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    Copeland: Good evening everyone and welcome to Meltdown 82. I’m Seabass Copeland along side my colleague Jack Cohen. Jack so much happened at Unscripted the fallout will be felt for weeks to come.

    Cohen: You are absolutely right Seabass. The matches were off the chart. The show got kicked off with an exciting TLC match between Sam Smith and Triple X that saw Smith retain the Elite X Title. Barbosa and S.H.I.T. practically killed each other and then were nearly killed by the surprising team of Justin Cooper and Alex Bowen. The WZCW Tag Team Titles changed hands and then one of the champions, James Howard, was viciously injured by The New Church and The Grand Mystique.

    Copeland: And of course as you just saw, in the main event Showtime David Cougar successfully defended the WZCW Title inside Hell in a Cell and John Constantine providing just another teaser of what may come in the future. Folks who knows what we’ll expect here tonight on Meltdown. Lets take it to Truman Harrys inside the ring.

    Harrys: Ladies and Gentleman please welcome to the ring...


    ...Triple X!!!!!

    The crowd pops loudly at the surprise announcement. Anticipation builds as the music plays and out from behind the curtain pops out Triple X. The crowd roars and Triple X raises his arms in an ‘X’ position. He then runs down the ramp and slides into the ring. Triple X shakes Harrys hand and takes the mic from him. Triple X turns to face the crowd and has a smile on his face, somewhat surprised by the reaction.

    XXX: Thank you all so much. It’s nice to hear you all scream my name. Come on, let me here you all get really loud. Was Unscripted off the charts?

    The crowd cheers loudly.

    XXX: Well it most certainly was and tonight on Meltdown I plan on making the most of what I’ve been given here tonight. You know things didn’t go quite as planned for me at Unscripted. I put up a good fight against Sam Smith and that night he was the better man. I didn’t have any idea what to expect in my future until Meltdown General Manager Big Dave came and met me in the locker room. He really put me over in the locker room and made me feel that even though I didn’t win, that I put my heart and soul into that match and as long as I can continue that, great things will happen. He then told me that I would be facing the King For a Day holder John Constantine on Meltdown and asked me to come out here and open the show. Talk about a rush to the head. Not only do I get a chance to face a huge star in this company, I get to come out here and personally thank you all for supporting me this far in my career.

    The crowd cheers loudly, chanting “Triple X”.

    XXX: Now I’m not going to stand out here and waste too much more of your time. We got an exciting show still to come and I’m sure you all came here to see some wrestling and not see some egotistical wrestler talk for hours or put himself over. That’s not my style, but I do want to tell you all one thing, and that is that 2013 is going to be a big year for Triple X, and to all of you here tonight, I promise that I will win the WZCW World Heavyweight...


    The crowd boos loudly as Steven Holmes walks out onto the ramp with a mic in hand with him holding his back. He has a look of disgust on his face as he makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring.

    Holmes: Excuse me, who are you exactly? What business do you think you have being in the ring here on Meltdown? No, I correct that, what business do you think you have being here in my ring. You lost at Unscripted. Lost, you are a loser. I on the other hand, wasn’t given the chance to win my match and was taken out of the cell without my consent. I should be standing here as the new WZCW World Heavyweight Champion.

    The crowd boos loudly, not liking what Holmes has to say. Holmes raises his nose at them and continues.

    Holmes: I could really care less what you all think, and I think it is completely absurd that our excuse of a GM, Big Dave, would invite you onto his show at all. Actually I can believe it as it is a terribly run show, filled with nothing but losers, save for myself, The Elite One. Regardless, you Triple X should not be out here wasting our time. Instead, Big Dave should be out here and should be announcing me as the number one contender for the WZCW World Heavyweight Title, and I won’t leave this ring until he does.

    Holmes lowers his mic and looks to the stage. Triple X goes to speak, but Holmes points and stares at him, demanding he stay silent. Triple X shrugs and tosses the mic, ready to fight. The crowd cheers as Holmes stares at Triple X.


    The crowd cheers loudly and Holmes turns to the stage, a sneer on his face as it is not the GM, but Showtime David Cougar on the stage. The crowd cheers loudly as the WZCW Champion walks slowly down the ramp, high fiving some of the fans before entering the ring. He walks past both men and grabs a mic from the announcer.

    Showtime: First, I want to tell everyone here how great it is to be in front of you all still your WZCW World Heavyweight Champion.

    Showtime holds the belt high above his head and the crowd pops loudly. Holmes stares at the belt with anger in his eyes.

    Showtime: Now Holmes, I admit it was unfortunate that you had to be escorted out of the match for the good of your own health. I wouldn’t have minded at all if it was you instead of Drake that I was making tap out in the middle of that ring. Give props to yourself though for being here tonight. Not many people can say they’ve taken a Superplex off the top rope into a steel cage wall and walked the next day to talk about it. I mean, what kind of a person would do that to someone? Oh wait...

    The crowd pops and Holmes stares coldly at Showtime and mouths something to him.

    Showtime: Now if for some reason, you have a problem with me, then you should come directly to me and tell me instead of belittling this truly amazing talent in WZCW right here in Triple X. If I recall correctly Holmes, it was Triple X who defeated you for the Elite X Championship late last March. Could it be Holmes that maybe you are afraid that Triple X is going to move past you up the WZCW ladder, or maybe you’re scared that he already is as good as you are and that his victory over you was maybe more than just a fluke?

    The crowd pops loudly. Holmes shakes his head not pleased at all with Showtime’s remarks as Triple X smiles widely. Holmes goes to speak, but Showtime interrupts him.

    Showtime: No, no. I don’t want to hear what you have to say, I want your talking to be done inside the ring when we fight each other in the main event here tonight. I don’t have the power to grant you a title match tonight, but I will allow you to be the master of your own destiny. If you beat me in our match, I will personally go straight to Dave and Bateman and demand that I defend the title against you at All or Nothing. That sound fair there Holmes?

    Holmes looks right into Showtime’s eyes and nods his head. Holmes drops his mic and leaves the ring, still very pissed that he has not be given a title match. Triple X goes to leave soon after, but Showtime stops him. Showtime extends his hand and Triple X shakes it. Showtime raises X’s arm and the crowd cheers loudly.

    Copeland: Some heated words here tonight between three people going in different directions, but all with one goal, holding the WZCW Title. Showtime holds the belt right now and it looks like he is a huge supporter of Triple X.

    Cohen: Showtime is just looking for someone easy to defend the belt against. Holmes is Showtime’s biggest challenger and he might end the night beating him and receiving his overly deserved title shot. That main event will be epic.
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    Truman Harrys stands in the centre of the ring, a microphone in hand, ready for the next match-up from Meltdown 82. The crowd begins to get ready for the entrances. Then, Harrys begins:

    Harrys: This next bout is a six person tag team contest set for one fall!

    A small, positive reaction comes from the crowd as they prepare for the arrival of the match participants. That however is dwarfed exponentially by the negativity that comes from the audience as The Memory Remains:


    Harrys: Introducing the participants, first from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, weighing 322 pounds, he is the EurAsian Champion; RUSH!

    As the guitar notes hit the audience, the massive Rush enters and the arena pours its disdain upon him. He looks out, a sour look on his face, displeased with the crowd reaction. He lets out a howl as he marches down to the ring.

    Cohen: You are looking at the top big man in our industry today and the most dominant champion as well.

    Copeland: You may actually be onto something with that Jack. Rush has been a force to reckoned with ever since capturing that EurAsian Championship.

    Cohen: Oh he was a force long before that. I wonder if anyone can stop this behemoth.

    Now in the ring, Rush raises his championship high for all to see before the music changes signalling his partner’s arrival:


    Harrys: And his partner’s, first from Washington D.C., weighing 235 pounds, he is the Elite X Champion; SAM SMITH!

    The hatred is maintained from the audience as the Elite X Champion makes his way onto the entrance ramp. Much like his ally in the ring, Smith holds his championship high, saluting Rush in the ring and drawing a smile from the big man for the first time.

    Copeland: Sam Smith was able to successfully retain his Elite X Championship at the expense of Triple X at Unscripted in Tables, Ladders and Chairs. You’d have to believe that he’s still feeling the effects of such a devastating match.

    Cohen: Ah, but Smith is a true champion and a true champion competes under any circumstance regardless of injury.

    Smith has now joined Rush in the ring and the two of them are engaged in conversation as the music changes once more:


    Harrys: And their partner, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing 152 pounds; ISABEL STONE!

    As the pop track blares out, the crowd remains merciless with its disgust for this team. Isabel Stone enters the arena and scowls, looking out at the audience to let them know the hatred is mutual.

    Copeland: Not a very popular team here, eh, Jack?

    Cohen: Ha! Like that’s the sort of thing that matters.

    As we can practically here Sebastian Copeland’s eyeballs rolling, Stone climbs into the ring and nods at Rush and Smith, the latter with an arrogant grin on his face. Then, As Stone poses, things take a change and the atmosphere lifts. The crowd cheers excited for the arrival of someone they actually like:


    Harrys: And their opponents, first weighing 225 pounds; MATT TASTIC!

    Like a ball of energy, the self proclaimed “Super Saiyan” of WZCW charges out, feeling the energy from the crowd. His facial expression is in stark contrast to his nemesis Rush; he is beaming a smile and is extremely happy with the crowd response. He stops short of entering the ring as he needs back-up and here it comes:


    Harrys: And his partners--

    We cut to a shot of Truman Harrys with spectacles on, reading a piece of paper he’s just been handed for the introduction of WZCW’s latest tandem.

    Harrys: Weighing in at a combined weight of 308 pounds, the team of Celeste Crimson and Sandy Deserts...

    There is a pause as Harrys questions what is written on the paper:

    Harrys: ... Fairy Glitter Armageddon?

    Cohen: Fairy Glitter Armageddon?


    As Harrys shakes his head, a half laugh, half cheer comes from the crowd as Celeste Crimson and Sandy Deserts emerge from backstage. They are delighted to be here. Now alongside Tastic, the trio charge into the ring, sending their adversaries to the outside to avoid early conflict. Tastic points at Rush and signals he wants the EurAsian Championship as Sandy stares intently at Isabel Stone. After a delay, it is determined that Smith and Deserts will begin. The referee calls for the bell and we’re underway. Before any physicality however, Smith shows no signs of willing to fight and instead regains the cocky grin he had before. He moves in closer to Sandy and leans his head forward. He says something clearly rather rude and he soon pays for it as Sandy headbutts him square in the face. The crowd roars as Smith scuttles backwards to his corner, clutching his face. A look of rage is boiling up and quickly, before losing his cool, Smith tags in his partner in crime Rush. The man mountain climbs over the ropes to face down the rather tiny, in comparison, Deserts. Brave as ever, Sandy does not bulk and as the EurAsian Champion stares down at her, she swiftly attempts a jawbreaker, delivering it emphatically. Rush staggers, stunned by the manoeuvre. Leaping at him, Sandy comes forward seeking to nail a tomahawk chop. The moves nails Rush who falls into his corner. She lays a few forearm shots into Rush before eventually the big man shoves her away with pure force. He glares at her, disgusted by her assault. The crowd however eats it up and chants her name “SANDY DES-ERTS!”

    Now fully annoyed, Rush comes out of his corner with a better guard and a higher defence. He’s also channelling even more aggression than normal and as Sandy goes in to try and lock up, Rush drops her with a vile big boot. The crowd roars with disapproval and Rush sneers. He immediately drops an elbow too, making everything as slow and deliberately painful as possible. He arrogantly covers Sandy with his elbow. 1...KICK-OUT! “Powering “out at one, Sandy glances at her corner, her partners willing to step in. She goes to move in for a tag, but Rush hoists her up with one arm and drops her into a Bearhug position, locking it in tightly. Releasing one arm, Rush squeezes his far lighter adversary with all the force in his right arm and parades around the ring, taunting both the audience and his opponents. In particular Matt Tastic. Using his free arm, Rush points at the man considered by many to be the number one contender to his title and signals for a throat-slit. Tastic narrows his eyes, keeping watch over his enemy. As he continues to squeeze Sandy, Rush notices that Isabel Stone is desperate for the tag, looking to inflict further punishment on her rival Deserts. Rush smirks and whilst retaining the Bearhug tags in Stone who slaps the taste out of Deserts’ mouth. The slap sends Sandy to the mat as the crowd boos venomously. Stone screams at Sandy and taunts her, raising an arm in victory, drawing further hate from the capacity crowd.

    Cohen: It appears that a quick divide and conquer strategy has worked masterfully.

    Copeland: Perhaps, but taking your eye off the ball isn’t such a great approach.

    Cohen: Eh?!?

    Just as Cohen notices the movement of Sandy Deserts, so does the crowd as Stone, with her back turned fails to notice the gutsy female competitor crawling to her corner, looking for the tag. Stone begins to argue with the crowd as her partners frantically try to communicate with her. Sandy is mere inches away now as Smith screams at Isabel to turn around which she finally does, but a moment too late as Celeste is tagged in. The crowd is elated as the far fresher Crimson enters. Stone looks incredibly concerned as Celeste looks across at her. Stone charges at her new opponent and is immediately flung backwards with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Stone bounces into the corner and the crowd groans at the sickening move. Clutching her spine in sheer agony, Stone cannot recover as Celeste grabs her by the hair and drags her to her feet. She executes another suplex, this time a cradle one and floats over into a Fujiwara armbar. Wrenching the arm mercilessly, Celeste is in full control. Stone writhes in pain, but not for long as Sam Smith enters and stomps on Celeste, forcing her to release the hold. Immediately, the ref tells Smith to return to the corner, which he does willingly to the surprise of many, almost as if he has something planned. Then, in the corner of the screen we see Rush, steel chair in hand, nailing Matt Tastic across the spine, forcing him to fall off the apron. As the referee turns around to find the source of the steel like noise, Rush ducks, dropping for view.

    Cohen: Hahahaha, what fabulous tactics from the veteran Rush.

    Rush crawls around the ring, returning to his corner in the process as Celeste looks to try and resume work on Stone, when suddenly the youngster catches her opposition off guard with an inside cradle; 1...2...KICK-OUT! Celeste pops out at the last second, stunned as Isabel crawls towards her corner in hope of a tag, but Smith drops from the apron and Rush refuses to accept a tag either. Stone is bewildered and terrified as a now furious Celeste rises with fire in her eyes. Slowly Isabel turns to face her destiny; an irate mother of WZCW. Isabel pleads with the now approaching Celeste for mercy but the expert will have none of it and grabs Stone by the throat, bringing her to her feet at the same time. She lifts Stone up with a double choke. Not paying attention, and filled with rage, Smith jumps to the apron and blind tags Isabel. He waits for Celeste to turn around and reaches over the top rope with a massive roundhouse kick. The move forces Celeste to drop Stone and she drops to one knee. Isabel breathes a sigh of relief, but not for long as Sandy Deserts is recovered and storms into the ring to attack her enemy. She begins choking the life out of Isabel, but Stone is quick to slink away under the bottom rope. From there she sprints, seeking an out but Sandy is in hot pursuit as they pass a somewhat recovering Matt Tastic.

    Back to the ring action though and Celeste is stunned from Smith’s kick, which the Elite X Champion has followed up with a sickening DDT. He decides not to go for a cover however and with a two-on-one situation tags in his ally Rush. He in essence feeds Celeste to the monster putting her in position for the Rushing Powerbomb which connects masterfully. Rush hooks in the cover. 1...2...3! The crowd is silence for a moment by the sudden turn of events. Then it unleashes a flood of hatred.

    Harrys: Here are your winners the team of RUSH, SAM SMITH AND ISABEL STONE!

    As Rush sits in position with Celeste still in the pinning predicament, he slowly turns to Smith and nods. A creepy smile slithers onto Smith’s face as he reaches down and grabs the steel chair used to attack Matt Tastic earlier and slides it into the ring. Rush brings Celeste to her feet and holds her in position for a chair shot. Suddenly Matt Tastic becomes involved for the first time tonight and tackles Smith to the floor, smashing a number of fists into his face. As Smith seeks to cover up, Rush enters the fray, tossing Celeste aside. He goes to grab Tastic, but the former Mayhem Champion expects it and looks to hook in his Crossbuster submission. Somewhat panicked, Rush breaks the hold and quickly exits the ring. Smith also takes this opportunity to roll underneath the ropes. They grab their championships as Tastic paces around the ring. He demands a microphone.

    Tastic: I’m sick and I’m tired of having to constantly put up with sneak attacks, double teams and assaults from behind. That’s why I’ve made a proposal to Big Dave concerning the EurAsian Championship situation...and it has been accepted. So starting next week Rush, me and you are going to go toe-to-toe, man-to-man in a best of three series with the ultimate winner being EurAsian Champion!

    Rush is visibly furious and begins bearing his teeth before he decides this may not be so bad after all and his fury turns to subtle deviousness. His teeth disappear and a smirk enters onto his face. Tastic drops his mic and continues to pace, never taking his eyes off Rush once.

    ************************************************** ************************​

    Backstage Worker: There is no way that would work.

    Krypto: What? Of course it would. All you have to do is carry them to the-

    Krypto pauses because he notices that the backstage worker is staring behind his shoulder. Krypto slowly turns around like someone would in a scary movie. He should be relieved, but he is still a little timid when he sees that the "White Knight" Chris K.O. is standing behind him. There is a small awkward silence of both men staring at each other, but then the moment is finally punctured by a simple gesture. Chris holds out his hand.

    Chris: The match is about to start, but I just wanted to say: Good luck out there tonight.

    Chris spreads a wide pearly-white smile as Krypto looks down at Chris' hand, then at the backstage worker, then at the hand again, and finally at Chris' face. There is something off about Chris' smile.

    Krypto: Thanks.

    Krypto extends out his hand and the two of them shake. They finally release the shaking of hands and Chris gives Krypto a wink before exiting off camera. Krypto looks back at the backstage worker and he just shrugs. The scene fades to black.
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    Harrys: This match is scheduled for one fall!


    The lights go out in the arena, two spotlights pan around the people until one of them finds Krypto entering the arena through the crowd. He is then picked up by a helpful fan and proceeds to crowd surf until he is passed over the barricade, he then runs around the ring hyping up the crowd until the match starts.

    Harrys: Introducing first, he is out of this world, weighing in at 200 pounds, Krypto!

    Copeland: Krypto is coming off a huge win at Unscripted, having won the Mentorship Program. A win tonight over Chris KO would be huge for his career.

    Cohen: Welcome to the big leagues kid.


    Chris K.O. walks out from the back in a white knight helmet and stops at the top of the ramp. He slowly takes off his helmet and hands it off to a trusted official. He walks down the ramp but instead of trading high fives with the fans he blatantly ignores them. Chris slides into the ring and pumps himself up for the match.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from Oklahoma City, weighing 232 pounds, Chris KO!

    Copeland: Chris looks focused tonight, but I’m starting to wonder if his loss at Unscripted is getting under his skin.

    Cohen: The man was beaten at his own game, Seabass. Of course he’s going to be focused – and angry.

    The two superstars turn to face each other. Krypto looks to be fired up and ready to go while Chris looks to be somewhat adamant. The two lock up and Chris uses his superior strength to push the alien away. Krypto doesn't look surprised at all and makes a motion towards Chris to grapple again. This time Krypto uses his speed and gets behind Chris and kicks his leg out from underneath him and brings him down to the mat. He floats over the larger man and applies a headlock. Chris gets to his feet and pushes the smaller alien into the ropes and knocks him down with a running knee strike. He rams Krypto into the turnbuckle and rams his shoulder into the alien’s gut. He pauses and looks out into the crowd as the fans start to boo him slightly. He rams his shoulder into Krypto once more before picking him up and placing him on the top turnbuckle.

    Copeland: What intensity by Chris; he’s taking his anger out of Krypto tonight.

    Cohen: Of course he would; Chris KO was embarrassed and has every right to be angry. The question is can he concentrate without making a mistake?

    Chris punches Krypto in the face, which rocks the smaller being, as Chris begins to climb the ropes to meet him. Krypto begins to fight back and kicks the larger man in the face causing him to fall. He climbs to the top and stands perched as Chris rights himself; Krypto launches himself forward and nails a hurricanrana. Krypto hits a low dropkick which takes Chris’s knee out causing him to fall to the mat. The alien follows up with a low dropkick to the face as the momentum of the match switches. Krypto applies a front facelock but it doesn’t keep Chris down for long. He gets to his feet and pushes Krypto forward and tries to knock him down, but the alien ducks, runs to the ropes on the opposite side, bounces off and answers with a flying elbow to the face. Krypto starts to get fired up and knocks Chris down again before nailing his signature springboard flying elbow forearm smash. He goes for an early cover…


    But Chris gets the shoulder up without much difficulty. He gets to his feet and cuts Krypto off with a knee to the gut and hits a DDT. He gets on top of the smaller being and begins punching him without mercy. He applies an armbar as Krypto writhes in pain. Chris screams for him to give up but the alien refuses and counters with an armdrag. Krypto gets to his feet but Chris cuts him off again. Chris gets behind him and launches the alien overhead with a German suplex bridged into a pin. The referee counts…


    But Krypto kicks out. Chris picks up the smaller being on his shoulder and hangs him upside down in the tree of woe. Chris measures Krypto and hits a dropkick to the face, which flattens the alien as his body crumbles. He hits a clinching slam and applies a surfboard stretch just to further punish the alien. Chris yells at Krypto to give up, but the alien refuses to die as the crowd wills him on. Krypto elbows Chris in the face and then kicks him as the larger man releases his grip long enough for Krypto to free himself. Krypto hits a monkey flip, floats over, and mounts Chris and hits some punches of his own.

    Copeland: Krypto is holding his own so far; he’s been giving Chris KO all he’s got and proving that he can hang with some of the top talent.

    Cohen: But can he keep up this intensity? Chris is in top physical condition while Krypto is just some short, scrawny kid.

    Krypto knocks Chris down with an elbow to the face, and tries to hit a springboard kick but Chris catches him in mid flight and throws him with a back suplex, but Krypto flips over and lands on his feet. Krypto pushes Chris forward and uses his momentum to flip him backwards into a rolling pin. The referee counts…



    But Chris kicks out. The crowd cheers Krypto on as the smaller being gains the upper hand and wears Chris down with a series of kicks. The knight tries to hit a spin kick of his own, but Krypto ducks and takes him down with a tilt a whirl head scissors. Krypto readies himself and motions for the Alienator, but Chris sees the kick coming and quickly rolls out of the ring. He throws his hands up in frustration as the crowd boos him. He heads around the ring only to be met by a suicide dive from a determined Krypto which lays him out on the outside.

    Copeland: It looks like the match was starting to get to Chris KO! He tried to abandon the match but Krypto wouldn’t let him. It’s shows how much heart this kid has!

    Cohen: It’s more like stupidity. All he’s going to do is make Chris angrier; can’t that alien freak see that the valiant white knight has some issues to work out?

    Krypto picks Chris up and tries to roll him back into the ring, but Chris counters and slams the aliens head into the ring apron. Enraged Chris whips the smaller being into the ring steps as the crowd begins to jeer him. Unfazed Chris pushes Krypto back into the ring and hits a released German suplex. He measures him and follows up with a spinning wheel kick for decent measure. Chirs goes for the cover…



    But Krypto kicks out. Chris hauls the alien to his feet and whips him into the ropes, but Krypto fires back with another low dropkick. Krypto tries for the Alienator again, but Chris ducks under and tries for another German suplex, but Krypto counters and rolls the larger man into a pin. The referee counts…



    Copeland: This match has gone back and forth with so many near falls! Krypto is forcing Chris KO to put on a show tonight!

    Cohan: The kid’s got guts, but it takes more than that to be a champion – you’ve got to be smart. All Krypto’s doing is flailing around trying to land that one lucky shot and it’s not going to work.

    But Chris kicks out. The two superstars go back and forth trading punches until Chris cuts the alien off with a European uppercut. He picks the smaller being up and hits a scoop slam and follows up with a knee drop. He applies a front facelock and screams at Krypto to give up but the alien refuses to give up. With one last burst of momentum he counters and rolls Chris forward into a pin, but the knight counters and rolls free. Krypto gets to his feet first and kicks Chris in the hamstring which causes the larger man to drop to one knee. He runs, bounces off the ropes, and runs straight into The Sword. The clothesline floors Krypto as the announcers and the crowd look on in shock. Enraged Chris grabs the alien and locks in the Burning Crusade. Krypto fights for his life, but eventually succumbs to the pain and taps out.

    Harrys: Here is your winner by submission, Chris KO!

    Copeland: Come on Chris, break the hold. The kid’s already unconscious!

    Cohen: I figured this would happen. Krypto put forth a great effort, but all he managed to do was make Chris KO angrier; he should have let him walk away.

    The referee rings the bell but Chris refuses to relinquish the hold. Krypto writhes in agony as the crowd boo’s him mercilessly. Eventually Chris frees the alien and rises to his feet. He stares out into the audience with a scowl on his face. After a few moments he gathers himself and leaves the ring without saying a word.

    ************************************************** ************************​

    We cut backstage to the parking lot of the arena. From a distance we see Rush and Sam Smith walking out of the arena and into the parking lot. The camera turns to someone and we see that it is Leon Kensworth.

    Kensworth: Let's go.

    Both the camera man and Kensworth run up to Rush and Smith. We now see that the two men are well-dressed and have their titles draped over their shoulders. We can see some sweat left on the brow of Rush from his match earlier.

    Kensworth: Excuse me, Rush and Smith! Could I get a word?

    Rush and Smith stop right before they reach a black limousine waiting for them. Smith looks at Rush in order to gauge the situation and then gives a small nod to Kensworth.

    Kensworth: Thanks. First of all, that was a dominant performance out there tonight. With you both retaining at Unscripted, what does the future hold for the two of you?

    Rush: Right now, Smith and I are getting out of this inbred city. I'm gonna go home and freshen up a little bit before I head to the 2012 Aftershock Awards Show. You see, I just got word that I have received an exclusive nomination for a highly touted award. I have no doubt that the nomination will lead to the victory.

    Rush nods and then opens the limo door. He gets inside, but Smith remains on the outside. Kensworth offers the microphone to Smith.

    Smith: It's just good to finally see this company show some respect to the people who rightfully deserve it.

    Smith goes to hand the microphone back to Kensworth, but throws it on the ground at the last second. Smith hops into the limo and the two of them drive away with Kensworth feeling embarrassed.
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Triple X walks on the stage, running to each side of the stage, hyping the crowd up. He then returns to the middle, holding up his arms up making an X symbol. He then walks down, acknowledging fans, and slides into the ring. He mounts the turnbuckle, playing to the crowd again, making the X symbol with his arms once more.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Phoenix, Arizona, weighing in at 220 lbs, Triple X!


    The crowd boos loudly as the music begins. Constantine makes his way out onto the ramp, his KFAD briefcase clutched tightly in one hand. As he reaches the middle of the stage, he closes his eyes and stretches his arms out to his side. He allows the reaction from the crowd to rain down upon him, his glittering crown shining in the lights.

    And his opponent, from The King's Court, weighing 265 lbs, "The King" John Constantine!

    Copeland: A big match up for both these men. One has big plans for himself in 2013. The other is guaranteed the biggest match of his career whenever he wants, a WZCW Title match. Jack I think it's safe to say both men are looking to build some momentum here tonight.

    Cohen: That couldn't be more true Seabass. Triple X stated here tonight 2013 would be his year and to lose in his first match of the year will not help his claim. As well "The King" John Constantine is looking to make a staement that he is ready to challenge Showtime for the WZCW Title. This will be an exciting match.

    Constantine is in the ring and hands the ref his crown and KFAD briefcase. The bell rings and the two men lock up at centre. The heavyweight Constantine towers over Triple X and is able to slowly push him back into the corner. The two remain locked up against the turnbuckle as the ref calls for them to break. Constantine lets go of Triple X and slowly backs up with his hands held up. He them leaps at his opponent with a punch, but the agile Triple X dodges the blow and moves behind him. Constantine turns around and Triple X begins to unleash a flurry of punches on him. Constantine holds his arms up to block the blows, but Triple X then changes it up with several quick kicks to the gut. The ref counts up to 4 and then Triple X ends the series of a strikes with a beautiful Dropkick. Constantine remains standing in the corner, leaning up against the turnbuckle as Triple X rolls backwards to his feet as the crowd roars its approval.

    Copeland: Triple X has come out firing in the early going. He is determined to prove tonight that he belongs in the main event.

    Triple X walks slowly up to Constantine, but the wise veteran sneakily goes for a Drop Toe Hold and uses his leg strength to drive Triple X hard into the middle turnbuckle. Constantine pulls Triple X away from the corner and begins to stomp on his downed opponent.

    Cohen: But just like that Seabass, Triple X shows that he still has a lot to learn inside the ring. Constantine knows all the tricks in the book on wrestling and look for him to use his size and experience to his advantage.

    Triple X rolls onto his back, but Constantine stays on top and begins to repeatedly punch his opponent in the face. The ref reaches the count of 4 before John finally ends his assault. He looks around at the audience who rain loud boos on him. Constantine yells back at them and then bends down to pick up his opponent. Triple X quickly grabs the head and rolls Constantine into a pin. Constantine kicks out after 1 and both men get back to their feet quickly. Triple X charges at Constantine, but gets stopped by a boot to the gut. Constantine hooks the head of Triple X and lifts him off the ground. holding him upside down vertically in the air. John holds him up for about 6 seconds and then falls back to complete the Suplex. Constantine sits up and looks around at the audience and goes for the cover. 1... 2 Triple X kicks out to cheers from the crowd. Triple X starts to get to his feet, but Constantine continues to be on top of him and locks in a Sleeperhold, keeping his opponent on the mat.

    Copeland: Constantine has been relentless in this match against Triple X. X needs to get some separation from his opponent to have a chance to get back into this contest.

    Triple X is up in a seated position and slowly works himself back to his feet with Constantine still holding him in the Sleeperhold. Triple X shakes his arms and begins to drive elbows into the gut of his opponent. Constantine lets go of the hold and Triple X runs and bounces off the ropes. Before he can attack, John takes him off his feet with a Lariat. X is slow to get back to his feet, a bit dazed from the blow to the head, as Constantine walks around the ring laughing. Constantine stands ready behind Triple X and comes up from behind as he gets to his feet and takes him back to the mat with a Chop Block. X holds his leg as Constantine slowly lowers his knee pad. As the ref checks on Triple X, John bounces off the ropes and leaps up into the air, driving his knee into his opponents leg. Triple X rolls over in the ring and Constantine goes for the cover. 1... 2... Triple X kicks out again.

    Cohen: Without any offense from Triple X, John Constantine is still very fresh in this match and could put Triple X away with just one more move. Showtime should be watching this match with great interest, we could see John try to cash in tonight after an easy match.

    Constantine gets to his feet and helps Triple X up to his. John grabs his opponent and lifts him up, holding him horizontally in the middle of the ring. Constantine looks around at the audience and delivers a Fallaway Slam. Triple X twists in the air and manages to land on his feet, but lands on his hurt leg and is unable to follow up with any attack. John rolls over and sees Triple X standing. He runs at his with another Lariat, but Triple X ducks down near the ropes and pulls the top rope down, sending Constantine over and falling hard to the mat.

    Copeland: This may buy Triple X the time he needs to pull himself back together in this match.

    Constantine fell face down on the mat and slowly gets to his feet. The crowd in front of him is laughing and John has some harsh words to yell at them before he slides back into the ring. Constantine charges at the standing Triple X, who takes him down instead with a Spinning Heel Kick. The moves causes more pain to Triple X’s leg and is again unable to follow up quickly. Constantine gets up to his feet, but Triple X is ready with a Dropkick that pushes John back into the ropes. Triple X stands up and walks over to his opponent and goes for an Irish Whip. Constantine reverses the move and sends Triple X into the ropes. X bounces off the ropes and leaps with a Flying Forearm, knocking his opponent to the mat. Both men are down for a while and as Constantine rolls over, Triple X kips up to his feet and a loud cheer from the audience.

    Copeland: Triple X has come alive again in this match. Can he continue the attack?

    Constantine stands up near a corner and Triple X keeps him up against it with kicks to the midsection. Triple X swings a few punches at Constantine and goes for another Irish Whip. The politician is able to reverse the move again and sends Triple X towards the corner. X runs up the turnbuckle and hits Whisper in the Wind on his opponent. Triple X goes for the cover. 1... 2... Constantine kicks out. John his holding his head, looking quite winded as Triple X walks over and climbs onto the top rope. He waits for Constantine to stand and then leaps into the air. Hurricanrana connects! Triple X stands up to his feet and shakes his fists and the crowd chants his name loudly. Triple X points to the nearby corner and gets a loud cheer of approval from the crowd and climbs up it. He steps in position for The Firefly, but the crowd begins to boo loudly as Constantine rolls to the outside of the ring. He walks over the ring announcer and grabs his KFAD briefcase.

    Copeland: John appears to be walking out on this match.

    Cohen: Smart strategy by the King. Triple X is a peasant compared to John Constantine, not worthy of his time anymore, not when he has that King For A Day briefcase.

    Constantine walks beside the ring and shakes his arm at the ref telling him to get back to the ring. As his passes the ring, Triple X rolls out of the ring and runs behind Constantine. He snatches the briefcase from behind him and throws it backwards, where it ends up landing in the ring. Constantine turns around and Triple X hits a few punches before grabbing him and rolling him into the ring. Constantine rolls past the middle and then stops as Triple X climbs into the ring and stands near the corner. He bends down and looks ready to deliver the X-Rated Kick.

    Copeland: Triple X is poised to end this match with one move, and that move is the X-Rated Kick.

    Cohen: No, this can’t be happening. Our King is in trouble. Somebody save him.

    Constantine slowly gets to his feet with his back still turned to Triple X. X goes for the X-Rated kick as Constantine turns, revealing he has the KFAD briefcase in his hands. John smashes the briefcase against the face of Triple X who drops down to the mat. The ref immediately calls for the bell.

    Harrys: Here is your winner by disqualification, Triple X!

    John Constantine doesn’t seem to care that he lost as he stands over Triple X with briefcase in hand. The crowd boos him loudly and John looks up at them and holds his arms in the air, drawing more boos from the crowd. He rolls out the ring and leaves as the ref checks up on Triple X.

    Copeland: That damn coward John Constantine, using the briefcase to end the match. Triple X could be hurt.

    Cohen: Well serves the man right for trying to disrespect out King. How dare he try to show up King Constantine in a match on Meltdown.

    Copeland: Oh would you cut it with the ‘King’ crap. John Constantine has no class and I can’t wait for him to cash that contract in and lose to Showtime David Cougar in the ring.

    Cohen: Be careful what you wish for Seabass.

    ************************************************** ************************​

    We see Isabel Stone in her locker room with a look of fright on her face. She is packing up her gear as quickly as possible whilst on the phone to someone.

    ... yeah, I lost her but I don't know where she is. She's probably still looking for me and I need you babe.

    Stone zips up her bag and exits the room.

    See you soon.

    She hangs up the phone and puts it in her pocket as she does her best to rush out of the arena, pushing backstage workers of the way as she leaves.

    ************************************************** ************************​

    We are backstage with Becky Serra who is trying to catch up to Chris K.O.

    Can I get a quick word Chris? Please, it'll only be a short interview.

    Despite Becky's attempts, K.O refuses to stop and continues to his locker room, locking the door behind him. Becky tries getting in but it proves useless. She goes to knock but she stops, knowing that will not do anything. She leaves the scene with K.O inside his locker room.
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    Copeland: That's a weird looking one.

    Cohen: Someone in the graphic designs department is going to get his "future endeavours."

    Copeland: To clarify, the 2012 Awards Ceremony will be held on the 17th edition of Aftershock, not the 57th.

    Cohen: That'd be awkward.

    Copeland: Let's continue with the show.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall!


    Brent Blaze makes his debut as he boldly walks out of the gorilla position and out onto the entrance ramp. He has a smug look on his face, but the crowd is relatively dead because no one knows who he really is. The camera transitions to a shot of Darren Bull, who has already positioned himself in the ring for the match.

    Harrys: Making his way to the ring, from Owensboro, Kentucky, weighing 220 pounds, “The Addiction” Brent Blaze!

    Cohen: This is curtain jerker material right here, Seabass. He's lucky to be so high up on the card.

    Copeland: Well, it is a match that pits a brand new superstar versus the highly unlucky Darren Bull.

    The camera shows Bull in the ring as he watches Blaze pose on the ring apron.

    Copeland: Bull has been mysteriously missing over the last few shows; I wonder if his absence will prove helpful here tonight.

    Cohen: That is very doubtful.

    Blaze is now in the ring and Bull remains in his corner on the other side. The referee in the ring checks with both men and receives a nod from the two competitors. With that he rings the bell and the match is underway.

    Cohen: Well Seabass, this is a good of time as any to talk about the fact that I will be presenting an award at the upcoming 2012 Awards Show on Aftershock.

    Bull and Blaze meet up in the center of the ring and Bull gets the first punch in. Blaze responds back with his own right hand. Bull eats it and stumbles backwards. Blaze follows up with a couple more punches to the face of Bull. This sends Bull falling back into the turnbuckle.

    Copeland: It looks like you will be joining an All-Star cast of presenters on that night. has assured us that we are in store for a few surprises.

    Blaze grabs Bull by the arm and whips him out of the turnbuckle and towards the one on the opposite side of the ring. Bull can’t stop the momentum and slams chest first into the turnbuckle. Blaze runs up to him and grabs him from behind. He hooks the arms up high and pulls Bull back for a full-nelson suplex! The back of Bull’s neck hits the mat and Blaze quickly gets back up to his feet.

    Copeland: Impacting move there by the newcomer Brent Blaze, who calls his fans the “addicts”.

    Cohen: It sounds like he and Triple X should meet up.

    Blaze picks Bull up by the hair and then proceeds to tuck his head in-between his legs. Blaze lets out a roar as he picks Bull up for his signature move, Substance Abuse!

    Copeland: Swift tiger bomb by Blaze there.

    Blaze doesn’t bridge the move and instead he allows Bull to roll over on his stomach in pain. Blaze spots Bulls arm held out and quickly pounces on it! He locks in his finisher, Screamo, on the arm of Bull!


    Bull quickly taps out and the referee calls for the bell!

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner by submission, “The Addiction” Brent Blaze!

    Blaze still has the submission locked in after the bell sounds, but the referee finally gets him to let go. Blaze gets up to his feet and allows the referee to hold his arm into the air. Blaze grins over his handiwork as he looks down at Bull, who is holding his arm in pain.

    Copeland: Impressive work by the debuting Blaze, while the returning Darren Bull comes out flat. The night has only just begun! Don’t go away!

    We get one last shot of Blaze walking up the ramp, still grinning with his music playing in the background.


    We get a split-screen shot as the camera backstage. On the left is "Showtime" David Cougar in his ring attire with the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship strapped around his waist. He is shaking the jitters out of his hands as he walks down the hallway. On the right side is "The Elite" Steven Holmes. He is in his entrance attire as he stalks down the hallway with a scowl upon his face. He pops his knuckles and rotates his neck in order to pop it as well.

    Copeland: On the opening show of 2013, we have two men who dominated the year of 2012. And now they meet in the ring in the main-event in what is sure to be an early candidate for match of the year! The WZCW Champion "Showtime" David Cougar versus "The Elite" Steven Holmes!

    Cohen: Both men are heading towards the ring, and it is coming up next!
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    Harrys: The following contest is our main event of the evening and it is scheduled for one fall!


    The crowd boos heavily for the Elite superstar as he emerges from behind the curtain, clutching his back from the superplex incident that happened inside the Cell at Unscripted. Holmes doesn't have his usual smirk and is quite focused on getting to the ring.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Buckingham, England, weighing in at 235 pounds; Steven Holmes!

    Copeland: The effects of the Cell match are still lingering for Holmes...

    Cohen: But he is out here tonight, ready to compete against the World Champ. That just shows you how tough this S.O.B really is, Seabass.

    Holmes uses the steps to get onto the apron, calling the referee over for assistance who opens up the ropes to allow Holmes to enter the ring with relative ease. Holmes rests against a set of turnbuckles, stretching out his back. He looks out to the audience and that section of the crowd give him a piece of their mind.


    An explosive cheer rains down upon Showtime as he enters on-stage with the World Championship across his waist and some clear signs of scars on his forehead, also stemming from the Cell match. Show undoes his belt and puts it high in the air before putting it across his shoulder and walking down the ring.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, weighing in at 219 pounds, he is the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion; "Showtime" Cougar!

    Cougar continues down the ramp until he reaches the ring, climbing up to the second turnbuckle from the outside looking in and does his signature pose, showcasing the title once more.

    Cohen: Despite both competitors not being 100%, I applaud management's decision to let these guys duke it out with each other this week.

    Copeland: It gives both guys a level playing field and a chance to blow off some steam and tie up any loose ends from the match at Unscripted. Although, don't be surprised if this match doesn't last too long.

    Cohen: Holmes has got retribution and a point to prove here. With a target on his back, he needs to end this one early. The odds may seem stacked but Holmes has come out on top from much worse, which is what makes him such a dangerous individual.

    Copeland: Normally, I'd be inclined to agree but Showtime is the like a bottomless pit when it comes to absorbing pain and damage. No matter what you throw at him, he is always going to get back up.

    The referee has taken the belt, Showtime is now on the canvas and the ref signals for the bell with the crowd solidly behind the champ.

    Holmes moves a little slower than normal as the two circle around looking for the tie-up. Show goes in but Holmes delivers a toe kick, stopping Show in his tracks. Holmes pushes Show back into the ropes and goes for the whip, sending Show for the ride. Holmes goes for a back body drop but Show detects it early, kicking Holmes in the face/torse region to bring him back up. Show runs again and connects with the running flying elbow. Show goes for the quick pin but Holmes does a quick kick-out forcing Show to keep Holmes grounded with an arm wrench, getting a hammerlock behind Holmes. Show keeps it tight but Holmes is too fresh to be taken down by a hammerlock, slowly getting to his feet. Holmes combats the hammerlock with his free arm by using elbow strikes with Show slowly releasing the hold. As Holmes goes for the big strike, Show ducks and turns it into the Ratings Crash. He covers Holmes... 1... 2... kick-out. Holmes holds his back as this move seemed to have inflicted more pain than usual. Show applies a bodyscissors to Holmes, trying to target the weak spot of Holmes. He looks in pain but Holmes isn't about to give up this early in the match. Holmes tries parting the tied legs of Show but he isn't budging and he is out of range for an effective strike. Holmes turns his head and twists his body, grabbing the head of Showtime and pulling it forward rapidly, smacking it against the shoulder of Holmes. Show clutches his head where his stitches are as Holmes has a brief moment to escape the holding, holding his shoulder as he does.

    Copeland: Innovative escape.

    Holmes is up and as Show gets up, Holmes runs at him with a knee to the side of head, knocking him down. Holmes goes for the cover... 1... 2... kick-out by Show.

    Cohen: Holmes is mixing it up here - I like it.

    Copeland: Let's check out that in the replay.

    Returning to the action, Holmes has just delivered a knee drop and hits another one before trying for another pin which gives off another 2 count as a result. Instead of following up with a submission, Holmes decides to recover and gets to his feet, stretching out his back before going on the attack again. Show is getting to his feet when Holmes assists him, only to bring him back down to the canvas with a textbook neckbreaker. Another pin, another 2. Holmes isn't pleased and tells the referee to count faster as Holmes applies a chinlock, driving the knee into the back of Show yelling at him if he likes the pain. Holmes bends the neck of Show back but he isn't willing to quit. A little frustrated, Holmes lets go of the hold and slams Show into the canvas. Holmes rubs the elbow into the face of Show for a count but again, only a 2. Holmes puts another submission on Show, this time the sleeper.

    Cohen: Holmes doesn't seem to be wrestling like his normal self. Why break up your own submission?

    Copeland: It's probably pent-up frustration from being unable to beat Showtime, losing his opportunity at the World championship, Big Dave... he's got a lot of reason to be frustrated.

    Holmes continually asks the ref to ask Show but every answer relayed back is still a no. Holmes wrenches Show's neck more but turns into a choke hold with Holmes' positioning, forcing the ref to try and break the hold. She counts to four with Holmes looking very confused and lets go, arguing with the ref. She explains to Holmes that it was a choke hold and Holmes looks agitated at the reasoning. He turns back and sees Show pulling himself up from the ropes. He heads over towards him and picks him up by the hair, going for a belly-to-back suplex but Holmes doesn't seem to be able to lift Show up despite Show not doing anything to reverse. Holmes tries a second time but his back is causing him too much trouble, switching it up by getting an Abdominal stretch. Holmes shakes his head in disgust at himself because he can't lift someone lighter than him but continues to put pressure on Showtime, continuing the submission assault. Holmes pulls back and stretches out Show's torso even more but Show stays in this fight. Holmes pulls back on Show's face near his stitched scar and the referee begins a five count to stop this illegal move. She gets to 4 again before Holmes lets go of the face and continues the stretch. The crowd start to get behind Showtime and clap for him, getting louder and louder chanting his name. This newfound energy from the crowd gives Show enough strength to deliver a couple of elbows to Holmes' leg before escaping the hold with a hip toss. Show falls on his hands and knees as Holmes is on the canvas, clutching his back.

    Cohen: Get up Holmes! Show is starting to feel it.

    Show slowly gets up as Holmes quickly is on his feet, giving Holmes the advantage. He grabs Show but he pushes both arms away and delivers a few knife edge chops to Holmes before finishing it off with a big chop. Holmes goes down and tries getting up; dropkick by Show to knock him down again. Holmes gets up another time as Show gives for an enzuigiri but Holmes grabs the leg, spinning Show around... however, he spins around into a clothesline to take down Holmes! Show looks around the audience and gets them pumped up as Holmes slowly recovers to his feet. Show is ready and looks to go for the flying elbow once more. He charges at Holmes and goes for it but Holmes evades the contact. Show turns around and is met by a toe kick by Holmes who positions Show for the Imperial Impaler... but Holmes cannot lift Show! He tries again but Show counters with back body drop. Holmes clutches his back as he gets up and tries for a wild swing. Show ducks and he hits the Backstage. Show grabs the legs of Holmes and locks in the Commercial Break! The Commercial Break is locked in as Holmes screams in pain, not wanting to tap.

    Copeland: There is no way out!

    Holmes is about to tap but suddenly, Constantine slides into the ring behind Show and just like earlier, uses the briefcase as a weapon to smack Show in the back of the head. The referee has no choice but to ring the bell and call the end for the match.

    Copeland: Oh come on!

    The crowd boos heavily at this display as Constantine stands over Show with a fire in his eyes as he sees the fallen champion. He drops the briefcase and starts an assault on Show with stomp after stomp. Slowly, Holmes recovers and gets to his feet, pushing Constantine out of the way. Everyone is confused by this display.

    Cohen: There is a history between these two.

    As things look to implode, Holmes smirks for the first time and rolls out of the ring, going to ringside and bringing the same battered chair that Holmes used in the Cell. Constantine lifts up Show and Holmes looks to do some damage but before he can, a huge cheer from the audience is heard as Triple X comes barrelling down the ramp. Constantine sees this and pushes Show to the ground, escaping the ring with his case. Holmes turns around and goes to whack X as he enters the ring but he ducks and hits the X-Rated on Holmes with the chair hitting Holmes in the face. Holmes falls to the outside as the crowd cheers with X helping Show to his feet. Constantine has managed to get up the ramp safely with his briefcase clutched to his chest and a microphone in hand. The two celebrate in the ring but get interrupted by the KFAD holder.

    Constantine: You know what... I'm sick and tired of people coming to your assistance Show, preventing me from cashing in the briefcase that I rightfully earned. It stipulates that I can cash it in whenever I want but people of the likes of Chris K.O and Triple X keep that from happening who don't seem to understand the concept. So to prevent people trying to "make the save," I am officially choosing a date in the future.

    Everyone is on the edge of their seats to listen to the date.

    Constantine: In three weeks, you better prepare yourself Show because I am officially cashing in at a little PPV known as All or Nothing!

    The crowd cheers and boos at the statement as Constantine smiles as he drops the microphone and signals to Show that he is ready for the title. Show stares intently at Constantine and tells him to bring it with X patting him on the shoulder, wishing him good luck.

    Copeland: The WZCW Universe has exploded for the announcement and what a huge one it is. It looks like we've already got ourselves a title match: Showtime vs. Constantine for the title.

    Cohen: What is John doing? He should have waited for the perfect opportunity, not announce the date in the future!

    Copeland: I don't think the locker room left him any choice but at least he gets his shot at the title... unfortunately folks, we are out of time on Meltdown so from Jack and I, goodnight.

    The scene ends with Show and Constantine staring down each other before Constantine leaves through the curtain.
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    Who Wrote What:

    Showtime - Opening, A Politician vs. the-guy-that-has-the-same-abbreviation-as-the-porn-industry (Politics vs. Porn, who would've thunk it?)
    Echelon - Alien 5: Medieval Combat
    Kermit - Brent Blaze squashes e'rbody (and by everybody I mean Bull), the well-written Segments
    Fapplejack - The Best Main Event Ever, the... not so well-written Segments, Mocking Kermit's Graphic
    FunKay - 6 Person Tag Team (Yeah, there's 3 girls in this one... 4 if you include Rush. What is he, a double D?)

    I was going to post it 24 hours later like we always do but I felt nice today, so be thankful. If you liked what you saw: share; favourite and like the show.
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