Int Region, Third Round, Ladder Match: (2) Randy Savage vs. (7) Rey Mysterio

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Who Wins This Match?

  1. Randy Savage

  2. Rey Mysterio

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  1. justinsayne

    justinsayne Cody Rhodes is an excellant

    Sep 8, 2006
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    Lets face it, the only way Mysterio gets enough votes to win this match is if he ends up being found dead before the polls close, it really doesn't matter what th stipulation is people are just going to blindly vote for Savage, not that he's a bad wrestler or anything. All that aside I voted Rey, he's got the experience advantage for one, whether or not Ladder Matches existed when Savage was wrestling is a moot point (though it should be pointed out that they DID exist, with the first ladder match taking place in 1972, with other ladder matches happening in 1983, & 1987) the fact remains he's never competed in one so going into the match Rey will have an immediate advantage in that department. Second, Rey is the ultimate underdog, the man has made a career out of winning matches he shouldn't stand a chance of winning, this should be no different. Third Savage just got out of a brutal match with Brock Lesnar, he's going to be hurting, & likely not at 100% going into this match up, I mean we just saw what kind of damage he did to Cena in a losing effort, do you really think Savage is going to come out of a match with Brock in much better shape than Cena did?
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  2. Mighty NorCal

    Mighty NorCal SHALL WE BEGIN?

    Dec 5, 2006
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    Great googa mooga, every year.

    I implore one of you to show me a move that Savage used to do, that I, an ordinary man, could not go out into my backyard and do off of a fence right this very moment. Was he quick and agile, sure, but all this wanking over his incredible aerial attack is absurd. It is nowere in the same LEAGUE as the kinds of things mysterio can and could do, even when he was a pudgy mcpudge pudge. Sam, you dishonour myself, AND Rey Mysterio for taking this raping so willfully.

    The fact that Savage's matches were step by step choreographed down to the slightest detail helped him look even faster, given the lack of transition time and spot planning. By this, his matches flowed extremely well, and there was little need to slow down. Even still, his "amazing aerial attack that rivals Rey Mysterio" consisted of....Flying double axe handle (just did it, off of my fence) flying elbow drop (just did it, off of my fence) and the jump over the ropes to the floor stun gun thingy. (just did it, over the side of my couch). Was Savage fast and agile? Decidedly so. Arm-drag city, son. But to sit here and say "he can do anything Mysterio can, but at 250" its utterly fucking preposterous, and the usual smark wankfest that Savage recieves every year. I have seen many Savage matches, and nary a one fucking time have I ever seen a springboard moonsault, a wheelbarrow body scissors, a springboard ddt, or a hurrcarana.

    On to this title reign everyone speaks of....Sure its a fun fact to throw around, unless you want to be unbiased for a moment (which few of you can be, since Savage holds such a warm childhood place in your heart) you can see that while Savage may have held the title, the show was still ALL about Hogan, and a means to run the Mega Powers angle, were Savage would drop the title back to...Hogan. He dressed in Hogans colors, not the other way around. When they teamed, Hogan still came out last. Shit, he WON the title with Hogans intereference. At both subsequent PPVs were Savage was champion, did his title defenses main event the show? ah, wait, no they didnt. Him tag teaming with HOGAN did. You Savage wanksters can site this title reign all you would like, but all it ever was to be was a means to run a long storyline to set up Wrestlemania 5, and thats it. Great angle, and sure he had to be over to be involved in it, but lets stop kidding ourselves pretending it had more to do with Savage than it did with an angle and putting Hogan over again.

    Sure you can say Rey's first title win was because of which I would say its debateable wether he would have gotten that first title win without it. It certainley played zero role in the second one.

    I am not saying anyone should vote for Mysterio, just trying to break up the biased, kiddie memories wank fest we have going here. This match is much, much closer than most are making it out to be.
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  3. Uncle Sam

    Uncle Sam Rear Naked Bloke

    Aug 24, 1973
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    Where, I ask you, is young JGlass? You invited the man into your home and yet he's too busy defending Ric Flair from a beating which, frankly, he has coming to make a single post in this thread. Meanwhile, I'm in here, arguing as legitimate case as one can for Mysterio:

    Furthermore, I'm going to make a new argument for Rey Mysterio - attire. "Sam, that's just Coco's defense of Mario Kart all over again, isn't it?" you moan lamely. Yeah, well, maybe it is. Savage is one of the few wrestlers who can match Mysterio in terms of colour and variety, but do you know how hard it is to look consistently cool as a luchadore? Most of them look like complete fucking *****. Rey, silver body paint aside, doesn't. Usually. Sometimes.

  4. Poop Master Flex

    Poop Master Flex Mid-Card Championship Winner

    Mar 1, 2008
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    There are very few wrestlers I would take over Savage and Mysterio aint one of them.

    I have no doubt Savage would do very well in a ladder match and would adapt to the match itself quickly. Rey isn't nearly as big in his prime as Savage was. Also, Savage is much more vicious than Mysterio and would use the ladder as a weapon in many different, creative ways, it is Savage afterall.

    I think the match would be close and Mysterio would definitely have moments where he comes close to winning but I don't see him pulling off the victory over Randy Savage, very few people would.
  5. Whopperle

    Whopperle Yes!

    Oct 25, 2010
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    I don't even think that the stipulation features any wrestler here. In his prime Savage was one of the lighter (considering the time) and more agile wrestler. If there were ladder matches at that time, Savage would probably have fought in those and would have been performing well. So I don't think that the stip would be a disadvantage for Savage.

    Considering that Savage has accomplished more than Mysterio, my Vote is the Macho Man's.
  6. cult_of_icecream_bar

    cult_of_icecream_bar Pre-Show Stalwart

    Dec 17, 2011
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    Voting rey.Remember savage is better than rey in ring.But rey is way more experienced in this type of match than savage.This match will be a spot fest,probably a huge elbow drop from top rope by savage. But still mysterio edges him only due to experience.

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