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    Meltdown opens backstage where we see Triple X being attacked by a group of wrestlers. We soon see that the group of attackers are Conner Reese, Brent Blaze, and a new WZCW wrestler, Dustin Hunter. Triple X keeps all three men at bay with kicks and punches. He throws Hunter into a wall and knocks Blaze down with a kick, but then Reese is able trap Triple X’s leg and keep him pinned near the wall. Blaze and Hunter come in and start to punch Triple X. He keeps trying to fight them off, but then Reese lifts X off the ground and slams him onto the floor. The three men start to stomp on Triple X and it looks like may have him trapped. Suddenly WZCW Security personal step in and begin to detain the three men from attacking Triple X. Big Dave walks into the scene.

    Dave: That’s enough of this, get off him! I will not have my wrestlers attacking each other over some bounty.

    The WZCW security remove the three men from the scene as Dave and an EMT check on Triple X.


    Copeland: Hello everyone and welcome to Meltdown 84. I’m Sebastian Copeland alongside Jack Cohen and if you just tuned in you witnessed Triple X being attacked by three men backstage prior to the start of the show.

    Cohen: And this is what happens when you anger an Elitist like Steven Holmes. The money Holmes has put on Triple X’s head is more than most make in a year. To tell you the truth, even I wouldn’t mind taking my chances one time.


    The crowd boos loudly as Steven Holmes walks onto the stage ramp. His has in his hands a mic and a large wade of bills. He shakes the money and raises his hands to the audience who boo him loudly.

    Copeland: And now we see the man who put the bounty on Triple X’s head, Steven Holmes, make his way to the ring. Perhaps we will learn more about what he has against Triple X.

    Holmes is inside the ring and smiles smugly at the audience and then speaks.

    Holmes: This isn’t about Triple X at all. That piece of scum. That wretched, diseased, rodent. He is simply someone of many different people who deserves this coming to him, but I have not placed this bounty on him for anything he has done to me or any threat you all think he is to me. This was done because of Big Dave. He had the power to name me number one contender. He could’ve prevented all of this suffering, all of this chaos on his shows. He didn’t, be blindly chose to ignore and punish me, so I have now punished him.

    Holmes holds up the wad of money and shakes it in front of the crowd.

    Holmes: This is power right here, and I have lots of it. Look what I have done, just one week ago I put this bounty on Triple X’s head and Meltdown opens with three men attacking him. Who knows, maybe next week I can get ten different wrestlers to brawl backstage in front of Dave’s office. The week after I could have them all dismantle the ring to open Meltdown. Wouldn’t that make such a great show Dave?

    Holmes laughs as the crowd boos him loudly.

    Holmes: But it’s too late now Dave. You refused to give me what I had rightfully earned so now I’m going to dismantle your precious Meltdown until it is no more. I have the power to do it because I have more control over your roster than you do. In fact, a little display of that control. I have in my hand $10,000, and I will give it to the first wrestler in the back who comes out here and kisses my feet.

    Holmes laughs and looks up the ramp to see who will come out. The audience boos and Holmes laughs at them when...


    The crowd cheers and Holmes sneers as Triple X walks out onto the stage ramp. He does his signature X symbol and then walks down the ramp. X takes a mic from Harrys and enters the ring, Holmes with an angered look on his face.

    X: Don’t get too excited Holmes, I’m not out here to kiss your feet.

    Holmes: Then leave and quit wasting my time. I would think wisely about attacking me because if you lay one hand on me I will double the bounty placed on your head. We’re going to be seeing fans jumping over the barricades to get their little hands on you.

    X: No Steven, as much as I want to beat the crap out of you, I’m not going to lower myself to your underhanded tactics. I’m not going to feel any better about myself if I beat your little pale ass around this ring right now. My biggest problem with you Steven is your lack of respect for me and everyone else in the back. Money isn’t going to bring you respect, in fact you’re disrespecting everyone in the back waving those dollars. I don’t want your respect and I don’t think I’ll ever get it, but do you know what will make me feel a little bit better about myself, is if I beat your ass inside the ring.

    The crowd cheers loudly as Holmes looks towards X in anger.

    X: I’ve beaten you before in that ring, 1... 2... 3. One of the biggest upsets in WZCW. And as such, a lot of people think maybe it was just a fluke. I know you probably tell yourself that before you go to sleep every night. I want to put that notion to bed. Steven Holmes, I want another match against you. Are you man enough, do you accept my challenge?

    Triple X lowers the mic as the crowd cheers. Holmes looks around at the audience and then speaks.

    Holmes: No! I don’t accept. Now get out of my way.

    Holmes drops the mic and walks right by Triple X. Holmes straddles through the ropes and as he leaves, Triple X grabs his hand and rips the wad of money from Holmes. Holmes drops to the floor and realizes what Triple X took. Holmes slides into the ring, but X rolls out and jumps through the crowd. Holmes stares at Triple X as he walks towards the exit surrounded by WZCW security personal. X takes the band off the money and begins to throw the bills out into the crowd. Holmes is irate as Triple X turns back and laughs at Holmes.

    Copeland: Holmes refused Triple X’s challenge and it’s suddenly cost him $10,000.

    Cohen: Somebody should arrest Triple X, this is grand larceny.

    Copeland: And I’m sure there’s nothing illegal about Holmes’ bounty. Well folks, Meltdown is rolling and coming up next Mayhem Champion Vega takes on the undefeated Brent Blaze. Will the new comer be able to take down the red hot champion. We’ll see that match after this break.
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, this contest is set for one fall.

    The crowd offers a weak cheer, unsure of what match is to follow Truman Harrys’ opening statement. Then, the familiar theme of the Mayhem Champion alerts us to the answer:


    Harrys: Introducing first, from Las Vegas, weighing 175 pounds he is the Mayhem Champion; VEGA!

    Angered by the arrival of the first participant, the crowd begins to boo Vega as he saunters down the entrance ramp and towards the ring. Arrogance exudes from him. He smirks with his Mayhem Championship nestled comfortably around his waist.

    Copeland: Here’s a man who has been extremely impressive since his arrival in WZCW. Vega is a phenomenal athlete who has brought a different style to the Mayhem division.

    Cohen: You mean he’s actually made it watchable Seabass?

    Vega sprints up the ring steps and climbs into the ring, before ascending a turnbuckle to raise his championship high into the air. This draws further venom from the crowd and furthers the sinister smile adorning Vega’s face. After soaking in the crowd response, he drops to the mat and the music suddenly changes bringing with it a slightly more positive reaction.


    Harrys: And his opponent this evening, from Owensboro, Kentucky, weighing 220 pounds; “THE ADDICTION” BRENT BLAZE!

    With Vega still grinning like a Cheshire cat, Blaze enters the arena. He too has an air of overconfidence about him and the similarities do not end there. Blaze smiles in a similar manner to Vega and absorbs the audience’s “adulation” just as the Mayhem Champion did.

    Copeland: Huh.

    Cohen: What?

    Copeland: Just, how similar are these two men?

    As Jack Cohen stews over that question, Blaze enters the ring and poses, his arms stretched out wide, taunting Vega. With his music dying down and the crowd clearly not on either man’s side they boo thunderously. Both Vega and Blaze look out into the crowd, as if participating in the main event of Kingdom Come.

    Copeland: This is certainly a unique situation as the crowd appears to have chosen not to back either man, instead electing to despise both men.

    Cohen: Who cares what these drivelling idiots believe. Blaze is undefeated with a two and oh record and Vega is Mayhem Champion. This could be a future main event we’re getting a glimpse in to.

    With the pre-match ceremonies over, the referee signals for the bell and the match is underway. Vega teases throwing a couple of kicks with both his left and right leg and Blaze is positioning himself for defence. After a few moments of little action, the crowd’s defiance increases. Blaze lets his guard down for just a second to smirk at the audience when Vega capitalises, throwing himself at Brent with a massive martial arts kick. The shot echoes around the arena, even with the audience’s loud, overly negative reaction. Blaze somehow manages to not fall flat on his face and instead collapses backwards onto his backside. Vega sizes Blaze up and prepares to unleash a second big kick. He swings, but Blaze ducks at the last second, Vega’s momentum spinning his entire body around. Now it is Blaze who seeks to capitalise and he pulls Vega backwards into a schoolboy for a cover: 1...2...KICK-OUT! As Vega pops out, both men roll away form one-another. They stare across the ring and smirk, both men enjoying this so far. Blaze shakes his head to free himself from the cobwebs the earlier kick brought him. With his guard once more lowered, Vega is exceptionally quick to try and throw a swift knee at Blaze’s face. The undefeated Blaze dodges and Vega’s knee cracks off a middle turnbuckle. Seeking to take advantage, Blaze executes a neckbreaker. He moves into a cover. 1...2...KICK-OUT!

    Cohen: For such a rookie, Blaze is showing some veteran instincts there, forcing Vega to exert energy with repeated covers.

    Blaze brings the lighter Vega to his feet and hooks the Mayhem maestro in a suplex like position, hoisting him upwards, but Vega’s legs wriggle and forces the momentum to come out of Blaze’s hands. He forces the relative newcomer to move towards the ropes and he comes down into a standing position on the top rope. Blaze turns around to confront his foe and receives a short kick for his troubles. He staggers backwards and Vega leaps, executing a hurricanrana. The move is beautiful and sends Blaze across the ring. Both men rise and this time as Vega charges, he connects with a flying knee. He follows up with repeated knee drops in a Muay Thai fashion. After dropping the knees, Vega goes for his first cover of the match. 1...2...KICK-OUT! For the first time whilst on offense, Vega does not smile. He appears somewhat concerned, pondering his next move. Then, the familiar smile snakes its way back onto his face. He peels Blaze from the mat and lifts him up into a fireman’s carry. Before he can execute anything though, Blaze falls out of the move having forced himself free. He rises and spins, hoping to deliver Pain Killer, a discus elbow, but the powerful blow does not come off as the agile Vega drops quickly to avoid it. He pops up with a video game-esc kick to the face, the point of his toe connecting with the chin of Blaze.

    Stunned, Brent collapses backwards and lands into the ropes. His arms become wrapped around the top and middle rope. The crowd gasps as the referee tries to free Blaze. Vega though smiles wider than ever before. He sees a huge opening and he plans on seizing it. Teeing off on the ribs, face, legs and arms of his foe, Vega smashes a number of high impact kicks into Blaze’s body. At first the referee panics and tries to free Blaze frantically, but then he regains his composure and begins to count Vega. 1...2...3...4...VEGA CEASES! Vega holds his hands up in defence and backs away as the referee returns to trying to free Blaze. Vega though returns to battering away at Blaze. His kicks thunder off the body and as the referee begins to count the Mayhem Champion again, one particular kick is so vicious that it not only causes Vega himself pain, which forces his to stop, but also frees Blaze from his predicament. He flops face first onto the mat. Vega though does not capitalise immediately and instead checks on his leg. After making sure that his leg is fine, Vega notes his adversary’s most unfortunate circumstances. With curled lips, Vega holds his arm up in victory, drawing further hatred from the crowd. He arrogantly goes into a cover onto Blaze. 1...2...FOOT-ON-THE-ROPES! The crowd actually cheers this.

    Cohen: How did he survive that onslaught?

    Copeland: Looks like Blaze can take it as well as dish it out Jack.

    Vega stares in to the air, and then turns his head slowly to the foot and then ultimately the referee. The official though only offer confirmation of the two. Vega shakes his head. He tries to get to his feet, but he limps slightly, having hurt his leg earlier. He shakes his head once more. For the first time tonight, Vega begins to lose his cool. With the anger building, Vega waits for Blaze to try and pull himself into a kneeling position. Stomping on the mat, Vega wants to awake the competition and he does just that with Blaze slowly rising to his knees. Vega fires off a mass kick, but like earlier, Blaze ducks and the momentum drags Vega to the wrong side, allowing for a schoolboy! The fans cheer fairly emphatically, thinking the underdog may secure a win. 1...VEGA-COUNTERS! Rolling onto one shoulder, Vega wraps his legs around the head of Blaze and applies a triangle choke! With the submission move locked tightly in, Blaze seeks to reach for the ropes which are so nearly in his grasp, but he can’t quite make it and so, he is forced to submit. The crowd descend into anger once more, booing the result.

    Harrys: Here is your winner; VEGA!

    Cohen: What a counter and as a result, win for Vega!

    Copeland: It was an intriguing encounter from both an in-ring perspective and an objective one too. The crowd reactions were fascinating.

    Keeping the choke locked on for a few extra seconds, Vega risks the decision being reversed, but as the referee warns him, the Mayhem champ releases. He rolls away, and with a slight limp, goes to Harrys to retrieve his glory; the Mayhem Championship. He raises it high into the air much to the crowd’s chagrin. He slyly smiles with his arms raised in victory.


    Backstage in the locker room we see El Califa tying his boot as he gets ready for his match. Someone steps beside and the camera turns to reveal Drake Callahan.

    Callahan: I know who you are, Tyrone. You might have everyone else fooled in this company, but you don’t have me fooled. I’m going to expose your little secret to the world and ruin whatever little game you might have planned for WZCW.

    El Califa: Yo no conozco a este Tyrone que hablas. He oído leyendas sobre él y si no creéis que yo soy él entonces usted está en grave peligro. Así está escrito, así será cumplido.

    I do not know this Tyrone you speak of. I've heard legends of him and if you believe that I am him then you are in grave danger. Thus it is written, so shall it come to pass.

    Callahan: Stop pretending you can speak Spanish!

    Just when it looks like a fight is about to break up the General Manager of Meltdown Big Dave enters the picture.

    Dave: Enough of you two. Drake your theories alone are giving me headaches. First Holmes and this bounty this are causing fights backstage and now I have you belittling our newly signed Mexican wrestler. Drake I have no idea where you get your theories, but El Califa is a proud Mexican fighter, and the board finds him to be an important addition to our roster.

    Callahan: Of course they do, because he brings in the hispanic audience. Don’t make my next conspiracy be about racial discrimination in WZCW.

    Dave: Look, I’m not going to have you keep interfering in his matches if there isn’t going to be a payoff between you two. You think El Califa is Ty Burna, well then lets see if you can beat the greatest World Champion in WZCW. Callahan verse El Califa at All or Nothing. Now beat it so El Califa can go and have his match versus Steven Holmes.

    Callahan nods his head and walks out of the room, not taking his eyes off of El Califa.
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    We return from commercial break with the crowd still booing heavily as the WZCW Mayhem Champion Vega has yet to remove himself from the ring. He has taken refuge in one of the corners, laying across the top ropes/diagonally across the turnbuckles. A sort of smile appears on his face as he strokes his championship before it disappears quickly as the crowd begins a chant of "Vega sucks."

    Cohen: You know you've made it when the crowd remembers your name.

    Copeland: Vega doesn't seem too happy about it though.

    As the noise from the crowd subsides, Vega asks for a microphone from a nearby ringside worker who obliges his request. He raises the mic to his mouth, pausing for a moment before he speaks.

    Vega: ... there once was a man who held this championship who referred to himself as the King of Mayhem. I'm sure you all know of that man so I'll refrain from mentioning his name because frauds don't deserve to have their name uttered.

    Vega adjusts himself and sits up on the top turnbuckle as the crowd slightly boos his remarks.

    Vega: I say fraud because there is only one King of Mayhem and folks, you're looking at him.

    He raises the championship high as the boos increase in volume from last time. Vega slides off the top rope and slowly walks to the centre as he speaks.

    Vega: And he knew it too because he attacked me many weeks ago but this isn't about sour grapes: I'm here to prove the point that I am the best wrestler to step inside the Mayhem division and there is absolutely nobody out there right now who has the skills necessary to take this title off me.

    More boos come towards Vega as he stands front and centre, looking out into the crowd proudly holding onto his championship.

    Vega: I will continue my legacy as the ultimate King, breaking records and ending dreams on my path. I-


    The crowd cheers loudly as the music of everyone's favourite alien hits the speakers. Vega is clearly annoyed that someone has interrupted his speech and looks towards the rampway for Krypto... however, he doesn't appear from the regular entrance way.

    Krypto: Hey... Mr. Vega man... I'm up here!

    Vega looks around confused and tries to pin-point where Krypto is. A spotlight shines on Krypto and Vega eventually finds him. Krypto is in the crowd with a few members giving them traditional human hi-fives. The music dies down as Krypto begins to speak.

    Krypto: Hi!

    The crowd cheers at this simple greeting gesture. Vega is not amused.

    Vega: Why have you interrupted me and why can't you say it to my face? Are you afraid of what the hands of the King of Mayhem can do to you?

    Krypto looks around the arena as the crowd boos Vega.

    Krypto: Nope. I'm not afraid.

    The cheerful tone of Krypto sparks a couple of laughs in the audience as he begins to walk down the steps of the arena.

    Krypto: If you think human hands can be intimidating, wait until you see the native race on my neighbouring planet. They have no idea what toilet paper is and they have to use their...

    Krypto goes to demonstrate what he means as members of the crowd laugh, cheer and look in disgust but Vega interrupts him.

    Vega: Enough! I don't care about these "other races." I want to know why you have interrupted me.

    Krypto slaps his forehead, showing that he almost forget why he was out in the arena in the first place.

    Krypto: That's right... thanks for reminding me. Well your highness, I've come out here because over the past week or so, I've been pressured by the "GM's" to choose the match that I won as a result of the Mentorship Program. After thinking long and hard, I think I've found my opponent.

    The arena begins to cheer as Krypto climbs over the barricade with the aid of a couple of fans and enters the ring. He pokes Vega in the chest.

    Krypto: You!

    The crowd cheers loudly as the challenge has been presented. Krypto nods his head but Vega begins to laugh out loud through the microphone, turning those cheers to boos.

    Vega: ... You have chosen me as your opponent? Oh please, you're not even decent enough for me to consider you a warm-up match, much less than an actual opponent. Enlighten me: what are your terms?

    Krypto: You and me, at All or Nothing... in a Flying Saucer match.

    The crowd loves everything up until the mention of the Flying Saucer match. The crowd is definitely confused as well as Vega but Krypto seems to be excited.

    Vega: A Flying... Saucer match? What exactly is...

    An evil smirk drags across his face.

    Vega: You know what? I don't even care what this match is and what the rules are because no matter what stipulations you put against me, you are nothing more than a worthless piece of trash who has absolutely no chance of defeating me. I'd put my Mayhem title on the line but I wouldn't consider it a legitimate title defence.

    Krypto: Well... that's one thing I didn't mention.

    The confidence on Vega's face disappears.

    Krypto: Mr. Big Dave was so happy with my decision that he made the match for the Mayhem championship.

    Vega looks nothing short of pissed as Krypto nods to the cheering audience who like the sound of the title being on the line. Vega clutches his title and shakes his head.

    Vega: You can't do this.

    Krypto: I didn't. Mr. Big Dave did.

    Vega: You schemed behind me back... no-one schemes behind my back without paying for it!

    Suddenly, Vega lifts up Krypto and rams him into the corner, dropping his belt as the crowd boos. He goes to strike Krypto but he ducks the shot and runs at the ropes, springboarding off to hit a seated senton on Vega. The crowd cheers loudly as Vega gets up and Krypto runs at him with a headscissors takedown that sends Vega to the outside. The crowd cheers as Krypto stands tall in the middle of the ring.

    Copeland: It seems we have the Mayhem Championship being defended at All or Nothing after all.

    Cohen: Krypto is only allowed to pick an opponent of his choosing and the type of match, not allowing the title to be on the line.

    Copeland: Didn't you hear him? Big Dave made that decision. To be fair, I think-


    The crowd continues to boo as the arena goes dark save for a single spotlight where the man they call Connor Reese crouches, facing away from the ring. He stands up and poses as the crowd boos.

    Copeland: What's he doing out here? I thought he wasn't allowed here any more?

    Cohen: Only his colleagues, Seabass. Reese is still an active member of the roster and he's got a match against Krypto tonight, remember? And people think I'm the old and forgetful one.

    Reese takes his time to walk down the ramp as the darkness comes back to normal with the spotlight still on him. As he does so, a referee runs down the ramp past him and slides into the ring, asking Krypto if he is ready for this upcoming contest. He nods and begins jumping up and down, doing some last minute stretches as Reese is at ringside, using the steps to get into the ring. He bypasses the fallen body of Vega, not even acknowledging his existence as he is fully focused on his opponent in the ring.

    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Already in the ring, from Out of This World, weighing in at 200 pounds; Krypto! And his opponent, from the Dawn of a New Era, weighing in at 234 pounds; Connor Reese!

    Cohen: Doesn't anybody come from a real city, any more?

    Reese has entered the ring and looks determined, staring daggers through Krypto who seems a little taken back by Connor. Reese gives off a bit of a smirk as the referee signals for the bell, turning more into a wild smile. He turns his head slightly to the side before rushing Krypto.

    Krypto manages to reverse the attempts of Reese with a roll-up pin... 1... 2... kick-out by Connor, almost finishing him off right there and then. Krypto gets up as does Reese, hitting him in the face before delivering a low dropkick to the knees. Reese falls as Krypto goes off for a springboard crossbody but as he does so, Vega has gotten to his feet and stares at Krypto. He hesitates for a moment, looking at Vega as he hangs on the ropes. This allows enough time for Reese to take advantage of the distraction, hooking Krypto from behind to hit the Extinction Event. Krypto looks to be laid out as Reese covers him for the pin... 1... 2... 3!

    Cohen: That was fast!

    Harrys: Here is your winner; Connor Reese!

    Reese's music plays once more as the referee raises his hand with Connor not looking like he broke a single sweat. He looks down at Krypto for a moment before exiting the ring, walking past Vega with a look of disgust before spitting on the ground at his feet. Those two men stare at each other before Reese walks off and Vega turn his attention to Krypto.

    Copeland: Krypto took his eye off the ball for a second due to Vega and it cost him the match.

    Cohen: Vega did nothing - this was all on Krypto for losing this match. Never turn a blind eye to Connor.

    Vega enters the ring and stands over him, raising his championship up high for the crowd who boos him before leaning over to Krypto's face, grabbing him by the cheeks and telling him that he is not worthy of this championship before letting go. He puts his boot on his face and rubs it in face for a few seconds before leaving the ring, eliciting a huge boo from the crowd. Vega walks up the ramp with the championship across his shoulder with Krypto slowly recovering.


    Backstage we see Triple X inside Big Dave's office.

    X: Look Dave, you got to book this match. I want a piece of Holmes as much as you do right now. I know I can beat him.

    Dave: X man I know you can beat him. I've seen you do it and I believe that you could do it again, but you heard Holmes. He won't agree to it and he'll probably have Bateman swinging for him also. Even if that match does get booked, he will use every resource available to stop you or end your career. I don't want to put you through that risk.

    Triple X looks down and thinks about it. He puts his hand on Dave's shoulder.

    X: Thank you for looking out for me, but this is what I want. I'm going to do whatever it takes to get this match. Even if that means I never get to wrestle again. I know you're the only one here who would be able to understand that.

    Dave nods his head. The two shake hands and X leaves. Dave goes and sits down in his chair when he hears the door open. He looks up and we see John Constantine in the room.

    Dave: What can I do for you John?

    Constantine looks annoyed at Dave and then speaks.

    Constantine: You can start by addressing me as King first, but that wasn't why I came here. Showtime ruined what was to be my glorious proclamation. The Iron Man match will no doubt be a memorable bout, but I am WZCW's King, it should be my chose in match to compete in, not his. Take that contract and destroy it and put my match choice in for All or Nothing.

    Dave: I'm sorry John, I mean, King, but the contract was signed and it's done. Didn't you read it over.

    Constantine: Simpleton, when you're the King you don't need to read, all documents are written based on your proclamation. General Manager Dave, if I somehow do not walk out of All or Nothing as champion I will see to it that you are removed from your post and I take over Meltdown. Are we understood?

    Dave: Yes... good luck tomorrow.

    Constantine laughs and exits the room. His presence must've made Dave remember something as he sorts through his papers to find something. Dave pulls out his phone and makes a call.

    Dave: Hey it's Big Dave... Yea that's good man... So did you get my message... And...?
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    The following match is scheduled for one fall.


    Harrys: On his way to the ring, from Culiacan, Mexico, weighing in at 180 pounds; El Califa Dragón!

    Cohen: “See Harrys got his weight right.”

    Copeland: “Dont give me that! You just can’t resist spewing the same conspiracy crap that Drake Callahan does.”


    Cohen: “Much like this brilliant man, Jack Cohen is not a follower.”

    The crowd boos heavily as Holmes enters the arena alone very slowly, ignoring his surroundings with an arrogant smile on his face.

    Copeland: “Yeah, this brilliant man pays others to do his dirty work for him.”

    Cohen: “Hey, why get your hands dirty when you can afford to pay others?”

    Harrys: And his opponent, from Buckingham, England, weighing in at 235 pounds; he is the "Elite" Steven Holmes!

    Copeland: “Steven Holmes is all about paying others to do his dirty work.”

    Cohen: “I hope he surprises you and claims his own bounty. Triple X would never expect it!”

    Both men begin to circle the ring, Holmes with his hands up ready to strike whereas Dragon is very relaxed. Both men lock up trying to get the upper hand and quickly Holmes does, slowly backing Dragon into the corner. The ref counts to four and then gets in-between to separate them. Holmes lashes out with his arm and catches the ref by accident and the official pulls him away to admonish him. Holmes ignores him and is distracted as Dragon comes at him with a boot to the gut. Dragon puts on a headlock. Holmes tries and eventually pushes Dragon off and towards the ropes. Dragon bounces back and knocks Holmes down with a shoulder block. Dragon springboards off the middle rope and drops a leg on the neck of Holmes. Cover by Dragon, 1.....2.....

    Copeland: “Dragon is so dangerous and a real surprise package.”

    Cohen: “He has to fly like this because Holmes will break him otherwise.”

    Dragon waits for Holmes to stand. Dragon does and charges at Holmes with a clothesline. Holmes ducks it and stuns Dragon with a suplex throw that launches him across the ring,. Holmes picks Dragon up and lifts him up for a suplex. He holds Dragon in the air as the crowd lets out a boo despite the impressive technical display. After a few seconds Holmes falls backwards. Dragon holds his back as Holmes looks proud of his own arrogance. Holmes kneels down, lays a forearm across Califa’s jaw and presses down, the referee counts, 1.....2.....Dragon kicks out. Holmes takes an arm and drags the luchador to his feet.

    Cohen: “This is the perfect test for Holmes before the match with Triple X at All or Nothing.”

    Copeland: “I figure he could use the practise given his record against the kid.”

    Califa uses the ropes to acrobatically twist out of the arm wrench but Holmes catches him in mid air and cruelly dumps him to the floor! Holmes follows slowly, a devious grin of intent forms on his face. As he climbs out of the ring, Dragon tries to crawl away but only reaches the barrier. Holmes reaches him easily and in an instant The Elite smashes him spine-first into the barrier with a side Russian leg sweep! Holmes grabs a front facelock and pulls the battered body of Dragon away from the barrier. Holmes goes for another suplex but Dragon twists out of it and hits a twisting DDT out of nowhere! The desperation move leaves Califa with little to nothing left. Holmes is incapacitated by the shock and impact of the blow to the skull. The masked man tries to get something going but as Holmes meets him, he is stopped by a rake of the eyes by the devious former Elite champion. The referee has begun to count both men out as he is at five.

    Copeland: “It would be a shame for this match to end on a count out.”

    Cohen: “Do it Steven! Break the scrawny neck of the peon!”

    Copeland: “I don’t think that would shut Drake up.”

    Holmes rolls his adversary into the ring and follows, breaking the count. Holmes gets right back on Dragon, sitting him up and hitting a quick kick to the back of Dragons’ head. Dragon clutches the back of his head and rolls around on the mat before Holmes goes for another pin, 1... 2... another kick out by Dragon. Holmes cinches in a rear chinlock. Dragon tries to fight it but Holmes forces his head to the floor. Dragon reaches for the ropes but Holmes wrenches back. Holmes seems to be draining Dragon of all energy but Dragon drops his leg on the bottom rope! Holmes refuses to break the hold but the ref eventually pulls him off! Holmes picks up his opponent and Irish whips him before going for a back body drop, but Dragon reverses, hitting a swinging neck breaker. Both men are both down on the mat for a moment, before they both start to get to their feet. Holmes hits Dragon with a right hand. Dragon stumbles backward a step, before hitting Dragon with a right hand of his own. Holmes hits one more but as Dragon goes for another strike, Holmes ducks under it and hits a Northern Lights Suplex with a bridge pin, 1....2.... Dragon kicks out. Holmes gets up and measures his opponent, who is using the ropes to get to his feet. Holmes straightens up and Dragon runs forward and jumps up onto his shoulders, attempting a Hurracanrana but Holmes reverses it into a powerbomb! With both men down, the referee starts counting. Holmes manages to crawl over to Dragon and hook his leg, 1... 2... Dragon gets a shoulder up!

    Copeland: “Holmes is really beginning to pick up the ante and dominate this match.”

    Cohen: “Like the true ring veteran of this team told you he would!”

    Holmes picks up Dragon and puts him on the top rope. He sets for a superplex but Califa fires off a fierce series of kicks. Holmes falls off the corner and barely lands on his feet, Califa launches himself across and drops onto Holmes with a flying headscissors! The acrobatic move gets a brilliant reaction from the crowd. Califa heads to the top rope and without hesitation, he flies, landing a picture perfect moonsault. He drops straight into a lateral press cover, 1.....2..... Holmes kicks out at the last desperate second! Califa is gutted and his head is in his hands in exasperation. Califa takes an arm to lock in the Tequila Sunrise and as he turns Holmes for the submission, Holmes kicks him in the head! Holmes gets up slowly and in a fit of anger, he shoots straight for the mask. Califa tries to push him away but The Elite uses the defensive action hit a suspicious low kick that leaves him reeling!

    Copeland: “Hey! Low blow, low blow!”

    Cohen: “Yeah DQ him ref! Even if you can’t be sure! Geez Seabass!”

    With an immense confidence that only the Elite can feel and with Dragon bent double, Holmes goes for the Imperial Impaler. Holmes sets him up, lifts and slams him down hard. Holmes crawls and hooks the leg for the inevitable victory, 1......2......3!!!!

    Cohen: “Yes!”

    No! Triple X has appeared at ringside and put Dragon’s foot on the bottom. The referee only counted two! Steven cannot believe it, when he looks around to see what has happened; the sight of a grinning Triple X greets him at the bottom of the entrance ramp

    Cohen: "What is he doing here? This is an unfair distraction!"

    Holmes’ face turns beetroot purple with incredulous anger. All the while the crowd doesn’t see X because of his positioning on the other side of the ring. Holmes has one leg out of the ring and is desperate to get his hands on X but the young high-flier walks away without a care in the world.

    Copeland: "I'm getting deja vu! This is what Dave did to give Triple X the Elite X title!"

    Holmes takes out his fury on the turnbuckle, the canvas, anything he can punch and kick. Califa crawls over, a quick hook in-between the legs and Holmes feels his feet escape from underneath him. His back hits the mat as his legs curl over his torso, preventing him from escaping his position! 1......2........3!! Califa is victorious thanks to Triple X!

    Your winner by pinfall, El Califa Dragon!

    Cohen: “I....But....”

    Copeland: “Jack Cohen is speechless ladies and gents! El Califa Dragon has beaten Steven Holmes and left my broadcast partner without words!! We've just seen a repeat of Ascension 45 when Triple X deposed Steven Holmes as Elite X champion thanks to Big Dave in this manner!!”

    Holmes pounds the mat and Califa rolls out of the ring, barely able to celebrate as he clutches his neck! Some officials come down to ringside to help the luchadore. Holmes somehow composes himself to demand a mic from ringside. He is shaking and is barely able to get his words out.

    Holmes: "The bounty.....on the head of Triple X is......doubled."

    Cohen: "Wow!"

    Copeland: "Steven Holmes is deranged. I mean, he is losing it."

    Cohen: "Triple X is in big trouble now."


    The dominant Eurasian and Elite X champions are backstage in their dressing room.

    Smith: "You end this tonight and we go one step further to proving our dominance in this cursed place."

    Rush: "It would be a pleasure. Matt Tastic is going to be a broken man when I have finished with him. He is going to curse the day that he was given two matches in a row with me."

    Smith: "You want me out there?"

    Rush: "No need. Just make sure you are ready to go to the nearerst bar once we're done."
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    Triple X is still in the ring, bouncing around looking unfazed by the announcement heard earlier by Holmes.

    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first already in the ring, from Phoenix, Arizona, weighing 220 lbs, Triple X!

    The crowd cheers loudly and Triple X acknowledges them with his signature X symbol.


    The crowd's cheers turn to boos as Drake Callahan walks onto the stage. He yells and taunts at the crowd as he makes his way to the ring.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from Cleveland, Ohio. weighing 215 lbs, Drake Callahan!

    Copeland: Both these men have been red hot in recent months and should have another stellar match here tonight.

    Cohen: Both also have been dealing with major issues against other wrestlers on the roster. Holmes has put an enormous bounty on X's head. More money than most wrestlers will ever see. And Callahan is convinced El Califa is somehow Ty Burna in disguise and is hell bent on proving himself correct.

    Copeland: Perhaps then the winner of this match will be the one who is able to deal ignore these issues during the match.

    Callahan enters the ring and the bell sounds. The crowd cheers for Triple X loudly while Callahan yells at them. The crowd begins to boo him and X advances towards Callahan. Drake looks ready to fight, but at the last second rolls outside the ring. The crowd boos loudly as Callahan walks up to a young fan with a Ty Burna sign in the front row. Drake yells at the fan and takes the sign and rips it up. Drake drops the pieces to the floor and turns back to the ring. Triple X is standing on the outside apron and leaps at Callahan, knocking him down with a flying forearm smash. X stays on top of Callahan and lands several punches to the head. Triple X lifts Callahan to his feet and rolls him into the ring. Callahan rolls over and rises to his feet as X slides into the ring. Triple X runs at Callahan, but Drake again drops down and rolls out of the ring. X slides outside the ring to continue the attack. Callahan paces away holding his back, but surprises X with a kick to the gut as he turns around. Callahan grabs X and runs towards the steel stairs with him, driving his head and neck the stair. Callahan begins to stomp on Triple X’s fallen body as the ref begins to count both men out.

    Copeland: Callahan with a cheap shot has Triple X on the ground and in trouble early.

    Cohen: What cheap shot Seabass. It’s been brilliant strategy by Callahan so far in this contest, biding his time to get the upper hand.

    Callahan lifts up X and rolls him into the ring. Callahan slides into the ring and kicks X in the head. X falls to the mat and Callahan walks over and stomps him in the head again. Callahan backs up and slowly bounces off the ropes. He shouts, “See this”, and goes for a Standing Shooting Star Press. X rolls out of the way and Callahan hits the mat. Drake bounces back upright on his knees and X quickly grabs the head and hits a DDT. Triple X kips back up to his feet and the crowd cheers. X turns his back to Callahan and goes for a Standing Moonsault. He lands that and then follows it up with a Standing Shooting Star Press.

    Copeland: X Press connects!

    Triples X hooks the leg and goes for the cover. 1... 2... Callahan barely kicks out early on in the match. Triple X hops onto his feet as Callahan is slow to his. X lands a couple of kicks on Drake before he grabs the foot of X. Triple X goes for an Enziguri. Drake ducks his head and X misses the kick. X hops up to his feet, but Drake grabs him from behind and goes for a Forward Russian Leg Sweep. X blocks it and manages to roll Drake forward. Callahan rolls onto his feet near the corner as X runs towards him. Callahan uses the ropes and lifts his legs up, hitting X in the face. Triples X stumbles around and Callahan is able to hit the Forward Russian Leg Sweep. Callahan goes for the cover. 1... 2 X kicks out! Callahan senses momentum back in his favour and strikes X in the back of the head. Triple X rolls over and Callahan grabs the head and drives knees into the face of his opponent. X rolls to the ropes and Callahan lifts him to his feet. Drake Irish Whips Triple X across the ring. He goes for a Clothesline, But X ducks the move. X comes running back off the ropes again, but Drake turns and hits a Running Big Boot. X hits the mat hard and Drake goes for the cover. 1... 2.... X kicks out again.

    Copeland: Very intense match between these two. X trying to find an opening back into this match, but Drake continues to have ways to stop him.

    Drake gets to his feet and the crowd boos him. He says he going to “Finish this” and lifts Triple X to his feet. Drake hooks him up for the Faded Memory, but X uses his free arm and stops Drake from lifting him high off the ground. Drake tries again and X only lets him get him a foot off the ground. Drake adjusts his grip and lifts X off the ground, but instead of going for the Brainbuster, drops X back forward onto the ropes. X cries out in pain as Drake gives him a hard punch, knocking him onto the floor.

    Cohen: That right there is what won Drake Callahan the WZCW Title last year. He is so smart and aware inside the ring, I think this match could end very shortly.

    Callahan drops down and rolls outside the ring. He stares at Triple X on the mat and then looks around at the audience. He smiles and laughs at what he’s done until he eyes lock onto one fan in the front row. He is wearing an El Califa mask. Callahan faces turns cold as he approaches the fan. He gets right up in the face of the fan and then suddenly reaches out to remove the mask. The El Califa fan fights back and several other fans come to his aid as Drake frantically tries to rip the mask off. WZCW security comes in to push the fans back and Drake gives up on trying to get the mask and turns back to his opponent. Triple X is wobbly on his feet, but somehow finds the strength to hit the X-Rated Superkick! The crowd explodes loudly as both men fall to the floor.

    Copeland: An unbelievable move by Triple X. Drake took his eyes off his opponent for too long and now it’s anybodies match.

    Both men are down and out on the floor still as the ref had reached the count of 4. Triple X struggles to begin crawling towards the ring. 5... Callahan has moved for the first time since the kick landed and starts to roll over. 6... Triple X has reached the ring apron while Callahan uses the stairs to lift himself up. 7... Triple is pulling himself to his knees while Drake is on top of the stairs. 8... Triple X is lifts himself up the the apron what Drake is on his feet walking up the stairs. 9....

    The crowd explodes at the unexpected music. Drakes looks up towards the entrance ramp, waiting for his arrival. While this is happening, Triple X has lifted himself onto the apron and rolls into the ring. 10!

    The bell rings and Drake looks quickly to the ring and sees what has happened. The ref raises Triple X’s hand as Harrys announces the match results.

    Harrys: Here is your winner by count out, Triple X!

    The action shoots right back to the ring as Drakes has run into the ring and starts to stomp on Triple X. Drake is furious and continues the attack as the ref tries to pull Drake off. Drakes backs up and tosses the ref to the side to continue attacking Triple X. X has gotten to his feet and fights back as the crowd cheers him on. Drake and X continue to land punches, but the young high flyer begins to hit and few more and back Drake towards the corner. Drake gives up fighting fair and low blows Triple X, bringing his attack to a halt. Drake grabs X and throws him shoulder first into the corner. Drake stomps and kicks X and slowly grounds him to the mat where Drake starts to press his foot into Triple X's neck against the ropes.

    Copeland: The match is over, would somebody get down to the ring and stop this assault.

    Cohen: Seabass, I think this has less to do know with revenge and perhaps more to do with Holmes bounty. Look how Drake is targeting him, if someone is going to come out, it’s to help collect that bounty.

    Drake rolls outside of the ring and walks towards the announcers table. He grabs a steel chair and heads back to the ring. Ring officials have entered the ring, but Drake is able to scare them all from the ring with his steel chair. He places the chair down on the mat and grabs X from the corner. He drags Triple X from the corner and goes for the Faded Memory Brainbuster. The crowd cheers and it is because El Califa has appeared from the crowd and quickly hops onto the top rope. Drake lets go of Triple X and El Califa leaps and connects a Hurricanrana on Callahan. Drake rolls through the ropes and outside the ring. He gets to his feet and backs up the stage ramp as El Califa dares him to step back in. Drake shakes his head and El Califa goes to check on Triple X inside the ring.

    Copeland: Callahan nearly became $1,000,000 richer, but thankfully El Califa came in and made the save. Holmes is prepared to end the career of this young wrestler. Something has to be done to end this.


    Backstage we see Dave in his office. He shakes his head at the monitor when the door opens. Steven Holmes walks into the room with a smile on his face.

    Holmes: So Dave... are we ready to talk?

    Dave: Yes we are... this... it needs to end.

    Holmes: So... are you going to give me what I want?

    Dave: You want to be number one contender? You can have it... if... you beat Triple X at All or Nothing.

    Holmes: No... not Triple X. I will not lower myself to another match against him.

    Dave: Those are my demands. Or... I'll just book you in some match at All or Nothing to win a Lethal Lottery spot. Pair you up against a rookie, someone you'll either have to beat, or else purposefully lose to and fall down the ladder of contender ship. So either way, we're looking at Kingdom Come or latter till Holmes gets a title match. You drop the bounty on Triple X and I'll book the match. Holmes versus Triple X at All or Nothing. Number one contenders match. Agreed?

    Holmes looks at Dave and thinks about his proposal.

    Holmes: You leave me with little choice Dave. I always knew you could be my equal someday. Consider the bounty dropped, and say hello to your future WZCW Champion.

    Holmes smiles and leaves and Dave watches the door close.

    Copeland: Well folks, Dave just booked one of the biggest matches on the card. Steven Holmes verse Triple X. Number one contender.

    Cohen: That match could be a show stealer.

    Copeland: Coming up next, our main event. Rush won the first match in a best of three verse Matt Tastic for the EurAsian Title. Tonight is the second match and Tastic needs a win to stay alive. Can the long time WZCW wrestler overcome the powerful Rush, or the seasoned veteran too much for the charismatic Tastic to handle. That match will begin after this commercial break.
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s main-event is the second match in a Best of Three Series for the EurAsian Championship!


    The crowd wakes up and pops as the music for Matt Tastic begins playing throughout the arena. He is a little more delayed than usual, but Tastic finally emerges out from the gorilla position. The crowd re-pops in a wave-like fashion. Tastic gingerly waves out to the crowd. We see that he has white medical tape wrapped around his mid-section.

    Harrys: Introducing first, the challenger, weighing in a 225 pounds, he is The Super Saiyan of Pro Wrestling, Matt Tastic!

    Copeland: There is no man on the roster that has more to lose tonight than Matt Tastic.

    Cohen: Not only that, but his body is being held together by near nothing. Listen to this doctor evaluation of Tastic after the beating he took last week: bruised knee caps, several turn muscles, and several swollen disks in his vertebrae. Rush did a number on him, Seabass.

    Copeland: The good news is that Matt Tastic is still here and ready to compete. The bad news is that even if he wins tonight, he will have to go through the mammoth known as Rush one more time before he can lay claim to the WZCW EurAsian Championship. Expect him to try to get this match over quick Jack.

    Tastic is now in the ring, and we see the referee checking in with him.


    The crowd cranks up the boos as the WZCW EurAsian Champion, Rush, makes his way out of the gorilla position. The title is draped over his shoulder as he rubs his hands together. He scowls back at the crowd in response to their boos.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, weighing 322 pounds, he is the WZCW EurAsian Champion, Rush!

    Cohen: Let me tell you something Seabass. Rush re-entered WZCW by running like a freight train down to the ring at the Lethal Lottery last year. He ran over a superstar on his way down and hasn’t stopped running over them since his re-debut.

    Copeland: Well, he has certainly brought a level of prestige to the EurAsian belt that we haven’t seen since the likes of Blade.

    Cohen: Tastic will be easy prey tonight. Rush will go 2-0 and take the night off at Unscripted. What an easy gig!

    We see Rush climb the steel stairs and enter the ring over the top rope. He hands his belt off to the referee as he locks his eyes on Tastic. Rush backs up to his corner and now both men are in their respective area. The music dies down and the referee takes a moment to check with each wrestler. They both give him a respective nod and we get the bell!

    Tastic steps out of his corner towards the center, but an impatient Rush walks past the center area and goes for an upper grapple. Tastic reaches up and the two men find each other locked up. Tastic tries to hold his own, but Rush is too much and sends him stumbling back into the turnbuckle he came from. Rush swings his arms town and the lock between the two is broken. He then proceeds to send a stiff forearm chop to the chest of Tastic. Tastic grabs his chest in pain, but Rush pulls back and goes for another chop! Tastic eats it and grips his chest once again. Rush turns around and walks a few steps back. He then turns back around and goes for a quick running splash to Tastic in the corner! Tastic rolls out just in time! Rush goes chest first into the turnbuckle, but then quickly turns around. He is met by a foot to the face! A standing spinning wheel kick sends Rush flopping back onto the turnbuckle. Tastic drops down to one knee via the recoil of the move. The stretch from the kick seems to have caused intense pain in his mid-section.

    Cohen: He can’t even get a kick off without feeling the effects!

    Copeland: This could be vital in this match. The usually nimble Tastic may be limited to a small move set if he wants to maintain minimal damage done to his body.

    Tastic gets up and approaches Rush in the corner. He grapples onto the top rope with both hands and proceeds to kick Rush in the gut. Rush eats the kick, but then quickly eats another, another, and another! Tastic now has Rush slumping on the turnbuckle. He proceeds to grab the arm of the mammoth of the man. He takes a deep breathe and yanks him out of the turnbuckle and whips him across the ring and towards the other one. Rush is able to stop and catch himself by grabbing the top ropes before slamming into the turnbuckle. He goes to turn around, but before he can he feels an arm come up between his legs! London bridge comes falling down and so does Rush as Tastic pulls him into a roll up, 1........2.......KICK OUT!

    Cohen: Not like this!

    The crowd is hot over the close attempt. Rush rolls away from Tastic and gets to his feet. Tastic rises up as well.

    Copeland: That was close!

    Cohen: Too close!

    Rush takes a step toward Tastic, which prompts Tastic to charge at the man! Rush reaches out and lifts up Tastic, only to slam his back hard onto the mat for a spinebuster! The pain is shown on Tastic’s face as he reaches for his back in pain. Rush wastes little time as he rises to his feet. He reaches down and picks Tastic up by his hair. He heaves back his right hand and slams it hard on Tastic’s neck with a firm grip. Rush proceeds to bring his other hand up and now has Tastic’s neck gripped by two hands. He lifts up in an impressive display of strength and holds Tastic in the air by his neck. We see Tastic grab onto Rush’s forearm as his feet dangle down below. Rush grunts as he slams Tastic’ down hard onto his back. The crowd gasps at the impact. Tastic can’t decided whether to grab his neck or back in pain. Rush is unforgiving as he reaches down once again for a head full of hair. He picks Tastic up and grabs his full body as he picks him up. He twists Tastic in the air and then slams it back down on his back with a bodyslam! The crowd gasps once more. Rush reaches down once again. He goes through similar motions as before and slam! That is two powerslams!

    Copeland: Good god, someone stop the match! He is going to break Tastic in half!

    Cohen: No! Make sure you have a night off for the pay-per-view!

    Rush picks Tastic up again! He roars as he holds Tastic in a body slam position once again. SLAM! That is the sound of Tastic’s back hitting the mat. Rush looks down at the mangled body of Tastic. Rush yells “It’s over” as he picks Tastic up one more time. He proceeds to tuck Tastic’s head in-between his legs in preparation for his finisher! He reaches down and grabs the midsection of Tastic and lifts him up. However, something gets cross-wired in the setup and Tastic is somehow able to re-position himself by having Rush’s head tucked underneath his arm! It appears that Tastic tries to jerk Rush’s head for a swinging DDT. He gets little swing, but the DDT gets executed regardless! Rush’s head slams down hard on the mat, and Tastic tries to quickly follow up. He gets into position and locks in the Crossbuster! No wait! Rush won’t allow it and pushes Tastic off of him with one hand. This sends Tastic rolling backwards. Both men recover and get to their feet at the same time. They charge each other and it appears that Tastic goes for a running clothesline; Rush ducks! Rush is now in position behind Tastic. He reaches over and grabs the arm of him and hoist him up for the Torture Rack!

    Cohen: It’s over! There is no way that he can handle all of that pressure!

    Rush tries to secure the lock with Tastic on his shoulders, but Tastic won’t give up that easy. He flails and kicks, which causes Rush to stumble backwards and up against a set of ropes. The rubber-band effect of the ropes allows Tastic to roll off of Rush’s shoulders and onto the outside apron. Rush turns around and approaches Tastic, but Tastic ducks and sends a stiff shoulder to Rush’s midsection through the middle rope. Rush bends over, which allows Tastic to spring himself over the ropes and grab Rush’s waist for a sunset flip into a pin! Rush is completely taken off guard as the referee makes the cover,


    Cohen: Oh come on!

    Copeland: I don’t believe it!

    Harrys: Here is your winner by pinfall, Matt Tastic!

    The crowd erupts over the surprise pin. We see Tastic laying on the side of the ring and Rush on his knees, looking shocked in the middle of it. Rush curses under his breath as he shakes his head in disgust at the referee. He proceeds to get out of the ring and grab his EurAsian title from a ring official. Meanwhile, we see Tastic take notice of this and quickly request a microphone. It gets handed to him and he begins to speak as his music dies down.

    Tastic: Rush!

    Rush is already halfway up the ramp, but turns around to look at Tastic.

    Tastic: You and I have done this one too many times man.

    He takes a breath as he grabs his back in pain.

    Tastic: All or Nothing will be our fifth encounter that has revolved around the EurAsian Title. Even though the audience brought us together at Unscripted, people are getting bored with us constantly squaring off. I know that you are sick of seeing me as much as I am sick of seeing you. So, let’s make a deal right now. Let’s make a deal that it will be our final fight at All or Nothing over this thing. If I win, then you don’t enact your rematch clause and let me live out my reign without ever competing against you again. If you win, then I won’t ever bother you again while you are EurAsian Champion. What do you say?

    The camera shows the sweaty Rush on the ramp. He looks down at the EurAsian Title on his shoulder and then looks up. We hear him as clear as day. “DEAL!”

    The crowd pops as Tastic tries to smile, but his face is still overcome with pain as his music begins to play. Rush proceeds to walk back up the ramp.

    Copeland: There you have it folks! It is official. The EurAsian Title Match at All or Nothing will be a Last Chance Match for both men. It will be winner take all.

    Cohen: That is to say if the match even happens. Tastic is in serious pain after the beating he took from Rush. Something has to give!

    The camera shows Tastic kneeling down and gripping his midsection as the referee checks on him. His music plays in honor of his victory, but the moment is bittersweet. The WZCW copyright logo appears at the bottom of the screen as we fade out.
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    Who wrote what:

    Kermit: Rush vs. Matt Tastic
    Showtime: Drake Callahan vs. Triple X, Opening, segments
    Numbers: Steven Holmes vs. El Califa Dragon
    FalKon: Krypto vs. Connor Reese, segments
    FunKay: Vega vs. Brent Blaze
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