AS 106 - Titus Avison versus Flex Mussel – EurAsian Championship rematch - Cage Match

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    RP deadline is Monday the 25th of April at 23:59.
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    Titus: I'm going to do it. Put him out. Allow myself to defend my belt and then move on to Vee.

    He whispers this to himself as he looks at Flex Mussel. We're in Seattle at the Gold Rush tournament. The crowd is electric, they all want Flex to win but in the distance you can hear the commentators. Titus Avison is in the zone. He has got Mussel's blood on his hand and wipes it on Flex's back. If he pulls this off he will be the first EurAsian champion in three years to defend the belt twice successfully.

    Titus: You've heard legends of this man.

    TIT DROP. Titus Avison has done a Tit drop on Flex Mussel off the entrance ramp and through the technical area. Titus blacks out.


    He wakes up. Very groggy but he wakes up, expecting to see Doctor William Jacobs he sees no-one. He's not in a hospital but he's home, Keystone City Kansas. He get out of bed and is amazed that his body is all in one piece. Walking through his living room he notices his display of belts and awards. Four Oscars, an Elite X title and two world titles.

    Titus: That's not right, I'm missing an Oscar. My Hall of Fame ring and the biggest prize in WZCW the...

    He's interrupted by his phone ringing, strangely the tone is his old theme not his current one. Some thing’s not right.

    Titus: Becky?

    Becky: Don't sound so surprised, just calling to see when you're free so we can get this interview done?

    Titus is obviously confused as to what is happening here. He goes silent and has a face that looks like he's trying to work out a riddle set by Einstein.

    Titus: Sorry?

    Becky: An interview, for your EurAsian title match.

    Titus: You're the Ascension general manager though. You wouldn't lower yourself to interview any more even if I am the holder of the belt.

    Becky: You're silly Titus. Chuck Myles is the Ascension general manager and you're not the holder. You know that. Look I'll just catch up with you later and we can sort something out.

    She hangs up but Titus sits down looking heartbroken. He must have lost the grandest prize in WZCW at Gold Rush. Silence as his whole world has crashed. This is all he had worked for. His mind rushes 100 miles an hour. He suddenly jumps up.

    Titus: Chuck Myles?! Surely not. I'll give Banks a call.

    He looks at his phone, no number for Banks. Titus decides to call WZCW HQ.

    Titus: Hey it's me, I want to talk to Banks. Mr. Banks. Good grief Kenneth A. Banks. He doesn't work here any more? He's never worked there. What is going on.

    No fifth Oscar, no hall of fame and no EurAsian championship. No Banks and Myles is back. It's almost like he'd gone back in time. Surely not. Titus decided to put the radio on.

    Titus: I need to get to the bottom of this.

    Titus walks out of his home now fully dressed but not thinking straight. Still though it can't be right, can it? There's only one way to find if you've time travelled.

    Titus runs to the nearest person he sees, it's a kid on a bike delivering newspapers. He stops the bike, the kid is overwhelmed.

    Kid: Titus, you're my hero! Can I have your autograph?

    Titus: You sure can, but first you must answer a question for me.

    Kid: Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe...

    Titus: Stop! What are you doing?

    Kid: Oh the last wrestler I asked for their autograph made me recite the presidents in order.

    Titus: That's just stupid. I need to know, what year is this?

    Kid: What year is it? I'm the stupid one? Jeez, it's 2013 of course.

    Titus: So it is, so it is. You can have my autograph kid. Oh and don't call elders stupid, it's not nice.

    Kid: I'm sorry Mr. Avison.

    Titus: Please, call me Titus and oh stay in school.

    His suspicions were right and he couldn't let anyone know what was going on. He has seen the Butterfly effect so knew the dangers of changing things. Titus' phone beeps this time it's a text message.

    “We still on for lunch? I'm in town. Usual place at 1?”

    Titus: Bollocks. Not him. At least he's not won anything yet, he can't gloat.

    The camera cuts to a small Italian restaurant in the middle of Keystone. Titus walks in and the staff shake his hands and greet him. Titus stops for pictures and smiles. The people in Keystone love him. It's weird. He's directed up to the back of a restaurant and there is the person Titus hates most in the world. Leonardo Di Caprio.

    Titus: Hey buddy.

    It would be another couple of years before Leo would become aware of Titus' dislike for him. However he saw Titus as a confidant at the moment, someone who could motivate him when needed. Titus takes a seat.

    Leo: I can't believe I didn't win again.

    Titus: Leo, it's part of your charm. The guy who never won an Oscar despite being the favourite of everyone. You're the people's Oscar winner, that's all that matters.

    Leo laughs.

    Leo: Don't be silly, it's like you with the EurAsian championship. You've never won it yet you obsess over it. That's not going to do you well against Chris K.O. next week.

    Titus took a breath, Chris K.O. was the one who got away. The one that always seemed to defeat him, now he had the opportunity to take things in charge. Make things right.

    Titus: Look I'll sort that out on Sunday but I've just been sent a script. It may seem weird and involves a lot of time with a bear but it's Oscar material. I'll pass it off for you, I'm favourite to get my fifth next year so push on I don't need a sixth. Take the script, film it next year, see it released the year after and in 3 years time you'll have an Oscar.

    Leo looks and smiles, the camera fades out as the scene is changed to WZCW HQ.

    WZCW HQ and it's full of energy, Titus bumps into Jonny Klamor.

    Jonny: Are you all set your your big match this Sunday?

    Titus: Gold Rush?

    Jonny: What on earth is Gold Rush?

    Titus: I thought you knew everything Klamor. It's the culmination of a tournament to name the number one contender for the world title. The semi's and the final take place but it goes on all month. The fans love it!

    Jonny: That doesn't exist as a PPV Titus, are you OK?

    Titus: Maybe it should! Which one is this week?

    Jonny: It's Kingdom Come five.

    Titus: FIVE?!

    Jonny: That is a good PPV idea though, I may mention it to Bateman.

    Titus rushes off leaving Jonny behind, walking round the corner is John Constantine. Titus bumps into him.

    Titus: Best of luck man.

    Constantine: Luck. I don't need luck. I'm the Elite X champion and in years to come I will cement my place as world champion.

    Titus: Kinda sad when you think of the future. What if I told you that of everyone on the show tonight me, you, Stormrage and Howard will be the only ones here in three years time?

    Constantine: Ha Mikey! That's funny.

    Titus: He's also world champion.

    Constantine: Next you'll be telling me I'll be trying to win the Elite X from Sandy Deserts!

    Titus: Near enough.

    Constantine: You weird man, clear off.

    Titus skips off laughing to himself, he knew Constantine would take it as a joke but he's now dropped the seeds of doubt. What if?

    The next shot is the end of the EurAsian title match at Kingdom Come V. For those that can't remember it goes a bit like this:

    The TI-TUS chants echo as you see Titus collapse. A quick fade to black and white lights and you can hear the beeping of the machines. He sits right up and you can see Dr. Jacobs.

    Titus: What year is this?

    Jacobs: 2016. You've been out of it for a few hours, but you're fine.

    Titus: Did I beat K.O?

    Jacobs: You've not faced him in three years man. You've just fought Flex. You didn't win.

    Titus looks to his side to see the EurAsian belt on the side, shining in all its glory.

    Titus: Why's that there then?

    Jacobs: You've didn't lose either. No contest but you are the first man since 2013 to defend it twice. Well done.

    Titus: So I'm fine to face Vee at Meltdown?

    Jacobs: You requested Flex again. Steel Cage match. Ascension. You really can't remember, maybe I should do more tests.

    Titus: Oh I'm just teasing, I know I have Flex. I'm not stupid.

    Another scene change, this time a hotel roof in Columbus, Ohio. A big sigh as the camera focuses on Titus Avison.

    Titus: The biggest prize in WZCW is mine. I have Vee and Noah after it. Mancini, Manson and even Dagger would love it yet here I am. It's you again Flex, you may think the steel cage what suit you. It doesn't. Since you stepped through that curtain on your first show you've relied on other people. You've had your three headed beast with Eve and Ramparte helping you but that has been slain. Cerberus became Fluffy.

    You've then got that cheesecake fella on your every beck and call. You need people to help you out. At Gold Rush you saw what I was capable of, I will go at any lengths to keep my prize. It doesn't matter who is in the way. You think the steel cage will keep me from escaping, it's there to keep you contained. Ignore the 20,000 in the Nationwide Arena chanting your name. Ignore that fat lump on the outside pumping the air with every move. This is me and you. No one else.

    I told you at Gold Rush about the legends. I showed you at Gold Rush about the legends. Are you ready to see more about the legends at Ascension? I am.

    Fade to black.
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    Flex Mussel can be seen lying in a hospital bed staring up at the ceiling and talking to himself.

    Flex: Once again I found myself stuck inside a hospital bed awaiting medical attention. This was honestly becoming all too common for me and I didn’t like it one bit. One Tit-Drop from Titus off the stage an here I am alone, licking my wounds, wearing a hospital gown, pumped full or morphine, and left wondering how things could have been different. Left wondering how I got to this point in my life, left wondering whether it was a good idea to go toe to toe with Titus less than one hundred percent. And then the more I thought about Titus, the more I began to wonder something else…

    Flex: I’ve always wondered what causes a hero to become a villain.

    Flex: What causes a good man to do bad things?

    Flex: What possesses an individual to abandon all that he once held dear only to abide by a new set of rules that makes him unrecognizable to the public?

    Flex: Those were always questions I never knew the answer to until I had a match against Titus Avision.

    Flex: You see there was a point in time in which Titus was loved by the fans. He was the ultimate hero, he was the incorruptible gladiator fighting in an arena full of evil beasts and snakes. The thought of Titus becoming an evil prick was something no one ever thought would be a reality. Little did we know a man that we all cherished would eventually become a man we would all vilify. Who am I to judge though right? I came into this company with everyone hating me, clung to a group of like-minded individuals, preceded to alienate and harm those around me, and even now that I’m no longer associated with those former friends I’m still not liked by a lot of my peers. Though I must say I’ve turned a corner when it comes to the fans who support me and the friends who care about me. Within the last few months I’ve realized both Titus and I have done a complete one eighty. He has turned his back on those fans that once loved him while I’ve begun to embrace the ones give me the strength I need to move forward. The interesting thing is though with all that fan support, all that courage and strength, and even with all the motivation in the world I still didn’t get the job done. Sure it was a technicality but Titus retained the EurAsian championship in a draw, a draw he might have won should the circumstances have been different. And it was at that moment that I realized what changed him.

    The fitness freak begins to remember all of Titus' important losses and failures.

    Flex: I began to remember a time not so long ago that Titus was still admired by the fans, still had them in the palm of his hands, yet every time he tried to accomplish a goal he failed. The support of the fans, his morals, and even his heroic attitude weren’t enough to overcome all of the obstacles in his way. And I remember that time so vividly because it was almost like watching a legend become washed up. Big loss after big loss, failure to win championships, decrease in popularity. All of these had to have been things that eventually got under Titus’ skin. Causing him to take a hiatus, and eventually causing him to come back a different man. Thinking about things from that perspective I can’t blame him for doing what he’s doing, this is the best Titus has been in years and he has no intentions of stopping. From all the tweets and texts I’ve received apparently he’s requested a rematch on Ascension, this time in a steel cage. I wonder if my psyche can truly handle another defeat. Losing at Kingdom Come, not advancing in the Gold Rush, not avenging Charles by beating Titus at Gold Rush, it’s all beginning to add up. Are the support of the fans and respect of my companions really worth staying at the current level I’m at? Is it all really worth letting jerks like Titus get away with all the dastardly things they do just so I can be a knight and shining armor? Maybe Titus has the right idea….maybe being the hero they all want isn’t enough to truly accomplish what you want in WZCW….

    ???: I’m glad you’re finally starting to come to your senses.

    The fitness freak’s inner thoughts are interrupted by his imaginary motivator Masquer, who lays on a table across the room from him.

    Masquer: You need to start thinking about yourself Flex, not these fans, not Charles, not whether you’re liked. Do you really want Titus to be able to brag and say that he beat you once and for all?

    Flex: Well what am I supposed to do? Lower myself to his level?

    Masquer: You were vicious at Gold Rush Flex, you had him on the ropes, it was only when you started playing to the crowd, feeding their mysterious and outlandish need for Cheetos gags that Titus was able to take control. You were vicious, ruthless, you wanted to destroy Titus completely. You need that rage and anger. It’s important because now that you’ll be confined to a steel cage with Titus there will be nowhere left to run, nowhere left to hide, no split decisions, just you and him. And I’m sure with that database of knowledge you have you must remember that last time Titus had a cage match.

    It was at that moment that Flex realized something. It was almost like a light bulb was going off in his head. He springs up from his hospital bed, rips the IV out of his arm, and begins to put on pants.

    Flex: The last time Titus had a cage match he wasn’t Titus.

    Masquer: What are you talking about?

    Flex: Titus used an alter ego known as Red Mask.

    Masquer: What’s your point?

    Flex: Titus used Red Mask as a persona to amplify his heroic status and do things he couldn’t do normally as Titus.

    Masquer: It didn’t do him much good he lost that match.

    Flex: Red Mask was used for heroic purposes, but what if I channel all that anger, jealousy, and rage into something not meant for good, but for something meant purely to hurt and destroy those who deserve it?

    Masquer: You had me at hurt and destroy.

    Flex: Titus is an actor, he was once a hero and now he’s just pretending to play the role of a villain because he’s become so obsessed with fame and glory. The difference is I entered this company a villain, and while I’m no longer pretending there are parts of me that still miss the old Flex. The Flex that didn’t care about the fans, the one that only wanted to become the best and hurt anyone that got in my way. And you’re right Masquer, I can’t ignore that side of me anymore, because it may be the only thing I have that can beat Titus and earn the EurAsian title.

    The monisuer of muscle finishes putting on his clothes and picks up Masquer from the table.

    Flex: For one night, and one night only, I’m no longer Flex. I have to become someone else, I have to become something else…the fans might not like it, but when Ascension comes, it unfortunately won’t matter what anyone thinks, because I will finally be EurAsian champion, and that’s all that matters.
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