When I Saw Rock Bottom By Kevin Kelly

Discussion in 'Columns Lounge' started by Monkey_Mania, May 27, 2008.

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    To me this is an excellent column. Kevin states that even though willingly or not Regal seems to not be down the same path he was in 1999. I have to agree. No matter what he did it still is wrong but at least we dont have to worry that he might be spiraling out of control.

    He also goes to state that Steroids dont take your soul like painkillers do. Do you agree? I think that they do. It still is a drug and like every other drug there is a chance or risk of dependency. What are your guys thoughts on this column?
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    With 'roids the risk of addiction is lessened. They bulk you up without work and the addiction comes from an obsession with figure. painkillers are a different matter. As someone who suffers from bad headaches on a regular basis, I have to limit my intake of codeine to treat them, because the sensation of drowsiness and warmth is addictive, and that's with a less potent painkiller. They are scarily addictive...i've seen the effects and how hard they are to give up.

    I'm glad william regal isn't back to what he did before, and it was more a stupid desire to look good for his return was the cause. He's stupid rather than a drug addict

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