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Discussion in 'WWE Region' started by Shocky, Feb 20, 2009.

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    Foley and Hart are almost two polar opposites. One of the most unorthodox and physically resilient vs. one of the best all around. These sorts of environments usually favor Foley, not always of course since he has lost his share of gimmick matches in the past. However, when I think of "gimmick match", Hart isn't a name that immediately springs to mind. He's had some experience, but he's out of his element for the most part outside of your straight forward matches. I think it's Foley's to lose, but it won't surprise me if Hitman rises to the occassion and moves on.

    As for the next one...I'm leaning towards Angle mostly because he's so versatile. He's been in so many different types of cage matches, street fights, etc. and he's performed well in all of them. Depending on what the match turns out to be, my mind could change.
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    I'm with IC...Hart v. Angle, in the ultimate battle of Canadian voters against the American voters, is going to be the final.

    Foley is great in HIAC matches...But, mostly for losing. He'll give Hart everything he has, but there's no way he can win a TLC if Hart takes his legs out from under him, and I don't see what he'd do to win a HIAC match.

    I think Angle's experience in the TNA gimmick matches will better prepare him for either match against Rock and Muta. A TLC match would definitely favor him over the other guys, for the same reason it favors Hart over Foley. He'll take their legs out, and then he'd be the only one capable of climbing a ladder. In a Cell, his offense is more effective than either of the other men's. It's brutal, and is non-stop. A few belly-to-bellies into the cage is enough to slow down anyone.
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    I'm hoping this ends up with a Hart-Muta final. They are, in my opinion, the best of the remaining 5. I do think it will be Hart-Angle though, since so many here seem to have man crushes on Kurt Angle.

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