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    Backround - After a controversial storyline in 2005, the WWE lost most of its viewers and thus they lost most of their money and were forced to shut down. Now three years later, Shane and Stephanie McMahon decided to start a new wrestling promotion, Generation Pro wrestling. They brought over some talent from the old WWE, and even some from TNA and independant promotions and even some unknown talent. Tonight GPW debuts.

    Roster (F- Face, T- Tweener, H- Heel)
    John Cena - H (GPW)
    Batista - F (The Ultimate Generation)
    Edge - H (GPW)
    Undertaker - F (The Ultimate Generation)
    Kurt Angle - F (Ultimate Generation)
    AJ Styles - F (GPW)
    CM Punk - H (Ultimate Generation)
    Umaga - H (Ultimate Generation)
    Triple H - H (GPW)
    Booker T - H (Ultimate Generation)
    Evan Bourne - F (GPW)
    Chris Jericho - F (GPW)
    HBK - F (Ultimate Generation)
    Shelton Benjamin - H (Ultimate Generation)
    MVP - F (GPW)
    MR. Kennedy - H (Ultimate Generation)
    The Great Khali - H (Ultimate Generation)
    Elijah Burke - F (Ultimate Generation)
    John Morrison - H (GPW)
    Mike Mizanin - H (GPW)
    Chavo Guererro - H (Ultimate Generation)
    Mark Henry - H (GPW)
    Matt Hardy - F (Ultimate Generation)
    Jeff Hardy - F (GPW)
    JBL - H (Ultimate Generation)
    Kane - T (GPW)
    Rey Mysterio - F (Ultimate Generation)
    Big Show - T (GPW)
    Randy Orton - H (Ultimate Generation)
    William Regal - H (Ultimate Generation)
    Mickie James - F (GPW)
    Melina - H (GPW)
    Maria - F(GPW
    Beth Phoenix - H(GPW)
    Trish Stratus - F(GPW)
    Candice Michelle - H(GPW)
    Paul Burchill - H(Ultimate Generation)
    The Rock - F (GPW)
    Chris Hero - F (GPW)
    Nic Nemeth - H (Ultimate Generation)
    Shawn Spears - T (Ultimate Generation)
    Chris Cage - H (Ultimate Generation)
    Jimmy Jacobs (GPW)
    Tyler Black (GPW)
    Carltio Colon - F (Ultimate Generation)
    Eddie Colon - F (Ultimate Generation)
    RVD - F (Ultimate Generation)
    Bobby Lashely - H (GPW)

    Tag Teams
    Team British - (William Regal and Paul Birchill)
    Team Priceless - Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase (Ultimate Generation)
    Cryme Tyme (GPW)
    Colon Brothers (Ultimate Generation) - F
    Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black - H (GPW)
    Paul London and Brian Kendrick - (Ultimate Generation)
    Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch - (Ultimate Generation)
    Nic Nemeth and Chris Cage

    Part-Time Tag Teams
    Rey Mysterio and Batista
    Kane and The Big Show
    RVD and Shawn Spears
    Mr. Kennedy and Shelton Benjamin

    Other Non-Wrestling Talent
    Jim Ross- Color Commentator
    Michael Cole - Coler Commentator
    General Manager - Johnathan Coachman
    Owners - Shane and Stephanie Mcmahon

    Generation Heavyweight Championship - Vacant
    Next Generation Championship - Kofi Kingston
    Generation Tag Team Champs - Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black
    Generation Womens Champion - Trish Stratus
    Ultimate Generation Champion - Kurt Angle
    Ultimate Generation International title - RVD
    Ultimate Tag Team titles - Nic Nemeth and Chris Cage

    PPVS Will be held monthly and be dual branded.

    Recently Release or suspended: Bryan Danielson Paul London, Hardcore Holly, Jeff Jarret, Scott Steiner, Paul London, Brian Kendrick,

    Reinstated - London and Kendrick

    New Talent - Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch
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    As the show opens fireworks go off for about 30 seconds as Michael welcomes us to the very first episode of Generation Pro Wrestling. MVP, John Cena, Randy Orton, Elijah Burke, Johnny Nitro, Shelton Benjamin, Johnny Nitro are already in the ring. John Cena has a mic in his hand.

    " Hello everybody! Welcome to the first episode of GPW! These are my boys in the ring and you will learn their names soon enough, and we are Generation Next. And I came out here to promise you guys one thing. We are here to make an impact!" He then dropped the mic and they all went to the back.

    Match 1 Rey Mysterio vs JBL Rey Mysterio comes out first followed by JBL. The match started with JBL using his power to dominate Mysterio and targeting the back area. He applied a bearhug to Mysterio in the middle of the ring. After a few minutes of trying to fight it Mysterio countered it into a DDT. Mysterio appeared to be in pain but climbed to the top rope. When JBL got up Mysterio went for a crossbody but JBL caught him and hit a fall away slam. Mysterio was out cold. JBL picked him up and hit the clothesline from hell and then went for the pin. 1...2...3. The winner of the first ever GPW match JBL!!.

    Backstage Generation Next ran into Triple H. He spoke to all of them

    "You guys think you can come in here and make an impact? You guys must think everything is handed to you. Well let me tell you guys something, I worked to be where I'm at. Maybe you guys should check out my match later on and watch me become the first ever GPW Heavyweight champion" as he left John Cena looked back at him.

    Match 2 NO DQ - Big Show vs Edge Big Show came out with a chair in his hand to a mixed reaction. After a few seconds Edge came out to a huge pop. Before Edge entered the ring he threw trash cans, stop signs, cookie sheets, kendo sticks, more chairs, a ladder and other stuff into the ring, and picked up a trash can lid and then entered the ring. He immediately started to hit Big show with the trash lid. It had little effect. He grabbed a trash can and went to hit Big Show but ran into a boot. Edge was dazed and Big Show was looking to end it early with a chokeslam but Edge raked the eyes and hit him with a chair. Show was busted open. Edge slid one chair under his head and hit the one-man con-chair-to. Edge then grabbed a table and set it up. He set up the ladder in the corner. After much struggling he placed Show on the table and climbed the ladder and splashed Show off the ladder. 1...2...3! Edge wins!

    The backstage camera shows Generation Next in a locker room discussing some sort of plan. Up next is the main event!

    Main Event for the GPW Heavyweight Championship Four Man Elimination Match - Triple H vs HBK vs Chris Jericho vs Undertaker

    They all came out and Undertaker got the largest Pop. Taker and Jericho were fighting early one. Jericho went off the ropes but walked into a chokeslam and was eliminated. Next HBK and HHH were double teaming on Taker but he battled out and hit a double Chokeslam. All three man began brawling. HBK went for the Sweet Chin Music on Taker but he ducked and he hit HHH. Shawn then turned around only to get hit by a devestating boot. Shawn was eliminated. Taker signaled Tombstone. HHH got up and Taker went for the tombstone but HHH counterd and hit a kick to the gut and nailed to the pedigree. But before the ref could count the pin MVP came out of the crowd and hit a boot on HHH. The ref called for a DQ. The rest of Generation Next came down to the ring and began to beat up on Taker and HHH. HHH was knocked out when Cena put taker on his shoulders. The crowd was booing like crazy. Cena then delivered an FU to Taker and GN left the ring. The Crowd and Announcers were in shock as GPW went off the air.
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    Fireworks works went off as JR welcomed us to the second edition of Generation Pro Wreslting. Triple H's musis hit as he came down to the ring with a sledgehammer in hand. He stepped into the ring and grabbed a microphone. "Last week right before I was about to become the first ever GPW champion a bunch of arroganr punks came down and attack me and my opponent, The Undertaker (the name recieved a huge pop). Now these punks better get down to the ring before I come back there." John Cena's music played as all of Generation Next came down to the ring. Cena Spoke for them
    " Triple H, you call us punks, but you're mistaken there. Ya see Hunter, we said we were gonna make an impact, and we did that by interfering in the GPW title match and attacking the two biggest stars on the show. Now were not gonna go down to ring. But I'll tell ya what, if its okay with our temporary GM, three of us will take on you and two partners of your choice in the main event tonight." Shane Mcmahons head appeared on the titantron.
    "John thats a great idea, and I'm making that match. So good luck to everyone."
    Generation Next left as Cena's music played.

    Match 1 - Team British vs Hardcore Hollay and Evan Bourne. Team British came out first as Holly and Bourne had seperate entrances. Holly and Regal started off. Both men were using their brawling styles until Regal gained the upperhand with an eye rake. He tagged in Burchill who hit a running STO. He took a cheap shot at Bourne. Bourne tried to get in the ring but the ref stopped him as Team British used an illegal double team. Birchill hit a ddt and was setting up for the C4 but Holly countered with an elbow to the head and made the hot tag to Bourne. Bourne hit a couple of kicks on Burchill and then a hurracanrana. He dropkicked Regal to the floor. He turned around and ducked a clothesline. Burchill turned around and got hit with a knee to the jaw. Bourne went to the top signaling SSP but Regal distracted him. Burchill pulled the ropes and climbed to the top alongside Bourne and hit some right hands. He then set him up and nailed a C4 off the top rope. He ran over and punched holly off the apron and pinned Bourne, 1...2...3! Your winnersTeam British.

    Backstage :
    HHH is shown talking to people not show on camera. He looks happy and thanks them for accepting his offer.

    Match 2 for the Next Generation Championsip - Jeff Hardy vs Rey Mysterio vs Shawn Michaels vs Umaga in a battle royal They were all in the ring and the ref signaled this was a title match. They all stood in place for about 30 seconds before Umaga started things off by clotheslining Mysterio. About 2 minutes in Mysterio set up Hardy for the 619 but as went off the rops HBK came out of nowhere with Sweet Chin Music. 1..2..3. Mysterio Eliminated. As HBK came up from the pin Umaga hit a spinning heel kick on him. Shawn appears to be bleeding. Umaga picked up the lifeless Shawn Michaels and hit a samoan drop. He dragged HBK to the corner and sat him down. Jeff got to his feet and before Umaga could nail the attack Jeff cut him off with a drop kick. Jeff was battling Umaga with right hands. He tried to swing Umaga into a corner but Umaga reversed it and swung Jeff instead which allowed Jeff to hit the whisper in the wind. He picked Umaga up and hit the Twist of Fate. Shawn was back up and hit a flying elbow on Jeff and kipped up and then nailed a manhatten drop followed by a body slam. He went to the top rope and nailed an elbow drop on Jeff and began to tune up the band as Jeff staggered to his feet and turned around right into the superkick. Shawn with the pin, 1..2..3.Jeff is eliminated. Shawn gets up and turns around right into a samoan spike. Umaga with the pin 1..2..3! Your winner and first ever Next Generation Champion, UMAGA!!

    Generation Next is backstage deciding who should compete. They eventually decide on MVP, CM Punk, and Randy Orton.

    Main event 6 Man Elimination Match- Generation Next members MVP, CM Punk, and Randy Orton, vs Triple H and Two mystery partners. GN comes out first to Randy's music. Then Triple H comes out but waits for his two mystery partners. The first partner is....KANE! he comes down and stands next to HHH, the next mystery partner is.....KURT ANGLE!!! He runs down to the ring as both teams start brawling. The ref eventually regains control as the match starts. Kane and Orton start off. Orton manipulates Kane using his smarts but eventually Kane nails a clothesline. He signals for an early chokeslam and grabs Randy by the throat. He lifts Orton up but he counters it into an RKO! Pin. 1...2...3. Kane is eliminated. Angle comes in next and completely out wrestles Orton who tags in MVP. He goes for an arm drag but Angle counters into his own arm drag. MVP gets up and is groggy. Angle is behind him and hooks the waist. He nails three german suplexes. MVP gets up but immediatly gets hit by an Angle slam. The Pin.1..2.. Punk breaks it up. HHH gets off the apron and goes to attack Punk but the ref jumps out and breaks it up but give Orton enough time to Nail an RKO on Angle. He puts MVP's arm over Angle as the ref gets back in the ring. 1...2...3. Angle is out. MVP tags in Punk. Triple H delivers some right hands but when he goes for the flying knee bask Punk ducks and HHH nails the ref. Orton and MVP jump in but HHH clears house and goes outside and loooks under the ring. He grabs his sledgehammer and reenters the ring. He nails all three of with it and slides it out of the ring. The ref gets back up as HHH pins Punk. 1.....2.....3. Punk is Eliminated. He picks up MVP and nails the pedigree! 1...2...3. MVP is elimanted. Next HHH picks up Orton who nails an RKO. 1...2...3! HHH is elimated. Your Winners, Generation Next. GWP goes off the air with Orton posing over HHH.
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    GPW News.

    GPW's first ever PPV, No Escape will be held in two weeks. Rumors are there will be a GPW heavyweight title match.

    Jeff Hardy seriously injured! Jeff Hardy has suffered a broken jaw after taking a stiff superkick from Shawn Michaels. We do not currently know how long he will be out of action but we wish him a speedy recovery.
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    Pretty good shows.. You show a lot of potiential.. You have a huge roster, but have only been running three matches per card and virtually no promos.. You could work on using more of your talent and adding some more to your shows.. I'm looking forward to reading more of your shows.
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    the customary fireworks go off as Cole and JR welcome us to a specail three hour show.Shanes head appears on he titantron and states that there will be a tournament to decide the new GM. Every male wrestler will be involved. He then goes off the titantron. "Well Cole, looks like were in for quite a bit of slobberknockkers tonight"
    "Right you are JR.

    Match One of GM tourney -Paul Birchill vs Jeff Jarret. This match was very slow paced as Jarret dominated most of it. The end saw Steiner run down and distract the ref by jumping on the apron. Jarret went to hit Birchill with his guitar but he ducked and Steiner got hit. Jarret turned around into the C4. Pin, 1..2..3! Your winner Paul Birchill.

    Match 2 of Gm tourney - Scott Steiner vs AJ Styles Styles ran down to the ring for his match and rolled Steiner on the ring and picked him up and simply nailed
    the Styles Clash. 1...2...3! AJ Styles is your winner.

    Backstage Triple H is talking to Maria for an interview.
    "Triple H, do you think you'll be able to beat everyone else and become GM"
    "Maria, I know I could easily win this tournament, but to tell you the truth I don't care about becoming GM, I just wanna get my hands on those Generation Next punks and tear them apart. And if that means I have to win to do so, then thats what happens." He walked off.

    Match 3 of GM tourney - Booker T vs Rey Mysterio This match saw alot of back and forth action but Booker took control for good after a vicious spinebuster. Booker hit a kick to the gut and went off the ropes and nailed the scissors kick. Pin..1..2...3! Your winner BOOKER T!!

    Match 4 of GM tourney - John Cena vs Edge In the beginning of the match Cena was able to dominated with his brawling and power style. He hit a couple of shoulder blocks but Edge ducked a clothesline and hit the Edge-O-Matic. Edge with the pin. 1..2..Kick out. Edge picked Cena up and then knocked him back down with a DDT. Edge went over to one corner and signaled spear. Cena side stepped and Edge hit the ring post. Cena put him over his shoulders. FU! Cena with the pin..1...2...3! Your winner, John Cena!

    Match 5 of GM tourney - Shawn Michaels vs Shelton Benjamin Both men locked up in the center of the ring as Shelton pushed Shawn back into a corner. Clean Break. Shawn connects with some right hands, but Shelton battles back with rights of his own. Shawn blocks a punch and nails a suplex. Shelton is up and gets swung of the ropes and into a back body drop. Shawn nails a couple of standing elbow drops on Benjamin. Shawns tries this one to many times and Shelton moves out of the way. Shawn gets up and Shelton nails a ddt. Shelton picks up Shawn but Shawn nails a manhatten drop. Shawn with a body slam. HBK goes to the top rope but misses the flying elbow drop. As Shawn gets to his feet Shelton goes for a kick but HBK catches it but Shelton connects with the dragon whip. Shawn rolls out of the ring. Shelton runs off the ropes then jumps over the top rope and nailes a flying cross body to Shawn on the outside. Shelton rolls him in the ring and stands on the apron. Shawn is up as Shelton jumps on the ropes and goes for a springboard clothesline but jumps right into Sweet Chin Music as Shawn falls on Shelton. 1..2..3! Your winner Shawn Michaels.

    Match 6 of GM tourney - Jericho vs Mike Mizanin Jericho was in control of the match completely until Cena ran down for the distraction and Miz got a roll up with the tights hooked, 1..2..3. Miz wins.

    Backstages. Undertaker is seen up against a wall beaten and Bloodied.

    Match 7 of Gm tourney - UT vs Mr.Kennedy..Kennedy.Kennedy is in the ring with a shocked look on his face. He is wondering where Taker is. Shane says since Taker is not coming to the ring Kennedy wins by forfeit. Your winner Mr.Kennedy...Kennedy.

    Match 8 of Gm tourney - Kurt Angle vs William Regal. This was a good showcase of Regals talent as he was able to wear down Angle with numerous submissions. But Angle saw an opening and got the double legged takedown but regal countered the Ankle lock. Regal was setting up for the Angle Slam but Regal countered that to. Regal kicked Kurt in the gut and went off the ropes and kneed him in the head. Pin,1..2...3! Your Winner William Regal.

    Match 9 of GM tourney - JBL vs Chavo This was a complete squash match as JBL won with the clothesline from hell. Your Winner JBL.

    Backstage Generation Next is talking to Henry trying to get him to forfeit to Burke. He says he liked their offer and he'll go down to the ring.

    Match 10 of GM tourney - Mark Henry vs Elijah Burke Burke is in the ring and Henry comes down and grabs a mic "I was talking to some guys backstage. They told me, if I forfeit this match that they'll give me anymatch I want when they become GM, well thats a good offer, but my answer is NO!" He turned around and picked up Burke and hit the world's strongest slam. Pin..1..2..3! Your winner MARK HENRY!

    Backstage all of Generation Next have a confused look on their face.

    Match 11 of GM tourney - CM Punk vs HHH HHH completely dominated Punk and didn't let him get in any offense. Towards the end of the match Generation Next came down and Triple H got distraced. He turned around and almost got hit by GTS but countered and set Punk up for a pedigree. Before he did it he pointed at Cena to say "This is gonna ba you" and nailed the pedigree. Pin,1..2..3! Your winner HHH! After the match he taunted them and said to come down to the ring. They didn't and just walked away.

    Match 12 of GM tourney - Batista vs Evan Bourne Bourne was no match for Batista's power who won after a Batista Bomb. Your winner Batista.

    Match 13 of Gm tourney - Great Khali vs Johnny Nitro Another Squash match. Khali won after a chop to the head. Your winner The Great Khali.

    Match 14 of GM tourney - Kane vs Paul london Another squash, Kane won after KO'ing london with a boot to the face. Your winner Kane.

    Match 15 of GM tourney - Bryan Danielson vs MVP They were both quite even and MVP won after booting Danielson in the head while he tried to get up. Your winner MVP.

    Match 16 Show vs Kendrick - Show wins after a chokeslam. Your winner Big Show.

    Match 17 - Orton vs Matt Hardy - Orton won after countering a side effect into an RKO.

    Last match of 1st round Hardcore Holly vs Johnathan Coachman - Coach won after he nailed a low blow while the ref was distracted.
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    The traditional fireworks go off as Stephanie is in the ring. " First off, I would like to thank everyone for making GPW so successful. But now down to business. As you all know, last week my brother announced a General Manager tournament which included every male superstar on the roster. Now tonight we will find out which wrestlers will compete in the finals. Tonight though, all the matches will be held under no-disqualification rules. Thank you and have a great night."

    Match 1 of the second round- Paul Birchill vs AJ Styles Styles and Birchill were going back and forth. Styles was setting him up for the Styles clash but Regal ran down and distracted Styles. Eventually Regal got down but Styles turned around into the C4. Pin..1..2..3! Your winner Paul Birchill.

    Match 2 of the second round - Booker T vs John Cena Cena clotheslined Booker T to start off and went outside and grabbed a chair. He knocked Booker T upside the head with it and continued to do. The ref tried to stop him but Cena pushed him away. He was going for the finishing blow until HHH's music played and he ran down the ring with a sledehammer. He ducked the chair shot and deliverd a hammer to the gut on Cena, followed by a Pedigree. He put Booker's arm over. 1..2..3! Your winner Booker T! Triple H is shown walking up the ramp. He turns around and has a mic in his hand. "John, this Sunday, at No Escape, your little buddies won't do you anygood. Because Cena, me and you are going to decide the first ever GPW champion, in a cage match!" He walked behind the curtain as John Cena is sitting there with a shocked look on his face.

    Match 3 of the second round - HBK vs Miz HBK dominates the match. Miz nails a low blow and grabs the ring bell. He goes to hit HBK with it but he ducks and nails a superkick. Pin..1..2..3! Your winner Shawn Michaels! After the match MVP runs down and nails Shawn with the ring bell.

    Backstage Cena is shown with Generation Next. "Look guys, HHH is trying to divide and conquer. We can't let that happen. So heres the plan for Sunday. He tells them stuff which can't be heard on camera.

    Match 4 of the second round - Mr. Kennedy vs William regal Regal wears down the new comer Kennedy with stiff blows. Towards the end of the match Birchill runs down to help Regal but Styles cut him off. GN's Johnny Nitro came down and hit a spinning heel kick on Birchill and then grabbed a trash can and hit Regal with it on the inside. He looks at Styles and they shake hands. Kennedy with the pin..1...2..3! Kennedy wins. Nitro gets on the mic and says that the two newest members of Generation Next are standing before him, AJ Styles and Mr, Kennedy grabs the mic "MR....KENNEDY......KENNEDY!! They all three leave the ring.

    Match 5 of the second round - JBL vs Mark Henry This match was very slow and got little crowd reaction. The ending saw JBL hit Henry with the clothesline from hell and numerous chair shots for the win.

    Backstage Kennedy, Nitro, and Styles walk into the locker room where they are greeted by the other members and have the plan explained to them.

    Match 6 of the second round Batista vs Triple H This was the match of the night. Batista used his power early on using slams, spinebusters and shoulder blocks to wear The Game down. Batista was looking under the ring for something which turned out to be a table. He put the table in the ring but as he was setting it up HHH came from behind him and hit a chopblock. HHH rolled Batista outside and smashed his face on the announce table and then took it apart. Batista hit a spear. He went inside and got the other table and set it up on the other side of the announce table and put HHH on the announce table. He went for a batista bomb but HHH flipped him over through the other table. He rolled Batista in the ring and slid a chair in also along with the sledgehammer. He picked batista up only to hit him in the gut with the hammer followed by a pedigree onto the chair. Pin..1..2..3! Your winner HHH! After the match he begged Generation Next to come down to the ring but no one responed. His music played as he taunted over Batista.

    Match 7 of the second round - Khali vs Kane Another powerfest that saw Khali win after a chop to the head.

    Backstage the Big Show is shown in the parking lot being attended to by medical staff

    Match 8 of 2nd round - Big Show vs MVP - MVP wins by forfeit.

    Match 9 of 2nd round - Randy Orton vs coach - Coach didn't want to get in the ring but Orton forced him. As Orton was going for the RKO, Undertaker's music played and the lights went out. When they came back on Coach was pinning Orton. 1..2..3! Your winner Johnathan Coachman!

    Backstage Generation Next is wondering what happened as the show went off air.
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    GPW news

    Special second show to air Due to the Gm tournament a second show is going to air this week. Only the remaining members of the tournament will be on hand.

    No Escape matches will be announced No Escape matches will be announced by Shane Mcmahon on the second show as well.
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    Fireworks go off as Cole welcomes us to a one time only event. The Matches start right away.

    Match 1 of 3rd round - Paul Birchill vs Booker T Booker used his veteran skill early on to take advantage. But Birchill gained control with an eye poke. The conclusion saw Booker go for a scissors kick but Birchill sidestepped and hit the C4. Pin..1..2..3! Your winner Paul Birchill.

    Match 2 of the 3rd round - HBK vs Kennedy Hbk really carried this match as. Halfway through the match Kennedy got hit by some sweet chin music but he fell to the outside. HBK followed and whipped Kennedy into the steps. He rolled Kennedy into the ring. He started tuning up the band. Kennedy ducked the kick and when Shawn turned around he hit his finisher the Mic Check! Pin..1..2..3! Your Winner Mr.Kennedy..Kennedy.
    A video package airs promoting No Escape.

    Match 3 of the 3rd round - Triple H vs JBL Both men used power moves to damage the others. HHH hit a chop block halfway through and locked in an indian deathlock. JBl got to the ropes. HHH picked him up and put him into pedigree position but Kennedy ran down and distraced him. HHH punched him off the apron but turned around into the Clothesline from Hell.Pin..1..2..3! Your Winner JBL!

    Match 4 of the 3rd round - Khali vs MVP Khali dominated MVP who had no one to run interferance. Khali went for a clothesline but MVP nailed a dropkick to the knee which brought Khali down. MVP then hit a running boot to the downed Khali. Pin..1..2..Kick out. MVP got up and nailed another running boot. 1..2..Kick out. MVP was looking frustated. Once again another running boot. Pin..1...2...3! Your winner MVP! MVP celebrates by taunting.

    Match 1 of the 4th round - Birchill vs Kennedy Kennedy targeting the arm of Birchill. He locked in an armbar on Birchill in the middle of the ring. Birchill was about to tap but HHH ran down and hit Kennedy with a sledgehammer causing a DQ. Your winner by disqualification Mr. Kennedy.

    Match 2 of the 4th round - JBL vs MVP MVP used his athleticsm to take advantage of JBL's lack of speed. MVP went for a crossbody but JBL caught him and hit a fallaway slam. JBL signaled for the clothesline. When MVP got up he went for the clothesline from hell but MVP countered it into an STO. JBL was knocked out thanks to the sudden change of direction. MVP with the pin..1..2..3! Your Winner MVP! He left the ring as Shane came down

    Shane grabbed a mic and welcomed the fans. "Hello everyone, I am here for one thing. To announce the matches for the first ever GPW PPV. And here they are. First off, there will be an 7man elimination match for the Next Generation championship. The contestants will be, The Champion Umaga, Y2J Chris Jericho, Elijah Burke, William Regal, AJ Styles, Booker T, and Evan Bourne. Also there will be a fatal 4way tag team ladder match which will crown the first ever GPW tag champions. Competing in this match will be the team of Jeff Jarret and Scott Steiner, any two members of Generation Next, Team British, and Kane and the Big Show. Also a women's champion will be crowned when Mickie James takes on Trish Stratus. Also there will be a three way 30 minute iron man match between Shelton Benjamin, Kurt Angle, and Shawn Michaels. Also the GM tournament finals will be a NO-DQ triple threat between MVP Mr. Kennedy and the coach. And of course the GPW heavyweight championship match between John Cena and Triple H. Thank you everybody and enjoy No escape this sunday." The show goes off the air
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    Fireworks go off for about 1 minute as Michael Cole and JR welcome us to the first ever GPW PPV. They tell us about all the matches happening tonight. Up first is the women's title match.

    Women's title Match - Mickie James vs Trish Stratus Mickie James was out first and then Trish who got an above average pop. Mickie took advantage early on by focusing on the arm of trish. She locked in an armbar as Trish strugggled to get to the ropes. Eventuallly she made it. Mickie broke the hold and waited for Trish to get up. Once she did Mickie went for the Mick Kick but Trish ducked and fought back with elbows to the face. Trish swung her off the ropes and connected with a lou thez press. The ref pulled her off as Trish then locked in a sharpshooter. Mickie got to the ropes and Trish let go. Mickie got up and ducked a Chick Kick. Mickie hit a kick to the gut followed by a Mickie T. Pin..1..2..Kick out! Mickie is shocked. She picked Stratus up and went for another Mickie T but Trish got out and kicked her in the gut. She signaled for some stratus faction and connected. Pin..1..2..3. Your winner and first ever GPW Women's champion TRISH STRATUS!!! Trish celebrates as the crowd cheers wildly for her.

    Backstage Maria is interviewing John Cena.
    "John how are you planning on winning your match with Triplhe H tonight if your friends can't interfere since it is a Cage Match."
    "Well Maria we've already sorted this out so all you have to do is sit back and watch."
    Cena left.

    Michael Cole announced that up next is the seven man elimination match for the Next Generation Title. The rules of this match are as followed: Two men start off. Once one of them is pinned another man will come in. The person left standing after everyone else has entered is the winner.

    Match 2 for the Next Generation Title - Seven man guantlet match Out first is the champion Umaga and Elijah Burke. They lock up as Umaga pushes Burke back into a corner and proceeds to beat him with right hands. The ref pulls Umaga back but gets pushed out of the way as Umaga misses a splash on Burke in the corner. Burke quickly pulls down the knee pads and connects with the Elijah Experiance. Pin..1..2..3! Umaga is eliminated. JR states now that we have to have a new champ. Out next is...Chris Jericho, but before he can get to the ring Umaga turns Burke around and hits him with the Samoan Spike. Jericho gets in the ring, looks around and connects with the lionsault, pin..1..2..3! Burke is out. Next out is....Booker T. Jericho and Booker go back and forth. Booker nails a spinebuster. Jericho gets up and gets hit by the bookend. Pin..1..2 Kick out. Booker picks him up and kicks him in the gut but as he goes for the scissors kick Jericho catches the leg and puts him in the walls of Jericho and Booker taps out. Booker is eliminated. Out next is William Regal. Jericho is fatigued. Regal nails a suplex and then a knee to the face on Jericho. Pin..1..2..Kick out. Regal picks him up and kicked him in the gut, goes off the ropes and nails a knee to the head. Pin..1..2..Kick out. Regal is frustated. While the ref is checking on Jerihco Regal removes the turnbuckle cover but when he turns around he gets hit by the codebreaker. Pin..1..2..3! Regal is eliminated. Out next is AJ Styles. He comes in and nails a running neckbreaker. He goes to the top rope for a corkscrew moonsault but Jericho puts his knees up. Styles is down. Jericho goes for the lionsault and hits it. Pin..1..2..3! Styles is eliminated. Evan Bourne is out next and he runs down to the ring. Jericho attempts a clothesline but Bourne ducks and connects with a double flying knee bash. Jericho is unconscious. Bourne goes to the top rope and connects with the Shooting Star Press. Pin..1..2..3! Jericho eliminated. Your winner and New Next Generation Champion, Evan Bourne! He holds the title up.
    Backstage Generation Next is applauding Evan Bourne's win.

    Match three - 30 minute 3 way iron man match - Shelton Benjamin, Hbk, and Kurt Angle All three men are in the ring and the time starts. Shawn goes after Benjamin and nails a quick snap suplex. Kurt then hits Shawn with a german suplex. Quick pin..1..Kick out by Shawn. Angle then stomps on Benjamin. Shawn comes up from behind with a back suplex. He picks Shelton up but pays the price as Shelton counters into a belly to belly overhead suplex. Angle gets up and ducks a Shelton clothesline and hits three german suplexes. Pin..1..2 Kick out. Angle pulls the straps down as Shelton gets up and nails the Angle Slam. Pin..1..2 Shawn breaks it up. Michaels picks up Angle and nails a bodyslam. He goes to the top rope and nails an elbow drop. He tunes up the band but Angle counters the superkick into an Ankle Lock. But before HBK taps out Shelton pulls Kurt off and nails the T-Bone Suplex..Pin..1..2..3! Shelton with the first pinfall with 18 minutes remaining. He picks Kurt up for another T-Bone but gets blastes by a Shawn Michaels superkick. Pin..1..2..3! Shawn with the second pin with 17 minutes remaining. Shawn is tuning up the band. He goes for Sweet Chin Music on Angle but once again it gets countered into an Ankle lock. Shawn taps with 15 minutes left. Benjamin gets up and clotheslines Angle. Shawn with a rollup on Shelton..1..2..Kick out. After 13 more minutes of action the score is still tied at 1. With thirty seconds left Shawn nails the superkick on Angle, and one on Benjamin as he tries for a spingboard clothesline, Shawn passes out and Benjamin falls on Angle. 1..2..3! Shelton Benjamin with the pin. Shawn gets up and locks Benjamin in the sharpshooter. 10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1 time expires as Shelton Benjamin wins the match! Shelton wins! He celebrates as all three men shake hands and leave.

    Backstage Maria is now interviewing Triple H
    "Triple H what is your plan for tonight?"
    "Well Maria, once me and Cena get lock in that cage Im going to tear him apart. I'm going to take him and make him bleed. He will not walk out of that cage on his own two feet." He left .

    Match 3 - No dq GM tourney finals - MVP vs Kennedy vs The Coach After the bell rings MVP and Kennedy take out the coach. They are beating the coach senseless but all of a sudden the lights go out. When they come back on The Undertaker is in the ring. MVP and Kennedy turn around and both eat right hands. They try to fight back but Under taker grabs them both by the throat and chokeslams them both. Before He leaves he draps coaches arm over MVP.1..2..3! Coach win's and is the General Manager!

    Match 4 Fatal 4 way ladder match for the GPW tag titles - Kane and Big Show vs Jarret and Steiner vs Team British vs 2 members of Generation Next Team British, Jarret and Steiner and Kane and BiG Show are in the ring. The two members of GN are next. And they are.... Johnny Nitro and Mike Mizanin. The match starts as Kane and Big Show clear house early. Nitro and Miz grab two ladders and put them in the ring. Team British grab the ladders and take out Jarret and Steiner. They try to take out K&B but they fail and and up getting chokeslammed. Nitro and Miz slide in and chop block Show and Kane. Nitro sets up the ladders as Umaga runs down to the ring. He beats down the fallen Kane and Big show as Nitro grabs both titles. Your winners Nitro and MIZ! They hold the titles as the crowd boos wildly.

    Backstage Cena is shown talking to Generation Next. They are reviewing the plan.

    A video package airs highlighting the fued between Generation Next and Triple H. The cage lowers as Cena is out first. He looks confident as he enters the cage. Triple H is out next and he is coming out to his King of Kings music. As he is walking down the ramp Generation Next come out from behind and attack him. But the attack is interuppted when, Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, Booker T, Rey Mysterio, Big Show, Kane and Hardcore Holly come down and Attack Generation Next and lead them to the back. Triple H gets up and has a smirk on his face. He enters the cage as John Cena doesn't look confident anymore.

    Main Event for the GPW Heavyweight Title - John Cena vs HHH in a Cage Match They lock up as HHH pushes Cena into a corner and hits him repeadetly with right hands. He then slams Cena's face into the cage. He picks him up but Cena pokes him in the eye. Cena picks up for a pumphandle slam but instead slams him into the cage. He goes for the FU but HHH elbows him in the face and pushes him into the cage. Triple H with a flying knee bash. He gets on top of Cena and punches him some more. He then locks in an indian deathlock. He lets go before Cena taps. He picks him up and rakes his face back and forth across the cage. Cena is busted wide open. Triple H gives him a crotch chop and throws him into the cage. He picks Cena up but Cena low blows him. Cena then throws Triple H into the cage busting him wide open. Cena with a drop toe hold. He locks in the STFU! But HHH battles out with elbows to the face. Cena tries to go out the door but HHH grabs him. Hunter whips him off the ropes and hits him with a spinebuster. Triple H picks him up and puts him in pedigree position. But Cena counters and puts HHH on his shoulders in FU position but HHH grabs the ropes. Cena flips him and Triple H's back hits the steel. Cena begins to climb the cage. HHH is out. Cena at the top. Cena goes over the cage. His feet hit the floor. Cena wins. Your winner and new GPW Heavyweight champion, John Cena! The show goes off the air with the Bloodied John Cena holding up the title and HHH looking shocked.
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    The fireworks go off as the opens up with the General Manager Johnathan Coachmen in the ring. "Hello everybody, as you already know my name is Johnathan Coachmen, your new General Manager. Now I have somethings to take care of tonight...." Triple H's music hits. He walks down to the ring and gets a mic. "Look here Coach, I want my rematch for the heavyweight title. And I want it tonight."
    "Well Triple H, I guess I can do that for you. Yes as a matter of fact I can. That rematch will be in a lumberjack match. And there is our main event for tonight."
    "Thanks coach." HHH went to walk away but turned back and delivered a pedigree to the new General Manager.

    Match 1 - Paul London and Brian Kendrick vs Mr. Kennedy and MVP. MVP and Kendrick started off as Kendrick uses hurracanrana's and drop kicks to gain an early advanatge. Kendrick backed MVP into a corner and went for a monkey flip but MVP held onto the ropes and Kendrick fell down. Kennedy got tagged in and began stomping on Kendrick. MVP ran over and knocked London off the apron. Kennedy pick up Kendrick and nailed the Mic Check. Pin..1..2..3! Your winners, MVP and MR. KENNEDY...KENNEDY! MVP came in and nailed a running boot to the head on the downed Kendrick as they left the ring.

    Backstage Cena is talking to Evan Bourne.
    " Congrats on your title win last night Bourne. I've got an offer for you. If you join Generation Next, I will guarantee that you never lose the title."
    "Well Cena, that is a pretty genourus offer. But how about you take that offer and stick it where the sun don't shine." He spit in Cena's face as Cena attacks him and slammed his face into a concrete wall and then rammed him into a metal railing and proceeded to punch him over and over until security broke it up.

    Match 2 - Jeff Jarret w/Steiner vs HBK Jarret did nothing but job to HBK as the ending saw Michaels nail Steiner and Jarret with super kicks followed by a pin for the win.

    Backstage Triple H is talking to Kane, Booker, Big Show, Mysterio, Jericho, Holly, and The Undertaker.

    Match 3 - Umaga vs two local jobbers Umaga squashed them and the match ended with a double samaon drop.

    Main Event - GPW Heavyweight title match - Cena vs HHH in a lumberjack match Each men are allowed 6 lumberjacks. Cena's are Nitro, Miz, MVP, Orton, Batista, and Umaga. Triple H's are Jericho, Kane, Taker, Big Show, Mysterio, and Holly. The match begins with Cena and Hunter locking up until Cena throws HHH out of the ring. The lumberjacks take some cheap shots until the other one's run over. They throw HHH back in. Cena threw HHH into a corner and hit some right hands. Cena nailed the five knuckle shuffle and set up for the FU. But HHH got out with elbows to the head and hit a flying knee bash. He did some crotch chops and threw Cena out of the ring. HHH's lumberjacks began to beat up on Cena and then all out chaos exploded as the lumberjacks began fighting. HHH got back in the ring only to get hit by and FU. Pin..1..2..3! Your winner and still GPW Heavyweight Champion, JOHN CENA! The lumberjack brawl ended with each of Cena's lumberjacks nailing their finisher on the Undertaker. Cena's music played as the show went off air.
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    GPW News

    Big contract signing? There is a rumor going around that a HUGE former talent has been resigned. The rumor has not yet been confirmed. We will update as soon as possible.

    Huge main event It has been confirmed that there will be a huge main event for tonight's Generation Pro wrestling.
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    The fireworks go off the show opens with a match

    The Great Khali vs Team British Team British did not have to tag each other in but it did not make any difference. Khali ended the match quickly with a huge chokeslam.

    Backstage Coach is in his office. "Hello everyone. I am going to talk about the main event for tonight. It will be a team gauntlet match. One member from each team will start off, and every two minutes another superstar will enter the match. This means it could end up being 7 on 1 before one team gets another entry. Now facing off in this match will be the entire Generation Next and The team of Triple H, the Undertaker, Kane, the Big Show, Chris Jericho, Booker T, Edge, Rey Mysterio, Hardcore Holly, Matt Hardy, and HBK Shawn Michaels, a team that is known as the first Generation. Also there was a rumor going around that a Huge talent had been signed. That rumor is true and that talent will be appearing in that match. He might be the ref, or he might be in the match himself. Thats all I have to say."

    Match 2 - Trish Stratus vs Beth Phoenix Both appeared to be pretty even. Beth started to use her power and put Trish in a bearhug. Trish battled out with elbows. Beth pushed her away and went to the corner to recover. She turned around and walked into the Chick Kick. Pin..1..2..3! Trish Stratus is your winner!

    Backstage Generation Next is talking about who the suprise star could be be.

    Main Event - Team Guantlet Match - Generation Next vs The First Generation MVP and Holly started off first. MVP used a variety of elbows and kicks but Holly battled back with right hands. Holly nailed a suplex and leaned MVP against the rops and picked his legs up and hit a kick to the mid-section. He was signaling for Alabama slam when the minute clock went off as Kennedy ran down. Holly refocused on Kennedy but MVP got up and they double teamed Holly. Kennedy hit the mic check and MVP picked him and hit an STO. Pin..1..(the two minute clock ran off as Rey Mysterio sprinted down)..2..3! Holly eliminated. Mysterio used his speed to avoid both men and pick his spots. The two minute clock went off and Booker T made his entrance. It was even now as Booker fought MVP and Kennedy against Mysterio. Mysterio had Kennedy in 619 position but when he went for the West Coast pop Kennedy countered into a powerbomb. MVP nailed a clothesline on Booker as the clock expired and AJ Styles ran down. Kennedy with the mic check on Rey Rey. Pin..1..2..3. Mysterio eliminated. AJ Styles and MVP double teamed Booker and nailed a Styles Clash followed by a running boot to the head combo as Kennedy regained his breath. Pin..1..2..3! Booker eliminated. Out next is the Big Show. All three men stomped and punched him as he entered the ring but he pushed them all away. He then chokeslammed styles. Pin.1..2..3! Styles is eliminated. Before Styles left he low blowed the Big Show. MVP hit a running STO. The clock expired as Matt Hardy ran down. As soon as he entered the ring, for the second he was on his stomach MVP hit the running boot to the head. Pin on Hardy.1..2..3! MVP and Kennedy then lock in an armbar/leg lock combo on Show and he taps. The clock expires and Jericho comes down. MVP and Kennedy both get clotheslined. He locks in the Walls of Jericho on MVP. He taps right before Kennedy hits a clothesline. The clock expires and Orton comes down. Jericho is taking it to Kennedy but Kennedy its an eye poke and pushes Y2J into an RKO. Pin..1..2..3! Y2J Eliminated. They recover for a little bit and they're going to needed because next out is Kane. They both try and fight the Big Red Monster but fail. Orton gets levelad by a boot and Kennedy gets Chokeslammed. Pin..1..2..3! Kennedy is eliminated. The clocks expires. Edge is out and he jogs to the ring. Orton is about to get chokeslammed but he counters with a low blow and pushes Kane away. Edge spears KANE! Orton Pins Kane. 1..2..3! Edge then simply allows himself to pinned. Orton is the only one left standing. The clock expires after another two minutes. And out comes the Showstopper,Shawn Michaels! They battle it out with right hands until Orton nails a backbreaker. The clock expires and out comes Triple H! Him and Shawn take advantage of Orton. The clock expires and Elijah runs down. Shawn takes him down as HHH nails a pedigree on Orton. Pin..1..2..3! Orton is eliminated! Elijah gains the upper hand until HHH comes over and pulls him off but Burke nails a spine buster. He throws Shawn into the corner and pulls down the knee pads. But as he goes for the Elijah Experiance Shawn turns around and nails a superkick. Shawn collapses as Elijah falls on HHH and Shawn falls on Burke. 1..2..3! HHH and Burke are eliminated. The clock expires and Umaga comes running down. He picks Shawn up but Shawn ducks the spike. Shawn is trying to fight back but Umaga nails a samaon drop. Pin..1..2..3! Shawn is eliminated. The clock expires and the lights go out and when they go back out Undertaker is behind Umaga. Umaga turns around into a chokeslam. Taker signals tombstone. He nails it. 1..2..3! Umaga is out. 2 minutes go by and Shelton comes out. He is able to hang in there with Taker for two minutes and Miz comes out. They both double team taker but he battles back with punches and elbows. Another two minutes and Nitro enters the fray. Now Taker is on the recieving end of a Triple team. Taker battles out and chokeslams all three and falls on Nitro. 1..2..3! Nitro is eliminated! Then he pins Miz. 1..2..3! Now Taker and Shelton get to their feet and exchange right hands. Punk comes out and roundhouse kicks Taker in the head. He puts taker on the middle rope and nails the pepsi plunge. Shelton picks him up and hits the T-Bone suplex. They repeadetly stomp Undertaker until Cena comes out. He picks up the lifeless Undertaker and delivers an FU. He picks him up and just ruthlessely beats him down. Undertaker is busted open from right hands. The coach appears on the titantron right before they pin the undertaker. "Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome Generation Pro Wrestling's newest superstar" he goes off the titantron as the Undertaker is motionless in the corner as Cena, Punk and Shelton focus on the entrance ramp when.........................................
    The crowd goes wild as Cena, Punk, and Shelton look on, completely shocked. The Rock comes out of the curtain. He looks throughout the crowd. He then walks down the ramp as Shelton pins Taker. 1..2..3! Taker is eliminated. The Rock enters the ring as Cena goes for a punch but Rock counters. He clothesline Punk. Shelton goes for a kick but Rock catches it and ducks the second kick. Cena runs into a spinebuster. The Rock takes punk and does a three punch combo. Benjamin tries a clothesline but the Rock ducks delivers a rock bottom!!! Pin..1..2..3! Shelton is eliminated. Cena gets up only to get ddt'd. Rock whips Punk off the ropes and nails a spinebuster. He walks over to the head of Punk. He see's Cena getting up and clotheslines him. He turns back around and puts Punk in the sharpshooter. He taps. Cena and rock are left. Cena goes for a punch, Rock catches it and delivers three big right hands. attemps a clothesline but Rock ducks. Cena off the ropes and he walks into a Rock Bottom in the center of the ring. Rock walks over to his head. The crowd goes crazy. The Rock pulls off his elbow pad and throws it into the crowd. He runs off the ropes, jumps over Cena, off the other ropes, he stops by Cena and does the five knuckle shuffle taunt, looks down at Cena, "You Can't See Me" taunt, and then he delivers the peoples elbow! Pin..1..2..3! Cena eliminated! The Rock wins, for the the First Generation! The show goes off the air with the Rock doing his pose on the top rope.
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    The fireworks go off and Cena comes out to the ring. " Now I am not out here to complain about last week. But I am here to tell you fans some big news. I will be defending my title match. I am defending it against HHH,everyone is banned from ring side. Also.." the Rock comes out to the ring. " Finally The Rock has come back to the world of sports entertainment! Now I have been gone for a very very long time. And there are some new faces around here. Like the one in this ring with me right now. So tell me Jabroni, what is your name?"
    "My name is"
    "I don't care who you are, I am the champ and the champ doesn't get disrespected by anyone"
    "Excuse me? Did you just say what I think you said? It sounded like you were telling The Rock what to do. Well guess what. Know your role and shut your, before The Rock beats your candy ass in front of the millions and millions of The Rocks people here tonight."
    " Well Rock, if you want some, come get some"
    The two began brawling in the ring. The Rock nailed a spinebuster and Cena rolled out of the ring. Cena was walking up the ramp and when he looked back The Rock was telling him to just bring it. Cena walked away.

    Backstage Generation Next is arguing about whose fault it was that they lost.

    Match 1 - Chris Jericho vs Evan Bourne for the Next Generation Title Evan Bourne used his quickness to gain advantage. Jericho hit a couple of leg kicks and followed up with a clothesline. Bourne got to his feet and countered a DDT into a northern lights suplex. He waited for Jericho to get up and hit a running tornado DDT. He went to the top rope. When Jericho got up, Bourne went for a flying body splash and hit Jericho. He went to the rope and hit the SSP!!! 1..2..3! Your winner and still Next Generation Champion, EVAN BOURNE!!

    Backstage Cena walks into the argument and quickly calms everyone down.

    Match 2 - The Big Show and Kane vs Team British Regal started off against Kane. Regal tried to target the arm but Kane repeadetly pushed him off. Birchill got tagged in but he ran into a huge uppercut. Kane tagged in Show. Show leaned Birchill against the ropes and delivered a massive chop to the chest. Regal ran in but Kane cut him off with a boot. Kane picked up regal and Show picked up Birchill. They delivered unison chokeslams and Show pinned Birchill. 1..2..31 Your winners Kane and the Big Show.

    Backstage Cena is preparing for his match.

    Match 3 - Steiner vs Hardy Hardy and Steiner brawled to start off until Steiner rake the eyes. Steiner hit a suplexed and put Hardy in an armbar. Hardy got to the ropes and Steiner broke at 4. Steiner argued with the ref until Hardy turned him around and hit the side effect. Hardy was stalking him for the Twist of fate. Steiner got up and Hardy kicked him in the midsection and set him up for the twist of fate and hit it. Pin..1..2..3! Matt Hardy is your winner.

    Main Event for the GPW Heavyweight Title Cena and HHH locked up in the middle of the ring. Triple H backed Cena into a corner and nailed right hands. The ref pulled him away. HHH pushed him out of the way and Cena took advantage of the ref's momentary distraction and low blowed HHH. He whipped him off the ropes and connected with a back body drop. Cena began punching HHH. Cena got up and when HHH got up Cena nailed two shoulder blocked and a spin out powerbomb. He signaled for five knuckle shuffle and connected. Triple H staggered to his feet and Cena put him on his shoulders. HHH got off and pushed Cena into the ref. Cena turned around and countered the pedigree into an FU. Cena went outside of the ring and grabbed the title. He got back in the ring and hit Triple H with it and slid it out of the ring. He revived the ref and pinned Triple H. 1..2..3! Your winner and Still GPW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, JOHN CENA. The show went off air with Cena holding the title over HHH.
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    The fireworks go off and Coach is in the ring. "Welcome everybody. Now in 2 weeks the PPV, Aftershock, will occur. As of now, we don't have a GPW Heavyweight title match. So in the next two weeks, we will have an 8 man tournament to decide who will face John Cena. The superstars in this tournament will be Kane, Edge, Evan Bourne, Randy Orton, MVP, Triple H, Mr. Kennedy, Kurt Angle. And the first match, is up next!

    Match 1 of GPW title tournament - MVP vs Triple H They both made their entrances and and traded punches as the bell rang. Triple gained advantage and backed MVP into a corner and continued to punch him. The ref grabbed HHH and pulled him away. MVP ran and hit a clothesline. He locked HHH in a leg lock. HHH got to the ropes and MVP broke the hold at 4. Triple H struggled to his feet MVP hit a german suplex. MVP stomped on HHH. He went for the ballin elbow drop but HHH moved. He got to his feet and hit a knee drop on Porter. He played to the crowd. He picked MVP and spinebustered him. He waited for him to get up and kicked him in the midsection and put him in pedigree position. MVP flipped him over. As Triple H climbed to his knees MVP hit a running boot to the head. Pin..1..2..3! Your winner and advancing to the semifinals, MVP!

    Backstage Generation Next is shown watching the ending of the match. They are all happy for MVP except for Cena who looks serious. Backstage an interviewer catches up with Triple H.
    "Triple H, if I could talk to you for a moment, it seems that you lost to MVP, that means your out of the tournament."
    "Yah think Im out of the tournament, well what gave you that idea? Well y'now what? (he pushed the interviewer) Im gonna go down to that ring, and the first person to walk down after me, is going to get the beating of their life!

    Triple H walks down to the ring and grabs a mic. " So who's it gonna be? (he grabs a chair and sits in it) Who is gonna walk out of that curtain. I don't care if it's three guys at the same time, hell I wouldn't care if Shane Mcmahon walked out. Because whoever it is, is gonna get the beating of their life." CAN YOU SMEEELLLL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN? The rock walks out of the curtain and stands on the ramp with a mic in his hand. " So Triple H, you said you'd give the first person out here the beating of your life. Well that meansaahh, that your going to have to give to give The Rockahh, the beating of his lifeahh. So Triple Hahh, how about you walk your roody poody candy assah down this ramp so that The Rock can take his hand, and smack your lips right off your face!" "Well Rocky, you got your wish" Triple H walked out of the ring and down the ramp, The Rock ran down and both men began to trade blows. Triple H raked the eyes and took the Rock down. He began punching him while he was down. He picked him up and put him in pedigree position and delivered it right on the steel. Triple H left backstage. Refs came down to help the Rock to the back.

    Match 2 - Edge vs Randy Orton Randy Orton began the match with a slap to the face. Edge retaliated with a takedown and right hands. The ref pulled him off and Orton crawled to the corner. Edge went over and began punching him again. Once again teh ref pulled him away. Orton got up and when Edge walked back over Orton ducked a clothesline and nailed his variation of a backbreaker. He picked Edge up and uppercutted him. He began stomping Edge's entire body. He began to stalk Edge. Edge gets up but as Orton goes for the RKO Edge pushes him off and into the ref. Orton turns around and gets speared. Edge with the pin but no ref. Edge revives the ref but turns around into an RKO! Orton with the pin. 1.......2.........3! Your winner and going to the semifinals, Randy Orton.

    Backstage Cena is being interviewed on the possibility of facing a member of Generation Next.
    "Well, it would be a great oppurtunity for them. Would they win? No. Would it be a great oppurtunity? Yes. I don't want to face one of them but if I do, then I'll do what I always do, and win." He left.

    Match 3 - Kurt Angle vs Kane Kurt Angle used his wrestling abilities to gain an advantage. He nailed a belly to belly suplex. He pulled the straps down and pulled Kane into an Angle Slam. Pin..1..2..3! Kurt Angle wins and advances.

    Main Event - Evan Bourne vs Ken Kennedy The match started with Bourne nailing kicks to kennedy's legs. Bourne went off the ropes but he ran into a clothesline. Kennedy picked him up and swung Bourne off the ropes but as he bent over Evan backflipped over him. Kennedy turned around and got hurracanaraned. Bourne waited for Kennedy to get up and as he went for a ddt Kennedy pushed him off and onto his face. He picked Bourne up. After some nice back and forth action Kennedy was setting up for the Mic Check. Bourne countered with elbows to get out. Kennedy went back into a corner. The ref kept Bourne away. He checked on Kennedy. Kennedy pushed the ref out of the way but Bourne hit a double flying knee bash. Bourne to the top rope. He went for the SSP but Kennedy moved. He picked Bourne up. MIC CHECK! Pin..1..2..3! Kennedy wins and advances.

    Here is the bracket for remaining superstars.

    MVP vs Orton

    Kennedy vs Angle.

    Next week will be a specail 3 hour edition.
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    Big Move It is confirmed that GPW will either split into two seperate shows, or will have a two hour slot

    Roster Cuts There have been atleast 10 roster cuts. The roster will soon be updated.
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    Good show.. Great match ups. I'm glad to see some good promos and that you are going to be making longer shows.. I think you could format your things a little better, though. Skip a line when a new person starts talking and things like that. You're improving, good job.
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    (thanks for the feedback and advice) The fireworks go off and again coach is in the ring.
    "I only will be taking a little bit of time here tonight. I would like to announce that Generation Pro Wrestling will be having two different shows and a two hour slot! This all starts after Aftershock. Also on the show proceeding Aftershock, there will be a random draft. And on a final note, there will be three, new championships. Thank you and have a great night."

    Match 1 Semifinals of title tournament - MVP vs Randy Orton They both bump fists before the match. They lock up and MVP puts Orton in a headlock followed by a takeover. Orton gets out. Later on Orton has control. He hits his backbreaker. He is setting up for the RKO. MVP pushes him off into a corner. Orton stumbles out of the corner. MVP grabs him and hits an STO Pin...1...2..3! Your winner and advancing to the finals, MVP!

    Backstage John Cena looks rather displeased.

    The Rock is being interviewed.
    "Rock, after Triple H's attack on you last week, you and here are going to face off at AfterShock, in a street fight. How are you going to prepare?"
    "Well ya see, The Rock is gonna prepare like he always prepares, by becoming his opponents, so I must be Triple H. Which meansahh, I have to think like the gameahh. The Rockahh, is gonna have to beatahh, Triple H in the middle of the ringahh, and thats exaclty what The Rock is gonna doahh. Now Can you Smellahh, what The Rock is cookinahh." He left.

    Match 2 - Edge vs Shawn Michaels Both men were in the ring and shook hands. They locked up and Edge performed a double leg takedown. He applied a leglock but HBK got to the ropes. HBK got up and nailed a body slam. After another 10 minutes of fighting and some chain link wrestling Shawn backed Edge into a corner. He backed out and went for a splash but Edge moved and ran off the ropes. SPEAR by Edge! Pin..1...2..KICK OUT! Edge was shocked. He went over to another corner and was waiting for Michaels to get up. He attempted another Spear but Shawn moved and Egde rammed into the ring post. When he turned around he got hit by the superkick. Pin..1..2..KICK OUT! Shawn began tuning up the band. Edge to his feet. He ducks sweet chin music. He grabs Shawn and delivers the Razor's Edge! He goes to the corner. Shawn gets up SPEAR! Pin..1..2..3! Edge Wins. After the match. They shake hands. But HBK superkicks Edge in the face.

    Maria is interviewing Kurt Angle
    "Kurt, your in a match later tonight. If you win, then even later in the night, you could win a shot at the title. How do you feel about your chances."
    "Well Maria, I feel very confident about my chances. I mean c'mon, I won a gold medal with a broken frigging neck. I should be able to beat two guys who couldn't wrestle their ways out of a paper bag. None of these guys have a tenth of my wrestling ability. Oh yea its true, its damn true!

    Match 3 - GPW Tag titles match - Umaga and Elijah Burke of Generation Next vs Cryme Tyme Cryme Tyme debuts and come out to a very good pop. Shad and Umaga in early. They both hit big power moves and tag in their partners. JTG nails some punches and a powerslam. Shad tagged in. He puts Burke in the corner and nails a clothesline. He picks him up. He puts him in samoan drop position but Burke gets off and pushes him into JTG. He tags in Umaga. Umaga picks Shad up and nails a samoan drop. Umaga to the top rope. He goes for a splash but Shad moves. He boots burke off the apron. He picks up Umaga for a samoan drop. JTG runs in and goes off the ropes. They nail a neckbreaker/samoan drop combo. Pin..1..2..3! YOUR WINNERS AND NEW GPW TAG CHAMPIONS, CRYME TYME! They celebrate in the ring as Umaga and Burke push each other on the ramp. Umaga grabs Burke and gives him a samoan spike.

    Backstage Cena is irate.

    Match 4, semifinals of title tournament - Kurt Angle vs Mr. Kennedy Kurt outwrestles Kennedy. He goes for the Angle Slam. Kennedy dodges. Kennedy takes control by putting Angle in a rear naked choke. Kurt counters into a leg lock. Kennedy gets to the ropes. Angle pulls the straps down and hits the Angle Slam. Ankle Lock is locked in! Kennedy crawling. He's almost there. He lunges and grabs the ropes. Angle pulls him up and goes for another Angle slam but Kennedy dodges and grabs Kurt. Mic Check! Pin..1..2..3! Your winner and advancing to the finals, Mr.Kennedy!

    Backstage Cena throws the tv into a locker.

    Match 5 - GPW Womens title match - Mickie James vs Trish Stratus Trish and Mickie had a good match. The ending of this 7 minute match saw Mickie attempt the Mickie-T but got pushed off. She got picked up and hit with the Chick Kick. Pin..1..2..3. Trish retains.

    Main Event - Finals of the title tournament - MVP vs Mr. Kennedy They bumped fists. MVP overpowered Kennedy and hit right hands. He whipped Kennedy off the ropes and hit a back body drop. He got on top and started punching Kennedy. Kennedy couldn't mount any offense. MVP put him on the top rope and hit a superplex. He picked him up and hit an STO. Before Kennedy could get up MVP hit a running boot to the head. Pin..1..2..3! MVP is your winner and will face Cena at Aftershock. The show goes off the air with Cena coming out and holding up his title.

    Dark Match
    MVP and The Rock beat Cena and HHH.
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    Fireworks go off for a minute. Everyone welcome to GPW'S


    Match 1 for the GPW Tag titles team gauntlet match - Cryme Tyme vs Team Priceless vs Kane and Big Show vs Team British vs Morrison and The Miz

    Kane and Big Show start off against Team British. Kane and Regal start off. Kane dominates Regal with big right hands. He whips Regal into a corner and but Regal moves out of the way of a clothesline and tags in Burchill. Kane recovers and dominates. Him. After Big Show gets tagged in he knocks out both men and chokeslams Burchill. Pin..1..2..3! Birchill and Regal eliminated. Miz and Morrison are next but only Miz walks down the ramp. He distracts the ref and Morrison comes out of the crowd and nails Show and Kane with a chair. He slides it out of the ring. Miz turns the ref around. Morrison with a standing SSP. Pin..1..2..3! Kane and Show eliminated. Cryme Tyme is out next. Morrison and Shad start. Shad dominated with his power. Morrison tags in Miz but it doesn't get any better. Shad knocks Morrison off the apron and picks Miz up for a Samaon Drop but Miz gets off and pushes him into JTG. He gets a roll up. 1..2..3! Cryme Tyme eliminated. Team Priceless comes out. Nice back and forth action ensues. Cody Rhodes hits a suplex on Miz. Dibiase gets off the apron and pulls Morrison down. Cody Rhodes picks Miz and DDT's him. Pin, 1..2..Kick out. He picks Miz up again, but Miz gets him with a small package. Pin, 1..2..3! Miz and Morrison are the new tag champions! After the match Morrison grabs a mic. " It has become obvious to me and my tag partner here, that we were going nowhere as a part of Generation Next. So as of now, me and Miz, are on our own." They leave the ring and hold the titles up.

    Backstage Triple H is shown preparing for his match.

    Match 2 - Evan Bourne vs Batista vs Shelton Benjamin for the Next Generation Title

    Batista goes for Bourne and takes him out with a spear. Him and Benjamin go at it. Batista with a suplex. He picks Benjamin up and rams him into a corner and delivers multiple shoulder thrusts. He backs up and goes for a clothesline but Benjamin boots him in the jaw. Benjamin goes to the top and delivers a clothesline to Batista. He picks Batista up but gets spinebustered. He picks Benjamin up and delivers a Batista Bomb! Pin..1..2 Bourne breaks it up. They all three brawl for about 10 minutes. The ending saw Bourne nail a double knee bash off the top to Batista, and Shelton miss a superkick on Bourne. Bourne with a dropkick to Benjamin who flies out of the ring. Bourne to the top. SSP on Batista. Pin..1..2..3! After the match Elijah Burke comes down and attacks Bourne.

    Match3 - Shawn Michaels vs Edge falls count anywhere

    Edge comes out and takes Shawn down and repeadetly punches him in the jaw. Shawn eventually gets out. The fight goes to the outside. Edge throws HBK down and grabs a chair. He goes to hit Shawn who moves. Shawn gets up and crossbodies Edge. They Brawl into the crowd and into the back. After minutes of brawling Edge throws Shawn into the concrete wall and DDT's him onto the concrete. Pin, 1..2..3! Edge wins.

    Backstage John Cena is being interviewed.
    "Cena how are you going to look at this match tonigth?"
    " Well ya see, I am going to go out there, look MVP in the eye, wish him good luck, then beat him senseless." He left.

    Match 4 - Street Fight between The Rock and Triple H. The Rock comes out first. As Triple H is walking down the ramp Rocky runs down and attacks him. The Rock takes him and throws him into the ring steps. He stomps Triple H. He looks under the ring and grabs a table and sets it up. He grabs the steps. He hits HHH in the head with them. He is busted open. He slides him onto the table. The Rock goes on the apron. He attempts to elbow HHH through the table but he moves and the Rock busts open the table. HHH gets up and looks under the ring. He grabs his sledgehammer and slides Rocky and the hammer into the ring. He tries to smash the hammer over Rockies head but he moves. The Rock gets up and they trade blows. The Rock whips HHH off the ropes and back body drops him. He goes out side the ring again and grabs a kendo stick. He beats HHH with it. He sets him up for the Rock Bottom but Hunter battles out and throws him out of the ring. Later on HHH is setting up for the Pedigree but Rock counters it into a sharpshooter. HHH is about to tap but Orton runs out of the crowd and delivers an RKO to Rock. Triple H pins him. 1..2..3! Orton and HHH celebrate in the ring. HHH picks Rock up and delivers a pedigree.

    Backstage MVP comes face to face with Cena. MVP speaks
    " Look Cena, I respect you, but after tonight I am done with Generation Next. Oh yea, and Im comin, for you and that title."
    Cena looks at him as he leaves.

    Main Event - MVP vs Cena for the GPW heavyweight title
    MVP comes out first. They lock up and Cena overpowers MVP and whips him off the ropes. He attempts a back body drop but gets kicked in the chest. MVP delivers a snap suplex. He locks in an armbar. Cena battles out and gets up. His arm appears to be hurt. MVP with right hands. Cena with right hands. MVP whips Cena off the ropes and delivers an arm drag into an armbar. Cena gets to the ropes. MVP pulls him away and delivers a leg drop to the arm. He follows up with the Ballin' elbow drop. He picks Cena up. Cena mounts some offense with some punches and a shoulder drop. Spin out powerbomb by Cena. Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena sets him for the FU but MVP gets off and nails an armbar takeover and another armbar. Cena to the ropes again. MVP picks him up and delivers an STO. Pin..1..2..Kick out. Cena regains control after MVP misses a crossbody. Cena nails his signature moves. He goes to the top rope and nails a top rope famasser. He picks MVP but gets poked in the eyes. MVP with a powerslam. MVP attempts the running boot to the head but Cena hits a drop toe hold, STFU is locked in. MVP gets to the ropes after several minutes. Cena picks him up. FU position, MVP battles out again. Bodyslam. Cena is getting up, RUNNING BOOT TO THE HEAD! Pin..1..2..KICK OUT! MVP picks Cena up but Cena counters, FU, FU!!! Pin..1..2..KICK OUT!! Cena looks frustrated. He picks MVP up, small package my MVP!, 1..2.. KICK OUT! Cena and MVP both get up, STO! Pin..1..2..KICK OUT! MVP goes out and grabs a chair and the title. The ref grabs the chair. He doesn't see the title. As the ref is putting the chair back, Cena nails a low blow and takes the title from MVP and hits him with it. He slides the belt out of the ring. Pin..1..2..3! Cena RETAINS!! The show goes off the air with Cena holding the title up.
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    The fireworks go off and and the two hour show starts.

    Match 1 - Hardy vs Bourne Hardy got the win with a twist of fate.
    Coach comes out and says the first pick is RANDY ORTON!! He comes out and does his pose.

    Backstage Cena runs into MVP. MVP throws a punch and they start brawling until security breaks it up.

    Match 2 Batista vs Burke Burke got the victory after Batista missed a corner clothesline and Burke hit the elijah experiance.

    Coach is on the titantron and says that JBL is the second draft pick.

    Backstage Cena tells Generation Next that they are officialy disbanded. Kennedy gets up and says that they were going to disband tonight anyways.

    Match 3 Miz and Morrison vs Team British Miz and Morrison won after Miz hit a running knee bash to one side and Morrison to the other on Burchill.

    The third draft pick is...KURT ANGLE!!

    Match 4 - Edge vs Kane The match ended in a draw after both men got layed out after going off the stage.

    The fourth pick is....CRYME TYME!!

    Backstage Cena is sitting in the locker room staring at his title.

    Match 5 Big Show vs Chris Jericho Big Show won by knockout after a huge punch.

    The fifth pick is.... Elijah Burke!!!

    Backstage Triple H is being interviewed
    "Triple H, your match with Kennedy is up next, do you think the Rock will interfere after last night?"
    " All Im gonna say is that The Rock learned his lesson last night and if he does interfere he's gonna have to repeat the class"

    Match 6 - HHH vs Kennedy Triple H won after The Rock came out and him and HHH started brawling.

    The sixth and final pick of the night is,, THE UNDERTAKER!!!!!!

    The show goes off the air with the lights out.

    (This show was very rushed as I almost had it finish but the page got deleted.)
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    Supplemental Draft Other people drafted are Mr. Kennedy, Booker T, AJ Styles, Batista, Chavo Guerrero, Team British, Matt Hardy, HBK, The Great Khali, and Shelton Benjamin.
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    A video package airs, highlighting how Ultimate Generation came to be. Silver Fireworks go off and Tazz and King are the announcers. They introduce us to the show and Elijah Burke comes out to the ring.

    "Hello, my name is Elijah Burke, and I cannot tell you how glad I am to finally be out on my own without any one bringing me down. So, which one of those so called superstars wants to come out and get a little test of the Elijah Experiance."

    He drops the mic and waits.

    Mr.Kennedy's music hits and he comes down to the ring. He calls downs a mic from the rafters.

    "Hello everyone, and Elijah. Now it seems to me that you have issued an open challenge. Well you know what, I accept your challenge. And soon you will know what it is like to go face to face, toe to toe, with MISTTEERRRR KENNNNEDYYYYYY....KENNEDY!!"

    A ref comes down to the ring and the match starts

    Match 1 - Elijah Burke vs Mr Kennedy They both locked up and were evenly matched from the start. Elijah got in a little offense, then Kennedy got some in. They both performed to the highest exent. The ending saw Kennedy miss a corner splash. Elijah missed the Elijah Experiance and Kennedy hit the Mic Check. Pin..1..2..3! The winner is, Kennedy grabbed a mic

    "Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, everyone one in the back, better take notice, because your winner is MR. KEENNNEDDYYYYY...KENNEDY." He left the ring to his music.

    Backstage: Todd Grisham is interviewing Randy Orton.
    Todd: Orton, later on tonight you and nine other men will compete in a battle royal to crown the first ever Ultimate Generation Champion. How do you like your chances in this match considering that you will have to face off against nine seasoned superstars?
    Orton: Well Todd, to me it doesn't matter if I have to face off against 29 other men, because no matter how many other people there are the end result will always be the same. With Randy Orton coming out on top.
    He walks off.

    Match 2 - AJ Styles vs Shelton Benjamin They looked at each other and Benjamin hit right hands early on. He backed Styles into a corner. Benjamin was in control throughout. In the end Benjamin hit the T-Bone Suplex. Pin..1..2..3! Your winner Shelton Benjamin!

    Backstage Todd is now interviewing Kurt Angle
    Todd Well Kurt, we all know that you can wrestle, but do you feel that you have the ability to outsmart, outpower, and out quicken 9 other men?
    Kurt Angle Todd, what you don't understand is, I am the WRESTLING MACHINE! Of course I can do all those things. Are any other superstars out there wearing a gold medal? No they're not. So it's not a question if I'm going to win, but instead how long it's going to take me to win. Oh and it's true, it's damn TRUE!

    Match 3 - Khali vs Guerrero Guerrero tried to use his speed but Khali grabbed him and used a succession of power moves followed by the Brain Chop to get the victory. Khali Wins

    Main Event 10 man over the top battle royal for the Ultimate Generation Title
    The contestants are Batista, JBL, Kurt Angle, HBK, Booker T, Matt Hardy, William Regal, Paul Birchill, and The Undertaker They are all in the ring and the bell sounds. Kurt Angle quickly eliminated Regal. Elimination 1 - Regal
    Kurt Angle and Taker dominate this match. Next Elimination is Burchill - Elimination 2 - Burchill Orton battles out from Booker T and hits an RKO. He picks Booker up and throws him over the top. Elimination 3 - Booker T. Orton runs over and throws out Hardy. Elimination 4 Hardy. They square off, Kurt vsRandy OrtonBatista vs HBKand JBL vs Taker. JBL low blows Taker and sees an opening on Kurt, he tries to clothesline Kurt over the top but Angle pulls the ropes down and JBL goes over. Elimination 5 JBL HBK gets up and superkicks Batista over. Elimination 6 - Batista The Final Four. Shawn tries a superkick on Taker but he ducks and flips Shawn over. Elimination 7 - HBK Orton goes into a corner. Kurt nails a suplex on Taker. Orton runs over, and RKO's Kurt. He picks up Taker and does the same to him. He picks up Taker and throws him over. Elimination 8 - Taker Orton looks down at Taker on the floor and poses. Kurt gets up and throws Orton over! Final Elimination -Randy OrtonKurt is handed the title and Orton is looking up with shock on his face. Kurt gets on the turnbuckle and holds the title up. Your winner, and first ever Ultimate Generation Champion, KURT ANGLE!!!
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    Fireworks go off and GPW comes on the air. MVP comes out and grabs a mic.

    Now look, last sunday, at AfterShock, I was cheated out of the GPW title. My opponent John Cena, had to cheat to keep that title. So I demand he come out to the ring, so I can teach him a lesson.

    Cena's music hits and he comes to the ring.

    Now look MVP, I have yet to be defeated in singles competition here in GPW. Now the way I see it, you lost, you go to the back of the line. If you want another title shot, you gotta earn one.

    Cena, the way I see it, I deserve a rematch, and I deserve it tonight. But this time, no-disqualification.

    Well MVP, quite frankly, I don't think I really care what you think, cause I'm the champ and I make the decisions around here. Coaches head appeared on the titantron.

    Gentleman, now MVP you lost your match, but Cena, you cheated to win. So how about tonight, we have that no-disqualification match. But it won't be for the title. Althought if MVP wins, he will get a title shot next week, but if Cena wins, MVP, you don't get the title shot. He disappeared and both men nodded in agreement.

    Match 1 - Edge vs Jeff Hardy They locked up. Edge was focusing on the leg of Jeff thoughout the match. Jeff went for whisper in the wind but Edge swept his legs out from under him. He locked him in the Edgecator but Jeff grabbed the ropes. Edge didn't break the hold causing a dq. Your winner by Dq, Jeff Hardy! After the match security had to poll Edge off.

    Backstage: Maria is interviewing Triple H.
    Maria: Triple H, tonight you have a match with Kane. Now from what I hear, Big Show will be at ringside. Does that worry you?"

    HHH: No Maria, that doesn't worry me at all. Because as you all know, I am afraid of no men on this earth. I single handedly took out The Rock himself. In fact I hope Show tries to pull something. Because tonight, I will hurt someone."
    He walks away.

    Match 2 - Miz and Morrison vs Jericho and Bourne Jericho and Miz started off. Morrizon and Miz used heelish tactics to gain an advantage. The ending saw Bourne tag in Jericho who cleaned house. He went for the Codebreaker on Morrison but he grabbed the ropes and Jericho fell. Morrison pinned him and used then ropes for leverage to get the pinfall victory for his team.

    Backstage MVP is preparing for his match.

    Match 3 - Mark Henry vs Shad Gaspar w/JTG They both used power moves but Henry gained advantage. Towards the end of the match Shad regained control. He distracted the ref while JTG got up on the apron and poked Henry in the eyes. Shad hit a big boot. Pin..1..2..3! Your winner Shad Gaspar

    Backstage Todd Grisham is interviewing The Rock

    Todd: Um... Rock, it seems that you... um weren't schedule for a match.. it seems.. well Rock what are your thoughts about that?

    The Rock: Well Todd, right now Im thinking you're so scared that your about to pee your pants. Do you really want to piss yourself in front of all these people?

    Todd: Well...

    The Rock: IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT YOU THINK!!! Now get out of here and find yourself a bathroom. Now The Rock doesn't care about not being in a match. That just means that he gets to watcg Triple H get the beating of his life. But Triple H, if you somehow survive, The Rock is gonna look under that ring, take out a sledgehammer, turn that sonsa a b**** sideways and shove it straight up your CANDY A**, NOW CAN YOU SMELLLELLL QHAT THE ROCK, is cookin!

    Match 4 - Triple H vs Kane w/Big Show Kane dominated until HHH hit a chopblock. He locked in a death lock. Kane got to the ropes. After several minutes of HHH punishing the leg he was getting ready for the pedigree but The Rock ran down and attacked Triple H. Big Show and Kane got involed and they double chokeslammed The Rock. HHH taunted him and they all three left the ring. Your winner by DQ Triple H

    Backstage Cena is warming up.

    Main Event - John Cena vs MVP in a no-dq match. The beginning saw Cena take control with several right hands and body shots. After Cena knocked down MVP with a powerslam he went outside and grabbed the belt. He tried to hit MVP with it but he ducked and hit a neckbreaker. MVP took control and nailed some punches and suplexes. They went back and forth. MVP hit the running boot but Cena kicked out. He went for the FU but MVP countered. The Ending of the match saw Cena miss a clothesline and MVP hit an STO on to the title belt. Pin..1..2..3! Your winner and #1 contender for the GPW Heavyweight title, MVP!! The show went off the air with MVP holding the belt over Cena.
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    The fireworks go off and Ultimate Generation's own Tazz and Lawler welcome us to the second edition. Randy Orton is in the ring.

    Orton: "Last week, on the first ever episode of Ultimate Generation, I had a chance to win the Ultimate Generation Championship. It came down to me and Kurt Angle. Roll the clip. (he points to the titantron and a clip shows of Kurt Angle throwing Orton over the top rope while Orton's back is turned.) Now as you all can clearly see there, Kurt Angle had to attack me while my back was turned. I guarantee had me and Kurt faced off I would have come out on top. So tonight..."

    Angle's music hits and he comes to the ring.
    Angle: Look Orton, it's not my fault your back was turned. You just got cocky. But believe me, I wish we had come face to face. Because that way I could've put you on the mat and broke your friggin ankle. So Orton if you wanna go face to face, you got it. You got it right now."

    Angle was walking to the ring but all of a sudden some familiar music hits and PAUL HEYMAN!, comes out.

    Heyman: Gentleman, Gentleman, now as of the beginning of the show, I am the new general manager. That's right you heard that correctly, I Paul Heyman, am the new general manager. Now you two look. I make the matches now. And you two will not be wrestling tonight. Well one on one that is. In fact you two won't even be wrestling against each other. Because tonight you two will be teaming up. But heres the catch, you two don't know who you're facing. So I'll leave you two to figure that one out for yourselves." He left backstage.

    Match 1 - Elijah Burke vs Mr. Kennedy Elijah Burke looked angry from the very start of the match. Kennedy and Burke were even again this week. Burke hit a knee bash and took control. The ending saw Kennedy set up in the corner. Burke went for the Elijah Experiance but when Kennedy went to move, Burke stopped and clotheslined Kennedy over the top. The ref began the count. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10! Your winner by countout. ELIJAH BURKE!!!

    Backstage: JBL walks into Heyman's office.

    JBL: Hello Mr. Heyman, first off I would like to congradulate you on the new position. But now down to business, I would like to have a shot at the title. So wadda you say?"

    Paul: Well JBL. I like the idea. In fact you've got. You're match is next."

    Match 2 - JBL vs Shelton Benjamin for the Ultimate Generation Internation Title JBL came out with a huge grin on his face. The announcer introduce his opponent which wasn't Kurt Angle but SHELTON BENJAMIN! The announcer then said it was for the international title, and not the Heavyweight belt. JBL argued with the ref until Shelton turned him around and hit the Gold Rush (jumping complete shot on a standing opponent). Pin..1..2..3! Your winner and first ever International Champion, SHELTON BENJAMIN!! As Shelton leaves the ring JBL gets up and looks completely dumbfounded.

    Backstage: Todd Grisham in interviewing Orton.
    Todd: Orton later on tonight you have to team up with the man who you claim screwed you out of the title. Nontheless it is also against a mystery tag team. How are you going to prepare for this match?"
    Orton: Todd I only have one thing to say, and that is, you'll see."

    Match 3 - HBK vs Booker T They locked up and HBK hit a leg sweep. They both were putting on a good match until The Great Khali came down. They both tried to fight him off but he overpowered them. HBK got up and tried to fight back but Booker left Shawn and just looked on as Khali chokeslammed him. The match ends in a No Contest.

    Backstage Heyman is on the phone in his office.
    Heyman Really, ok, thanks. Y'now thats a great idea. Next week you say. Well then you got it. Thanks, goodbye.

    Main Event Kurt Angle and Orton vs ???? Angle and Orton were in the ring. Before the mystery team was announced Orton grabbed Angle and hit an RKO!! The mystery team came down and it was Team Priceless. They pinned Kurt. 1..2..3! Team Priceless wins. The show went off the air with Orton and Priceless beating down Kurt.
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    The fireworks go off and Michael Cole states that the main event is the GPW Heavyweight title match between Cena and MVP. Also Evan Bourne will defend his title tonight.

    Match 1 - Edge vs Jeff Hardy They entered the ring and Jeff tookdown Edge right away. Edge took control by flipping Hardy into the corner bottom post. Towards the end of the match Edge began focusing on the lower back and leg area. He locked in the Edgeucator but Hardy countered out.
    Jeff went for the twist of fate but Edge pushed him into the turbuckle and hit the spear! Pin..1..2..3! Your winner, EDGE!!

    Backstage: Todd Grisham is interviewing Triple H.

    Todd: Triple H, later on tonight you and The Rock will be facing off against each other. But there will be two other men in that match by the name of Kane, and Big Show. How do you feel about these two, Giants, getting involved?

    HHH: Well Grisham, these two got involved because I wanted them two. I gave them what Coachman wouldn't. So hopefully they do their job. They know better than to double-cross The Game.

    He walked off.

    Match 2 - Evan Bourne vs The debuting Kofi Kingston for the Next Generation title Evan Bourne came out first and the crowd cheered when they saw Kofi, who they knew had been training in the developmental depertment.
    They locked up and Kofi went behind Bourne and hit a back suplex. Kofi controlled early on. He hit a leg drop to the chest on the downed Bourne. He went for another one but Bourne moved. Bourne took control with a hurracanrana which sent Kofi into the corner. The ending saw Bourne miss a standing moonsault an Kofi go to the top rope. Kofi nailed a jumping chest kick and Bourne crumpled to the floor. Pin..1..2..3! Your winner and new NEXT GENERATION CHAMPION, KOFI KINGSTON!!!! After the match he celebrated with the crowd.

    Coachmen is in his office when some man walks in.

    Man: Mr. Coachman, you would know about the new talent coming in next week right?

    Coach: Why yes, I do, why is there something important about them?

    Man: Well Mr. Shane McMahon would like it if atleast 3 of them debuted next week. And what he says goes. Have a nice day.

    The man lef the room.

    Match 3 - Cryme Tyme vs Miz and Morrison in a tornado tag match Morrison went up against Shad and Miz against JTG. Shad overpowered Morrison and JTG outquicked Miz. The end of the match saw Miz whip JTG out of the ring and follow. Shad missed a boot and Morrison got a roll up and used the ropes for leverage. 1..2..3! Your winners, Miz and Morrison!! They hurried out of the ring after the match and held their fists up celebrated.

    Backstage: Triple H, Kane, and Big Show are all together.
    Big Show: So if we do our job tonight we get what we want next week?

    HHH: Thats exactly what Im saying.

    Kane: Well if we don't get what we want, then belive me, there will be hell to pay.

    Kane and Show left.

    Match 4 - Chris Jericho vs AJ Styles Jericho controlled the entire match. He hit variations of suplexes. The ending saw Styles attempt a hurracanrana but Jericho reversed into the walls of Jericho. Styles tapped after seconds of fighting it. Your winner, by Submission, CHRIS JERICHO!!

    Backstage: Grisham is interviewing The Rock

    Todd Rock, it seems Triple H has made an alliance with Kane and Big Show. If that is the case you might end up taking on three people tonight. How will you be able to win against those odds?

    The Rock Well Todd, if The Rock does does end up facing three people, then it will take every fiber in The Rock's own being to be able to win this match.
    But Triple H, The Rock knows something you don't, and that is at Ultimate Showdown, we will be facing off, and that match will be a three stages of hell match! and Triple H, you will be lucky to get past the first stage when you go one on one with the GREAT ONE! NOW CAN YOU SMELLELLL WHAT THE ROCK, is cookin.

    Match 5 - Fatal Four way HHH vs The Rock vs Kane vs Big Show This is a no-dq match. The Rock came down to the ring with a chair and cleaned house. They got back in the ring and indeed there was an alliance. Kane and Show pummeled Rock until he was bloodied. The Rock mad ea brief comeback but Triple H came in and stopped it. Kane and Big Show hit a double chokeslame. HHH hit the pedigree.
    HHH went outside and grammed a sledgehammer. Kane and Big Show held The Rock. HHH hit him right in the forehead with the hammer. Pin by HHH..1..2..3! Your winner, Triple H!!
    After the match they continued to beat down Rocky.

    Backstage: MVP is doing pushups to prepare.

    A video package airs highlighting the fued between Cena and MVP.

    Main Event for the GPW Heavyweight Championship - John Cena vs MVP They locked up and MVP hit a knee to the gut. MVP controlled early on but Cena threw him into a corner to regain control. Cena clotheslined MVP over the tope rope. hey brawled on the outside. 1..2..3..4 Cena threw MVP back in the ring and followed. Cena hit a powerslam. MVP countered the FU and threw Cena into the ref. After Cena hit a low blow he went outside and grabbed a chair. He went to hit MVP with it but MVP kicked him in the gut. He grabbed the chair and hit Cena with the chair. As Cena was getting up MVP set the chair up against Cena and nailed the Drive-By boot on the chair into Cena which got him some loud applause from the crowd.
    The ref recovered as MVP was pinning Cena, 1....2........3!

    YOUR WINNER AND NEW GPW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION MONTEL VONTAVIOUS PORTER, MVP!!! He celebrated with the title and the crowd cheered wildly as fireworks went off.

    The show went off air.

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