Working the Indies vs Working for a bigger company: Which is more difficult

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Hyorinmaru, Jan 11, 2017.

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    My brain works in a weird way and watching WCPW got me thinking about this topic as well as the other one I posted so please work with me if it seems not to make sense, it does in my head.

    to answer the question I'm gonna say working the indies is a but more difficult and here's why, characters. Working for a single company you have a single character at a time and have ample time to make it work before any character change may happen (if it ever does) while working for the indies you're contracted out to a few companies at once and depending on what the company is looking for you could play drastically different characters as a heel or a face just days apart in some cases. That's a lot to keep in your head especially with the jetlag caused by the traveling all over the country and world some of these Journeymen do.

    I'm sure some if not most will disagree with me so I wanna hear your thoughts.
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    Frank I think the only people that would be able to answer this to your satisfaction, would be someone who actually worked, or knows someone who's worked both sides of the fence. Anything anyone else say's is pure speculation at best.
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    The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega have a youtube channel called The Elite and they have a series on there called "Being the elite", basically it's like a diary of them. After watching that I have a new found respect for the Bucks.

    Their schedule is absolutely brutal. They may not work as many dates as WWE wrestlers but I guarantee the travel miles are more. For example, they flew on an 11 hour flight to Santiago Chile(on Coach of course) got right off the flight went to the arena and wrestled, then went straight back to the airport to fly home so they could wrestle in NY the next night. It's freaking insane.
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    It really depends on the wrestler itself.

    Like some wrestlers consider indies as the launching spot for them towards big promotions like WWE or others. They like to be bound to a particular contract.

    Some just want to remain on indies and take their career as in the direction they want. Like Cody is doing now. Or even Sami Callihan. Cody is working several promotions. Sami is just too good as Jeremiah Crame in Lucha Underground.

    At the end, it's all dependent on that particular wrestler.

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