Quit Cheering For Me When I'm A Heel, Part Two: by Raven

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    PART TWO: Quit Cheering For Me When I'm A Heel by Raven:

    (contined from part one)

    But, don’t tell me you are cheering me as a heel, because either a) you're doing it for me or b) to honor me. because if you do something for a person, you're doing essentially what they would like done, and that not something I want done, and if you are doing it to honor me, I don’t think it’s an honor. This guy and his buddies in Hanover Germany kept cheering for me and all the heels, and made my and everyone else's matches especially difficult, in fact mine was borderline shitty, and I don’t do shitty. I talked to this guy later and he kept telling me he was doing it for me, to honor me, but you see, he wasn’t, he really wasn’t.

    I know psychology, I know human psychology, I study it. I study it as much if not more than I study quantum physics. I didn’t need to reference quantum physics. As an analogy, I can claim I said quantum physics to get my point over just like he said he and his mates were cheering me to put me over, but c’mon, I name-checked quantum physics like he name-checked me because he like myself were putting ourselves over. Savvy? He may have absolutely thought I was the greatest, but that not why he was doing it. The proof was how and when they would scream and chant. He and his buddies would yell at such inopportune times as to be exceedingly obvious.

    I hate when people cheer for heels to get themselves over. It’s their right, and I would never even question taking that away, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.

    Finally, and unquestionably most important, I truly love and cherish the fact that my fans are so loyal and think so highly of me. I truly do. You really don’t know, because I never tell you, but your unwavering, diehard support for me, and your admiration for my talents means an enormous amount to me. It truly does. It makes all the pain worth it. Whether it’s the pain of talking to Disco in the locker room, or diving off a balcony, it makes it all worthwhile.

    In fact, I try never to be a heel anymore on indies no matter how badly I want to, because it’s not fair to you. There aren’t a lot of people on the indies I won’t be cheered against because of the length and breadth of my career and by forcing you to boo me, it’s kind of a dick move. Most times I’m the main event so you are paying to see my match and since you are paying your money, and wanting to cheer me, why should I turn you against me. It seems rather selfish. Unless it’s a town where I have an opponent who's a stronger babyface, or a bigger name, turning heel is as bullshit as the guy trying to get himself over in the audience. It is also sadly enough, why I don’t usually put over the local guys on indies anymore. I used to always let the local guy, if I worked one, beat me with his finish, or my finish or what have you, to help the local promotion and put the guy over. Unfortunately, what I found, was that the locals would crap all over it, and go home disappointed that Raven didn’t Evenflow someone for the happy ending.

    There are always exceptions where the local promotion is strong, or where they run regular, or what have you, and I always make a point of reading the audience so I know what they'll want and then I try to convey that to the promoter. If they want me to lose, no problem. My first loyalty is to my wife and therefore the paycheck. My next loyalty is to you the fans, and I try to give you what you need and deserve. In fact I have to convince Sandman most of the time that it isn’t good for the promotion sometimes for him to lose. The people come to see him win, and then he loses, it puts a bad taste in their mouth and a lot of times they don’t come back. It’s why old school booking always has a babyface going over on spot shows.

    Cheer me, boo me, do whatever you want because as Sheryl Crow said (and crow's are in the raven family)if it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad. But do me a favor; when you are at a show with heel fans who are just doing it strictly to get themselves over and ruin other people's good times, ruin theirs’ in return. I don’t mean violence, be clever, give them a taste of their own medicine. Or at least make them feel so guilty, they'll think about someone else for a change and maybe reconsider their behavior. Hopefully I made that clear enough for everyone to understand. If not, let me know .

    To all the people who have supported me over all the years, booing and cheering, loving and hating, don’t think my career is over because I am no longer with Tna, or Wwe. I still got ten good years in me, indies or otherwise. Check out my schedule at my website www.theraveneffect.com , I am mad busy. And if you think the site looks good now, wait til you see it after the remodeling. In fact by the time you read this, it may already be completed. My webmaster Vic who is a genius is re-doing the entire thing. As one of my all time favorite groups the Spinners once said,

    “I’ll Be Around”

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    I definately agree with Raven about the smark fans trying to get over. They are complete fucking fucktards, who ruin a lot of fun for others, and just do their little cheers and chants to be obnoxious.

    Personally, I cheer who I like, And thats the only reason I do. A lot of times, I cheer for both guys, becuase I like them and appreciate them for what they are doing. I cheer MVP becuase I like him. I cheer Edge like a crazyman becuase he is one of my favorite wrestlers. I cheer Kennedy, and Finlay (when he was a heel) becuase I liked them. No other reason. smakr fans try to wait til its quiet, and mess with fans of babyfaces . The WORST about this are Cena haters. Which I dont even understand anymore, becuase Hating Cena is so in now, its become unsmarky to do so LOL.

    So Raven is right. You have every last right as a free person to cheer and boo who u want. But if your just doing it to put attention on yourself, then you are a dick.
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    Well said Norcal. Perfectly said.

    I mean, we are the ones paying the money, so we should have the right to cheer for who we want. Problem is with ECW fans, especially at ONS and some of the other shows WWE for them, they tried to make themselves the show.

    Plus, if you want people to boo you. Do your job better and don't play a shit heel, or creative should come up with something different.
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    but on the flipside though, the WWE and the ECW guys ahve done so much the five years that ECW went out of business and came back putting the fans over. They always talked about the rabid fans, their enthusiasm and everything.

    The WWE made those fans at One Night Stand. A) they hate John Cena and he was the person that best symbolized everything those fans hated about professional wrestling and the WWE. B). In one year One Night Stand went from being an all ECW show to an ECW vs. WWE show, so those fans knew it was pretty much the last hoorah for the old ECW, and they put on a show, and I didn't mind it at all. Without that crowd, that pay per view would have been nothing, instead, it was one of the best pay per views of 2006 because of the crowd.

    The Irony here is Raven saying this. A guy that thrived on the smark crowd in ECW that put him over in both WCW and WWE. Then he thrived in TNA on the no paying smark crowd in the Impact Zone.

    The Bottomline, don't charge 75 dollars for tickets, and then you can tell people to boo or not to boo. I'm a paying customer, I can do damnw ell what I please. Isn't it great that the people that tell you to not boo, or cheer a certain person, or the Big XII trying to tell people not to boo the visiting team. How come its always the people that get into events for free that tell people how to act while at an event?
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    I cheer faces and boo heels only if they do their jobs right. I'm a MVP fan but if I'm at a show, I will boo him as that's saying you are doing your job right as a heel and the best way for you to know that is not cheer you and chant your name, but to boo you and chant "You Suck."

    A wrestling show and a good wrestler is suppose to suspend your belief in the moments with there great work and no matter how much you like him if he playing a great heel, the right thing for you to do is boo him. Look at it from their shows, they want to hear you boo and not cheer, because if you are cheerin they think they aren't doing their job right.

    Its a respect issue that has gotten lost in wrestling with the age of the internet in which the "Realness" of wrestling is gone and now its sucks as everyone wants to rag on a show for being a bit slow because they are watching the show looking for a suprise after they have read spoilers all day, instead of enjying the show as a fan and getting into the story instead of nicpicking every little thing.

    I don't care if he is your favorite wrestler, if he is heel the right thing to do is boo and never cheer.
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    I hate and love raven at the same time. His penchant for whining bites him in the ass again. All those years of bloodshed, hard work, and great showmanship all goes to hell when raven writes a whiny blog. Raven can be his worst enemy at times when it comes to his own carreer and best interests. I'm reminded of the "spoiled rich boy" angle in WCW, that really killed his personal credibility for a while.
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    I absolutely agree with you on this one. I couldn't said it better myself. (well, maybe :p )

    Cheering the heels, is respecting them really. If you were to cheer someone like Edge, you are helping him do his job because if he were cheered, you would be saying: 'You aren't a good heel, because I can't see the bad in you.' Which, even if they are your all time most liked, you are really not doing what they want.

    Orton is a good wrestler, and I respect him, like I respect all workers in the company by booing him for being a heel.

    Also people are too interested in finding all the faults in the WWE. (See Smark 101 :thumbsup: ) People should just enjoy wrestling, rather than tring to see all the bad things about it. Even if people are interested in playing the guessing game with the WWE results, there is no reason to attack the WWE for not being unpredictable.

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