Round 1: Sephiroth vs. Bowser

Discussion in 'Supers' started by JGlass, Sep 1, 2011.


Who wins?

  1. Sephiroth

  2. Bowser

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  1. JGlass

    JGlass Unregistered User

    Feb 16, 2009
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    Round One


    In a battle between two of video games greatest villains, the warrior Sephiroth dances with the powerful lizard Bowser. Does the magical swordman go on to complete his conquest, or does King Koopa live to conquer another Mushroom Kingdom?

  2. The Doctor

    The Doctor Great and Devious

    Dec 19, 2008
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    Man, how does this thread have no posts in it? I'd have thought this was a big money matchup.

    OK, on one side we have Bowser. It's easy to brush him off as that guy that Mario beats up on all the time, but you have to remember that Bowser is actually a pretty scary lizard. He can breathe fire, has great defense with his spiked shell, and can actually jump pretty high for such a heavy hitter. He's also not unintelligent, despite being a colossal reptile. He can speak, he can plan, he commands an army, and he's always capturing the princess, which suggests he's smarter than her and her guards at least. On top of that, he has his desperation attack and can transform into Giga Bowser, which increases his size and deadly force a hundredfold.

    Sephiroth on the other hand has insanely powerful magic abilities, a huge sword, and is totally maniacal. The product of an experiment gone wrong, he burned the village down, it's long gone. The man is willing to do anything, everything. He's completely nuts. In fact, it's kind of funny how Bowser is the more human of the two characters here.

    I'm having trouble deciding right now. I'm leaning towards Bowser, but I'd love to hear arguments from both sides. Hit me with your best shot!
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  3. Dagger Dias

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    Sep 22, 2008
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    You got it, Doc. I'm backing Sephiroth.

    Sephiroth has restorative abilities due to the Restore and Revive materias he has equipped, so any time Bowser tries to shoot fire at him or throw hammers like his NES version could do, Sephiroth can simply heal the damage. There is also the option of casting Barrier on himself to cause any melee damage from Bowser's fire or claws to do significantly less damage. Now for his attacks.... There's the Masamune, with a weapon that long he wouldn't even need the Long Range materia. Getting the sword to go through Bowser's shell could be an issue but there's always the option of casting spells such as Thundaga or even going for his ultimate ability in Super Nova.

    Both guys have a good shot at winning this match, but I give the win to Sephiroth because he not only can heal himself but he can also nullify damage, neither of which Bowser can do. He has access to more powerful abilities too. I'm fine with either guy winning in the end, but I gotta go with Sephiroth!
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  4. JWGunslinger

    JWGunslinger Warrior Forever

    Apr 7, 2011
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    If Sephiroth was just your average every day swordsman then i'd lean towards Bowser due to the fact that he has a very strong offense and could avoid damage from a sword with his spikey shell. But when Sephiroth's magical abilities come into the equation it is all over. Sephiroth wins!
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