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    Meltdown 78 opens with another extremely loud and passionate crowd eating up an effervescent fireworks display from the top of the stage. The fans in attendance carry a vast array of signs, each with a number of candidates offering a variety of opinions about who the new Meltdown General Manager will be.

    Copeland:"What an atmosphere we have at Meltdown 78! Take your pick of highlights tonight but at the top of it all will be revelaton of who the new General Manager of Meltdown will be!"

    Cohen: "I hope we find out soone rather than later, I can't wait to find out but beyond it all, I hope Steven Holmes is happy with it!"

    The atmosphere rises up a notch when the music of this dastardly fiend begins to signal his arrival.

    Copeland: "Get your head out of his ass, Jack!"

    The devious Steven Holmes makes his way down to the ring with an immeasurably acerbic smirk on his face. He looks increasingly disgusted with the reaction that he receives. As he raises a mic to his mouth, the boos rain down on him further. Despite this noise, he continues to speak.

    Cohen:"I'm just praising the greatest superstar in the company. Now shush while he speaks will you!?"

    Holmes: “Good evening to you all, the disgusting, inbred stain of Hickville, USA.” The words barely make it out of his mouth, he utters them so reluctantly. “I am so delighted to be here tonight, to give you all the privilege of seeing the greatest wrestler in this company and the future, elite WZCW Heavyweight Champion of the World.”

    Holmes: “But I am here to greet the new General Manager of Meltdown because the first face he needs to see is the man who will lead this company into the future. He needs to meet -”

    Steven’s chagrin is exacerbated by ...

    Copeland:"Oh boy, I don't think Steven wanted to see this young man again after last week!"

    The White Knight is greeted by a ravenous crowd, delighted to see him oppose his rival.

    Chris KO:“Steven, I needed to come out and wake these fans up. I mean they needed to be brought back to life because you are killing them out here! They don’t want to see you. I don’t want to see and as of this time, the new Meltdown General Manager doesn’t want to see you!”

    Holmes’ anger leads him to the ropes where he yells at Chris.

    Holmes: “Who is he? Damnit Chris, tell me who he is!”

    Chris KO smiles knowingly.

    Chris KO: “Calm down Mr Holmes. Let me explain. As of right now I have no rights to the ownership or control of WZCW. Right now, Meltdown is in the hands of our General Manager. He is currently busy doing the things that GM’s do and he will make his presence known to you when he is good and ready but not before.”

    Holmes: “That’s not good enough! I’ve got no hesitations of coming up there and beating this out of you Chris.”

    Holmes is drawn by the taunt offered by the young man who seems perfectly neutral to it.

    Chris KO: “Well I can pretty much guarantee that will get you suspended or fired. It’s quite simple Steven. Your desperation to wreak havoc and violence on those who don’t agree with you are over or your attacks on those who challenge you will not be tolerated. So save your violence until later please.”

    Chris KO: “Until then, I’m sure I speak for everyone including our new General Manager when I say that you need to get out of the ring so we can enjoy this night of action. I’ll see you later Steven.”

    Chris’ music plays again as he leaves the arena, leaving Steven looking apoplectic in the ring.

    Copeland: "I don't think Mr Holmes is content with this in the slightest!"

    Cohen: "And why should he be, it's disgusting that the GM isn't willing to make his presence felt in front of his greatest superstar."
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    Harrys: The opening contest for Meltdown 78 is scheduled for one fall!!


    Introducing first from Toledo, Ohio.... Alex Bowen!

    Cohen: "Bowen says he will win this one without the aid of weapons. I know he can pull it off."

    Alex walks out with fierce determination towards the ring and heads towards the ropes. He leans on them waiting for his opponent.


    His opponent, from Phoenix Arizona, Triple X!

    Triple X walks on the stage, running to each side of the stage, hyping the crowd up. He then returns to the middle, holding up his arms up making his trademark X symbol above his head.

    Copeland: "Here's another guy looking to turn things around. Except for him it's due to the loss of his Elite X title."

    X then walks down, acknowledging the fans and slides into the ring. He mounts the turnbuckle, playing to the crowd again, making the X symbol with his arms once more.

    *Ding, Ding*

    As the bell rings, Bowen goes onto a wrestling stance as XXX simply looks on defensively. Bowen goes in for the Collar-and-Elbow tie-up before switching onto a hammerlock and dragging X around the ring. He pushes away Triple X after a bit and in anger, X rushes toward Bowen. However Bowen retaliates with another tie-up before following up an Armdrag and grounded Armbar. 1! 2! ...Kick out! X's shoulders were both down, but he quickly realized it and tried to get to his knees at least. Bowen slaps X's arm continuously as he taunts him.

    "Try and fly now! Come on! Fly, boy. Fly!"

    Copeland: "Bowen has X grounded hard and fast as this match kicks off."

    Cohen:"He's in full control. And no weapons needed."

    As crowd cheers on for X to get up, he slowly fights his way out of the ground. He punches Bowen, but Bowen just tightens the hold to ground him again. This time though, X rolls forward to his back and nips up before mounting a series of punches. He rushes for the ropes and Springboards for a Chuck, but Bowen simply punches him right in the stomach. Grounding him again. 1...2...No! Another kick out at 2 for X. He rags X around and locks on a sleeper hold on the floor.

    Copeland: "I'm surprised. Alex has X really under his control."

    Cohen:"Of course he does. He's dealt with guys like X before. He knows what to expect."

    X swings around wildly to stay awake, but Alex's grip is too strong and X begins to fade. The ref goes to check and raises X's arm.1.....2....

    Cohen:"Oh man! X might be out just like that!"

    3....No![/B] About an inch from the floor, X keeps his hand from touching the mat and begins to flail around again. He manages to get on his knees and finally on to his legs as Bowen shrugs his head yelling no.

    Copeland: "Alex is losing control here. X is trying to mount a comeback."

    Cohen:"Bowen with ground him right back down again. He's the king of the Catch-As-Catch-Can style now."

    X begins to shoot hard elbow shots to Bowen's ribs and finally breaks free. X runs off and gains momentum by connecting Clotheslines and knocking down Bowen several times. The bewildered Alex gets up after each one just to be knocked down again. As X continues the assault, he switches up the attack and nails a fast Wheel Kick while Bowen bounces up again. Another rush off the ropes is followed by a Neckbreaker to finally keep down Bowen. 1! 2! ...Kick Out! A near fall for X, but he's still in high gear getting up and playing up to the crowd. Bowen gets up slowly and X is quickly on him with hard fists.

    Cohen:"Bowen is getting pounded here with illegal shots."

    Copeland: "Who get's disqualified for using fists these days?"

    He takes Bowen to the corner and Whips him to the opposite before dashing across the ring to deliver a hard running Enzuigiri that knocks down Bowen. Before X can continue, Bowen slips under the ropes and onto the floor below. X tries to go after him, but the ref cuts him off to begin the 10 count, peeking between the middle and top rope to check on Bowen.

    One! Two!

    Bowen begins to stagger

    "Get up! Get up!"


    Triple X begins to jump up and down in the middle of the ring as Bowen gets on his feet.


    Copeland: "X is firing himself up.He's gonna fly here."

    X dashes to the ropes away from the ref.


    Just as the ref peeks again, this time over the top rope due to Bowen being up. X lowers his head a lot and forward rolls over the ref's back and flies over using him as a ramp! Knocking down the unknowing Bowen with a clothesline! The crowd roars at the unbelievable move!

    Copeland: "OH MY GOD!"





    Cohen:"Screw gravity! And the ref too he says!"

    Triple X is quick to get to his feet and grabs Bowen by the hair to help up. But Bowen near instinctively shoves X towards the barricade.



    Bowen gets himself together and rolls back into the ring to break the count and goes back for X. X however counters and returns the favor by Hip Tossing the incoming Alex right on the barricade wall. Alex falls down onto the sea of the crowd.

    Cohen:"Good grief! What did Bowen do to this guy?"

    Copeland: "It's that give it your all way of life Triple X demonstrate every week."




    Bowen clutches his back on the floor with one hand while the other hand is on a steel chair from the crowd. While X plays to the crowd.

    Cohen:"Look at him. He's got Bowen dead on the floor and he's just playing around."

    Copeland: "Wait a minute. What's that on Bowen's hand?



    X goes to break the count as Bowen very slowly gets to his feet, chair in hand.

    Cohen:"It's a chair, Copeland. Bowen has a chair in hand."



    Bowen gets up completely and looks on realizing what's on his hand and throws it away in shock. X however is now back in the ring, hands on the top rope.

    Copeland: "Good on him. He is making progress after all."

    Cohen:"I told you. He's moving on."



    Bowen turns around as X hops on to the top rope and then leaps into the air with a Shooting Star Press. However Bowen sees it and quickly jumps out of the way. Triple X lands on a sea of fans who are unable to hold him up as he falls to the concrete floor around them.

    Cohen:"My GOD!"

    Copeland: "X landed hard on that floor. Can he get back into this."



    Cohen:"That was sick."

    Bowen slowly begins to drag himself up clutching his back and over the barricade onto ringside. He grabs X by the head and drags him up and over the barricade as well.



    Bowen has X in his arms and runs him back first into the barricade. Bowen falls onto his butt and starts to climb back towards the ring.



    Bowen rolls back into the ring, but is still not getting up, clearly exhausted, and XXX is rolling over on the outside, trying to get moving in the right direction to the ring.



    Bowen finally gets up to see the oncoming Triple X who barely on the ring apron.


    X rolls in!

    Cohen:"How lucky can the guy get?"

    Copeland: "That's the will of a former champion, Jack. If Triple X wants another shot at that title he needs to win matches like this one"

    And Bowen is quick to stomp on him in frustration. The assault continues before the frustrated Alex begins to yank his own hair and pace the ring. However, he stops cold. Dropping to one knee and clutching his back. A peculiar object is in the ring. And it grabbed his attention instantly.

    Copeland: "Oh great. So that's where he threw it. It's the damned steel chair."

    Cohen:"He won't use it, watch."

    Bowen slowly goes over to it and looks at it in amazement, but just kicks it off. Discarding it towards a corner, he turns to X who's slowly getting to his feet. Bowen headlocks X up and tries a right hand, but it's blocked. X throws a stiff kick right to Bowen's back and he crumbles to the mat. Another stiff kick right to the chest knocks him full on to the mat. Quickly, X leaps for a Moonsault. 1... 2... X Gets up! X breaks the pinfall himself before leaping again, this time for a Shooting Star Press. 1... 2... Bowen thrusts his shoulder! X gets up and begins clapping his hands for the crowd as Bowen rolls in pain due to his back unable to get back up.

    Copeland: "X's offense is really starting to take its’ toll on Alex."

    Cohen:"He could have herniated disks after that blow on the barricade."

    X heads for the top rope now and measures up Bowen. He leaps for Skyfall..... But Bowen rolls away leaving X to crash! Bowen is quick to get to his feet almost as if he's running on adrenaline. X gets to his feet, but Bowen meets him! STO!! 1... 2... X kicks out! The two now meet each other on their knees and begin shooting away fists. They both slowly get to their feet still exchanging shots but Bowen sneaks a low knee to the gut allowing him to drag X to the mat and synch in The Weight Of Your Sins!

    Cohen:"This is over. Bowen is going to make X tap. A technician is being born."

    Copeland: "I gotta admit, I am impressed. A bad back and nothing but a sound gameplan from the Mayhem King."

    X tries to flail around to shake off Bowen and begins to fade. But the begins to drag himself back, eventually reaching the ropes with his feet forcing a rope-break. Bowen is quick to let go, get up and get frustrated. But again reaches for his back. Before X can capitalize though, Bowen grabs his head and shoot hard elbows on it. X however blocks one and in one fell swoop hits the Adrenaline Rush backbreaker. However, both men are down now.

    Copeland: "X working there nearly on instinct. Those clubbing blows found their mark and left him dazed."

    Cohen:"What unbelievable effort from these two. Especially from Bowen. Working with a bad back. And no weapons."

    Copeland: "...except a fan..."



    Copeland: "This match has been too good to end in a double count-out."



    X starts to stir as the crowd cheers him on.

    Cohen:"I'm concerned for Bowen. It looks like that back is killing him."



    Bowen is clenching his back in pain as X nears him.

    7.. 8! 9! ...No! Bowen shoots a shoulder up as X grabs his face in slight frustration. He gets up and goes to grab Bowen but as he reaches for him, Bowen thumbs him right in the eye. Bowen kicks Triple X in the gut and hooks his arms.

    Cohen:"End of Days. Bowen is going to put Triple X away right now.

    Bowen goes to lift Triple X for the piledriver, but X is dead weight. Bowen readjusts and X gets an arm free. He spins out of the move and with one arm still holding Bowen, he pull him right into the X-RATED SUPERKICK!!!

    Cohen:"Oh my God!!"

    Copeland: "The Superkick from out of nowhere!!"

    Triple X with the cover. 1.... 2.... 3!

    Here is your winner, Triple X!!

    X's hand is raised with him on the floor but with a smile on his face. Bowen on the other hand, looks deathly frustrated with his eyes fixated on the steel chair.

    Copeland: "Unreal. Bowen had almost the entire match under his control. Back pain and all. Bowen was seconds away from putting X away, but was unable to lift him up for the finish, And with just that, Triple X capitalize."

    Cohen:"Still, you got to give credit where credit is due. X was down for quite a while. Bowen put the hurt on him. No weapons and even a bad back. I feel that Bowen can win."

    Copeland: "Tremendous effort by Bowen indeed, Cohen. maybe we'd have a different outcome if it weren't for that steel chair."

    Cohen:"Or the fans."

    Sam Smith is in the corridors of the backstage area getting himself a beverage. Once he finishes pouring and goes to turn around to leave, he bumps into the mechanical S.H.I.T, knocking his drink everywhere on Smith. Normally, someone like Smith would punish another for this but he does not do anything but look at S.H.I.T.

    S.H.I.T has calculated this inconvenience to be 89% your fault.

    Again, an insult like that usually sparks some anger to attack but Smith merely laughs at S.H.I.T's quote.

    Yes, it was probably my bad. I apologise S.H.I.T... where are you off to?

    He says this as the robot has started walking off. It turns around and looks at Smith.

    S.H.I.T is going to charge himself up for his upcoming match with the Dragon who S.H.I.T must destroy.

    This sparks an eyebrow raise and a peaked interest in Smith.

    Didn't you hear? Dragon is looking for you, S.H.I.T. He wants to start the match before you make it out to the arena.

    S.H.I.T stands for a moment, processing this new-found information.

    S.H.I.T's primary function for tonight has been changed: find the Black Dragon prior to the match.

    S.H.I.T walks off, starting his quest to find the Dragon. Smith waits for the robot to disappear before giving himself a chuckle.

    That was too easy.
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    As Anarchy in the UK breaks out, the crowd comes alive, popping nicely for the sound that signals the entrance of Johnny Scumm. The former Mayhem number one contender burst through the curtain with some steady momentum behind him. He looks exceptionally excited to be in the arena tonight.

    Copeland: Wow, Johnny Scumm seems exhilarated. Clearly relishing the chance to face off with the EurAsian Champion one-on-one.

    Cohen: We’ll see just how excited he is when all is said and done.

    Scumm does some signature taunting at the top of the ramp before beginning his journey to the ring.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, this next match is set for one fall, introducing first from Manchester, England--

    Before Harrys can continue to introduce the Englishmen, Rush, Scumm’s opponent this evening, charges out of the curtain and jumps him from behind! The crowd’s tune changes almost immediately. Scumm hurtles several feet forward, rolling down the steel ramp as Rush scowls. He stares out into the crowd before snarling, returning his focus to Scumm. Shaking the cobwebs out of his head, Scumm turns his head to see the awesome sight of Rush’s boot come hurtling towards his skull, nailing him right across the forehead. The booing intensifies as Scumm rolls even further down the ramp, now reaching its end.

    Copeland: A shocking assault from behind by Rush. Deplorable.

    Cohen: Nay, intelligent Seabass.

    Copeland: What exactly is intelligent about this Jack?

    Cohen: Rush is demonstrating that he’s not only barbarically strong, but also a great tactician by seizing an opening as it presented itself. Scumm was overenthusiastic and his guard was down. Rush took advantage and here we are.

    Speaking of Rush, he’s now looming over Scumm who is still dazed from the clobbering blow to his head. Using his mighty strength, Rush peels Scumm off the mat and hoists him up, slamming him with authority; body slam! A sick smile twists its way onto Rush’s face as Scumm screams in agony, his spine hitting the thin layer of padding. Rush repeats the process swiftly a second time and even quicker a third time. The third slam is much more violent than the others and Scumm visibly bounces off the mat, hitting it harder than before. Scumm is really is agony, contorting himself in a manner to alleviate the pain, but no success as Rush refuses to relent, despite two officials now finding their way down to ringside. Rush barks at them, causing one to fall backwards in fear. He turns to the second and screams at him to take his place in the ring as the match referee. In his momentary distraction, Rush has failed to realise that Scumm has managed to squirm onto his front and is crawling very, very slowly away. Rush savours the moment, and saunters towards the somewhat crippled Scumm, placing his massive boot onto the prone spine. Scumm screams loudly, his face disturbingly engulfed in pain.

    Cohen: Rush is teaching Scumm the new meaning of pain.

    Copeland: This is totally unnecessary.

    Cohen: No it’s a valuable lesson for Scumm after his interference in Rush’s matters last week.

    Now totally dominant, Rush lifts his boot, allowing Scumm some slight breathing room, but it matters not as Rush has his opponent in his grip mere moments later. The monster of a man lifts Scumm to his feet and then in a sickening move, throws Scumm like a doll right into the steel steps. Scumm’s body is near lifeless as it flips over the steps, bringing the top set with him. The bottom set moves a great deal too, but remains on the ground.

    Copeland: Oh my God! Rush, stop. Why won’t he stop?

    Cohen: Why do you think? This is corporal punishment. Scumm has been found guilty in the court of Rush, our EurAsian Champion, and the prosecution refuses to rest.

    In addition to Scumm, something else has come out of the steps as well. It is small in comparison to Scumm and especially Rush. It is black and silver, and glistens in the arena lights. Rush moves toward Scumm and the object and leans down, at first towards Scumm, but then moves closer into the object. He grabs it and raises it high. A new camera angle offers a different light on the situation. It’s a Black Dragon mask! Rush grins manically. He tosses it into the ring before returning his attention to the injured Scumm. Trying his best to fight back, Scumm grabs Rush’ boots and tries to ascend up the giant. He looks to attack him, but Rush blocks a feeble attempt of a punch and backhands Scumm to the floor. Rush then grabs Scumm and throws him into the ring, as in over the top rope in a show of truly monstrous strength. Following the broken Scumm into the ring, Rush slides under the bottom rope and stalks his prey, the referee calling for the bell to begin this “match”. Next up for Scumm is a hard whip right into the turnbuckle where he simply collapses upon hitting the corner. Rush is both enthralled with amusement and annoyed by this. With a mixed expression on his face, Rush hoists Scumm up and throws him into the corner, in a manner which forces Scumm to stay in the corner without falling or sliding. Then, Rush slowly backs away, reaching the opposite corner and stomps on the floor three times before charging with all his might to squash Scumm in the corner. The turnbuckle cracks Scumm’s spine and the steel post that supports the ring shakes and shudders. The referee looks away in disgust.

    Copeland: Even the official can’t bear to watch this anymore.

    Cohen: I’m loving it! Viva La Rush!

    Scumm collapses forwards, little movement on his part aside from his chest moving to signify breathing. Before Scumm can hit the canvas though, Rush scoops him up and executes a marvellous powerslam. As the Black Dragon mask remains in the ring, Rush picks Scumm up one more time and elevates him into the ever dangerous Torture Rack. As Rush toys with the lifeless corpse of Scumm, the official calls for the bell, showing that Scumm has no way to defend himself.

    Harrys: Here is your winner, the EurAsian Champion; Rush!

    While Truman Harrys’ is dramatic and powerful with the announcement, there is a solemn nature to his words. There is a hushed silence as Rush maintains the Rack for a few moments before the referee insists he release the hold. Rush eventually does release, allowing Scumm’s body to hurtle to the mat, limp. The referee raises Rush’ arm momentarily before heading to check on Scumm. He throws up the “x” signal to signify an injury and waits for medical attention. Rush though shoves the official out of his way and grabs the Black Dragon mask discovered under the ring. He opens the mask and drops to one knee, leering over Scumm’s body. He forces the motionless head of Scumm into the mask, taking a few moments to do so, before releasing the head. Now, staring right into a camera, Rush beckons the man behind the lens to come towards him. With the camera now inches from Rush’s face, the EurAsian Champion utters a few simple words as he twists Scumm’s head to face the camera too;

    Rush: You’re next Dragon.

    Rush relinquishes Scumm’s head as medical personnel now file into the ring to take care of the injured Johnny Scumm. Rush stares down at Scumm for a few moments before posing for the crowd, causing them to break their concerned silence with a tornado of boos. Rush smiles one last time before quickly exiting the ring, and marching up the ramp.

    Cohen: Well I think we all got that.

    Copeland: I’m at a loss for words. What would drive a man to such lengths?

    Cohen: Many things Seabass, especially the glory and grandeur of the EurAsian Championship.

    As Jack Cohen finishes answering Sebastian Copeland’s question, Rush makes one final turn to the ring as he reaches the top of the ramp and glances at his handiwork, smiling, and ultimately pleased.


    S.H.I.T. is storming around backstage, seeking to complete his primary objective.

    "Must find the Dragon, likely!"

    S.H.I.T. seems to aimless in his task as he heads down corridors and around corners as he drones on about finding the joint Eurasian champion. He stops, kneels and picks up a discarded cigarette but.

    "He is close....must find the Dragon."

    As the robot is crouched, Alhazred approaches from behind, tinkers quickly with some panel above his neck area and scarpers.

    "New......updated objectives....beat the Dragon and then punish the man of many voices."
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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, accompanied by Joe Mason, from the Crossroads of America, weighing in at 260lbs, Steamboat Ricky!

    Ricky makes his way onto the ramp carrying a Gasparrrri Nutrition branded water bottle and showing it to the camera as he does so. He high fives a couple of fans on the ramp and then enters the ring. Joe Mason walks behind him avoiding the fans and settles in one of the corners, catching the water bottle Ricky throws to him.

    And his opponent accompanied by The Angel, from Newcastle, England, weighing in at 200lbs, Titus!

    Cohen: Why these two losers are mentors is beyond me.

    Copeland: Like it or not Jack that’s exactly what they are and they’re going to show their mentees how it’s done tonight. I think that they’re going to do a great job.

    Cohen: Sure, whatever.

    Titus sprints to the ring with his mentee close behind. Both are high-fiving fans, Titus slides into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle trying to pump up the crowd even further, before turning to face Ricky.

    ***RING RING RING***

    The two trade a few blows before Titus gains the upper hand and gets Ricky into a headlock. He starts to move and tries to Bulldog Ricky but he manages to get loose. Titus turns round and is met with a lariat sending him shoulders first into the mat.

    Cohen: Nice lariat from the Pirate there, hey that almost rhymes!

    Titus is quickly to his feet and starts punching Ricky causing him to retreat into the corner, the two tie up and Ricky gets arm dragged into the centre of the ring, but Ricky rolls through to a vertical base. Titus is following quickly behind and hits Ricky with a swinging neckbreaker. He quickly goes for a pin 1... Ricky gets a shoulder up. Titus backs away and runs the ropes whilst Ricky stands, he goes for a running knee but Ricky gets out of the way causing Titus to land awkwardly on his left leg. Ricky follows up and locks in a sleeper hold, but his opponent is too close to the ropes and extends his right leg just far enough to reach them. The ref begins the count, getting to three before Ricky lets go.

    Copeland: Say what you like about Ricky and Titus Jack, they’re both bringing the aggression in this match.

    Cohen: It’s easy for Ricky to be aggressive now it looks like Titus has hurt his leg.

    Whilst Titus is laid on his back Ricky drags him away from the ropes and quickly climbs the turnbuckle he starts to yell Man Overboard, but Titus gets there quickly enough to knock his feet from under him, Ricky flops to the mat as Titus hypes the crowd before moving Ricky away from the ropes and going for an armbar. The crowd gets behind the pirate as he struggles to stay in the match, he manages to get hold of Titus’ legs enough to start attacking the left forcing him to let go. The two men slowly rise to their feet in the centre of the ring, Ricky clutching his right arm and Titus barely putting weight on his left leg.

    Copeland: These guys are both showing signs of wear and tear now.

    The pair lock up as Angel has climbed onto the apron to cheer on Titus, stamping on the ring and getting the crowd to stamp along with him. Joe Mason meanwhile, is sitting on the ring steps, completely disinterested in the welfare of his own Mentor. Ricky whips Titus into the ropes forcing Angel to jump before he was pushed. Ricky lifts Titus in the air with a huge back body drop, before he notices Mason sitting on the steps. Ricky slides out of the ring and starts to berate Mason, telling him he should be paying attention to the match since he could learn something Mason stands and turns to face the ring just in time to see Titus come hurtling towards them both in a baseball slide, knocking Ricky into Mason and sending them both to the mat outside. Titus rolls Ricky back into the ring before telling Mason he could learn something from this and sliding in himself. He drags Ricky to the centre of the ring, 1... 2... Ricky kicks out with gusto, causing Titus to slam his hands onto the mat. Titus is quickly to his feet and waits in one corner for Ricky to stand, SPEAR! Titus sends Ricky headfirst into the corner, Titus tucks in Ricky’s arms and goes for a pin 1... 2... The ref stops the count as Ricky’s leg is on the ropes.

    Copeland: Mason moved Ricky’s legs! Ricky should’ve lost this match but his mentee saved him!

    Cohen: I knew Mason had it in him. I’m proud of him.

    A replay is shown from a different angle and it’s clear that Mason moved Ricky’s leg onto the bottom rope. Angel is on the apron protesting and the referee is Titus walks over behind the referee as Joe Mason slides in behind him and grabs his arms, hitting the Tony Suplex. Mason slides out of the ring just in time to avoid being seen by the referee but not by Ricky, who glares at his mentee, refusing to make the pin.

    Cohen: What’s Ricky doing? Mason handed him Titus on a plate and he’s ignoring it.

    Copeland: He may be a Pirate, Jack, but that doesn’t mean he’ll cheat to win.

    Cohen: I thought that was what a Pirate was?

    Ricky slides out of the ring and once again berates Mason, shoving him backwards and over the ring steps. Titus is stirring in the ring and Ricky slides in to join him. They lock up and Ricky kicks the injured leg of Titus causing him to drop to his knees, Ricky takes the opportunity to set up for a double arm DDT. Titus manages to counter with a Northern Lights Suplex and holds it for the pin 1... 2... Ricky just beats the ref and kicks out.

    Copeland: So close there for Titus. He's recovered from Mason's interference well.

    Titus lifts Ricky to his feet and goes for the Tit Drop but Ricky manages to counter and hits a belly to back suplex, causing Titus to roll over and hit his back on the turnbuckle, his injured leg folding over the ring post. Titus is writhing on the floor clutching his leg.

    Cohen: Did, did Titus just break his leg?

    Copeland: I don’t know but it doesn’t look good for Titus right now.

    Ricky climbs the turnbuckle and screams MAN OVERBOARD! As he dives towards Titus, but Titus gets his legs up sending Ricky to the mat holding his ribs.

    Copeland: Titus looks to have knocked the wind out of Ricky there and now both men are down! I think the ref is going to have to count them.




    Both men start to stir, Ricky quickly goes back down winded.

    4! Titus gets to his knees and reaches for the ropes to help him

    5! Mason is making his way around the ring towards Titus

    6! Titus is almost upright but is leaning heavily on the ropes, Ricky meanwhile seems to have caught his breath.

    7! Mason makes it to Titus but before he gets a chance to try to grab his legs he’s knocked to the mat by Angel who dives off the apron towards him and flying headfirst into the barrier.

    Cohen: Holy Crap! Angel just risked life and limb to save Titus then, I think he’s knocked himself out!

    8! Titus is upright but he’s still at the ropes, Ricky has made it to a corner and is starting to drag himself up

    Copeland: Standing on the ropes isn’t enough, he needs to be able to stand independently to stop the count.

    9! Titus is standing but the referee is indicating he needs to move away from the ropes. He does so but his leg gives way.

    Copeland: Can Ricky get to his feet in time?

    Ricky manages to get to an almost seated position in the corner and tries to push himself away


    ***RING RING RING***

    Ricky stands just as the bell rings, missing the count by a fraction of a second.

    This match has been declared a no contest since neither man was able to answer the ten count!

    Copeland: Wow, it just goes to show what two experienced guys can put enough other through, Titus’ leg will probably need medical attention.

    Cohen: Have Mason or Angel moved yet? C’mon Joe get up.

    Ricky helps Titus to his feet and both get an ovation from the crowd before rushing out of the ring to their mentees, Angel and Titus holding each other up as Ricky pushes Joe Mason up the ramp ahead of him. The anger from Ricky is clear.

    Cohen: Ricky threw that match away, Mason handed it to him on a plate and look at how he’s being rewarded! How can he call himself a mentor when he treats his mentee like that!


    Johnny Scumm is being wheeled to an ambulance via a stretcher and a team of medical personnel, looking to get Scumm treated for his injuries at a nearby hospital or medical facility. He is conscious enough to be aware of his surroundings and answer the questions of the EMT's. He lifts up his head slightly as something catches him from the corner of his eye.


    Surely enough, Black Dragon can be seen watching Scumm from afar in a dark area of parking lot. Dragon emerges from the shadows seeing as there is no point hiding once you've been spotted and goes over to Scumm, dropping his cigarette on the way. The EMT's allow the two to talk before they load him into the ambulance.

    I just wanted to apologise... I didn't mean to get involved in this and become a burden on you... I've come to the realisation that this is your story and not mine... I will find my purpose here...

    The EMT's decide to lift up the stretcher and inside goes Johnny Scumm.

    But remember Dragon... I've always got your back.

    They close the ambulance and it drives off sirens blazing. Dragon has turned to leave before the vehicle exits the arena, leaving him to ponder for a moment before he turns away and leaves.

    Cohen: That sounded more of an insult than a sign of respect.

    Copeland: Regardless, Dragon's got competition coming up next. Let's see if this has done anything.
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    We come back from commercial break to see Black Dragon in the ring, slouching against the corner of the ring looking down. The crowd is cheering for him but the Dragon doesn't seem to be interested in them, focused on his thoughts.

    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Already in the ring, from the Halfway House, weighing in at 180 pounds, the co-Eurasian Champion; Black Dragon!

    Copeland: Dragon quickly came down to the ring, not even waiting for the commercial break to finish. It looks like he just wants to get this match over and down with.

    Cohen: And that's exactly the type of qualities you'll find in every coward. Dragon has seen Rush's anger in full force and he doesn't want to be apart of that despite him throwing the first punch.

    Copeland: That's obsurd, Jack. He's probably thinking about the condition of Johnny Scumm and what his next move is...

    Cohen: The Dragon doesn't care about anyone but himself. If he did care for Scumm, he would of been there to help him just like Scumm did for Dragon on multiple occasions.


    The argument between the two announcers is broken up by the Dragon's opponent for this evening, who walks out on the stage with a bit more aggression than usual as SHIT makes his way down the ramp rather quickly.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from...

    Suddenly, Dragon bursts out from the corner and slides underneath the bottom rope, going after SHIT who has just made it to ringside. SHIT is obviously taken off-guard as Dragon delivers a sleeper slam to SHIT on the outside. The music cuts instantly as the crowd is buzzing from this explosion from Dragon. The masked man helps SHIT up and tosses him into the ringside barricade, making a thunderous crash as the robot connects with the metal.

    Cohen: What the hell has gotten into Dragon? Where did this rage come from?

    Copeland: Rush.

    Dragon grabs the back of his head with both arms as if he looks like he is frustrated. He lets go angrily, going back after SHIT who is attempting to get up. Dragon delivers a series of kicks and does not stop until the match official has gotten on the outside of the ring to try and end this unnecessary violence. Normally, actions like these would elicit a negative response from the audience but the crowd cheers on for the Dragon, some even chanting his name as they see the evil robot get his comeuppance. The referee orders Dragon to get SHIT in the ring and hesitantly, he obliges. However, before he can get SHIT into the ring, the robot retaliates against the Dragon with some stiff shots to the stomach of Dragon, followed by a scoop slam onto the thin padding. The official warns the robot about the consequences should he not listen. SHIT processes this and does what Dragon was meant to do: throw him into the ring. Dragon is tossed in and SHIT follows, prompting the bell.

    Copeland: And the match is underway.

    Cohen: Now all the ref needs to worry about is a clean finish.

    Dragon is on one knee in an attempt to get up but SHIT is on the prowl, executing a snapmare to the Dragon. SHIT lifts Dragon to a seated position, steps back and smacks the back of Dragon with a sharp soccer kick. The crowd felt that one as SHIT decides to go for another one for good measure to force Dragon back to a horizontal position. SHIT follows up with a running splash onto the Dragon, causing a pin... 1... kick-out by Dragon. SHIT gets up and aids Dragon to his feet as well. It is not in good faith however as SHIT uses this opportunity to hit a snap suplex on the co-Eurasian champ, rolling through for another cover... 1... kick-out again by the Dragon. SHIT decides to go for a submission hold on the Dragon, slapping on the sleeper hold. Since this is one move that Dragon knows very well, he has the wherewithal to quickly get to his feet and try and counter the move. It is unsuccessful however as SHIT turns this vertical position against him, hitting Dragon with a Half Nelson Suplex. The impact almost lands Dragon the back of his neck... 1... 2... kick-out by Dragon.

    Cohen: That looked like it hurt.

    Copeland: Dragon was able to kick out normally so that's a positive sign.

    Cohen: Maybe so Seabass but that amount of damage can knock you down a peg for the rest of the match.

    SHIT gets to his feet and instead of going after Dragon, the robot waits for him to stand up to hit his next move. As soon as Dragon gets to his feet, the robot charges at the Dragon with a vicious clothesline. The crowd doesn't appreciated this as SHIT waits for the Dragon again, almost stalking him... something quite unnatural for the robot. Dragon is to his feet again and another hard clothesline. At this point, the crowd is starting to get behind the Dragon as he gets up to be dealt a third clothesline. SHIT shows that he is going for his signature running shoulder barge as Dragon slowly gets to his feet to an audience supporting him. As soon as Dragon gets to one knee, SHIT charges at him with the shoulder but Dragon is able to counter with a dropkick that clocks SHIT right in the kisser... if robots have kissers? Both men are down and the referee begins to count, the crowd getting much louder for the Dragon. A sudden boost of energy hits the Dragon and manages to get up before the count of 5, keeping up with SHIT. The robot tries to mount some offense but the Dragon counters with an enzuigiri kick, knocking the robot to his knees. Dragon uses this opportunity to execute a lariat shot to cause the robot to collapse. Dragon mounts SHIT and begins firing away with stiff forearm shots before the referee has to pull the Dragon off.

    Copeland: Look at the Dragon go! He doesn't seem phased by the previous offense by SHIT.

    Cohen: Its all just adrenaline. Wait until that runs out to see what he is really made of.

    SHIT slowly crawls to the ropes, using them to gain leverage and get to his feet. When the robot does get to its feet, the ref is done talking with Dragon and moves aside to let the match continue. Dragon hits a roundhouse kick that sends SHIT into the corner. Dragon paces back a few steps and hits the handspring elbow into the corner followed by repeated elbow strikes. Dragon exits from the corner and allows SHIT out, picking his spot to hit a standing side slam on the robot... 1... 2... kick-out by SHIT this time. Dragon picks up SHIT and tries for the Darkness Falls but SHIT reverses and hits a neckbreaker on Dragon. The masked man rolls to the outside of the ring to prevent SHIT from taking advantage as the robot lays on the canvas, calculating its next move. Slowly, the robot rolls to the outside to meet the Dragon who is slowly getting up. The robot manages to pick up Dragon to a vertical base but the Dragon pushes him away before charging at SHIT. The robot has other plans and manages to hit a snap powerslam on the Dragon, causing a huge thud on the floor. The referee is up to a count of 4 as SHIT goes to pick up the Dragon but something catches its eye as well as the crowd's. They boo in displeasure as they see who it is.

    Copeland: Not this again. What is Barbosa doing out here?

    Cohen: Who knows what goes on in the head of a man with multiple personalities.

    Barbosa has a smile on his face as SHIT is staring directly at him. Barbosa invites SHIT to come to him and the robot obliges, repeating his objectives from earlier on about attacking Barbosa. SHIT goes after Barbosa and follows him to the backstage area with the referee still counting. Dragon is starting to recover and tries to get up into the ring but before he can enter, the referee has counted to 10.

    The bell rings and the referee talks to the ring announcer about the ending of the match.

    Harrys: Due to neither man responding to the count of 10, the official has ruled this match as a double count-out.

    The crowd boos heavily at the announcement as they wanted to see this match continue. Dragon is on the outside, now standing and aware of his surroundings. He puts his arms up at the referee but the official exits the ring and goes up the ramp. Dragon looks extremely frustrated and doesn't no what to do.

    Cohen: Looks like the Dragon is at a loss for words! HA!

    Copeland: Funny. Things really haven't been going well for the Dragon. It seems like everything around him is getting sucked up and pulled away, leaving him by himself.

    Cohen: I'm more worried about the potentially-dangerous scenario between SHIT and Barbosa to be honest.

    Copeland: There is too much to keep track of sometimes in this company.

    The co-Eurasian champion slams his fist on the apron and walks up the ramp slowly, thinking about everything.


    Alex Bowen is in a darkened part of the backstage area, sat on some boxes. He has his head in his hands.

    "I thought that changing my ways would bring me more success. I want to be successful outside of the Mayhem division, I thought I had to change to do it but if I did then it would work. Maybe I can't do it. Maybe I have to go back to squashing no name rookies in Mayhem rules matches where they really have no idea how to beat someone like me."

    He looks up. It is clear that he is gutted by his loss.

    "No, I'm not going to do that. Alex Bowen is no quitter and I'm not going to start now. Triple X got lucky and that is it. I'm not going to dwell on such a fortunate outcome. "

    He gets up and goes to leave.

    "One defeat means nothing."
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    The following match is scheduled for one fall!!

    On his way to the ring from Paris, France, he weighs 175lbs, Le Gentleman Masque!!

    Copeland: “The Masked Gent is on his way out to a great reaction!”

    Cohen: “This guy is a kook!”

    Copeland: “Compared to some of the guys we have in this company, I think he is pretty normal.“

    Copeland: “This guy is a ruthless operator and Gent’s going to have to go all out to beat him.”

    And his opponent from Washington DC, he weighs 235lbs, Sam Smith!!

    Cohen: “Sam Smith is a monster of a man, in fantastic shape and is one half of a brilliant tandem with Rush.”

    Copeland: “And I wonder if we will see him again tonight. He’s already destroyed Johnny Scumm in emphatic fashion. He’s unlikely to leave his running buddy behind. He likes Gent as much as Smith.”

    Smith ties up with Gent and immediately gets a strength advantage. They end up close to the ropes and Gent puts his leg through the ropes. Before the ref can break them, Smith pulls Gent away and pounds away with hard fists to the head. The ref pulls him up and away but Smith smiles and raises his arms up in the air. The crowd boo the hell out of the cocky actions of the former Elite X champion.

    Smith goes after Gent once more, picks him up and whips him to the corner. Gent gets his feet up as Smith charges but Smith catches them and pulls them up into the air. Gent is left to freefall to the mat but instead able to wrap his legs around Smiths’ neck and twist, sending the larger man to the mat. Smith is up quickly but this time, Gent is there, meeting him with a throat thrust and then a series of hard chops to the chest. Gent whips him to the ropes but as he reaches them, Smith bails outside of the ring, signalling that he has had enough. The ref tries to stop him but Smith pushes him aside. The delay allows Gent to dive outside onto Smith, narrowly missing the official and crashing to the floor with Sam Smith as his crashmat.

    Copeland: “That’s a brilliant dive by The Masked Gentleman! This is why the fans love this guy!”

    Cohen: “It helps that he is diving onto Sam Smith who does himself no favours with this crowd.”

    Gent gets to his feet slowly and takes in the adulation of the crowd. He grabs Smith and tries to hit a DDT but Smith drags himself down and forces himself to become deadweight. Gent can’t pull him into position and has to resort to hit a series of knee strikes. He backs off and goes to hit a roundhouse but Smith ducks the high kick and tackles the Gent, sending him spine first into the edge of the ring. Gent screams in agony as he clutches his back. Smith sends The Gent into the ring and follows slowly. As the Gent tries to roll away and buy himself some time, Smith is standing over him. Smith prods at him and kneels down for a cover when Gent rolls onto his back. Smith is so arrogant that he barely gets a one count. Smith pulls Gent and uses his giant arm to clamp around the neck of the Masked Gent.

    Cohen: “Sam Smith is really clamping down on this chinlock. I’m pretty sure that’s a chokehold.”

    Copeland: “Nah, the ref is there. Sam’s doing nothing wrong!”

    Smith wrenches and pulls the Gent around on the mat. Gent kicks around but can’t turn the massive weight of Smith who is crushing him with all the intensity and anger that he can muster. Gent just about lays a stray foot on the bottom rope but it gets knocked off! Rush has appeared from out of nowhere and knocked Gent’s foot off the ropes while Smith moves Gent away from the ropes! The ref just misses it but Gent is kicking more violently and just about grazes the rope. The ref has to make Smith break the hold, he tries to pry open his grip before using a five count, one, two three four.....Smith just about breaks the choke and begins to pound on the Gent. The ref drags him away to a far corner. Gent gets to his feet using the ropes and as he looks to engage Smith once more, Rush grabs his feet and causes him to stumble.

    Copeland: “I knew it! Rush couldn’t keep out of this match!”

    Cohen: “He’s doing nothing wrong!”

    Copeland: “Are you kidding me? Are you actually having a laugh?”

    Smith goes to hit Final Judgement but Gent recovers from the stumble with remarkable composure and floats over, the DDT in one smooth and solid motion, Gent covers, 1.....2....Smith kicks out! Gent goes outside of the ropes, climbs the turnbuckle and waits while Smith gets up. As he slowly does, Smith crawls into his path, Gent jumps and lands onto Smith’s shoulders. Smith catches him and Gent can’t get the rotation, Smith tries to power him up for a powerbomb but Gent turns him inside out and lands the dragonrana! 1....2.....Smith powers out again!

    Copeland: “Again, this is brilliant offense by Gent! First the nearfall of the DDT and then a superb dragonrana! This is a brilliant performance by the Masked Gentleman.”

    Cohen: “He has both Smith and Rush to face, he has got no chance!”

    Copeland: “This is his chance! He has to take it!”

    Gent is feeling all the momentum in his favour, he backs off as he sees a stunned Smith crawling to his feet. Gent sprints off the ropes and hits the other side and hits the curb stomp! Gent goes for a cover but Rush pulls him out of the ring! The ref rings the bell while Rush lifts the Gent up and drops him with a clubbing strike across his chest! Rush picks the exhausted Gent up and holds him effortlessly in the Torture Rack! Gent screams and Rush yells in delight. Sam Smith slides out of the ring as Rush drops Gent and hits Nightfall on the ringside mats. The Masked Gentleman lies crushed by this brutal double team attack.

    Cohen: “What a brilliant and brutal attack by Rush and Sam Smith!”

    Copeland: “Gent is left with nothing to show for what was a brave and feisty performance!”

    Sam Smith and Rush walk backwards up the ramp as they observe the mess of the man that they have left before them and the EMT's who tend to him.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner by disqualification, Le Gentleman Masque!

    Copeland: “One of our Eurasian champions has taken part in the destruction of two of WZCW’s bright talents. Black Dragon is going to be very aware of this disgusting behaviour.”

    Cohen: “Black Dragon?? He is a selfish beast. Where is he now? If he could be bothered, he would be here looking to help your precious Masked Gent. But he can’t, Black Dragon only cares about himself and Rush is going to destroy him at Apocalypse!”

    Despite the announcement from Harrys, Rush and Smith have the broadest of smiles and Rush raises the hands of his ally at the top of the ramp. He has a mic that he grabbed from ringside.

    Rush:"I had planned to reveal a beautiful new Eurasian championship belt tonight but you ungrateful slobs do not deserve it. Instead, I am going to make you all wait. I'm going to enjoy pummeling Black Dragon senseless at Apocalypse and only then, after I have wiped Black Dragon's stain from this company, will I choose to reveal this glorious title."

    Smith: "Until then, Rush and I are going to take our leave and get out of here for the night. Scumm and this Masked Gent have been left lying in our trail of destruction and Black Dragon, we hope you enjoyed the preview for you at Apocalypse."

    Rush and Smith raise their hands together once more and smile. We then head to the announcers table.

    Cohen:"Rush and Smith are a powerful alliance and Black Dragon should be petrified for what is coming after him at Apocalypse!"

    Copeland: "I don't think Black Dragon is scared of anything."

    Cohen:"That's because he is stupid. Just like Chris KO, he doesn't know any better! And just like Rush did with Scumm and he and Smith did to The Masked Gentleman, WZCW's most Elite competitor, Steven Holmes is going to tear Chris KO apart."

    We see a split screen of Chris and Holmes preparing for their match.

    Copeland: "And for good measure, we are going to see Connor Reese and Ace Stevens alongside them in tag team action in what should be a thrilling match!"

    Now Ace and Connor join Chris and Holmes in a four way split screen as these four superstars make their way to the arena for the main event.

    Cohen: "The Mayhem champion suffered his first defeat in many weeks and Connor Reese seems destined to be his opponent at Apocalypse as a result of that. Not that the ungrateful scrote deserves it."

    Copeland: "And we cannot forget that the new General Manager is still to reveal himself!"

    Cohen: "The GM had better have a great excuse for not showing up until now!"
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    Harrys: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Harrys: Introducing first, from Buckingham, England, weighing in at 235 lbs, Steven Holmes!

    The crowd boos as Steven Holmes walks out with a smug, but angered look on his face. Holmes enters the ring without so much as any recognition to the fans booing his name at ringside.


    The boos continue as the Mayhem champion Ace Stevens walks out onto the mat. Stevens raises his arms up and down trying to draw a reaction from the crowd. When they continue to boo him, he moves his arms in a motion like he's pushing them away and says forget you clowns.

    Harrys: And his partner, from Brooklyn, New York, weighing 228 lbs, he is the Mayhem Champion, Ace Stevens!

    Copeland: Welcome back folks, if you're just tuning in we have a huge main event tag team match this evening. Steven Holmes and Ace Stevens face the team of Chris K.O. and Connor Reese. Jack, will Ace and Steven be able to cooprerate in this match, given Holmes disdain for Mayhem wrestlers.

    Cohen: Seabass, Holmes does indeed hate that garbage wrestling, but he is a consumate professional. Besides, I don't think anybody in our viewing audience even knows who Connor Reese is. He is liable to screw up for his team in this very big match.


    Harrys: And their opponents, first, weighing in at 240 lbs, he is "the future of professional wrestler" Connor Reese!

    The crowd give a warm applause to Reese who slowly walks down the ramp and high five the fans along the ramp. Ace stares at Reese, who doesn't take his eyes off the champion.


    The crowd pops louder this time as Chris K.O. walks out onto the ramp. He meets Connor on the stage ramp and the two enter the ring together.

    Harrys: And his partner, from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, weighing in at 212 lbs, Chris K.O.

    The bell rings and Connor Reese is going to start the match off against Ace Stevens. The Mayhem champion seems poised for some payback as the two lock up near centre. Ace wrenches the arm of Connor and tries to lock in an armbar to bring his opponent to the mat. Reese gets down to his knees, but prevents Ace from bringing him to the mat. He jabs at Stevens’ gut, but the Mayhem Champion releases the hold and starts to club the back of Reese repeatedly with elbows. Ace stops the onslaught as the ref gets up to 4 and backs off. Reese rises to his feet and is stumbled by a kick to the shin from Stevens. “Brooklyn’s best wrestler” follows that up with a crisp european uppercut that backs his opponent to the ropes. Ace grabs Connor and irish whips him across the ring. Ace bends over to flip him onto the mat. Reese slows down in front of Ace and hits a running neckbreaker. Ace and Connor both rise up at the same time. Ace goes for a punch and Reese is able t block it and counter with one of his own. He irish whips Stevens across the ring and catches him coming back with a Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Reese goes for the cover and gets a long 1 count. Reese tags in his partner K.O. who enters the match. Ace rolls over to his corner to tag in Holmes, who refuses the tag. Ace gets up not happy with his partner as Holmes tells him to deal with K.O.

    Copeland: Excellent teamwork so far from K.O. and Reese while Ace and Steven seem to be getting off on the wrong foot.

    Cohen: Ego’s are going to collide on that team I’m sure of it, but great wrestlers are always able to pull out a win, so we’ll see which situation happens between them.

    Right now Ace is not pleased as he now has to deal with K.O. The two lock up at centre and Ace is able to trap in a side headlock. K.O. tries to wiggle free as Ace tries to bring K.O. down to the mat. K.O. grabs at Ace’s arm and wrenches it loose, freeing his head. With Ace now lower than K.O., Chris is able to apply a side headlock on his opponent now. Ace gets to his feet and the two back up into the ropes. Ace uses the momentum and pushes K.O. off of him. K.O. bounces back off the ropes and runs back into a shoulder block from Stevens. Ace stands over K.O. on the mat and runs to the ropes. K.O. rolls over and Ace jumps over. Ace comes back off the ropes and this time K.O. jumps over the running Ace, who again comes bouncing off the ropes. His momentum stops on his return as K.O. connects a beautiful dropkick. K.O. goes for a running knee as his opponent rises, but Ace sees the attack and blocks the knee with his hands. K.O. is held by Ace, but breaks his hold with a european uppercut, stumbling the champion to the ropes. K.O. goes for an irish whip, which is reversed by Ace. K.O. bounces off the ropes and Connor Reese blind tags him in. Ace with a clothesline that misses as K.O. ducks under it. K.O. wraps his arms around Ace’s waist to stop his momentum. He tries to german suplex the comedian, who holds his ground on the mat until Reese comes flying at his with a shoulderblock. The forces allows K.O. to german suplex Ace to the mat. A loud cheer explodes from the audience as K.O. rises to his feet with his arm up high and slowly exits the ring. Reese doesn’t go for the pin and slowly brings Ace to his feet to inflict more damage. He is unable to though as Holmes enters the picture and hits Reese from behind. The Elite one is able to get one stomp in before the ref notices and escorts him out. Ace grabs the arm of his opponent and pulls him towards the corner and tags in Holmes. The two begin to stomp away at the fallen Reese.

    Copeland: The match had been all K.O. and Reese so far, but one blindsided attack has turn the outcome of this match around so far here tonight.

    Cohen: The Elite one was merely picking the right time to enter this bout. When you know that you are the best wrestler on your team, heck in this match, you know that you need to be saved if you want your team to be victorious.

    The ref escorts Ace out of the ring as Holmes lands a knee onto the back of Reese and keeps it there. Holmes is able to apply a chinlock on his opponent and pulls the neck back while keeping a knee of Reese. Reese is able to get to the ropes and Holmes legs go almost right away to deliver more knee drops on the Mayhem challenger. Holmes tags in Ace and the two stomp again on the fallen opponent. Ace brings Reese up to his feet and then lifts him off the mat and drops him with a scoop slam. Ace quickly goes for the cover. 1... 2.. Reese is able to kick out. Ace is not very happy with the kick out as he slicks his hair back and lets Reese roll onto his stomach. Ace picks Reese up to his feet and pushes him to his corner. Ace goes for a punch that Connor is able to block and strike back. Holmes goes to attack and Reese is able to bring a elbow to the face of Steven, causing him to hop off the apron. Ace comes charging at Reese, who gets his legs up and knocks Ace to the mat. Connor goes to leave the corner, but it stuck as Holmes grabs onto his leg on the outside. Reese tries to break loose, but runs out of time as a huge splash into the corner is hit by Ace. Ace follows up with a snapmare takedown and tags in Holmes. Holmes climbs into the ring and locks in a sleeperhold on the seated opponent.

    Copeland: It’s been a long time since Reese has seen his side of the ring. Holmes and Ace have had him trapped in there corner for a good portion of this match now.

    Cohen: Good wrestlers, able to put aside their differences to pick up a victory. That’s exactly what I said would happen.

    Holmes has Reese trapped on the mat as he continues to apply the sleeperhold. Reese swings his arms out, but is a long way from the ropes or his corner. The arms begin to drop and the ref checks on Reese. He grabs one arm and lifts it up. He lets it drop and it hits the mat. The ref does this a second time and the arm hangs up before dropping down again. The ref shouts 2 and then raises the arm up a third time. He waits to drop the hand and then lets it fall. It drops past Reese head and is about to hit the mat when he suddenly lifts it up in time. The crowd comes alive, cheering to get Reese back to his feet as K.O. is also shouting encouragement from the corner. Reese swings his arms and slowly rises to his feet. He locks his hands together and elbows Holmes in the gut and repeats this until Holmes finally releases the hold. Reese stumbles to his corner, but his arms are grabbed from behind by Holmes in a full nelson hold. Superiority Execution. The suplex sends Reese back to Holmes corner as Steven goes for the pin 1... 2..... Reese just kicks out. Holmes steps over Reese and tags in Ace and tells him to finish the job. Ace doesn’t seem to pleased with the comment, but jumps into the ring nonetheless. He grabs both of Connor’s legs and looks up at the crowd.

    Cohen: Ace is going for the Y.A.P. If he locks it in that should shut up this pussy.

    Ace goes to lock in the liontamer submission, but Reese won’t let Ace roll him over easily. Ace keeps trying to turn him over and Reese uses Ace’s momentum and flips him onto the mat with his legs. Ace is to his feet quickly with Connor not far behind. Ace charges at his opponent. Connor grabs Ace and in an instant hits an exploder suplex. The crowd pops as both men lie in the middle of the ring. They both slowly roll over and begin to crawl to their corners. Holmes is yelling at Ace to hurry his ass while K.O. shouts encouragement to his partner. Ace makes the tag out and as Holmes enters the ring Connor tags in K.O.

    Copeland: Both men make the tag to fresh partners. This one’s about to pick up in a hurry.

    Holmes runs at K.O. still on the apron. K.O. blocks a punch attempt by Holmes and counters with a strike of his own. K.O. enters the ring and waits patiently for Holmes to turn and face him. He does and K.O. connects with a Spinning Wheel Kick. Holmes gets to his feet and K.O. grabs his opponent from behind and goes for a German Suplex. Holmes blocks the move and is able to counter K.O. by moving behind him. Holmes kicks at the back of the leg of K.O. and goes for an Abdominal Stretch. Holmes has the move locked in, but K.O. with his free arm grabs at the leg of Holmes and lifts it off the mat, causing Holmes to stumble. He releases the hold and K.O. turns and lifts Holmes off the ground and hits a scoop slam. K.O. goes for the cover. 1... 2.. Holmes kicks out. K.O. stays overtop of his opponent starts to punch him while he is one the mat. The ref gets up to 4 and K.O. stops the onslaught. The crowd cheers as K.O. signals that he is going to put this match away himself. He waits for Holmes to stand and kicks him in the gut. He hooks the arms and looks to hit The Butterfly Effect. Holmes breaks his arms free and flips K.O. onto the mat. Holmes grabs both his legs and stands near a corner. Holmes fall back and slingshots K.O. into the corner. K.O. stumbles back and Holmes grabs him from behind. Holmes throws K.O. to the mat with a Belly to Back Suplex. He stands over top of K.O. and drops his body onto K.O.’s back to keep him on the mat. Holmes swings his arms to the side and grabs K.O. by the neck.

    Cohen: Holmes is going for Aristocracy Reigns. he is going to put this match away.

    Steven Holmes goes for the camel clutch submission move. He goes to grab his opponents arm, but K.O. latches on to Holmes leg. Holmes tries to pull K.O. off, but K.O. manages to lift Holmes leg off the mat and drop him face down. K.O. floats over Holmes and locks in The Burning Crusade. The crowd is on their feet now as Holmes reaches desperately for the ropes.

    Copeland: The table turned on Holmes in an instant, and now he finds himself about to tap out to the owner of WZCW. Can Holmes make it to the ropes.

    Holmes continues to reach for the ropes, but K.O. starts to really pull back the neck. Holmes tries to pull himself free of the submission hold, but can’t break free. Holmes looks to be in tremendous pain and may be about to tap out. He reaches out desperately one more time and is met with a hand slap from his partner. Ace tags himself in and quickly drops an elbow on K.O. breaking the submission. Holmes rolls to the side of the ring as Ace drops another elbow and then he rolls out of the ring as Ace slicks his hair back and drops a third elbow. Ace goes for the cover and gets a 2 count as Holmes turns back to face the action. He slowly backs away, appearing both shocked and angry. He grabs his neck and arm as Ace lifts K.O. up and Scoop Slams him to the mat. Ace turns to Holmes on the outside and throws his arms to the side. He yells at his partner to return to the corner and then picks K.O up to his feet. Holmes starts to move back to the corner, but then shakes his head and retreats back slowly as Ace is performing an Airplane Spin. Ace drops K.O. and stumbles to his corner expecting to tag out. What he finds is Holmes is still not there and is backing away from the ring, shaking his head and staring at the direction of K.O. Ace again yells at his partner and turns back to K.O., who leaps to his corner and tags in Reese.

    Reese comes firing in and knocks Ace down with a running elbow. Ace quickly gets back of and Reese knocks him down again with a elbow. Ace gets up slower this time and his opponent runs towards him. Cataclysm european uppercut send Ace flying into the ropes. Reese quickly goes for an irish whip. He grabs Ace running back and lifts him into a military press position. He goes for Natural Selection facebuster, but Ace lands on his feet. Before Ace can attack, Connor hits a spinning feint kick. Ace topples onto his back and Reese follows with a Senton. He goes for the cover. 1... 2.... Ace kicks out.

    Copeland: Ace kicks out, but can the Mayhem Champion pull a win out of his hat with his partner standing on the sidelines.

    Cohen: Seabass, Holmes is about the evilest guy I know in WZCW, but something about K.O. reversing Aristocracy Reigns into The Burning Crusade has spooked something within him.

    Ace pulls himself up near a corner. Reese stands across the ring from him and comes charging. He goes for a flying shoulderblock, but eats corner as Ace ducks down. Connor clearly favours his shoulder as Ace pulls him from the corner. K.O. reaches out and grabs his partner leg for a second as Ace yanks him away from the corner. He rolls Reese onto the stomach and as he slowly rises Ace comes charging off the ropes. The Last laugh running knee. Ace goes for the cover, but the ref won’t count. Ace gets up quickly and begins to call down the ref for not doing his job. the ref claps his hands and tells Ace that a tag was made. Ace points back to Reese and the ref shakes his head. Ace hears the roar of the crowd and turns around slowly. K.O. boots him in the gut and hits a The Butterfly Effect. Holmes runs and jumps onto the apron, but K.O. executes the move quickly and is back on his feet, daring Holmes into the ring. Holmes thinks about it and the slides off the apron as K.O. goes for the cover. 1... 2... 3.

    Harrys: Here are your winners, Connor Reese, and Chris K.O.

    Copeland: What a tag team main event we just witnessed Jack. K.O. and Reese were able to come together and pick up a huge win against the Mayhem champion and Steven Holmes.

    Cohen: Ace Stevens was robbed as he had Connor Reese beat this week. K.O. wasn’t even trying for the tag there, more concerned about his talents not getting injured it seems.

    Copeland: Well Jack, then maybe he will show some concern for Holmes who has not been pleased since K.O. had him on the verge of tapping.

    K.O. and the ref help Connor Reese to his feet as Holmes is stomping around the ring, still clearly upset. He points and shouts at K.O. in the ring and then proceeds to leave. K.O. grabs a mic and stops Holmes from leaving.

    K.O.: Steven, before you storm out of the arena, I have an announcement to make that I am sure you would be most interested in hearing.

    Holmes turns around with his hands on his hips and stares impatiently towards the ring as K.O. stands at the top of the ramp.

    K.O.: Now... ownership fell unexpectedly into my hands and the last thing I wanted was for the power to consume me and drive me to do what was best for me instead of the company. That’s why I refused to sell the company to you Holmes. That’s why I appointed experience people to help run the shows for me while I was in the process of transferring people to the WZCW Board of Directors. To people who will not grant themselves infinite amounts of title matches.

    As of tonight, I no longer held any amount of controlling power. The transfer of ownership is going through its' review and it will pass without appeal. The only thing that I do have the power to do is to introduce the new General Manager of Meltdown, someone who I had personally selected to be in charge of Meltdown and someone, Holmes, who you have a long history with. Ladies and Gentleman, the new GM of Meltdown is.....

    Big Dave!!!

    Holmes turns to the side and can be visibly seen swearing as Big Dave walks out onto the stage to a huge ovation from the audience. Holmes is furious and kicks the side guard wall . He walks up the ramp and stares directly at Big Dave. Holmes takes the mic from Dave’s hands and speaks.

    Holmes: I don’t care at all for you, in fact I am perfectly disgusted by this entire revelation. But I need to make this perfectly clear to you. Since you have the power to make matches now, you are going to book me to face the WZCW Champion Drake Callahan, next week on Meltdown, or I swear to god I’m walking out of here.

    Dave takes the mic back from Holmes and speaks.

    Dave: Well Steven I hate to tell you - no, actually I don’t mind telling you this at all and that is that you will not be getting the match that you have requested, not after the disrespect that you have shown me and that you have shown Chris K.O. in the that very ring. WZCW is entering a new beginning and despite all your accomplishments Holmes, you will still have to earn a World Title match. However, my first official announcement as GM of Meltdown is an exciting one and does involve you Steven. Since there will be no conflict of interest in me booking this match, I think it’s only fair that at Apocalypse we see Steven Holmes go one on one... with Chris K.O.!

    The crowd pops and Holmes again curses at Dave. K.O. is in the ring and is applauding Dave’s decision. The camera goes back to Holmes and Dave who are within inches of each other, staring off as the show closes.

    Copeland: What an announcement we have just witnessed on Meltdown. Big Dave is back and is the new General Manager of Meltdown and in his first official act, books Steven Holmes to face Chris K.O. at Apocalypse. What a match Jack.

    Cohen: Seabass, Dave is in control of one show, does he have the right to book a PPV match, or has power already gone to his head?

    Copeland: I’m sure the two other GM’s will no doubt approve this match. Well folks thank you for tuning in to another exciting episode of Meltdown. I’m Seabass Copeland with my partner Jack Cohen saying goodnight and we’ll see you on Ascension!
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    Numbers: Opening, The Masked Gent vs Sam Smith, Backstage
    Funkay: Rush vs Scumm
    FalKon: Black Dragon vs SHIT
    Showtime: Connor Reese / Chris KO vs Steven Holmes vs Ace Stevens

    Guest writers:
    Shotaro for accepting my request to write on short notice Steamboat Ricky vs Titus
    Killjoy for the major assist to Showtime on Triple X vs Alex Bowen

    Rep our guest writers for their parts, they really did help save our bacon this round. AS will follow shortly as most of it is in and Ech will compile AF when he has recovered from his birthday.
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