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    Pyros shoot off in the beautiful Ralph Engelstad Arena in North Dakota. The crowd is vibrant and ready for tonight's show.

    Serra: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the twenty-fourth installment of Aftershock. Tonight we have a packed card with one of the biggest main-events in Aftershock history!

    Klamor: That is right Becky. Two Mayhem Legends in Matt Tastic and Alex Bowen will take on two Mayhem Upstarts in Ace Stevens and Vega. I can't wait!


    The crowd is somewhat mixed, mostly good, as Chuck Myles makes his way out onto the entrance stage with a microphone. He is all smiles as he looks out at the lively WZCW.

    Klamor: We are starting the show off with the boss!

    Myles stays at the top of the stage and holds his hand up to muffle the crowd.

    Myles: Thank you. Thank you to all of the WZCW Universe for being with us for 24 Aftershock shows. I couldn't ask for a better crowd out here in North Dakota.

    The crowd pops at the mention of their home state.

    Myles: Now, if this is the 24th Aftershock, then that must mean that next round is the- Oh yes it is, it is the 25th Anniversary of Aftershock!

    The crowd re-pops!

    Myles: That is a milestone for any wrestling show on television. We are very luck to be granted this gem on the road to Kingdom Come V. Now, many of you witnessed a stacked card on Meltdown and Ascension these last few nights. They had title matches and dream matches galore. Now, it is my turn!

    The crowd is extremely pleased with Myles' build-up so far.

    Myles: It is my turn to treat you all to the extravaganza that will be Aftershock 25. Now, later on tonight I will reveal a couple more surprises about the card the next round, but I do have one huge announcement to start things off.

    The crowd becomes silent with curiosity.

    Myles: Live, next week on Aftershock 25 in Denver, Colorado. On behalf of all of the greats in this business, WZCW superstars and management alike, we will present to you the very first name that will be inducted into the WZCW Hall of Fame!

    Serra: Wow!

    Klamor: That's fantastic!

    The crowd lights up over the announcement.

    Myles: I promise you won't be disappointed. Thank you all and enjoy tonight's show! It's going to be a good one!

    Myles' music begins to play as he waves out to the crowd.

    Klamor: Myles just dropped a huge announcement. The first ever WZCW Hall of Fame inductee will not be announced on Meltdown or Ascension, but on the 25th Anniversary of Aftershock! I can't wait to see who it is!

    The final shot we get is of the crowd cheering in anticipation for tonight's show. The camera then fades to black for a commercial.
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    Serra: Welcome ladies and gentlemen. Hopefully you all were able to hear the huge announcement Chuck Myles made about Aftershock 25 earlier. It has been announced that the revelation of the first WZCW Hall of Fame inductee will be announced on the 25th anniversary of Aftershock. Also, he says he has a couple more surprises in-store for us tonight.

    Klamor: I can’t wait!

    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is a tag-team match that is scheduled for one fall!


    The crowd gives a small pop as Amber Warren rushes out onto the entrance stage with great zeal. She connects with hands lining the entrance ramp as she works the crowd.

    Anderson: Introducing first, from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing 130 pounds, Amber Warren!

    Serra: Amber Warren is already receiving a warm reaction from the crowd after only being in WZCW for a couple weeks. She competed against two seasoned female competitors, but I think she held her own. What do you think Johnny?

    Klamor: Well, she had to be broke in someway. I think later down the road she will really appreciate that experience.

    We see Amber in the ring, shaking the referee’s hand. However, a new music cues up.


    The Angel comes out onto the stage to a mixed reaction, but mostly cheers. He kneels down on the stage before continuing down the ramp.

    Anderson: And her partner, from Heaven, weighing 180 pounds, The Angel!

    Klamor: Now, here is a guy who knows how to make a big exit, but a very lackluster return. I mean, surely this crowd won’t forget that it is actually Armando Paradyse under that mask?

    Serra: The attention span of the WZCW audience is very short Johnny.

    Klamor: Yeah, I guess you are right.

    Angel is now in the ring with Amber as the two connect with high-fives.


    The crowd sings a chorus of boos as the Carnival of Carnage, Brent Blaze and Dustin Hunter, storm out onto the entrance stage.

    Anderson: And the challengers, at a combined weight of 450 pounds, the Carnival of Carnage!

    Klamor: Now, these guys know how to make a return! Take a look at this Becky,

    Serra: Poor Hades.

    Blaze and Hunter are now in the ring as the referee checks on both teams. Hunter decides to start for his own team as Angel does for his. With that, the referee rings calls for the bell and the match begins.

    The two men approach each other in the middle of the ring. Angel goes for a grapple, but Hunter gets him by the arm and has him in a standing armbar. Angel groans in pain as Hunter wrenches it. Hunter then decides to abandon the armbar and proceeds to whip Angel into some nearby ropes. Angel bounces off of them and returns to Hunter, who picks him up and drops him back down for a spinebuster! Hunter doesn’t let up though as he pulls Angel back up by his arm. He then hoist him up on his shoulders before tossing him for a fireman’s carry! Angel holds his back in pain, but Hunter is ruthless as he picks the luchador back up again. He pulls him in and lifts him up for a drop on his knee for a reverse atomic drop! The crowd gasps, but Angel goes for a spinning kick out of nowhere! Hunter catches it though! Angel panics, but then he dropkicks Hunter in the chest. Angel falls in the center of the ring as Hunter stumbles all the way back into his corner. A loud slap is heard as Blaze makes a legal tag on the back of Hunter. Hunter begins arguing with Blaze about the uncalled-for tag. Blaze is stubborn, though.

    Serra: Hunter is clearly not happy about being tagged out. I don’t blame him. He was doing well.

    The small squabble that CoC are having allows Angel to crawl over and make a tag to his partner, Amber! The crowd pops as Amber jumps into the ring and charges Blaze. Blaze notices this and leaves his argument to address Amber. He goes for a clothesline, but Amber ducks under it. She stops and plants her feet as she jumps back and twists. She connects with a returning Blaze via a spinning heel kick to the noggin! Blaze crumbles down as Amber climbs over him for the count,

















    Klamor: I don’t believe it!

    Anderson: Here are your winners by pinfall, Amber Warren and The Angel!

    Amber lights up in joy as the crowd pops. She slides under and out of the ring as her and Angel celebrate on the outside. She is clearly excited over her first victory in WZCW. Angel is clearly excited just to be back in WZCW. Meanwhile, we see a stunned Dustin Hunter on the outside apron. He is still in his team’s corner as he glares down at his teammate in the center of the ring.

    Klamor: Dustin Hunter is clearly upset with his partner Brent Blaze. I wouldn't want to be in Blaze's boots right now.

    Blaze finally comes too, but Hunter just shakes his head in disappointment and jumps down from the apron. Blaze tries to explain himself, but Hunter walks up the ramp with his back turned to his partner. Blaze exits the ring and follows Hunter up the ramp. He finally catches up to him at the top of the entrance stage. He grabs Hunter’s arm to explain, but Hunter snaps! He smashes an elbow into the face of Blaze to a very mixed reaction from the crowd.

    Serra: Hunter just smashed his partner’s face in!

    Klamor: This is it! We are seeing the demise of the Carnival!

    Hunter flares his nostrils as he proceeds to pick Blaze up and tuck his head in-between his legs. Hunter’s face looks cold as he lifts Blaze up and drops him with the Dream Crusher on the steel stage!

    Serra: Oh my god! Hunter just dropped Blaze head-first on the steel!

    A few EMTs rush out of the pack as Hunter proceeds to get up and leave his partner behind him. The camera fades to black as we cut to commercial.


    We cut backstage and see someone lacing up their boots. The camera pulls back and it reveals that it is Alex Bowen. The crowd pops within the arena. Suddenly, we hear a door open off-camera and Bowen looks up. The camera pulls back and it is Matt Tastic! The crowd pops even more within the arena. Bowen smirks off Tastic's entrance and continues lacing his boots.

    Tastic: Tonight we have a chance to teach two young pups a lesson. We need be on one accord. You feel me?

    Bowen finishes his laces and looks up at Tastic.

    Bowen: I came back for that very reason Matt. To teach everyone just who I was, but also who I am now. I'll make sure I do my part, you just do yours. You feel me?

    Bowen smiles and Tastic smirks. Then, Bowen brushes past Tastic before leaving the locker-room. The camera fades out on a smirking Tastic.


    Somewhere backstage, D.C and Westhoff are talking together, looking very wary of the hooded figure who stands opposite to them, not saying a word and looking down making his face impossible to decipher. Westhoff stops and walks over to the hooded figure, standing in front of him.

    Westhoff: I'm not sure what the Almighty has planned for you but I don't trusted individuals who cannot reveal their true identity to the Sacrificial Altar. This kind of smoke and mirrors is used for the populace, not us.

    Mystique steps into the picture with Westhoff turning around, waiting for a response.

    GM: The secrecy of this man's identity is not to torture your curiosity, Brother Mason, but to show that we are growing in numbers as our enemies are and to make help eliminate any more mistakes from occurring to hinder our plan. Tonight, this man will go show just exactly why a man of his talents are required for the Altar.

    The hooded man nods at Grand Mystique, disappearing down the corridor to leave the three men together. GM turns around in the other direction, heading for the exit. Westhoff looks back and then looks at DC before he pipes up.

    DC: What happens if he cannot get the job done? Won't he need back-up?

    GM does not respond at the question as Westhoff walks off in the direction of GM. DC doesn't know where to head and remains conflicted as the feed cuts.
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    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Anderson: Introducing first, from Las Vegas, WZCWs Rocking Superstar...Thraaaash!

    Thrash comes out a little slowly as the crowd pops for him. He looks on before swallowing whatever fear Dr. Zeus instilled on him before he throws his hands in the air and walks off to the ring.

    Haha. Look at Thrash. He's still spooked by Dr. Zeus.


    Anderson: And his opponent, from The Night's Watch, weighing 143 pounds, "The Sandman," Sandy Deserts!

    Sandy emerges with her pouch and blows her gold dust before heading to the ring. Shaking hands with the crowd before getting in the ring.

    Serra: Thrash better shape up. He facing Deserts and Dr. Zeus may come after any of the two.

    The two face off in the center of the ring as Katie Shepard rings the bell.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    The two circle the ring for a bit waiting for who's the first to make a move. Sandy starts on the offensive with kicks to Thrash's shin. Thrash tries to back off, but Sandy stays on him with hard shots. Sandy chases him with the hard shots and Thrash finds himself forced to go to the ropes. But Sandy still stays on him as ref Shepard has to step in.

    Serra: Sandy seems pretty assertive.

    Thrash seems off.

    Shepard separates Sandy and Thrash and check on the two. Thrash slaps himself a bit for confidence and hops to stretch. He rushes to Sandy and locks up with her, pushing her to the turnbuckle. He starts throwing hard fists before following up with a back kick to knock Sandy to the mat. She scrambles back up quickly and goes for another kick but Thrash manages to catch the leg and goes for a Drop Toe Hold to take "The Sandman" back down.

    Serra: Now Thrash is in the game.

    Thrash readies himself as Sandy tries to get back up. He headlocks her and tries to go for a Bulldog but Sandy shoves him off into the ropes. But before she can attack Thrash tries the Bulldog this time manages to get it and goes for the cover.


    Klamor: Sandy's clearly game right now but Thrash is all over her. Reminds me of an annoying ant that I can't kill.

    Katie Shepard calls it a two-count as Thrash stands by for Deserts to get back up. He tries to hook a Neckbreaker but Sandy manages to slip out and Dropkick Thrash on the knee before charging for a second Running Dropkick. Thrash gets up, but Sandy grabs him and leaps driving her knees to his face. Sandy charges the ropes and Thrash tries a clothesline but Sandy ducks and goes on. She returns with a Wheelbarrow Bulldog. She continues by raising Thrash up and Snapmaring him and shooting a hard kick to his back.

    Serra: Thrash is in trouble now. Sandy has completely shut him down.

    Sandy stands by the ropes the ropes waiting on Thrash to get up. She leaps for a Springboard Axe Handle but Thrash catches her in a Spinebuster.

    Klamor: Thrash better take the chance!

    He does. He stands Sandy up and lifts her up For Whom The Bell Tolls but Sandy elbows her way out and slips behind Thrash. She starts a flurry of strikes and finishes with a Backfist.

    Serra: Hurricane Sandy! This could be it!

    Klamor: Becky! Too soon.

    Sandy quickly goes for the ropes for a Springboard to go for the Dreamcatcher but Thrash catches her and sets up For Whom The Bell Tolls again. But once again she escapes. This time as Thrash turns around, Sandy blows her
    Mist of Rheum at him and follows up the Goodnight kick! And follows with the cover.

    One !

    Anderson: Here is your winner, "The Sandman" Sandy Deserts!

    Serra: Great win for Deserts here.

    Klamor: I gotta hand it to Thrash. He tried to keep up. Too bad he couldn't get the win.

    Sandy gets her arm raised as Thrash is still trying shake the glitter out of his eyes.


    The crowd boos as the ominous music of Dr. Zeus hits the arena, causing the handshake in the middle of the ring to cease with Thrash shaking his head in horror. Sandy tells Thrash to stand back as Zeus continues down the ramp at a slow pace, staring a hole through Thrash.

    Serra: He hasn't taken his eyes of Thrash since he got out here. What is he planning?

    Klamor: I think he's out here to finish off Thrash from last time.

    As Zeus gets closer to the ring, Thrash somehow musters up the courage to step forward and looks ready to take him on. Sandy however, has other ideas and tells Thrash it isn't safe and he should leave. Thrash doesn't agree and he needs to stand up to his nightmares but Sandy insists that she's got this. Zeus has gotten to ringside and hops onto the apron as Thrash looks to exit the ring on the other side. Zeus enters and Sandy immediately steps in front of him, allowing Thrash to exit the ring and head up the ramp safely. Zeus watches on but Sandy grabs him by the face, turning him to face her and asks what he wants. He smiles, grabs her by the hand and begins stroking her face. In a confused and almost frozen-like state, Sandy just stares as Zeus goes close to her ear and whispers something to her. Her eyes widen before pushing Zeus backwards and attempts to hit the Goodnight finisher on the good doctor but he evades the contact by sliding out of the ring. He waves his finger at her and shakes his head, slowly heading around the ringside area and back up the ramp.

    Zeus: It is not you who I wish to fight
    I seek the man lost in his own light.

    The crowd boos heavily as Sandy stands her ground as she stares down Zeus, who does not want anything to do with her.

    Serra: The man lost in his own light? You don't think...?

    Klamor: Who else could he be referring to?


    We cut backstage and see Dustin Hunter storming down a hallway with a duffel bag strapped across his body. Leon Kensworth enters the shot as he runs up to Dustin with a microphone.

    Leon: Dustin, you just annihilated your partner earlier tonight. Before the Carnival of Carnage could even begin, you ended it? Why?

    Dustin stops and looks at Leon.

    Dustin: Losing out there made me realize how much time I wasted on Blaze. I need to get back to the reason why I thrive. What happened to Blaze was just the opener Kensworth. The show has just begun.

    With that, Dustin storms off and goes through a set of double doors, leaving Kensworth scratching his head.
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    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Anderson: Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing 225 pounds, "The Second City Daredevil," Ricky Runn!

    Ricky comes running from behind the curtain, bobbing his head and pumping his fist in rhythm to the music. He high fives the fans who chant his name as he makes his way down the ramp. He jumps into the ring and removes his jacket, throwing it to a female fan in the front row.

    Klamor: Someone let the monkey out of his cage again. That unlucky lady may not want to touch that jacket, everything Ricky comes into contact with still seems cursed.

    Serra: The ladies love him though, as do most of the fans in attendance tonight. You have to wonder though if Ricky is mentally ready for this after his last match with Izzy ended in disaster.


    Anderson: Making her way to the ring, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing 152 pounds, Isabel Stone!

    Isabel walks out to her music, hands on hips, lightly scowling at the audience. She takes a moment to allow them to boo her before she starts down the ramp. She walks quickly to the ring, hair and hips swinging behind her. She slides in the ring and gets in Ricky's face.

    Serra: Izzy looks ready tonight. Showing no fear as she is already standing face to face with Runn.

    Klamor: She has unfinished business. Last time these two were in the ring, he nearly killed her. She has a score to settle Becky.

    Katie Shepard pats down the two combatants, checking them for foreign objects. Ricky takes the opportunity to flex his glorious abs, causing the ref to blush. She calls for the bell and Izzy takes advantage, jumping on Runn and pounding away with closed fists. The ref pulls her away instead of utilizing a five count, drawing a mixed reaction from the crowd.

    Klamor: Hell yeah, some girl on girl action.

    The two separate as Ricky gets back to his feet, but Izzy is on him again with a combination of various slaps and punches, backing him into the corner. She hits an elbow to the face before she takes a few steps back. She cartwheels before smashing an elbow directly into Runn's jaw. She Irish whips him into the opposite corner and repeats the cartwheel, but this time she follows it up with a punch to the midsection. As Ricky doubles over in pain, Izzy drops to the mat and slaps him across the face. She pulls him away from the ropes and attempts a cover...

    And Ricky kicks out. Izzy lifts Ricky into a seated position and applies a rear chin lock. She wrenches on it for a few seconds before she begins to slap Runn on the side of the head. He is able to get a hand on the ropes to break the attack. Izzy backs away, allowing Runn to stand. She charges at him but he ducks and back body drops her over the top rope. She is able to skin the cat and pull herself back up as Ricky tries to shake the cobwebs out. Izzy waits for Ricky to turn around and she then springboards into the ring. Runn is able to catch her with a dropkick, putting both down.

    Serra: Terrific heads up move by Runn to counter there.

    Runn is the first to his feet and hits a couple of kicks to the leg. With Izzy favoring one leg, he sweeps it out from under her. He turns and hits a standing moonsault, staying on top for a cover...

    And Izzy gets her shoulder up. Ricky stands and lifts his foe to her feet before Irish whipping her into the ropes. He runs in the opposite direction and leaps, bouncing off the second rope, hitting a springboard clothesline. Ricky allows Izzy to stand, and she charges. Ricky takes her down with an armdrag, and follows it up with a one hundred and eighty degree dropkick. He lifts Izzy into a seated position and hops onto the second rope. He comes off with a dropkick to the face and goes into the cover...

    And Izzy manages to kick out.

    Serra: Ricky Runn in control at this point, but Izzy hanging tough.

    Klamor: She is as resilient as she is sexy. It will take more than a couple of flippy moves to put her away.

    Ricky slaps his hand on the mat before he begins to clap, firing the crowd up. He lifts Izzy and hits a couple of swift kicks to the legs and midsection before a spinning wheel kick puts her down. He points to the top turnbuckle to a thunderous applause. He grabs the top rope and leaps to the top looking to hit R&R. He leaps just as Izzy rolls out of the ring. He lands on his back, grabbing it in pain. Izzy rolls back into the ring as Ricky uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet. She runs up behind him, grabbing him around the waist, attempting to run him into the ropes and roll him up, but he hangs on. She charges a second time, but Ricky uses her momentum to throw her into the corner. She is able to catch herself before the impact and hops onto the second rope. Ricky is on her however, using the ropes to aid him in a kick to her chest. She ends up seated on the top turnbuckle. Ricky climbs and readies her for a RickyRana, but he hesitates slightly. Izzy takes advantage and shoves him to the ground. She then climbs the rest of the way to the top and dives, hitting Crash Course! She hooks the leg...


    Anderson: Here is your winner, Isabel Stone!

    Izzy shoves the ref aside as she attempts to raise her hand. She blows a kiss in Ricky's direction before she rolls out of the ring and up the ramp, stopping briefly to kiss her boyfriend in the front row.

    Serra: Isabel picks up a solid victory tonight, taking advantage of a slight misstep by Runn.

    Klamor: That's what happens when you make a monkey think too hard. They make mistakes. I would say it was beauty over brains tonight, but that would be giving Runn too much credit.

    As Runn is getting to his feet, realising how the result of the match has turned out, a hooded figure (the same one from earlier who accompanied the Altar) jumps the barricade with a small object in his hand, presumably a metal pipe. He slides into the ring and from behind, knocks Runn on the back of the head, causing Runn to crash to the ground.

    Serra: What the hell was that about?

    The hooded figure turns Runn over and yells in his face, warning him: "do not involve yourself in this otherwise you too will feel the wrath of the Altar!" The crowd begins cheering loudly as James Howard & Derek Jacobs make the save, running to the ring as the hooded man quickly bails through the crowd. Jacobs follows the hooded man, chasing him through the crowd as Howard enters the ring to take care of Runn. The crowd shrieks as the two men exit through the arena.

    Klamor: Get a cameraman out there!

    A few seconds go past as the camera feed can be viewed on the titantron.


    We cut backstage and we see none other than WZCW Superstar, Krypto, and the Aftershock General Manager, Chuck Myles.

    Krypto: Come on Myles! We are buddies! You need to forcefully take the glove back from Alhazred via your human overlord power and return it to my possession. It is rightfully mine!

    Myles: Didn't you steal it?

    Krypto: That's beside the point!

    Suddenly, the two fall silent as Isabel Stone walks into the shot. She is dabbing sweat off her face from the match she just had. Krypto and Stone share a tense stare.

    Myles: Ah! I was hoping that I could find you two together tonight. Yes, you two were very vital in the early parts of Aftershock's life-span. Both of you exploded out of the Mentor Program and now are feared competitors within the company. No matter what your gender is-

    Myles looks down at Krypto.

    Myles: Or how tall you are.

    Myles addresses them both.

    Myles: So, I'm feeling a bit nostalgic. On Aftershock 25 I want to pay homage to the Mentor Program and see you both fight against each other one more time.

    Krypto and Stone both shoot Myles a darting look.

    Myles: That's right, it'll be Krypto vs. Isabel Stone on Aftershock 25!

    Myles laughs as he walks off. Krypto looks back at Stone, but then looks in the direction Myles walked off in.

    Krypto: Myles. Myles! What about that glove!

    Krypto runs off camera as Stone continues to wipe sweat off of her forehead. The camera fades out.
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    The crowd buzzes suddenly as the camera cuts to ringside, as a man jumps over the railing next to the ring. The crowd pops loudly as the man stands up straight, his long black hair falling back to reveal Ty Burna. A smile forms on his face as he walks along the barricade, slapping hands with the fans while walking fairly gingerly. He climbs up the steps and enters the ring, as the crowd begins chanting his name. As he stands in the center of the ring he pulls on his black UND Fighting Sioux jersey before requesting a microphone from the ringside assistant. Ty looks out at the crowd and nods his head before bringing the mic up.

    Ty: It's good to be home.

    The crowd responds in earnest as Ty brushes his hair back, walking around the ring as he let's the response cascade down around him.

    Ty: I sat out there with you all during Meltdown, and I sat with you tonight. Many of you asked me why I left WZCW, why did I take my leave after just returning. Well thanks to the guys running the show, they've let me come to the ring here tonight in Grand Forks and speak to you all for a few moments.

    The crowd quiets down to a murmur as Ty's smile disappears from his face, taking on a more serious tone.

    Ty: You see, the truth of the matter is, last year after Redemption, after my brutal match with Chris K.O., I needed to take time off. As I sat in that coffin, the fireworks going on around me, I writhed in agony, my knee shredded to pieces. I knew it was only a matter of time before I needed to address it, but I couldn't bring myself to leave this all. Not when I had the world at my fingertips. And then the world made sure I knew exactly what I was, mortal. Every ligament in my knee was torn, the world renown surgeon that I went to was given the near impossible task of piecing my knee back together, and to his credit he did.

    Ty lowers the mic as he looks down at his left knee, patting the side of it briefly before looking back up to the crowd and speaking again.

    Ty: They told me 1 year recovery time with the absolute best rehab, and that was at ideal circumstances. But I knew what that would mean, no Kingdom Come V, no Lethal Lottery, no competing in this ring that I have made my home, well, my second home anyway. So I rehabbed. I spent the next 9 and a half months in the gym, becoming leaner yet stronger, everything I could do within my power to make my knee as good as new and stronger then ever. At Lethal Lottery, I entered at number 10 under the guise of El Califa Dragon, who, I'm proud to announce has returned to Mexico and is training the next batch of great luchadors, and I lasted until the final four. I took everything I could and then some, and then it happened. I felt the familiar wave of pain go through my knee and leg.

    Ty lowers the mic again, cringing thinking about the pain once more as he shakes his head.

    Ty: I fought, and I battled, and I survived. Until there were only three, and the odds stacked against me. Time and time again I had beaten the odds to earn my opportunities, but there was nothing left in me. Every Consecrated Banishment I tried just led to more tearing, more damage, another week of rehab needed. The doctors.....the doctors examined my knee again, and the same ligaments were shredded, the same meniscus torn. Only this time they announced I would be out far longer than a year, and career.

    Ty lowers the mic as the crowd remains quiet for a few moments when the crowd begins chanting his name once more. Ty looks up suddenly, looking out at his home state crowd as they cheer him on. He smiles and nods towards them once more.

    Ty: It was after this, that I formally requested my release from WZCW. They offered me a management position, but I think we all know how well that went last time I had one of those. You see, I have been part of WZCW for the past four years at least. I have done everything there possibly could be in my career here already, and if the Lethal Lottery was my final match, I have no regrets. I am damn proud of the career I have had, but never, and I repeat, never say never. I will take this injury head on like I have everything in my life, and I will succeed. You haven't seen the last of Ty Burna in one capacity or another. I have many things left to do in my life, and this has given me that opportunity.

    Ty takes a deep breath as he walks over to the corner, slowly climbing up to the second turnbuckle and pointing out to the crowd.

    Ty: From the bottom of my heart, thank each and every one of you. Thank you for cheering for me, thank you for booing me at my absolute demonic. Thank you, for sharing this journey with me. WZCW will always be family to me, and I just hope you don't forget about me. Thank you Grand Forks, thank you WZCW, and I promise you, I. Will. Be. Back. Thus it is written. So it shall come to pass!

    Ty flips the microphone away from him as he looks out to the crowd as 300 Violin Orchestra hits as the crowd cheers wildly for him. He claps his hands and points out to the crowd one more time before stepping down from the corner. He exits the ring and walks up the entrance ramp, slapping hands with the fans on each side. He stops at the top of the entrance stage and lifts his arm up high into the air. The camera zooms in on his face and Ty winks towards it before turning and exiting to the back.
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    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    The lights begin flickering in the arena as does the Titantron, creating an eerie atmosphere. The crowd in the North Dakota region however aren't particularly scared as they make their voice heard about Dr. Zeus entering the arena. They boo him as he pushes his hospital bed out onto the stage and down the ramp with a smirk on his face.

    Anderson: Introducing first, from Portland, Oregon, weighing 265 pounds, The Good Doctor Zeus!

    Klamor: The only thing this doctor is good at is making people feel uncomfortable. You can ask Leon all about it... poor guy had to interview him twice in a week.

    Serra: No matter how you slice it, he's definitely created a buzz in the WZCW Universe by putting his peers on notice and showcasing to the fans that he is someone to invest in.

    Dr. Zeus has entered the ring and is now waiting for his opponent in the corner, sitting in a seated position with his head laying back on the turnbuckles as he patiently waits for his opponent.


    The crowd erupts into a big cheer as the seemingly fan favourite Blade enters the arena with dark red flashing lighting in the background with a few strapped across his shoulders whilst he wears a Grizzly Bob tee. He looks around the arena with a smile as he walks down the ramp, throwing t-shirts to the audience members.

    Anderson: And his opponent, from Dublin, Ireland, weighing 235 pounds, Blade!

    Klamor: I never thought I'd see the day when Blade walks through the curtain and the entire arena would be cheering for him instead of his opponent. He's had a few cheers here and there in the past but... this?

    Serra: He's certainly changed his attitude and it seems to be doing well for him but the challenge that lies ahead in Dr. Zeus is going to be tough for both men.

    Blade takes off his t-shirt and throws it into the crowd before sliding into the ring, getting on the turnbuckles to perform his signature taunt. He jumps down and looks to be ready for action but the opposing Zeus is still seated in the corner, unwilling to get up from his position. The referee James Aubrey is a little confused by this and tries to get him into the match but he isn't particularly interested, letting out a chuckle. Aubrey goes to get him up with his hands but Zeus changes demeanour very quickly, staring into the eyes of Aubrey as he gets to his feet. He begins to back down the referee until Blade steps in front. Zeus changes his attention and gets face-to-face with Blade who tells him he isn't scared. Aubrey does his best to separate the two men, allowing enough time and distance to ring the bell.


    Blade goes to step forward but is immediately greeted by a throat thrust by Zeus, causing Blade to be dazed for a second and allowing Zeus to tackle Blade to the ground, using both hands to choke Blade. Aubrey tries to count but Zeus refuses to let go until the count of four where Zeus just smiles at the referee. His smile is turned into a serious, evil look as he looks back at Blade who has rolled away and tries getting to his feet. Zeus meets him there and delivers a headbutt to Blade, who staggers back towards the ropes. Zeus sends Blade for the ride across the ring, looking to pick his moment. When he goes to strike, the veteran Blade ducks underneath and hooks his arms around the waist of Zeus and looks for a German suplex but Zeus blocks the attempt, enabling to hit a quick knee strike and transition into a backbreaker. Zeus looks to go for the cover and as Aubrey gets in position, Zeus shakes his head, wagging his finger at the referee as he grabs Blade by the head, putting him into a seated Dragon sleeper hold. Zeus invites the referee with his other hand to get into position as he looks to win via this hold.

    Serra: I think the "good doctor" has made it very clear that he doesn't want to win with any pinfalls - he's looking to make the opponent submit and feel pain.

    Klamor: A key strategy in the psychological game but considering how many opponents Blade has faced and how tough he can be, I don't think this strategy will have much merit to it in the early goings.

    The crowd get behind Blade, beginning to chant his name and clapping to a beat so he can get the adrenaline pumping. Blade manages to get to his feet and throw in a couple of elbow shots but Zeus grabs on Blade's head and delivers a mat slam to the canvas. Zeus takes a couple of seconds to recover from the elbows as Blade holds his head, getting on his all fours before kneeling on one knee. Zeus grabs Blade's head again and gets prepared with a cobra clutch but instead of performing the submission, he performs a suplex variant to the move, throwing Blade across the ring and landing underneath the bottom rope. A huge smile forms on the face of Zeus as he walks over, grabs the legs of Blade and sets up for one of his favourite moves: the Last Rites! Blade holds onto his throat as Aubrey checks him out. The crowd boos as Zeus drops to his knees, delighted that the move had worked and watches Blade squirm around. He then pushes the referee out of the way and begins choking Blade once again, causing Aubrey to pull Zeus off him. He isn't happy with it but Aubrey warns him that he'll get disqualified. Zeus lets this go as Blade heads to the corner, looking to pull himself up. He does so as Zeus heads over, looking to cause more damage. As Zeus gets close, Blade uses his arm strength to lift himself up and put two boots in the face of Zeus, causing him to stagger back. Blade rushes Zeus who goes to attack but Blade ducks, successfully hitting the German suplex this time, much to the pleasure of the crowd. Zeus shakes his head and gets up slowly as Blade uses the time to catch his breath and recover. Both men get to their feet at the same time but it is Blade who capitalises, hitting an uppercut on Zeus before grabbing him by the jumpsuit and hitting a belly-to-belly suplex. The crowd cheers as he goes for the pin... 1... kick-out by Zeus almost immediately after the 1 count.

    Klamor: First cover of the match - I wouldn't doubt if Blade would be making every pinfall attempt from here on out.

    Serra: Blade knows a few submissions himself so don't count him out of that department.

    Klamor: That pun had better be unintentional.

    Blade brings Zeus to his feet and goes to whip him across the ring but it is Zeus who counters, sending Blade for the ride. Zeus looks to hit a Samoan drop but Blade is able to flip out of it and get a sunset flip pin on Zeus... 1... 2... Zeus barely kicks out of the pin, a little surprised that the move almost got him. Both men get to their feet quickly with Zeus running at Blade but he is able to counter with a Double "A" Spinebuster on Zeus as the crowd continues to cheer for Blade... 1... 2... another near fall for Blade as Zeus gets the shoulder up. Zeus crawls for the corner using one hand whilst the other clutches his back. He pulls himself up as Blade gets up, stalking Zeus from behind. Zeus is up and Blade goes to the corner, hitting another uppercut before putting Zeus in a seated position on the top turnbuckle. As Blade goes to climb, Zeus prevents him from doing so with a couple of throat thrusts and pushes him off with his legs. Zeus shakes it off but Blade is almost back up, running up the turnbuckles and hits a quick powerslam off the top rope with both men crashing into the canvas the crowd gets off their feet for the move. He goes for the count... 1... 2... again, another near fall! The crowd is shocked that the move didn't get the victory as Aubrey confirms no 3 count was made. The match continues as Blade gets to his feet and yells "cloverleaf," grabbing the legs of Zeus as he hooks them together and turns him over for the fable Texas Cloverleaf. Blade wrenches back and the look on Zeus' face tells the story: he does not scream in pain and holds in the screams, breathing heavily through his nose and making slightly disturbing noises as he breaths. This doesn't phase Blade however as he decides to pull back some more as the crowd begs for Zeus to tap. Aubrey is there to check but Zeus darts a look at him before Zeus uses all his energy he can muster to crawl to the ropes and break the hold. Aubrey is forced to relinquish Blade from applying the submission any longer and he obliges, letting go of Zeus' legs. Blade puts his hands on his hips as he looks out into the crowd who still cheer for him, supporting him as he shrugs his shoulders. Zeus looks to be in pain but does not show it, rolling to the outside to gain a breather. The crowd boos as he exits but Blade immediately exits as well, in pursuit of Zeus. As Blade grabs the head of Zeus, he turns around and levels Blade with a quick lariat attack that sends him to the hard ground. Zeus hobbles for a bit to create some distance between him and Blade, who gets up quickly. Zeus then lunges at Blade, hitting a quick hurricanrana that sends Blade into the security barrier. Both men lay on the ground as Aubrey continues the count on the inside.

    Klamor: That Zeus character has got some resiliency, I'll give him that.

    Serra: Maybe but who doesn't scream when they're body is being contorted? You must either not feel pain or you're too crazy to accept pain as a feeling. I'm going with the latter explanation.

    As the referee gets to a count of 9 with the crowd chanting along, Zeus manages to grab Blade and slide him into the ring as well as himself. Blade tries to get to his feet whilst Zeus uses the turnbuckles, climbing to the second rope and waits to strike. Blade turns around and Zeus jumps off, hitting a flying DDT from the turnbuckles. With Blade laying on the canvas, Zeus sees this opportunity and locks in the Euthanasia! Blade can be heard screaming out in pain as Zeus tries to force his opponent to tap but he refuses to do so. He applies the pressure and gets angry that this has yet to work but Blade is surviving with the noise of the crowd growing loud instantly, chanting for Blade to get his adrenaline pumping. Before Blade passes out, he manages to flip his legs over and transition the hold into a cross armbreaker on Zeus which gets him to release the hold. Blade holds onto the submission for a few seconds before Zeus is able to roll Blade on his back... 1... 2... kick-out by Blade who forces Zeus back down. Again, Zeus gets up but instead of the desperate pin, he picks up Blade with his arm and slams him dangerous into the canvas, forcing Blade to land awkwardly on his neck. Blade holds his neck as he lets go of the submission, allowing Zeus to quickly lock on his other submission finisher; "Pulling the Plug." Zeus holds onto the submission tight, not allowing Blade to escape or counter the hold. The crowd is at its peak in chanting for Blade but his attempts at escaping have turned into flailing and trying to prolong him staying conscience. Blade fades fast and his flailing is less and less as each second goes by. Zeus looks psychotic as he chokes the last bit of energy left out of Blade who goes limp, not responding to the referee. He checks Blade and sees that he is knocked unconscious, forcing him to ring the bell.

    Anderson: Here is your winner via submission; Dr. Zeus!

    The crowd boo's heavily as Dr. Zeus is awarded the match in victory. He let's go of the hold and gets to his feet slowly, looking down at his opponent without remorse as a theme unlike his entrance theme begins playing. The crowd might recognize it as the Pallet Town theme from Pokemon.

    Serra: Wow... what a huge win for Zeus. He earned this match tonight, considering the amount of submission holds he applied on Blade who did not give up. Zeus had to knock Blade out to win.

    Klamor: A valiant effort that Blade should be proud of but it seems the new blood has risen above the vete... wait, what is Zeus doing now?

    Zeus grabs the unconscious Blade by the throat and again goes for the Euthanasia. Aubrey tries to stop him but Zeus grabs him by the shirt and tosses him aside to buy him some time. The crowd boos heavily at this display of violence until...


    Sandy rushes out as quick as she can down the ramp to a cheering crowd and slides underneath the bottom rope. Zeus lets go of Blade and turns his attention to Sandy who attacks Zeus with a few shots, who doesn't appear to be defending himself. As Zeus staggers, Sandy builds up some steam by running at the ropes and springboards off, hitting a hurricanrana that sends Zeus to the outside of the ring as the crowd cheers loudly. Sandy checks on Blade as Zeus gets to his feet and makes his way to the back with a slight hobble and staggering around. Sandy looks up and sees Zeus retreating, very confused as to why the series of events had occurred.

    Serra: Thank God for Sandy coming out here and stopping this mess but it seems as if he wasn't doing anything when she started attacking him... almost as if he wanted her to do so.

    Klamor: Or maybe he just doesn't care enough to be hit by Sandy? He avoided contact with her earlier so it could be possible.

    Serra: Either way, Zeus is a nut-job to say the least. I hope Blade is okay.

    The Beard is hanging out backstage at Aftershock, having a casual conversation with Cat Connors when he is approached by Grizzly Bob.

    Grizzly Bob: Well if it isn’t the most beautiful beard in all WZCW, and look, it brought its human along with it! How’s it going bud?

    Beard turns around from Cat who dismisses herself.

    Beard: Well, it’s going I suppose.

    Grizzly Bob: It sure is! Say, tough loss on Monday night, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost a match because a giant artificially created monster popped out from under the ring and cost me the match.

    Beard: Zero?

    Grizzly Bob: Yeah, probably in that ballpark. Say, how’s about you and I have a match soon? You know, a battle between the two manliest men in all of WZCW!

    The Beard strokes his beard pensively before responding.

    Beard: Maybe. We’ll see.

    Grizzly Bob: Super! Alright buddy, I gotta get goin’, I’m going to see if the concession stand people will give me free popcorn since I’m an important person and all.

    Grizzly Bob trots off leaving The Beard behind with an eager look on his face.

    Beard: I like the cut of that guy’s jib.


    Leon: Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am backstage with the former WZCW Mayhem Champion, Ace Stevens!

    The crowd pops within the arena as the camera pulls back and reveals Ace Stevens standing next to Leon Kensworth.

    Leon: Ace, we are just a commercial break away from one of the bigger main-events we have ever had on Aftershock. You and the current Mayhem Champion, Vega, will take on two Mayhem Legends in Bowen and Tastic. How do you feel about your odds going into the match?

    Stevens: Well, I'm not quite sure if it will be a four-way or a threesome tonight Leon. And I'm not talking about my after-show festivities. You see, one week Vega is out exhausting every avenue he can to boast about his dominance, but this week he has disappeared faster than the Baha Men. Have not seen the guy since I put him down for the 1,2,3 on Meltdown 89, but you know what? I'll just go out there and do my thing, because that's what I have done up to this point and look where it has got me so far?

    Leon: Well, there are rumors going around backstage that Vega is in the building tonight.

    Steven: Well, then I guess we will find out what kind of man Vega really is.

    With that, Stevens walks off and heads to the gorilla position. The camera fades to black for commercial.
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    Serra: Welcome back to Aftershock ladies and gentlemen. It’s been an eventful night here as we lead up to the 25th edition of Aftershock next round. Now however, it’s time for our main event so let’s send it up to Selena Anderson for the introductions!

    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for your main event and it is set for one fall!

    The crowd offers up a small cheer, delighted to be getting to what could well be an exhilarating contest. Referee James Aubrey stands prepared to officiate as the crowd lets out a mighty roar of approval to the sound Back in Black:


    Anderson: Introducing first, from Orange County California, weighing 238 pounds, "The Killjoy," Matt Tastic!

    The response grows louder as Tastic emerged from behind the curtain. He looks out into the crowd and licks his lips, a grin stretched across his face. He bounces up and down a couple of times before sprinting to the ring, sliding in to complete his assault on the ring.

    Serra: Matt Tastic certainly seems ready for what should be a riveting contest between Mayhem’s past and present.

    Klamor: Riveting is the right word. It’s going to be interesting to see who gets taken to school here; the old masters or the new ones?

    Tastic rises to his feet, throwi9ng his arms in the air for a crowd response. As his theme slowly fades out, the crowd quietens down, but moments later, as his partner’s theme replaces it, the crowd lets out another strong reaction:


    Anderson: And his partner, from Toledo, Ohio, weighing 247 pounds, he is “The King of Mayhem”, Alex Bowen!

    Bowen’s entrance starts off not too dissimilar to Tastic’s entering with a grin of his own. He is clearly impressed with his reception this evening before pointing at his ear as if to indicate he can’t hear the crowd. The decibel volume increases once more as the fans cheer for the hardcore veteran. He chuckles before strolling down the aisle, high fiving some fans en-route to the ring.

    Connor: Alex Bowen appears to be in good spirits tonight. Wouldn’t you say Johnny?

    Klamor: Indeed. Me thinks he has pain and suffering on his mind with that goofy grin on his ugly mug.

    Bowen ascends the stairs into the ring before raising his arms up to draw further cheers. He nods at Tastic who is in the corner, stretching and squatting as a final warm-up. Bowen paces back and forth ass his music now begins to disappear. He and Tastic appear prepared as the cheering continues foir the next participant in this contest:


    Anderson: And their opponents, first from Brooklyn, New York, weighing 228 pounds, “The American Supernova”, Ace Stevens!

    As seems to be the pattern tonight, Stevens enters, a big grin attached to his face. He trademark shades cover his eyes and his slicked back hair glistens in the lighting as he shrugs his shoulders upwards and snorts before giving the crowd a hearty thumbs up for their response. Then, after checking his hair very briefly, Stevens begins to saunter down to ringside.

    Klamor: I love this guy’s style, though his slight attitude adjustment upon returning leaves a little to be desired.

    Serra: Ace Stevens enters this match as the man who never lost the Mayhem Championship. Tonight he teams with the incumbent to face the men in the ring, Alex Bowen, the longest reigning Mayhem Champion of all time and Matt Tastic, who holds the record for number of title reigns.

    Stevens stands outside the ring and pouts, nodding and awaiting his partners arrival. Then, the music changes and for the first time in these introductions, so does the crowd’s reaction. They boo mercilessly as the theme of the Mayhem Champion hits:


    Anderson: And his partner, from New York City, weighing 185 pounds, he is the reigning Mayhem Champion and The Self Proclaimed "New King of Mayhem", Vega!

    As Ace looks up the ramp, peering over his shades, he seeks to view his partner. The crowd boos madly, preparing themselves for their antagonist. Seconds tick by and nothing happens. The boos die down and murmurs take their place. Bowen and Tastic both appear confused, Stevens even more so. Referee Aubrey leans through the ropes asking Stevens where his partner is. Stevens replies with a shrug of his shoulders. Taking Stevens lead, both Bowen and Tastic do the same thing before they both roll outside the ring to go “greet” the Brooklyn native. Stevens turns to see Bowen on his left before turning around in a bid to escape, but then sees Tastic. Rather than flee like a coward though, Stevens shrugs his shoulders and invites both men to have a crack at him. Naturally, both men oblige. The crowd bellows with approval. Bowen and Tastic throw a melee of forearms and fists at Stevens, some connect, others ounce off his leather jacket. Stevens tries to block and throws elbows, fists, forearms and whatever else he can as he attempts to defend himself. He even manages to get the point of his left elbow into Bowen’s eyes, thus fighting him off. He does the same to Tastic before spinning around and delivering his finishing rolling elbow; Punchline! The crowd roars as Stevens stands triumphant in this moment. His moment in the sun though is short-lived as Bowen jumps him from behind. The crowd gives off a mixed response for this before Bowen tosses him into the ring, sliding in himself afterwards and officially starting this contest.

    Serra: So it appears that despite a lack of Vega, we’re going to go ahead with this tag team - well, handicap - affair.

    Klamor: The odds don’t favour Stevens, but he appears to have got it down to a one-on-one battle for the time being.

    On the inside, Bowen brings Stevens to his feet immediately. He slaps him across the chest once, before forcing the removal of Stevens’ leather jacket. Then, he rips his shirt open in a bid to do further damage to Stevens’ now exposed chest. He asks for the crowds silence by hushing them, finger on lip and all. Then he slaps Stevens’ chest as hard as possible, dropping the Springsteen fan to his knees. Bowen backs off, bouncing off the ropes and prepares to deliver a signature curb stomp, but Stevens ducks and rolls, holding his now red chest as he does. Then Stevens launches himself at Bowen with a mass European uppercut, smacking it upside Bowen’s jaw. Falling backwards onto his backside, Bowen tries to shake the cobwebs out, but Stevens runs and boots Bowen in the face. The leather bound New Yorker goes for a cover: 1...2...KICK-OUT! Bowen forces a way out and shakes to clear his head once more. Stevens though is persistent and his assault continues as he drops a swift elbow across Bowen’s back. He rises and repeats. Then goes for it a third time, but this time takes a moment to adjust his hair much to the crowd’s delight. Then he falls down with a third elbow. Stevens again goes for a cover: 1...2...KICK-OUT! As this is occurring, Matt Tastic has started to pull himself up onto the apron, though he is still dazed and confused courtesy of the Punchline. Dropping into a mounted position, Ace unleashes a flurry of rights and lefts to the jaw of Bowen. The expert hardcore participant is only able to cover up partially and a large percentage of the strikes hit their target. Again, Stevens floats round into a cover: 1...2...KICK-OUT!

    Klamor: Those persistent covers are wearing down Bowen and working a charm for Ace here. That’s good strategy on his end.

    As “Big Johnny” sings Stevens praises, the ex-Mayhem Champion climbs to his feet, bringing Bowen with him. He measures Bowen up before Irish whipping him into the corner opposite Tastic. He takes a moment to address the crowd, slicking his hair back and doing a quick shuffle. Then, he sprints towards his prone foe. However, the taunting appears to have cost Stevens as Bowen ducks at the last second and the splash Stevens had hoped to execute instead meets the turnbuckle. Quick to react, Bowen snaps off a quick neckbreaker bringing both guys down. Tastic reaches out for a tag to get into this contest. Stevens tries to sit up and clear his head. Meanwhile, Bowen is crawling, fast, towards the corner. Soon, Stevens realises and spins round before diving at Bowen in a desperate bid to stop the tag being made. As their hands are about to slap together, Stevens is able to drive a splash across Bowen’s back. Then, for added measure, he elbows Tastic off the apron once more. To complete this melee, Stevens kicks Bowen square in the gut. He goes into a cover: 1...2...KICK-OUT!

    Serra: Alex Bowen is showing his tenacity in there, surviving a fairly brutal pounding at the hands of Ace Stevens.

    Klamor: Yes, but how long can it last for Becky?

    Rising up, Stevens stomps on Bowen’s back before picking him up from the head. Bowen slaps Ace’s hands away and proceeds to try and fight back with a furious outbreak of fists, but Stevens culls it quickly with a stiff knee to the ribs. He follows that up with a facebuster and then, to complete the sequence, he executes a superb lifting DDT. Floating over into the cover, Stevens gets 1...2...KICK-OUT! His hair starting to look a bit untidy now, Stevens curses his opponent’s hardiness. He slicks his hair back as he thinks of his next move. Then it pops into his head. He again brings Bowen to his feet, blasting him with a European uppercut, just to maintain his grogginess. He then hoists the 247 pounder up and delivers a maddening Airplane Spin. The crowd gains momentum in its “oooooohs!” as Ace speeds up with the move. Meanwhile, Matt Tastic is again positioned on the apron and his chomping at the bit to get involved, pacing along the apron like a caged beast. Eventually Stevens stops as he confuses even himself. He puts Alex down and backs off, nearly falling over as his heady is woozy from the vintage move. Bowen falls backwards onto his backside again as he tries to regain his senses. Stevens however manages to stumble into Matt Tastic in the corner and “The Killjoy” offers his adversary a straight fist to the face for his troubles. Referee Aubrey points and finger and tells Tastic off for interfering whilst illegal in the match. With this discussion going on, Stevens stumbles around until he meets kneeling Bowen who appears to be regaining his senses. The Mayhem conqueror pops up like a freight train and batters into Stevens before continuing on into his corner where Tastic is. He stops just short of knocking-out the referee who side steps him and he drops to one knee before slapping the welcoming hand of Tastic. The crowd lets out a cheer as Tastic is legal now.

    Serra: Listen to this crowd as Matt Tastic enters relatively fresh and ready to do battle.

    Noting the fresh man, Stevens tries to catch him off guard using similar tactics to Bowen. He sprints at Tastic, but the crafty veteran has a counter, raising Stevens up and slamming him down with a flapjack. He begins to feed off the crowd who are offering him his energy. He shakes and screams at Stevens to get up, something that Ace complies with. He executes a nice inverted atomic drop, landing somewhere in the lower locals of Ace Stevens. He follows that up a big Samoan Drop. The crowd pops big for that last one and Tastic is immediately to his feet. The former Baez raises his arms up in appreciation of the fans. Then, he brings his hands to together in a clap. He continues, clapping again. The he does it again, and again. Soon the crowd joins in. The noise is deafening but it seems to summon Stevens up and the cool competitor rises. Tastic then stops the clap and the crowd builds on the momentum with an expecting “oooooooohhhhhh....” chant and Tastic sets him up for the finish. He spins Stevens round and executes it flawlessly; over the shoulder belly-to-belly piledriver, also known as a Headache Driver! Tastic rolls him into a cover: 1...2...3! The crowd cheers passionately for the conclusion to the contest.

    Anderson: Here are your winners; Matt Tastic and Alex Bowen!

    The official raises Tastics arm and then, as Bowen joins them in the centre, his arm goes up wto. Tastic gives his partner a nod and they shakes hands as the referee goes to check on Stevens who is out for the count.

    Serra: Stevens had a game-plan after thinking on his feet; isolate one member of this veteran alliance and dominate, but Bowen was able to make the tag to Tastic and he was just too fresh for Ace to handle.

    It appears our closing image is set to be Tastic and Bowen with their arms raised in the air when suddenly the music changes in the arena:


    A mixed reception pours down upon Aftershock General Manager Chuck Myles. He enters the arena, mic in hand and a grin on his face. His music begins to die down and he puts the mic to his mouth.

    Myles: Congratulations gentlemen on your victory. However, I’m not here to simply give you a morale boost. Nope. I’m here to tell you to clear your schedules because on the very next Aftershock, our 25th edition no less, you two will not be teaming up, but rather you will be repeating history. You see on the 25th Aftershock, we’ll be copying from the very first as Matt Tastic takes on Alex Bowen in a repeat of the first main event in Aftershock history and it will be...a Lumberjack Match!

    The crowd lets out a wild cheer as Myles nods and shows off his pearly whites, grinning from ear to ear. As Falling On plays in the arena, Tastic and Bowen turn slowly to one another and smile. They nod and stare off as we fade-to-black, the major announcement still ringing in our ears.
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    FALKON - Dr. Zeus vs. Blade, Segments, Various Match Endings
    FUNKAY - Bowen/Tastic vs. Vega/Ace, Show Ending
    JGLASS - Segments
    KERMIT - CoC vs. Amber/Angel, Opening, Segments
    KILLJOY - Sandy vs. Thrash
    TY BURNA - Ty Promo
    YAZLOV - Stone vs. Runn

    Rep everyone up there for some fine work. We are moving on to the third round of the cycle and KC is getting closer and closer. We hope you enjoyed the shows this week and we look forward to the 25th edition of Aftershock this next round. Expect cards up sooner rather than later.

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