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Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Hyorinmaru, Jan 11, 2017.

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    So I'm watching WCPW KirbyMania on YT and Cody Rhodes is defending their Internet Title against ZSJ and the announcers made the comment that he left a guarenteed Paycheck with WWE because they were misusing his talent and leaving was the best choice he could have made his career. They also said he's had his best success as a pro since leaving.

    Watching this match I can believe that. I'm seeing more out of this one match than most of his WWE career. I've yet to watch WK11 or his I.W. match but if they're anything like this I have high hopes for them.

    Sadly working the indies like he's doing there isn't much of his current body of work available which makes me sad but I can tell he's enjoying himself more than he has the last couple years in the E. I would even go far as to say he's high on the list of best current journeymen in prowrestling (To me anyway). I'm liking KirbyMania and a big part of this is Cody Rhodes...who just asked in the middle of ring for someone to buy him a beer and they did.

    Agree, disagree or just talk about him if you want.
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    His match against Marty Scurll at PWG BOLA last year was pretty neat. After seeing what he was doing in WWE to that made it easy to get behind him as a face. A lot of his appearances are really spread out and he seems to be everywhere. His wife Brandi served as his ring announcer for what I saw of him as face. She played in really well for the BOLA match. Marty ended up going over, and his heel tactics involving her really could give Cody a little empathy and Marty heel heat. I haven't had time to see any of his heel work since the whole American Nightmare transition. This weekend I'll probably go out of my way to catch up on some of his stuff.
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    I've caught about 5 random matches of his. I would go into more detail about who they were against but they were Cody Rhodes matches and instantly forgettable. Such a bland performer.
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    Agree. I think he is "technically sound" in the ring but he just has no presence to me. Nothing about him stands out or makes me want to pay money to see him. He just doesn't have "it". Some guys can get by without being the most charasmatic or having the best look, Bret Hart comes to mind. But unfortunately for Cody he couldn't lace Bret's boots in the ring or be able to tell a story in it like he could.
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    Cody is from the Dark Ages of WWE, a period I'd say between 2009 to 2011. Gimmicks were practically nonexistent. PG was in full effect. Nothing memorable occurring.

    The Miz, Jack Swagger, Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler, Ted DiBiase Jr. and of course Cody. All portraying the near exact same generic heel character. Nobody here really stood out in the ring or on the mic in this timeframe IMO.

    So yeah Cody is very bland. But when he was Dashing/Undashing and of course Stardust, he was far more entertaining in my view.

    During the Daniel Bryan Authority feud when he was "fired" over the Dusty thing, was the only time for me real interest started in him, that was the only time I was ever convinced he could main event. Tagging with Goldust was good then next he actually became Stardust. Was entertaining. However he supposedly didn't like being the character.

    Now he has freedom, he chooses to be boring generic Cody Rhodes. I look forward to seeing Shibata destroy him though!
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    I like Rhodes but like everyone else said he's sort of bland. Cody Rhodes reminds me of those local wrestlers in the past who were brought into face known names. You know the guys who always looked the same, didn't tell you their names and always got the crap beat out of them.

    Rhodes is better than they were in the ring, but he just has this legit generic look about him. He has stated he hated the Stardust character, I kind of hated it too, but it made him stand out. Nothing about him really makes him stand out.
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    Here is how bland Cody is. He cut this cool promo in one of his first indy appearances, but all I remember is that it was cool. I have no clue what the promo was about anymore. Probably something about his dad.

    He is a very compitent worker, but nothing about him stands out. Seems like a cool enough guy, likes video games and shit, but that doesn't make you a good wrestler.

    The American Nightmare gimmick has some potential, but I don't see it carrying him too far.

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