MD 129 - Mikey Stormrage versus Vee A.D.Z

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    RP deadline is Monday the 25th of April at 23:59.
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    Three days after Gold Rush… Columbus, Ohio

    Three days have elapsed since Vee A.D.Z. has won the #1 Contender Match for the prestigious EurAsian Championship; of course, the title is deemed to be prestigious if it were around a Legend’s waist, Titus. It will be only a matter of time, the title can change hands, just like how it can happen next week inside that Steel Cage. Similar to that, it will be only a matter of time, Vee will capture the Gold.

    Time, it is more essential for someone in the caliber of intellectual superiority that of Vee. Time is like a thin fabric which can be bent and manipulated in many ways, rightfully said by Albert Einstein. That said, it is not infuriating for Vee to wait for his EurAsian Championship title shot. Instead, he took it in a more of an opportunity to prepare himself and bent the time in his way to attain what he desires.

    Sweat is drippling down his forehead, as Vee stands atop the turnbuckle. He calibrates his position by adjusting his feet parallel to the plane at which his sparring partner, Henderson laying on the mat with necessary protection on his neck and torso. Vee leaps, swiftly altering his momentum backward and spins in the air, apparently for a shooting star press; just while reaching his maximum elevation, he arches his back further to transit his motion for another 90 degrees and lands the Airborne End, Leg drop right on the throat of Henderson.

    Even with the protection, Henderson could still feel the impact and rolls away from Vee and hurtles out of the ring. Vee stands up, slightly holding his lower back and bounces off his feet for a couple of time.

    Henderson: Awesome, dude! If I weren’t having a protection, you could’ve crushed my throat!

    Something seems to be concerning Vee as he keeps looking at the turnbuckle and motioning his hands, apparently mimicking the trajectory at which he lands off that Airborne End.

    Vee: I reckon the force which I generate on landing is lesser than I anticipated. The rate of change of momentum on the transition in the midair should’ve been more for greater impact.

    He hurries through his pant pocket and draws out a folded sheet of paper. He points the paper to Henderson and lectures his theory.


    Vee: You see; this is the trajectory of my Body’s Moment of Inertia. At the point X, I will attain my maximum momentum, but I use that momentum to further the impact force on landing by transiting it into a Leg Drop. I shouldn’t take much time in air as it will reduce the momentum.

    He climbs up the turnbuckle and positions himself for another leap.

    Vee: Let’s try this again, shall we?

    Scratching his head, which personifies his obliviousness in science, Henderson lays back in his position. Lots of equations are flowing through Vee’s head, which perhaps stimulated his cortex that lets his Subconscious subordinates Vimal and Vee Alias to be free, after a long absence.

    Vimal: (voice-over) Why do you need to practice Airborne End when you’ve more lethal Coup de Grâce in your arsenal?

    Vee Alias: (voice-over) You’re exhibiting your stupidity more than ever, Vimal. Do you think he possibly can lift 325 pounded Mikey Stormrage and place him in a Tree of Woe position?

    Ignoring their comments, Vee leaps off with predominantly calculated velocity and spins in the air, but the momentum of it took the angle of rotation further.

    Vee: (voice-over) BUGGER!

    Anticipating the uncertainty, Henderson rolls out of the harm’s way and Vee landed on his back, a shooting star press transited into a Senton. But in that process he hurts his back and leaps in pain before rolling out of the ring himself. Henderson scurries to help him out, but Vee stands up by himself albeit holding his lower back firmly.

    Vee: It’s fine… It’s fine, I’m alright… I will just take some time here alone, thanks for accompanying me. You can go on with your job now.

    Henderson shrugs his shoulder; hands Vee an Ice bag before leaving the sparring room. Vee recollects himself before firmly holding the Ice bag over his back. He climbs up the ring again, but more cautiously and sits down at the corner of the turnbuckle. The pain of that, slowly creeps up his spine and grazes his memory. His eidetic vision is enlighted as he visualizes yet another flashback.

    Vee is sitting still in that corner of the turnbuckle, reconciling his body and mind. He exhales before arching his head back, the voice of his Coach still reverberate through his mind.

    Vee: (voice-over) There’s a reason why I chose to become a highflier. But the passion to Mixed Martial Arts made me incorporate that with it. It’s not the technique that one got, it’s the passion and the dedication to make it relevant; that’s what a champion is made of.

    Vimal: (voice-over) That’s how THE WZCW Heavyweight Champion, Mikey Stormrage is made of. Can you possibly think anyone would’ve wager on a Gamer nerd to win the big Gold?

    Vee Alias: (voice-over) Possibly not! Big opportunity for you to test your strength with a Man of Will and Guts. I mean the Guts in the sense of attitude...

    Vee stretches his arms up, grabbing the top rope either side of the turnbuckle and gets to his feet in one leap.

    Vee: (voice-over) Where were you two hiding in the past few weeks? And why are you back again?

    Vimal: (voice-over) That’s a rhetorical question and you don’t need any answer for that.

    Vee Alias: (voice-over) Speaking of Question, you can dodge the questions of the backstage interviewers, even the media, but not us. Why did you decide to push your championship title match far to the Unscripted PPV?

    With the question crawling through his head, Vee holds the rope firmly and pulling and testing its strength.

    Vee: (voice-over) I respect the decision of Flex Mussel and his rematch clause for the EurAsian Championship at Ascension. And I don’t want to put my nose in the wrong place at the wrong time. There’s a personal beef going on between Titus and Flex, for which I leave them aside. After all, my eyes are on the Championship. Not on the champion himself, only for now though. The champion that I should worry about now is the WZCW Heavyweight Champion, a good friend to all, Mikey Stormrage.

    Vimal: (voice-over) Weren’t you celebrating with Sara backstage when he climbed up that ladder to claim that Championship title?

    Vee Alias: (voice-over) Sickening that, James Howard spoiling that wonderful moment.

    By the time his Subconscious Mateys done talking, Vee had stepped off the ring, standing on the apron.

    Vee: (voice-over) At present, I have a championship match to prepare for. What a better way to kick start my preparation by facing the WZCW Heavyweight Champion. A man blessed with the Will to fight! Going toe to toe with him, winning over him would be an ultimate momentum for me heading into the Unscripted PPV. I love the way I hate to lose, just like him.

    He thoughts for a while with his hands clutched to his waist.

    Vee: (voice-over) He himself is a former EurAsian Champion. Fascinating, isn’t that? No wonder this is going to be one heck of a bout. There’s a small line drawn in the center, on one side of it, it’s the Mikey who wished me Luck for my Gold Rush, the one I stood side by side at Apocalypse. On the other side, it’ll be the Mikey who climbed up the ladder with all his might to win the WZCW Heavyweight Championship. I’m standing on that line which separates them both. I’m going to love this match, even if I have to sacrifice my blood and soul for the win.

    Before The voices can reply, Henderson walks back in, with his bag falling down his shoulder.

    Henderson: Hey, dude. It’s almost the closing time. You better wrap things up… See you tomorrow, okay?

    Vee just gestures a big smile and waves at him as the screen fades to black.


    Night before Meltdown 129…

    The phone rings, Vee stands up from his sofa and looks at its screen. His girlfriend Sara’s name flashes on the screen, Vee’s face brightens all of a sudden. He swipes the screen to answer the call.

    Vee: (on phone) Oh… is that so? I thought your exams won’t be finished for a week. But I’m glad that it’s over. Before you can board back the flight, I have a favour to ask.

    He moves back and forth the room which personifies the nervousness that flows through.

    Vee: (on phone) Well, I want you to travel to my home for meeting up with my parents

    He lets out a giggle as if he heard a joke or something. He continues to talk nonetheless.

    Vee: (on phone) You should convince my parents to be at the ringside for my EurAsian Championship match at Unscripted. They certainly wouldn’t want to spend money on travelling. But I want them to be here… Just arrange for their visa and bring them here alright?

    Vee’s face is filled with assorted expressions as he hangs up the phone. He drops the phone on the sofa; rotates by his feet and shadow boxes as the screen fades to black.

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    It's funny how quickly life can change. In an instant everything you have ever known can be taken from you. In that same instant everything you ever wanted could be handed to you. In the span of just a week a lost my mother, my rock, my inspiration. Then I went on to capture the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship. I defied the odds. Someone like me wasn't supposed to ascend to the top. Maybe the powers that be would let me carve out a decent career in the middle of the card, and for the most part I had. Some called me the greatest tag team wrestler in WZCW history, and I certainly had the accolades to back that up. I even had a decent run with the EurAsian championship, but a guy like me was never supposed to make it to the top. Yet here I was, the newest World Champion. I was the guy, the top dog, the man the show would be built around. It was the most pressure I had ever felt in my life.

    "Mr. Brown."

    I looked up from the floor to the nurse who had just walked through the door.

    "If you will follow me, please, we will get you to your seat."

    As I stood, I readjusted my belt. That's right, I was wearing my title belt with me to my dental appointment. I had been wearing it everywhere since I won. Every media appearance, every late night gaming session, every three am trip to get food. If I was awake, I was wearing the belt. And each time I was asleep, you bet your sweet ass I was spooning with the belt.

    "I'm a little nervous, I haven't been to the dentist in a long time. I've always been a bit afraid."

    I caught the nurse eyeing my belt as I approached her. I'm sure it wasn't everyday that World Champions made their way through this small dental clinic just outside Columbus, Ohio.

    "I'm sure you will be fine, most people who are afraid of the dentist find it is usually a pleasurable experience."

    I followed the nurse to my seat in the back. When I opened my mouth to reveal the damage that Constantine had done to my mouth during our ladder match, she recoiled in horror. I sort of just shrugged at her.

    "Sort of comes with the territory. People used to compliment me on my smile, but not so much after my last match."

    "Well I certainly hope you won that nice shiny belt for your efforts."

    I nodded and smiled my not so nice anymore smile before she started the routine examination before the dentist came in. As I lay back, trying to stay relaxed, my thoughts drifted to what would come next. I knew I would be facing my best friend Matt Tastic at Unscripted, but I was at the top of the mountain and the only place to go from here was down. Sure I could be a fighting champion and defend my title as long as I possibly could, but eventually everyone has to fall from the summit, and I would be no different. As I tried to ponder my next move, the nurse finished up and told me the dentist would be in shortly to start fixing my teeth proper, and with that she administered the nitrous oxide and i started to feel a little loopy.

    As I lay there, waiting for what felt like an eternity, I had to pee. I looked around and saw no one to alert, so I simply took my gas mask off and sought out a bathroom. The gas was having an effect, as I was stumbling around barely able to hold my weight. I was using the wall to steady myself, but I wasn't having much luck. I couldn't find a bathroom, but I did find a window. I opened it up, took off my belt and undid my pants and let loose with my stream. I was really feeling the relief when a hand was placed on my shoulder. It started me as I turned around, still in mid flow, and managed to leak onto what turned out to be my dentist's pants. To say I was embarrassed was an understatement.

    "Mr. Brown, we have been looking for you. Please return to your chair so we can continue."

    Truth be told, she didn't seem that upset. She was probably just in awe of my huge dong. Trust me, it's huge.

    "I'm Apala Adzenhan, I'm your dentist. I specialize in sports related dental injuries, and from what my tech told me, you have some damage, as well as a cavity we need to take care of. It appears that the effects of the nerve gas have taken enough effect, so let's get started."

    "Wait, your name is Adzenhan? Like Vimal Adzenhan? As in Vee A.D.Z.? As in my next opponent? You're a damn spy!"

    I jumped to my feet, well I tried to, but the gas was still heavily taking its toll. I stumbled over the chair and fell to the floor.

    "Is this part of Vee's plan? To take me out when I'm at my weakest. He doesn't even need to do that. He is a damn good competitor. He was my teammate on Team Kick Ass, he helped propel me to where I am today. I consider him a friend, and this is how he repays me, by sending a spy to take my out while I'm under. Well all bets are off now. At Meltdown, I am going to take out Vee and all his lackeys. Mark my words."

    "Mr. Brown if you will please return to your seat, you need urgent dental care. We also need to get you fitted for a mouthpiece for the next time you wrestle."

    I was already halfway out the door when she was speaking, but I quickly turned around and ran back inside....well sort of stumbled inside. I had forgotten my title belt. I ran back inside, grabbed my belt, and planted a giant kiss onto the dentist on my way out. I wasn't going to allow Vee to pull his fast one on me while I was out. Now I just had to find my car.
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