PWInsider | Push to Bring in Ex-WWE Talent Has "Come to a Halt"

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by It's Damn Real!, Feb 25, 2017.

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    As I've said for years, talent is talent regardless of where originates, but there's something to respect regarding fan wishes, and fans have wished for less of this kind of overreliance for years. Rightly or wrongly, that's something you need to understand and take into account if you're Anthem/IW given the uphill fight you are facing regarding winning back your audience.

    In the case of ADR, I'd argue they made the right decision regardless. He just doesn't have the money player appeal to mask the "WWE reject" stink (even if he isn't actually a "reject").

    The good thing here is that based on the Newsweek interview with Jarrett, we can infer that TNA will probably still go shopping, except on the indies and via ROH for new blood going forward instead of their traditional tendency to bring in WWE talent.
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    You can go one of two ways if you are a modern-day wrestling promotion not called "WWE".

    You bring in former WWE, WCW and ECW talent, while developing your own as well.

    Or you just rely on new guys and youth, and don't bring in "name" players.

    Doing the second may give you some "integrity" amongst the IWC, but if you want to be big, you need a TV deal. A TV deal requires money, money that comes from TV stations who get that money from advertising.

    Selling a TNA program WITH Alberto Del Rio will do better than without, because fans of him in WWE will go watch him in TNA, like fans of Cody Rhodes do now.

    The reason WCW and TNA go after former WWE talent is because it sells better to advertisers, and means more money. Pure and simple.

    If Jarrett thinks that TNA can climb out of its hole by relying on no-names, then it will remain an indy small-time league, who will have talent leave in droves once WWE offers them more money and greater opportunities.

    I have to admire TNA, though. They are destined to ultimately fail, but they keep trying to keep it alive. I've got to admire their tenacity.

    Ultimately though, I still think that TNA will eventually be bought by WWE. It's not a case of if, but when.
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    In one sentence, Thank God.

    I admire Alberto Del Rio in the ring. He's good enough. He wasn't used properly in WWE. He works so much better as a face and WWE made him return as a heel again. So, WWE and Del Rio just don't suit each other.

    I know that TNA needs some talented big names but Del Rio ain't one of those. Get someone like Wade Barrett who's a complete package.

    Del Rio would've been damn expensive as well, so good move for everyone involved.
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    There is always room to bring in one or two 'ex-WWE' talent but it has to be the right fit. ADR would not be the right fit for me.

    I agree with ShinChan, Wade Barrett would be one signing I'd like to see Impact make, if Galloway leaves then I would rather they sign him than say Magnus, with all due respect.
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    I agree that it doesn't necessarily matter where a talent ultimately makes his/her name, but I also see where some fans come from regarding bringing in former WWE talent and making them the centerpieces of the company. A lot of fans resent and have always resented former WWE stars coming in, making a lot more money and their presence not really doing anything to grow the audience.

    At this point, TNA is generally averaging a little more than 1/4 to a little more than 1/3 of the 1 million mark in viewership, not counting DVR numbers, and paying someone like Del Rio a mint when his presence won't lead to anything more then MAYBE popping a rating once just doesn't strike me as a good business decision. It was bringing in as much WWE, WCW and ECW guys as they could that started the whole "WWE Rejects" or "WCW Lite" image as it helped move TNA away from what many people viewed as what made it stand out: younger wrestlers who hadn't been big WWE names and building the company around them. If TNA is moving back towards that sort of philosophy, then I think it's for the best and it'd probably be considerably less expensive as well.
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    Not a fan of his and he would prove too costly.

    I wouldn't mind along with their youth movement if TNA could bring in vets as a strong midcard whether it's Doug Williams, Magnus have been talked about, Kaz, even someone like Billy Gunn(he was pretty solid in tags not too long ago with the Road Dogg in the WWE when they reformed the NAO).

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