AS 106 - Matt Tastic versus Logan McAllister

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    RP deadline is Monday the 25th of April at 23:59.
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    Deadline has been extended by 24 hours.
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    In life only one thing is constant. Everything changes.

    Vol. 1 Chapter 1:
    Granpa's Orders

    It's been a few days since Matt Tastic did the improbable. Improbable in the sense that people really didn't feel he had to win. And by win, he won the Gold Rush tournament. Thanks to a freak blackout, Matt bested the other finalist. Garth Black. But was it really all thanks to a random blackout? Or was Matt simply able to persevere in midst of the freak incident? One thing is certain in all this. Matt gets his World title shot now. Against none other than his best friend, Mikey Stormrage. But the road there is a strange one indeed.

    Matt Tastic has returned home to his keep in the island of Puerto Rico. A tropical paradise filled with beautiful landscapes but also a troubled lifestyle.

    Matt sits on his not exactly lavish couch inside his not exactly lavish home. For all his earnings as a top star in WZCW, Matt has never really been one to spend much money. Matter of fact, his biggest spend was buying a closet in WZCW headquarters where he'd sit and watch anime and play games most of the time. It's probably still there, but Matt hasn't used it. He instead resides in front of his own grandfather's house. An older house where he grew up in. Surrounded by the unkempt wilderness that made him who he is today. A weird fucker.


    Matt's Granpa sees the video and stand behind the sofa. Troubled, as his expression dictates. He doesn't have the income Matt has and even though Matt helps him out, he worries greatly of other people that don't have the benefit of having a successful pro wrestler for a grandson.

    'Mijo. I think it's time.

    Matt: ………...I'll get the funnel.

    Granpa: No. I meant I think it's time you went to where you were sent to hone your skills.

    Matt: You mean school?

    Granpa: No, I meant your father's place.

    Matt: St. German? Do you mean Gran-Gran and Bull-Gramps' house? Or the whole town?

    Granpa: The town. I keep hearing so much about the crisis and yesterday in the news they were talking about rackets running there.

    Matt: So does this mean…..

    Granpa: No funnel.

    Matt: Damn. I liked the funnel.

    Granpa: Get moving.

    Matt: Fine…….

    Matt gets up and prepares for his trip. Normally it's a simple 10 minute drive. The towns are so ridiculously small, it makes the fact that there's more legislators in the puny island than the 5 times bigger Florida quite jarring. Matt would have to traverse on foot. For what reason? For dramatic effect. And training. As Matt has a major match to prepare for soon. He may as well get a workout in as he goes about playing vigilante. Not only his big World title match but also he must face Logan McAllister as well.

    Next Time: A New Pespective…...

    Vol. 1 Chapter 2:
    Seeing With New Eyes

    Matt has set off for the 22 mile walk from his house hiding between a mountain and a valley to his other grandparent's house. Also between a mountain and a valley. He begins his walk but shortly afterward he stops by the convenience store. The same one he bought milk from when he beat Alphabet Soup. He always went through a small neighborhood to get there but never really stopped to notice how rough the neighborhood looked. All the houses seemed to be make of wood. The cement one's looked worn down with the paint looking pale from, decades of sun. Broken up road filled with cracks and the barbed wire fencing holding back the wilderness being hoisted by deteriorated stakes. Half of which were being held up by the wire instead of the other way around. Matt goes into it, now very conscience of his surroundings. The convenience store has a second floor. The house of the owners. It's a very typical feature of mom & pop shops to have a house above the business. Sometimes for owners, sometimes for rent. As Matt enters he notices the rather empty shelfs. The store being downright lifeless. It never dawned on him just how dead business was right under his nose. He goes towards the fridge where he pulls off a Snapple. He goes to pay for it before talking to the clerk.


    Business is pretty slow here, huh?

    The clerk hesitates to answer but does so in a pretty nervous manner.

    Clerk: Umm…. Yeah. Ummm…. I'm not used to seeing you at this hour.

    Matt: I'm going for a walk. Why?

    No reason. Here you go. Thank you.

    Matt: ………..No “come again”?

    Sorry. Ummm….. Come again?

    Matt begins to take his drink slowly. Looking around, just taking in his surroundings.

    Clerk: …..ummmm…..

    He notices the uneasiness of the clerk. But suddenly a lady comes barging in.

    Lady: Dear! Dear! I think they're coming!

    Clerk: Oh God, no. Not now. Please sir. You need to head out.

    Matt: But I'm not done with my Snapple. Fine.

    Matt proceeds to casually leave. Feeling that obviously something was troubling them. He seemingly leaves but actually hides in a corner. Trying to find out what's going on. As he hides, he sees the lady flustered.

    Dear, we don't have enough money to pay the rent. What are we going to do?

    Clerk:Of course we don't. Those men have been scaring off our clients. But no matter what happens, know that I love you and would do anything for our family.

    Matt was touched by the conviction of the man as he spots a car pull up. Out comes a group of men in somewhat formal wear. They exit, all sporting sunglasses. 3 of them. All looking quite jacked. They flank an unidentified female in a full blown formal suit and tie. Eyes covered in sunglasses. They all enter and stand in front of the clerk and his wife in intimidating fashion as the woman speaks.

    Woman: Hello, sir. Today is April 26. You're due rent. May we have it?

    Clerk: I'm very sorry. But business has not been good this month. Is there any chance we can negotiate? I mean, we haven't had any incidents this past month. This is your first visit in all that time and you are welcomed to free supplies.

    Woman: ……….I understand, sir. But at the same time I can't be lenient or else other businesses will attempt to follow suit. I would rather not set an unwanted precedent.

    Clerk: Then please. Give me an alternative to pay you back.

    Woman: Very well. We'll employ both you and your wife. You don't seem fit for security work. Perhaps manual labor. Your wife….. I'm actually not sure.

    Suddenly the wife stands in front of the clerk.

    I'm not putting up with this! We don't owe you any rent. We own this building. We choose not to pay you. We'll be fine from burglary without you. Leave!

    Woman: That's fine with me. But we're still owed for this month. And I don't take kindly to yelling.

    The woman motions to one of her guards who stands forward threatening the family. Matt sees what's about to happen. He sees how the man stands protective of his wife despite her defiance. Their love and devotion is true and Matt seeing that fall into danger moves him. It reminds him of what he has coming at Ascension.

    Next Time: The Enemy……...

    Vol. 1 Chapter 3:
    A Mystery & An Epiphany

    As the bodyguard tower over the couple, Matt has enough and springs into action. He charges into the room screaming.

    Matt: HEY UGLY!!

    Matt throws his empty bottle of Snapple toward the big man, nailing him square in the face and charges in, leaping in the air with a big Dropkick. Knocking the second guard down. He lands right in front of the third one who tries to grab him. Matt leans backward a it and using the man's momentum hoists him up into the air. Matt delivers his signature Pop Up Gutbuster on him, delivering stunning pain to the mans ribs and stomach. Matt discards him and turns around. Searching for the female. But she's at the door. The light from the sun shinning behind her back making her difficult to be seen.

    Woman: You don't know what you're getting into, Superstar. It's a very deep and dark world here. Your pro wrestling isn't going to be enough to save you. Our hands cover the land. Our eyes see toward the ground. We'll leave this place alone. The family isn't guilty of your interference. But we'll meet again.

    Matt stands as the guards regroup and leave with the woman. Matt turns to check on the couple who are consoling each other.

    Matt: Are you two alright?

    Clerk & Lady: Yeah. Thank you.

    Matt: OK. Clue me in. Who the hell was that?

    Clerk: They're from a company called “The Eighth Security Group”. They came in after we had a break in and offered to keep the place safe for a fee. It was at the time manageable and they did stop several robberies but at this point, it became impossible to keep payments up. They offered to finance and always gave us an out clause. My wife just asserted it. Clients have stopped coming and of course the economic crisis has had us in a tight pinch. And it's happening all over too. It's just this town. I've heard this security group has taken root in many establishments in the area.

    Matt: Granpa must've known about this so he sent me out. But then why did he tell me to go to St. German then? That makes no sense.

    Matt goes toward the fridge again and grabs another Snapple. He then proceeds to pull out a crumpled up check from his wallet. He writes on it and hands it to the couple.

    Matt: Right now I have another family man I have to meet up with. But once I'm done with that, I'm coming back here to see into it. It's creepy. But that mystery woman's voice sounded familiar. And I can't just sit by and let my home get snatched up like this. I just hope it doesn't distract me from my World title match.

    A mysterious figure has gotten Matt Tastic's attention. The truth hiding right under his nose about his home has come to light. How will Matt fare dealing with this mysterious organization that seems to know him quite well? Can he keep his focus for Unscripted?

    Tune in.
    Next time: Granpa's secret…..
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    He won. He really won. My dad, Logan McAllister just got the biggest win of his career, narrowly defeating Dorian Slaughter. My eyes were wide, not because I didn't think my dad couldn't win, but because of who he beat. I quickly jumped up, my arms shooting towards the sky as I screamed my eight year old lungs out. I was so excited, it felt like my body couldn't stay still. As my dad and Brittany headed up the ramp, I left my seat to go find them backstage. Gold Rush had been amazing so far, but I had to find my dad. The security guard requested my pass, which I grabbed from my jeans pocket, and gladly presented it before being waved on.

    I saw my dad up ahead, and started jogging to catch up. I got closer and began to sprint, attacking my dad's back as I jumped on him, totally forgetting the hellacious battle he had just been through.

    "Sorry! I'm just so happy you won dad! It was an awesome match."

    My dad winced slightly, reaching his arm out and hugging me.

    "We did it buddy. I did what I told everyone I'd do.....give whoevah decided to accept my challenge a Suplex Pahty. This was just the first step though. Tonight definitely got me some attention, but we gotta keep it goin' Hayden."

    He released me from his grasp, smiling at me before my dad headed off to the medical room. I turned and smiled at Brittany, and the two of us started walking backstage. She seemed just as excited as I was, smiling ear to ear, her blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail. We found our way to catering, and decided to grab a quick snack. I grabbed all kinds of sweets, while Brittany filled a plate with various fruits. I followed her to the table and we both took a seat.

    "Dad won because of you tonight Brittany. You kept him focused, and he heard all of your encouragement."

    "He won tonight because of all three of us. Your dad is here in WZCW because of you, it took him some time to gatha his surroundings, but now that he's comfortable, and he knows more or less how things work, it's only a mattah of time till it's Logan out there main eventing."

    She was right. I continued eating my snacks as my dad had returned from the medical room and joined us at the table.

    "Doc said everything looks fine, just the typical aftahmath of a brutal battle. I'm cleahed for the next event, be it Meltdown or Ascension. I already loaded the cah, so let's head out when you guys are done, we got a flight to catch in the morning."

    I finally threw in the towel on my snacks, and as Brittany ate the last of her fruit, we all got up and headed to the parking garage, and getting into the rental car. Brittany always drove after an event, so she started the car, and off we went. It wasn't long before I fell asleep.


    I woke up the next morning, still in my clothes from last night, sitting up, yawning as I stretched my arms. Both my dad and Brittany were up and ready, and with everything all packed, it looked like I was going another day with my Son of Boston WZCW T-shirt. I quickly got ready, grabbing my Red Sox hat and we were off to the airport.

    It was a pretty uneventful drive, and extremely boring going through all the standard protocol just to get to the area where we wait to board the plane. After what seemed like forever, I filed into the aisle, grabbing the window seat, as my dad got stuck with the middle seat, Brittany following and taking the aisle seat.

    Once the plane took off, Brittany began going through multiple bridal magazines, and other similar types of magazines. If she wasn't thinking about my dad's next match, or how he can get noticed, she was thinking about the wedding. No exact date had been set, but that didn't matter to Brittany, she knew it was gonna be amazing whatever the date was.

    With Brittany clearly occupied, I decided to ask my dad about his next opponent.

    "So dad, do you know who you get to face next? After Gold Rush, WZCW has to give you a good match!"

    "As a mattah of fact, I just found out that I'll be facing Matt Tastic at Ascension."

    "Wow!! Tastic? WZCW must've liked what they saw last night! He's the number one contender, a former WZCW champion and he just won Gold Rush. If you can beat him dad, maybe you can get into the title picture!!"

    My dad smiled, playfully pushing me away as he shook his head.

    "Oh no Hayden, I'm not trying to be heavyweight champ....not yet at least. I haven't earned it still. Look at Matt, he's a guy who did things the way they're supposed to be done. You pay your dues, and if you have the talent, you will eventually get your chance. That's what I'm doing. I'm paying my dues, learning more everytime I go out there, and eventually I'll get that opportunity. Beating Tastic will be every bit as hard as defeating Slaughtah was. Regahdless of the outcome, Matt Tastic will remember his encountah with me. The crowd was behind me last night, howevah, come Ascension, I'll likely be met with some boos as people side with the more popular Tastic. That's fine, the fans like who they like, but I promise you Hayden, every person in the arena in Colombus, will be talking about Logan McAllister aftah the match."

    I simply listened as my dad spoke. He spoke with such conviction, he was locked in. He was more focused now than ever before. My dad had a family now, with Brittany soon to be his wife, he could begin taking his WZCW career seriously now, knowing that he has the love and support of his family, and that everything doesn't have to rely on him. I've always been a Matt Tastic fan, but at Ascension 106, he's just the next established star to fall to my dad as he rises to the top, fighting and earning his spot every step of the way.
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