Can Bray vs Orton really main event Wrestlemania?

Discussion in 'Wrestlemania XXXIII' started by Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D., Jan 30, 2017.

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    That's foolish if that is WWE's thinking, because how do they know this year isn't Taker's last match?He has a bad back, knees and needs a hip replacement. He struggles to leave the ring after his WM matches (and I don't think all of it is selling). He is a year-by-year prospect, and they should book every WM match for him like it is his last.

    Look what happened when they didn't do Taker v Sting when they had the chance? Sting got injured, and never wrestled again, and now it will never happen. Strike while the iron is hot. Have Taker v Cena, and keep Taker v Reigns for another year. If Taker wants Cena last, then have it this year, and then again at another Mania when he retires.
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    The fun thing about mania is that the show is so long that you can have multiple main event matches on the show. Sure for a lot of fans and even wrestlers and reporters, the main event is the last match on the card but i don't see it that way especially for mania.

    So if i think with my definition of what a mania main event is then i would say yes i can in a way. No i won'T be the last match on the card, that'S almost certain, because that spot is reserve for the universal championship match between goldberg and lesnar. But they can easily be the mid show main event in my opinion. They are going to need a big match to put at the end of the second hour or third hour of the show and this could be good placement for this match. Because right now, it's probably the third or fourth biggest match on the card behind, Goldberg/cena, taker/Reigns (If This is still happening) and either HHH's match or A.J. Styles vs shane mcmahon (if this is still happening).

    So has the last match of mania, i don'T see it happening and it really shouldn'T happen because the last match should be a short match because of how tired the fans will be after seating there for over 6 hours but be one of the mid show main event will work for this match.

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