay: You were right, J.R., I would of liked to see Chris win though. I know he’ll probably keep on going and get that gold someday.

    J.R.: I know Chris will, but Mike, we have to get on to our main event for the night!

    Tenay: Yes Ladies and gentleman, you can see the steel structures around the ring and ropes crossing through it. The object of the match is to climb, the ropes and grab the belt.

    Petey Williams music hits and the crowd boos.

    Rey Mysterio’s music hits and the crowd goes crazy!

    The Amazing Red’s music hits and the crowd is so happy to see him.

    Kaz’s music hits and the crowd cheers very loudly.

    Match #8
    The Amazing Red vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Petey Williams vs. Kaz
    TWA X Division Championship
    Ultimate X
    Petey grabs Red and is going to hit a backbreaker, but Red elbows him in the face. He grabs Petey’s head and hit’s a standing Shiranui! (backflip reverse DDT)
    Meanwhile, Kaz and Rey are on the outside of the ring.
    Their brawling. All of a sudden, Red does a running senton over the top rope!
    All three go down.
    Petey gets back up and sees there down. He runs to the turnbuckle and starts to climb up. Kaz sees it and climbs the turnbuckle next to Petey’s turnbuckle. Kaz jumps off and hit’s a missile dropkick. Petey falls hard on his back. Kaz starts to climb, but Rey is climbing back into the ring from that turnbuckle. Kaz hits him, but Rey fights back. Rey pushes Kaz’s head down and hit’s a sunset flip power bomb! Red runs back into the ring, but Rey doesn’t see him. Rey turns around right into a reverse STO!
    Red starts to climb. He almost gets there, but Petey grabs him by the legs. Red falls, but not before hitting a hurricanrana!
    Kaz comes back and kicks him in the chest. He runs to the ropes and hit’s a swivel leg drop onto Red. Kaz starts to climb, but Petey and Rey get back up and both get to him on the top rope. They get up and hit a double Russian leg sweep! All three go down hard on the mat. Red gets up and so does Rey and Petey. Petey kicks red in the gut and Rey runs to the ropes and back to Red. He wraps his legs around his head and hit’s a tilt-a-whirl head scissors! Petey turns on Rey and hit’s a DDT on him. He starts to climb, but Kaz comes and throws him down. Petey goes for a clothesline, but gets caught in the Wave of the Future!
    Kaz climbs the turnbuckle, but Red grabs him and hit’s a Red Alert down to the mat. Red starts up, but Rey pushes him and Red falls onto the top rope. Rey climbs up and hit’s a Super Hurricanrana! Rey runs back to the top rope and starts to climb. He is climbing the ropes, but Kaz grabs him and holds him on his shoulders in a sitting position. He drops back and hit’s the Back to the Future! He goes to climb, but Petey grabs him. Kaz grabs him and attempts the Wave of the Future. Petey grabs the back of his head and spins him around and hit’s the Canadian Destroyer!
    Red comes to and wheel kicks Petey right in the jaw. He starts to climb and almost gets to the belt, but Rey comes back and tries to grab him. Petey comes back and doesn’t see Red up on the ropes, because he has wrapped his legs around the ropes. Petey comes and hit’s a tornado DDT on Rey. Red looses his grip and falls back into a Red Star Press on Rey!
    Red is holding his stomach and Petey grabs him and hit’s the Canadian Destroyer!
    He starts to climb and gets to the ropes, when Kaz jumps off the turnbuckle and grabs on across from Petey.
    Petey kicks him, but Rey comes back and grabs him and pulls him back down. He pulls Petey down and hit’s a reverse atomic drop on him. He tries to grab Kaz, but Kaz wraps his legs around the ropes and unhooks the belt!

    The Winner and first ever X-Division Champion,

    J.R.: YES, that was an amazing match. Kaz is so happy he’s running through the crowd celebrating in the stands.

    Tenay: Look at him go! Well, Ladies and Gentleman, thank you for tuning in and we’ll see you later. Please tune in for TWA Eruption!

    Quick Results

    WGGT beat XXX and Morrison and Miz
    Shawn Michaels beat Randy Orton
    Team 3D beat MCMG
    HHH beat Ken Kennedy in a Finisher Match
    A.J. Styles and Tomko retained the titles against the Hardy Boys
    Abyss beat Edge in a Barbwire Massacre
    Kurt Angle retained against Chris Jericho in a submission match
    Kaz beat The Amazing Red, Petey Williams, and Rey Mysterio to become the first ever TWA X Division Champion in an Ultimate X Match​
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