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    A sweeping camera shots shows a pumped sold out crowd on their feet on all sides of the arena. It then swoops down to show Becky Serra and Johnny Klamor at the Aftershock announcing table.

    Serra: Hello and welcome to the second edition of WZCW Aftershock! After a long build to All or Nothing, we have an incredible show to get you all warmed up for the pay-per-view. I’m Becky Serra with my esteemed broadcast colleague Johnny Klamor.

    Klamor: Esteemed doesn’t cover it Becky.

    Serra: Play nice Johnny. Tell you aren’t hyped for Aftershock?

    Klamor: Hyped? Course I’m hyped And you know what else, I should be calling that show too!

    Serra: OK, Scrooge. Let’s talk about the significance of the shows tonight! We get to see Justin Cooper, the number one contender to the Mayhem title as he faces S.H.I.T. Also on the show are the two more of the men from last shows fatal four way match, Jack Skinner and Johnny Scumm go one on one tonight. A win for either man or anyone on this show today will put them in fine position for a good run as we begin the road to Kingdom Come.

    Klamor: That’s right. All or Nothing is the beginning of the path that will define the structure of the entire Kingdom Come event . We have our Meltdown Madness and Ascension Anarchy shows to look forward to and of course, the one off event that we know as the Lethal Lottery is not far off the horizon.

    Serra: And that’s what makes this time of year so exciting. All or Nothing may well change all expectations and prediction of what the Lethal Lottery and Kingdom Come have in store.
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    Raynes music hits and he comes out jogging to the ring, taunting the crowd. He slides in and heads for the turnbuckle and pumps himself up.

    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Brooklyn, New York, Ryan Raynes!

    Serra: This is going to be a great match! Both men are competing in their debut match so they are going to try and impress the bosses here tonight.

    Klamor: I hope these guys kill each other tonight! That's what it takes to be in WZCW!

    She is cut off by Bull's music and out he comes, Slowly walking to the ring.

    Anderson: And his opponent, from Detroit, MI, Darren Bull!

    Serra: I just want to see a match showcasing both of their talents.

    Darren climbs into the ring and chuckles at the sight of Raynes. The two men stare at each other as the ref signals for the bell to start the match. Raynes runs wildly at Bull but he ducks and catches him with a sucker punch right to the jaw. Raynes holds hit face in pain and turns around into a spinning heel kick, knocking Raynes to the ground

    Klamor: Did you hear that kick? Bet these imbeciles heard that all the way up in the nosebleeds.

    With Raynes down on his knees now, Bull climbs the turnbuckle and sizes Raynes up. He is taunting the crowd. As soon as Raynes gets back up and turns around, Bull leaps off and hits Awesome Punishment and makes the cover....1....2....3!

    Here is your winner: Darrrrreeeeennnn Bullllllll!!!!

    Klamor: That was impressive!

    Serra: He hit two moves and he didn't even break sweat?!

    Klamor: Who cares! He got the job done with time to spare!


    Stacey Madison is walking backstage when she bumps into Jack Skinner.

    Madison: "I thought you would be getting ready for your beating later tonight Jack."

    Skinner stops and looks at her quizzically.

    Skinner: "Fantastic journalistic insight as always Stacey. I'm dazzled by your ability."

    Stacey is put off by Skinner's brave defiance.

    Madison: "No need to be sarcastic and defensive Jackie boy. I can tell you're scared."

    Skinner: "Johnny Scumm doesn't scare me, he's a little ***** cat."

    Stacey walks off but Skinner is just smiling at her.

    Madison: "You're delusional..."
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    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    A sound of a door creaking echoes through the PA system and then Curmudgeon, by Nirvana, hits. Jack O’ Lantern emerges from the side ramp with a pumpkin tucked between his right arm and body.

    Anderson: Introducing first, weighing in at 242 lbs, from All Hallows Eve, he is the Halloween Pain Machine, Jack O’ Lantern!


    He slides into the ring and places his signature pumpkin in a corner and sits mindlessly next to it, patiently awaiting his opponent.

    Klamor: Not this psycho again!

    Becky: Jack O' Lantern made his debut last week on After Shock and managed to impress and frighten us at the same time but did not pick up the win against Mick Overlast.

    Klamor: That's because Overlast is a stud and Lantern's a freak.

    My Curse from Killswitch Engage plays for a few moments. As the drums kick in, Triple X comes out and runs towards each side of the stage, he comes back to the middle and raises his arms in his X before coming down the ramp, slapping the hands of fans as he goes down.


    Anderson: And his opponent, weighing in at 220 pounds, from Phoenix, Arizona: Triple X!

    Triple X rolls in the ring and ascends the turnbuckle. He looks around at the crowd and makes the X symbol before jumping down.

    Becky: Triple X is one of the newest members of the WZCW roster making his debut here tonight. A strong follower of the Straight Edge mentality, choosing to use wrestling as his adrenaline instead of drugs and alcohol.

    Klamor: That won't last long. This kid doesn't look like much and after a few weeks of beatings he'll be hitting the bottle in no time to relieve the pain.

    Becky: He's no slouch in the ring Johnny, he's wrestled all over the world.

    Klamor: He could have wrestled on Mars and it wouldn't make a difference. WZCW is on a whole different level then everyone else, the competition here will eat him alive he let's it.

    Becky: Well let's see how the newcomer fares against the Halloween Pain Machine.

    The bell rings at both men charge at each other immediately. Lantern goes for a clothesline but Triple X ducks under, runs at the turnbuckle and nails Lantern with a Whisper in The Wind. Triple X goes for the cover…kick out at 1 by Lantern. Triple X confidently throws up the X signal with his hands to a small cheer from the crowd.

    Klamor:Already pandering to the crowd. I can tell I'm not going to like this kid.

    X stomps on Lantern a few times before bringing him up to his feet, he throws a quick elbow smash and a kick to Lantern’s knee. Triple X hits runs off the ropes and hits a dropkick to the kneeled down Lantern. He goes for another cover but again Lantern kicks out at 1. X brings Lantern to his feet and sends him off the ropes; he bends over to attempt a back body drop but is met with a kick to the face by Lantern instead. Lantern head butts X hard, he does it again then brings X’s head to the mat with a DDT. Lantern sits on the back of X and begins hitting well aimed punches to Triple X’s forehead. Jack starts punching harder and faster; he yells “I want to see you bleed!” and hits him with at least a dozen quick and furious punches to the head before slamming his face into the mat.

    Becky: Lantern seems disappointed that Triple X isn’t bleeding yet.

    Klamor: That demented freak will get what he wants soon enough; this Triple X kid doesn’t look all that tough. If he was smart he would go for a cover.

    Becky: That would be too easy for Lantern; I think he’s more interested in inflicting pain than winning the match at the moment.

    Lantern lifts X to his feet and head butts him again but grabs his head so X stays on his feet. Lantern Irish Whips X into the corner and runs at him but X counters with a boot to the face, which staggers Lantern. X smacks the side of Lantern’s head with an Enzugiri and lands a quick Neck Breaker before Lantern can fall to his feet. Lantern gets right up and X runs at him and hits a running Forearm Smash, he kips back up. Lantern gests up quickly again and X charges again this time taking Lantern down with a running DDT. X kips back up and Lantern is on his feet again!

    Klamor: You can call him sick, you can call him demented, and you can call him disgusting. I certainly do quite often. But you can’t deny he can take punishment.

    Triple X kicks the right leg of Jack and then the left. He kicks Lantern hard in the abdomen and hits a Yoshi Tonic into a pin! 1…2… Lantern rolls out and back to his feet. X is still getting up and Jack goes to kick him in the face but X catches the Bone Chiller’s leg and stands up. He swiftly lifts Lantern onto his shoulders and slams his back into the mat with a Samoan Drop. X goes for a pin but Lantern thumbs X in the eyes as he goes down.

    Becky: What a desperate move by Jack O Lantern.

    Klamor: I may be going crazy but I’m starting to like this Lantern guy’s style. He tries to win at any cost necessary.

    Becky: Can we expect you to start wearing black clothes and eye shadow Mr. Klamor?

    Klamor: I didn’t say I liked his clothing style, just his wrestling tactics. I’d strut around with no pants and a DK Wilton T-shirt on before I’d even think to dress like that clown.

    Becky: That’s a picture I never wanted to imagine and I may be scarred for life…but back to the action!

    X is still having difficulties seeing after the thumb to the eye. Lantern grabs the back of Triple X and head butts it before slamming X with a Belly to Back Suplex. Lantern keeps his grip and rolls back to his feet and lands another Belly to Back Suplex, this time with a bridge and a pin attempt. 1…2… Triple X barely gets his shoulder up at 2! Both men get to their feet at the same time. Triple X wipes his eyes with his arm and yells at the top of his lungs. X elbow smashes Lantern’s face and Lantern responds back with a punch to the face. X throws another elbow and Lantern another punch. X’s next elbow smash is met with a punch to the gut from Lantern, staggering Triple X. Lantern moves in but X lands another elbow smash before Lantern can do anything. Lantern punches back, X goes for another elbow smash but Lantern ducks under and head butts X hard, making him fall to the mat. Lantern picks up X and Irish Whips him into the corner, as soon as X’s back hits the turnbuckle, Lantern nails him with a running corner clothes line. X somehow manages to stay on his feet and Lantern bombards his face with elbows, ending with another head butt.

    Klamor: This guy’s giving ME a headache with all these head butts; I can’t imagine what they’re doing to that straight edge kid.

    Becky: A head butt is a double edged sword Klamor, Lantern’s taking just as much abuse from these head butts as X is, he just seems to be enduring the pain better tonight.

    Lantern grabs the feet of Triple X and ties him into the Tree of Woe. He goes to the opposite turnbuckle to gain momentum and runs at the hung up Triple X, crushing his body with a corner senton. Triple X falls to the mat and Lantern immediately rolls out of the ring to the outside. Lantern grabs Triple X’s legs and pulls his body, slamming his X’s testicles right into the steel post.

    Klamor: I think I need to have my prostate checked after that one.

    Lantern goes to do it again but Triple X kicks him off and into the barricade. Triple X slows rolls out of the ring and keeps Lantern back with a forearm smash. X grabs the arm of Lantern and Irish Whips him into the steel steps knees first. Lantern falls onto the steps face first and rolls forward. X stands on the barricade, points at the crowd and puts his arm in an X. Lantern begins to get to his feet and X jumps off the barricade, runs towards the steps and flies into the air using the steps to give him extra height and nails Lantern with a Hurricanrana!

    Becky: The crowd is on their feet after that! Triple X is really feeling it in his first match!

    Klamor: He’s going to feel his back on the mat and the ref counting the three if he doesn’t stop pandering to these fans.

    Triple X rolls in and out of the ring to break the ref’s count. Lantern slowly gets to his feet and X runs at him again, this time going for a Spinning Heel Kick but Lantern catches him in the air and tosses him over his head and into the steel ring post behind him.

    Klamor: Told you that would bite him in the ass!

    Lantern rolls Triple X onto the apron and jumps up there himself. He runs and hits a leg drop on the apron to the downed X. Lantern gets back in the ring and rolls Triple X away from the ropes and goes for a cover. 1…2… Kickout by Triple X just as the ref’s hand was coming down for the 3! Lantern is furious now; he points to the pumpkin in the corner and punches himself in the head. He brings X up to his feet and lifts him up for the Nail in The Coffin but Triple X falls behind him and brings Lantern’s back across his knee with an Adrenaline Rush!

    Becky: An amazing counter by Triple X and he’s got Lantern reeling now.

    Triple X hits a standing moonsault to the downed Lantern, pops right up and hits a standing Shooting Star Press to complete the X-Press. He goes for a cover 1…2……Kick out by Lantern at 2!

    Klamor: It’s going to take a lot more than some flippies to get the job done here in WZCW kid.

    Triple X stomps on Lantern and heads for the top rope. He puts the X up, signaling for the Skyfall! He tries to pump the crowd up some more, lifting his hands in the air and they start to stir. He puts his hand to his ear and ties to pump them up some more by throwing up another X and looking around the crowd, their all on their feet now but so is Lantern! Lantern runs at Triple X, jumps and head butts X’s abdomen. Lantern climbs up the turnbuckles with him and destroys his neck with a swinging neckbreaker from the top rope, connecting with the B-Side Suicide. Jack O’ Lantern goes for the cover…1…2…3!

    Anderson: Here is your winner by pinfall: Jack O’ Lantern!

    Klamor: Triple X tried to pander to these fans and way too much and payed the ultimate price for it; having his neck slammed against the mat from 10 feet in the air.

    Becky: X showed us that he has some room to grow but he can compete in WZCW. But Jack O’ Lantern proved tonight that he is a force to be reckoned with, picking up a hard fought win here.

    Jack O’ Lantern goes to his corner and grabs his pumpkin. He shoves it on Triple X’s head and then kicks it, shattering the pumpkin all over the ring. Lantern rolls out of the ring and heads out of the arena not looking at anyone as he leaves.


    We see Jack Skinner stretching out backstage; he talks quietly to himself, psyching himself up for his match. We then see Johnny Scumm shadow boxing as he makes his way to the ring. He then punches the wall and shoves the camera out of the way.

    "Jack Skinner, I'm coming for you, scrawny *****!"

    He lets a primeval yell as he walks out of sight.

    Serra: "I'm very excited for this clash between Skinner and Scumm"

    Klamor: "I hope this is going to be an all out dirty brawl!"

    Serra: "And it's coming up next!"
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    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Anderson: Introducing first, from New York City, weighing in at 150 pounds…Jack Skinner!

    “In This Moment” hits as the lights dim and a spotlight hits Jack Skinner making his entrance. White strobe lights flash as he makes his way down to the ring to a chorus of boos.

    Serra: Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome you to this singles contest between Jack Skinner and Johnny Scumm. Johnny, what do you think of this match up?

    Klamor: I gotta tell ya Becky, I like both of these guys. They’re both coming off a loss last week on the debut episode of Aftershock, and I know they both want to get ahead with a victory here. You’re going to be seeing two men fighting for a chance at making their way up the totem here.

    Anderson: And from Manchester, England, weighing in at 223 pounds…Johnny Scumm!


    Skinner enters the ring and focuses on the entryway as “Anarchy in the U.K.” hits and Johnny Scumm makes his way to the ring slowly, making crude gestures at the fans as they boo him.

    Becky: You have to think that Scumm, who was left counting the lights last week, is looking even more than Skinner for redemption here.

    Klamor: And the best part is – neither of them give a damn what the crowd thinks!

    The ref sends the men to opposite corners and signals for the bell. The two close quickly and circle each other. Scumm holds his hand up, offering a wristlock. Skinner takes a quick look up and thinks better of it, instead kicking at Scumm’s chest, a strike that Scumm easily dodges. Scumm closes on Skinner, trying to force him to the corner. Skinner makes a quick roll to the side and gets behind Scumm, quickly kicking him in the leg. Scumm falls to his knees and Skinner closes, trying for a headlock, but Scumm shrugs him off and stands up. The two meet in the center of the ring again, circling, Scumm looking angry, Skinner desperately looking for an advantage. Surprisingly, Skinner offers his hand up for a wristlock. Scumm eyes him suspiciously, but takes it. Before the men lock their other hand, however, Skinner quickly kicks Scumm in the gut, doubling him over. Skinner closes and tries for a DDT, but Scumm shoves him away, shouting. Skinner quickly rolls out of the ring to regroup.

    Klamor: That’s the kind of craftiness that I admire out of a man like Jack Skinner. He’s one of the smallest guys on the roster, and going up against an opponent that has 70 pounds on him, you’ve got to have intelligence like that on your side.

    Serra: The size advantage may work the other way here, Johnny. Scumm isn’t used to such a weight advantage over his opponent – I think he’d rather fight from the other side! Skinner can use that.

    Skinner doesn’t take his eyes off of Scumm as he circles the ring warily. Scumm backs off and lets Skinner enter the ring again, which he does cautiously. The two square off in the center of the ring once more. Scumm lunges but Skinner ducks behind and kicks him from behind. Scumm falls to his knees and this time Skinner doesn’t let up, kicking him in the back a few times for good measure. He rapidly runs around and gets a short DDT on Scumm while’s on his knees! Scumm rolls over in pain, leaving his front exposed. Skinner hits the ropes and gets a legdrop on Scumm. He goes for a cover…1…2…but Scumm kicks out! Skinner gets to his feet as Scumm sits up. Skinner hits the ropes again, but as he closes on Scumm, Scumm gets out of the way. When Skinner rebounds, Scumm nails him with a massive clothesline!

    Serra: That HAD to hurt.

    Klamor: Skinner was putting together a nice string of moves, but he went to the well one too many times too early against a savvy opponent in Johnny Scumm.

    Serra: Now you have to think, with his speed disadvantage to Skinner, Scumm will want to slow this down and use his size advantage here.

    Scumm collects himself after the flurry off offense from Skinner as Jack lies on the ground in pain. Scumm pulls Skinner by the hair to his feet while the ref protests. Scumm measures a big chest chop and nails Skinner with it. He hits a few more while backing Skinner into the corner. He sets the now bloody chested Skinner up in the corner and backs up to the opposite side of the ring, measuring Skinner. Suddenly he charges at full blast and NAILS a turnbuckle splash. Skinner staggers out of the corner and Scumm kicks him square in the gut, turns around, and smashes his face with a big jawbreaker. He covers Skinner for 1…2…but Skinner kicks out!

    Klamor: Devastating offense from Johnny Scumm. I think he’s starting to like being the bigger man.

    Serra: Skinner has to do something to get himself back in this one. He just can’t take much more of this kind of a beating.

    Scumm looks a little frustrated at the kickout but quickly gets back to work. He wipes his face as he considers what to do to Skinner, lying on the ground. He quickly grabs Skinner’s knee and smashes it into the mat with a knee-DT, leaving Skinner clutching his leg in pain. Scumm aims another well placed kick at the knee of Jack Skinner, before grabbing a leg and signaling for the figure four. He sets it up and quickly locks it in, as Skinner screams for release. Skinner writhes this way and that, trying to get out of the hold, but Scumm is relentless. Skinner raises a hand in desperation but puts it down, trying instead to roll over and reverse the hold. Scumm will have none of it, though, as he keeps Skinner well in the hold. Skinner looks desperate, raising his hand like he might tap…but he inches his way backward, trying desperately to reach the ropes. He reaches…just missing them…makes it another few inches, reaches again…he gets them! Skinner latches onto the ropes for dear life as the ref tries to break the hold. Scumm holds it all the way till four before breaking it up.

    Klamor: A mark of an expert. You’re not breaking the rules till the ref hits five.

    Serra: You call it expertise, I call it foul play. It’s unsportsmanlike conduct.

    Scumm paces the ring for a few moments as he considers his next move, leaving Skinner to grasp at his knee in pain. Scumm pulls Skinner up again and Irish whips him into the ropes, looking for a clothesline. Shockingly, on the rebound, Skinner floats over, gets a headlock, and DDTs Scumm into his knee! Scumm lurches up in shock and Skinner nails a big enzuigiri! He goes for a cover…1…2…but Scumm kicks out! Skinner takes a deep breath, recovering from Scumm’s offense moments earlier. Meanwhile, Scumm rolls out of the ring and stands hunched over the ring apron. Skinner gets up, measures Scumm, charges, going for a baseball slide…but Scumm gets out of the way at the last minute, causing Skinner to slide out of the ring, standing facing Scumm. Skinner gawks for a moment, but that’s all Scumm needs to smack his head into the ring apron and throw him back in the ring, quickly following. Skinner groggily stands, favoring his knee, while Scumm measures him up for a big punch to the jaw. He throws the punch, but Skinner ducks, slips behind, and locks in the Sleeper Hold!

    Serra: Oh my! This could be it for Scumm! This is the best move in Skinner’s arsenal for taking down a man like Scumm.

    Klamor: Get out of it Johnny! No, wait, lock in Jack! Break out Johnny! Ah! I don’t know who to pick!

    Skinner keeps the hold tight as Scumm struggles, trying to shake the little man off. He gets nowhere, though, and sinks to one knee. Just as it looks like Skinner might have it, Scumm summons his strength and gets back to his feet, rapidly moving backwards and catching Skinner between his body and the turnbuckle, forcing him to break the hold. Scumm shakes it off as Skinner tries to get his breath back. Scumm turns back to Skinner, but Skinner gets a quick roll up! 1…2…but Scumm kicks out forcefully, sending Skinner scrambling. Scumm gets to his feet and meets Skinner head on with a huge clothesline. Skinner crumbles and Scumm, looking frustrated, quickly locks in the figure four leglock once again. Exhausted, Skinner has no choice. He puts up a short struggle and taps out.

    Anderson: Here is your winner…Johnny Scumm!

    Scumm breaks the hold and slams his hand on the mat in celebration. He gets up and gives the finger to the crowd as he soaks in his victory.

    Klamor: I knew he could do it! My pick all along. Johnny Scumm picks up a big win and is back on the right track.

    Serra: And taking another loss for the second time here on Aftershock, Jack Skinner is going to have to pick it up if he wants to remain on the radar around here.
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    Anderson : The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    The crowd boos as Mick Overlast walks out onto the ramp and looks around the arena.

    Anderson: Introducing first, weighing in at 235 pounds, Mick Overlast!

    He walks down the ramp and slides into the ring before getting up on the turnbuckle and posing.

    Serra: Well, here’s a man who thinks he knows exactly what’s wrong with WZCW

    Klamor: Surprisingly, I agree with a lot of what he says.

    The lights dim as the music plays. The lights flash as The Internet Warrior walks out onto the stage and points out into the cheering crowd.

    Anderson: And his opponent, weighing in at 201 pounds, The Internet Warrior!

    He slaps the hands of some as he goes down the ramp and gets into the ring. He poses in the middle of the ring for a moment before turning to his opponent.

    Serra: Well the Internet Warrior is a wrestling fan through and through, and doesn’t take kindly to people complaining about the sport he loves.

    Klamor: I think he’s an idiot through and through.

    The referee calls for the bell and the match is underway. Overlast looks at the Internet Warrior and smirks, shaking his head. After a few moments of nothing happening, Overlast slaps the Warrior in the face. The crowd let out a groan and TIW rubs his face, looking slightly shocked. Overlast then goes for a right hand but TIW ducks under it and unleashes some punches of his own, causing Overlast to back into the ropes. TIW Irish Whips him across the ring and catches him with a dropkick as he returns. The crowd cheer TIW on as he gets up and walks around the downed Overlast before dropping a knee to his head. TIW gets up and drops another knee before going for the first pin of the match, 1... 2... Kick out by Overlast. TIW picks up his opponent and backs him into the corner. He turns around and walks to the opposite corner and points to the sky before running at Overlast, going for a Splash. Overlast dodges it and goes behind TIW before hitting a Belly to Back Suplex and goes for the pin, 1... 2... Kick out by the Internet Warrior.

    Serra: The Internet Warrior took far too long preparing for that corner splash!

    Klamor: Probably ‘cause he’s an idiot.

    Overlast starts choking TIW to the anger of the crowd. The referee makes the count and Overlast breaks the choke at 5. He picks up TIW and hits a sudden Snap Suplex and stands back up, walking around the ring. He shouts “I’m too good for this place!” at the crowd, who boo him loudly. He walks back towards TIW, who was playing possum and gets caught in a small package, 1... 2... Kick out by Overlast! Overlast gets up quicker than TIW and kicks him in the head to keep him down, looking annoyed at himself for getting caught out like that. He picks up TIW and hits and stiff DDT before shooting the half and making the pin, 1... 2... Kick out by TIW. He gets up and drops a knee on TIW’s head. He gets up and stands over TIW for several moments before dropping another knee and goes for the pin, 1... 2... Kick out!

    Klamor: This is what I love about Overlast, he doesn’t rush it, just picks apart his opponent at his own pace.

    Serra: And he has the nerve to call other WZCW wrestlers boring?

    Overlast gets up and signals that he’s ending it. He picks up TIW and lifts him up for the Overlasting Impression, but TIW lands on his feet behind Overlast. He kicks Overlast in the back of the leg and Overlast goes down to one knee. TIW quickly runs off the ropes and nails a Busaiku Knee! Both men are down and the referee begins the count. They both get onto their knees by 6 and Overlast throws a right hand. TIW nearly falls back, but returns the right hand. Both men get to their feet and keep exchanging right hands. TIW gets the advantage, hitting a combo of punches and backing Overlast into the ropes. TIW runs off the ropes but Overlast catches him with a Powerslam! He hooks TIW’s legs, 1... 2... he gets a shoulder up! Overlast looks frustrated as he gets up and argues with the referee. As he’s arguing, TIW comes from behind and hits a Tiger Suplex with a bridging pin, 1... 2... Kick out by Overlast. TIW catches his breath for a moment before picking up Overlast and hits Dropkick to the Knee. He runs off the ropes going for the Post Count, but Overlast dodges it. Overlast runs at the ropes as TIW gets back to his feet, going for a running Clothesline but TIW ducks under the clothesline attempt and uses Overlast’s momentum to lift him up into position for the TFB! The crowd are cheering wildly, but Overlast squirms out of it and drops behind TIW. He rolls up TIW and uses the ropes for leverage, 1... 2... 3!

    Anderson: Here is your winner, Mick Overlast!

    Overlast rolls out of the ring and slowly walks towards the ramp while catching his breath. He gets to the ramp and turns to face the ring, smirking at TIW and raising his arm. TIW looks furious inside the ring, knowing that something about that pin wasn’t right.

    Serra: A heartbreaker for The Internet Warrior, he was controlling the match until Overlast cheated to win.

    Klamor: Who cares about another loss for that nerd? We’re supposed to talk about winners, and Mick Overlast is a winner!

    Overlast gets to the top of the ramp and raises his arm again before going backstage as TIW tells the referee Overlast cheated, but the ref doesn’t believe it.


    Overlast goes back stage, look pleased with himself. He’s about to head for the locker room until he hears some clapping from behind him. He turns around and his expression becomes more serious when he sees who’s applauding him. The camera pans around and shows Blade and Hammond standing across from Overlast. The crowd boo loudly as they walk towards Overlast.

    Blade: Impressive showing.

    Blade extends his hand but Overlast doesn’t shake it.

    Overlast: What do you two want?

    Blade: Just a quick chat. We’ve been watching you and we’re impressed. We want to give you an open invitation to join us.

    Hammond: We know your thoughts on this company are the same as ours. You want the dead weight out, just like us.

    Blade: So think about it and let us know. You know where to find us.

    Blade and Hammond turns to leave before Overlast speaks up.

    Overlast: I don’t need to think about it.

    Blade and Hammond turn back around, smirking.

    Overlast: I’ve watched you two gets your asses kick by Beckford, Black Dragon and Runn Reynolds Runn. You guys are one of the main reasons I see as a WZCW as sinking ship. Trying to start a revolution when you haven’t even managed to win as a team? You’re pathetic.

    Overlast walks away. Hammond’s expression has turned sour but Blade still has the signature smirk on his face.

    Hammond: What a prick. Should we ask someone else?

    Blade: Why would we do that?

    Hammond: He made it pretty clear he doesn’t want to be part of this.

    Blade: Yeah, neither did you at one point.
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    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall…


    Anderson: One its way to the ring, weighing in at two-hundred-and-thirty pounds, from the Mechanical Mecca… S! H! I! T!

    As the music plays, S.H.I.T makes its way onto the entrance ramp. It pauses for a moment, assessing the situation, then silently glides down towards the ring.


    Anderson: And his opponent, coming to us from the Suburbs, he weighs in at two-hundred-and-forty pounds… Justin Cooper!

    Wax On Wax Off blares out over the speakers as Cooper strides confidentially out on stage to jeers from the crowd. He pauses, milking the reaction, before breaking into a run, diving under the bottom rope and mounting the ringpost.

    Serra: The machine from Mechanical Mecca will tonight face off against the Suburbs’ own Justin Cooper.

    Klamor: It brings new meaning to the question ‘where on Earth do we find these people?’

    Man and machine circle as the referee calls for the bell. Immediately upon the match’s commencement S.H.I.T takes up a position in the centre of the ring, sits down with folded legs and then ceases all movement.

    S.H.I.T: Entering Analysis Mode. Analysing.

    Cooper looks to and from his opponent in disbelief, evidently puzzled by the unexpected turn of events. He feints towards his opponent a few times, clearly anticipating a counter which doesn’t come. Confidence buoyed, Cooper draws back his leg and delivers a stiff kick to S.H.I.T’s face. S.H.I.T is knocked backwards by the blow, but quickly rocks back to his seated position. Cooper fires off another powerful kick, but once again S.H.I.T absorbs the impact.

    Klamor: What in God’s name is S.H.I.T doing?

    Serra: Perhaps the machine has entered defence mode?

    Klamor: It’s a man in a suit, and you don’t defend by letting your opponent kick you.

    Frustrated that his kicks are not achieving the desired result, Cooper launches himself into the ropes, springing back with a running kick to the face. He keeps going on impact, bouncing off the opposite rope and catching the recovering S.H.I.T with a formidable knee strike. For a moment it looks as though S.H.I.T has gone down for the count, but as soon as Cooper attempts to initiate a pin cover S.H.I.T sits back up.

    Cooper grabs an arm and attempts to Irish whip his opponent, but S.H.I.T’s seated position results in the machine simply being dragged across the mat to laughter from the crowd. Cooper curses then throws another kick for good measure.

    Serra: S.H.I.T’s defensive strategy seems to be getting under Cooper’s skin.

    Klamor: Letting your opponent dominate the match is not a strategy. This match has been all Justin Cooper, and as he gets angrier he’s just going to hit his opponent harder.

    The same idea appears to have occurred to Cooper. He approaches his opponent, drops to one knee and begins throwing knife edge chops. Unfortunately S.H.I.T’s outer shell prevents Cooper’s chops from having the desired impact. Recognising this Cooper changes tack and starts throwing European uppercuts instead, but runs into the same problem. Frustrated, Copper jumps back to his feat and returns to throwing kicks.

    Serra: S.H.I.T’s outer casing is causing Cooper problems with his signature offence.

    Klamor: Someone explain to me how coming to the ring in a suit of armour isn’t against the rules?

    Serra: What do you mean armour? The casing is a part of him.

    Klamor: Man in a suit Becky, man in a suit.

    Cooper grapples S.H.I.T around the waste and tries to elevate his adversary back to its feat, but S.H.I.T refuses to uncross his legs and Cooper is forced to slam him back to the canvas. Cooper again attempts to go for a cover, but once again S.H.I.T pulls itself upright before Cooper can press its shoulders to the mat. A mixture of jeers and chuckles emanate from the crowd, who are clearly finding amusement in Cooper’s frustration. Whereas before he revelled in their taunts, Cooper now visibly snaps. He starts throwing a blistering sequence of kicks, raining blows down upon his opponent from every angle. Again and again Cooper strikes, hitting S.H.I.T in the chest, the back, the arms and the face. The referee attempts to create distance between the two men, but Cooper is not to be deterred and he continues to strike his opponent. S.H.I.T is not righting itself any more; Cooper’s blows finally having achieved their desired effect. The machine lays supine in the middle on the ring, and Cooper switches to stomping ferociously upon its chest.

    Klamor: Bang. Game over.

    Finally Cooper is forced to back off, he staggers towards the ropes attempting to massage some life back into his leg.

    Serra: It looks like Cooper’s leg may have seized up after throwing all those kicks.

    Klamor: It doesn’t matter. S.H.I.T’s been destroyed. There’s no way he’s going to get back into...

    S.H.I.T: Analysis complete.

    Klamor: Wait. What was that?

    Suddenly, with the speed of an uncurling snake, S.H.I.T launches itself towards Cooper, planting a shoulder into the back of his knee and sending him crashing to the mat. Slowly, still clearly groggy from the repeated impacts, S.H.I.T begins to pull itself upright. Cooper is quicker to his feat and throws a right hand, but S.H.I.T ducks the blow and scythes Cooper’s legs out from under him with a sweep. S.H.I.T grabs Cooper’s injured leg, elevates it, then begins throwing powerful European uppercuts to the back of the knee.

    Klamor: I think Cooper may be suffering from more than cramp as a result of those kicks. That leg looks badly hurt.

    Serra: Well if it isn’t then it may well be soon. That limb now has a bull’s-eye on it, and S.H.I.T is taking aim. Cutting edge cybernetic analysis pays off at last.

    Klamor: For the last time Becky, it’s a man dressed up in a cardboard box.

    Serra: Hush.

    S.H.I.T drags his opponent back to a standing position, elevates him up for a scoop slam, then pauses mid move. Recalculating the situation S.H.I.T adjusts his positioning in order to slam Cooper’s legs into the ring ropes; however the brief delay is all that Cooper needs to reverse the slam into a swinging reverse DDT.

    Regaining his feet Cooper launches into his triple elbow drop. However; after the first elbow he is unable to roll swiftly back to his feet, instead having to use the ropes for assistance. Deciding that staying on his feat is the sensible cause of action, Cooper grabs S.H.I.T’s legs and attempts to pull the machine into a Boston crab. Unfortunately S.H.I.T sees this coming and as Cooper attempts to turn the robot over, S.H.I.T’s arm lashes out and catches his leg, sending him tumbling forward onto the mat. S.H.I.T takes the opportunity to roll backwards, grabbing Cooper’s legs and pulling him into a Boston crab of his very own. The ring positioning is not perfect and Cooper is close to the ropes, but as he reaches out S.H.I.T releases one leg, focusing all of his strength onto Cooper’s injured limb and dragging him back into the centre of the ring.

    Serra: It doesn’t look like there’s anywhere for Cooper to go, he may have to tap out right here.

    Klamor: Justin Cooper is not going to tap out to a half crab from a man who considers cardboard to be formal dress attire.

    Cooper is writhing about in pain but manages to get onto his back and uses his free leg to push S.H.I.T off. S.H.I.T hits Cooper with a pair of elbow drops, then goes for a third only to have Cooper roll out of the way. Cooper tries for a pin cover hoping to finish the match quickly, but S.H.I.T easily rolls a shoulder off the mat. Cooper takes advantage of his opponent’s elevated shoulder in order to grab the arm and lock in a cross arm bar. Unfortunately the state of Cooper’s leg prevents him locking the hold in tightly and S.H.I.T is able to plant his feat on the canvas and power out of the hold. Cooper tries to create some distance between him and his opponent, but S.H.I.T hones in on the leg again, delivering a violent chop to the knee.

    S.H.I.T grabs his opponent by the back of the head and begins pulling him back to his feat. Cooper’s leg is no longer providing much support, and S.H.I.T has a hard time elevating him to a standing position. Suddenly, from nowhere, Cooper grabs the back of S.H.I.T’s head and pulls him face first into the canvas with a reverse STO.

    Klamor: Final Verse! It’s over.

    Serra: I’m not sure Cooper was able to get all of that move. He wasn’t able to sweep the leg, and he still has to get over there and make a cover.

    Justin Cooper is struggling. Crucial seconds are wasted recovering his bearings. The impact of the Final Verse sent S.H.I.T tumbling to the other side of the ring, and Cooper is stuck using his one good leg to crawl slowly over to him. Meanwhile S.H.I.T has begun to make some very strange motions. His arms and legs have begun to spasm erratically and an unhealthy buzzing noise is coming from him.

    Cooper stretches out his arm, desperate to just get an arm draped over his opponent. Suddenly...

    S.H.I.T: Entering analalalalysis mode. ... Analys...

    S.H.I.T’s words are slurred and erratic. He stammers, his tone changes in speed and pitch before fading out completely. Nevertheless he once again pulls himself into a sitting position.

    Klamor: I don’t believe this.

    Cooper is despondent. He slams his fist down on the canvas in frustration. Only then does he realise that S.H.I.T is no longer moving. The erratic convulsions petered out with its voice, and S.H.I.T now sits completely dormant.

    Serra: Not again... it looks like S.H.I.T may have suffered a technical malfunction.

    Klamor: Brain malfunction more like. What does he think he’s doing? Kooper’s Final Verse must have knocked him loopy.

    Slowly, a manic gleam appears in his eyes, Cooper pulls himself over to the corner and uses the ropes to drag himself back upright. His opponent is idle, helpless, and Cooper is going to finish this match as he started it. Cooper takes his time, massaging his leg he measures S.H.I.T for another kick to the face. Cooper backs up, paws at the ground, then charges. He doesn’t even see S.H.I.T’s arm move, but there it is, flashing out to meet the punt kick with a brutal chop to the knee. The force of the collision sends S.H.I.T sprawling backwards, but Cooper is knocked head over heel to crash down on the mat, clutching his leg and screaming.

    Klamor: Damn it! That idiot was playing possum.

    Serra: S.H.I.T has gone through this whole fight with a masterful gameplan. All he needs to do now is capitalize.

    No longer moving erratically, S.H.I.T pulls itself back to a vertical base. Slowly but purposefully it moves towards the corner and begins to climb. In a world of pain Cooper doesn’t even notice the ascent. At the last second he spies S.H.I.T atop the top rope and tries to roll out of the way, but it is too late. S.H.I.T crashes down with a frog splash. One. Two. Three.

    Anderson: The winner of this match, by pinfall, S! H! I! T!

    Serra: A fantastic outing by our robot friend. Congratulations S.H.I.T, a hard fought victory.

    Klamor: Let’s be realistic here Becky, S.H.I.T didn’t win this match. Cooper injured his own leg throwing those kicks. S.H.I.T didn’t beat him, he beat himself.

    Serra: From the look on his face I’d say that comes as small comfort to Justin Cooper right now, and I’m sure if S.H.I.T was capable of emotion he wouldn’t let your words dampen his spirits.

    A face of pain and disappointment, Cooper is helped to limp out of the arena by a pair of trainers. S.H.I.T takes the time to do a slow lap of the ring as the crowd applauds his performance.

    Serra: It's a great win for S.H.I.T. but Justin Cooper will be able to watch All or Nothing to see who he will face for the Mayhem title in the next round of shows which will be drawn at random.

    Klamor: He's going to have to pick himself up and dust himself down but I believe that the High Society will prevail, no matter who wins on the pay-per-view!

    Serra: And that's all from us on Aftershock, we can't wait for All or Nothing and that's coming up shortly!! Stay tuned!!
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    Who wrote what:

    Numbers: Opening, Backstage
    Blade: Overlast vs TIW, Backstage
    Guest Writers:
    Find'er Woo'er Ryder: Darren Bull vs Ryan Raynes
    Harthan: Johnny Scumm vs Jack Skinner
    Gelgarin: S.H.I.T. vs Justin Cooper
    Red Skulltula: Jack O'Lantern vs Triple X

    Thanks to every guest writer for taking the time and effort to do this over Xmas. These matches made the show great to read and easy to put together.
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