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    Right after the intro video, we immediately cut into a shot of the beautiful sold-out Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The crowd roars in glee as pyros shoot off from the entrance stage. All of them are highly anticipating tonight's show.


    The crowd breaks into a different type of cheer and go wildly for the man robot they all know and love, the WZCW Elite X Champion, S.H.I.T.!

    S.H.I.T.: Greetings human members of the WZCW metaphorical universe! Greetings!

    S.H.I.T. appears on the entrance ramp with the WZCW Elite X Title draped over its blunt shoulder. It slowly begins to make its way down the entrance ramp. Instantly, regular watches of the show begin to wonder if they are seeing deja-vu as S.H.I.T. projects from his internally installed microphone.

    S.H.I.T.: S.H.I.T. has collected data on all past champions. It has determined that superstars who have a championship belt speak more on the microphone than when they do not. Therefore, S.H.I.T. has eliminated the need to hold a microphone and has installed one in its' internal structure. This is why S.H.I.T. is the best Elite X Champion of all time! Ahead of the human metaphorical curve!

    Some of the crowd cheers, but most of them are aware that this opening is starting almost exactly like the one from last week. S.H.I.T. finally reaches the ring and slowly clinks and clanks its' way up the steel steps and into the ring.

    Klamor: Am I seeing double Becky?

    Becky: I'm not sure if he is serious or not...

    S.H.I.T.: Now locating generic post-high-profile win opening in-ring promo.

    The crowd laughs as now they kind of start to get it.

    S.H.I.T.: First, S.H.I.T. would like to address the long journey it has had with human superstar, and current WZCW EurAsian Champion, Chris K.O.. Now, S.H.I.T. will list every single detail about his long two-year history with Chris. First, there was the surprise match against Austin Reynolds. It was a Sunday and he was wearing black socks-


    The crowd delivers a mixed reaction as Chuck Myles, the general manager of Aftershock, makes his way out onto the entrance stage with a microphone. His music quickly dies down.

    Myles: S.H.I.T., please. Yes, your win over WZCW EurAsian Champion, Chris K.O., was huge.

    The crowd pops to show they agree.

    Myles: But quite frankly we need to start worrying about your title, the Elite X Championship. You see, the management team has been constructing something vastly different from anything that the WZCW has ever seen before, and we need to make sure that we have the right superstar as champion in order to trial this new system.

    The crowd boos as they think Myles is suggesting that S.H.I.T. is not the "right" superstar.

    Myles: Therefore, next round we are going to have a fatal-four-way match to decide the challenger for your belt at Redemption. In this four way, we will see four very deserving participants.

    Myles pauses for a moment.

    Myles: First, we will have Isabel Stone!

    The crowd boos.

    S.H.I.T.: S.H.I.T. accepts!

    Myles pauses again as the crowd laughs at S.H.I.T.'s approval.

    Myles: That's very funny. I'm glad you approve of management's decisions... Anyways, the second participant will be... Matt Tastic!

    The crowd is very mixed as Tastic's angry promo from Meltdown still weighs heavily on their mind.

    S.H.I.T.: S.H.I.T. accepts!

    The crowd laughs again.

    Myles: Ahem, the third participant will be... the former Elite X Champion himself, Justin Cooper!

    The crowd boos heavily.

    S.H.I.T.: S.H.I.T. accepts!

    Myles: And finally... Ace Stevens!

    The crowd pops as S.H.I.T. projects loudly.

    S.H.I.T.: S.H.I.T. accepts!

    Klamor: You heard it here first folks. Next week, Isabel Stone, Matt Tastic, Justin Cooper, and Ace Stevens will all compete for a shot at S.H.I.T.'s Elite X Championship!

    Myles' music begins play as he exits to the back. However, he stops and turns back around to address the crowd and S.H.I.T.. His music dies down again.

    Myles: Oh and one more thing. After we find out your opponent, S.H.I.T., the WZCW Management is going to make an announcement that will change the Elite X Championship forever!

    The crowd pops in curiosity as Myles proceeds to exit.

    S.H.I.T.: S.H.I.T. accepts!

    S.H.I.T.'s music begins to play as the crowd cheer wildly.

    Serra: Wow, that was a very big tease! What could it be? Don't go away folks, Aftershock has a huge card tonight with the last match of the Gold Rush quarterfinals capping it all off between Ricky Runn and Mikey Stormrage. We will be right back!

    The last shot we get is of S.H.I.T. staring out into the crowd as they cheer. We cut to commercial.
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    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall!


    Thrash comes out to a very small amount of cheers as he walks out on the entrance ramp. Suddenly, Mason Westhoff comes from behind and clothesline's him in the back of his neck. The crowd erupts in boos, purely due to their hatred for the TSA stable. Suddenly, David Whitman, another member of TSA, comes out of the gorilla position as well. He watches as Mason kicks and throws Thrash all the way down the steel ramp. The crowd continues to boo.

    Serra: Good god, what is going on here?!

    Klamor: Well Becky, if I had to guess, this was planned by Grand Mystique. Drake Callahan tried to make The Sacrificial Altar look like a fool the other night, and I don't think he was very happy with his plight. Plus, there are rumors circulating that D.C. may have had his arm seriously injured due to the attack from Drake. This is a statement to not only Drake Callahan, but everyone, that you don't mess with TSA.

    Just as Klamor finishes that statement, we see Westhoff spear Thrash into the side of the ring at ringside. The crowd gasp as Thrash nearly gets broken in half from the blow. The referee who was suppose to officiate the match is furiously yelling at Westhoff to lay off from inside the ring. However, the servant of the Almighty ignores the referee and tosses Thrash into the ring. Whitman is stalking close behind as both men enter into the ring.

    The referee tries to get in the way of Westhoff and his prey, but Westhoff forcefully shoves the ref and sends him crashing down. The crowd boos. Westhoff then points at Whitman and then signals for him to get Thrash. Whitman hesitates as he wipes the sweat away from underneath his nose. He then proceeds to walk over to Thrash and yank him up into a complete daze. Whitman then grabs Thrash and executes a deadly Burning Hammer! The crowd boos as Westhoff exits the ring and goes for a steel chair at ringside. He takes it and carries it back into the ring. Thrash is about lifeless as Westhoff looks down at him. He hesitates for a moment, just as Whitman did before, but then proceeds to wrap the chair around Thrash's leg. The crowd looks on in horror as Whitman lifts his large boot and then pilmanizes Thrash's ankle!

    Serra: Somebody stop this!

    TSA's music begins to play as Westhoff and Whitman slowly exit the ring, leaving a broken Thrash behind them. Suddenly, several medical officials come running down the ring. The crowd usher the TSA members out in boos as the camera fades out.

    The camera cuts backstage to Leon, standing next to Ricky, who of course is wearing his signature sunglasses indoors.

    Kensworth: Thanks Becky. I'm here with tournament quarter finalist, Ricky Runn. Ricky, what do you think you can bring to this company as world champion?

    Ricky takes a moment to pop his collar before answering.

    Ricky: Swag.

    Is that all?

    All you need is swag Leon. That is the motto ninja. YOLO, you only live once, and Ricky Runn is gonna live it up.

    With that Ricky pops his collar a second time and walks out.


    The camera cuts backstage to Joey Sexton walking out of the locker room with nothing but a towel wrapped around himself. He walks to the craft service table and rummages around, picking up a banana and a couple of small kiwis, holding them suggestively. He nods approvingly as he heads back, noticing Stacy Madison.

    Sexton: Hey baby, you wanna sample some of my fruit?

    Stacy slaps Sexton, causing him to drop both his fruit and his towel. He stands shamelessly as Madison gasps and the camera quickly cuts away.
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    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, the following singles match is schedules for one fall.


    Anderson: Introducing first, from Seattle Washington, weighing in at 260 pounds, CORVUS!

    The lights dim and complete silence fills the arena. The sound of Corvus’s theme breaks through and the strobe lights kick in. The fans pop when they notice the shadowy figure of Corvus emerging from them and rolling into the ring. He perches himself on the top turnbuckle and awaits his match.

    Klamor: This guy will give you nightmares, Becky! I don’t like him one bit. Why is he squatting there on top of the ring, anyway?

    Serra: I don’t know if you knew this, Johnny, but in Latin “corvus” means “crow”. From what I know of this mysterious man, Corvus is out for justice and he’s seeking out the evil in the world, looking to punish it.


    Anderson: And his opponent, from West Hollywood California, at 235 pounds, “The Sexcellence of Sexecution”... Joey SEXton!

    Joey Sexton comes down the entrance ramp after his music hits. His vibrant zebra print trunks thrust forward powerfully to the beat of his theme. As he walks toward the ring, he only stops occasionally to display to the power of his pelvis to all the female WZCW fans. After entering the ring, he points at a few women in the crowd while thrusting heavily. The attention gets returned by a loud chorus of boos.

    Serra: Ugh!

    Klamor: What’s wrong, Becky? Does this not turn you on? Does Joey Sexton not just ooze sex appeal?

    Serra: Next time he comes near me I hope I have pepper-spray with me.

    Klamor: Pepper-spray or not, these two gentlemen genuinely surprised me at their contract battle royal. Even though Dr. Coberer won it, the two men in the ring right now were so damn impressive that management couldn’t afford not to hire them anyway.

    *ding ding ding*

    The bell indicates the start of the match. Sexton issues an opening challenge to Corvus... IN THE FORM OF A HIP-THRUST! Corvus accepts and jumps off his corner, pacing toward Joey with measured strides. Sexton meets the oncoming attacker with a beautifully executed dropkick! Corvus staggers back a couple of steps, but is still at a vertical base. Joey pops to his feet and charges Corvus with a running knee lift. The larger man topples, hits the canvas and Sexton goes for the cover.


    Serra: A very quick cover there by Joey Sexton...

    Klamor: He is the smaller man, Becky. Short bursts like that is a clever strategy to wear down your opponent. He knows that it’ll take more than that to pin his man, but every time you make the pin, it takes less out of you than the guy who has to kick out.

    Both wrestlers get back up and when Corvus closes in, Sexton attempts another dropkick. Knowing what to expect this time, Corvus sidesteps it, leaving Joey to hit the mat. Sexton tries to get back up, but Corvus has him in his grasp before he can recover from the failed opportunity. Using Sexton’s upward momentum, Corvus grabs him by the waist and delivers a brutal gutwrench suplex! Sexton is left supine, arching his back, while Corvus is on his knees, staring at Sexton. Corvus rises and delivers a knee drop to his downed opponent’s gut, THEN ANOTHER!

    Having enough of this, Joey rolls out of the ring for a break.


    Klamor: See, that’s the smart thing to do right there! Take a time-out, Joey, you’ve got nine more seconds!


    Looking on without any emotion, Corvus approaches the side of the ring and motions for Sexton to return to face him.


    Joey mock-charges at Corvus, gauging his reaction. The crowd is annoyed and rains boos down on the Sexcellence of Sexecution.


    Corvus shows his displeasure as well by edging ever closer to the apron. He grabs hold of the tope rope and stares menacingly at Sexton.


    This, however, was exactly the opening that Joey was looking for! He runs towards the ring and yanks down hard on Corvus’s hair with both his arms, smashing his face against the top rope! The force of the rope’s rebound flips Corvus on his back and Sexton returns to the ring.

    Serra: Looks like Joey’s finally ready for round two.

    Klamor: You’ve got to give him this – he has great ring awareness and he plays to the letter of the law.

    Sexton ascends the corner ring post and braces himself. He leaps off the turnbuckle with his swinging arms locked in a diving double axe-handle! His lunge was spot-on, but at the very last second Corvus raises his legs and his feet hit Sexton in the gut!

    The crowd lets out a collective groan as Sexton collapses on his knees, doubled over in pain. Buoyed by this, Corvus gets up and stands over the kneeling Joey Sexton. Corvus slowly pulls back his arm, then unleashes a flurry of fists to his opponent’s face! Sexton manages to block a few of the punches, but Corvus has the high ground. He laces his arms past Sexton’s and drags him to his feet into a double underhook...BACKBREAKER! Sexton gets flippen high in the air and his body jerks as his spine connects onto the knee of Corvus.

    Serra: Would you listen to that crowd, Johnny!

    The fans are on their feet. A chant starts to do the rounds.

    COR! VUS! *Clap clap clap* COR! VUS!

    Corvus acknowledges the crowd. With his face still a grim mask, he raises his fist to the beat of their voice. He then fixed his attention back to his opponent.

    Serra: Sexton’s damn near split in half by now, get a load of that, John.

    Sexton gets tugged off the floor by his arm. He gets yanked to his feet and Corvus rotates his torso, applying an arm wringer. Joey’s normally confidant (and strangely sexually charismatic) expression has turned into sheer agony, BUT WAIT! Sexton ducks onto his knees and rolls over... twice, effectively reversing the hold! In a flash he gets up and locks a hammerlock in on Corvus!

    Klamor: Get a load of THAT, Becky! This guy Sexton has wrestled all over the world and his technical ingenuity is showing here!

    Corvus winces at the pain in his arm and shoulder, while Sexton continues to work on the arm, driving it deeper and deeper into Corvus’s back and overextending the tendons and muscles. After a struggle, Corvus powers out of the hold and sends Sexton running toward the ropes with an Irish whip. Not wanting to relinquish any momentum, he charges after Joey and raises his arm for a clothesline, but Sexton has other plans – he springboards off the ropes and nails Corvus with a flying body splash! Another pin:

    Kick-out by Corvus!

    Sexton is visibly annoyed and gives the referee a harsh talking-to, signalling a three-count. The ref waves him away, however, wanting none of it. Sexton stops trying to reason with the ref and drops an elbow onto the heaving chest of Corvus instead, followed by a kip-up. He does another elbow drop and hooks the leg:

    Shoulder up! Corvus manages to shove Sexton off his body and is now lying on his side.

    Serra: Corvus won’t give up this match! Sexton has to be thinking what more he must do to put away his determined opponent!

    Klamor: That Corvus is a tough son-of-a-gun, Becky, but he’s getting tuckered out. That doesn’t bode well for him, especially the way Sexton’s looking now.

    Sexton slams his fists on the mat in frustration, but then he slicks back his greasy hair and tries to compose himself. He rolls Corvus on his stomach and pulls him to the middle of the ring. Corvus tries to claw away, but his movements appear groggy from his opponent’s bursts of attack. Sexton stands with his back to Corvus and sets up the downed man’s legs for a reverse STF. Spurred on by the tiring Corvus, Joey looks at the crowd and the zebra-striped trunks are displayed gloriously with each and every thrust! Mothers cover their children’s eyes and husbands do the same to their wives – no vision is spared this erotic display of WZCW’s sleaziest man! The crowd boos him like there’s no tomorrow, but Sexton doesn’t care. He arches his body, leans back and clamps in his submission manoeuvre, the DTF! Corvus is in a whole world of hurt as Sexton cranks back on his neck.

    Serra: With nowhere to go, where does Corvus go from here?

    Klamor: He taps out, Becky, that’s what! Did you see how Sexton dragged him away from the ropes? That’s some clever wrestling, that is.

    Corvus’s fingers dig into the canvas. At a snail’s pace he pushes the two of them towards the side of the ring. Baring his teeth and even starting to lose a little bit of his face-paint due to sweat, Corvus determinedly inches closer to the ropes.

    Klamor: I- I don’t know what to say!

    Serra: How is he doing this?

    Now only a foot away from the ropes, Corvus collapses face-first onto the mat. Groaning in pain and with Sexton not letting up, Corvus does not have the willpower to make it to the rope.

    COR! VUS! *clap clap clap* COR! VUS!

    Or does he? Lifting his torso from the canvas and digging deep into his reserve strength, Corvus pushes toward the rope. It may be only three fingers, but he has them on the bottom rope – enough for the official to force the break.

    Klamor: Joey had that lock applied perfectly, I don’t believe this!

    Serra: You better believe it, Johnny, but how much damage has already been done? Joey Sexton too quite a beating early on, but surely the tables are turned now!

    After seeing his opponent pull himself up by the ring ropes, an infuriated Sexton charges at him. He hits quick jabs in succession, forcing Corvus into the corner. Once there, Corvus starts to fight back and lands a couple of expertly-paced blows of his own, backing off Sexton. With Sexton reeling back, Corvus can afford to rest his battered body up against the ring post. Waiting for Sexton to come to him, Corvus grabs onto the ropes for support. He is breathing heavily and still looking dazed. In the middle of the ring, Sexton is boiling over with frustration. He runs toward Corvus, extending his arm for a clothesline, BUT THERE’S NOBODY HOME! At the last second, Corvus dropped to his feet, leaving Sexton to smash into the turnbuckles with a full head of steam! He clutches his forehead and turns around, only to find the vengeful Corvus! Corvus tips Sexton over and drapes his arm over his shoulder before lifting him up for a suplex. One bounce off the top rope launches Sexton’s body back up into the air and Corvus smashes him down on the mat – slingshot suplex! Corvus hooks a leg and makes the cover:

    Kick-out by Sexton!

    Klamor: Just when you thought Corvus had this wrapped up!

    Serra: Sexton’s showing remarkable resilience of his own, tonight. I may not like him, but there’s no denying his skill.

    Sexton rises and Corvus applies a waist-lock. Sexton lands a few hard elbows to his opponent’s temple, but Corvus grits his teeth and lifts Sexton and falls back for a German suplex. Without releasing, Corvus works Sexton back up for a dragon suplex! Still holding on, Corvus throws an already-limp Sexton for a bridging X-plex!

    Klamor: Potential brain damage! That’s a deadly combo by Corvus!

    Serra: This can’t end well for Joey Sexton...


    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner by pinfall, Corvus!

    The victor struggles to his feet. The official raises Corvus’s hand triumphantly, while the crowd cheers him on. Corvus rests his hands on his knees, taking a couple of deep breaths before rolling out of the ring.

    Serra: Look at that man! Tomorrow morning he’ll know he’s been in a gruelling match.

    Klamor: He proved just how tough he is, Becky. I don’t understand all the fandom he gets around here, but you bet I won’t say it to his face!


    We cut backstage and we see a very rough looking crown. He has blood-shot eyes and a five-o-clock shadow on his chin that sprouts through his poorly caked-on white makeup. The clown, with his rainbow afro and red nose, reaches into his pocket for a flask. He takes it out and takes a swig. Then, he proceeds to put the flask up and pulls out a deflated green balloon. He slowly blows up the balloon and then ties it off. He holds it out for someone off-camera.

    Clown: Here, it's a pickle.

    ???: HAHA! I LOVE IT!

    The camera zooms back and we see that Krypto has set up small, and somewhat sad, "Final Four" party for himself. There is a hand-made banner hanging from the wall that says "Congratulations Krypto" and streamers hanging from the roof. Green balloons litter the floor as we see Missy in the background playing a Nintendo 3DS at a table. The clown, Krypto, and Missy are the only ones in the room. Krypto suddenly pulls out a kazoo and blows into it before giggling in joy.

    Suddenly, the door flings open and Chuck Myles walks into the room.

    Myles: What the hell are you doing in the janitor closet?

    Krypto: Myles! You came! I knew you wouldn't miss my Final Four party!

    Myles shakes his head in pity.

    Myles: If this is a party, then where is everyone?

    Krypto: Oh, don't worry. I sent out invitations in the mail earlier today so I'm sure everyone will be arriving shortly. Also, Saboteur told me himself that he would stop by at around 6:00.

    Myles looks down at his watch and the time says 7:30.

    Myles: Oh boy... Look, Krypto. I'm thrilled that you are in the Final Four. Because quite frankly when you succeed I succeed. You are a product of the Mentor Program that I set up. Anyways, I came to tell you that next week there is going to be a tag match that involves the final four members of Gold Rush Tournament.

    Krypto: But Myles, there is only 3 of us decided so far?

    Myles: Exactly, so that means either Ricky Runn or Mikey Stormrage, one of which you will face in the semi-finals, will be your partner next week. And since your success makes me look better, I've reserved you a seat on commentary for that match so that you can scout it out. You know, for the sake of your tag team match.

    Myles winks at Krypto.

    Krypto: Oh, gotcha! Wow, thanks Myles! Here have some cake!

    Krypto reaches over to the table that Missy is at and grabs a giant cake that has "Final 4" as the topper. However, as Krypto brings it over to Myles he trips and the cake flies into the face of Myles and onto his high-dollar suit. Krypto is stunned as he stares at Myles with his mouth ajar. The clown walks up to Myles and holds out his flask. Myles stares at the clown, and then at the flask. Finally, he takes the flask and chugs it down. The camera fades to black.


    We transition scenes and we see WZCW Interviewer, Leon Kensworth, standing by with a microphone. The camera slowly zooms out and it reveals that he is standing next to WZCW's hottest new tag team, Los Magnificos Dragones. Kensworth raises the microphone to his lips.

    Kensworth: El Califa Dragon and Amber Warren, you two are making headlines all over WZCW as you form an unexpected, yet very refreshing, team out of the wake of Kingdom Come V. Tonight you will take on a new-comer in Bobby Adams, but a chiseled veteran in Sandy Desserts. What are your thoughts going into that match as you try to build a repertoire for your tag team.

    El Califa: Thank you for taking time with us Leon. First let El Califa Dragon say that Amber and El Califa Dragon make a magnificent tag team. Our energy alone is great, but combined we are something very special. She has been taking direction from El Califa Dragon and she is a fast learner of the luchador styles and techniques. At this rate, El Califa Dragon can only see great things in our future.

    Amber smiles as she takes a turn on the microphone.

    Amber: Tonight we face two opponents that we respect. Win or lose, we honor the decision at the end of the night. However, we know if we give it our all, we can produce nothing but victory.

    El Califa interjects.

    El Califa: Speaking of honor. What we saw earlier in the night was distasteful. Amber and El Califa Dragon came into the building late, but if we had not we would not of idly stood by and watched what happened to Thrash earlier in the night. El Califa Dragon is not always the biggest man of stature, so El Califa Dragon knows when he sees a bully. And Kensworth; Mason Westhoff and David Whitman are bullies. For now that is all, we must prepare for our match. Thank you Leon.

    Leon smiles as El Califa and Amber exit off-camera. The scene fades to black.
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    Anderson: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Introducing first, at a combined weight of 310 lbs, the team of Amber Warren and El Califa Dragon, Los Magnificos Dragones!

    El Califa and Amber Warren make their way out to the top of the stage, the fans giving them a warm welcome. El Califa nods his head to the beat and points out to the crowd while Amber slaps hands with fans along the ramp. They both rush down to the ring and slide in before climbing up a turnbuckle and posing for the crowd. They both flip backwards into the center of the ring, their backs to each other and their arms crossed.

    Serra: The recently formed team of Warren and Califa in action tonight. They surely will be looking to build on the momentum of their win last time out.

    Klamor: Not impressed. These two combined weigh less than some of the guys on the roster. So it looks like I'm going to be forced to sit through this preschool gymnastics contest.


    And their opponents, the team of "The Sandman" Sandy Deserts and Bobby Adams!

    Adams and Deserts make their way from behind the curtain, stopping at the top of the ramp to talk strategy. They slap hands with a few fans on their way to the ring. Once inside they again talk strategy while the referee goes over final instructions.

    Serra: Adams and Deserts teaming up tonight, you have a feeling they will both be looking to draw on their experiences on the indie circuit to overcome their lack of experience together.

    Klamor: Who am I supposed to root for in this match? You have a team of midgets and a team of career minor leaguers, one trying to relive his high school glory, the other of whom is mental.

    Serra: You are supposed to be fair and objective Johnny, not pick favorites.

    The bell rings and Adams and Califa decide to square off first. The conflicting styles between the luchador and former amateur wrestler leads to a quick series of reversals and athletic dodges. Califa finally connects with a series of kicks to the back of the legs of Adams to take control. He hits an uppercut before dragging Adams into the corner and tagging in Warren. Califa holds Adams in a modified Full Nelson, and Warren hits a dropkick that connects to the chest of Adams. She quickly hops into a cover...
    And Adams easily gets the shoulder up. Warren keeps up the pressure, stomping away at Adams until he gets to his feet. She starts to hit a series of jabs, staggering Adams back into the corner. She tags in Califa, after hitting a a sharp kick to the chest, before hopping over the rope as Califa hops in. Califa measures a few chops to the chest before measuring a kick to the head. Adams is able to catch the kick however and plant Califa with a modified spinebuster out of the corner.

    Serra: Excellent counter by Adams, shifting momentum back toward the center.

    Klamor: I think they felt that one in the upper deck.

    He crawls to the corner and tags in Sandy, before rolling out of the ring. Sandy comes in just as Califa gets back to his feet. She ducks an attempted leg lariat and rebounds off the ropes, connecting with swinging neckbreaker. She follows it up with a springboard seated senton. She stays seated as the ref gets into a pinning position...

    And Califa is able to get a shoulder up. Sandy springs to her feet, ready to step up the attack. She hits a dropkick to the knee, following it up with a kick to the side of the head. She again attempts a pin...

    And again Califa gets a shoulder up.

    Klamor: Sandy in control, though not much surprise, as I'm pretty sure Califa legally qualifies as a midget.

    Serra: It's disappointing that you say things like that Johnny.

    Sandy begins to lift Califa, who out of desperation connects with a headbutt, stumbling both competitors. They begin to regain their wits and trade blows back and forth. Neither (wo)man able to gain the upper hand and hard right hands and stiff kicks connect. Finally Califa manages to block a punch and unleashes with a roundhouse kick that puts both competitors down. They begin to crawl to their respective corners, their partners both stretching as far as they can into the ring.

    Serra: It looks like things are about to get interesting.

    Both partners are tagged in at the same time, Warren launches herself at Adams, who puts her down hard with a tilt-a-whirl slam. He takes a couple of steps back before diving in and hitting an elbow. He continues to drop elbows to the midsection of Warren. He lifts her to her feet and plants her down in the middle of the ring with a scoop slam. He calls for the end, signalling for Omega Red. He runs the ropes, leaping over Warren, ready to rebound, only for Warren to roll out of the way. She leaps up and rolls up Adams from behind...

    Three! The ref's hands comes down just before Adams is able to kick out.

    Here are your winners, Los Magnificos Dragones!

    Klamor: Cheap win. Roll up, snore.

    Serra: I call it impressive. Both Califa and Warren overcame adversity against two game opponents.

    The ref raises the hands of the winners, before they share a handshake and acknowledge their opponents. Adams gives them the nod back as Sandy slowly begins recovering as he heads to the back. Califa & Warren head off soon after, shaking the hands of the fans as they head up the ramp and through the curtain.

    Serra: Well, coming up next we've got Grizzly Bob taking on-


    The crowd boos as the lights in the arena begin to flicker and static fills up the titantron. Dr. Zeus walks out but instead, there is no hospital bed. He stares into the ring where Sandy is using the ropes to recover, pulling herself up. Although she is having trouble, she goads Zeus to come down. Slowly, he walks down, taking his time.

    Serra: What the hell is she doing? She can barely stand and she wants to take on Zeus? She's crazy.

    Klamor: You're telling me. Anyone who willingly wants to take on that freak is more of a freak than Zeus is...

    Zeus makes it to ringside as Sandy manages to hobble to the middle, standing her ground. She tells him to get in and he obliges, slowing sliding in and getting to his feet. As soon as he does, Sandy advances and throws a few wild shots that Zeus easily dodges. He laughs and shakes his head. Sandy hits Zeus with an open palm strike, knocking him back as the crowd cheers. Zeus wipes his face where a smile used to be, turning slowly to Sandy as she starts smirking. Sandy goes for another strike but Zeus ducks, hitting Sandy with a throat thrust. Sandy staggers as Zeus slowly advances. She tries to retaliate but he delivers a headbutt to Sandy, sending her to one knee. She looks too exhausted to make another move as Zeus goes to choke Sandy.

    Serra: He's going to choke her! She'll pass out soon if someone doesn't-


    The crowd has no idea how to react as an unfamiliar tune hits the speakers. Zeus turns around to see the entrance ramp where a more than familiar figure walks out to a huge cheer by the crowd. The look on Zeus' face tells the entire story as he sees the man he's been seeking after since his inception.

    Serra: He's here! Steven Kurtesy is back!

    Klamor: I don't mean to sound cliché here but business is about to pick up.

    Kurtesy doesn't wait long as he instantly rushes the entrance ramp, bolting down as the crowd cheers loudly. Zeus pushes Sandy away as he prepares himself. Kurtesy slides into the ring and the begins brawling with Zeus, delivering shot after shot to Zeus.

    Serra: Kurtesy is taking it to Zeus!

    Whilst Zeus is stunned, he Kurtesy gains some momentum and rebounds off the ropes with a Yakuza kick to Zeus. Kurtesy stalks Zeus as he attempts to get to his feet and tries for the Prescribed Sedation... but Zeus manages to escape the move and exit the ring as quickly as possible. The crowd heavily boos at Zeus' actions but they instantly turn to cheers as Kurtesy slides out, chasing after Zeus. They run around ringside with Zeus making a pass through the timekeeper's area, snatching the microphone before sliding back in the ring. As Kurtesy does as well, Zeus catches the recovering Sandy in the Euthanasia submission.

    Zeus: STOP RIGHT THERE, we'll end this ridiculous trek
    Otherwise she'll end up like you; with a damaged neck!

    Kurtesy stops, not wanting to give into the demands of Zeus but he looks over to see the face of Sandy who is clearly in pain. He takes a step back as Zeus loosens his grip slightly, allowing Sandy to stay conscious. Zeus begins laughing as he realises that Kurtesy is unable to do anything.

    Zeus: For so long, I've wondered where you were
    And after my failed attempts, I was going to deter.

    But then I saw Sandy, this little gem
    Someone from your past that I could condemn.

    I made it my mission to make her suffer
    Until I found out that she had already been tortured by another.

    You made her into this demon Kurtesy and not by choice
    And with my help, young Sandy can rejoice.

    I promise that I will leave Sandy alone forever
    If you promise me one thing, Professor

    Come back to WZCW, be a man and face my wrath
    So I can unburden the world of you - a fake, egotistical psychopath.

    Zeus eagerly awaits the answer of Kurtesy as he looks on, seeing Zeus slowly tighten his grip and Sandy finding it harder and harder to breathe. Kurtesy obliges and nods, giving Zeus his answer. Zeus smiles before tossing Sandy towards Kurtesy, allowing him enough time to make his escape from the ring as Kurtesy catches the limp Sandy. Zeus retreats to the ramp as he walks backwards, smiling as the fans boo at what has happened. A couple of EMT's come rushing out to check on Sandy as Kurtesy keeps her head elevated on the canvas. The EMT's relieve Kurtesy of his duties as Zeus disappears. Kurtesy takes one look at the entrance ramp before going back to check on Sandy.

    Serra: I hope Sandy is okay.

    Klamor: This is what happens when you provoke someone like Zeus. Sounds silly for him to be calling Kurtesy a psychopath. Thank the lucky stars that he was here otherwise Sandy was a goner.

    Serra: Zeus has gone too far. Kurtesy needs to stop Zeus before anything else gets out of hand and stop whatever the hell this hatred for Kurtesy is - innocent people are getting hurt.

    As the show goes to commercial, we catch one last glimpse of Sandy beginning to recover as Kurtesy decides to exit the ring, walking up the ramp with a purpose.

    Klamor: Where's he going?
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    Saboteur enters the arena to a frenzied crowd, excited for the surprise appearance from the WZCW Tag Team Champion

    Klamor: Aw man, what the heck is this guy doing here?

    Serra: Your guess is as good as mine, Johnny, but after his quick win on Ascension, I’m wondering if perhaps Saboteur is looking to make more of a statement tonight on Aftershock.

    Klamor: He made all the statement in the world when he ran away like a coward when TSA came and took out Drake Callahan after his match last night!

    Serra: Saboteur is a man with a lot on his plate right now, Johnny, and I doubt making enemies with TSA is in the tag team champion’s best interest. Though I can’t help but wonder if making friends with Drake Callahan would have been a good idea for a man that is living in constant fear of ambush.

    Saboteur slides into the ring and grabs a mic.

    Saboteur: Before I begin, I’d just like to state that I am at tremendous risk coming out to this ring all by myself. But I am not afraid of Celeste Crimson or Steven Holmes, and I’m especially not afraid of Whoopi Goldberg.

    The crowd cheers, perhaps for Saboteur’s courage, or perhaps at the mention of the popular African-American entertainer.

    Saboteur: For those of you not in the know, Whoopi Goldberg and her minions are currently hunting me down and intend to kill me. It is part of a vast conspiracy involving two or more WZCW wrestlers as well as some important figures in the WZCW back-office.

    But ol’ Saboteur isn’t going to be all on his own much longer! You see, after my match last night, I got a phone call from a former WZCW wrestler that’s looking to get back in the ring. This retired superstar said that he wants to be my wingman. This former WZCW World Champion said he wants to have my back! This legendary wrestler said he wants to be my tag team partner!

    The crowd roars with excitement at the announcement.

    Saboteur: Who is this mystery partner, you ask? Well, you’ll just have to wait until Redemption when I defend these tag titles.

    Saboteur’s music hits and he slips out of the ring to hi-five a few fans before making his way back up the ramp.

    Becky: Well I for one can’t wait to find out whom this mystery partner is, and we still don’t know who Saboteur’s opponents are for Redemption!

    Klamor: Well whoever his partner is, he can’t be any better than Holmes or Celeste, my personal pick for the tag title challengers at Redemption.

    Becky: Holmes and Celeste are certainly two of WZCW’s best, but the way Saboteur talks about his secret partner, I think it’s possible we may be seeing one of the all time greats of WZCW rejoining our roster!

    Klamor: Ahhh I’ll believe it when I see it. Until then, I’m just going to assume that Saboteur contracted Darren Bull or something.


    We return from commercial to Leon Kensworth standing in front of the interview area looking confused.

    Kensworth: Ladies and gentlemen I apologize for my unpreparedness, I was supposed to have an interview with Mikey Stormrage, but he hasn't been seen since last week. So Becky I guess lets go back to you.

    The crowd begins to boo as Serra takes over.

    Serra: Well ladies and gentlemen, again we apologize for.....wait we have reports of a commotion backstage.

    The camera feed cuts to a medical crew running just in front of a cameraman. They turn a corner and approach a downed Leon Kensworth and his cameraman, both wearing crude black masks. Scribbled on the wall are the words "LET ME SHOW YOU THE BEAUTY."

    Serra: Lets....uh...can we go back to commercial?
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    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring, from Somewhere Up a Hill, weighing 350 pounds, The Big Bad Bear, Grizzly Bob!

    The Crowd pops massively as Grizzly Bob makes his way onto the ramp. He raises his arms to hype the crowd before high-fiving several kids on the way down the ramp and tousling the hair of a kid on the corner.

    Serra: Grizzly Bob is returning to Aftershock action this week after a devastating loss to Mikey Stormrage in the first round of the Gold Rush Tournament.

    Klamor: Yeah, Boob definitely lost the battle of the morbidly obese last week.

    Bob throws his shirt into the crowd and nimbly hops over the ropes, before tossing his hat and roaring at the crowd from a turnbuckle.

    Anderson: And his opponent, from Stephenville, Texas, weighing in at 190 pounds. Theron Daggershield!

    There is a quieter but no less enthusiastic pop for Theron Daggershield as he walks onto the ramp posing with his massive sword. He carries it down the ramp stopping half way to slash it through the air before making his way to the apron

    Serra: Daggershield may not have come out on top in last weeks battle but he’s looking to pick up his first win in WZCW tonight.

    Klamor: Do they have bears in those games he’s obsessed with? I wonder what he has to roll to not get mauled.

    As he reaches the ring he reaches into his pocket and throws a dice into the ring, hopping up and over the ropes before picking up the dice and raising his sword in the air.


    The two men circle each other in the ring, Theron clearly hugely outsized by the big man. It’s no matter for him though as he steps forward before throwing his legs out and going for a low flying dropkick. Bob is wise to it though and quickly steps out of the way, by the time Bob has turned Daggershield is back to his feet and throws a huge punch in Bob’s direction, catching him square on the jaw and causing him to momentarily stumble backwards. Theron immediately takes advantage, bouncing off the ropes behind him and trying once again to take the big man off his feet with a low dropkick.

    Serra: Smart fighting from the RPG fan there

    Klamor: Yeah who’d’ve thought a nerd would be smart?

    Daggershield is quick to capitalize, unleashing with an onslaught of kicks and punches to the downed big man. The big man however manages to find a gap through the frenzied offence and shoves Daggershield back as he rises to his feet. His furious blows force Daggershield back towards the turnbuckle. Bob takes a step back and charges forward, but Daggershield hoists himself clear and onto the turnbuckles.

    Klamor: He’s making Bob look like the big dumb idiot he is.

    Serra: Bob has been totally out-maneuvered all over that ring so far

    Bob falls back from standing and shakes out the cobwebs, just in time to be caught by a missile dropkick from Daggershield. Both men lay flat on their back in the centre of the ring as Aubrey goes to check on Daggershield whose right leg landed awkwardly. Bob is first to rise, favouring his right leg as he stands, arms up waiting for Daggershield to stand. Daggershield rises and is sent straight back to the mat from a devastating leg lariat. He goes to rise again but leans back, avoiding the kick and rolling under Bob’s leg causing the big man to spin awkwardly on the spot and follow his leg underneath him.

    Serra: Amazing Dragon Screw from Daggershield! I would not have believed that he would be able to get Bob over him like that.

    Klamor: That must be a uh, critical hit or something. That’s a thing right?

    Daggershield sees his opportunity and limps over to the corner climbing clumsily as he gets to the top before launching into the air and attempting a huge moonsault. Bob gets his legs up and rolls to the side, clutching the ropes to help him rise to his feet whilst Daggershield writhes on the canvas. Bob doesn’t give him any time to recover as he grabs Daggershield and lifts him to his feet before lifting him a second time and holding him vertically upside down in the air. Bob walks around the ring a little with Daggershield held high before jumping ever so slightly and slamming his opponent with a phenomenal looking suplex. Bob goes for the cover.

    Klamor: Well the little guy put up a decent fight in the end I suppose.




    Daggershield just about gets the shoulder up!

    Serra: What were you saying? Daggershield might be running on fumes Johnny but he’s not going to give up that easily.

    Klamor: It means nothing. No way Bob is losing, he’s just too big and heavy for the nerd.

    Bob slowly stalks to his feet as his opponent lies prone on his chest. Bob has slowed significantly and lifts Theron once again before slapping him hard across the chest, leaving huge red palm prints and sending clouds of sweat into the air. Theron staggers backwards into the ropes as Bob goes for one more huge slap, knocking Daggershield out of the ring and allowing Bob time to take a knee and catch his breath.

    Klamor: Fatty looks pretty gassed.

    Serra: This could be the opportunity Theron Daggershield needs to take control of this match again.

    Aubrey is out of the ring checking on Theron when Bob rises to his feet and roars at the crowd. Daggershield makes it to his feet and leans against the barricade when Aubrey slides back into the ring and begins his count. Daggershield quickly slides into the ring and catches Bob unawares with a roll up.



    3 NO! Aubrey’s hand hit the mat but Bob already had his shoulder up.

    Klamor: Will one of these two just stay down already?

    Serra: They both want the win way too much for that. Great call there by Aubrey.

    Daggershield looks at the referee in disbelief, head in his hands. He quickly hops to the turnbuckles as Bob rises on his hurt leg. He dives in for a clothesline but Bob catches him with a headbutt square in the chest. Daggershield gets knocked backwards and finds himself rolling into a seated position in the corner. Bob grabs a leg and drags his opponent into the centre of the ring before going for the pin.




    Serra: He just won’t give up. Bob has to be wondering what he has to do to keep his man down.

    Klamor: Maybe he should take him out for dinner. Bob’s letting this match slip away, he’s too tired to keep this going for that much longer.

    Bob goes back and leans against the ropes catching his breath and waiting for Daggershield to rise, Daggershield gets to his feet and Bob springs into action. Clothesline, followed by another on the return leg as he returns to the quickly rising Dagger a third time he goes for the FLYING BEAR!

    The crowd goes wild as Bob lands on top of his opponent and roars at the crowd.




    Grizzly Bob raises his arms in victory as he kneels over his opponent.

    ***DING DING DING***

    Anderson: The winner of this match. GRIZZLY BOB!

    Serra: What a victory for Bob, you’ve got to admit Johnny these two guys had a real close battle here tonight

    Klamor: Fine, you know what I wasn’t expecting the dweeb to do as well as he did. Bob’s victory was pretty decisive though.

    Bob rises with his arms in the air as Daggershield starts to stir. Bob reaches down and helps Daggershield to his feet to a huge pop from the crowd.

    Klamor: I think I’m gonna be sick.


    We cut backstage and we see Wasabi Toyota tweaking while Stacey Madison stands by with a microphone. Underneath Wasabi's nose is powdered.

    Wasabi: Nothing means nothing!

    Madison: Noth...?

    Wasabi: Nothing mean nothing, womaaan.

    Madison: Nothing means nothing? What do you mean by that?

    Wasabi: I'm talking about all the way to the top, yeeeah. I'm justifiably in a position that i'd rather not be in. But the creeeam will rise to the top, oooh yeah. Wasabi Madness, yeaah has got more to offer than General Manager Chuck Myles thinks that i got yeah and let me tell you something right now, cards stacked against the Wasabi Toyota and let me say it yeah, let me say it out loud and let me point to the General Manager of Aftershock, Wasabi Toyota is not happy with your desicion, yeeeaah. I AM THE CREAM in the Wrestle Zone Championship Wrestling federation and there is no doubt about it, yeah, you Stacey Madison, you know that i'm the CREAM OF THE CROP!

    Madison: Wait a minute though Wasabi, i've got to ask you very seriously, do you blame Chuck Myles, the distinguished General Manger for Aftershock of WZCW for being in your spot on the card today?

    Wasabi: Yeah, i do, yeah. Outside interference, yeah. IN MY MOMENT OF GLORY! Yeah. And now i'm living in a nightmare. And i am the cream. And now, not only the Elite X belt must fall, but The WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP BELT! Because Showtime yeah, i am the cream, yeah, the cream of the crop. And there is no-one that does it better than Wasabi Toyota! On balance, off balance, doesn't matter. I'm better than you are, yeah and i'm talking everyone in the Wrestle Zone Championship Wrestling. And i'm even talking to General Manager Chuck Myles, yeah. I'm on my waaay and nothing is gonna stop me. Nothing's gonna stop me.

    Wasabi runs off camera as he continues to tweak.

    Madison: What the hell was that?

    The camera fades to black.
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    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Anderson: Introducing first, from Pripyat, Ukraine, weighing 255lbs, Fallout!

    Fallout stamps down the ramp quickly. Ignoring the boos that surfaced from the crowd he enters the ring and begins bouncing off the ropes quickly.

    Klamor:Despite being straight out of a freak show, Fallout had an impressive showing at the battle royal. Now let's see how we weighs in singles competition.

    Wasabi comes out tweaking while wiping under his nose. The crowd pop for him as he walks down the ramp.

    Anderson:And his opponent, from Matsumoto, Japan, weighing 130 lbs, Wasabi Toyota!

    Serra:Speaking of weight, ever since losing the majority of hi weight, Toyota has lost his footing in WZCW. Let's see if the former big man bounces back.

    Klamor: I'm not so much concerned with his weight tonight as I am that promo he just gave.

    When the bell rings to signal the start of the match. Fallout makes the first move and charges at Toyota who stands his ground and readies himself for the attack. Fallout takes caution to the wind and goes for a flying forearm, which Toyota ducks under and evades. Composing himself Fallout already goes for another attack, trying to connect with a clothesline but again Toyota uses his new found speed and ducks, then wrapping his arms around the waist of Fallout and tossing him with a belly to back suplex. Fallout takes the bump and the two quickly prop back to their feet. They get locked up in a collar to elbow lock, a contest that Toyota was so used to winning the lockups it surprised him to not only get thrown into Fallout's grip, but was rocked backwards with a European uppercut.

    Serra:Toyota is used to having the size advantage in matches. He needs to wise up and learn how to wrestle at his new size.

    Klamor:If you ask me, he needs to put that weight back on by eating the high fliers on the roster.

    Toyota lands into the corner from the surprise blow from Fallout, before he could recover Fallout already takes to the offensive again and starts attacking Toyota in the corner, landing blow after blow, the ref made it to the count of four before splitting Fallout away from Wasabi. Though it was all according to plan as Fallout began sprinting to the other side of the ring and hopped off the turnbuckle for even more speed. He then leaped off his feet and went for a missile dropkick. Though Toyota even surprised himself with his speed and rolled off the corner, leaving Fallout to hit nothing but the top turn buckle with his feet and landing flat on the mat! Toyota sprinted over to one side and came back to the fallen Fallout for the splash, going for the pin. 1.....2.... kick out!

    Klamor:Knowing Fallout, he will never make the same mistake twice. Toyota got a lucky break.

    Serra:Toyota can take this moment to get back onto the offensive if Fallout continues to underestimate his opponent like that again.

    Toyota rolls away from his downed opponent and Fallout climbs up to his feet using the ropes, but Fallout meets the heavy head of Toyota, headbutting him several times before Wasabi pushes Fallout and launches him against the ropes. When Fallout lands back to Toyota he is slammed down by a Samoan Drop. Wasabi is not satisfied and tweaks. He takes it to another speed and hits the ropes to bounce back into a leg drop on Fallout. Now he scoops the leg and goes for another pin. 1.....2.... kickout!

    Klamor:There's that spark of the inner monster in Toyota!

    Serra:Fallout is taking the blows as they come. Toyota needs to find the strength to put the Chernobyl survivor away.

    Fallout is now staggering away from Toyota who is running on all cylinders. Ready to put the match away, Wasabi wraps the lanky arms around Fallout and pulls him into the bear hug! Lifting the Russian off his feet and squeezing his tightest to force a submission victory. Fallout struggles to break free but the submission is locked tight. However as Toyota thinks he has the victory, Fallout's legs kick and hook onto the ropes, causing a rope break! Toyota regrettably drops Fallout onto his feet. Where he quickly goes for a punch but Fallout ducks underneath it, and when he faces Wasabi, he grabs him and hits him with the Half-Life! Fallout grabs the leg for the pin. 1....2.....3....

    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner by pinfall, Fallout!

    Klamour: I don't believe it! What an upset! This kid is going places!

    Serra: The former pungent superstar couldn't hold off the new terror known as Fallout!

    Fallout exits the ring quickly after the win. The crowd soaks him in boos as he sternly walks up the ramp. The camera shows Wasabi Toyota balled up in the ring as we cut to commercial.


    Leon Kensworth is backstage with few superstars for an interview.

    Leon: Ladies and gentlemen, as it was announced during the opening, next round we will have a 4 Way match to see who S.H.I.T. faces at Redemption. At this time I have with me 3 of the 4 participants. Isabel Stone what your thoughts on this chance?

    Isabel: Unlike all the other people in this match, I'm not a not a loser Leon. I've been on a total roll and lost in a fluke to Blade after beating him, what? Twice? I'm gonna win this 4 Way and then beat SHIT. Just like I've done for so long, Leon.

    Leon:OK. Justin Cooper, SHIT just defeated Chris KO 2 nights ago. Your thoughts?

    Justin: I'm in the wrong title match. KO is the one I'm after. But it seems management just doesn't want me to beat him. But who knows. Maybe after I win the title I can also fight KO like SHIT did. Or he could duck me. Like he loves to do.

    Leon: Interesting comments. Ace? Kingdom Come wasn't good for you. Do you think Redemption can be a turn around?

    Ace: No sweat for me. I know it feels like I messed up at KC, but I'm rested and ready to turn things around. I'm pumped for that 4 Way.

    Leon: Very well. Matt Tastic can't be here due to be being evicted 2 day- -

    Matt rushes in to interrupt Leon.

    Matt: HEY!! Hahahahahaha. The big boys want to make it seem like they're giving me what I want. But all they're doing is putting more obstacles in my way. I gotta beat these three schmucks here to get to that lousy cardboard champion? Don't make me laugh. A girl out of the kitchen, Fonzie and the wannabe Chael Sonnen? If you aren't here to help me get rid of the problem get the hell out of my way. I--

    Tastic is interrupted by security who spot him. They charge at him yelling as Matt is once again dragged out of the arena.

    Leon: There you have it, folks. These four fight it out to see who faces SHIT at Redemption.
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    As we transition from the commercial break, we have Krypto at ringside taking a seat at the announcer's desk being greeted by Becky Serra. Johnny Klamor gives him a quick wave and looks away.

    Klamor: I can't believe I have to share this job with you.

    Serra: Hey! Be nice to Krypto.

    Krypto: Thank you Becky for showing me human kindness.

    Anderson: The following contest, scheduled for one fall, is a quarter final match in the Gold Rush tournament!

    Ricky Runn struts out onto the stage, a somewhat mixed reaction from the crowd.

    Anderson: Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing 225 pounds, Ricky Runn!

    Serra: Ricky got here with a surprising win in the first round over James Howard!

    Klamor: It’s like people have such contempt for him, that it puts them off their game.

    Ricky gets into the rings and checks out the slightly disgusted Anderson.

    Krypto: And I thought I needed to learn about sexual attraction.

    The crowd gives a big cheer as Stormrage walks out onto the ramp. He looks at Ricky in the ring, a slightly disappointed look in his eyes.

    Anderson: And his opponent, from Indianapolis, Indiana, weighing 315 pounds, Mikey Stormrage!

    Serra: Mikey’s closest friends have been very worried about him lately, including James Howard.

    Klamor: I’m not surprised, I always knew this guy was a bit… Off.

    He raises his arm at the end of the ramp before getting into the ring. Referee Keith Morse checks that both men are ready to go and calls for the bell. Runn points at the mask and laughs, and puffs out his cheeks in an attempt to do his best Mikey impersonation. Mikey shakes his head with some sadness before running at Runn, hitting him with a clothesline. He grabs Ricky’s arm and pulls him up before hitting a Short Arm Clothesline, which turns Ricky inside out. Mikey goes for the first cover,



    Kick out!

    Krypto: BAH GAWD! He kicked out! Has he got anything left?

    Klamor: The match has just started. Do you not know how to commentate?

    Krypto: I've been studying tapes of Sebastian Copeland.

    Klamor: Oh Lord...

    Mikey gets to his feet and pulls up Ricky by his hair, but Ricky pushes his opponent’s arm away before rolling out of the ring. He tries to catch his breath on the apron, but Mikey grabs him by the hair again and pulls him up. But Ricky was expecting it, and he hits a kick to Mikey’s head. Mikey stumbles backwards, slightly stunned. Ricky springboards from the apron and hits a Dropkick. Mikey goes down and Ricky goes for a cover,



    Mikey kicks out! Ricky grabs Mikey by the arm and pulls him up to a sitting position before kicking him hard in the chest. Ricky holds onto the arm, pulling him up and kicking him again, pulling him up and kicking him again, pulling him up before hitting one last kick right to Mikey’s head. Ricky goes for another pin,



    Mikey kicks out!

    Klamor: He may be an idiot, but Ricky Runn is fighting like a man possessed tonight!

    Serra: Even idiots understand how big an opportunity this is, Johnny.

    Ricky begins to argue with the referee, apparently criticising the speed of the pin and his lack of swag. Behind him Mikey is getting to his feet and Ricky turns around into a running Crossbody! Mikey is still recovering and can’t make the pin, which gives Ricky some time to pull himself away and getting to his feet in the corner. Mikey runs at Ricky for the Avalanche, but Ricky gets a foot up which hits Mikey square in the jaw. Mikey stumbles backwards and Ricky springboards off the top rope, looking for a Moonsault to take out the big man. But Mikey sidesteps and hits a European Uppercut as Ricky is on the way down! Stormrage hooks both legs,



    Ricky just about gets a shoulder up!

    Klamor: Runn may have a broken jaw after that, but he still managed to kick out!

    Serra: Is it fighting spirit, determination to win the tournament, or just the power of swag?

    Krypto: I want that guy to be my tag team partner next week but not my opponent for the semi-finals. I now understand what it means to have "first world" problems although I wouldn't really count Earth as a first world.

    Mikey runs his hands through his hair as he tries to remain calm. Mikey grabs Ricky in a Bearhug, pulls him up and hits a Belly to Belly in one impressively swift motion. But instead of going for the pin, Mikey heads for the corner and climbs to the top rope. He raises and arm in the air to cheers from the crowd before leaping off. But Ricky rolls out of the way and the Stormrage Splash misses, causing the rings to shake! Ricky quickly gets up to the top rope and leaps off, going for R&R, but this time Stormrage gets his knees up! Both men are down in pain as Morse begins the count. Mikey is pulling himself up, as is Ricky on the opposite side of the ring. Mikey makes the first move with stiff right hand, to a cheer from the crowd. Ricky returns the punch, to boos. They exchange right hand after right hand until Mikey blocks a punch and hits a huge Headbutt to Runn. Stormrage goes for another Belly to Belly, but Ricky grabs the top rope and holds on for dear life. Unable to pull Ricky off the ropes, Stormrage instead just Clotheslines him over them!

    Ricky bounces off the apron to the floor and Mikey follows him out there, with the referee beginning the count. He picks up Ricky up and tries to Irish Whip him into the crowd barricade, but Ricky uses his agility to jump onto the crowd barricade. He turns as he jumps off and catching Mikey with a Tornado DDT!

    Krypto: Yep, definitely want him now.

    Serra: Ricky Runn is absolutely full of surprises tonight!

    Klamor: He’d almost be impressive if he wasn’t in fake tan and reeking of Axe bodyspray.

    Ricky is trying desperately to pull Mikey up, managing to get him slumped on the apron. Picking up one of Mikey’s large legs, he just about manages to push the big man into the ring in time to break the count and go for a pin,



    Mikey just kicks out! Ricky looks frustrated as he gets onto the apron. He goes for a Springboard Corkscrew, but Mikey gets out of the way at the last second! Ricky hits the mat hard and Stormrage starts to pull himself up. Both men are up and Ricky goes for a clothesline, but Mikey ducks under it. Ricky funs off the ropes and comes at Mikey, but Mikey pushes him into the air, again going for a Pop Up European Uppercut. But Ricky counters, coming back down with a Dropkick to Mikey’s face! Ricky desperately goes for the cover,



    Mikey gets a shoulder up at the last split second! Ricky cannot believe it!

    Serra: Ricky has thrown so much at Mikey, but Mikey just will not die!

    Ricky screams that he’s had enough and manages to pull the big man up. He goes for the Ricky Runndown, but Mikey holds onto the ropes and Ricky hits the mat hard. Seeing the opportunity, Mikey picks up Runn and goes for Game Over. As he’s about to slam Ricky down, Ricky turns the move into a roll-up!




    Krypto: Awesome!

    Anderson: Here is your winner, Ricky Runn!

    Ricky quickly rolls out of the ring and begins to crawl up the ramp. Krypto has gotten up from his seat on commentary and gives Runn an applause before walking around ringside and jumping over the barricade, heading into the crowd.

    Klamor: That little green twerp didn't even say goodbye... ah well, who needs him? We just had an awesome main event.

    Serra: After all Ricky threw at Mikey, it was a simple roll-up that caught him out in the end…

    Klamor: Stormrage won’t be happy, but we now know our full semi-final bracket, with Blade taking on the Beard and Ricky Runn going up against Krypto!

    Runn brags about his swagger, parading around as if he defeated Stormrage with ease. Mikey, who is in the ring, stands up, and looks directly at Runn with what seems to be a blank stare. Runn smirks as he waves goodbye to Stormrage as he exits through the curtain. Stormrage has no idea how to react. The referee comes up to check on Mikey but he unresponsive as he stands there. After a few seconds, Stormrage exits the ring and walks slowly up the ramp.

    Klamor: That's an expressionless look if I ever saw one, Becky. Mikey's got nothing.

    Serra: I just hope Stormrage will recover from this. He hasn't been himself since Kingdom Come.
  9. Kermit

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    For everyone at home, we switch scenes to a skybox inside the arena. The Gold Rush Tournament Panel are all sitting at a desk. Behind them is a large flat-screen with this image on it:


    Cohen: And with that finale, the semi-finals are over. Well guys, if we thought the quarter finals had some interesting people, the semi's have more of that.

    Everest: I still can't believe Krypto managed to scurry past Matt Tastic.

    Dave: Don't mention that name around me, Everest. But to me, Beard has been the surprise. He's been in tag teams for so long that seeing him go so far in this really caught me by surprise.

    Cohen: But what about Ricky Runn?

    Everest lowers his head before raising it. Showing he has shutter shades on.

    Everest: Hey, look! I have swag now. But seriously, he has been very impressive. I guess Bad Luck Ricky shaked that off. Must've been the swag.

    Cohen: Haha. Nice shades there, Everest. And of course Blade finally avenged his losses to Isabel and beat her to advance. He is just 2 more victories away from headlining his first PPV after a 4 plus year career. So gentlemen. Predictions.

    Everest takes the shades off.

    Everest: My pick? I'm gonna go with Ricky Runn. He's young, athletic and cocky. Surprisingly enough, we don't get much guys like him around here and I would like to see what he could do in that main event spot.

    Dave: Blade for me. Unlike the other guys, he has loads of experience and can still go like any other in that ring. I feel this is his time to finally shine.

    Cohen: My pick is The Beard. Mean, tough and becoming more and more aggressive with each match. He's clearly on the verge of a breakthrough and this tournament may be it.

    Dave: What about Krypto?

    Cohen: Meh. He enjoys being the underdog. Though to be honest, he's just not serious enough for me to see him go all the way. If he did, I just would not be very thrilled.

    Everest: I agree. Krypto comes off far more like a comical side attraction than a potential main event player and I feel that's played a big role in why no one predicts in his favor far more than his looks and size.

    Dave: Well regardless, the matches are set for Redemption. As always, thank you all for joining us for another exciting week of WZCW. I'm Big Dave alongside the tournament analyst panel of WZCW Hall of Famer, Everest, and WZCW Legend, Jack Cohen. Good night everybody.

    With that, we get copyright info at the bottom of the screen as some outro music plays.


    We see Chuck Myles in his office sorting through his paper work, doing his usual job when the door opens. Myles, a little frustrated that he is being interrupted, looks up and goes to say something but doesn't as Steven Kurtesy walks into his office, clutching his head. He stands at the foot of Myles' desk.

    Myles: I saw what happened out there, Steven. This whole thing with Zeus being obsessive over you is concerning but are you sure that you are okay to come back, considering your throat and all?

    Kurtesy gives a simple nod to Myles. Reluctantly, Myles fishes for something out his desk and gives it to Kurtesy. It appears to be a WZCW contract.

    Myles: Last chance.

    Kurtesy motions for the pen whilst taking a deep breath. Myles hands it over and Kurtesy instantly signs the contract, handing it over to Myles who has a smile on his face.

    Myles: Welcome back, professor.

    The scene fades to black.
  10. Just FalKonika

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    Who Wrote What:

    Bear Hug - Sexton vs. Corvus
    Blade - Runn vs. Stormrage
    FalK - Tag Team Post-match, Segments
    JGlass - Saboteur promo
    Kermit - Opening, Thrash vs. Westhoff, Segments
    Killjoy - Ending (Panel), Segments
    Pancake - Fallout vs. Toyota
    Shotaro - Bob vs. Daggershield
    Yaz - Tag Team Match, Segments

    Lots of people in the credits for Aftershock this week. Big props to the three guest writers for getting the matches to us quickly.

    I'd also like to apologise for the tardiness of Aftershock. AF has never been late (by itself) and we're usually diligent in getting this particular show up. Unfortunately, we had to do some last minute match swaps and such throughout all three shows due to real life commitments, sending our timing off the rails.

    We'll get the boards up way before Wednesday's end - the next round will be the final TV round before we hit Redemption.
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