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    A Vote for Christian, Is A Vote For the Image Above!

    Without a doubt one of the most underrated wrestlers walking Gods green earth. Christian debuted in in the WWE back in 1998 by capturing the WWE Light Heavyweight Championship in his debut match. Christian would go on to form one of the best and most recognized tag teams of all-time with childhood friend Edge, forming the seven time WWE Tag Team Champions, E&C; Edge & Christian.

    Which brought light, to the FIVE Second Pose!


    Christian would go on to be one of the men who revolutionized the Tables, Ladders and Chairs match and stole the show at what is known as the greatest Wrestlemania of all-time, Wrestlemania X-7. Christian would go on after the break-up of E&C to feud with Edge over the WWE Intercontinental Championship during the time of the Invasion, holding the Championship twice. He also had seperate reigns as the WWE European Champion and the WWE Hardcore Champion.

    Christian would go on to hold Tag Team Championship gold for the eight time, when he and fellow Canadians Lance Storm and Test formed The UnAmericans. It was after the disolve of The UnAmericans which would plant the seeds for the debuting of "Captain Charisma."


    In a great Wrestlemania match at Wrestlemania 20, Christian defated Chris Jericho which involved the shock heel turn of Trish Stratus. It was during this time that "Captain Charisma" was born, which brought along the newly found fanbase dubbed, "The Peeps". Christian's following grew onwards as he competed for the WWE Championship but alas, he would venture away from the WWE and become the FIRST person to make the initial jump from WWE to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, bringing with it to this day one of the best TNA moments.


    For four years Christian became one of the faces of TNA, showing his talent week in and week out, both in-ring and on the mic. He would go on to capture his first World Championship, the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. During his tenure within TNA Christian, now known as Christian Cage would go 23 months without being pinned or made to submit, until losing to Samoa Joe at Bound for Glory in 2007. Christian would remain with TNA for another year, before returning to WWE on its ECW brand, single-handedly holding the brand in many peoples eyes for almost a year.


    Christian would go on to hold the ECW Championship, for a number of months, which included some great matches including his Ladder Match with Shelton Benjamin at Night of Champions, before the ECW brand was done away with. Although he would lose the Championship on the final edition of ECWonSyfy.

    Christian has developed a loyal fanbase, mostly through the IWC but his popularity is evident. The push from the fans for him to become a WWE Heavyweight Champion is truly a testement to his following as he continues his search for WWE Championship accolades. One thing is certain, these accolades don't show the half of Christian's talent.​


    - Two Time NWA World Heavyweight Champion
    - Two Time ECW Champion
    - Three Time WWE Intercontinental Champion
    - One Time WWF European Champion
    - One Time WWF Hardcore Champion
    - One Time WWF Light Heavyweight Champion
    - NINE Time WWE World Tag Team Champion

    There is no reason not to vote for "The Instant Classic", "Captain Charisma" Christian in this years WZ Tournament.​


    It doesn't matter if Christian's going against The Miz, The Ultimate Warrior, King Kong Bundy or The Shockmaster because he's going on in this tournament because...


    "...That's How I Roll!" - Christian

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