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    GPW News

    New Talent In an attempt to get some fresh faces atkeast 7 new superstars have been signed. We do not know who any of these talents are but 3 of them will debut on this weeks Ultimate Generation, and next weeks GPW.

    Last Man standing, Final Face off At the next PPV, Ultimate Showdown, MVP and John Cena will face off in a Last Man Standing Final faceoff match, meaning that this will be the final match for the GPW title between these two for an entire year. Meaning this truly is the Ultimate Showdown.
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    Ultimate Generation comes on and we are told by Tazz that the first match features two of the three new appearing talents.

    Match 1 - Carlito and Eddie Colon vs Team British Regal and Eddie started off with Regal pounding Eddie. Burchill got tagged in and went for a suplex but Edddie reversed it and tagged in Carltio. They went at each other until Carlito hit a back suplex.

    The ending saw Carlito whip Burchill into Regal and then hit an impaler ddt. He dragged Burchill towards his corner and tagged in Eddie who hit a moonsault. Pin..1..2..3! Your winners, THE COLON BROTHERS!! They celebrated their successful debut.

    Backstage: JBL angrily walks into Heyman's office.

    JBL: HEYMAN! What was that stunt you pulled about last week?

    Heyman Well Bradshaw, you said you wanted a title match. So I gave you one. Now I was watching the match last week and I was severely disappointed. Surely a wrestling god like yourself shouldn't go down so easy. So I put you in a rematch with Benjamin tonight.
    But this time, it's a triple threat match. And one of the new talents will be debuting in that match. So good luck to you.

    Heyman left his office leaving an angered JBL.

    Match 2 - Mr.Kennedy vs Elijah Burke in a no-count out match Burke attacked Kennedy in the middle of his entrance. Kennedy poked Burke in the eyes and gained control. He threw Burke to the outside and followed. Burke flipped him into the steps.
    They both got back in the ring and Burke hit a crossbody. He set Kennedy up in the corner but missed the Elijah Experiance and Kennedy rolled him up. 1..2..3! Your winner, MR.KENNNEDDYY! After the match Kennedy stomped on Burke. He left the ring with a smirk on his face.

    Backstage: Booker and Shawn are talking.

    HBK: Look Booker last week you left me at the mecy of Khali, now tonight I have a match. And if that giant oaf walks down to the ring again you better warn me. Got it?

    Booker: Yea dawg I got ya back. But you better make sure your focused on your opponent. Cause I can't help you wit dat.

    They left the locker room.

    Match 3 - HBK w/Booker vs CM Punk Shawn came out with Booker. Him and Punk locked up and Punk hit an armdrag. Punk was dominating as Shawn seemed to be worried about Khali and Booker. The end saw Shawn miss a cross body and Punk lock in an armbar when Khali came out. Booker warned Shanw who was in an armbar so Booker ran in and stomped Punk.
    Booker picked Shawn up and hit the scissors kick on Shawn and left the ring. Punk rolled out and Khali beat down on Shawn. Booker looked on with a grin.

    Backstage: Kurt Angle is being interviewd on his match later on with Cody Rhodes.

    Todd: Kurt, later on you take on Cody Rhodes,now both Orton and Dibiase will be at ringside. Are you worried at all that they might attack you like last week?

    Kurt: Well Todd, to tell ya the truth, I hope Orton and Dibiase try something. Because believe me if they do then it will be their fault when I break all three of their ankles. And believe me, it's true, it's damn true!!!

    Match 4 - Shelton Benjamin vs JBL vs Shawn Spears for the International title Shawn Spears is the debuting talent. Benjamin and Spears team up on JBL and throw hin to the outside. They go up against each other and Spears hits a dropkick to the face. He picks Benjamin up but Benjamin hits the T-BONE. 1..2..KICK OUT! They had several more near falls.
    The match ended with Benjamin getting set up for a death valley driver. But JBL came back in after staying on the outside and hit the Clothesline From Hell on Spears. Pin..1..2..3! Your winner and new International Champion, JBL! After the match he stomped on Benjamin and went back to the locker room.

    Backstage: Shawn is being checked on by the doctors.

    Main Event - Kurt Angle vs Cody Rhodes w/ Randy Orton & Ted Dibiase They locked up and Kurt used a double leg takedown. Angle dominated Rhodes and hit 10 german suplexes. He picked Rhodes up and hit a belly to belly slam. He pulled the straps down and hit the Angle Slam. He picked him up and hit another one. He locked in the Ankle Lock and Rhodes quickly tapped. Your winner by submission, KURT ANGLE!

    After the match Orton and Dibiase came in and Angle battled them both off until the numbers caught up to him. But then Batista's music hit and Batista and Mysterio came out. They helped Kurt and they all hit their finishers. Paul Heyman came out.

    Paul: So you guys really like going at each other. Well let me tell ya something. Next week, right here on Ultimate Generation it will be Kurt Angle, teaming up with Batista and Mysterio taking on Orton, Rhodes, and Dibiase in a 6 man elimination match!

    The show went off air with Kurt smiling and Orton looking pissed.
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    The fireworks go off and GPW comes on. Cena comes to the ring.

    Cena: Now last week, MVP beat me for my title. Now I was talking to coach and I will get my rematch this sunday at Ultimate Showdown. But before that I must compete here tonight. So whoever I'm facing, get down here right now.

    Chris Hero's music hits and he makes his debut.

    Match 1 - Cena vs Chris Hero Both men put on a good contest as Hero gained control. Chris locked in several submissions early on but Cena kept powering out. Chris went for a dropkick but Cena countered.
    The ending saw Hero dodge the FU and hit the Hero's Welcome. Pin..1..2..3! Your winner, CHRIS HERO!!! Chris celebrated his debut victory on the ramp. (10:32 match)

    Backstage: HHH is talking to Kane and Big Show.

    HHH: You guys did your job last night. So I spoke to Coach. You two will be getting a title shot at Ultimate Showdown. But first tonight you are taking on two new debuting wrestler's. So good luck and good job on making sure Rocky wasn't here tonight.

    He left the locker room.

    Match 2 - AJ Styles vs Evan Bourne Bourne hit hurracanranas and kicks early on. Styles gained control with suplex and suplex variations. Bourne hit a double knee bash to the face but he missed the SSP. Styles waited for him to get up but he missed the Styles Clash as Bourne countered into a hurracanrana. Bourne went for another but Styles held on and hit the Styles Clash. Pin..1..2..3!! Your winner, AJ STYLES!! (13:52 Match)

    Backstage: Coach addressed the fans on the 3 stages of Hell match. He said the first fall was a normal match, the second fall was under no-dq rules. He said the last match would be held inside a steel cage.

    Edge came down to the ring. He said that he is going to hurt Jeff Hardy. He said he is going to hurt Jeff because he is tired of being pushed around.

    Match 3 - Edge vs Jeff Hardy The match started with Edge punching Jeff. When Edge threw Hardy into a corner he went for the Whisper in the Wind but Edge ducked. Edge punished Hardy with stomps to the back. He locked in the Edgecator but Hardy got to the ropes and Edge released the hold. Edge was yelling at the ref.

    Hardy got up and went for the twist of fate but Edge pushed him into the turnbuckle.
    The match ended with Hardy missing the Swanton and Edge hitting the spear as he got up. Your winner, EDGE!! After the match Edge beat Hardy until he was bloodied. (15:27)

    Backstage: Cena walks into coaches office.

    Cena: Look Coach, earlier on I was in a match. So wouldn't it seem fair to put MVP into a match?

    Coach: Y'now Cena that is a good idea. I think I'll go tell MVP now.
    Coach left the room.

    Match 4 - Kane and Big Show vs Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black Jimmy and Tyler were the debuting talent. Miz and Morrison were at ring side. Tyler and Kane started off. Tyler hit right hands and a suplex on Kane. He put Kane in a leg lock but he broke out. Tyler went for a brainbuster but Kane hit a suplex. He tagged in Show and Black tagged in Jacobs. Jacobs dodged a clothesline and hit a chop block.

    The end of the match saw Miz jump on the apron so Tyler Black could nail Show with a springboard clothesline which turned him into a spear. Jacobs locked him in a guillotine as Miz jumped off the apron and Black clotheslined Kane. Show passed out and the ref stopped the match. Your winners, by knockout, JACOBS AND BLACK!! On the ramp Jacobs had a mic.

    He said that since they beat the number on contenders, that they should be number one contenders. They then left. (Match length was 29:56)

    Backstage: MVP is looking at the title when his cell phone rings. He has a conversation that the cameras don't pick up.

    Match 5 - Mark Henry vs JTG w/Shad Mark Henry dominated JTG. He hit slam after slam. The match ended with Shad jumping on the apron only to have Henry boot him off. He turned around and hit another slam on JTG. He followed up with a top rope splash. Pin..1..2..3! Your winner, MARK HENRY!!

    Backstage: Coach walks in on MVP's conversation. He explains that MVP has a match up next. MVP looks furious.

    Main Event - MVP vs Chris Jericho They locked up and Jericho hit a northern lights suplex. Jericho controlled early and was targeting the abdominal area. He locked in an abdominal stretch. MVP got out by hitting an arm drag into an armbar. MVP began targeting the arm and hit a leg drop to the arm. He locked in a fujiwar armbar. Jericho battled out.
    Both men traded right hands while getting back to their feet. Jericho went off the ropes. MVP hit an STO and pinned Jericho who kicked out at 2. Jericho got up and hit a dropkick.
    Both men pulled out every move in their arsenal. At one point MVP kicked out of the lionsault and codebreaker and Jericho kicked out of two drive-by boots. The ending saw MVP miss a dropkick and Jericho lock in the Walls of Jericho (complete with him driving his knee into the back) After several minutes MVP tapped. Your winner, by submisssion, CHRIS JERICHO!!! Jericho celebrated his hard earned victory as the show went off air. Main Event match length was 37:23.
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    Names of all new roster editions If you have been following, which you must of been since you are reading this newsletter, you will have noticed some new names appearing to the show. Well here are all 10 of the new editions, well 8 actualy, 2 haven't been released yet.

    Chris Hero

    Jimmy Jacobs

    Tyler Black

    Shawn Spears

    Carlito Colon

    Eddie Colon

    Nic Nemeth

    Chris Cage
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    Ultimate Generation came on the air and HBK Shawn Michaels came down to the ring.

    HBK: Last week I was in the middle of a match when the Punjabi Giant, Great Khali came down. Now I thought my friend Booker T had my back, but instead he came in the ring and attacked me. Not only that, he left me in the ring at the mercy of Khali. So now this Sunday at Ultimate Showdown, Booker it will be me and you, one on one, in a hardcore match.

    Booker came down to the ring.

    Booker: Look Shawn, I tried to warn you. But you were to busy with that Punk. I attacked you I admit that. But Shawn I did it so people would realise that you're not the greatest. I Booker T, I Booker T the champion, am the greatest ever, Now can you dig that Sucka!!!!

    Punk came to the ring.

    CM Punk: Booker T, you think you're the greatest. Last week I was dominating this man, Shawn Michaels. And you called yourself champion, well I don't see a title around your waist. And Shawn, admit it, I would've made you tap last week had it not been for Booker and Khali.

    Shawn looked at the ground. He then superkicked Punk out of nowhere. Him and Booker began fighting when Khali's music hit. Khali was walking down to the ring. Shawn and Booker continued fighting. Booker hit a kick to the gut and rolled out of the ring.
    Khali entered the ring but Shawn had recovered. He ran out of the ring and Heyman walked onto the ramp.

    Heyman: After watching this, I have decided to make a change to the HBK, Booker T match at Showdown. So now instead it will be HBK vs Booker T vs CM Punk vs Great Khali in a hardcore fatal four way elimination match. Now can you dig that, sucka?

    He left backstage and no man but Khali seemed pleased.

    Match 1 - Mr. Kennedy vs Shawn Spears Elijah Burke was at ringside. Kennedy did his own introduction. Spears was in control early on and hit a suplex pin. 1..2..kick out. Kennedy gained control with an eye rake. Kennedy worked over the neck area and hit a reverse ddt.
    Kennedy dominated for several minutes and the end saw Kennedy wait for Spears to get up so he could hit the mic check but Elijah jumped on the apron. Kennedy turned around to punch him but Burke jumped off.
    Kennedy turned back around and Spears picked him up in the middle of the ring. He had Kennedy on his shoulders. He hit a running Death Valley Driver. Pin..1..2..3! Your winner, SHAWN SPEARS!!!!! (Match Length - 14:28)

    Backstage: Chavo is walking around and Matt Hardy accidentaly bumps into him.

    Matt: My bad.

    Chavo: Yea, well it wouldn't be your bad if you watched where you were going.

    Matt: Look Chavo, I said my bad. Don't get an attitude with me.

    Chavo: Ya know what, I'm tired of people telling me what to do. So how about we take this out to the ring?

    Matt: Fine with me. Lets go.

    They both walked out to the ring.

    Match 2 - Matt Hardy vs Chavo Guerrero Before a ref got to the ring Chavo hit a low blow on Matt. Chavo stomped on Matt. After Chavo's beatdown Matt began to battle back but Chavo stoped the comeback with an eye rake. They battled back and forth for several minutes until Chavo countered the Twist of Fate into a neckbreaker. Chavo went to the top rope and hit a frog splash. 1..2..3! Your winner, CHAVO GUERRERO!! After the match he kicked Hardy out of the ring. (7:23 match)

    Backstage: Kurt is in a locker room with Batista and Rey talking stadegy.

    JBL walks into Heyman's office.

    JBL: Look Heyman, I won this title, so when do I get a World Title shot?

    Paul: Well Bradshaw, if you successfully defend your title against Benjamin and the last new talent coming to Ultimate Generation, then you can have your World Title match the moment after the Kurt Angle and Randy Orton match ends at Ultimate Showdown. Oh yea, your match is next.
    Heyman left his office.

    JBL came to the ring followed by Shelton Benjamin. They were awating the new talent when all through the crowd all you heard was... ONE OF A KIND! The crowd went wild as RVD stepped out from beyond the curtain. He looked around and did his signature RVD taunt.

    Match 3 - JBL vs Shelton Benjamin vs RVD RVD dominated both men with kicks early on. Shelton Benjamin took control by hitting a t-bone suplex. Later on RVD regained control with a roundhouse to the head of JBL, followed by a backflip into a sweep kick on Benjamin.
    The ending saw Benjamin attempt the Gold Rush on JBL who pushed him off. JBL went for the clothesline on Benjamin but RVD came out of nowhere and hit a spinning heel kick on JBL. Rvd hit a dropkick on Benjamin followed by Rolling Thunder. RVD went to the top. He hit the Five Star Frog Splash on Benjamin. 1..2.. JBL came out of nowhere and hit RVD in the back of the head with the title.
    The match ended in a no-contest as RVD and Benjamin were knocked out in the ring while JBL was clutching his title on the ramp. (27:45)

    Backstage : Kurt Angle and Paul are talking on type of match Orton and Angle are having at Showdown. They eventually decide that it will be a 60 minute Iron man Match.

    Main Event - Kurt Angle, Batista, and Rey Mysterio vs Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, and Ted Dibiase in a 6 man elimination tag match. Rhodes and Dibiase run down the ramp as Batista is making his entrance, they double team him and throw him in the ring as Angle comes down. Mysterio and Orton start off.
    Orton dominates Rey mostly using European Uppercuts. The first elimination came at 10:52 when Orton knocked Angle and Batista off the apron and hit an RKO on Mysterio. 1..2..3! Mysterio is eliminated. Batista comes in and Orton tags in Cody. Cody works over the knee of Batista. He applies a leg lock but Batista reaches and tags in Kurt who comes in and scares Orton and Ted off and hits a german suplex on Cody. He pulls the straps down and hits the Angle Slam on Cody. Batista gets up and spears Ted off the apron. Pin by Angle. 1..2..3! Cody is eliminated at 17:57.

    Orton is forced to come in. Angle gets him in a chicken wing but quickly released. "Randy can't wrestle" chants are started. Orton tags in Ted who is still hurt and quickly gets eliminated after he taps to a Batista bearhug at 22:12. Ted is eliminated.
    Orton runs in and clotheslines both men. He pulls Batista up and hits an RKO. 1..2..3! Batista is eliminated at 23:01. Kurt gets back up and enters. Once again Kurt takes him up and the chants start again. Kurt puts him in a leg lock. Orton gets to the ropes.
    The ending saw Cody Rhodes run back down and distract Angle who punches him off. Angle turns around into an RKO!! 1..2..3! Angle is eliminated!
    Your winners, Randy Orton,Cody Rhodes, and Ted Dibiase!!! (36:52)

    After the match Orton taunts Angle as the show goes off air.
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    GPW Newsletter

    Ultimate Showdown matches Here is the card for Ultimate Showdown

    Kane and Big Show vs Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black vs Miz and Morrison for the GPW Tag Titles

    Shelton Benjamin vs RVD vs JBL vs Shawn Spears for the International Title

    Kofi Kingston vs Evan Bourne in a ladder match for the Next Generation Title

    Triple H vs The Rock in a 3 stages of hell match

    Shawn Michaels vs CM Punk vs Booker T vs The Great Khali in a Fatal 4 way hardcore elimination match

    Team Priceless vs Team British vs Chris Cage and Nic Nemeth vs The Colon Brothers for the Ultimate Tag Titles in a 4 team elimination match

    Jeff Hardy vs Edge in a first blood match

    Mr. Kennedy vs Elijah Burke

    Kurt Angle vs Randy Orton for the Ultimate Generation Title in a 60 minute iron man match

    John Cena vs MVP for the GPW title in a last man standing match
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    Extreme fireworks go off. Welcome every one to Ultimate Showdown!!!

    The first match begins

    Kane and Big Show vs Tyler Black and Jimmy Jacobs vs Miz and Morrison for the GPW tag titles. The rules for this match are: 1 competitor from each team will be in the ring. If one person scores a fall then the person who either tapped or was pinned will be eliminated. For example if Kane pins Miz then Miz is out and Morrison is the only one left on his team. Now on to the match.

    Miz, Show and Jacobs started out. Miz and Jacobs teamed up on Show but he overpowered them. Jacobs rolled out of the ring. Show was decimating Miz when Morrison jumped off the apron to put Jacobs back in but Black cut him off with Boot to the head. Back in the ring Show hit a chokeslam on Miz and eliminated him. Only Morrison was left on his team.

    Jacobs got back in the ring and Show tagged in Kane. Jacobs used speed to get around Kane's power but Kane eventually caught him with an uppercut.
    After several minutes of decimating Jacobs Morrison came back in and hit a cross body on Kane. Jacobs went for a boot on Morrison but he ducked and the ref got hit instead. Everyone entered the ring. Kane and Big Show cleaned house but Black got a chair and knocked them both to the floor.

    Jacobs pinned Kane and eliminated him and then pinned Show and eliminated him. Jacobs tagged in Black and they both waited for Morrison to get up. When he did they ran off the opposite rops and Black hit a Boot and Jacobs hit a chopblock. (So that Morrisons leg would torque forwards and his neck backwards) Pin on Morrison 1..2..3! Your winners and new GPW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS, JIMMY JACOBS AND TYLER BLACK They held up the titles as the crowd booed. (22:33)

    Backstage: Randy Orton is preparing for his iron man match.

    Match 2 - Ken Kennedy vs Elijah Burke A video package aired showing the rivalry between these two. Kennedy came out first. Elijah interrupted the introduction. Elijah was taking it to Kennedy with right hands. Kennedy poked him in the eyes to regain control. As has been the case in this fued they both were evenly matched.

    The end saw Kennedy go for the Mic Check but Elijah got out and push Kennedy into a corner. Kennedy put his hands out so he wouldn't hit the ref. Elijah went for the Elijah Experiance but Kennedy moved and the ref ducked. Kennedy got a roll up. 1..2..3!! Your winner MR. KENNNEDDYYY!!! Kennedy rolled out fo the ring and Elijah looked pissed. (15:00)

    Backstage : MVP is on his cell phone talking to the man. He asks if he's here yet then asks when should he expect him.

    Match 3 - Kofi Kingston vs Evan Bourne for the GPW Next Generation Title This match saw high spots. At on point Bourne did an SSP to a standing Kofi on the outside. Kofi gained control for good after he threw Bourne into the ladder.
    The match ended with both men climbing on the ladder. Kofi grabbed Bourne as if he was going to suplex him but he jumped down and hit an Orange Crush off the ladder!!! Kofi climbed up and grabbed the belt to retain. Your winner and still champion, KOFI KINGSTON!

    Backstage: Heyman is watching the PPV and taking notes.

    Match 4 - Jeff Hardy vs Edge in a first blood match As Jeff was making his entrance Edge ran out and attacked him. He threw him into the post and into the ring. Edge grabbed a chair and and grabbed Hardy up and hit him with the chair. Hardy got busted wide open. Your winner, EDGE!!!! (0:45)

    Backstage: Orton tells Team Priceless that if they help him tonight, he will give them both a title shot.

    Match 5 - Shawn Michaels vs Great Khali vs Booker T vs CM Punk in a elimination hardcore match All three men ganged up on Khali. They brought him down and Booker hit the scissors kick. Shawn hit an elbow drop and Punk nailed a springboard splash. 1..2..3! Khali was eliminated.

    Booker and Shawn began fighting and Booker threw Shawn under the bottom rope. Shawn began throwing weapons in the ring. CM PUNK tried to hit the GTS but Booker countered and hit a low blow. He went off the ropes and hit a scissors kick. Pin..1..2..3! Punk is eliminated.

    Shawn and Booker began brawling. Shawn picked up a stop sign and hit Booker. Shawn began hitting Booker with a variety of weapons. Booker gained advantage off a book end out of nowhere. Booker stomped on Shawn. They fought for several more minutes.

    Booker hit a Scissors Kick. 1..2..KICK OUT! Booker went outside and grabbed a chair. He rolled back in the ring and Shawn hit some Sweet Chin Music!! Pin..1..2..3!! Your winner, HBK SHAWN MICHAELS!!!! Shawn got down on his knees and looked extremely tired. After the match Jericho came down and hit Shawn with an enziguri. Jericho looked down at Shawn and spit on him. (19:20}

    Backstage: Shelton is talking to Shawn Spears. He asks him about teaming up on the other two. Spears denies the offer and walks away.

    Match 6 - Team British vs Team Priceless vs The Colon Brothers vs Nic Nemeth and Chris Cage First team to score a pin fall wins. Carlito, Cage, Regal, and Ted start off and they all took out Regal. Cage began to fight Ted and Carlito continued to beatdown Regal.

    Burchill got tagged in and hit the C4 on Carlito. He ran over and clotheslined Ted. Carltio tagged in Eddie who hit a springboard dropkick. The match ended with Cody, Carlito, Burchill, and Nemeth the legal men. Regal ran in and knocked Eddie off the apron and fight him outside. Carlito hit a spinning reverse ddt on Rhodes. Burchill got hit by a kick which sent him out of the ring. Cage ran in and hit a spear on Carltio. Nemeth went to the top and hit a moonsault. 1..2..3!!! Your winners, and first after Ultimate Tag Champs, Nic Nemeth and Chris Cage!! (13:54)

    Backstage: Cena is talking to someone who can't be seen. He asks if the plan is working out. The camera goes over and Bobby Lashely is shown!!

    Lashely: Yea, Montel thinks I got his back.

    Cena nods and they shake hands and Cena leaves.

    Match 7 - JBL vs RVD vs Shelton Benjamin vs Shawn Spears for the International Title Spears goes after Shelton and Van Dam goes after JBL. JBL throws RVD out of the ring. Spears hits a hurracanrana on Shelton. JBL and Spears fight.

    RVD and Shelton reenter and take out the other two. They all 4 fight one another throughout the match. JBL rolls out of the ring. RVD hits a sweep kick on Benjamin. He goes to the top. FIVE-STAR FROG SPLASH ON SHELTON!! Spears grabs Rob and hits a Death Valey Driver. JBL rolls back in but Spears ducks the clothesline and gets a backslide on JBL. 1..2..Kickout.

    Spears hits a heel kick on JBL. Benjamin gets back up and hits the gold rush but gets thrown out by RVD who collapses on Spears. 1..2..3!! Your winner, and new International Champion, RVD ROB VAN DAM!!! (12:00)

    Backstage: Rocky is walking towards the ring, he looks completely focused.

    Match 8 - The Rock vs Triple H in a 3 stages of Hell match

    They both start brawling in the ring. The first fall is a normal match. The Rock hit a spinebuster. He went for the People's Elbow but HHH hit a drop toe hold. The Rock got up and Triple H hit the pedigree. 1..2..3!!!

    The second fall is Hardcore falls count anywhere. Triple H throws The Rock outside. He gets up and the action spills into the crowd. They fight through out the entire crowd until the action spills back over the barricade where Triple H and The Rock climb up the announce table. HHH goes for the pedigree but Rocky counters and hits the Rock Bottom through the table!! Pin..1..2..3!!! Rocky wins the second fall.

    The cage is lowering and The Rock rolls HHH back into the ring. He goes for another Rock Bottom but HHH elbows him in the head and throws him into the cage. HHHH hits a knee bash. They punish each other with the cage and both men become bloodied. The match ended with HHH trying to go over the top but Rocky grabs his leg and pulls him down to the mat. The Rock hit's the people's elbow and locks in the sharpshooter!!! Triple H almost gets to the ropes, but he taps!!! Your winner is THE ROCK!!!!! He lays down in the ring physically exhausted. (45:00)

    Backstage: Kurt Angle is drinking a carton of milk.

    Main Event 1 - Kurt Angle vs Randy Orton for the Ultimate Generation Title in a 60 minute match (only falls and ending)

    Fall 1 - Kurt Angle after 10 german suplexes (at the 42:20)
    Fall 2 - Kurt Angle after Randy taps to an Ankle Lock (at the 35:00)
    Fal 3 - Randy after a roll up (at the 27:37)
    Fall 4 - Kurt After the Angle Slam (at the 9:00)
    Fall 5 - Randy after an RKO (at the 5:00)
    Fall 6 - Randy after a leg lock (at the 3:00)

    The end saw Randy set Angle up backwards on the top rope. Angle battled him off and Orton fell off. Angle looked back. He looked out at the crowd and they cheered. Angle jumped.. MOONSAULT!!! Pin..1..2..3!!! ANGLE WITH THE PIN!! Time expires before Orton can get up. Your winner and still champion after a 4-3 decision, KURT ANGLE!!!

    Kurt Holds the title up and plays to the crowd.

    Backstage: MVP is talking to Lashely.

    Main Event 2 - John Cena vs MVP for the GPW Heavyweight title in a last man standing final face off matchThey lock up and Cena over powers him and slams him to the ground. He gets on top and starts pounding MVP. He picks him up and throws him over the top. The first opening minutes were dominated by Cena.

    They went up to the entrance ramp where MVP hit a snap suplex. 1..2..3..4..5.. Cena got up. MVP repeadetly struck Cena on the way back to the ring. Once in MVP hit a ddt. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..Cena got up and hit a low blow. Cena got a chair and struck MVP with it. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8.. MVP got up. Cena hit an FU and MVP got up at 8.

    The action went back and forth for the rest of the match with both men nearly winning multiple times. Cena hit MVP with a suplex and both men were down. 1..2..3..4..5.. BOBBY LASHELY!! came out to the ring. Both men were staggering to their feet. They both got up, Lashely with a spear!!! SPEAR ON CENA!!!!! 1..2..3..4..5..6..SPEAR ON MVP!!! 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10!! BOTH MEN WERE UNABLE TO GET UP!!!! Lashley was standing in the ring, title in hand. The PPV went off air. (37:22)
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    GPW comes on the air and Bobby Lashely comes out to the ring. He is holding the GPW title

    Lashely: Last night, I single handedly took out John Cena and MVP. Now the way I see it, since I put both men down for a ten count, I should be GPW champion. So I, Bobby Lashely, am officialy....

    Before he finishes Chris Jericho comes out.

    Jericho: Lashely, you don't have the authority to declare your self anything. Last night I put down Shawn Michaels. I am the one who deserves the title.
    John Cena comes out next.

    Cena: Now we all know I had my match won. Until Lashely came out and double crossed me. So I think that I should be the one holding the title.

    MVP comes out next.

    MVP: I only got one thing to say. Last night I entered champion. My opponent didn't beat me, so I should still be champion.

    Triple H's music hits and comes out.

    HHH: Look, we all know you guys want that title, but I am the only one on the entire roster who deserves it. And I don't care if I have to go through all of you to get it.

    The Rock comes out.

    Rock: Last night, The Rock did something none of you guys did, and that is win his match!! So since The Rock won, The Rock is the NEW, GPW CHAMPION!!!!

    Coach appears on the titantron.

    Coach: Look here fellas, as of last night, I have officialy declared the title vacant. Now tonight here is what were gonna do. All 6 of you will face a different opponent. If you win, you get to be in the title match. But if your opponent wins, he takes your spot in the title match. Oh yea, Cena, your match is up next.

    The others leave the ring and Cena awaits his opponent.

    Match 1 - John Cena vs Chris Hero They lock up and Cena swings Hero off the ropes and hits a powerslam. He stomps on Hero. Cena picks Hero up but Hero hits an arm drag.

    Hero gained control by targeting Cena's arm. He locked in a standing Armbar. Cena gradually powered out. Cena hit a belly to back suplex. He waited for Hero to get up. When he did, Cena hit the FU!! 1..2..3!!! Your winner, JOHN CENA!! (13:54)

    Bobby Lashely quickly runs out for his match next.

    Match 2 - Bobby Lashely vs JTG w/Shad Lashely completely dominated this match using many high impact power moves. Shad got up on the apron but Lashely speared him off. Then he speared JTG. 1..2..3!! Your winner, Bobby Lashely!! (5:11)

    Backstage: Miz and Morrison are being interviewed.

    Maria: Guys later on tonight, you the Miz will be taking on Tyler Black. Do you have a stradegy?

    Miz: Maria, I don't need a stradegy. I'm the Miz. I simply have more talent than Tyler Black. So obviously I will win the match.

    Him and Morrison walk off.

    Match 3 - Chris Jericho vs Jeff Hardy They both went back and forth until Jericho took over by hitting a dropkick to the knee.
    Jericho hit a missle dropkick off the top rope. He went for a leg drop but Hardy moved. Hardy hit a standing flip leg drop.
    At the end of the match Jericho had regained control. He went for the codebreaker but Hardy held onto the ropes. He went for the Twist of Fate but Jericho pushed him into the ref. Jericho went for the Codebreaker again but Hardy countered again. Edge ran down to the ring. He went for a spear but Hardy moved and hit the Twist of Fate. He turned around and Jericho finally hit the Codebreaker. He went to revive the ref when Shawn Michaels came out of the crowd and hit Jericho with the Superkick. He put Hardy's arm over Jericho and the ref got up. 1..2..3!!! Your winner, JEFF HARDY!!! (20:13)

    MVP ran down. He rolled Edge into the ring.

    Match 4 - MVP vs Edge MVP went for the cover. 1..2..Kick out. They began brawling after Edge got back up. MVP hit a shoulder block. He picked Edge up and hit an STO. Pin..1..2..3!! Your winner, MVP!!! (2:00)

    Backstage: The Rock is walking backstage and Cena runs into him. They have a staredown until Cena walks off.

    Match 5 - Tyler Black w/Jimmy Jacobs vs The Miz w/John Morrison They locked up and Miz raked the eyes. Both men used their partners for distractions to gain control.
    The ending saw Jacobs jump on the apron but Morrison ran over and pulled him off. Thsoe two started brawling. Black picked Miz up and hit a spinning brainbuster. 1..2..3!! Your winner, Tyler Black!!.
    After the match Kane and Big Show came down and demolished everyone. (17:22)

    Match 6 - The Rock vs Kofi Kingston Kofi and Rock put on a good match. Rock used all of his signature moves but Kofi kept on battling back. Kofi hit a back body drop and then a leg drop.
    The Rock got up and Kofi went for a spinning jump kick but The Rock ducked. He locked in the Sharpshooter. Kofi got to the ropes. The Rock picked Kofi up and went for the Rock Bottom but Kofi countered. They went back and forth again.
    The ending saw Kofi miss a top rope kick. The Rock picked him up and hit a spinebuster. Then he hit the People's Elbow. Pin..1..2..3!! Your winner, The Rock!! (30:57)

    Triple H is shown pacing around his locker room.

    Main Event - HHH vs Mark Henry This match was basically Triple H getting in little offense and Henry dominating. The end saw Henry go for a top rope splash but Triple H moved. He picked Henry up and hit the pedigree. 1..2..3!! Your winner, Triple H!! (10:00)

    After the match the five other men came out and they all started brawling.
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    Ultimate Generation comes on the air and Heyman comes down to the ring.

    Heyman: Hello everyone. First off I would like to thank you the fans for making Ultimate Showdown a great success. Second, I would like to inform you that we have a great main event tonight. Up next is a 4 man elimination match. Now the winner of that match will face Kurt Angle for the Ultimate Generation title later on tonight. So let the match begin.

    Match 1 - 4 man elimination #1 contenders match - JBL vs Shawn Michaels vs Randy Orton vs Shawn Spears JBL worked over Shawn Spears while Randy and Shawn went at it. JBL hit a fallaway slam on Spears and then teamed up with Randy to work over Shawn.

    JBL went for the Clothesline from Hell on Shawn but he ducked and JBL hit Orton. He took advantage and pinned Randy. 1..2..3!!! The first person eliminated is Randy Orton!

    Spears recovered and hit a dropkick to the knees of JBL. Spears and HBK hit a double suplex then HBK hit an inverted atomic drop on Spears. He followed up with a bodyslam. Michaels went to the top rope and hit an elbow drop. He was tuning up the band. SWEET CHIN MUSIC ON SPEARS!!! Pin..1..2..3!! The second person eliminated is Shawn Spears!

    Michaels got up and was immediately hit by a Clothesline from Hell!! Pin..1..2..3!! The final person eliminated is Shawn Michaels!!!. After the match JBL holds his hand up and looks down at Shawn and shakes his head. He then leaves to the back. (21:22)

    Backstage: Batista walks into Heyman's office.

    Batista: Look Heyman, I wanna know why I wasn't put in the #1 contenders match. And I want an answer now!

    Heyman: Look Dave, I felt had I put you in the match it would have been unfair to the other competitors. But I do have some good news. Next week you and Rey Mysterio will be participating in a tag team tournament. Oh and you have a match up next.

    Heyman left his office as Batista looked at him very angrily.

    Match 2 - Batista vs Shelton Benjamin Batista came out and took right to Benjamin and backed him into a corner. Batista nailed shoulder thrusts. He backed out and Benjamin ran at him but Batista hit a flip power slam.
    He picked Benjamin up and hit a running sit out power bomb. He picked him up and hit the Batista Bomb. Pin..1..2..3!! Your winner, BATISTA!!! (3:22)

    Backstage: The Colon brothers are talking in spanish when Team British walks in.

    Regal: Look here, me and Burchill ere don't like you guys. But we must oblige that you two young chaps are right better than those repulsive tag champions. So how about this. It has become obvious that one of our teams will win the tag tournament. So how about whoever loses, helps the winning team out in the title match. Of course in return when one of us wins the title they will give the other team a title match. So how do you like the sound of that?

    Carlito: Y'now Regal, that sounds like a good idea. So me and my brother Eddie here, agree to your offer, and may the best team win.

    They shakes hands and Team British leaves.

    Match 3 - RVD vs Umaga RVD used his legs and quickness to take control early on. Umaga finally battled back with a spinning heel kick. Umaga worked over the back area and applied a bearhug. RVD battled out with elbows. Van Dam hit a hurracanrana. Both men were down. 1..2..3..4.. RVD got up.

    He looked at Umaga and then hit Rolling Thunder. He went to the top rope. He looked around. He went for the 5-star Frog Splash but Umaga moved. Umaga went to the top but missed a splah of his own. Van Dam got up and hit a spinning leg drop. He went to the top rope and this time he connected with the Frog Splah. 1..2..3!! Your winner, ROB VAN DAM!! After the match he put the title over his shoulder and did his signature taunt. (17:35)

    Backstage: Kurt Angle is preparing for his match when the lights suddenly go out in his locker room and then suddenly come back on. He looks around and then quickly leaves.

    Match 4 - CM Punk vs Booker T They locked up and Booker hit some chops to the chest. Booker was carrying this match and both men seemed to work well together. Punk hit some kicks to the legs and then a kick to the head.
    He went for the GTS but Booker countered and hit a Book End. He was waiting for Punk to get up so he could hit the scisssors kick but the lights went out. 30 seconds later when they came on Booker and Punk were standing in the ring. They continued to battle until Booker hit the scissors kick. 1..2..3!!! Your winner Booker T!! (18:44)

    Bakcstage; Kurt walks into Heyman's office but noone is there. He sits on the couch and the lights go out. When they come a message is on the wall. It says, "I want what you have" Kurt reads it and runs out of the room.

    Kurt is shown running backstage and he runs into Heyman.

    Heyman: Kurt hurry up and get out there, you have a Title Defense up next.. Heyman scurries off.

    Main Event - Kurt Angle vs JBL for the Ultimate Generation Title JBL was in control as Kurt seemed to worry that the lights would go out. Bradshaw went for a boot but Kurt finally countered and grabbed it. He put JBL in the Ankle Lock but the lights went out. They quickly came back on. Kurt was standing in the corner. JBL got up and went for a clothesline but Kurt ducked.

    Kurt hit a German suplex and went outside the ring. He grabbed his belt and attempted to leave but Fire shot up blocking the ramp. He reenterd the ring. He grabbed JBL and hit the Angle Slam. 1..2..3!!! Your winner and still Ultimate Generation Champion Kurt Angle!! (25:00)

    Kurt looked around. The lights went out and then "Dong" Kurt looked at the ramp. The Undertaker came out. Kurt dropped the title and signaled for the Undertaker to bring it. Undertaker continued his walk to the ring. He entered and made the lights come on. He pulled his hat and cloak off and Kurt attacked him.

    Undertaker battled back. Kurt went for the Angle Slam but Undertaker blocked it and hit a chokeslam. He grabbed the title and dropped to one knee and did his signature taunt and Ultimate Generation went off air
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    Aug 13, 2008
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    The fireworks go off as GPW is back on the air. After some cheering from the crowd Coachmen comes down to the ring.

    Coach: Now ladies and gentleman, last week we had our qualifying matches. Now tonight each of these men will be in the ring together. They will be deciding the order of entry. Now the match they will be facing off in will be set into many stages. Now the first stage will be an elimination match where you can only eliminate your opponent by pinfall. The superstar to win this stage will come in last.
    The second stage will be a falls count anywhere match. The superstar who wins this stage enters fifth. Third stage will be a submission match. That winner will enter fourth. Then it will be an over the top battle royal for the last stage. The first to get eliminated will come in last, next eliminated in second and the winner in third.

    Now you may be asking what they will be entering. Well I'll tell you. The contestants will be entering an Ultimate Chamber Match. Two superstars start off, every five minutes, one enters. The chainlink walls surrounding the ring will be laced with barbwire. There will be 4 ladders in the ring After 25 minutes the top of the chamber will open, and the first superstar to climb up a ladder and to the top of the chamber, and then walk up the entrance ramp, and get on the stage, will be the winner and new champion. Now if a superstar taps out or is pinned in this match they will be placed back inside their glass chamber for 3 minutes.

    So I think I've been talking enough here, so let the matches begin!

    Match 1 - Big Show vs AJ Styles Styles tried to take out Show's legs early on but Big Show countered with a side slam. Big Show began to throw around Styles and dominate him. He put him on the top rope and then punched him to the floor below. The ref began his count. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10!! Your winner by count out, The Big Show!. After the match when Show had his back turned Mark Henry came out and attacked Show. He hit a top rope splash and walked off. (7:22)

    Backstage: Chris Jericho is being interviewd by Todd.

    Todd: Chris last week (Jericho cuts him off, pushes him out of the way and begins to talk)

    Jericho: Look Shawn, maybe I was wrong for attacking you. I was frustrated. And it cost me my title shot. So Shawn, I am proposing we put this behind us. I will expect your answer on this week's Ultimate Generation.

    He walks off.

    Match 2 - Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black vs Evan Bourne and Jeff Hardy

    Bourne and Black started off. Bourne was in control until Jacobs ran in and took a cheap shot. This caused Hardy to run in but he was quickly tooken out by a Tyler Black speared. Black hit a suplex on Bourne. Jacobs reentered the ring and when Bourne got to his feet they hit a Big Boot and Chop Block combination. 1..2..3!! Your winners, Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black!!!

    Backstage: Henry is walking and he runs into Show's partner, Kane. They have a staredown until Henry runs Kane into a wall and beats up on him to.

    Main Event - John Cena vs Bobby Lashely vs Triple H vs The Rock vs Jeff Hardy vs MVP in a placemant match The match started with Lashely knocking Cena to the outside. The rest of the five continue to fight as Cena remains on the outside. MVP hits a dropkick on Hardy. HHH runs over and clotheslines MVP out of the ring. Lashely tries to get a cheap shot in but he eats a pedigree. Triple H tries for the pin but Rock grabs him and locks in the sharpshooter. Before he taps Cena rolls in and pins Lashely. 1..2..3!!! The winner of the first fall, JOHN CENA!!. Cena goes to the back as the crowd boos.

    Second Fall - Multiple Refs are now out and about, following each pair of competitors. Lashely is still in the ring when HHH breaks out of the Sharpshooter. MVP and Hardy are brawling up the ramp when Henry comes out and pushes MVP. He then proceeds to layout Hardy and slam him onto the steel. He walks to the back and MVP pins Hardy.1..2..3!! The winner of the second fall, MVP!!!

    Third Fall - Back in the ring The Rock hits a spinebuster and locks in another Sharpshooter. Lashely recovers and hits a spear on the Rock. He locks in an armbar on The Rock and taps after several minutes. The winner of the third fall, BOBBY LASHELY!!!

    Final Fall - Hardy finally crawls back in the ring. He lays in the corner as HHH and The Rock go at it. They battle back and forth until Triple H hits a knee bash. He leans Rocky up against the ropes and attempts a clothesline but Rock counters. He delivers five big right hands and goes to clothesline him over but Hardy gets up and dropkicks The Rock over. Only Hardy and Hunter are left. Hardy goes for the twist of Fate but it gets countered and HHH hits the pedigree. He picks Hardy up and throws him over. The winner of the final fall, TRIPLE H!! (51:22)

    So the order of entry - The Rock, Jeff Hardy, The Rock, Bobby Lashely, MVP, John Cena.

    GPW goes off air with HHH doing his signature taunt.
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    Ultimate Generation comes on the air along with a video promoting the tag team tournament which starts now.

    Match 1 - Round One of Tag Team Tournament - Batista and Rey Mysterio vs Team British

    Mysterio was out last and while he was making his way to the ring Carlito and Eddie Colon came out and attacked him. Batista ran down the ring but was attacked four on one by Regal, Burchill, and The Colon Brothers. They rolled Batista back in the ring and Regal went for the pin. 1..2..KICK OUT!!!

    Batista got back up and went on the attack until Burchill got tagged in which was unnoticed by Batista and Paul hit a chop block. Burchill grabbed Batista and hit a northern lights suplex. He tagged in Regal.

    Regal began working over the leg of Batista. He hit a chopblock and hit a running knee to the head which caused Batista to crumple. The ref asked if he could continue, but Batista didn't respond, and the match was stopped. Your winners, by KNOCKOUT, TEAM BRITISH!!! (10:44)

    Backstage: The Colon Brothers are continuing their attack on Mysterio until London and Kendrick, who were recently resigned, saw it and went after the Colon Brothers. Eddie hit a low blow on Kendrick and threw him into a wall. Carlito and Eddie began stomping all three men. They left as all three men were left laid out.

    Match 2 - Round 1 of the Tag Tournament - Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch vs Team Priceless

    Cade and Dibiase started out and Cade used his power game to take early advantage. He tagged in Murdoch and they hit a double suplex. Murdoch began clubbing the back of Dibiase. He swung him off the ropes and Dibiase ducked a boot and tagged in Rhodes who came in with a spring board dropkick.

    Rhodes locked in a single leg boston crab but Cade ran in and hit a clothesline. Dibiase runs in and nails a dropkick as him and Cade battle to the outside. Rhodes and Murdoch get back up and trade rights. Rhodes went off the ropes but walked into a spinebuster. Pin..1..2..3!!! YOUR WINNERS, LANCE CADE AND TREVOR MURDOCH!! (17:00)

    Backstage: Kurt Angle is looking around. The lights flicker for a moment. He remains focused to show Taker he is not afraid.

    Match 3 - Round 1 of Tag Tournament, The Colon Brothers vs London and Kendrick Kendrick and London barely make it to the ring. Carlito and London start off and Carlito takes him down and uses right hands.

    Carlito and Eddie could've won several times but continued to punish them instead. Carltio hit a spinning neckbreaker and Batista ran down. He was about to attack them but Regal came out of the crowd and blindsided him. He took him outside as The Colon Brothers got the win. Your winners, the Colon Brothers! (13:30)

    Backstage: Angle is walking to the ring and the lights go out. When they come back on he shakes his head and keeps walking. Commercial.

    Angle is in the ring with a mic.

    Angle: Look last week, Undertaker attacked me! That's not right. But I am not afraid of anyone, so I went to Heyman, and asked him for a match with you TAKER!!! So get out here now!!!

    After several minutes Taker came out.

    Main Event - Kurt Angle vs The Undertaker in Non Title Match Angle goes for a double leg takedown but Taker blocks and hits an elbow to the back of the head. Taker hits right hands and elbows. He goes for a clothesline but Angle ducks and hits a german suplex on a reeling Taker.

    Kurt works over Taker but they eventually end up going back and forth. Taker hits the Old School. He sets Angle up for the chokeslame and CONNECTS!!! He does the cutthroat symbol. But out of nowhere he gets pulled around...RKO!!!! Randy Orton came out of nowhere and hit the RKO on Taker. The ref calls for the bell. Orton picks up Angle and RKO's him as well! Orton does his pose and the show goes off air. (35:23)
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    The fireworks go off and Coach comes down to the ring.

    Coach: Well now that we have determined the competitors and the order of entry, there isn't much left to do. So tonight each of the superstars in the title match will team up with another, and they will all face each other in a triple threat tag match. And that is our main event for the night.​

    Match 1 - Big Show w/ Kane vs The Miz /John Morrison

    Most of this match was simply Miz trying to avoid Show and Big Show getting more frustraded. Eventually he caught Miz and hit a chokeslame. 1..2..3!! Your winner, THE BIG SHOW! (6:22)

    After the match Henry came down and attacked Big Show. Kane stopped him but he was attacked by Miz and Morrison. Kane and Big Show were laid out and Morrion, Miz and Henry were standing over them when Henry laid out the other two. He left the ring.

    Backstage: MVP is talking to the Rock.

    MVP: Look, Rock, I talked to Coach. He told me we could pick our own partners for this match. So I was wondering if you would be my partner.​

    (The Rock looks at him with a weird expression)

    Rock: You want The Rock to be your partner? You are asking The Rock to be your partner? (MVP nods his head) Well MVP for one night only, you will get to team up with The Great One. Yes that's right, tonight it will be MVP and The "Jabroni Beatin, Pie Eatin, Eye Brow Raisin" (MVP says thanks and walks off before The Rock can finish)

    Match 2 - Chris Jericho vs Evan Bourne Jericho uses suplexes early on to take advantage. He goes for a german suplex but Bourne backflips and hits a drop kick to the back.

    Bourne began to take control and used kicks and high speed moves to keep the momentum in his favor. He went for an enziguiri but Jericho ducked and hit an elbow drop.

    Jericho began focusing on the arm of Bourne and began stomping on it and locking in armbars. Bourne began to battle out but Jericho prevented it with an arm drag flip. He let Bourne go and when he got back up Jericho hit a bulldog followed by a Lionsault. He locked in a fujiwar armbar and Bourne tapped. Your winner by Submission, CHRIS JERICHO!!!! (27:45)

    After the match Jericho grabbed a mic.

    Jericho: Look Shawn, I said I was expecting an answer last week. You didn't give me one, so I want an answer now or on the next show, or I will beat one out of you!!

    He leaves the ring.

    Backstage: Lashely is talking to Triple H.

    Lashely: Triple H, I know we don't really know each other but think about this. If we were partners we would be nearly unbeat...

    HHH: Lashely, I get where you're going. So I'm only going to say this once. You better not lose this match.​

    Triple H walks off as Lashely looks pleased.

    Match 3 - Kofi Kingston vs AJ Styles They put on a good match but Kofi Kingston seemed to be in control throughout.

    Kofi used kicks early on followed up with some elbows and slams. AJ eventually gained control after Kofi missed a drop kick.

    Styles went to the top rope for a cross body but Kofi hit a drop kick to the gut to regain control. The end of the match saw Kofi hit a flying kick to the chest of Styles. Your winner, KOFI KINGSTON!! (15:57)

    Backstage: Henry is walking and he bumps into Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black. He looks at them and begins to walk away but he turns around and lays them both out.

    Main Event - Jeff Hardy and John Cena vs Triple H and Bobby Lashely vs The Rock and MVP

    Cena, Lashely, and MVP start off. Lashely clotheslines Cena out of the ring and him and MVP go at it. Lashely overpowers MVP and it is highlighted by a 10 second delayed suplex. He tags in Triple H who hits a knee drop on MVP. He works over the knee and tags in Lashely who stomps on the knee of MVP.

    Cena is still sitting on the outside. Lashely goes for a spear but Cena runs in and clotheslines Lashely and tags in Jeff. Jeff flips over the top rope and nails a standing flip leg drop on Lashely. MVP tagged in The Rock who hit a massive flying shoulder on Hardy.

    The Rock began to clean house until Lashely ducked a clothesline which hit the ref instead. All the competitors filled the ring and some were even attacking their partners.

    The end of this brawl saw Cena throw MVP to the outside as they battled into the crowd and Lashely get nailed by a Rock Bottom. Hardy missed a cross body and was thrown to the outside by The Game. Triple H and The Rock traded right hands but Triple H hit a low blow. He went outside and grabbed a sledgehammer. He smashed The Rock upside the head and revived the ref. 1......2..........3!!!! YOUR WINNERS, TRIPLE H AND BOBBY LASHELY!!! (43:22)

    After the match Triple H delivered more right hands to The Rock who was bleeding profusely.
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    Ultimate Generation comes on the air. Team British comes out to the ring. They are awaiting Cade and Murdoch. They come out but get attacked by The Colon Brothers. They throw Cade over the barricade and Murdoch into the ring.

    Match 1 - Cade and Murdoch vs Team British Murdoch gets up and Burchill hits the C4.Pin,1..2..3!! Your winners, Team British!!! :)23)

    Backstage: The Colon Brothers continue to beat down Cade.They throw him into a wall and Carlito ddt's him onto the concrete. They walk away as Cade if left there. Commercial.

    Backstage: Batista is talking to Heyman.

    Batista: Look Paul, I want a title match. I'm tired of these tournaments!

    Paul: Fine Batista. If you beat Randy Orton later tonight, you get in on the Taker and Angle title match at Generation: Destiny.

    Paul Walks off.

    Match 2 - Final Match of Round One - RVD and Shawn Spears vs Kennedy and Benjamin Benjamin and RVD started off with RVD gaining advantage after dodging a kick and nailing a tiger suplex. RVD hit a cross body and tags in Spears who nails an elbow drop.

    Spears keeps Benjamin grounded with submissions holds. Spears picks Benjamin up and drags him into his corner and tags in RVD. He comes and hits a kick to the head. He turns around and Spears picks him up and hits a running death valley driver! He leaves as Benjamin crawls over RVD. 1..2..3!! Your winners, Mr. Kennedy and Shelton Benjamin!! (11:53)

    Spears is looking back at the ring with an evil smile on his face. Commercial Break.

    Back from Commercial Break with Team British and The Colon Brothers talking backstage. Paul London and Brian Kendrick rush in and attack the two teams. Colon Brothers and Team British quickly gain advantage and lay the two out.

    Match 3 - Batista vs Randy Orton They lock up and Batista backs Orton into a corner and hits him with rights. He goes for a big punch but Orton ducks and hits an elbow to the back of the head. Orton backs off. He turns around and eats a spear.

    Batista picks Orton up and hits a spinebuster. He picks him up again but Orton rakes the eyes. Orton dominates for most of the rest of the match mainly targeting the legs. He locks in a leg lock but Batista gets to the ropes.

    Orton is waiting for Batista to get to his feet. When he does Orton goes for the RKO but Batista pushes him off the ropes and when He comes back he kicks him in the gut. He goes for a Batista Bomb but Orton flips him over. Batista slowly gets to his feet and Orton nails an RKO. 1..2..KICK OUT!! Orton looks shocked. He waits again for Batista to get up. But before he does Orton attempts a kick to the head but 'Tista moved.

    Batista got up and hit a spear. Pin..1..2..Kick out!!! He picks Orton up and goes for the Batista Bomb but Orton breaks out, RKO!!! 1..2..3!!! YOUR WINNERS, RANDY ORTON!!! (35:22)

    Backstage: Angle is pacing. He is facing JBL next.


    Main Event - Kurt Angle vs JBL Short after the match starts the lights go out. When they come back on Angle looks around and JBL takes advantage with a boot. Angle flies out of the ring. 1..2..3..4..5..6.. Angle gets back in.

    JBL goes for the Clothesline but Angle ducks and hits a german suplex. Angle dominates the rest of the match. Towards the end he hits an Angle Slam but the lights go out again. When they come back on Angle grabs his belt and leaves the ring. 1..2...3..4..

    The dong goes off and Takers comes out. 5..6...7..8.. Taker punches Angle, DQ, Angle wins. Angle fights back. He goes for a right hand but Taker grabs him by the throat. Chokeslam. Orton comes out, grabs Taker, RKO ON THE STEEL!!! He does his pose and his heading towards the back but Batista runs out, SPEAR!!! He picks him up, BATISTA BOMB!!! He beats down Orton until JBL runs up and Boots him in the head. JBL is the only one left standing. He stands over everyone. The show goes off air. (31:22)

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