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    The small pyrotechnics display goes off in the Volkswagen Halle indoor sporting arena with the German fans of Braunschweig cheering loudly for the beginning of the show. The camera pans around the audience to see the excitement and the signs of the fans before panning to the announcer's desk.

    Everest: Willkommen alle aus Deutschland! I am Everest and I'm joined by my broadcast partner Johnny Klamor for another instalment of Aftershock as we continue our WZCW World Tour across the European continent.

    Klamor: Brushing up on the culture, I see.

    Everest: Being the pinnacle of perfection doesn't just refer to my wrestling skills, Johnny. Speaking of the pinnacle of perfection, WZCW's biggest Pay-Per-View Kingdom Come is getting closer and closer.

    Klamor: I absolutely cannot wait for that event, Everest. We may not be calling the broadcast but later on tonight but it will be a hell of an event in the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan.

    Everest: Right you are, Klem. But as for tonight, we've got some friendly and interesting exhibition matches between the two newest WZCW signees Dorian Slaughter & Indian sensation Veejay as well as two friends Lexi Hayes & Jonathan Hyada.

    Klamor: There will also be a Triple Threat match that we will be kicking off the show w-


    The crowd cheers as Chris K.O walks out onto the stage with a smile on his face. He makes his way down to the ring with Steve (volleyball) in one hand and a microphone in the other, interacting with the fans as best as he can with both hands full.

    Everest: A surprise visit from Chris K.O, it seems.

    Klamor: And he interrupted me! What an arschloch!

    He enters the ring and waves to the fans before raising the microphone.

    KO: Guten Tag!

    Cheap pop from the crowd from Chris' very simply German phrase. He has a smile on his face, proud that it got such a positive response.

    KO: I'd like to thank Becky for letting me take this time to address something very quickly. After my match on Ascension, Steven Holmes personally came out to address to me that we were to have ourselves a match at Kingdom Come VI.

    The crowd boos at the mention of Steven Holmes.

    KO: I'm all for having the opportunity to defeat Steven Holmes on any occasion, especially if I can do it on the biggest stage of them all... but my buddy Steve and I had a discussion and we were perplexed as to why Steven Holmes has taken such an offense that it warrants a match at Kingdom Come. We came up with a couple ideas.

    KO and Steve look at each other before continuing.

    KO: Maybe it is because Steven Holmes is the jealous type? I'm not referring to my good looks because everyone knows I'm more beautiful than Mr. Holmes.

    KO flicks his hair back like a model in a beach commercial, fluttering his eyelids for the camera and gives his best pose alongside Steve which gets a few laughs from the audience.

    KO: We believe Steven Holmes is jealous because when I addressed the Elite on the 109th episode of Meltdown, I ignored him and went straight for his sugar daddy Ty Burna.

    The crowd laughs and cheers at the mention of Ty being Holmes' sugar daddy.

    KO: I might have been lost on an island for a while but I still know what its like for-


    The crowd boos heavily as an infuriated Steven Holmes walks out with the ugliest scold on his face. KO can't help but crack a smile but Holmes doesn't care for it.

    Holmes: What did you bloody call me?

    KO: I didn't call you anything but I'm sure Ty has some very special names for someone special like you.

    More laughs from the crowd as Holmes glares at KO and becomes beat red.

    Holmes: Stop this foolish insolence immediately Chris or I'll come down to that ring and show you exactly what happens when you mess with the Elite!

    The crowd boos as Steven doesn't take these jokes well.

    Holmes: You want to know why I requested the challenge at Kingdom Come well let me spell it out for you in such simple English that even these people can understand what I'm discussing.

    Again, the people boo.

    Holmes: This has nothing to do with you being the former right hand man for Ty Burna during his reign alongside the Apostles of Chaos. I couldn't care less that you were associated with him in the past. I also do not care for your stupid affection that you once had for my wife, the mother of my children and my Queen Celeste Crimson. I'm not angered about any of the altercations we've had in the past.

    This has everything to do with you showing the Elite, the greatest collection of men in WZCW History, disrespect by interrupting us and calling us out. Look at you, Chris. You used to be the White Knight, an honourable avenger who held himself with pride... but now you've decayed into a rugged, wild & primitive monkey who carries around a damn volleyball! You're in even worse condition than Hunter Kravinoff and he was raised in the bloody Ugandan jungles!

    You are the embodiment of why the Elite was created. It doesn't matter who is a member of the Elite because we all are business partners who work under the one goal: to destroy all the stupidity and remove all the idiocy that remains in WZCW! You put yourself in the firing line and I intend to eliminate you at Kingdom Come.

    Holmes finishes with a small smirk appearing on his face, almost as if he let out his frustrations and anger in that speech. KO nods with a contemplative look on his face.

    KO: That's an impressive throwback to my history in WZCW. I'm surprised you were able to recant it so quickly and so timely. It's like you know me so well and yet, we haven't exactly interacted with each other at the level that most people in the audience watching for the first time would seem to think we have... it's almost as if you've got a personal vendetta against me. Hmm...

    KO thinks in the middle of the ring as Holmes is not amused with KO's rantings. KO shrugs in the middle as he listens to what Steve has to say.

    KO: Yeah, that's a good point Steve. I still think it has to do with his sugar daddy Ty Burna.

    Holmes: Business Partner!

    KO: Call it whatever you want, Holmes. It's still called a business transaction when a client pays his dominatrix to whip him like the good little boy he is, ain't that right Stevie boy?

    KO makes a whipping motion in the ring that blows the gasket of Holmes whilst the crowd laughs.

    KO: Now I know why you wanted to have a Strap match against Matt Tastic all those years ago!

    Holmes: THAT'S IT!

    Holmes drops the microphone and runs down to the ring, sliding in and begins brawling with Holmes. The crowd cheers loudly as the two competitors begin exchanging punches in the middle of the ring.

    Klamor: Get him Holmes!

    Holmes manages to win the exchange, sending KO across the ring and hits him with a running high knee to knock him down. The crowd boos mercilessly as Holmes paces around the ring in pure anger. He goes to pick up KO and looks for the Imperial Impaler but KO counters with a back body drop! KO quickly grabs his friend Steve and gets up, smacking Holmes across the face with Steve and sends him to the outside!

    Everest: Chris' friend Steve has cleared house! He made the save and knocked Holmes to the outside!

    Holmes staggers around and looks to go back to the ring but his Elite stable-mates rush out down to ringside, advising Holmes to do otherwise. Constantine & Ty Burna manage to restrain Holmes and push him back, advising him to plan an attack for another time. The Elite signal to Chris K.O that he gets away with his life this time and that they have plans. K.O stands in the middle of the ring tall with a big smile.

    Klamor: What right does Chris have to come out here and accuse Holmes like that? Doesn't he know that tonight could've been his last time being able to walk?

    Everest: Well it's not like he is backing down from the fight that Holmes requested. He is the one standing in the middle of the ring ready to fight.

    Klamor: Didn't you hear the Elite? They've got a better plan than to give into this savage's barbaric assault. Chris K.O has just angered the Elite and put a target on his back. That's not a good thing to have.

    We go to commercial with the last image being The Elite heading into the back whilst Chris KO & Steve remain in the ring.
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    Anderson: The following match is a triple threat match and is scheduled for one fall!

    Fallout makes his way through the curtain, the very image of a man with a final point to prove to the WZCW Universe. He Slowly makes his way down the ramp as a mixed reaction goes around the arena.

    Anderson: Introducing first, from Pripyat, Ukraine... Fallout!

    It seems like this may be Fallout's final match in WZCW for a prolonged period of time.

    Klamour: Leaving on the eve of Kingdom Come?! Ridiculous decision from the former Elite X Champion.

    Fallout continues his walk, lurching down the aisle and eventually hopping up onto the ring apron. He scours the crowd for a moment before ducking under the rope and entering the ring. Solemnly, he waits for his opponents.

    Blade waits for a moment before appearing on the ramp. He. Too, scans the crowd as he begins to move slowly down the ramp.

    Anderson: Introducing, his opponents... The Zero Hunter... Blade!

    Everest: Blade and Mick Overlast have had a huge history within WZCW and it seems like it is all coming to a head as Kingdom Come rounds on us.

    Blade continues to walk down the aisle but is suddenly attacked by a mystery man. As a scrap breaks out and Blade desperately attempts to defend himself, his attacker is shown to be none other than Mick Overlast. Overlast catches Blade with a running double axe handle to the back of the head that sends the former EurAsian Champion sprawling to the mat. Overlast mounts Blade as he begins to land punches. Blade finally rallies back as he rolls Overlast over, landing some stiff punches of his own. In the ring, Fallout stands waiting for both men. Overlast kicks Blade off of him and both men finally rise to their feet. However, the punches continue to fly as both Blade and Overlast look to get the advantage on the other.

    Klamour: I love this!

    Everest: Mick Overlast made promises to the WZCW Universe that he would take Blade out one way or another. It seemed to everyone that it would mean a match to finally round this thing off at Kingdom Come. But that seemingly was far too long for Overlast and Blade to wait!

    Blade and Overlast continue to land punches until Overlast finally get the better of the Irishman. He lands a knee to the gut of his opponent and then Irish Whips him into the metal set that houses the titantron. The crowd lets out a painful cry as Blade crashes into the unforgiving steel face-first. Overlast wastes no time and pounces on his opponent as they continue to fight through the curtain and out of sight.

    Everest: Well there goes that match, I suppose.

    Suddenly, a huge applause goes around the arena. For a moment, that sound is only matched by confusion as it is not visibly apparent as to why there is such a sudden volume. That is until S.H.I.T rolls over the barricade and into the ring. Without any hesitation, S.H.I.T and Fallout begin trading blows with each other. After a moment, it is the Mandroid who gains the advantage. Fallout hits the canvas as S.H.I.T lands a stunning Piston Chop. Without a moment's hesitation, the Mandroid is all over his former stable mate – locking in the Industrial Strength Vice. Fallout squuirms at first but S.H.I.T. is in no mood to relinquish the move. Without any mercy at all, S.H.I.T. levers back on the head of his opponent. Further and further he levers, attempting to completely crush Fallout.

    Klamour: Jesus!

    Everest: I think S.H.I.T. might be trying to break the back of the former Elite X Champion!

    Klamour: Not for long. Here come Cerberus!

    Suddenly, the ring is invaded once more as Cerberus make their presence known – attacking the Mandroid as Fallout drops to the canvas. Ramparte and Mussel begin laying into S.H.I.T. as this massive clusterfuck of an event rolls on. S.H.I.T. valiantly fights against his attackers but after a few moments, the numbers finally catch up with the Mandroid. Backing S.H.I.T. into the corner, Ramparte and Mussel begin stomping S.H.I.T. with everything they have. The crowd boo mercilessly as Mussel picks S.H.I.T. up from the corner before he and Ramparte begin calling for the DWI! S.H.I.T. is at the mercy of Cerberus until, finally, help comes from an unlikely source.


    Mister Alhazred runs down the ramp to a chorus of cheers.

    Klamor: It can't be!

    Everest: It is and he's come to save his friend!

    As Ramparte and Mussel notice him enter the ring, they scatter before rolling out of the ring. S.H.I.T. falls to the canvas after the beating he just received. Grabbing the ropes, S.H.I.T. finally begins to make his way back to a vertical basis as Alhazred stares down Cerberus from inside the ring. A wide smile appears on the faces of Ramparte and Mussel as they walk backwards up the aisle... but it doesn't stay on for too long as they see S.H.I.T.'s and Alhazred's attention turn to the stirring Fallout. The crowd gets pumped as it looks like Alhazred is about to get revenge. He hits Fallout with the Level 5, followed by the White Van Driver for good measure. A sickening impact can be heard in the immediate vicinity as Fallout crumples to the canvas with E.M.T's running down to ringside to check on him. Cerberus don't look too impressed.

    Everest: What the Hell did I just witness?!

    Klamour: I've never seen anything so crazy in all my time here, Champ.

    Everest: First, the scheduled match between Fallout, Blade and Mick Overlast is cancelled due to Mick Overlast attacking Blade as he made his way to the ring. Then, S.H.I.T. attacks Fallout until Cerberus come out to ambush him again. And just when you think WZCW can't get any stranger, Mister Alhazred returns to WZCW and Dragon makes the save before taking out Fallout for the injuries he caused him a few weeks back. You couldn't write this stuff!

    Cerberus continue to smile down at the ring as Fallout is wheeled from ringside on a stretcher and Alhazred helps S.H.I.T. stay vertical. Alhazred turns to S.H.I.T. and speaks to him for a few moments before grabbing a microphone.

    Alhazred: Surprised to see me?

    The crowd cheers as Cerberus watches on with confusion and intrigue, whilst also looking around for El Califa and are very confused as to why he wasn't the one to make the save.

    Alhazred: Oh, don't worry. El Califa won't be joining us this evening as I've got another surprise. Thanks to your attack on Amber Warren after proposing to her, which to be completely honest is something even I wouldn't do and I'm on a variety of government listings, Los Magnificos Dragones are no longer able to compete for your tag team titles.

    There are smiles to be had between the two heads of Cerberus alongside boos from the crowd. However, Alhazred waves his finger in the air and shakes his head.

    Alhazred: However, just because they are out doesn't mean you don't have any opponents for Kingdom Come. You see, since you made the most idiotic decision to target my beloved S.H.I.T. in recent weeks, El Califa has bequeathed the Tag Team Title shot to the Mandroid... and guess who his tag team partner is?

    The smiles seem to fade rather rapidly as Cerberus find out the news. Alhazred passes the microphone to S.H.I.T.

    S.H.I.T.: S.H.I.T. is built to annihilate. S.H.I.T. will destroy Cerberus! It will be partners with the Alhazred once more and achieve the highest tier in the WZCW Tag Team Division!

    The crowd cheers loudly as Alhazred nods his head enthusiastically. S.H.I.T.'s music hits as Alhazred motions for Cerberus to come down to the ring with his signature hip thrusting, but the tag team champions back up slowly to the backstage area.

    Everest: A sudden change to our Tag Team Title match at Kingdom Come Johnny! The returning Mister Alhazred will now be reuniting with S.H.I.T. to take on Cerberus for the championships.

    Klamor: As much as I hate to admit it, Cerberus has made a dire mistake in messing with that damn robot.

    Everest: Well coming up next, friends square off as Lexi Hayes takes on Jonathan Hyada!
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    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Anderson: Introducing first, from Los Angeles, CA, weighing 225 pounds, Jonathan Hyada!

    Jon steps out from the entrance way and stands at the top of the ramp, looking out to the crowd from behind his Iron Fist themed mask. He performs a portion of a Satsui Hado Kata stance then unbuckles his Kevlar armor and lets it fall to his feet. Stepping forward he finishes the Kata and removes his mask, bowing to the crowd and walking towards the ring, leaving his mask behind with his armor.

    Klamor: Very into World of Warcraft, isn't he?

    Everest: That's... that's not... you know what? I'm not even going to go there.


    Anderson: And his opponent, from Centerville, Texas, weighing 102 pounds, Lexi Hayes!

    As the music kicks up, Lexi skips out onto the stage before jogging down the ramp. She high fives some fans as she reaches the bottom of the ramp before pulling herself onto the ring apron. From there, Lexi steps through the bottom rope and backs into her corner as the music cuts.

    Everest: Don't expect anything particular violent here. Lexi & Jonathan are good friends. Should be an interesting exhibition match.

    Klamor: In other words - boring!

    Katie Shepard separates Hayed and Hyada as they look on at one another. The bell rings and we are underway in this one. They close but Hyada catches Hayes by surprise with a kick to the face! Hayes collapses and Hyada follows to the ground with a keylock. Hayes rouses herself and gets a foot on the ropes, breaking the hold. She gets to her feet unsteadily, shaking out her arm, and Hyada lunges at her. Hayes gets the better of him and slams Hyada into the corner, then backs up and dropkicks him. She follows it up with another dropkick! Then she NAILS a hurricanrana which tosses Hyada onto the ground.

    Klamor: She can't go flipping around the ring like that! She's like a monkey!

    Hayes stomps on Hyada and he crawls over to the ring apron. Hayes jumps out of the ring then queues up a kick to Hyada's head! Hyada rolls back in, stumbles to one knee, Hayes springboards in, and EATS A HUGE KICK FROM HYADA! Hayes is down and Hyada locks in Dragon Force! Hayes is in trouble as she desperately tries to get to the ropes.

    Everest: Lexi is just a fingertip away from that bottom rope, but if she can't reach it may be all over.

    Hayes gets her fingers on the rope and the ref calls for a break. Hyada breaks the hold but looks at the ref confused. He says that Hayes didn't properly secure the rope to force the break. He pleads his case, but Shepard insists it is a rope break.

    Klamor: You know I'm not here to say that was a clean rope break or not, but don't break the hold like a plebe. You've got a five count.

    Hyada throws his hands into the air, clearly unhappy with the call but unwilling to press the issue further. He goes to lift Hayes to her feet, but she rolls him up with an inside cradle!

    Hyada kicks out! Lexi smacks the mat before she goes back to work. She works in a couple of shorts kicks with quick punches, backing Hyada into the ropes before he Irish whips him across the ring. She connects with a dropkick off the rebound and again makes a cover.

    Again Hyada kicks out. She grabs hold of an arm before Hyada can get back to a vertical base, and begins to torque it behind his body. He fights to stand and does, but his arm is still being twisted behind is back at an odd angle. The smaller Lexi then jumps on the back of Hyada and switches to a sleeper hold, arm triangle combo.

    Everest: Amazing! Lexi is using Jon's own arm against to cause him to pass out.

    Jon stumbles around the ring, unable to shake Lexi, he drops to a knee before finally finding enough of a second wind to back into the turnbuckle and ram himself back first, crushing Lexi between he and the turnbuckle. The hold is broken, but Jon is gasping for air and drops to a knee. Lexi shakes off the blow and heads to the top turnbuckle. She leaps and connects right with Jon's fist! He hits Falling Star to the airborne Lexi! He hooks the leg as Katie Shepard slides into position.


    Anderson: Here is your winner, Jonathan Hyada!

    Hyada gets to one knee and has his arm raised as he shakes his head, Hayes stirring on the canvas. Hyada gives a helping hand to Hayes and she accepts. He lifts her up with Hayes hurting but they share a friendly, sportsmanlike handshake before Hayes leaves the ring to leave Hyada to celebrate.

    Everest: Frenetically paced but Hyada was able to get the devastating punch in to finish her off.

    Klamor: I still say they are both losers.


    We are backstage in the office of Aftershock General Manager Becky Serra who gets a knock on the door. She calls whoever knocked into the room and it reveals to be the WZCW Elite X champion.

    Serra: What can I do for you, Mr. Constantine?

    Constantine: Just a little clarification - on Ascension, Chuck Myles mentioned that Ty Burna has a mystery opponent for the WZCW Supershow and refuses to mention who it is. Maybe you could help allude to who that might be, Miss Serra?

    She laughs at the request.

    Serra: I'd love to but I've been given strict orders from Mr. Banks not to tell anyone, especially a member of the Elite. I'm sorry. Is there anything else?

    Constantine ponders.

    Constantine: Yes, actually. It seems my 7th and final defense for the WZCW Elite X championship coincides with Kingdom Come. Being the grandest stage in our industry and an important title defense, I was wondering who management had in mind as an opponent?

    Serra: Funny you should mention that. It just so happens that a certain WZCW superstar who was supposed to be in a championship match has been removed from said match due to injuries sustained by his partner. So, since I promised him a championship opportunity, I figured he'd be an excellent challenger for your final defense. Plus, he also managed to defeat Steven Holmes in recent weeks so you can avenge the loss that the Elite suffered by his hand... speaking of the devil, here he is right now!

    Constantine turns around to see El Califa standing tall with arms folded. Constantine smirks.

    Constantine: Ah, finally! An opponent worthy of a championship shot. I commend WZCW Management for finding someone who can give him a formidable match.

    Califa: El Califa has no problem giving you the toughest match of your life at Kingdom Come. He is not afraid to take that championship from you and deal with the backlash that the Elite will bring.

    Constantine lets out a chuckle.

    Constantine: You know, with all the crap you've had to deal with - and shame on the weak link of your team Amber Warren, by the way - you're not actually a bad competitor. You're someone who I could see joining up with the Elite.

    Califa: El Califa isn't interested in your bribery or recruitments to such a petty organisation. He will not be bought out to make your last match easier. El Califa will be the final boss in your Elite X reign.

    Constantine shrugs.

    Constantine: Can't blame a man for trying, right? Well, I guess I'll see you at Kingdom Come... and oh, before I leave: make sure to watch my title defense at the Supershow. It'll be a little taste of what I will do to you.

    Constantine walks off with El Califa standing there. Serra approaches him.

    Serra: Are you sure you want to give up with Tag Title shot for an Elite X shot?

    Califa: El Califa is tired of holding personal grudges. What Cerberus did to Amber was inexcusable but S.H.I.T. & Alhazred will deliver better justice to Cerberus than the unlikely combination of S.H.I.T. and myself. Constantine is too arrogant for his own good and he needs to pass someone like El Califa to prove that he is indeed a true champion.

    Califa nods at Serra before leaving the office so the GM can continue on with her business.

    Everest: So it looks like Constantine will be taking on El Califa Dragon at Kingdom Come VI for the WZCW Elite X Championship, if Constantine can get through his challenger at the Supershow.

    Klamor: It sounds like you are questioning Constantine even making it to the biggest stage. He isn't in the Elite for nothing. He just sucessfully defended the title in a Steel Cage on Ascension. El Califa just lost a tag partner.

    Everest: And who are you to doubt El Califa? He's a tough competitor in his own right. If Constantine makes it...

    Klamor: When.

    Everest ... it should be an excellent contest. Question is: who is Constantine's opponent at the Supershow?
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    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Anderson: Introducing first from Hell, MI, weighing 295 pounds, Dorian Slaughter!

    Slaughter walks to the ring with a slow stagger, surveying the crowd on each side of the ramp. Oftentimes he frantically changes focus between the ground and the crowd.

    Klamor: He was quite impressive in his debut despite losing to the veteran Daddy Mack.

    Everest: Definitely got a good future if he keeps up that attitude.


    Anderson: And his opponent, from Bollywood, India, weighing 251 pounds, Veejay!

    Veejay enters in a dark arena with his back towards the crowd, flashing his jacket, and as the lights come back on, he drops the jacket and turns with a firm but slow walk to the ring. He taunts the crowd once he enters the ring.

    Everest: And the newly-signed member of WZCW doesn't look too shabby himself.

    Klamor: He's an A-Lister in Bollywood, Everest. Of course he looks good!

    The two competitors square off as the bell rings thanks to WZCW official Katie Shepard and we are underway.

    Veejay starts the match off by charging Slaughter with some European uppercuts, making him stumble backward and off his balance. Veejay lays in a roundhouse kick that knocks him to the ground and then Veejay traps him on the mat with a front face lock. Veejay keeps the pressure on Slaughter for a while, getting very cocky with himself and begins showing off whilst in the submission. He loses focus however and Slaughter powers out of it, pushing Veejay off of him. Slaughter charges but Veejay has enough sense to smack Slaughter with a big boot, knocking him off his feet. he goes back to the front face lock once more, taunting the crowd as they boo him.

    Klamor: Impressive showing for the Bollywood sensation out of the gates, showing us straight away he isn't here to be a pretty face.

    Everest: Although he certainly loves to flaunt himself.

    Slaughter makes it to his feet and powers out with an instant death valley driver. Slaughter takes this time to shake the cobwebs whilst Veejay is almost stunned by the attack. They both get to their feet at the same time with Slaughter hitting a sole kick, a kesagiri chop and goes for Hate Creation but Veejay counters into a Full Nelson Slam. He covers...

    ... 1
    ... 2
    ... kick-out.

    Veejey gets frustrated and talks with the referee but Shepard is having none of it. He sees Slaughter and delivers a quick DDT before looking to end the match. He stalks his opponent and goes for a Fireman's Carry but Slaughter slips out, hitting a Full Nelson bulldog. Once again, both men are down.

    Everest: Maybe a momentum shift for the angel of death?

    Klamor: Or a temporary setback for Veejay. 50/50 split, I'd say.

    Veejay is up and goes for a strike but Slaughter blocks, hitting a heart punch. Veejay coughs and stumbles backwards, allowing Slaughter to hit a sitout jawbreaker. Veejay falls back in the corner where Slaughter delivers the Fall of Man. Looking to end the match, Slaughter picks up Veejay and ends it as Death Becomes You. He covers...

    ... 1
    ... 2
    ... 3!

    Anderson: Here is your winner, Dorian Slaughter!

    Slaughter has his hand raised whilst Veejay can barely stir on the mat. Shepard makes sure Veejay is fine as Slaughter exits the ring, not taking any time to celebrate. As Veejay recovers, he tells the referee to go away as he tries standing up by himself.

    Everest: Well, props to Veejay for being a heavy hitter in this match but Slaughter was the one who seemed to be more calm and collected for the long haul.

    Klamor: Just another example of one style being better than the other for one night only. Maybe next time, it'll be Veejay who gets the victory.

    Everest: Indeed.


    We come back from commercial to see the General Manager of Aftershock Rebecca Serra in the middle of the ring with a microphone in hand. She doesn't receive a warm reception but she largely ignores the fans.

    Serra: Before Aftershock goes off the air tonight, I've got a couple of quick announcements. The first being the Blade & Mick Overlast situation. Tonight, we saw them brawl with each other and failed to compete in one of my matches. This situation has been happening for weeks and we need this resolved as fast as possible. So, in a collective decision by the General Managers, at the WZCW Supershow, Blade will be taking on Mick Overlast!

    The crowd cheers at the announcement.

    Everest: Big match made for next week!

    Klamor: Blade & Overlast will finally come to ahead after years of hatred. Should be a slobberknocker.

    Serra raises the microphone once more.

    Serra: Secondly, it has been brought to my attention that there are quite a number of superstars who have yet to be announced for Kingdom Come concerning a spot on the card. Well fear not! In the same meeting with the General Managers, we have also made a match for Kingdom Come where all the participants who have yet to make the card will compete in a Battle Royale. The winner of that match will be awarded the 5th spot in the Super Ladder Match Melee for the WZCW Eurasian Championship.

    Keep in mind that this match was originally supposed to be a Fatal Four Way but adding a wildcard to the mix will help spice things up for an already white hot match where will we undoubtedly crown a new Eurasian champion.

    The crowd cheers once again, seeing the card stacking up.

    Klamor: She's right, Everest. I don't believe any of the current participants have ever held the title.

    Everest: It will be a great opportunity to sky-rocket any of the four competitors in the match, including whomever joins them as the 5th entrant.

    Serra: And lastly-


    The crowd explodes as the WZCW World Heavyweight champion Matt Tastic appears on the stage with the fake title on his shoulders. Becky Serra seems to be the only one in the arena to be annoyed by the appearance by Tastic as he walks down the ramp and slides into the ring, grabbing a microphone.

    Serra: Any reason as to why you've interrupted me?

    Tastic: For the first time ever, there is actually a legitimate reason to stop you speaking. Seriously, you could use some breath mints. I could smell the sauerkraut from back there. Whew...

    The crowd laughs but Serra looks completely unamused.

    Serra: What do you want?

    Tastic: Well, there seems to be an unresolved issue with this championship on my shoulder. I'm your WZCW World Heavyweight Champion yet I have to carry around this novelty belt instead. I understand you wanted to have a joke and help boost sales where you can buy an exact replica of this championship on for very cheap and affordable prices, just like any Matt Tastic merchandise...!

    Tastic looks directly into the camera and begins shilling the shirt he is wearing and the belt he is carrying. The crowd shares a laugh before continues.

    Tastic: ... but don't you think I deserve an actual title?

    Serra looks at Tastic with a serious expression.

    Serra: You want me to go up to The Beard and take away the title from him? Someone as small and defenseless as me to take something away from someone as intimidating and monstrous as the Beard?

    Tastic: ... um, yes?

    Serra: Wow, you really are delusional. If you want it yourself, I'm afraid you're going to have to convince him yours-.

    Before Serra can finish off her sentence, The Beard attacks Matt Tastic from behind. Serra jumps out of the way in shock and gets out of harm's way, exiting the ring and going up the ramp. The crowd boos heavily as Tastic stirs, trying to get up.

    Klamor: Well, here he is Tastic. Why don't you ask him now?

    Beard looks to grab Tastic and tries to hit him with the Poetic Justice but Tastic reverses, knocking him back with a spinning back fist. Tastic grabs his fake championship belt and gets in position, smacking it across the face of the Beard... but the championship breaks in half and Beard stands there, unfazed by the attack. The Beard looks angry as Tastic takes a couple of seconds to process what happened. He looks up at Beard with a smile and shrugs. Tastic tries to strike but Beard blocks, hitting a big boot in response. This time, he picks up Tastic and successfully hits the Poetic Justice on Tastic, leaving him in a heap in the ring. The Beard stands over Tastic and holds the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship high in the air as the crowd boos.

    Klamor: It's not that easy, huh? And he implied that Becky should be the one to retrieve the belt.

    Everest: Tastic has a right to hold his own championship, Johnny. Despite the fact that he did not lose it, he was stripped of the title and Tastic earned his win at the Lethal Lottery to become champion.

    Klamor: Are you going to tell Beard that? Tastic tried but look where that ended up for him. Whether he's the champion or not, the Beard doesn't give a damn. It looks like Matt Tastic is going to have to do it the old fashioned way and defeat The Beard at Kingdom Come to claim back the big gold belt.

    Everest: And with that, we are out of time tonight. Thank you for joining us tonight for Aftershock and we'll see you next time for the WZCW Supershow before we finally reach our destination of Kingdom Come in the world famous Tokyo Dome. Good night everyone.

    The show ends with Beard standing tall and Tastic doing his best to try and get up but has trouble doing so. The WZCW logo flashes on the screen before fading to black.
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    Well that settles it, hope you guys enjoyed the shows this round. SuperShow next round, then onto KINGDOM MOTHER FUCKING COME! Rep these guys for their work. Seriously, rep them or I'll ban you.
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