Aftershock 16 - [2012 Awards Show Special]

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    WZCW Presents Aftershock 17
    2012 Awards Show Special

    Loud pops fill the arena as a curtain of sparks fall down on the entrance ramp. The entrance stage and ramp are trimmed in gold. There appears to be black carpet put down on the entrance stage itself. A large golden sign that reads "2012 Awards Show Special" hangs above the entrance area. On the stage-right area of the entrance stage there is a dark oak podium that is trimmed in gold. Pyros shoot out from behind the large gold sign and the camera begins panning around the audience, which is even more packed than usual for an Aftershock show. They cheer wildly before we cut to Johnny Klamor and Rebecca Serra sitting behind the announcer booth, which is also trimmed in gold, at ringside.

    Klamor is sporting a slick black tux with a black bow tie, while Serra has a cute sparkling black dress on.

    Klamor: Ladies and gentlemen, we have awards every year for this great company, but tonight is the first time that we devote an entire show to present them. 2012 was a great year and before we start tonight's festivities, we just want to say thank you. Thank you to the ones who watch our shows from home. Thank you to those who come to our shows here, like these people have done tonight!

    The crowd pops.

    Klamor: Thank you to the WZCW Universe who made 2012 possible.

    Serra: Without further ado, WZCW presents to you the 2012 Awards Show Special!


    The crowd pop is deafening as Austin Reynolds, "The Ratings Winner", makes his glorious return to WZCW. Reynolds steps out in a slick black tux with a black tie. He soaks in the energy from the crowd as he smiles. He walks to a corner of the stage that is opposite of the podium and raises his arms up. The crowd eats it up and continues to chant.


    Reynolds walks across the stage and continues to work the crowd! There is no need for commentary because the crowd tells the entire story of the moment. He finally makes his way over to the podium and the crowd slowly quiets down so that he can speak. There is a microphone attached to the top of the podium.

    Reynolds: Hi.

    The crowd pops again.

    Reynolds: It is good to be back here with the fans of the WZCW!

    The crowd pops again and Reynolds raises his arms. They buzz continues for a little bit, but then finally quiets down.

    Reynolds: Thank you. Truly, I thank you for that. If you do not know me, my name is Austin Reynolds and for tonight I will be your host for the 2012 Awards Show Special!

    The crowd pops again.

    Reynolds: 2012 was a truly spectacular year for the WZCW. We saw a lot of great superstars, matches, moments, surprises, and shows. All the way from Meltdown Madness 67 to Unscripted V; you people joined us on a roller coaster of emotions. We reached new goals by up-keeping and maintaining a third show. The same show that we are now hosting the Awards Show on. We reached new numbers with one of the largest rosters ever to date for this company. We saw the impossible that was Steven Kurtesy winning the main event of Kingdom Come IV against the immortal Ty Burna. We laughed with the likes Saxton and Saboteur in their crazy antics, and cried with the likes of Chris K.O. whenever his father died. This is our world WZCW. Or I guess as Everest would say: this is his world and he is just allowing us to live in it.

    The crowd laughs at Reynolds joke.

    Reynolds: So tonight we celebrate the fans and we celebrate the hard work of those who go out there each and every week and put on a show for you. I-

    Reynolds is cut off by the applause of the audience.

    Reynolds: I've been inside this ring when magic happens and everyone in the building watching the show is full of electricity, making that moment even more special. A lot of wrestlers will come out and explain to everyone that they want to be the best and they want to become the World champion but the one thing deep down inside that any one of the guys - or girls - in the back really desire is to be remembered. Special moments in one's career is what people truly remember and there were quite a few in 2012... but which was the most awe-inspiring moment of the year?

    We cut to the titantron where the nominees of the award are showcased.

    Reynolds: I'd just like to congratulate Strikeforce on being the first team in history to hold the titles twice despite the circumstances. Anyway, the winner is...

    Reynolds slowly opens up the envelope, creating suspense for the crowd.

    Reynolds: Steven Kurtesy defeats Ty Burna at Kingdom Come!


    The crowd pops massively as the Professor's theme hits the speakers. Everybody is excited to see Kurtesy once more and are ready to get on their feet. After a few moments pass, it is actually Sandy Deserts who walks out, dressed in a long sky blue dress. The crowd is disappointed but still cheer for her as she waves to the crowd. She goes up to Reynolds and they give each other a hug before accepting the award. Reynolds disappears backstage as Sandy holds the award in her hand.

    Sandy: I apologise for coming out to the Professor's theme but Steven requested that you could hear his theme once more. There you go Steven, congratulations on winning this award.

    Sandy looks in the camera and waves.

    Sandy: For those of you who don't know, Steven is unable to attend because he is still recovering in the hospital with multiple injuries to the throat due to the actions of one Isabel Stone.

    The crowd boos at the mention.

    Sandy: He is set to be released from the hospital soon as the rest of his body was practically unscathed but due to his injuries, doctors say that a return to the ring to create further moments like him defeating Ty Burna doesn't look possible for the foreseeable future.

    The crowd boos more for this revelation.

    Sandy: Sorry for being the bearer of bad news but I thought I'd let you all know. Well, thank you for all voting for this as I'm sure Steven is quite glad and I hope you all enjoy th-

    At that moment, Isabel runs out from behind the curtain and attacks Sandy from behind, knocking her down. The crowd boos heavily as she mounts Sandy and slams the back of her head against the stage. She gets up, brushing her hair back.

    Isabel: That's what you get for chasing me out of the building and defending the honour of a hack! That's what you get, Sandy.

    Isabel has a wicked smirk on her face as she backs off with the crowd still booing. She heads through the curtain as Sandy tries recovering. Reynolds comes back out and helps her to her feet, grabbing the award and helping Sandy out to the back who holds her head. She waves once more to the fans before leaving with Reynolds.


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    The crowd erupts as Saboteur comes out onto the stage. He has a tuxedo suit over his normal attire and his katanas are tucked inside the shirt on his back. He waves at the crowd as he makes his way over to the podium. The crowd continues to cheer for him as he gets behind the stand and puts his mouth up to the microphone.

    Saboteur: HELLO CLEVELAND!

    The crowd pops at Saboteur's one liner.

    Saboteur: The last time that I was in a tuxedo shirt there was some ill-timed penguins following me to the ring.

    Saboteur twitches at the mention of the word penguin.

    Saboteur: But that was 2012, and this is 2013!

    The crowd cheers.

    Saboteur: Tonight, I am out here to hand off an award that I received last year. So, let's get on with it. *Ahem* One second please.

    Saboteur reaches up inside his tuxedo shirt and fiddles around a little bit. Finally, he pulls out a set of index cards. He then reaches back up inside his shirt again and pulls out a small pair of spectacles. He puts them on over his mask. He leans to look att he cards closely and then begins to speak.

    Saboteur: 2012 - was - a -great - year - for - WZCW. We - saw - an - influx - of - talent - that - brought - us - future - legends. Tonight - I - am - here - to - present - the - nominees - for - the - 2012 - WZCW - Rookie - of - the - Year.

    Saboteur puts away the cards and takes off his glasses.

    Saboteur: Here are the nominees.

    Saboteur holds out his hand and the camera cuts to a shot of the titantron.

    Saboteur: And the winner is...

    Saboteur now has an envelope in his hands as he opens it up and looks at the contents inside.

    Saboteur: Triple X!


    Triple X comes out to a thunderous applause. He is dressed in a nice pair of dark-faded jeans and a black leather coat. He holds his arms up in an "X" symbol. The camera shows several members of the audience doing the same. XXX turns and sees Saboteur and a well-dressed lady standing with the actual hardware. He grins and walks up to receive it. He hugs the lady and then we see Saboteur firmly grip him by the shoulder and mouth the words, "you deserve it."

    The lady and Saboteur both exit off the stage as XXX makes his way over to the podium. The crowd continues to cheer as the music winds down.

    XXX: Wow.

    XXX looks at the award in his hand.

    XXX: This is what makes it worth it. You people.

    The crowd cheers.

    XXX: This is what makes all of the bumps and bruises. All of the wins and losses. All of the briefcases to the back of the head.

    XXX rubs the back of his head as he smirks.

    XXX: I am so honored to receive this award here tonight. I competed against a lot of other new talent. The likes of Mikey Stormrage, James Howard, The Masked Gentleman, Ace Stevens, and Krypto. It is honor to be selected above all of those names and be your rookie of the year. Wow...

    XXX's face glows as he looks down at the award. After a few seconds, he looks back up at the crowd.

    XXX: I won't stay out here and talk too long because that just isn't my style, but thank you so much. 2012 was a great year for me and I hope that 2013 is even better! Thank you!

    XXX holds the award up as his music begins to play again. The crowd begins to cheer him on as he walks to center stage. He holds his arms up in X once more before waving and turning to leave. As he exits, we see Reynolds walking back out towards the podium.

    Reynolds finally reaches the podium as the music begins to fade and the crowd silences.

    Reynolds: At the pinnacle of tonight's performance we will present the most prestigious award on our ballet. That award being the 2012 Wrestler of the Year Award. You the people have voted and chosen who you think soared above all others. You voted on the man or woman that you thought reached a superior level of excellence throughout the year. And although four men will be presented tonight as nominees, only one will walk away with the title.

    The crowd is buzzing over Reynolds' speech.

    Reynolds: So, here is tonight's first nominee for the 2012 Wrestler of the Year Award.

    Reynolds looks up at the titantron and the camera cuts to it.

    We cut backstage to see Rush and Smith stepping out of a limo. They are dressed to kill with their titles draped over their shoulders.

    Klamor: There he is. The first of four. Rush is here and the night is young.

    Serra: Yes, and now we will cut to a visual presentation of one of our awards.





    Jack Cohen comes out to a surprising pop despite his usual vocal support for heels. He is wearing an eccentric pick tux with a white bow tie. He has a yellow boa draped around his right shoulder. He waves to the crowd as he walks over to the podium. The crowd begins to die down along with the music.

    Cohen: I sit behind that announcer booth -

    Cohen points down at the ring.

    Cohen: Every Meltdown and Ascension. I have a front row seat of every match on prime-time television and Pay Per View. I have witnessed some masterpieces as well as some disasters. 2012 was no exception.

    Cohen pauses for a moment.

    Cohen: A great match is like a recipe. You must have the right ingredients. The crowd has to be just right.

    This receives a small pop from the crowd.

    Cohen: The energy has to be bubbling in the arena. There has to be a great story told in the ring. There has to be two or more men who have great chemistry. A battle between good and evil. A timeless feud that will never die.

    Cohen pauses again.

    Cohen: Not only that, but the participants themselves must be something special. They have to be in prime condition and they have to want to give 100% in the match. So many times I will see guys come out here and conserve...

    Cohen looks out at the crowd.

    Cohen: In a great match... in a match of the year..

    The crowd pops again.

    Cohen: There is no conservatism.

    Cohen looks back at the camera in front of him.

    Cohen: In 2012 we saw some great matches and some not so great. We saw some matches that we never thought we would see. Heck, I even got back into the ring.

    The crowd laughs.

    Cohen: However, there were four matches that truly stood out this year, and only one of them was truly the match of the year. Here are the nominees...

    We cut to the titantron.

    Cohen: And the winner is...

    Cohen: Barbosa vs. S.H.I.T. at Unscripted!

    The crowd erupts into approval. Cohen himself even claps, but then he quickly interjects.

    Cohen: Unfortunately, neither Barbosa or S.H.I.T. could be here tonight, so we-


    Justin Cooper and Alex Bowen come out to a bucket of boos. Cooper is dressed in black slacks, black blazer, and a white under-shirt. Bowen is in his regular attire, which is a black "The Acacia Stain" t-shirt and ripped up jean shorts. Cooper and Bowen wave off the crowd as they continue to get booed. They make their way over to Cohen, who now appears to have the award in his hand. Cohen looks a little annoyed, but decides not to bother with it. He sets the award down on the podium and holds out his arms for Cooper and Bowen to speak to the audience. Cooper and Bowen accept the invitation and then Cohen walks off to the back.

    Cooper: Oh shut it, you know you love us.

    The crowd fires back with some boos.

    Cooper: Really? Match of the year? Do you people even know what a match of the year looks like?

    Cooper picks up the award and hands it to Bowen.

    Cooper: I think we all know who are the true winners of the award. You wanna talk about match of the year? How about he match on Ascension whenever Bowen and I took down handlebars and boss. Now that was match of the year quality!

    Cooper shakes his head in disgust.

    Cooper: The fact that Alex Bowen vs. Steamboat Ricky at Redemption was not even on the ballot just makes me sick. Bowen-

    Cooper points back at him.

    Cooper: - Is the workhorse of this company. He demands and deserves your respect!

    Bowen steps up to the microphone.

    Bowen: Speaking of match of the year candidates; how about that match at Unscripted where Cooper beat Constantine and Chris K.O. both on the same night.

    The crowd boos. Cooper nods and smiles.

    Cooper: I did do that.

    Bowen: What you people need to realize is that we are the building blocks of this company. We are second-page roster men.

    Cooper steps up to the microphone.

    Cooper: We are The Empire!

    The crowd showers them with boos as Cooper takes the award from Bowen and holds it up in the air.

    Cooper: Tonight, we accept this award on behalf of The Empire. Thank you for your time.

    Music begins to play as Cooper holds the award up in the air as Bowen and Cooper walk to the back.

    Serra: Despicable.

    Klamor: Can you blame them? They were robbed!

    Vance Bateman walks out as the two men exit. He shoots them a glance, but then continues to walk towards the podium. The music dies down and Bateman begins to speak.

    Bateman: As a General Manager I get to book a wide range of matches. Of course my favorite matches to book are title matches. I love throwing new challenges at champions. It keeps them fresh and on their toes. I am not surprised whenever they lose, because this company is a dog-eat-dog world. However, I am impressed whenever they retain. A great man once said that it is easier to be a challenger than it is to be a defender. The defender always has more to lose.

    Bateman pauses.

    Bateman: So, tonight I am out here to present an award to the person that carried the torch farther than any other in 2012. This person grasped on to gold -

    Bateman clinches his fist.

    Bateman: And held on to it with everything that he had. There were no days off for them and every match seemed like their first...

    Bateman puts both his hands on the podium.

    Bateman: Here are the nominees for the 2012 Title Reign of the Year Award.

    Bateman: and the winner is...

    Bateman: Black Dragon as EurAsian Champion!

    No music plays, but the crowd breaks out into applause. A chant comes forth.




    Bateman holds up his hands to silence the crowd.

    Bateman: As all of you are aware, Black Dragon is no longer a part of this company. So on behalf of WZCW, we accept this award for him.

    Boos break out from the crowd as Bateman makes his way to the back.

    Serra: He may no longer be a part of this company, but he will go down as one of the great wrestlers of all time.

    Klamor: I can't argue with that Becky. Don't go away yet people, we are about to do another visual presentation of an award and then take a commercial break. We will return soon with more awards!



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    Music begins to play as Reynolds comes back on to the stage. The crowd cheers him on once again as he makes his way to the podium.

    Reynolds: How are you guys enjoying the night so far?

    The crowd pops.

    Reynolds: Good. Let's keep moving on then.

    Reynolds winks at the camera.

    Reynolds: It is time to announce the second nominee for tonight's 2012 Wrestler of the Year Award!

    The crowd pops again.

    Reynolds: We already have once piece of the puzzle. A veteran in the form of the mammoth, Rush. Now, we will look at the complete opposite of that. This man put his body on the line all year and captured the hearts of the WZCW universe. He is new to the scene and he has already collected some valuable hardware tonight. Here is the second nominee for this year's Wrestler of the Year Award...

    We cut backstage and see Triple X talking to Ricky Runn and El Califa Dragon. They seem to be joking about something, but the audio is off as XXX's music continues to play.

    Serra: There he is. The second nominee for tonight's 2012 Wrestler of the Year Award! Coming up next we finally have some in-ring action. Alhazred will take on Jacoby Capone!


    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall.


    The lights go black before the music starts. At the toll of the first bell a pyro in the shape of the Triforce goes off on the stage and the lights switch between red, blue and green. Alhazred walks on stage to mostly cheers with a few boo's sprinkled in and holds up his Power Glove and heads down the ramp, talking to himself under his breath as he does. He rolls under the bottom rope and walks around the ring. He stops in the center and punches his fist in the air as pyro goes off on the turnbuckles. He goes in the corner and checks his glove.

    Anderson: Introducing first, weighing in at 178lbs, Mister Alhazred!


    Capone’s theme plays out for awhile before he walks out as the song picks up. Capone slowly prances from the curtain with a smirk on his face and hood from his jacket up. He inaudibly begins yelling at groups of fans all of which are booing him. He spins on his heel in a show-off fashion followed by a brisk jog to the ring. Capone then climbs a single turnbuckle where he unzips his jacket, gestures to the band on his shirt, then removes the shirt and tosses it to the ground. Lightshow consists of flashing and alternating red and white lights throughout the arena, while a main spotlight is focused on him.

    Anderson: And his opponent, weighing in at 242lbs, Jacoby Capone!

    Serra: "The brief union of these two Gentlemen crashed and burned at Unscripted, with Capone attacking Alhazred only for Alhazred to return the favour and cost these men the match. I am not sure what his reasoning was, Alhazred is a seasoned tag team wrestler, winning the tag titles with James King and terrorising the roster alongside S.H.I.T. Their union could have been a successful one."

    Klamor: "I thought Alhazred's attack was unprovoked, and calling him a Gentleman is a stretch, as I am pretty sure he's been in trouble for sexual harrassment on more than one occasion. Unscripted did Capone a favour, it got him out of an alliance with this freak."

    Serra: "Either way, these two will be wanting to get their hands on each other tonight."

    Klamor: "Thats the sort of thing thats got Alhazred in trouble in the past."

    Alhazred and Capone stare down before the bell rings, with Capone looking broody while Alhazred adjusts his Power Glove. The ref stands between them waiting for the bell.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    The ref moves and Capone instantly moves toward Alhazred, swinging at him with a right hook that the veteran avoids and counters with a knee to the gut followed by a punch straight to the heart which sends Capone into the corner, clutching his chest.

    Serra: "Capone maybe showing too much aggression early on and Alhazred using his experience to gain the advantage."

    Klamor: "Alhazred's hardly known as a master tactition Becky, I expect it wont be long before he succumbs to his opponent."

    Alhazred smirks and adjusts his power glove, before charging into the corner with a clothesline that misses because Capone moves out of the way, still clutching his chest, Alhazred staggers out of the corner and Capone moves in behind him and hits him with a Russian Leg Sweep. The Power Glove wielding maniac tries to climb back to his feet but Capone hits a knee drop to the skull, presumably causing it to redden under the mask. Capone lets his pent up anger and teenage angst loose again as he backs up and then hits a running senton splash that Alhazred wasn’t quick enough to avoid to boo's from the crowd.

    Klamor: "Being right all the time is such a drag."

    Serra: "I am sure, but Alhaz. . .

    Klamor: "JUST KIDDING!"

    Instead of trying to climb to his feet again Alhazred rolls under the bottom rope and out of the ring, Capone is quick to follow him and Alhazred turns around and is met with a right hook that sends him into the barricade, a fan reaches and claps Alhazred on the back, Alhazred reacts instantly and turns and threatens the fan with his Power Glove until he remembers himself. Capone takes full advantage and grabs Alhazred by the back of the head and throws him into the ring steps. Capone hits Alhazred with another right and the only thing that stops him from hitting the deck is the ring steps themselves as the referee counts to five.

    Serra: Capone using his size advantage here, nothing flashy, he's just beating Alhazred down."

    Klamor: "It's a good strategy, there must be nearly 100lbs weight difference between these guys, someone that much bigger than you hits you, you're going to feel it."

    Capone goes for another hit but Alhazred counters, a thunderous uppercut from his Power Glove decking Capone and knocking him to the ground.

    Klamor: "Of course, having a metal fist is a great equaliser. I am sure this has been asked before, but is he really allowed to use that?"

    Serra: "Well, for better or worse Alhazred has seemingly evened the odds here.

    Alhazred climbs into the ring to avoid being counted out and Capone follows, both beating the count with seconds to spare.

    Serra: "At least this one won't end by count out."

    Klamor: "Yes, lets all praise the Gods of wrestling."

    Alhazred climbs to his feet and goes toward a recovered Capone, who greets him with a kick to the gut and a scoop slam, knocking Alhazred down again. Capone goes for a cover but instead climbs off before even a 1 count, glaring at Alhazred he raises the smaller man to his feet, using his size advantage to essentially ragdoll Alhazred.

    Klamor: "The barricade, the ring steps, his in-ring offence, Capone has been working the ribs of Alhazred all match. For a smelly grunger kid, he's showing a bit of ring generalship."

    Serra: "Could he have something in particular in mind?"

    Capone lifts Alhazred for a bearhug but is met with a thumb to eye for his troubles, Alhazred staggers out of the hold and then follows up with a huge Rising Dragon Fist, causing Capone to stagger back again in this match, Alhazred quickly covers the distance between them and hits him with a running neckbreaker. Alhazred looks around to the crowd which are now entirely behind him, and he almost looking bemused at this positive reaction. He looks down to see Capone stirring and employs a similar tactic used on him earlier, bouncing off the ropes and connecting with a fist drop.

    Serra: "It seems the crowd have really taken to Alhazred recently, without him changing too much about himself."

    Klamor: "Mouth breathers."

    Alhazred goes for the cover but Capone kicks out at two and climbs to his feet while Alhazred berates the ref for a slow count, at one point “if I say its three, its three you disgruntled little cretin” can clearly be heard above the crowd. Capone again grabs Alhazred from behind and throws him into the corner. He follows it up with a series of viscous strikes on the smaller man, Alhazred raises his hands to defend his face but Capone moves on to the body, eventually Alhazred drops to his knees. Capone snarls and lifts him back up, physically lifting him up to the top rope, Alhazred looks out on his feet as Capone begins climbing but suddenly he springs into life, connecting with a HARD right hook from the Power Glove, Capone teeters for a few seconds before falling down to the mat, as what often happens in this situation, landing in the perfect position for Alhazred to connect with an ariel move.

    Serra: "Capone could be punished for this."

    What isn’t lost on Becky also isn’t lost on Alhazred, as he raises his glove into the air to a cheer from the crowd and connects with a diving fist drop, but instead of following it up with a cover Alhazred helps Capone back to his feet, and in a feat of strength lifts him into a Cradle Piledriver position, with the Power Glove doing the cradling for extra discomfort for the intended victim and thunderously dropping Capone with it.

    Serra: "Alhazred just hit a huge "White Van Driver" and this one should be over now."

    Alhazred crawls over and makes the cover, 1,2,3.

    Anderson: Here is your winner, MISTER ALHAZRED!

    Klamor: "Alhazred looked like he enjoyed delivering that move a bit too much."

    Serra: "Regardless, this is a good win for Alhazred and he'll hope this is the start to a more consistent run."

    Capone starts to recover and rolls out of the ring as the veteran celebrates, gesticulating towards the Power Glove and demanding the referee raises his hand. He then walks over the ropes, with Capone holding his head and neck and staring at him, Alhazred stares back favouring his ribs. Capone mouths something to Alhazred who shrugs, and shouts back that Capone should’ve stuck with him at Unscripted.

    Serra: "An exchange between these two, and no doubt Alahzred is still somewhat annoyed by Capone sabotaging them both at Unscripted. That said, he's probably too busy enjoying his win now to care."

    Klamor: "It was Alhazred who sabotaged them Becky, this match proves there is no justice."

    Becky’s words prove to be true as Alhazred further celebrates his victory by doing laps of the ring, before eventually being urged to go to the back by the referee.

    He hops out of the ring and begins slowly walking up the ramp. He gets about half-way up before he is stopped dead in his tracks.


    Half of the crowd begins cheering while the other half is confused. However, the confused are quickly turned into cheerers as soon as James King emerges from the back and onto the stage. He is dressed in a black suit with a green tie on. Alhazred is shocked, but he quickly snaps out of it and runs towards King on the stage.

    King holds out his hand whenever Alhazred gets close to him. Alhazred stops and then shakes the hand. However, they quickly embrace with a man-hug after shaking.

    The crowd is roaring with approval.

    Serra: I don't believe it! The Forgotten Powers have reunited!

    Klamor: Wow, I never thought I would see this tonight.

    King and Alhazred make their way over to the podium. Alhazred is still shocked. It looks like he has seen a ghost. They finally position themselves in front of the microphone.

    King: I am sorry to surprise you like that Al. I was told to keep my one-time return tonight a secret by any means necessary.

    Alhazred shrugs as if he understands. He is just happy to see King.

    King: You do know why I am out here, right?

    Alhazred: To kick some ass?

    The crowd pops and laughs. King just smiles.

    King: Not tonight my friend. No, I am out here because we are the reigning tag team of the year from 2011!

    The crowd cheers.

    King: And tonight we have to hand that title off to the 2012 Tag Team of the Year!

    Alhazred: Sounds good to me.

    King addresses the audience now.

    King: Well, back when I was here the tag team division was very thinned out. There was not a lot of interest in it, and the division was an afterthought to most. The Forgotten Powers were revolutionary, but unfortunately our time was cut short.

    King pauses and looks at Alhazred.

    King: But I am proud of whatever little progress we made while we teamed. I am glad that we paved the road for the likes of some of the tag teams that compete today. Sometimes I don't think we did a whole lot, but then I look around and see that the tag division is taking priority, only second to the world title. I strongly believe that we started rolling the stone and people kept rolling it after we stopped.

    King smiles at Alhazred.

    King: So, tonight we are here to present the 2012 Tag Team of the Year Award.

    King offers to let Alhazred speak.

    Alhazred: Here are the nominees?

    We cut to a shot of the titantron.

    Alhazred: And the winner is...

    The Forgotten Powers: SaboSax!


    An unrivaled cheer cannot be contained within the arena as Saboteur and Action Saxton burst out of the gorilla position and out onto the stage with tuxedo shirts on. They high five each other and then run down the entrance way to give high-fives to all the fans down the entrance ramp. They take opposite sides and circle the ring, high-fiving every fan possible. Finally, they make their way back up the entrance ramp. The crowd is still on fire.

    They go over to The Forgotten Powers and embrace each other with hand-shakes and heterosexual man-hugs. King raises the arm of Saxton, and Alhazred raises the arm of Saboteur. A well-dressed lady is standing nearby and hands over the hardware to Saboteur and Saxton. They take it and go over to the podium. The lady and The Forgotten Powers exit off of the stage.

    Saxton: For all of you that doubted us, take that you jerryatric suckas!

    The crowd pops. The buzz is still amazing in the arena. Saxton and Saboteur are still panting from running a victory lap around the ring.

    Saboteur: I am surprised that we won this, but I did prepare a small speech just in case.

    Saboteur reaches under his tuxedo shirt once again and pulls out his spectacles and what appears to be a large scroll. He puts on his glasses and then unravels the scroll. It drops to the floor and starts rolling across the entrance stage. In a surprising move, it takes a 90 degree turn and defies the law of physics before rolling down the entrance ramp until finally stopping at the ring.

    Saxton: A small speech, huh?

    Saboteur holds up his fingers in a pinching gesture to suggest how small it is.

    Saxton: Fool we ain't got time for this. They only gave us a 1 minute time limit to speak!

    Saboteur: 1 minute? What the hell? Our victory march already took us thirty seconds!

    Saxton: Hmm.

    Saxton pulls out a large calculator and puts it on the podium. He begins to crunch the numbers.

    Saboteur: Add the 10 seconds from Alhazred and King holding our arms up.

    Saxton punches it in.

    Saboteur: Add the 5 seconds from that semi-attractive lady handing us our awards.

    Saxton punches it in.

    Saboteur: Add the 10 seconds from my hilarious small speech gag.

    Saxton punches it in.

    Saxton: Wait, this number ain't right.

    Saboteur looks down at it.

    Saboteur: You forgot to carry the two.

    Saxton: Oh yeah.

    Saxton punches it in.

    Saboteur: Add the calculator segment and we are out of -

    Music begins playing as Saboteur and Saxton look up at the rafters.

    Saxton: Damn!

    Saboteur: Thank you!

    The crowd pops once again as Saxton and Saboteur take their things and raise their awards up into the air. The crowd sends them off with great applause.


    We cut backstage and see The Beard strapping on his boots for his match later tonight. Le Gentleman Masque walks into the room.

    Beard: Congrats on the nomination tonight for Rookie of the Year. Don't feel too bad about losing. Those things are just popularity contests anyway.

    Masque: Nah, Triple X deserved it.

    Masque appears to be smiling as Beard continues to adjust his boots.

    Masque: Tonight is a big night Beard. This match could set up a path that could define our alliance. The best teams are the ones that have great chemistry. So I just want to tell you that I have full trust in you out there tonight. I hope that you have the same in me.

    Beard smiles and stands up. He puts a hand on Masque's shoulder.

    Beard: Brother, you and I are going to go places. You have my trust.

    Masque grabs the arm of Beard and nods. The shot fades to black.



    Chuck Myles comes out with a smug look on his face. The crowd is mixed in his reaction, but it is not really a big one anyways. He is wearing a black leather jacket over a button up shirt. He also has a pair of dark-faded jeans on. He immediately walks over to the podium.

    Myles: As you can see I am not really dressed to present tonight, but we needed a last minute fill-in for a no show.

    Myles rubs his hands together and then continues to speak.

    Myles: Surprises... Sometimes they are good and sometimes they are bad. Hell, I was surprised whenever I planned to retire this past year, but was forced to continue working for this company. I was surprised again whenever I saw a member of the WZCW roster rise to a position of management over me. That man being Big Dave of course.

    Myles pauses for a moment.

    Myles: You see, life is full of surprises. What you see is not always what you get. Like me coming out here to present tonight instead of someone like... oh I don't know... HUNTER KRAVINOFF!

    The crowd pops.

    Myles: Surprise! He was never even contacted to appear on the show tonight.

    The crowd begins to boo and Myles chuckles to himself.

    Myles: Hate me or love me, here are the nominees for tonight's 2012 Surprise of the Year Award.

    We see a nicely dressed lady walk up next to Myles with the award in her hands.

    Myles: And the winner is...

    The lights go out. The entire arena is black, but suddenly a white light begins to flicker. Black, white, black, white. The light is only illuminating the ring as it flickers. The crowd is shocked to see something burning in the center of the ring. Is it an illusion? The lights continue to flicker so it is hard to get a clear glimpse at it. The lights flicker again and the burning image is gone. The lights go completely dark again. After a few seconds they finally come back on. There is nothing in the ring and the crowd is confused. We see Myles on stage as he looks over at the woman standing next to him. The award is gone. Myles shouts.

    Myles: Where is it?!

    The lady shrugs and Myles storms off stage with the lady following close behind.

    Klamor: What the hell?

    The screen fades to black as we go to commercial.
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    A familiar tune begins to play once again as Reynolds comes back onto the stage. The crowd still pops for him, but it is smaller now that his appearance has become a reoccurring thing on the show. He approaches the microphone at the podium.

    Reynolds: A veteran and a rookie. What is next? A rival. A rival is someone that pushes you to your very best. He is someone that will bring out the fire inside of you and make you break limits that you thought could never be broken. A great wrestler will always be great, but he can only become legendary when he is pushed to heights that the average cannot achieve. Rivals are key components in building legends. The man that I am about to present is someone who has been a rival to many. He has his influence sprinkled around the entire company and he is setting a standard that has been gone from this company for some time. This man is a rival. This man was one of my rivals.

    Reynolds pauses and smiles.

    Reynolds: Ladies and gentleman, here is the third nominee for tonight's 2012 Wrestler of the Year Award.


    We cut backstage and see Leon Kensworth, with a black tux and red bow tie, standing next to Drake Callahan, who is wearing a suit and has a pair of sunglasses resting on the top of his head.

    Kensworth: Thanks for joining me for this interview Drake. I asked you to take part in it because I was wondering why exactly you are here tonight?

    Drake looks shocked at Kensworth's question.

    Kensworth: I mean, you are not nominated for any awards and you don't seem like someone who would be very happy about that. So I just assumed that you wouldn't be here.

    Drake: Shhhhh.

    Drake holds up a finger to Kensworth's lips.

    Drake: Yes Kensworth. It is a travesty. No, it is a conspiracy. It is a conspiracy that I am not on the ballot tonight for any award. Especially the Wrestler of the Year award.

    Drake moves in closer to Kensworth.

    Drake: But there is something bigger here tonight. Something that I have been keeping my eye on. Something that will unravel the very fabric of the WZCW universe.

    Kensworth: A conspiracy?

    Drake nods.

    Drake: Yes Kensworth. A conspiracy that is way bigger than that cute little bow tie on your neck.

    The camera shows the red bow tie.

    Drake: Keep your eyes peeled because I am on to something.

    Drake points at his eyes and then back at Kensworth before exiting off the camera view. Kensworth looks around in a paranoid manner before the scene fades to black.



    Big Dave comes out to a pretty good sized pop. He is dressed in a nice grey pen-stripe suit with a crimson tie. He waves at the crowd as he makes his way over to the podium.

    Dave: Thank you for welcoming me out here tonight. How are you guys enjoying the night? Is Austin treating you all good?

    The crowd cheers.

    Dave: Good. That's good. Well, I am out here tonight to present an award that means something special to me. That award is the Title Win of the Year Award. In 2011 I felt like I won that type of the award whenever I captured the World Heavyweight Title at Unscripted for the first time. It was like I was on top of the world. To be honest, whoever wins this tonight has already won something much more valuable than a gold trophy. They won the moment. They won the moment whenever they received that gold belt from the referee after the 1,2,3 or the "tap, tap, tap". This award tonight is merely meant to symbolize and memorialize that moment.

    Dave pauses as he looks out at the crowd with a serene look.

    Dave: Without further ado, here are the nominees for the 2012 Title Win of the Year Award.

    Dave: I like that second one.

    The crowd laughs as Dave winks at the camera and opens the envelope

    Dave: And the winner is...

    Dave: Triple X winning the Elite X Championship!


    XXX comes out once again, but just as he prepares to take the award from Dave, a new tune plays, silencing the cheers and bringing about horrific jeers.


    "The Elite" Steven Holmes enters the picture dressed in a suit. Triple X doesn't take his eyes off of the aristocrat, and neither does Dave. With his rival’s focused on him, Holmes reaches out and takes a microphone from a stagehand.

    Holmes: Bravo Triple X. Another fine win this evening. However I have some rather unfortunate news for both yourself and for you Dave. You see, I own the company that made these rather marvellous awards this evening and as a result I'm here to inform you that this particular statuette, as glorious as it is, is in fact defective.

    On the word "defective", Holmes snatches the award from Dave's grasp. He looks down at the award before returning his gaze to Triple X and smirking. X is fuming and prepares to square up to Holmes before Dave, the GM of Meltdown, hopes to maintain decorum.

    Holmes: My "sincerest” apologies Mr. X. I'll be sure to have the boys at my factory mail you a new one. Bwahahahahahahaha!

    As Holmes enjoys a heart belly laugh, he turns away and exits, Dave still preventing X from moving forward and physically provoking the elitist.

    Klamor: Triple X could only flaunt himself around like the best thing in the world for so long. This award was a complete attempt at humiliating Holmes. I don't blame him at all for what he just did.

    Serra: Are you joking? That award was perfectly fine. Holmes just wanted to steal the spotlight.

    Klamor: Calm down Becky. You are letting your emotions get involved in this. We need to switch over to our final visual presentation of the night.

    The camera shows Dave whispering something in X's ear as the Wrestler of the Year candidate can only look on, frustrated.


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    We see Ricky Runn backstage in his locker room. Suddenly, the door opens and we see El Califa Dragon poke his head in. Runn shoots him a confused look. Califa holds up a finger to signify “one second”. Califa closes the door and Runn shrugs. The door reopens, but this time it is Austin Reynolds who enters into the locker room.

    Runn: Austin!

    Reynolds smiles as he embraces Runn.

    Reynolds: Look, I don’t have a lot of time because I need to go out there again, but I just wanted to wish you good luck in your match tonight. I have been keeping my eye on you at home and don’t let your slumps get you down. I had a lot of slumps in my career, but the important thing is that you never lose hope.

    Runn nods and Reynolds smiles back at him. Reynolds slaps Runn’s shoulder and exits the room. Califa comes back in as Runn looks down at the ground and smiles to himself.

    Califa: Vamonos!

    Runn jumps at Califa’s shout, but he smiles and follows behind Califa as they both exit the room.

    The camera fades out.




    Reynolds: Tonight guys, this thing’s going by so fast and we’re hurtling towards our final award for the evening the Wrestler of the Year for 2012!

    The crowd cheers for the biggest award of the night. Austin though signals for everyone to quiten down for the time being.

    Reynolds: However, only three of the contenders have been revealed so far. We have the veteran, rookie, and rival. The final piece is the wildcard. The wildcard is the uncontrollable variable in every scenario. It doesn't matter who you are, if you want to be the best you have to always keep an eye on the unpredictable wildcard. In 2012, there was no better wildcard than the man that I am about to present. So let’s take a look at who the fourth and final nominee is for Wrester of the Year!

    Reynolds: Yum...

    A small portion of the crowd laughs as Reynolds looks at the titantron. He turns back to face the audience.

    Reynolds: That match they had there was quite the performance they put on and definitely deserves Match of the Year... which brings us to our next award; Breakthrough Performance of the Year. Wow, that transition was quite lame... who writes this stuff?

    Reynolds shows a piece of paper to the audience that has his lines written down. He scrunches it up and throws it away as the crowd cheers.

    ???: I did!


    At that moment, a man walks out with a normal-looking suit with some members of the crowd cheering. Most don't even know who he is.

    Reynolds: And who are you exactly?

    The man smiles.

    ???: My name is Mark Lemming, head writer for WZCW Magazine and this company's number one source for all things behind-the-scenes and I'm here to present this award.

    Reynolds looks towards the audience with an expression on his face depicting "Is this guy fo' real, yo?" They don't know what to think but Reynolds shrugs and allows Lemming to take the stand. He walks off backstage as Mark grabs the mic.

    Lemming: Awesome, thanks Austin. Now, this very award describes someone who has started off the year at a low point and they capped off the end of the year with a high note; someone who really showed us what they were made of throughout the year, getting better and better with every single match. It's a tough category to nominate for considering we've got both Rookie and Wrestler of the year but I believe you guys made the right choice for this one because I certainly would have picked this competitor. Now, for the nominees...

    Lemming: And the winner...

    Lemming: ****!

    Before any music can be played, we hear some banging coming from somewhere. Lemming looks around and pinpoints the sounds from the stage wall behind him. It gets louder and louder until...


    Lemming flies back as the wall is smashed open with dust flying into the air. Through the new hole, **** emerges walking normally as he walks over Lemming and goes up to the podium.

    ****: **** has just arrived at the 2012 Aftershock Awards Show. **** has successfully demonstrated why it has been awarded Breakthrough Performance of the Year. No other being in this company can break through obstacles with such a performance that **** delivers. **** will be here next year to accept the award again. **** will now depart in search for ****'s other award. Now triangulating the location of Alex Bowen and Justin Cooper.

    **** goes back through the hole in the wall as Lemming has recovered, wiping the dust off him. Everybody in the arena doesn't know what to think of this scenario. Lemming goes back up to the podium.

    Lemming: I say we transition to a match.

    Anderson: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Lemming exits through to the back as the music hits.


    Anderson: Introducing first, weighing in at a combined weight of 460 pounds, Le Gentleman Masqué and the Beard - the Bearded Gentlemen!

    The Bearded Gentlemen come out to the stage to raucous applause from the crowd, enjoying two of their favorites, who both look at the hole in the wall with raised eyebrows. The pair slap hands with the fans on opposite sides of the entrance ramp before climbing into the ring together, mounting opposite turnbuckles and soaking in the fans adulation.

    Serra: The Bearded Gentlemen had themselves a fine night at Unscripted, triumphing over the team of Celeste Crimson and Sandy Deserts, in a match that turned out to be a quarterfinal for the Battle Bowl tournament.

    Klamor: Listen, it isn't exactly a feat of greatness to defeat two women in a man's wrestling company.

    Serra: That's incredibly offensive, Johnny.

    Klamor: That's what they pay me for!


    Anderson: And introducing their opponents, weighing in at a combined weight of 405 pounds, hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Ricky Runn and from Parts Unknown, El Califa Dragón!

    Ricky Runn and El Califa Dragón charge the stage simultaneously to extreme applause. They show no sign of them slowing down as they sprint to the ring and slide in. They pop up and throw their hands up for the crowd, likewise appreciating their response.

    Serra: This impromptu tag team is composed of two men on the other end of the Unscripted spectrum, as El Califa was found backstage attacked by a mysterious figure, and Runn was the loser of a three way First Blood match for the Mayhem championship.

    Klamor: More proof that this flippy, high risk offense thing doesn't work in this company. Real talent is what succeeds here.

    Serra: And we'd also like to add a quick correction, Califa is from Culiacan, Mexico. I'm not sure why Selena had that confused.

    Klamor: But it sure does bring to mind some of the great superstars who hailed from Parts Unknown, doesn't it?

    The referee separates the two teams into their respective corners and orders each of them to pick a man to start the match. Califa decides to start as Masqué defers to the Beard. The referee checks each competitor for anything illegal. Once satisfied, he signals for the bell and we are underway. Beard and Califa lock up to start the match and the Beard gets the better of it, taking control of Califa. Califa tries to wrap around for a waistlock but the Beard holds onto his arm, twisting it behind Califa's back in an arm wrench. The Beard backs them both up to the ropes and Califa takes advantage, using the extra leverage to force Beard off of him and hurtling to the other end of the ring. The Beard rebounds and hits a clothesline on Califa, knocking him down hard. Beard hits the ropes again but Califa rolls under him; Beard rebounds off the other side, but Califa gets up and uses the Beard's momentum against him to take him down with a hip toss. The Beard gets to his feet and Califa tries to whip him into the ropes, but Beard reverses it, sends him into the ropes, the Beard drops down on Califa's rebound, gets back up in time to meet Califa on the secound rebound, but Califa leaps and hits a hurricanrana that sends the Beard flying! Beard retreats to his own corner and tags in Masqué.

    Serra: A hot start of blistering offense from Califa has led the Beard to retreat and let his partner have a try.

    Klamor: I'm not saying any of these jokers are worth anything, but trust me, these monkeys won't hold up for the entire match.

    Masqué and Califa measure each other for a moment and Masqué wraps around and hits a waistlock, drops down and goes for Califa's legs. He takes them out from under him and Califa goes down face first. Masqué locks in a headlock and wrenches it, dragging Califa to his knees. He holds the headlock in for a few moments before Califa shoves him to the corner to break the hold. The ref tries to pull Califa out of the corner, but Califa goes after Masqué with a series of shots to the chest and gut. Califa tries to whip Masqué to the opposite corner, but Masqué reverses it. Califa climbs to the top rope as Masqué charges after him, and Califa takes a quick look behind him and flies out with a headscissors takedown on Masqué! Masqué gets up and charges Califa, but Califa hits an inverted atomic drop! The Beard charges in and goes after Califa, but Califa hits a dropkick that sends Beard back into the ropes. Califa looks over and tags in Runn, and the two of them whip Beard into the ropes. On the rebound they both hit with elbows that take him down to the mat. Beard rolls out of the ring and the two turn their attention to Masqué and whip him to a corner. Runn charges at him and flies, hitting a clothesline on him in the corner. He ducks out of the way and lets Califa take over, as the Dragon delivers a knife edge chop followed by a punch, repeating the sequence over and over before allowing Masqué to stagger out. Just as it seems that Masqué is about to fall over, Califa nails a stiff roundhouse kick to the head, sending Masqué crashing down to the mat. Masqué, likes his partner, rolls out of the ring.

    Serra: The high fliers are dominating so far, Johnny.

    Klamor: For now! I'm telling you, this kind of offense just doesn't get you anywhere! And another thing, they ought to have been disqualified ages ago! Where's the officiating?

    Beard and Masqué conference outside, trying to figure out their next move. Masqué gets into the ring and Beard on the apron, and Masqué tags his partner back in. Meanwhile, Califa tags back into the match. The two meet once more and Califa swings a kick at Beard that the big man catches. Califa hops on one leg - and hits an enzuigiri! The brutal shot staggers Beard back to a neutral corner, where Califa goes to work on him. Califa tries to whip Beard across the ring, but Beard reverses it. Califa charges into the corner and the Beard goes after him. Califa pulls up and hits an elbow to Beard, backing him off. Califa climbs up the ropes and springs off with a flying press, but Beard gets out of the way and Califa crashes and burns. Beard notices and begins to lay into Califa with stomps. Beard picks up Califa and brings him back into his corner, tagging in Masqué. Beard holds onto Califa while Masqué gets to the top rope, where he comes off dropping an elbow into Califa's shoulder. Masqué stomps on Califa's left leg and drags it onto the bottom rope. He uses the ropes to elevate himself and drops down onto the leg, leaving Califa to curse (in Spanish, fortunately) in pain. Califa rolls to the center of the ring and Masqué picks him up by the head. He keeps the headlock on as Califa tries to struggle out of it, unsuccessfully.

    Serra: After a hot start, the Bearded Gentlemen seem to be slowing this thing down and taking control.

    Klamor: And this is the problem - once the pace slows, it almost never goes back to where it was.

    Serra: ...I'll let that one slide.

    Masqué picks up Califa and slams his face into the turnbuckle, then tags in Beard. Beard whips Califa into the ropes and waits for his rebound, bending over and looking for a back body drop. But Califa leaps over him and hits a sunset flip on Beard! He's got the pin and the ref counts, one, two, but only two! They both pop up and charge, and Beard takes down Califa with a clothesline! He goes for the cover and gets one, two, but only two! Beard drags Califa over a bit and tags in Masqué, who hits a leg drop on Califa. Masqué goes for a cover and gets one, two, but only two. Masqué pulls Califa by his head and tags in Beard. Masqué holds Califa while Beard kicks him hard in the gut. Beard brings Califa into the center of the ring, elevates him - and hits a backbreaker! Califa looks just about broken in half after the huge backbreaker, but Beard forgoes the cover, instead going to the ropes and climbing to the second. He measures Califa - and hits a jumping elbow drop from the ropes! He covers and gets one, two, but here's Ricky Runn to break it up! The ref forces Runn out of the ring after his necessary save. Beard looks angry but Masqué calls to him to make the tag. Beard does so, bringing Masqué. He drags Califa to his feet and hits a snap DDT. He goes for a cover and gets one, two, but only two. Masqué drags Califa to his feet and slaps him hard across the face, leaving Califa barely standing. Masqué drags Califa over to his corner and tags in Beard.

    Serra: This is excellent tag team wrestling by the Bearded Gentlemen. These two are showing why they have advanced in the Battle Bowl.

    Klamor: And what did I tell you? Once it got slowed down, it never picked back up.

    Beard comes in and nails Califa in the gut. As he readies for next move, there's a sudden stir in the crowd as they turn to the entrance ramp to see Drake Callahan emerge! The superstar is in his suit and wearing sunglasses, not looking like he's here for a fight, and indeed, he stops on the stage, observing the match in total silence.

    Serra: An interesting turn of events here, as former world heavyweight champion Drake Callahan has come out to observe.

    Klamor: Maybe he'll join us for commentary! What a relief it would to have a halfway competent partner for a change!

    Callahan continues to observe quietly from the top of the stage. The Beard takes a long look at him, but decides that if he isn't going to interfere, he can be left there quietly. He lifts up Califa high in the air and throws him, then lets him smash into the mat with the Gorilla press slam. With Califa down, Beard backs up, runs, and hits a seated senton! He rolls Califa over and is about to go for the cover, but Masqué wants in. Beard defers to Masqué, letting him enter. Masqué picks up Califa, grabs hold of him and hits his signature butterfly suplex! He covers Califa and gets one, two, and ALMOST THREE but Califa just gets a shoulder up at two and a half! Masqué looks frustrated and Beard calls for the tag. Masqué brings him in and Beard picks up Califa, resting him on his shoulders. He is about to hit his move, but Califa starts hitting elbows to the side of Beard's head! He's able to desperately fight out of the hold and he gets to his feet behind Beard. Beard turns around rapidly but Califa leaps up and hits a Tornado DDT! The desperation move has both men down and struggling for their partners. Califa is struggling to get to Runn - but Beard has his leg! Califa struggles to stand up with Beard trapping his leg, but gets to his feet - or foot - and then leaps and nails Beard right in the head! Both men struggle to their respective corners, Masqué desperately trying to get in before Califa can tag out...but Califa hits Runn and he's in the match! Beard gets to Masqué and the two fresh men charge each other as the crowd goes wild! Meanwhile, Callahan looks nonplussed and retreats back behind the curtain.

    Serra: I don't know what Drake doesn't like about this, but as they say - the market has just elevated!

    Klamor: I don't think you have that expression quite right, Becky...

    Runn charges Masqué and knocks him down with a clothesline. Masqué pops back up and Runn hits him with a dropkick. Runn hits the ropes as Masqué pops up and Runn connects with a flying clothesline! He hits the ropes once more and hits the RICKYRANA! Masqué flies across the ring as Beard comes charging back in. He goes for a clothesline but Runn ducks under it, Beard turns around just in time to catch Runn throwing a kick into his face! Beard is still on his feet, so Ricky leaps to the ropes, springboards off them backwards with a moonsault press! He slams into Beard and goes for the cover, but Masqué pulls him off almost immediately. Masqué hits Runn once and tries to whip him into the ropes, but Runn counters, whips Masqué into the ropes instead, and hits him with a back body drop on the rebound! Runn charges Beard, standing in the corner, but Beard blocks him by elevating him over the ropes. Runn stops himself standing on the ropes, then leaps up and kicks Beard in the back of the head! Beard staggers out of the corner as Runn slides back in, hits the ropes, and hits a neckbreaker on the rebound! Runn goes for a cover, gets one, two, and he breaks it up himself just as Masqué comes in with a flying elbow that hits the Beard instead! Masqué gets up rubbing his elbow, trying to get the feeling back, and Ricky NAILS him with the Hell Yeah! Masqué rolls out of the ring, leaving Runn to survey the playing field.

    Serra: Ricky Runn has come in and DOMINATED this match so far - maybe we should expect no less from the only former champion in the ring! And what were you saying about the match's pace not picking back up again?

    Klamor: Forget about that! Are you really entertained by this flippy divey nonsense? It's garbage wrestling! Bah!

    Runn is alone in the ring with Beard and he's down. Ricky looks to the top rope and he's calling for it! Beard is motionless as Runn mounts the top rope! Runn straightens out as the referee begins his five count, but Runn doesn't need it - he FLIES OFF THE TOP ROPE WITH THE R&R, CONNECTING ON BEARD! He goes for the cover and gets one, two, and three!

    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, here are your winners, the team of El Califa Dragon and Ricky Runn!

    Runn helps his partner to his feet as Califa is still recovering from the amount of offense he took in this match. The two stand, Runn supporting Calfa, and have their arms raised as Beard and Masqué try to get themselves up on the outside. The crowd gives both teams a standing ovation for their effort.

    Serra: An extremely impressive performance by Ricky Runn after his partner bore the brunt of the assault. Dragon weathered the storm, and Runn finished them off. Pretty solid strategy, in the end.

    Klamor: And that's what won them the match, other than sheer dumb luck. Strategy! Not any of that nonsensical lucha libro nonsense.

    Serra: And the other big story here tonight - what was Drake Callahan doing watching this match? Is there another conspiracy about?

    Klamor: If there's something here, only he sees it, but he sure is good at ferreting these things out.

    Serra: Coming up, the last award to be given out... the Wrestler of the Year Award! Stay tuned...
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    We cut to the entrance ramp where Truman Harrys and Selena Anderson stand side-by-side. They smile at the camera as the crowd offers a small cheer for the long-time WZCW employees. Anderson puts a microphone to her lips:

    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been an incredible night so far, but there’s still one more award to go this evening.

    Harrys: And that is the Wrester of the Year for 2012!

    The crowd roars with anticipation.

    Anderson: Here’s a final reminder of the four nominees for this prestigious award:

    Selena pulls the mic away from her lips, takes a step back and smiles as we cut to a video package:

    The crowd cheers loudly as Austin is in the ring with the podium relocated inside with the biggest award sitting on a table next time him.

    Reynolds: Yes, the time has come to present the biggest and most prestigious award of the night for those lucky four competitors who have been nominated by you, the fans, for whom you have enjoyed coming here to see perform... and you know what, we, the performers of WZCW could not thank each and every one of you enough for what you do. You guys pull money that most of you probably don't have to spare out of your wallets just to see us perform in this ring every week and for those that watch at home, you make our television show one of the most watched in history and there is nothing we can do to repay you. So from everyone, we would like to say thank you for making WZCW a possibility.

    Reynolds claps as the fans cheer for them being mentioned. At that moment, the entire WZCW locker room from past and present characters litter the ramp and entrance way. The announcers; the General Managers; the main roster; the cast from the All-Stars 2 event; some notable people from the past including William Teach, Michael Winters & Scott Hammond; and even a couple of legends in Steamboat Ricky, Joseph Rios, Big Will & Manzo! Everyone claps their appreciation towards the fans and the fans are roaring in approval. This appreciation and roaring goes on for quite a while with the fans even making a chant of their own.

    *Thank You* *Thank You* *Thank You*

    Eventually, everyone dies down in audio as Reynolds goes up to speak once more.

    Reynolds: I would also like to mention tonight that all the awards have still yet to be presented and that a good friend of ours known as Nick Pagleeno will be presenting a few of these awards. Be sure to check out in the near future for those awards being presented and you guys won't be disappointed... but let's get this show rolling by presenting the last award for tonight and here to do so is the most legendary figure in all of WZCW. He is the man, the myth and the legend... please put your hands together for the Pinnacle of Perfection...

    The crowd roars heavily.

    Reynolds: EVEREST!


    Everest comes out in a slick black suit with a sapphire blue shirt underneath his black blazer. He gets a standing ovation as he stops at the top of the stage. He soaks in the cheers as he closes his eyes and breathes in the moment. The crowd is absolutely livid. He waits for a few seconds, but then slowly begins walking down the ramp. He connects with high fives to the fans reaching over the barricade. The crowd continues to roar as he makes his way to the ring. He reaches the steel steps and then makes his way up them. He steps through the ropes and meets Reynolds at the center of the ring. The two men exchange handshakes and grin as they embrace each other. Reynolds then proceeds to exit the ring and Everest takes his position behind the podium. The crowd tries to quiet down.

    Everest: I have been gone for far too long.

    The crowd resurges at Everest’s words.

    Everest: Thank you so much for welcoming back so warmly after I left so abruptly. I promise you that I am only away because I have too.




    Everest holds up his hands to silence the crowd.

    Everest: I promise someday I will. Maybe not today, maybe not this month, and maybe not even this year. But someday I will return to the place that I call home.

    The crowd pops.

    Everest: I miss you guys dearly. Believe me.

    The crowd continues to eat it up.

    Everest: Tonight though, it is not about me. It is about your 2012 Wrestler of the Year.

    The crowd cheers for the upcoming presentation.

    Everest: This award means a lot. It means a lot because it means that you the people have acknowledged that someone is the best, or at least was the best in the year of 2012. You acknowledged that they are a superior athlete over all the other members on the roster. The person that receives this award is endowed a certain amount of respect. They are getting it from you, they should be getting it from the roster, and they definitely have it from me. Good guy or bad guy; I respect the man that can win over the audience and get voted in as the winner of this award.

    The crowd begins to get quiet with a soft buzz.

    Everest: So here we are.

    He pauses.

    Everest: Me, Everest, one of the greatest wrestlers to ever compete in the ring of WZCW, as the presenter.

    The crowd pops.

    Everest: And you, the audience, the people who make all of this possible and were the deciders of the winner.

    The crowd pops again.

    Everest: And the four nominees…

    He pauses again.

    Everest: You already know who they are.

    Everest: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages.

    Everest reaches in his blazer pocket and pulls out an envelope. He unseals it and pulls out the card.

    Everest: I present to you your 2012 WZCW Wrestler of the Year:

    Everest: And the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, “Showtime” David Cougar!


    The entire crowd stands up once again, much like they did for Everest, as they welcome their award winner. Showtime comes out in a suit that mimics Everest, but he has a red dress shirt underneath it. He shoots the crowd a shot of his pearly whites as he makes his way down the ramp with the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship draped on his right shoulder. He connects with a couple high-fives, but he quickly finds himself going up the ring steps and getting into the ring. Everest shakes his hand. He hands the award over to Showtime, who looks at the award and smiles. He holds up both the award and the World Title as the crowd pops. Everest gestures to him as a sign of respect.

    Everest begins to leave the ring, but Showtime quickly gets behind the podium to address him.

    Showtime: No, no. Don’t leave yet. This is the first time that we have seen you in a long time. These people see me every week.

    Everest comes back over to the podium.

    Showtime: I don’t know if I ever told you this in person, but thank you.

    The crowd pops.

    Showtime: Thank you for paving the way for people like me in this company. Thank you for being a leader in the back, and thank you for making this title mean something. Thank you for being out here tonight and allowing me to stand with you as an equal.

    Showtime begins to clap and the entire arena joins him. We see Klamor and Serra joining to clap as they stand from their seats. The standing ovation finally dies down and Showtime sees this as an opportunity to continue speaking.

    Showtime: This moment is surreal. I have the two biggest prizes in this company right now. Nothing could ruin this moment for me-


    Constantine comes out and receives a heavy amount of boos. The heat is hotter than the sun as he holds a microphone in his hand at the top of the stage. His music cuts off. He tries to speak over the boos.

    Constantine: Do you know what I see in the ring at this very moment?

    The crowd boos him more. Constantine begins to walk down the ramp.

    Constantine: Two men that need to be beheaded.

    The crowd continues to shower him with hate.

    Constantine: Yes, the decree has been made by your king.

    Constantine reaches the ring steps and makes his way into the ring.

    Constantine: You both have overstayed your welcome in the kingdom of WZCW. You have my permission to die.

    Constantine is now standing in front of Everest and Showtime. Showtime looks very pissed off.

    Constantine: What is the matter David? Are you upset because you know that soon I will be the one who will be doing celebrity appearances with retired old wrinkly superstars?

    The crowd shoots Constantine more boos.

    Constantine: Or is it because that you don’t like me anywhere near your belt. Does that affect you somehow? Can you feel it crying from your shoulder? It is crying for a worthy holder. It is crying for a worthy ruler!

    Constantine steps up and gets right into the face of Showtime.

    Constantine: Step aside David, you are being dethroned. Just like that has-been Everest was dethroned years ago.

    Showtime can’t take it anymore and he sends a punch at the face of Constantine. Constantine eats it and stumbles backwards. Showtime drops his belt and the award in the process. He follows up with another shot to the face of Constantine. He goes for a third, but no! Constantine blocks it and sends a punch of his own to Showtime. Showtime eats it and stumbles backwards as well. Constantine delivers two more and sends Showtime to the ground. Constantine smiles and turns around, but he walks right into a Rock Slide from Everest! The crowd’s pop is deafening! Constantine’s back hits the mat and he quickly rolls away and out of the ring. Everest removes his blazer and Showtime gets up and does the same. Constantine is now backing away from the ring as Showtime beckons Constantine to get back into the ring.

    Finally, Everest’s music begins to play as Constantine retreats up to the stage and to the back. Everest picks up the title and the award in the ring and hands it over to Showtime. He raises the arm of Showtime as they celebrate in the center of the ring. The crowd cheers them on as we see the copyright info at the bottom of the screen. The screen fades to black.
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    Harthan - Bearded Gents vs. El Califa Dragon & Ricky Runn
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    FalKon - Moment of the Year Award, Breakthrough Performance of the Year Award, 1st Half of Wrestler of the Year Award
    Kermit - Everything else

    Thank you all so much for making 2012 such an amazing year. You guys make this federation great, and we appreciate all of your hard work.

    Keep a lookout for more awards coming to tonight or tomorrow by a famous forumer that you all know.

    Good bye to the year 2012 and we look forward to the year 2013.
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