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Discussion in 'WWE Discussion' started by wwetnadudez, Jan 29, 2019.

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    I don't see why WWE isn't interested in pushing main event stables anymore. DX, NWO, Four Horsemen, Evolution etc were all huge stables consisting of already established main event talent. They pushed the stars in the groups to the next level and made for shocking television when they formed and disbanded.

    Now we have midcard stables like New Day, Sanity, NXT has the Forgotten sons and The Undisputed Era. They are mostly all Midcard at best, with maybe Adam Cole breaking out as a top guy.

    We got The Shield, The Wyatt Family and the Nexus in recent years but those were new debuting guys who were formed to become Main Eventers. Most of these groups had success.

    I mean a group of Main Event Talent and maybe one or two new or midcard guys who could use the rub. I am not suggesting The Authority or any group similar to that. I mean a group consisting of two top guys, two new guys and maybe a female talent.

    I think WWE can safely turn John Cena heel now and have a Cena, Orton, Big Show grouping that is keen on keeping their legacy in tact and taking out the new guys who want to replace them.

    Maybe a stable like the Bullet Club forms with AJ Styles, Finn Balor, The Good Brothers could form.

    Would you guys be interested in seeing a top level stable in WWE right now? If so who would you put together?
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    Personally, I've always found pro wresting more entertaining overall when they have a strong main event stable.

    It gives the whole show a focus and can add a fluid storyline throughout the show.

    The days of Evolution running rough-shod on Raw, even though they played good heels and were despicable, it made it great for when finally a babyface would get a little revenge on them.

    Then Nexus, was the last great (failed) experiment of a major main event stable. It started great, but didn't go all the way.

    But, it can and has worked.

    I don't think The Rock, Triple H, Orton, and Batista would have groomed quite so well and quickly into top stars if they had not been involved in top main event stables at early points of their careers. Not saying they wouldn't have been top guys...

    But, could you imagine The Rock without having been a member of Nation of Domination and "The Corporation", or Triple H without DX, or Orton without Evolution?

    AND, that said, what made Mankind, Steve Austin such big stars was in part the great storyteling that came from battling against these major main even stables!

    And ORTON became an even bigger star after the betrayal by Evolution, and gave him more legs for a while until he went back to a vicious heel.

    Too many examples of how setting up main event stables can really help the overall product and build stars.

    It's really sad to say there aren't any main event stables right now in WWE Raw or SmackDown.
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    I have been thinking about this for some time now. I grew up a huge wrestling fan but life got in the way after vince bought wcw and i stopped following it. In the past year I have gotten back into wrestling a lot. A main event stable is exactly what is missing on these shows. You prime future main eventers by having current main eventers rub shoulders with the up and comers. Unfortunately what i notice week in and week out is these matches they have are pointless. One week fin balor will win the next he will lose with seemingly zero thought put into story telling. There are no dominant main eventers in WWE therefore, right now there can be no main event stable. You have a bunch of former champions now meddling into the mid card. You have Bobby Lashley with a fresh talk piece and it took this long for him to get a belt. Because they screwed around with this 50 50 booking you almost have to get rid of the guys there now and bring up NXT talent. I love NXT and what HHH is doing there. I wish we could have gargano and ciampa storyline on raw instead of NXT. I mean its pretty bad that I view the NXT talent as way better than what is on the main roster.

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