AS 106 - Kagura Joheki & Tony Mancini versus Ramparte & Veejay

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    RP deadline is Monday the 25th of April at 23:59.
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    The camera turns on and we see Tony sitting in the passenger seat of his car waiting for Gino to come back from the pizza parlor with their lunch when his phone rings. He answers it without looking and is bombarded with his father's voice screaming at him.

    'Don' Angelo Mancini: I can't believe you lost again! You keep talking about how you getting to the top will expand the Family but every chance you get to move up, you've done nothing to capitalize!

    Tony tries to get a word in but his father continues his tirade without letting him say anything.

    'Don' Angelo Mancini: I've had enough Anthony. You've turned the Mancini name into a laughing stock with this wrestling garbage. The other Families are siding with the Valentinos and refuse to do any business with us.

    Again Tony tries to get a word in edgewise but his father cuts him off again and continues to scream at him.

    'Don' Angelo Mancini: Get your ass home right now. I don't care if you don't show up for your next match, it's time you grow up and take care of business. I'll start having Antonio get you out of your contract.

    Speechless Tony just sits silently and takes in everything his father just told him. After a couple minutes he takes a deep breath and is finally able to respond.

    Tony Mancini: I can't do that Pops. You may say it's my fault that the Family is declining but that's only a small part. How many people have asked to be a part of this Family in the last twenty years?

    'Don' Angelo Mancini: What the fu...

    Tony Mancini: None Pops, not a single person. You can't blame it on me losing because I've only been in WZCW for three months. The truth is that you're stuck in the past. The days of John Gotti are dead. What the Mancini Family needs is young blood from top to bottom.

    Tony is shaking by this point as he anxiously waits for his father to say something but all Tony hears is heavy breathing.

    Tony Mancini: You want me to lead the Family after you die but if things don't change there won't be a Family left.

    Tony gives his father time to say something and when he finally does his voice is cold and emotionless.

    'Don' Angelo Mancini: And I suppose you think you're the guy to replace me is that it?

    Tony Mancini: I don't know if I'm the guy or not Pops but I do know it needs to happen.

    Without so much as a goodbye 'Don' Angelo hangs up and Tony tosses his phone in his lap, closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. It's at that point Gino opens the driver side door and climbs into the car with their lunch. He takes one look at Tony's face and knows immediately something happened while he was inside.

    Gino Rizzoli: Everything alright Ton? (Pronounced Tone) You look like you're about to puke.

    Tony Mancini: I just got off the phone with my father. He told me that I was responsible for the decline of the Family and that he wanted me home immediately.

    Tony takes his food from Gino and takes a bite of his pizza in order to collect his frazzled thoughts.

    Tony Mancini: I told him that I wasn't coming home and that everything that's happened to the Family is his fault. I finished by telling him that in order for the Family to survive the needs to be a change in leadership.

    Gino lets his pizza fall into his lap and stares at Tony who slowly continues to chew his slice.

    Gino Rizzoli: Who would be dumb enough to try to take control from your father?

    All of a sudden, Tony's phone rings again but instead of answering it, Tony checks who is calling and sends it straight to voicemail as he answers Gino.

    Tony Mancini: That someone would be me Gino. If he taught me anything it was that the Family comes before all else. I will understand if you want nothing to do with this. If this goes tits up me and everyone who sides with me will end up on the bottom of the Hudson.

    Gino Rizzoli: Absolutely not. Your father may have told me to keep an eye on you but we've been friends for over ten years so I'm with you till the end.

    Gino puts his food away and heads towards the arena as Tony checks the voicemail that was left. The look on Tony's face as he listens to the message causes Gino to keep an eye on him as he drives through the streets of Columbus to the Nationwide Arena.

    Tony Mancini: That was the WZCW front office informing me that on Ascension this week I'll be teaming with Kagura Joheki to take on Ramparte and Veejay.

    Tony shakes his head in slight disgust as he thinks about his match this week.

    Tony Mancini: Their timing with this tag team crap couldn't be worse. I didn't join WZCW to join a team and I fucking hate relying on other people for anything. Not only that after today I've got enough on my mind besides worrying about a teammate.

    Gino Rizzoli: Look on the bright side Ton, all this stress and anger you're feeling you can take out on Veejay.

    As Gino says Veejay's name, Tony's face goes beet red and he wraps the seatbelt around his fist while at the same time getting a sick, sadistic smile on his face.

    Tony Mancini: I meant what I said last week on Ascension. I want Veejay's head and the only good thing about this match is the fact Mr. Banks has kindly given me the means to take it off his shoulders myself. I haven't forgotten how the miserable little bastard took me out of the Gold Rush Tournament. And don't you have your own issues with Ramparte? I mean at Gold Rush, all you were doing was cheering me on from ringside and that son of a bitch decides not only to almost break you in half but he has Vee ADZ knock you out from the top rope.

    Remembering what happened at Gold Rush causes Gino to tightly grip the steering wheel and grind his teeth as he keeps his eyes on the road.

    Gino Rizzoli: What about Kagura? She seems to be the odd woman out in this situation. Why do they even have you teaming with her?

    Tony Mancini: I don't know man, i don't even know much about her. I know she's a former Elite Openweight Champion and the first woman to hold the title. She's also willing to do whatever it takes to keep what she has, just ask Ramparte. Although it'll be his insane maid who answers you since Kagura stole his voice to keep hers.

    All of a sudden Gino starts laughing as Tony looks at him like he's lost his mind.

    Gino Rizzoli: I was just thinking about how your parents would react if they knew their good catholic son was teaming with a magic using pagan priestess from Japan.

    Gino's observation makes Tony chuckle for a bit but he gets serious again pretty quick.

    Tony Mancini: I don't know man but we need to sit down with her and have a talk. She can have Ramparte but I'll take care of Veejay.

    The came fades out as Gino and Tony keep talking about what they're going to do Veejay when they get their hands on him.
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    Deadline has been extended by 24 hours.
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    Veejay walks down an empty path cutting through a jungle. There’s no one to be seen for miles. Veejay, wearing a grim expression, is walking down unaware of his surroundings. He keeps at it, not heeding the obvious lack of visibility ahead of him. In fact, he’s hardly looking where he’s going. His walk is interrupted by a voice from behind.

    Child: Please! Help me!

    Veejay looks behind only to see no one. As soon as he moves forward, however, he sees a very young boy standing in his path.

    Child: Can you help me?

    Veejay is taken aback. He collects himself.

    Veejay: What are you doing out here, boy? You should be at your home, wherever that is.

    The boy bursts into tears.

    Child: I have nowhere to go! Can you please help me?

    Veejay looks around but sees no one. A little amused, he sees no choice but to take the child with him. He holds his hands and walks.

    Veejay: Where is your home? Where are your parents?

    Child: I don’t know.

    Veejay: Then how did you get here?

    Child: I was lost. I just want to get out of here! How do we get out of here?

    Veejay looks around him. He has no idea where he is, or how to get out of this. He hadn’t paid attention where he was going till now. Suddenly, he realizes he’s lost.

    Veejay: I am not sure where to go…

    Female voice 1: Then how would you help this boy out?

    Veejay turns around only to see the boy no longer being there. He sees a female figure in the woods, but can’t make out who she is.

    Veejay: I am sorry; do I know you?

    Female voice 1: You’ve always known me, Veejay!

    Veejay recognizes the voice, but couldn’t believe it.

    Veejay: Mother! Is that you?

    Female voice 1: Yes, my child! I am here to show you the path you’re looking for. Follow me.

    Veejay, enchanted by the voice of his mother, follows the figure through the woods. He wants to catch up, but the more he tries, the farther she goes away.

    Veejay: Mother, please wait for me! I want to talk to you.

    The figure doesn’t stop. Veejay chases her through the woods, but loses her. He looks around. He is deep in the woods with no one to be seen anywhere. Exhausted, he sits at a rock close by. Just as he is trying to catch his breath, a voice breaks the silence.

    Female voice 2: Are you lost, Veejay?

    Veejay recognizes the voice.

    Veejay: Saf? What are you doing here?

    Female voice 2: I am here for you, Veejay. I thought you’ll need my help.

    Veejay: I do, but where are you? I can’t see you.

    An eerie silence follows. Veejay tries to seek the voice, going in the direction it was coming from.

    Female Voice 1: Where are you going, Veejay?

    Veejay, all confused now, kind of gives up.

    Veejay: What games are these? Please mother, help me!

    Female Voice 2: Why? Did you help us?

    Veejay can’t answer. He has no answers.

    Female voice 1: Time and time again you have disappointed me, son.

    Veejay can’t believe his ears.

    Veejay: Don’t say this, mother. Everything I’ve ever done has been to make you proud.

    Female voice 1: And yet you can’t. Tell me, how proud should I be when you can’t get the job done.

    Veejay has no answers.

    Female Voice 2: You make promises, but you can’t keep them. Tell me, how proud you are, Veejay? Tell me!

    The voices close in on Veejay. He has nowhere to go.

    Veejay: I’ll make everything right. I can never let you two down!

    Both Female voices: Yet, here we are, disappointed, betrayed! Veejay, you aren’t what you claim to be. You always fall short! Always!

    The voices converge. Veejay wants to get out, but has nowhere to run.

    Both Female voices: You always let us down, Veejay! You can’t run from this, you can’t hide.

    The voices engulf Veejay. Veejay screams, but there is no one to hear him…


    Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, CA

    Veejay is sitting outside the ward where Saffron is kept.

    Dilip: You’re here already?

    Veejay: Yeah, couldn’t sleep.

    Dilip: You gotta catch some sleep.

    Veejay: I am trying, but everything that has transpired in the last week, I just can’t. My failures haunt me. These voices, I can’t get them out of my head.

    Dilip: You’re just being too hard on yourself. Just ease up. What’s done is done. You have to let go.

    Veejay: Yeah, I don’t know how. May be I’ll figure it out. What’s the news from WZCW?

    Dilip: You have a tag match coming up at Ascension.

    Veejay: Tag match? Who am I tagging with?

    Dilip: Ramparte.

    Veejay: Really? How am I going to tag with him? How would I communicate? Has he started talking yet?

    Dilip: Last I know, no.

    Veejay: I gotta meet him. Don’t know what I am gonna talk about, but strategize something.

    Dilip: Yeah, I heard that girl, what’s her name… Batti Otaku? Yes, she is a huge fan of yours.

    Veejay: You know what? She creeps me out, man. By the way, who are my opponents?

    Dilip: It says Kagura and Tony.

    Veejay: Kagura? Isn’t see the one who took Ramparte’s speech? She literally left him speechless. She’s another creeper. What’s with these creepy women?

    Dilip: She did. May be she’s haunting you in dreams as well, who knows? But she’s not your only problem. I’ve heard that Tony is cooking something. I heard him inquiring about Saffron.

    Veejay: That scum and his family wouldn’t get within 100 meters of her. Go ahead and set up a meeting with Ramparte. I have some business to take care off…
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    Batti: "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ^_^

    Ramparte: "What are you doing?! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!?"

    The eccentric blonde sat on a conveyor belt, hugging her Captain Claws teddy bear. She flashed The Recluse the peace sign. A titan of a compressor slammed down behind her, making everything around them shake. The superstar pulled at his hair, trying to figure out how to get her off of the contraption.

    Batti: "Rammikun cares about me! You hear that, Captain Claws?"

    Ramparte: "ENOUGH GAMES!!! You're going to get hurt! Jump off!"

    Batti: "Catch me, Onii-Chan!" :$

    Ramparte: ""

    Shrek: "...donkeh?"

    Donkey: "SHREK!"

    Batti Otaku leaped from the conveyor in the nick of time, giving the ogre and the ass a Double Clothesline! She jumped right back up, landing on her feet. Puss N' Boots crawled from underneath the mechanical monster, trying to give the possessed anime lover the slip. Batti turned around and saw the cat.

    Batti: "Bakkkkka Bommmmmb!"


    Puss: "Bakkawhatnow?"

    The teenager shoved the feline between her thighs, and grabbed his shoulders. The move looked like The Denouement, Ramparte's finisher, until she lifted him up into a Powerbomb position. She brought the kitty down and pinned him.

    Batti: "Count, senpai, count!!!" :disappointed:

    Ramparte: "Oh! Uhh yeah sure."

    With three slaps against the concrete floor, Batti defeated Dreamworks. Fireworks went off and Hiccup and Po The Panda came out to congratulate her successful win by honoring her with an Elite PiXar Openweight Title.

    Batti: "But that's Disney property. I need to get on Disney's roster before I can get that title. I haven't even made my debut in WZCW yet." :/

    Ramparte: "WZCW?!?!"

    Batti: "I got the call!"


    Batti: "I got the call, Ram-chan!"

    Ramparte woke up to the sudden pressure on his abdomen. His eyes opened and there was his maid, lying right on top of him with her hair in pigtails and the goofiest fucking grin plastered on her face. He turned red and grasped at his blanket, shrinking down.

    Batti: "I got the call that you messaged me to get! Mr. Dilip is expecting us to be at Veejay's next photoshoot. I can't wait to see the Bollywood actor go without a shirtwhyareyouhidingfromme???" :O

    She tugged at the covers curiously. Ramparte slapped her hand away.

    Batti: "Oooooohhh. You're nekkid under there. Are you naked, senpai?"

    The only visible part of Ramparte was an arm. With it he pointed towards the door, suggesting she leave.

    Batti: "Ah. Senpai is naked. First sexy Veejay, now sexy Ram. Such a buzzkill you're not doing your Catalyst thing. I heard you liked walking around naked without a care. Is it because I'm a girl? How annoying!" X(


    The two sat there in awkward silence.

    Batti: "IDK what came over me...guess it's because I haven't blogged in a while...I'll go and get the car ready so you can get dressed."


    With the odd dream and the sexually deprived outburst, Ramparte did all he could to distance himself from his maid. The photoshoot was a spectacle- cameras flashed left and right as if it was an apocalyptic thunderstorm. He had the sneaking suspicion that a majority of the pictures would be used for some wrestling article and not in some Bollywood rag, with a majority of photographers wearing WZCW merchandise. "ReMarkable" and "I Only Hit Crit With A Warblade" adorned many shirts. He found the man he was looking for, and gave him a knowing smile. They shook hands.

    Dilip: "Ramparte! So finally nice to meet you. I'm sorry Veejay isn't doing this himself, but as you can see, he is very busy at the moment."

    A shirtless Veejay is striking a very attractive pose. His sunglasses reflect the shutter lights as they hone in on a blonde fangirl.


    Dilip: "Anyways, I was under the impression that you are mute. I can remedy this fairly easy if you just step this way."

    The two men walk away from the crowd and towards a dry erase board. It had the schedule of models/celebrities to meet, the dates, and Veejay was the last on the list. Dilip took the black eraser and wiped the words away in a frantic sweep. He handed Ramparte a bright red marker.

    Dilip: "Now, I must say I am rather suspicious of you. Your history with my client and your time as a wrestler does make me uneasy with you teaming with him. Cerberus still leaves a bad taste in many mouths, including mine. Why should I trust you?"

    The Recluse gave the Indian man a long, calculating look. He sighed, and started to scribble on the board.

    Ramparte: "I am not who I was back then. You can trust me."

    Dilip: "What was it that made you change your ways? I don't know if I am on board with that answer."

    The Recluse looked to the ground. It was a complicated answer, and there wasn't much space to jot it all down. He wondered, and glanced up to where Veejay was. He was embracing Captain Claws, pouting into the cameras. Batti Otaku was on her knees turning the deepest shade of red. Ramparte made a guttural chuckling noise that even surprised him. He can laugh? He began to etch on the schedule.

    Ramparte: "Her."

    The older man moved his gaze from Ramparte to Batti. He gave a warm smile.

    Dilip: "Ah. Love. Love kills the demon inside us all, friend."

    Ramparte shook his head furiously, but Veejay's manager ignored it.

    Dilip: "I think I can trust you. But can I trust you to beat this Tony Mancini and Kagura lady? To help Veejay get the win? He has been very down on his luck lately. The love of his life, Saffron, is in a hospital. He isn't happy he lost at Gold Rush, the place that made him a star. He needs a tag team specialist like yourself. Will you help him?"

    The Recluse nodded, and erased "Her.".

    Dilip: "You know, I was in attendance and saw what the girl did to you. Using witchcraft and the like. I've also seen you handle the Italian, but Kagura is in his corner now. They won't be easy. Can you handle that kind of fire power?"

    He reflected on the shrine maiden. She stole his voice. Had taken his very fangs. Cerberus was no more. Trinity disbanded. This war was his and his alone. He now had to fight the darkness that he once called home.

    He turned away from Dilip, answering his question with a question of his own.

    Ramparte: "Kagura is mine. But is the mobster Veejay's?"

    Dilip: "I suppose that is fair. Of course. Well, I'm glad you're looking out for my client's best interests. Seems your girlfriend isn't. Promiscuous type, isn't she?"

    The Recluse's face shot up and searched for his maid. Veejay was batting her off with the teddy bear.

    Batti: "Just one hug, c'mon! :'(

    Dilip "Yeah, you and your lady should probably head out before Security decides to make this weird."

    Ramparte sighed, and shook Dilip's hand again. He then leisurely walked up to Batti, picked her up and slung her over his shoulder without missing a beat. Otaku snatched Captain Claws out of Veejay's grasp and stuck her tongue out at him.

    Batti: "Bleh. It's okay. Next time, Mr. Veejay-sama. Next time. For now I'll just take Ram's hugs... Oye, not so hard!"

    Ramparte smiled as he threw the weeaboo into the backseat.

    Tonight it was his turn to be in the driver's seat.
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    Ice melts. Water drips. A river runs south. In the east the sun rises. A voice echoes across the landscape carried by a warm breeze…

    “I came a bit short from reaching my goal at Gold Rush. No matter. I still have plenty of cards to play.”

    Voices echo. Trees rustle. The breeze gathers strength. Cherry blossoms fall.

    “I am already forgiven myself of this failure, but the real question is did you forgive me Ramparte?”


    “Of course not, for you see I still have something precious of yours.”

    Onyx eyes flash. A cold grin sneers. Beautiful black hair dances in the breeze.

    A face deranged; mirroring the heart.

    “If this were a game of shogi, this would be your move. Be careful now. I hold no grudge against you Ramparte regardless of what you may think. I chose to take your voice for a very special purpose, one I have not fulfilled yet. Besides, I watch you. I see you. You’re having fun being voiceless aren’t you? I can see into your heart you know. I have your voice and it reflects that of which you keep hidden. Shied away from others, is your very soul. But the girl you keep close to you, Batti Otaku, she reveals everything. And your soul is now an open book for all to see. You enjoy being voiceless don’t you Ramparte? That’s not really a question so much an observation. You may think that I did you some grave injustice, but really, didn’t I do you a favor?”

    Clouds move. Grass sways. Warm air rises. It rains.

    “You may think I dealt you some grave injustice, and maybe I did, but that is your question to ask yourself. But maybe I have opened your eyes and you have yet to open them. Meditate. Perhaps if you are lucky the Kami will guide you to where you need to go. They guided me to you. What I did was out of self preservation. If you feel like you must seek revenge then I won’t stop you. But ask yourself this, ‘Am I happy?’ The answer may just surprise you.”

    Water rises. The lands flood. The wind rips and tears.

    “We’re meeting each other much sooner than I realized Ramparte. This week I team with the mysterious to me Tony Mancini, whom I do not know a whole lot about against you and your partner, Veejay. He’s of no concern to me. What I want to know is what do you plan to do when you are in the ring with me? Don’t feel bitter. That will only cause you to lash out in anger. That anger will blind you and will cause you to make mistakes. I shall capitalize on those mistakes. Do you want a defeat on your conscious? Knowing that I not only took your voice but pinned your shoulders to the mat as well?”

    Kagura opens her hand. Shogi pieces fall to the Earth. The raging torrent swallows them.

    “It’s your move now.”

    The waters subside. The destruction has passed. Or has it? The chaos has only just begun.

    “Heed my words as this warning to you, Ramparte. You are no closer to liberating your voice from me. And Veejay shall be no help to you. There is no loyalty with this union. No more than mine to Tony Mancini. What a ragtag group we four make. Seemingly thrown together in order to order to accomplish a similar goal, which would be what? I suppose that would be to move forward. What does that mean to you Veejay, a victory underneath your cap? Tony Mancini, you would like some momentum going forward, yes? And Ramparte, the book that holds the spell which took your voice, you can’t destroy it. Beating me won’t bring your voice back. It won’t be that simple. Whatever happens at Ascension changes not one thing about the future.”

    The clouds depart. Look to the west. There the sun sets. It will rise again.

    What remains?
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