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    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *

    The camera spins around the crowd, revealing a rabid crowd. The noise in the arena is deafening as the camera pans the stage area and then settling on a static shot of Johnny Klamour and Everest behind the commentary table. Both of the WZCW legends are very sharp-suited and wearing their best smiles as they come into shot. On the desk, two replica awards are perched meaningfully, shimmering in gold and attracting the eyes.

    Everest: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to a very special edition of Aftershock! I am WZCW Hall of Fame superstar, Everest. And joining me to commentate on this incredibly special edition of Aftershock is none other than Johnny Klamour!

    Klamour: Thanks, Everest! Listen, tonight is a special night in so many ways, make no mistake. Not only are we promised to see the very best in WZCW rewarded for their hard work over the year, we are going to get the pleasure of seeing a World Heavyweight Championship match to top it all off! How exciting is that!?

    Everest: I have to agree with you, Johnny. I have held that Championship and I can tell you that it doesn't matter where and when you win it. Both of the guys in that match will be fired up to headline Aftershock after such brilliant showings at Kingdom Come. But before we get down to business with Championship shots, let;s hand over to Leon Kensworth on the stage to get this show off and running.

    The camera then switches to a static shot of Leon behind a podium on the stage, right below the tron. Leon offers the fans a smile as he begins talking. He, too, is dressed in a sharp suit and looking dapper for the occasion. The fans holler and cheer for him appreciatively.

    Kensworth: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen for your generous applause. The last time I talked to you like this was at the Hall of Fame ceremony. And what a night that proved to be. That night, we rewarded the great and good of the WZCW family. The past can often be forgotten about as the hands of time tick by. But it has never been more important to recognise those who's excellence and passion go above and beyond what is expected of them.

    Leon takes a moment as the fans warmly applaud.

    Kensworth: Like that night, the WZCW Awards have been designed to recognise the great and the good of the previous year. Tonight, WZCW comes together to reward those who, over the last year, have etched their names into the history of this company. It has been an utterly spectacular year for so many reason and, tonight, we look back at some of the superstars that have made that a reality.

    One more applause is gifted to Leon as he finishes speaking.

    Kensworth: Tonight will see two of the best that WZCW has to offer go one-on-one in the middle of the ring and contest the Heavyweight Championship. But before that, we have the small matter of handing out some of these awards. So, let's get on with it!
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    Kensworth: The first award of the night to be presented is the prestigious WZCW Rookie of the Year. Over the past twelve months we’ve seen many new faces in WZCW but only one will have the honour of being named Rookie of the Year. It takes a lot to remain in this business and to win this award shows that you have what it takes to have a long and successful career.

    The crowd cheers as Leon holds up an envelope and leans towards the microphone.

    Kensworth: WZCW has always evolved with the times and in an age where new faces are battling for the World Championship, as we will see later tonight, the importance of new talent striving for success cannot be understated. All three nominees have earned the respect of their peers, and you the fans, and no matter who wins it says a lot just to be nominated. Anyway, the nominees are…

    Mark Keaton
    Xander LeBelle
    Tony Mancini

    Leon opens the envelope and takes a long pause between sentences, a smile on his face.

    Kensworth: The winner of WZCW Rookie of the Year goes to…

    Everybody is on the edge of their seats.

    Kensworth: Mark Keaton!


    Usually overflowing with arrogance and completely over the top, Mark Keaton is a little slower walking onto the stage. Bandages wrapped around his head, bruises all over his arms are all battle wounds of the Mayhem Championship contest on Ascension. He hobbles over to the podium and grabs his award, grunting at Leon to move out of the way. The crowd boos as Keaton’s smug face glares out over the arena and his dislike for the fans obvious.

    Keaton: Firstly, I want to say that I am the only person who deserves this award.

    Boo! The crowd aren’t agreeing with that but Keaton ignores them and continues.

    Keaton: I have beaten legends, World Champions and Hall of Fame wrestlers in the past twelve months. I have humiliated your heroes and personally saved tag team wrestling in WZCW from the joke it has been for years. From now until the end of time it will read ‘Mark Keaton – the final tag team champion’ and that is how it should be. I saved the pathetic division and now I have revived the Mayhem division, and I will stand by my friend Constantine as he holds the Mayhem Championship.

    A sharp pain rushes through Keaton and he grabs his head.

    Keaton: I’m still a little banged up from Ascension but how I feel is nothing compared to the beating I’m going to give Tyrone Blades. You complete utter coward! You dare try to attack us! Vis Imperium! We are the standard in this business and you are a coward who needs weapons to attack us after a war. Listen good, I’m coming for you Blades and when I find you I’ll knock your head so hard you’ll forget you added four letters to that stupid name of yours. We’re not done, Tyrone. I defeated you once, banished you from this company in fact, and I’ll do it again.

    Keaton picks up his award and heads backstage. He limps away as the fans boo loudly, he never looks back or acknowledges their dislike for him.
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    Leon head back towards the platform at which he has been standing all night. In his hand, another award can be seen as he places it down on the podium. He offers the fans a smile before continuing once more.

    Kensworth: Let's hope all of our award winners are as gracious and as humble as Mr. Keaton tonight, huh?

    The fans offer a slight laughas Leon awkwardly tries to cut some jokes.

    Kensworth: But, ladies and gentlemen, WZCW is nothing without wrestling matches. And or next award is designed to reward those who have had the best match that WZCW has seen all year. I'm telling you right now, this was a tough category and so many matches could have won the award. But there is only one winner and that winner is...

    Leon pauses for a moment.

    Kensworth: Dr Zeus versus Theron Daggershield in the Hell in a Cell match!!

    A familiar tune which has not been heard in over a year is heard.

    [YOUTUBE]X9qc3YbusfQ [/YOUTUBE]​

    The fans erupt into loud cheering at the sound of Theron's old entrance music. The former World Heavyweight Champion walks out onto the entrance ramp in his trenchcoat and has his sunglasses on as he weilds a a cosplay Buster Sword in one hand and a microphone in the other. Red, yellow, blue, green, and purple lights flash as the song plays. Instead of posing or rolling a d20, he collects the award from Leon and then walks straight to the ring. He climbs into the ring and stands in the center as the fans cheer showing their support.

    Theron: Thanks for the support, everyone. Kirilah would surely appreciate it as well if she were here. She is still recovering from the damage we both took in the battle against Tidarthian at Empire Rally 8.

    The crowd boos upon the mention of Titus.

    Theron: I don't like his recent actions either, but he proved he is the greatest. That man was my hero once, you know. I attended Empire Rally 2 back in the day and got to see him win the World Gladiatorial Championship against Summit. I never thought I would get to actually battle him. That day I decided I wanted to be a gladiatorial hero too.

    He pauses for a moment.

    Theron: And I did get to live that dream. I've hard wars with Marrmell, Kaiser, Beardacus, Davkas Diamonddeath, Dybbuk, Neil Ranger, The Garmr Dogs, and last but not least Tidarthian. I've been Global Champion, I've been the World Gladiatorial Champion, and I main evented one of the biggest shows in gladiatorial history. However....

    He puts his sword in the corner of the ring and kneels down, rolling a red d20 dice. It lands on an 18. He picks it up and puts it back in his pocket with a serious look on his face.

    Theron: Sometimes life throws you into new seasons, ones that even a Natural 20 on a Perception Check couldn't possibly help you see coming. I prayed about it with Kirilah after my match at Empire Rally 8 and we have both decided to take some extended time away from the gladiatorial life.

    The crowd suddenly goes silent.

    Theron: I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for giving me the chance to be a hero to each of you. It was all I ever wanted.... but Din, Farore, and Nayru have something better for me and I have to take a step out in faith knowing that this truth the great deities gave me is bigger than my own personal dreams. Kirilah and I are going to attend our church's World Magic Conference and then we will go spread the truth of salvation to the rest of the world. Perhaps one day I will see you all again soon, but I am making it official that Empire Rally 8 will have been my final battle here in the World Gladiatorial Combat Federation in the foreseeable future. This is not a farewell forever. I just need to step away so that I can focus more on my faith for a while, then perhaps one day in another season of life I can return and be your hero once again. Until next time!

    The crowd cheer as many sad faces are shown on the fans who clap for this bittersweet moment. "Thank you Theron!" chants are heard. Theron puts down the microphone and grabs the sword from the corner of the ring. He does some poses as his music plays again and his pyro effects go off.

    Everest: A true Natural 20, as they say. There will never be another one quite like Theron.

    He gets out of the ring and walks over by the announcers but he does not see that Flex Mussel has run up behind him! Flex blindsides Theron with a Flexicution, knocking him to the ground. Flex grins and looks over the the announcer table to lots of boo'ing from the fans. He drags Theron over to the announcer table and picks him up. A Mussel Bomb through the announcer's table! Then Flex grabs a microphone.

    Flex: Another legend down, many more to go!

    Officials begin coming out to check on Theron as Flex mocks the crowd who are boo'ing him heavily.

    Everest: No one is safe from Flex. What a disrespectful act. Theron might never be able to wrestle again after such an attack!

    Klamour: All things eventually come to an end, including The Legend Of Theron.

    Everest: Ladies and gentlemen we need to keep going despite the circumstances. We'll take a commercial break and then the next Moment Of The Year will be announced.
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    As we return from commercial, a fancy car can be seen pulling up to the car park. As it comes to a halt, the anticipation in the arena begins to swell amid confusion and eagerness. As the door opens, the camera pans down at the person's feet and then steadily pans up to reveal the beat up but ever handsome figure that is Mikey Stormrage. The fans in the arena go crazy as Mikey tosses the driver some money and then slams the door behind him, looking rather pissed off. Suddenly, Stacey Madison stops him with a hand on his chest.

    Madison: Uh, what do you think you're doing here, Mikey? You're not booked!

    Mikey offers Stacey a laugh of derision for her effort as he looks her up and down.

    Stormrage: You think I'm here to be booked or get my ass kicked when I'm still beat up from the match at Kingdom Come?

    Stacey doesn't really know what to say to Mikey as he puts his finger right on the pulse of her observations. She offers him a confused look as she removes her hand from his chest, urging him to speak and give her the scoop she is looking for.

    Stormrage: Listen, Stacey, I'm not here to waste my time with you. I'm going right to the top of the business and I ain't stopping until I get there. Now, you just point me in the direction of Mr. Banks and I'll be on my merry way.

    Stunned, Stacey steps backwards and points towards a long corridor in the distance. Mikey offers her a smile as thanks, along with a nod of his head and moves away from her.

    Everest: Last we heard from Mikey Stormrage, he was going down against Justin Cooper in one of the most hardcore Kingdom Come main events I have ever seen. You can see he looks banged up still but just what does he have to say to Mr. Banks?

    Klamour: He's brave going in to see Banks this week, Everest. Banks has had a revelation of late and Mikey might do well to stay out of his way.

    Everest: Well, no one ever said that Mikey was a coward, Johnny... Anyway, let's hand back over to Leon on the stage for another award!

    The camera transitions to where Leon can be seen standing on the stage with an award in his hand. He gives the fans in the arena his best smile before beginning to talk once more.

    Kensworth: This year has been utterly packed with amazing moments, perhaps even more so than any other WZCW year. But with our next award, we celebrate the moment that all of you crowned the ultimate WZCW moment of 2016. Competition was fierce and it come down to the wire. But I'd like to announce the winner is...

    The crowd falls silent...

    Kensworth: Noah Ryder cashing in his King For A Day briefacse in the middle of the Lethal Lottery match!

    The crowd goes crazy at the they remember the epic moment from Lethal Lottery 8. Behind Leon, the tron flickers into life and begins playing Noah's entrance theme. His music blares around the arena as the fans get to their feet to catch a glimpse of the former Elite Openweight Champion. But there is no sign of Noah.

    Kensworth: Oh... I guess he forgot to turn up... Moving speedily along.

    With that, Noah music cuts out and Leon shuffles anxiously, trying to reclaim his composure and his smile.
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    Klamour: Well, that was awkward...

    Leon nervously coughs as he fixes his tie and then looks around for another envelope on the podium.

    Kensworth: Ah, yes. Without further ado we move onto the title reign of the year. This includes our now defunct Tag team championships, the Elite Openweight, the EurAsian Championship and the World Heavyweight championship. There has been some utterly compelling title matches this year and this award does nothing more than reward those who have claimed the right to be called a Champion in WZCW.

    The crowd offers a smattering of applause as they try to forget Noah Ryder not showing up and eagerly await an award being given to someone who has.

    Kensworth: This is a great honour for any superstar, to know that they are the greatest Champion that WZCW had to offer. And I am pleased to say that honour goes to none other than... YOUR EurAsian Champion... Titus!!

    Titus: Of course Leon, who else could it be? In the last year we've had six tag team champions. We've had five new World Heavyweight champions and we've had four Elite Openweight champions.

    For 465 days I have held the EurAsian championship. This is the longest reign of any championship in WZCW history.

    The crowd boo this.

    Titus: So who next? Who will my next defense be against? I have the joint highest number of defenses in WZCW history and when I win my next match I'll have the record. I'll be the greatest champion in company history. So who will it be against?

    The crowd chant out various names. A few people hold up babies signalling Tony Manicni. Chants of Vee and even a Crashin chant are heard.

    Titus: Well next week we are in Boston, Massecuts. So shall I take on Boston's own Logan McAllister?

    A Logan chant breaks out as Titus signals that this will happen.

    Titus: So next week I will destroy Logan. In front of his friends, family and hometown. They will see their hero cry in anguish as he loses his dream. I, however, will be the greatest champion ever.

    A not my champ starts up as Titus Avison looks intently to the crowd.

    Titus: On Meltdown I lost to Eve Taylor. That was a fluke. She had Kagura cause a distraction leading to the win. The age of the EurAvison era is far from over. I will keep going on and on with this, a reign that will last over 1,000 days.

    The EurAvison era is here to stay. Whether it's Eve Taylor, Logan McAllister or Kagura Joheki I will take you all on.

    So Kagura make your decision. Do you want to be my ninth successful defense?

    Another not my champ chants starts as Titus Avison walks off stage.

    Everest: Wow! What an announcement from the EurAsian Champion, ladies and gentlemen! Next week, in Boston, Logan McAllister will go one on one with the EurAsian Champion for the Championship! What a huge opportunity for Logan!

    Klamour: I think you'll find it's the EurAvison Championship, Champ!
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    Returning from the commercial break, Leon Kensworth is standing at the podium once again ready to announce the first of the remaining two awards for the night.

    Kensworth: What a wonderful event this has been celebrating the very best in the past year of WZCW. I hope you all have enjoyed watching the show as much as I have being able to present these awards. With only two awards left we now turn to the tag team division. Of course, on Ascension it was announced that the tag titles are officially retired for the moment but that does not mean the fond memories will be forgotten. How about a round of applause for all the fantastic tag teams we have seen over the years?

    Not only does the crowd cheer but they stand up and give a standing ovation. Many fans carrying signs with the names of their favourite tag teams from over the years.

    Kensworth: On a personal level, I’d like to thank all the superstars who competed in the tag division over the years. Thank you for making WZCW successful and hopefully, one day in the future, we will see those titles return just as we saw the Mayhem Championship return this week. Now, perhaps for the final time in WZCW history, it’s time to look at the nominees for WZCW Tag Team of the Year!

    Cooper & Keaton
    Vis Imperium (Constantine and Abel Hunnicutt)
    Phantoms of Chaos
    Salvific Knights

    He takes a small pause before ripping the envelope open.

    Kensworth: The winner of WZCW Tag Team of the Year is…

    The titantron lights up and shows a graphic which gets the crowd to applaud. It’s the image of the winners, holding both sets of Tag Championships which they won in the past year.

    Kensworth: Cooper and Keaton!


    For the second-time tonight Mark Keaton hobbles out onto the stage but this time he is not alone. In his hand, he carries the award for Rookie of the Year and beside him, offering a shoulder to lean on, is his former tag partner, best friend and mentor, WZCW World Champion, Justin Cooper. They arrive at the podium, Keaton tells Leon to buzz off while Justin shakes Leon’s hand.

    Keaton: Was there any doubt? Did you idiots even think about voting for some other team? Not only are we the best tag team of the year but we are the best tag team of all time! We beat every single time they put in front of us. Where is Ty Burna at? Oh, that’s right he’s gone all rebel, changed his name and carries that stupid baseball bat after we beat him and took his titles. Ha!

    Cooper steps up to the podium and shakes his head just out of eyesight of Mark.

    Cooper: We want to thank everyone who voted for us and all of those who supported Cooper and Keaton throughout the year. From day one we were the underdogs but we fought hard and reached the top of the mountain twice. I couldn’t have achieved the success I’m having now with Mark and I thank you for that, brother. You know how much love I have for you. This World Championship is as much mine as it is yours. Our team may have broken up but our friendship will always survive.

    A sideways look is thrown by Keaton towards Cooper at the mention of breaking up the team.

    Keaton: We beat all the teams and outlasted them all. We took control of the main event of Kingdom Come and dethroned that overrated fatty, Mikey Stormrage. He was in a tag team, right?

    Cooper: Yeah, Strikeforce.

    Keaton: Well, if the day ever comes that Mikey and his stuck in the mud of a journeyman competitor, James Howard, ever have the balls to step into the ring one more time we’ll be waiting. We embarrassed you once, Mikey. Give us another chance, Cooper and Keaton will not only send you cryin’ for your mother again but we’ll erase any trace of a legacy you had left when we beat the piss out of Strikeforce.

    The fans aren’t sure how to react and it’s mostly just a wave of noise as the speech ends. Cooper and Keaton both grab an award, holding them up in the air before exchanging a quick hug. They head backstage with Cooper offering support to Keaton as he walks.
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    Backstage, we see Mikey Stormrage heading down the corridor until he comes to a wooden door with a large star on it. In the middle of the star, the names of Kenneth Banks is written. Mikey takes a deep breath and then confidently wraps his knuckles off of the wooden surface. From inside, a voice booms.

    ???: Come in!

    Mikey bites the bullet and opens the door to reveal Mr. Banks sitting behind his desk amid a mountain of paperwork. Mikey strides into the middle of the room, waiting for Mr Banks to greet him warmly but no such warmth can be found. Mikey stares at Banks as Banks stares right back, awkwardly building unspoken tension.

    Banks: Well? What is it!?

    Mikey is completely caught off guard by Banks' complete disregard of him and the level of disdain that he seems to have in his voice.

    Stormrage: I, uh, just came in here to tell you that I am cashing in my rematch clause for the Heavyweight Championship at Apocalypse.

    Mr Banks stops suddenly and slowly leans back in his chair, his eyes opening wider and wiser as he reclines somewhat. Silently, he looks Mikey up and down.

    Stormrage: I figure that we gave everyone the best match of any Kingdom Come and we left it all in the ring that night. Those fans out there want to-

    Suddenly, Banks raises one finger on his right hand to quieten Mikey down immediately. His face now sports a look of confusion and, unfortunately for Mikey, a hint of frustration and anger.

    Banks: Those fans? You think that I will give you a title match because these fans want to see it?!

    Mikey stutters for a moment but Banks shrewdly cuts him off before he can speak any more.

    Banks: I don't give a damn what these fans want, kid. You see, as I stated on Meltdown and Ascension this week, this is my company and I will choose to do whatever the hell I want with it. I'm not doing anything for these fans anymore and that definitely includes handing out Heavyweight Championship shots for an overweight and underperforming has-been... Like you!

    Mikey's face quickly turns to a look of confusion and utter contempt as Banks insults him personally.

    Banks: Like it or not, chunk, this is the new WZCW and I say what goes and what doesn't go. You think you can just come in here and demand Championship shots, just like that? You're lucky I haven't fired you for not showing up to wrestle this week, especially after I ordered everyone, including The Hollow Ones back to work!

    Banks looks Mikey up and down once more, seemingly disguted by the battered and bruised features of the former Heavyweight Champion.

    Banks: Now get the hell out of my office before I change my mind!

    Mikey lowers his eyes for a moment as the crushing reality of the scenario comes crashing down upon him. There would be no rematch for the Heavyweight Championship for him after all. He slowly turns on his heels and heads out the door, catching a glimpse of Tyrone Blades in the corridor as he does so. Blades offer Stormrage a nod but Mikey seems to be a state of disbelief and walks straight past him without saying anything.
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    Everest: Well, we did point out a little earlier that Mr. Banks wouldn't be pleased to see Mikey, Johnny. I guess that confrontation just backed up that point?

    Klamour: Meh, it's for the best anyway, Champ. Listen, Mikey is fine and all but he's not Championship material like Titus, Xander LeBelle or John Constantine. Someone had to tell the oaf that and it sucks that it just had to be the owner of this fine company. Mikey should have known better.

    Everest: Well, Mikey's night might not be done, ladies and gents. Let's hand you back over to Leon on the stage, where the award for superstar of the year is about to be handed out. And of course, the former World Heavyweight Champion is one of the nominees!

    Kensworth: Ladies and Gentlemen, it's here. The one we've been waiting for. There have been many wrestlers who have entertained us over the past year. So the winner of the wrestler of the year goes to...

    Leon Kensworth opens the envelope, he reads it out.

    Kensworth: Anthony Mancini!

    The crowd cheers, babies are lifted in the air in celebration. We await Mancini to come out but Leon approaches the microphone.

    Kensworth: I'm sorry I made a mistake.

    Leon holds the envelope to the crowd. On it is written “Titus Avison”. A mixture of laughs and boos echo around the arena as Titus appears on the stage.

    Titus: Thank you Leon. You know I want to be quite real with you all. I know you don't like me, and I don't blame you. I am a complete dick.

    The crowd Jeer Titus but he stops waiting for them to quieten down. They do.

    Titus: But I want to be honest and speak from the heart. I've been involved with WZCW for almost Ten years. That's Ten years of Titus. I have had some very dark times in that period, but the one thing that has kept me going in WZCW.

    You've heard the legends but for years people said “I want to see the legends” and the last year I've shown that. I've shown that on my day I can take anyone down in this company. I've shown how much this company means to me. I've shown that WZCW runs through my veins and no one can stop it. I love everyone who has had anything to do with WZCW, and I thank you all. There's times when I can genuinely say you've kept me alive.

    The crowd clap politely, refusing to do a thank you Titus after what happened on Meltdown.

    Titus: Like I said, though, no man can beat me for the EurAsian title. No man in WZCW past, present of future. You've heard legend of that man. I am that man.

    Instead of Titus' theme hitting we hear the theme of Kagura Joheki. She appears on the stage standing tall and strong. She looks intently at Titus Avison. It seems like a decision has been made on which belt she wants. The EurAsian title.

    We head to a commercial break.
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    Garth Black emerges on stage, making his way down dousing himself with water and throwing some of it at a nearby camera as he mouths off to it. He enters the ring, he takes another sip before discarding it.

    Klamor: This is momentous time for Garth Black, coming off a big win in a hard fought battle against Tyrone Blades. One more win and he becomes a two-time World Champion, which is a short list.

    Everest: For a long time, I was the only two title World Champion. Titus, Ty Burna, Mikey Stormrage, Matt Tastic, our only 3 time Champion, Showtime. It's a Hall of Fame list. And Garth Black could very well do it tonight.


    Justin Cooper makes his way to the ring, his title high above as he proudly raises it. He makes his way to the ring not lowering his title and continues to raise it once inside it.

    Everest: Justin could very well end up with a short reign if he's not careful here tonight. Both men are coming off big victories. But when you're Champion, you have a bullseye on you at all times.

    Klamor: These are tow tenacious men going at it. Both had rocky careers and managed to turn on a whim and become World Champions. It's a very interesting match-up here.

    With both participants in the ring, referee Jurou Akiyama checks both and raises the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship high in the air.

    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship!! Introducing first, from the Last Chance Saloon, weighing 15 Stone, he is the challenger, Garth Black!!

    Garth raises his arms to a mixed reaction from the crowd.

    Anderson: And his opponent, from Sydney, Australia, weighing 210 lbs, he is the current, reigning and defending WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, he is Justin Cooper!!

    Cooper raises his arms up high to a mostly positive reaction from the crowd. And with that, all things are set and the bell rings.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    Right off, they lock up in a collar and elbow tie up, looking for leverage and advantage. Garth gets the advantage and whips Justin across the ring, kneeing him in the gut on the way back. He jumps right on him, applying a headlock and cranking back on it, bending Coopers back. But not willing to stay down, the World Champion fights his way back to his feet and attempts to break free. He gets out and ties Garth with a hammerlock, twisting Garth's arm against his back. Cooper bends Garth's knee, forcing him to kneel as he keeps the hold. Garth tries to maneuver his way out and stretches Justin's arms with a Bow & Arrow, slowly driving him to his knees. Justin tries to fight his way back up but has problems doing so.

    Everest: Gotta love this. These two starting, looking with whatever advantage they can in there. Holds and counterholds.

    Klamor: Yeah. I remember you being like that.

    Justin tries to reach the rope, anything to get out of the hold, but as he seems to be close to getting out, Garth smothers him to the ground with a Half-Nelson, sitting him back down. Justin struggles, not wanting to stay down and risk losing his breath and manages to get back to his feet, hitting a Back Suplex to get Garth off him and creating the separation needed. Cooper gets back to his feet before Garth does and starts hitting a series of Clotheslines, picks up Garth on his shoulders and slams him down. Following it up with a Moonsault but Garth gets the knees up. He gets back to his feet applies an Abdominal Stretch. Justin fights to get loose and uses a Hip Toss to get out of it. Garth gets up but Justin meets him with a series of European Uppercuts. He whips Garth across the ring and hits a Flying Shoulder Block. He raises Garth up, attempting a Kaelin Lift Suplex but Garth gets out and hits him with an Enzuigiri. Garth quickly hooks the leg. 1........ 2......... 3-But Justin kicks out.

    Klamor: Garth is doing his best to not let Justin get anything going. He keeps cutting him off.

    Everest: Smart strategy, he's pacing himself while wasting Cooper's breath.

    Garth grabs Justin's arm, holding it to keep Cooper to the canvas. He twists it into awkward angles, trying to mount the pressure but Cooper gets to the ropes, forcing a ropebreak. Justin is quick to get up, Garth tries a Headlock Takedown, but Justin is quick to get out of it. Going for a Hammerlock again, but Garth backsteps, reaching the ropes. Justin shoves him as Garth bounces off the ropes, he's caught in a Flapjack. Justin grabs the leg, applying a Maple Leaf as Garth struggles for the ropes and referee Jurou Akiyama asks if he wants to give up.

    Klamor: Garth was doing his best just to keep Justin still, but bit by bit, he just slipped away.

    Everest: Well, as you exert more energy, you sweat and become slippery. At the same time, you start to get a sense of your opponent's rhythm. If he's too repetitive, you'll be able to predict and work accordingly. Garth needs to change tactics if he wants to keep pressing the advantage.

    Garth drags himself to the ropes, causing the rope break. Right away, Justin lets go and barrel rolls forward to create some space. Garth gets to his feet and seeing his opening, Justin dashes toward him. He goes for a Step Up Knee Strike but Garth sees it coming and blocks it, holding on to the knee as Justin falls down. He begins to stomp on it and removes it.

    Everest:Or he could do that.

    Garth stomps on the knee, finding his opening to weaken Justin now. He places the leg on the ropes, jumps off them and lands on it. Repeating it afterward. Garth goes for a third but as he's up in the air, Justin puts his other foot up uses it to push Garth out of the ring, shoving him over the top rope and to the floor. Justin takes the time to let his knee heal and grab his bearings. 1........... 2.............. 3............... Jurou makes his way through the 10 count, the fans bizarrely counting 10 every time he gives a number to throw him off. 4........ 5.............. Garth shows signs of life after the fall, and drags his way toward the ring apron, pulling on it to make his way up. 6........... 7................ He makes his way to the ring and gets back up. As soon as he does though, Justin rolls out. Garth looks on, already agitated from being thrown out, he gets out to go after Cooper who retaliates rolling back in the ring. Garth follows him in but upon coming in, he is met with a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker. Quebradora con Reguilete as its known in Mexico. Cooper making sure to use the unhurt knee and avoid unnecessary damage.

    Everest: We're starting to see the tenacity of both men know, Garth was going after the leg, Justin had to find his opening and did so with some ring ingenuity.

    Klamor: That's all fine and dandy, but Justin's still kinda hurt.

    Justin stomps away on Garth who was trying to pull himself up the ropes. Justin looming down on him with each stomp as referee Jurou orders him to back away. He does so as Garth stands himself back up. Justin goes for him but gets a Judo Throw for his troubles. Garth kicks him in the back as he gets back to his feet and hits a Northern Lights Suplex, bridging it for a cover. 1............ 2.............3-But Justin kicks out in the knick of time. Garth applies a Half Nelson again, trying to drive the air out of Justin's lungs again. Justin struggles to get out of the hold, which does in fact play into Garth's tactics. He swivels from side to side as Garth hangs on. Eventually, once he realizes he can't just shake his way out, Justin calms down. Completely calm, the referee having to check if he's alright, Justin lunges from a seated position forward. The momentum causing Garth to go overhead and in that motion, Justin rolls back and scissors the shoulders, countering into an O'Connor Roll. 1............. 2............. 3-But Garth kicks out at the last second.

    Klamor: Justin has Garth on the ropes now. Literally, I mean, Garth needs to somehow get back to that knee.

    Everest: Well here's the thing, it would only take him one second. Justin needs to protect himself because chances are, one blow will be enough to stop him cold.

    Both men get to their feet, Garth stands, thinking up his next move as Justin stands calm. Now having to worry about a bad knee, he keeps calm to not make mistakes. Garth charges at him and Justin responds with a hammerlock again, but quickly transitions into the Devil Lock DDT, planting Garth head first on to the canvas. Quickly, he hooks the leg for the cover. 1............ 2........... 3- But no, Garth gets the shoulder up. He gets back up and Justin charges at him, but is sweep kicked straight on the bad leg, brushing him off the canvas and face first to the ground. Justin quickly clutches the bad knee in pain as Garth catches his breath. He climbs the top rope, Justin not realizing as he grabs his leg still. Taking the change, Garth leaps with the Elbow Drop, Justin just rolls and takes the blow perfectly. Garth senses he not only has the advantage, he's firmly in control now, he stomps on the legs a bit before dragging Justin to the corner. Smothering him with his boot. Referee Jurou Akiyama telling him to stop or risk DQ. Garth obliges, backing away and heading to the opposite corner, stalking Justin who has trouble getting up. As soon as he pulls himself back up though, Garth dashes and hits Getting On The Wagon. He hoists Justin on his shoulders for the Black Out but Justin gets out of the hold. He attempts the Mic Drop, but can't a collapses, dropping Garth over him.

    Klamor: Looks like it may just be a matter of time before we have a new World Champion.

    Everest: Well, he has to win it, first. There's always room for error.

    Garth gets up and tries again, hoisting Justin on his shoulders for the Black Out. This time, he hits it. But Justin rolls out of the ring on impact. Garth tries to go after him, but Jurou intervenes, trying to give Justin breathing room and to examine him. Garth desperately tries to pursue as Jurou seems to take his time to check. Finally confirming that Justin can continue, Garth goes right out and tries to drag Justin back in. Successfully doing so and going straight for the cover, hooking the leg. 1............ 2....... 3-But Justin kicks out. Garth is in shock. Angry that his big final shot did not work and turns to Jurou with a furious look. He hooks both legs this time, certain that its over. 1........ 2......... 3!!! But No! Justin gets his shoulder up still. Garth insists it was 3 but Jurou insists it was a 2 count.

    Everest: Garth did-Wait, no! It was a 2 count!

    Klamor: That was wait too close. I saw that palm come down.

    Garth scratches his head and begins to argue with the referee, feeling was screwed and may have been. Jurou doesn't take it though and argues right back. Justin seems to be moving but Garth kicks him on both the back of the neck and the bad knee. He climbs the ropes and leaps for The Comedown! But he misses as Justin barely rolls out of the way! Garth bounces off the canvas in pain but clear anger is seen in his face.

    Everest: That might be the opening Justin needs!

    Klamor: Jurou got in the way! How could he do that!?

    Everest: He was checking the condition of Justin, he had to know if he could keep competing.

    Justin drags himself to his feet, he spots Garth turning around after his frustration and raises him above, dropping him with a Scoop Slam. He hits a hat trick of kicks before running, or more like hobbling, across the ropes, hitting a Dropkick to the seated Garth. He measures him, waiting for him to get up and hits the Final Verse!! 1............... 2.......... 3-No! Shoulder up. Justin can't believe it and asks Jurou if it was 3. Jurou responds no. Justin fights his way back up, heavy breathing, Garth struggles after the big blow, but Justin is right there and hits the Remix!! He makes the cover, almost collapsing on Garth. 1............. 2........... 3!!

    The winner of this match, and STILL WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Justin Cooper!!

    Jurou has to verify Justin, struggling to get up. His title is handed to him as he can't put any weight on his knee. He helps him but Justin has him let go as he tries to walk away on his own power.

    Klamor: Garth had Justin Cooper beat. Garth had him. But the referee got in the way.

    Everest: Garth attacked Cooper's knee. Cooper had difficulty walking. So Jurou had to stop and check him. Garth caused the injury.

    Klamor: Explain the false 3 count then.

    Everest: Referee's judgment. He saw Justin got his shoulder up.

    As Justin has made his way to the ramp and tries to make his way up, Garth is coming around. He starts to get up and starts to argue right away with the referee afterwards. Justin hoists his World title above his head to celebrate.

    Klamor:That's it for us. Thank you for joining us for this special Aftershock event. Congratulations to all our award winners, our World Champion for retaining, our challenger for technically winning but not really and Titus, for being the greatest.

    Everest: All in all, Justin Cooper retained the World Heavyweight Championship. And that wraps it up for us.
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    That's it for this week, guys. Rep all the guys, including the guest writers for their work. The cards will be up tonight and we will have an announcement for the Creative spot in due course.

    Thanks for your patience.
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