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Discussion in 'Campaigning' started by hatehabsforever, Dec 2, 2010.

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    Blue Cardinal has his campaign thread, as does Ferbian and DirtyJose, and deservedly so, but I think that nickb03 definitely deserves someone to start a campaign thread on his behalf as well. Of the 5 guys automatically added to the list of nominees, nickb03 is severely under-rated, and that's a shame because I think he is an excellent poster. He will have his hands full here with some pretty tough competition, but I think this guy should really get some strong consideration for ROTY.

    I typically enjoy reading his posts in the WWE and TNA sections and find myself agreeing with his viewpoiont the vast majority of the time. While most of his threads that I read are non-spam, he is able to hold his own in the spam areas as well.

    I say nickb03 should get some votes as ROTY. Hopefully some people will look beyond the other guys and recognize him for the quality poster that he is.
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    Thanks for the campaign thread, it's about damn time! ;)
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    nick was my choice before I realized that Jose was eligible. nick deserves to win it just as much as the Dirty One. Excellent poster.

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