Stop Booing Me I'm A Babyface! by Glenn Gilbertti

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    Stop Booing Me I'm A Babyface: by Glenn Gilbertti:

    *What a plagirizer Raven is. He posts an entire article, sort of, on one of the points i made in one of my articles on the proper etiquette involving heel fans. But he whines more about it than I did. My point was that the smart insider chants are what ruin the effect when you're trying to get heat. I was a heel fan growing up. I cheered the Horsemen, I cheered The Midnight Express, and I stood and saluted when Nikolai Volkoff asked the fans to please rise and respect the singing of the Russian national anthem. I got spit on at the omni one time when Dusty and The Road warriors beat Tully, Arn and Flair. "Take that you ******!" some redneck yelled at me. A friend of mine debated whether or not to get security to throw the guy out, but then decided it would be safer to just move seats. You can boo or cheer whoever you want, but if I ever make my return to TNA by splitting Sting's skull with a baseball bat, please don't chant "Welcome back! Welcome back!" at me. It's my humble opinion that Raven's articles and their failed attempt at humor don't add much to this site.

    *So now Joe Legend is going to agree with me on Shark Boy. Just admit it, Joe. You agree with EVERYTHING I write, but you'd rather just play the part of the fool and disagree to make more of a name for yourself at

    *It's time for John Cena to change his gimmick. The only people that cheer him are adolescent kids, and EVERYONE else boos him out of the building. He looks great, speaks well, and does a wanna be Eminem bodybuilder gimmick. And they're pushing him as a face? o.k. But don't scratch your head when he gets the most heat on the show. It's not rocket science. Put a white polyester suit on him, let him dance around like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, and draws some friggin' ratin's for cryin' out loud!

    *Why was it so difficult to figure out when booking the Big Show vs. Mayweather who was going to be the heel? To me it was so simple. Mayweather is the biggest heel in sports, slightly ahead of T.O., and The Big Show was Andre the Giant. Is it just me, or did everyone forget that Andre was one of the biggest babyfaces in wrestling for like fifteen years before he turned on Hogan? Little loud mouth talks shit, big guy shows up to shut him up. Mayweather and his entourage could have gotten heat on Show every week building up to Mania. I wonder how different wrestling would be today if I had ever gotten creative control in WWE.

    *I guess pro wrestling is the only sports or entertainment event that you're not allowed to go see the competition live. I feel pretty bad for that Highlander guy. Would Tom Brady get cut if he went to a Yankee game? I thought that whole ordeal was so ridiculous. Jeff was like, "If you go to Mania, just make sure you've got a TNA shirt on."

    *It was good hanging out with Shane Helms and some of my other friends from WWE this past weekend at the infamous TGI Fridays summitt. It wouldn't have even been a story if they didn't tell their guys not to hang out with TNA talent, as if that was going to happen. Our hotels were literally right next to each other. The boys will always hang out with the boys. We'll tell stories, buy shots for each other, and talk behind each other's backs when they're not around. Nothing's changed.

    *I guess nobody wants to debate me anymore, since I've squashed all of the previous competition. Maybe i could debate some old school ECW mark on whose articles are better, mine, or Raven's. It would probably end up as an Ebert Roeper movie review. As a side note, if Ebert doesn't give a movie a thumbs up, I don't see it. Imagine how disappointed my degenerate gambling ass was when the new movie "21" got one and a half stars. It was such a great book, about how the MIT students took down Vegas with their card counting teams. Wait, wasn't I talking about debating Raven or something like that? Damn. I forgot I've got ADD, too.

    these are all just my opinions. i could be wrong, but I'm probably not.

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