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    Backstory - Eric Bishcoff had decided he wanted his own wrestling promotion. But he decided he wanted to be innovative, be different. So he was looking down the rosters of WWE and TNA, and major Indy Promotions. He decided he could make a promotion of soley tag team wrestling!!! So after getting enough teams he decided to put his plan into operation. (there will be some made up teams, even teams from the old days)

    Roster {Heavyweight division, 450 and up}

    LAX - Homocide and Hernandez w/ Salinas - H
    Rock 'N' Rave Connection - Lance Rock and Jimmy Rave w/Christy Hemme - F
    Beer Money Inc. - James Storm and Robert Roode w/Jackie Moore - H
    Edge and Christian - T
    The Hardy Boyz - F
    Team 3D - H
    Cryme Tyme - H
    Booker T and Goldust - F
    The Highlanders - T
    John Cena and Randy Orton - H
    Afa JR and Umaga - T
    Legion of Doom - F
    Rob Van Dam and Rhino - F
    John Morrison and The Miz - H
    Minnesota Wrecking Crew - H
    Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade - H

    Light Heavyweight Division (449 and under)
    Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes - H
    Motor City Machine Guns - F
    The Age of The Fall (Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black) - H
    The Puerto Rican Nightmares (Eric Perez and Primo Colon) F
    The Pitbulls (Jami Noble and Kid Kash) - H
    Grand Master Sexay and Scotty 2 Hottey - F
    AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels - F
    Super Eric and SharkBoy - F
    Paul London and Brian Kendrick - F​

    Heavyweight Tag Titles - Vacant
    Lighthevyweight Tag Titles - Vacant

    PPVs are every 5 weeks.

    Shows are always 5 match long.
    2 Shows a week.
    PPVS are 7-8 matches long.
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    The show comes on the air as Team 3D comes out to the ring.

    Brother Ray: Now as you all know, Im Brother Ray, and this is Brother Devon. Now when we were told about Ultimate Tag Team Wrestling, we thought that it was perfect for us. Because our entire careers we have been a team. No team out there is as good as us. So in the first ever UTTW match we are challenging any team in the back.

    Brother Devon: Oh my brotha, TESTIFY!

    They await their challengers. After a minute or two the Hardy Boyz come out to a tremendous pop.

    Match 1 - Team 3D vs The Hardy Boyz

    Matt Hardy and Brother Ray start off. Matt hits a neckbreaker and tags in Jeff who hits a standing senton. Jeff picks Ray up but gets poked in the eye. Ray tags in Devon and hits a bodyslam. Devon is on the top and hits a headbutt to the groin.

    Later on Matt and Devon are in. Matt goes for a clothesline but Devon ducks and Matt hits the ref out of the ring. Devon hits a low blow and knocks Jeff off the apron. Ray comes in and they do the "Get the tables routine" They roll the table in the ring but Jeff is up and nails a double cross body. Jeff goes out and grabs a ladder. He sets it up in the corner. He goes for a baseball slide but Ray moves and the ref gets hit again. Ray hits a cutter and sets up the table.

    They pick Matt up and hit the 3D through the table. They get another table and do the same to Jeff. They hold their hands up and exit the ring. Match ends in a No Contest. (21:00)

    Backstage segment : The Motor City Machine Guns are in the back.

    Alex : Look Chris, later on we will compete in round one of the Light heavy weight tag team tournament.

    Chris : I know, we definately have this one wrapped up. We just gotta go out there and do as always, win.

    They bump fists and walk out.

    Match 2 - Rock 'N' Rave Connection vs Minnesota Wrecking Crew

    Lesnar and Lance Rock start off. Lesnar totally dominated Rock for about 7 minutes before Rock finally tags in Jimmy Rave who fares no better. The match ends with Benjamin coming in and Lesnar hitting the F5 into a cutter by Benjamin. 1..2..3!! Your winners, the Minnesota Wrecking Crew!! (10:21)

    Match 3 - Paul London and Brian Kendrick vs The Age of The Fall London and Black start off. London uses high octane moves to gain early advantage until Black hits a big boot. He tags in Jacobs who hits an elbow drop. Kendrick eventually gets in and hits a springboard splash.

    Kendrick is going for Sliced Bread but Jacobs pushes him off. Black boots Kendrick off the apron. Jacobs goes on the apron and when Kendrick gets up he hits a springboard clothesline. Pin..1..2..3!!! Your winners are The Age of The Fall!!! (25:00)

    Backstage: The Hardies are getting treated for their injuries when Edge and Christian walk in.

    Edge: Wow you guys got beat up. Well here's some advice, watch our match, its next.

    They left.

    Match 4 - Edge and Christian vs RVD and Rhino Edge and RVD start off. Christian runs in and clothesline RVD. He runs out as Edge stomps Van Dam. Edge and Christian control the match for the most part. Towards the end of the match Christian and RVD were the legal men.

    Christian was going for the unprettier but RVD pushed him off into an attempted Gore but he moved and Rhino hit RVD. Edge came in and speared Rhino and Christian pinned RVD. 1..2..3!! Your winners, Edge and Christian!!! After the match they deliver a con-chair-to to RVD and Rhino. (11:33)

    Backstage: The Hardies are show shaking their heads.

    Main Event- MCMG vs Super Eric and Shark Boy in round 1 of the Light heavy weight title tournament Alex Shelley starts off against Super Eric and they go back and forth. Eric hit a snap suplex and tagged in Shark Boy who went for a stunner but Shelley pushed him into Eric. He went for a DDT but Shark Boy countered. He tagged in Sabin who hit a superkick. Out of nowhere Super Eric hit a Springboard Dive.

    The two teams started brawling until Sabin threw out Eric and they hit the ASCS Rush on Shark Boy for the win. Your Winners, THE MOTOR CITY MACHINE GUNS!! (17:45)

    They celebrated as the crowd cheers when the show goes off the air.

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