How to Save the Regal Angle

Discussion in 'Columns Lounge' started by Steamboat Ricky, May 12, 2008.

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    I was taking a shower just now, and having seen the Raw preview commerical on USA, I thought to myself, "This 'turn the lights off' gimmick for Regal could really go somewhere if they would just use their brains."

    Let's think about last week:

    -Regal turns the lights out multiple times.

    -Everyone gets royally pissed because it's taking away from the product.

    Well, this clearly was a bad move for the WWE, as it brings bad heel heat on Regal and also takes away from the live audience who pays quite a bit to see some wrestling. Not to mention, it's like dead-air time. Wait, it IS dead-air time. The point of watching TV is to be constantly stimulated and entertained. If I wanted to watch a screen that's black, I would just turn off my TV and reduce my electric bill.

    But tonight, John Cena returns for the first time since Backlash (I think). What a better way for him to return, than for Regal to ask for the lights to go out, only to have the light operations be taken over by a returning John Cena. This very well may put over John Cena the way that WWE had hoped recently, as it would totally put Regal in his "place." This could set up a heel faction with the likes of Regal and JBL, a heel stable that the WWE desperately needs. There are too many individuals of which to keep track.

    Or, they could do a similar thing replacing Cena with Triple H, which may be the logical choice since he is WWE Champ and slated for a feud with Regal. He could keep the lights on, creating a defiant Stone Cold-esque character to feud with the power heavy Regal. The powerful v. overwhelming underdog angle works 99/100 times.

    Hopefully, in about 10 minutes, we'll see this angle become rectified.
  2. X

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    Feb 6, 2007
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    How is this "clearly" a bad move? Are you kidding me? This is easily one of the best angles the WWE has done in a long, long time. They're actually doing some ORIGINAL for once. "Bad" heel heat? There IS NO bad heel heat, the point of a heel is for the crowd to fucking despise you. Regal is getting RIDICULIOUS heel heat right now, some of the best I've seen in a long time. And he only turns the lights out for a grand total of 10 or 11 seconds so I don't see how that's in any way screwing the audience or wasting TV time. They spend more time then that advertising M & M's, is that dead air time too?

    While I like the idea of a heel stable, why JBL & Regal? They share nothing in common right now and there would be no point to it. What does Regal need JBL for? As muscle? Why use that spot for an already established star in JBL when you could use a mid-carder like Paul Burchill in that role and give instant credibility to Burchill?

    A Triple H and Cena stable? That would make zero sense considering the two were feuding not even a month ago. I like the underdog idea, but it's nothing new and the WWE have already been doing it for the past 5 years with Cena.

    Wrestling fans are fucking NEVER, EVER satisfied these days. It's ricidulious. Does anyone here actually enjoy watching RAW, or just criticizing it? The WWE may be the mater of fuck-ups, but when they do something right we should give them credit. This Regal angle has worked perfectly and will continue to work perfectly.

    If someone can present me with a logical argument as to why the WWE needs to change an angle that is going over more then ANY OTHER angle in the entire company, please respond.
  3. Mighty NorCal

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    Dec 5, 2006
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    I thoroughly agree with X. I do, and always have, loved this angle. The tyrant GM angle never fails, and there are SO many ways this can go, as he is also foreighn, and can raise up a stable and get over young guys with it. Its like every classically, regularly, garunteed successfull angles rolled into one. You have the tyrant GM angle, the foreighner angle, and the young heel stable (possibly) angle. And Regal is pulling it off brilliantly. The only problem I have with it is THERE ISNT ENOUGH OF IT. Honestly. They should push this thing even harder, and get more guys (the heels) involved with it. And X you are right, IWCers are never satisfied, thats why everyone and they momma is "boycotting" wrestling right now. Rather dramatic if you ask me.
  4. Father:_Polley

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    Oct 5, 2007
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    The regal angle is working perfectly. Think about almost exclusively got everyone CHEERING John Cena. Even the guys! It's being used perfectly to play up the JBL/Cena feud into something legit, as well as managing to divert MORE heel heat onto William Regal than usual and that is pretty hard to do.

    He screwed over a guy who WWE WANTS people to cheer for - they cheer
    He associated himself with Mr McMahon and had Lillian Garcia sing God Save the Queen to play up the foreign heel to get people to boo him - they boo.
    He turned the lights out and managed to attract the wrath of HHH for a future programme - sounding good.
    Add to that the prospect of using Birchill and others to do his bidding (as he's showed he'll do with JBL), and WWE might actually not drop the ball on this
  5. kylexxx

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    I mentioned this in my book your favorite to the top thread but it fits here in part so here is

    the formation of Regal's royal stable, the Roundtable.

    Regal comes out on RAW and introduces his new stable consisting of, Orton, Burchill, Lea + 1 TBA.

    Regal: 'Seeing as all of you people don't respect me, I have taken it upon myself to force you into respecting me. We are setting upon a quest to take all the gold here on RAW. We just need one more knight for the roundtable. Starting next week will be the RAW conquest tourament.

    The idea behind the stable is
    Orton is becomes WWE [more likely] or IC champ.
    Burchill becomes IC champ or tag champs
    Katie becomes Womens champ
    Regal becomes Tag champ or IC or WWE[less likely]
    Final member becomes Tag or IC

    This could lead to many other fued possibilities and possible pushs, I mentioned in my book this a possible way of getting Shelton over, but could work for a majority of stars.

    By establishing Regal's stable with all the gold, huge heel heat because Regal had a hand in all of the title victories, you could setup all the babyfaces fueds for the respective titles. Also always for a big face turn by one of the stable members, start of accidentally sabotaging the stable in matches and then reveal it was deliberate and have them bring down the stable

    The possibilities are endless if done right
  6. MisterRob

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    Nov 22, 2007
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    Why would they place Orton or JBL with Regal? William Regal is being pushed as a main event heel and he'll soon, I'm sure, be competing against the WWE Champion Triple H himself. Why would he need another major heel to overshadow him? The stable idea would be fine, especially with both Paul Burchill and Katie as they fit perfectly with him and Burchill has history with him. They're new, they're unproven, and they could clearly use a push alongside Regal. But Regal also deserves to be pushed in this storyline as the leading force behind it, and that means he should be competing against the WWE champion and in the main events. He's long been underutilized, in my opinion, and I'm glad he's getting this opportunity and hope he gets pushed as far as it can take him.

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