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    The audience cheers loudly as the camera moves through the crowd, showing the thousands that are in attendance.

    Serra: Good evening everyone and welcome to our last stop before the Lethal Lottery, welcome to Aftershock 22! Becky Serra here alongside with me my partner Johnny Klamour.

    Klamour: Becky, the air is electric here tonight. Already this city has seen two very big shows, one which included a major title change, and now we are less than two weeks away from Lethal Lottery, the first stop on the path to Kingdom Come.


    The audience cheers loudly for the pear shaped brawler, Mikey Stormrage, as he steps out onto the stage, chair in hand.. Mickey looks around at the crowd with a huge smile on his face and raises his arms up before walking down to the ramp.

    Serra: Mikey Stormrage is competing here later tonight against Mason Westhoff and it looks like he’s brought a friend out here with him.

    Klamour: That’s the type of friend there that can become a wrestler's worst enemy in a second.

    Serra: For months now Mikey has been engaged in a very personal feud with The Grand Mystique, that began way back at Apocalypse when Grand Mystique and the tag team The New Church, led by Westhoff and Derek Jacobs, assaulted Mikey prior to his match for the WZCW Tag Team Titles. Lets see what Mikey has to say.

    Mikey stands in the ring now, mic in one hand, chair in the other.

    Stormrage: Have you ever known what it’s like to have everything taken away from you? You know I thought I did before. I never was a spoiled kid, but there were lots of things I wanted as a child, some I was able to get, others I wasn’t able to get. Some things I lost or had stolen from me. I’ve lost family members and others close to me. I’ve lost contact with pals and friends. All those things affected me, but over time I gradually got over them and moved on. Life’s short, have fun. That’s a motto I like to live by. Lately though, there’s been one man who has been at the centre of everything that has gone wrong for me. To this day I still don’t know why he chose me, but ever since he did I’ve lost matches, I’ve lost titles. I’ve lost a good friend and my tag team partner, James Howard. I have had to sit back and see friends of mine get beaten and attacked for no reason other than their relationship with me. I myself have had more scars and bruises across my body in the past six months than I can remember ever having in my entire life.

    I hate what I’m feeling right now. I just want to take this chair and... sit on it, but only after I’ve used it to beat the living crap out of The Grand Mystique, so I can watch him suffer a little, like he has been doing to me. This isn’t what I want to be feeling, this isn’t what I like to feel, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to be sorry or scared for myself anymore. I’m done with running, I’m done with waiting for this all to end. Grand Mystique you get your ass out here right now and face me, or I swear to you that I will come back there and beat you and your little dog too.

    The Grand Mystique walks out onto the ramp with Mason Westhoff close behind.

    GM: Such anger coming out from your mouth Mikey. For once I am impressed. You seem to have channeled your rage into something productive.

    Oh I’m planning on using it productively. I plan on using it to beat your ass from down that stage ramp all the way to Timbuktu.

    Yes, but I see no reason for us to fight. My disciple, Mason Westhoff, has already proven himself your equal or better. Perhaps it is you that needs to turn that rage into something more productive. Join us in The Sacred Alter, and I promise you that your months of suffering will finally be over and you will once again experience joy and happiness.

    Save the therapy talk for your alter boy there, I want a match verse you Grand Mystique, and I want it inside a Steel Cage.

    The crowd cheers loudly as GM and Mickey stare off at each other. GM whispers something to Westhoff who nods his head.

    A Steel Cage you say? Trapped inside hell with me with no chairs, no weapons, and no friends to help save you. My dear boy Mikey, you would not survive a minute against me in that type of environment.

    Are you going to accept the match, or are you going to just keep ducking me? You started this months back, now have the balls to finish it inside the ring.

    I will accept the match under one condition-

    I accept.

    The crowd cheers loudly and GM smiles.

    Then it is agreed, you will face me inside a Steel Cage at Lethal Lottery, and if you lose, then you will be forced to join The Sacred Alter. And trust me Mikey, this is for you own good and salvation.

    GM’s music plays again as he and Westhoff exit the stage. Mikey stares at them from the ropes and smiles a little.

    Serra: Folks if you just tuned in, one major match has just been announced for Lethal Lottery. Mickey Stormrage will face The Grand Mystique inside a Steel Cage and if Mikey loses he will be forced to join The Sacraficial Alter.

    Klamour: Grand Mystique has been toying with Mikey’s emotions for months and Mickey has finally reached his tipping point.

    Serra: Will he find his own personal salvation in victory? Or be forced to find it within The Sacraficial Alter?
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    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall and it is a tag-team match!


    Grizzly Bob comes out to the sound of a bear growl and the crowd welcomes him heavily. They have already fallen in love with the manly competitor.

    Anderson: Introducing first, from somewhere up a hill, weighing 350 pounds, the “Big Bad Bear”, Grizzly Bob!

    Serra: This is Grizzly Bob’s second match and he is already making waves in the WZCW. Last week he decimated Donny J and absorbed his contract. Now, he will team with the purist, Jimmy Flynn, against the young Carnival of Carnage.

    Klamor: It’s almost hard not to like him when he gets rid of filth like Donny J. *chuckles*

    Bob is now in the ring as he rips off his flannel shirt. The lights go out.


    A barrage of color flashes to the beat of the music as Flynn comes out to a large pop from the crowd. He kneels on the entrance ramp and points up to the sky.

    Anderson: And his partner, from Eastport, Maine, weighing 200 pounds, the “Devil’s Dancer”, Jimmy Flynn!

    Serra: Flynn took some time off last week, but I can’t imagine the purist having any ring rust.

    We see the tail-end of Flynn connecting with fans until he finally makes his way to the ring steps. Just as he gets into the ring-


    Brent Blaze and Dustin Hunter explode out of the gorilla position and fans start booing them heavily. The two men pay no attention to the crowd as they make their way to the ring with wicked grins on their faces.

    Anderson: And their opponents, at a combined weight of 450 pounds, the Carnival of Carnage!

    The crowd boo vehemently as the two evil men make their way to the ring.

    Serra: The Carnival of Carnage was spawned last week, but it came at a cost. Take a look at this:

    Klamor: Haha! I love it. Two guys taking the initiative.

    Serra: Anyways, we did get word between the rounds that Thrash was medically cleared. He only suffered minor injuries from the beating he took from the Carnival of Carnage.

    We now see Blaze and Hunter in the ring in one corner and Bob and Flynn in the opposite one. Flynn decides to start first for his team, while Blaze takes the job for his own. The referee assures that everything is in order before nodding at both men. After receiving a signal from both, he calls for the bell and the match is underway.

    Blaze and Flynn both approach the center of the ring. After circling each other for a few seconds, the lock up. There is an initial struggle, but the technical machine, Flynn, gets the advantage and pulls Blaze into a snap fireman’s carry! Blaze lands on his back, but quickly bounces off of it and returns to his feet. Flynn charges at him and grabs Blaze’s arm for an armbar takedown! This time Flynn tries to make a cover,





    Kick Out!

    Flynn gets little to nothing as he jumps back up to his feet. He is temporarily turned away from Blaze, but turns back towards him just as Blaze rises to his feet. Flynn steps up to him, but he feels himself lifted from underneath his arms as Blaze catches him off guard! Blaze drops him down on his knee for an inverted atomic drop! There is a gasp from the crowd as Flynn staggers backwards from the awkward blow. Blaze roars as he steps forward and spins in order to deliver a roundhouse kick! Flynn crashes to the mat as Blaze hops on him for the cover,








    2/Kick Out!

    Klamor: Stiff kick there by Blaze! Carnival of Carnage have the ammunition to go a long way in this business Becky.

    Serra: I can’t say that I am not impressed so far, but the match just started.

    Blaze barely gets a two as he grabs his hair in frustration. He then proceeds to get to his feet, but picks Flynn up with him. He now has Flynn by the head as he carries him over to the turnbuckle of his partner. He makes the tag to Hunter, and Hunter jumps into the ring. Blaze holds Flynn in position as Hunter sends a stiff kick into the side of the purist. This causes Flynn to drop down onto his knees. Hunter proceed to send some punches into the cranium of Flynn as Blaze gets to the outside apron.

    Klamor: Great teamwork here.

    Flynn is now dazed on his knees as Hunter looks over at Bob and yells something at him. The crowd boos Hunter. It doesn’t affect Hunter though and he picks up Flynn and puts him up against the turnbuckle. He then proceeds to smash his elbow into the face of Flynn! Hunter doesn’t let up, he keeps the elbow pressed against the face of Flynn, but the referee is making the count. The referee finally pushes Hunter back out of the turnbuckle and gives him an earful. Meanwhile, Blaze is taking advantage of the distraction as he sends a flurry of punches into the side of Flynn’s head. Blaze stops just as the referee turns back around. Hunter just grins as he approaches his wounded opponent. He ducks his shoulder and picks up Flynn up onto his shoulders. He carries him over to the middle of the ring and then drops him behind his back for a Samoan drop! The crowd boos as Hunter makes the cover,












    Kick Out!

    The crowd slightly perks up over the kick-out.

    Serra: This is ridiculous. Flynn is getting pummeled by the numbers game. The Carnival of Carnage are keeping him in their corner and preventing him from making a tag.

    Klamor: It is called strategy Becky!

    Hunter jumps up to his feet and picks up Flynn by his head. He then proceeds to turn Flynn around and grapple him from behind. Hunter goes to lift Flynn, but Flynn stalls the maneuver by pushing down on the arms of Hunter. The crowd pops and now Hunter is panicked. He tries to pick Flynn up again, but to no avail! We see Flynn grabbing the arms of Hunter that are around his waist. He grunts and roars as he pulls them apart with an impressive display of strength. Blaze is going mad over in his corner as Flynn grabs one of the arms of Hunter and flips him over his shoulder! The crowd pops once again. Flynn keeps a hold of the arm he flipped Hunter with and holds it as he drops an elbow on the chest of Hunter! Hunter staggers up to his feet in a daze as Flynn also rises to his feet. They both turn to face each other at the same time, but Flynn is more prepared! Hunter goes for a clothesline, but Flynn ducks! Hunter turns back around to face Flynn, but gets a kick in the gut to greet him. Hunter is now bent over and Flynn takes advantage by hooking the two arms of Hunter in a pedigree-like position. Flynn grunts as he pulls Hunter up and over in a slow-moving process as he executes a double-arm suplex! The crowd pops wildly as Flynn makes the cover,
















    Blaze jumps in and hits the back of Flynn. We see Grizzly Bob trying to get into the ring as quick as possible, but Blaze notices this and runs back to his corner, jumps over the ropes, and lands on the outside apron. Bob runs over to confront him, but Blaze holds up his hands innocently. The referee tries to subdue Bob and push him back to his corner. Bob just points and yells at Blaze as he backs up into his corner. Blaze smiles and wipes back his hair as he looks out at the crowd. They boo him mercilessly.

    Serra: Grizzly Bob is aching to be in this match! Blaze better hope he doesn’t find himself in the ring with that bear.

    Klamor: He’s all teeth and no bite, Becky. Did you see how he cowered back into his corner?

    The referee finally restores order and we now see Flynn getting up to his feet in the center of the ring. Meanwhile, Hunter is on all fours near some ropes and his trying to pull himself up. Flynn begins to stumble towards Bob’s corner. He is almost there, but Hunter springs to life and confronts him with a punch to the skull. Flynn staggers backwards, but Hunter grabs him by the arm and whips him to Blaze’s turnbuckle. The crowd boos as Bob slaps his hands in frustration. Hunter takes a moment to stare at Bob, but then notices Flynn with his back against the turnbuckle on the other side. Hunter roars as he runs at Flynn in the corner, but Flynn ducks his shoulder and sends Hunter over the ropes! Hunter is able to land on the outside apron, but Flynn dives out of the turnbuckle and begins crawling for his teammate’s corner! The crowd is red hot as Bob holds out his burly arm for the tag! Both Hunter and Blaze hop over the ropes and enter the ring. They frantically try to grab onto the legs of Flynn as he crawls for Bob. Flynn is almost there, but no! Blaze and Hunter have a hold of him, but Flynn isn’t ready to give up yet! He grunts as he grabs onto the ring mat and thrust forward for the final few inches he needs! It’s only a graze of the finger tips, but it is enough! The referee recognizes the tag and Grizzly Bob steps into the ring.

    Serra: This crowd is absolutely crazy! I have never heard so much hype for such a new wrestler!

    The crowd is vibrant and the Carnival of Carnage are unsure of what to do. Finally, Hunter decides to charge first, but he eats a massive clothesline from the hairy forearm of justice! Blaze steps forward, but Bob heaves back his head and then sends a massive headbutt into the forehead of Blaze. Hunter is back on his feet, but he also receives a headbutt! Blaze climbs back to his own, but this time he finds himself being picked up over Bob’s head. Bob is tired of Blaze’s games and sends him over the ropes and crashing into the barricade on the outside.

    Serra: The bear is unleashed!

    Klamor: Good god!

    Bob proceeds to pick Hunter up by his hair and throws him up against a turnbuckle. Bob holds up his massive hand as the crowd pops. He then proceeds to deliver an open-hand chop into the chest of Hunter. Hunter screams in pain, but Bob delivers another, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another! Bob finally lets up and steps away from the turnbuckle as Hunter grabs his chest in pain. Bob then proceeds to reach in and grab an arm of Hunter. He pulls him out and it initially looks like an Irish-whip, but we quickly realize he is pulling him into his arms for a massive Bear Hug! Everyone is on their feet in the arena as Bob begins twisting and squeezing the life out of Hunter.

    Serra: This is it, Hunter is going to tap!

    Klamor: Or snap! Grizzly Bob is going to break him in half! Stop the match referee! Disqualify that bear!

    The crowd eagerly waits for a tap, but instead they get a SMACK! The sound of steel hitting flesh echoes through the arena, and then is quickly followed by boos. Blaze is in the ring and is beating down Bob with a steel chair! Bob releases Hunter and drops his knees and then to the ground. Blaze continuously hits him with a chair!

    *ding ding ding*

    The crowd perks up as Flynn slides into the ring and tries to make the save, but Blaze gets the first blow and sends Flynn down with the chair. Hunter finally gets to his feet and Blaze points out a chair that he apparently brought in earlier that is on the ground. Hunter picks it up and the two men continue their beat down on Bob and Flynn.

    Serra: This is awful! Grizzly Bob and Jimmy Flynn have won the match, but the Carnival of Carnage took the cheap way out!

    Suddenly, the crowd is on fire! It’s Thrash! Thrash is hopping over the barricade at ringside with a steel chair of his own! The Carnival of Carnage are not aware as the former rock star slides into the ring and blindsides Blaze from the back! This causes Blaze to fall to the mat and roll out of the ring. Hunter turns around and is able to hit Thrash before he can hit him. Hunter yells at Blaze to get back into the ring, but he turns around to see Bob back up on his feet. Hunter goes to swing his chair, but Bob Bear Claws his shoulder! Hunter is paralyzed by the maneuver and drops the chair. Bob lets go of the claw and pushes Hunter backwards, which causes him to turn around. He walks right into Flynn, who grabs the back of Hunter’s head and tosses him out of the ring! The crowd is cheering wildly now. We see the Carnival of Carnage recoup on the outside and they consider coming back into the ring until they notice all three men standing tall inside of it. They back down and begin retreating up the ramp.

    Serra: Let me tell you something. The Lethal Lottery is closer than ever. These five men have as much passion as anyone else in this business. I would not be surprised in the slightest if one of these five go on to win the Lethal Lottery.

    Klamor: You are telling me that you actually think Thrash has a chance? I always knew you were insane.

    The camera shot ends with Thrash, Flynn, and Bob staring up at the ramp as they watch CoC cower down.


    A backstage cameraman is walking past the locker room area when Izzy Stone walks out of a room. She notices the camera man and approaches him.

    Izzy: Have you seen Ricky Runn? I've been looking for that punk. I know that he is here tonight. I'm going to snap him in half just like he did to my neck. He is nothing, and I am a star, and tonight I will prove it. Listen up Ricky, you better run.

    The cameraman begins to open his mouth but Izzy pushes him aside and walks off, hips swaying as she does.


    We see Alhazred backstage as he appears to be rummaging through a gym-bag. Suddenly, Alhazred turns around and the camera reveals that Krypto is standing there watching him. We also see that Alhazred is wearing a "RIP FATS" t-shirt.

    Alhazred: Beat it Krypto. I'm not in the mood for your games tonight.

    Krypto: You think I want to play games Alhazred? I'm ready to get down to business. I have an interview scheduled later tonight with WZCW's most popular reporter, Leon Kensworth! Just make sure you are watching, because I am going to describe what exactly I am going to do to you tonight in our match!

    With that, Krypto storms off. Alhazred just shakes his head and then zips up the bag he was looking through. He also walks off camera and we see that the gym-bag has a name on it. It reads, "Stacey Madison."
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    Anderson: First, making his way to the ring from Indianapolis, Indiana, weighing 315 pounds, Mikey Stormrage!

    Mikey Stormrage makes his way out to the entrance stage with nothing but business on his face. He storms with singular intent to the ring, ignoring the outstretched hands of the fans as he enters the ring. The fans look disappointed, but it doesn't stop the whole arena from cheering wholeheartedly for Stormrage.

    Serra: Last time on Aftershock, we saw Mikey Stormrage defeat Constantine, a huge singles victory for him and a welcome diversion from his war with the Sacrificial Altar. But this week, he's right back in the middle of it as he'll look to gain a pinfall victory over one of his most bitter rivals, Mason Westhoff.

    Klamor: Probably the only man that Stormrage hates more than Westhoff is his boss, the Grand Mystique. And you know that Westhoff's intent tonight is to deliver up Mikey to his master as a sacrifice.


    Anderson: Introducing next, from the ashes of Bridge to Salvation Church in Texarkana, Arkansas, weighing 238 pounds and representing the Sacrificial Altar, Mason Westhoff!

    Westhoff’s traditionally ceremonial entrance begins. He looks skyward towards his Almighty. As the music begins to ramp up, he climbs to his feet and makes his way to the ring, a sole spotlight shining on him. He slides into the ring without taking his eyes off Stormrage, who for his part is staring a hole into his opponent tonight.

    Serra: Likewise in a separation from the war with Stormrage last time around, we saw Mason Westhoff come up empty in a bid for the Eurasian Championship.

    Klamor: I think he proved something to a lot of people, however - that he's not just a lackey for the Grand Mystique, but has the ability to be a real threat in one on one matches. Stormrage is going to have to be careful tonight.

    The lights come back up and the referee separates both men into their respective corners. With a signal to the floor, the bell rings and we are underway. Stormrage immediately comes out and takes the center of the ring, Westhoff looking him over warily and sidestepping. The two dance around the ring, Stormrage trying to get a hand on Westhoff but Westhoff continually ducking him. Stormrage eventually charges forward with a head of steam and Westhoff ducks aside deftly, then hits an axe handle to Stormrage's back. Westhoff keeps the pressure on Stormrage with strikes to the body that force Stormrage into the corner. Westhoff unleashes a fury of strikes to Stormrage's body and head and the referee has to back him away. Westhoff backs off and turns to yell something at the crowd, and that proves a mistake as Stormrage explodes out of the corner and clotheslines Westhoff! He pulls him up and whips him into the corner and follows with his own barrage of strikes! The referee has to try to back Stormrage up, and Mikey takes a step back before going right back in with a closed fist to Westhoff's head! Westhoff falls flat on his back to the mat and tries to roll aside, but Stormrage is right on top of him, picking him up and hurling him over the top rope and outside the ring!

    Serra: It looks like Stormrage is ready to unleash some serious punishment on Westhoff here!

    Klamor: He had better be careful - those closed fists have him skirting around a disqualification already, and if he goes too far, referee Keith Morse will not hesitate to end this one early!

    Stormrage follows Westhoff to the floor, grabs hold of him, and charges, slamming him back first into the guardrail! Stormrage rolls Westhoff into the ring, leaving his head on the apron. He goes up to the apron himself, takes a few steps forward, and DROPS A LEG ON WESTHOFF ON THE APRON! Westhoff rolls into the ring and away from Stormrage, but Mikey keeps the pursuit on. Westhoff gets up in the corner and Mikey charges, going for a corner splash, but Westhoff ducks aside and Stormrage eats it in the corner! Stormrage collapses and is on the apron, Westhoff measures and charges, drops and hits a baseball slide! Stormrage is knocked out of the ring, and Westhoff pursues immediately, getting right on top of Stormrage and lighting him up with a series of strikes to the head! The referee warns Westhoff to watch the fists and starts a count, getting to 1, 2, as Westhoff SLAMS Stormrage's face into the ring steps! The referee shouts at Westhoff but he is ignored as Westhoff rolls Stormrage back into the ring. Stormrage stumbles to his knees and Westhoff follows him into the ring, knocking him flat on his back with a strike to the face. He pulls him to his knees again and the knees him in the face, continues with strikes and pulls Stormrage to his feet, leans him against the ropes. Westhoff hits the ropes, rebounds, flies and hits a dropkick to Stormrage! Stormrage just barely manages to stay into the ring as he collapses to the mat!

    Serra: Westhoff is really bringing it to Mikey Stormrage here, and you just might be right about his ability to hang as a solo competitor.

    Klamor: He's been in the shadow of the rest of the Sacrificial Altar for a long time now, but I think we're beginning to see his emergence as a potential elite competitor here in WZCW.

    Westhoff covers Stormrage, getting one, two, but only two as the big man kicks out. Westhoff pulls Stormrage to his feet, pulls him to the center of the ring, leaves him standing, hits the ropes, rebounds, and hits a facebuster! Westhoff goes for the cover and gets one, two, but only two! Westhoff backs up and lets Stormrage get to his knees, then takes him out with a shot to the head. Westhoff pulls Stormrage all the way to his knees, throws a right hook - and Stormrage answers with one of his own! Westhoff does it again, and Stormrage answers! The crowd is into it as they trade blows, Stormrage somehow staying on his feet! They trade blows back and forth until - Westhoff is down! Stormrage has somehow gotten the better of it! He's on his feet with Westhoff laid out, and Stormrage is headed for the top! He slowly, laboriously climbs to the top rope, stands himself straight, signals to the crowd and FLIES OFF, IT'S THE STORMRAGE SPLASH - BUT NO! Westhoff rolls aside just in time, getting all the way to the corner as Stormrage crashes and burns! Stormrage staggers to his feet slowly, and just as he turns he gets NAILED BY DIVINE INTERVENTION! Westhoff goes for the cover and gets one, two, and three!

    Anderson: Here is your winner, Mason Westhoff!

    Serra: One mistake by Stormrage and Westhoff exploited it to a victory.

    Klamor: That's a message to everyone that it's time to start taking Mason Westhoff seriously around here. I doubt anyone is going to be taking him lightly anytime soon.

    Westhoff rolls out of the ring quickly and backs up the ramp with one arm held high as Stormrage clutches his gut in agony. Westhoff stops at the stage to gloat to the crowd as Stormrage, from his side, stares death at Westhoff, a prelude of things to come.


    We cut backstage and we see Saboteur walking down the hallway,

    ???: Pssssssst.....

    Saboteur stops and gets into a fighting position. He looks around but no one is there.

    ???: Sabooooteuuurrr...

    Saboteur spins around and still spots no one.

    ???: Damn it Saboteur, I am in the trash can!

    Saboteur turns and the camera reveals a large trash can with a lid on top of it.

    Saboteur: Thrash, is that you?

    ???: No stupid, it is me Ricky Runn!

    There is a small pause.

    Ricky: Good joke though. *chuckle*

    Saboteur approaches the trash can and tries to lift the lid, but it immediately gets pulled back down by Ricky.

    Saboteur: Hey, what the hell?

    Ricky: Dude, I am hiding from that crazy Isabel Stone chick. She is out to get me. If I can just avoid her until the match, I know that I can beat her in a clean fight. But dude, I need you to help me out with something. Can you?

    Saboteur looks at the trash can and scratches his head.

    Saboteur: Uh, I guess.

    Ricky: Great!

    The trash can lid slightly opens up and we see a twenty-dollar bill stick out.

    Ricky: Take this and go get me some food. Got it?

    Saboteur grabs the twenty.

    Saboteur: Sure Ricky.

    He expects the twenty-dollar bill as if he is checking the authenticity.

    Saboteur: I'll get right on it.

    Saboteur walks away with a smile as he pockets the money.

    Ricky: Hey, Saboteur. Saboteur? I didn't even tell you what I wanted!

    The camera fades out.
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    We return from commercial and we see Mick Overlast standing in the middle of the ring. The crowd initially boos him, but he lifts a microphone up to his mouth to respond.

    Overlast: You are right, you have every reason to boo me. But I'm sorry.

    The crowd doesn't know how to react.

    Overlast: On Meltdown I tweaked an old injury and I am not quite sure how long I am going to be gone, maybe forever, but I wanted to say something before I left. That is why I asked for this time out here now.

    The crowd quiets.

    Overlast: It has always been my dream to be a WZCW Superstar, so I want to say thank you to the fans and thank you to everyone in the back that made this possible. Thank you! I mean it!

    The crowd finally starts cheering as Overlast begins clapping for them.

    ???: Thank you?

    We see Vega emerge from the gorilla position and the crowd begins booing.

    Vega: You want to say thank you to these god awful people?

    The crowd boos some more as Vega makes his way to the ring.

    Vega: I am insulted that you are in this ring tonight after the beating I gave you on Meltdown. How is it that someone like you can get this time slot, but I can't? I am the undefeated Mayhem Champion!

    Vega climbs up the steps and gets into the ring.

    Vega: You are the nobody who fizzled upon his "glorious return." You are everything I hate about this company Mick Overlast.

    The crowd boos.

    Vega: You think these fans really care about your thanks? They are too stupid to have an opinion!

    The crowd begins booing Vega vehemently.

    Overlast: Well I beg to dif-

    Overlast gets cut off by a belt to the face! Vega sends his championship into the face of Overlast! He begins stomping away as the crowd showers him in boos. He lays down his championship and proceeds to make his way over to the ropes. He hops out of the ring and looks underneath it. He pulls out a table! He then proceeds to put the table inside of the ring, and then he slides in himself. He gets into the ring and sets the table up as Overlast remains on the ground in pain.

    Upon setting up the table, Vega proceeds to pull up the dazed Overlast. He then picks him up onto his shoulders. Vega screams out: "You want to boo me?!?! GO AHEAD! I WILL JUST KILL EVERYONE YOU CHEER!"

    The crowd are extremely offended by Vega's words. However, it doesn't affect Vega as he drops Overlast into the table with a Killswitch! The crowd boos as Vega gets up and grabs his belt. His music begins to play as he exits the ring. We see several medics running down the ramp as Vega looks cold on his way up the ramp. We cut to commercial.
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    We return with Aftershock well and truly in swing.

    Serra: Ladies and gentlemen, we apologize for the scene you all witnessed at home. During the break, Mick Overlast was rushed to the hospital. There is no word yet on the extent of his injuries.

    The arena is ready for another hard hitting bout of action and drama when the bell rings to catchy their attention. They let out a cheer, recognising another contest is soon to follow:

    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, this next bout is set for one fall!


    The crowd mood changes from one of eagerness to a mixed reception. Some of it is love, some of it is loathing:

    Anderson: Introducing first, from Petersburg, Russia, weighing 165 pounds; CELESTE CRIMSON!

    Celeste Crimson is slow to enter the arena, but she indeed does, standing tall on the top of the entrance ramp. A lone spotlight shines on her, the centre of attention her for now.

    Serra: I hope Celeste is proud of what she’s done leading to this match. She has that spotlight she craved, but at what price?

    Klamor: Price? I wouldn’t call independence price. She’s liberated herself from the constraints of teaming with Sandy Deserts and now she has the ability to dish out justice as she pleases.

    Moving down the ramp, paying little to no attention to the largely mixed reaction, Celeste moves to enter the ring. She looks out at the capacity crowd and soaks in her atmosphere before entering the ring and very casually moving into a corner, awaiting her opponent. She is largely stoic, even as the music changes and the reaction becomes far more positive:


    Anderson: And her opponent, from The Night’s Watch, weighing 143 pounds; SANDY DESERTS!

    Compared to Celeste’s entrance, Sandy Deserts is a ball of energy. She motions for the crowd to give her their energy and cheer wildly for her. She nods and the crowd cheers with delight and she stops dead to look at the ring. She licks her lips and nods, knowing a monumental task awaits her in the form of Celeste.

    Serra: Is Sandy Deserts prepared for this match or what?

    Klamor: I don’t know. Sandy may lack the cunning and guile to overcome the force of nature that is Celeste.

    Serra: We’ll see Johnny. We’ll see...

    Suddenly, Sandy sprints to the ring and Celeste comes out to meet her, but the momentum is great and Sandy is able to take Celeste down! The referee calls for the bell as the crowd cheers and the battle has begun. Sandy throws a melee of fists into Celeste’s energy and the larger of the two women is desperate to escape this early predicament. Using her martial-arts training, Celeste uses forearms to block the fists and wraps her legs around Sandy’s waist before rolling out into a full body scissors position. She tries to lock her arms around Sandy’s neck too, but the fan favourite throws her skull at Celeste, battering off her nose. With Celeste’s attention diverted from the hold as she checks her nose, Sandy batters away at the body scissors and wriggles free. She moves into a corner in a bid to create separation. Celeste gets to her feet, still making sure her nose isn’t bloody as Sandy pushes herself to the second rope from there she comes down with an old school double axe-handle. Celeste falls to the mat and Sandy drops into the cover. 1...2...KICK-OUT! The “Submission Queen” powers her way out and Sandy immediately rolls away, again creating separation. She finds herself on the apron this time and plots a move, eyeing up the top rope. The crowd believes they know what’s coming next as Celeste staggers to her feet, dazed.

    As anticipation rises and Celeste stumbles into the correct position, Sandy throws herself up onto the rope and springboards off with a senton. Celeste though is formerly Sandy’s partner and knows her moves well. She swats Sandy’s leg down and grabs the ankle, twisting and contorting it in a bid to apply her ankle lock known to her as Divine Intervention! She has Sandy on her back as she twists the ankle in a disturbing manner. Sandy’s shoulders are to the mat and the ref is forced to count; 1...2...KICK-OUT! The kick-out proves unhelpful though as Sandy rolls into the ankle lock position in full And Celeste cranks the ankle! Sandy appears to be in great discomfort, but she’s a gutsy competitor and rolls through the move with relative ease, though some damage is done. Celeste batters into the turnbuckle and Sandy executes a schoolboy cover; 1...2...KICK-OUT! The Russian makes it out just in time and rises, but is met with a throat thrust which sends her back to the mat. Sandy sees an opportunity and goes for a high impact move early, bouncing off the middle rope in a bid for her Dreamcatcher signature move. Celeste’s legs though are up and Sandy’s ribs crack off of Crimson’s knees.

    Klamor: An even contest so far I’d say though Celeste has regained the momentum.

    It would appear that Johnny Klamor is indeed correct as Celeste shoves Sandy off of her knees and floats into a cover, shoving Sandy’s skull into the mat with her elbow during the process: 1...2...KICK-OUT! The wile veteran Celeste follows up with a second, similar cover: 1...2..KICK-OUT! And earlier kick-out this time. Sandy hold she ribs with one arm and shoves Celeste with the other, but it accomplishes little. Celeste throws a sickening elbow into Sandy’s face to drop her down. Again a cover from Celeste: 1...2...KICK-OUT! She repeats again: 1...2...KICK-OUT! And yet again: 1...KICK-OUT!

    Serra: Celeste is hoping to wear Sandy out with those repeated covers and I think it may well be doing the job.

    Though she is breaking her opponent down, Celeste looks to put Sandy away quicker as she applies a nerve hold, using it to bring Sandy to her feet. Once there, Celeste grabs Sandy’s waist and prepares to deliver a German suplex. She tries it but it is blocked by Sandy the first time. She gos for it again a second time, again it is blocked. She thinks the third time might be the charm, but this time Sandy rolls her up with an athletic pin: 1...2...KICK-OUT! Both women rising to their feet, a sense of urgency has become apparent for both of them. Sandy notes she can’t continue getting dissected by Celeste and Celeste fears getting caught. Thus they appear to develop the same idea; go for the kill! Celeste spins and charges with ferocity, preparing to unleash her high speed roundhouse kick finisher; Spirit Crusher! Meanwhile Sandy uses her senses to throw a reverse roundhouse kick; Goodnight! The similarities in their moves are obvious as is the devastation that follows them as both women connect with gusto. They fall as the crowd goes wild, neither female superstar in position to take advantage of the move.

    Serra: Double disaster! Who’s going to take the advantage off of this?

    Who indeed as the referee begins his count:


    Still no signs of movement from either competitor as the crowd start to get behind Sandy almost unanimously. They chant her name.

    Serra: This capacity crowd is on hand to witness a quality battle of wills between two former friends and partners.


    The Sandy chants grow louder but they do not stir Ms. Deserts. No, rather they stir Celeste Crimson who manages to lift her head off the mat. The crowd boos thunderously as Celeste reaches out at Sandy.


    She claws and crawls trying to get into position for the cover.


    Finally she reaches her nemesis and collapses atop her for surely the decisive fall:

    Klamor: This is it!


    The crowd goes into a frenzy as Sandy kicks out and the match continues. Celeste’s face is a portrait of despair. She was certain this was over, but still Sandy does not die. She looks to the referee desperate for the three count but only the confirmation of what she feared awaits her. She is disbelieving.

    Celeste is the first to rise, shaking her head and panting the entire way. She motions for a three count to the referee but he merely shakes his head. Then, out of the corner of her eye, she sees that Sandy is slowly beginning to stir. Celeste cannot have this and goes to lift the Nights Watch native herself. To Celeste’s surprise, Sandy, despite a glazed over look in her eyes, offers a flurry of weak fists. Celeste is more irritated that anything else and ends this assault of sorts by grabbing one of Sandy’s arms and snapping it down with a fujiwara armbar! The pain overcoming all her other senses and waking her up fully, Sandy flails like mad in a desperate bid to escape the submission. She reaches for the ropes, certainly within touching distance, but the pain is so severe that she instinctively tries to alleviate the pressure first. Extreme damage is being done to the arm and the pace of this contest has shot up with it. Celeste screams and shakes her head, sensing victory. Finally though, Sandy’s mind clears she grabs the ropes to break the hold. Ever vicious though, Celeste keeps it locked in! The referee asks her to release, but she refuses.

    Klamor: Now Celeste needs to be careful. She could get disqualified here...

    The referee begins to count: 1...2...3...4...CELESTE BREAKS THE HOLD! At the final moment Celeste releases Sandy from the basic but brilliant submission. The crowd boos Celeste for her actions and she offers a foul look in response. She shakes her heads once more. She goes to grab Sandy and drag her back into the centre of the ring for another submission likely, but Sandy reverses and hits an inside cradle! 1...2...CELESTE POWERS OUT! Crimson uses both her incredible strength and the weakened arm to power out of Sandy’s pinfall. Sandy tries to roll away, grabbing the arm in hopes of recuperating slightly, but Celeste has tasted the blood in the water and she needs to get the kill lest she be unfulfilled. She fires off a kick right at the injured arm and opens Sandy up for another kick. This one is of the side shuffle variety and it puts Sandy down of the mat. Celeste though is not taking any chances and drags her wounded, ex-comrade to the centre of the ring. There she locks in Sea of Serenity; the crucifix choke! The move binds Sandy and she can only try to struggle with her legs, but her strength is diminished and her arms are weary. Pain overcomes all other emotions and she in excruciating pain. The crowd is trying to raise her spirits, but Celeste is breaking them. Sandy tries to elongate her body in any way possible and reach the ropes, but she just can’t do it. She begins to fade but before slipping into total unconsciousness she weakly submits!

    Klamor: That’s it! Celeste wins!

    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner by way of submission; CELESTE CRIMSON!

    Despite the announcement, Celeste keeps the move applied, desperate to make sure she has both made her point and actually won this long, gruelling affair. After some prompting by the ref, Celeste does release Sandy from her bonds. Steven Kurtesy’s former ally falls limp as Celeste Crimson rises, the referee holding her arm up triumphantly. She snatches it away, this victory her own and she wishes to stand in the spotlight with her justice achieved.

    Serra: That was a tough battle, but in the end the submission wrestling of Celeste overcame the striking talents of Sandy. I just hope it was worth it for Celeste.

    Celeste poses over Sandy and sneers. She raises her arms in victory, casting shadow over her former friend. She draws hatred from the crowd, a unanimous vote of displeasure. Then, she takes her leave as she sees that Sandy is, very slowly, starting to stir again, extending her arm out as if to reach out to Celeste for the final time. Celeste responds by turning her back on Sandy as she exits through the curtain.


    We cut backstage and we see Leon Kensworth standing by with Krypto next to him. Krypto looks rather serious as Kensworth begins to speak.

    Kensworth: Ladies and gentlemen, I am here with the WZCW Resident Alien, Krypto.

    Krypto: Yes, Leon. Thank you for your time. As agreed, I will purchase your next "hooker" for this allotted time.

    Kensworth: wjogjewogjwojg-

    Kensworth holds up a finger to shush Krypto.

    Kensworth: Let's not talk about that... Anyways, you are no stranger to battle royals. You actually mastered them as you went on to win the Mentor Program, did you not?

    Krypto: Yes, yes I did. However, tonight is not about mastering matches Leon. Tonight is about mastering one stubborn earthling. I have stretched out my hand in companionship to Mister Alhazred numerous times, but he has turned me down. All I want is to examine his Power Glove and see what it's capabilities are. I have decided the only course of action to take now is one of force. It is personal Alhazred!

    Krypto walks off camera and Kensworth seems kind of shocked by Krypto's serious demeanor. The camera fades out.
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    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is an Over-The-Top-Rope Four-Way Match!


    The crowd immediately begin to look around the arena, because they know how the resident alien superstar, Krypto, is accustomed to arriving. There he is! A spotlight finds him in the crowd as he is being carried down to the ring.

    Anderson: Introducing first, from Out of this World, weighing 200 pounds, Krypto!

    Serra: Krypto sure knows how to make an entrance, doesn’t he partner?

    Klamor Bah! Can he not take something serious for once in his pathetic green life?

    Serra: You must not have been watching the ongoing saga between Krypto and Alhazred. Those two men have been at each other’s wrist since All or Nothing. Krypto has become fixated on using, or possibly even stealing, Alhazred power glove!

    Krypto finally makes it to the ring, but the lights go black and another song begins to play.


    Mister Alhazred walks sternly out of the gorilla position as he fastens his power glove. He seems to be rather serious tonight as he eyes his green nemesis in the ring.

    Anderson: Making his way to the ring, from His Hidden Underground Laboratory, weighing 178 pounds, Mister Alhazred!

    We see the camera pan into the crowd and we see a fan-made sign with green text that says, “Hump him Alhazred, Hump Him!”

    Klamor I have been here a long time, so trust me when I say that Alhazred is the craziest man in this business. I would definitely give him the edge in this preview match of the Lethal Lottery.

    Serra: I don’t believe in his stance on women so therefore I will not endorse “Alhazred.” He is worse than Arashi ever was!

    Alhazred is now the ring as he and Krypto stand in opposite corners. You could cut the tension with a knife, or possibly even a spoon.


    Klamor Now, here is a man who has a target on his chest. I know I give Ricky a hard time, but this kid needs to watch his back because that Isabel Stone is out for blood.

    Serra: You are exactly right. Earlier tonight Isabel was storming through the back and looking for the unlucky daredevil. She couldn’t find him, but sent him a simple, yet eerie, message: “Run Ricky Run!”

    We see Ricky Runn come out from the back after a short delay. His normal routine is absent as he frantically looks over his shoulder in a paranoid manner.

    Anderson: Making his way to the ring, from Chicago, Illin-

    The announcer stops speaking as he witnesses Isabel Stone attack Runn on top of the ramp. Runn turned his back to the gorilla position for one second and Stone took advantage!

    Klamor Here we go!

    Runn frantically tries to crawl away, but Stone chases after him and kicks him over to a barricade. Runn uses the barricade to pull himself up, but Stone starts slapping Runn left and right! The crowd is buzzing as Alhazred looks out from the ring and licks his lips as he watches Stone attack Runn. Suddenly, Alhazred feels his feet lifted from underneath him as Krypto throws Alhazred over the top rope! Krypto begins celebrating wildly like he won the match, but the referee informs him that the match has not officially started. Krypto now looks terrified as he spots Alhazred standing on the outside of the ring. Alhazred blows out air from his nostrils as he slides back in. Krypto tries to run away, but Alhazred is faster than the stubby-legged alien. He catches up to his prey and lands a running bulldog!

    Serra: This is madness!

    Indeed it is! We return to the action of Stone and Runn. Runn is covering his head as Stone smacks him on both sides. Finally, Runn gets tired of it and extends out a leg to push Stone away. Stone holds her stomach, but it only makes her more angry. She charges at Runn for a spear, but Runn moves! It’s like a bird hitting a glass wall as Stone slams into the barricade that Runn was leaning up against. Runn shakes his head as if he is saying, “Crazy bitch!” He then proceeds to grab Stone by the hair and drags her over to the ring. He rolls her in underneath the ropes and then gets in himself. The referee sees this as his moment of opportunity and starts the match!

    Klamor Finally!

    We see Alhazred across the ring from Runn. He is mounted on top of Krypto and is sending a flurry of elbow smashes into the alien’s head. Meanwhile, we see Runn trying to pick up the grounded Stone. As he gets her to her feet, Stone sends a stiff palm into the the nose of Runn! Runn staggers backwards, but Stone isn’t done and she runs to the ropes near Ricky and jumps up. She lands on the second one and springs herself into a deadly kick to the chest of Runn! The kick is crisp as Runn crashes down onto his back from the blow.

    Serra: Isabel Stone is getting innovative as she tries to keep the second-city daredevil on his toes!

    Klamor It’s going to be a long night for Runn.

    Meanwhile, we see Alhazred backing Krypto into a turnbuckle. Alhazred delivers a few punches, but then backs up to go for a stronger one. As he comes in for the blow, Krypto ducks and runs out of the turnbuckle. Alhazred is caught off guard as he runs into the turnbuckle, but he catches himself with his hands! He turns around and he sees Krypto returning with a low dropkick to his shins! Alhazred eats it and falls onto his face. Krypto rolls out of the way and out onto the outside apron. He hops back onto his feet and sees Alhazred grabbing his shin in pain on the ground. He decides to take advantage of the moment and leaps over the ropes! He lands down on the back of Alhazred’s neck with a leg drop! The crowd pops over the fast-paced action. Krypto rolls away from Alhazred and gets to his feet. He looks over at Stone, who is mud-hole stomping away at Runn in another corner. Krypto decides to try his luck as he walks over to Stone. Stone notices him and turns around. She hisses at him and Krypto steps back. The crowd boos as Krypto looks out at them. Then, he looks back at Stone and does some type of obscene alien hand gesture towards her. Stone looks pissed, but she has to embrace herself as Krypto charges after her! Stone sidesteps the alien and proceeds to grab the back of his head. Krypto can’t stop his momentum and Stone picks and tosses him over the ropes! The crowd gasps, but Krypto holds onto the bottom one to avoid elimination!

    Serra: That was close!

    Stone notices his resilience and quickly runs to the other end of the ring. She bounces off of the ropes and returns with a baseball slide! By a hair, Krypto is able to swing his body out of the way. Now, both Krypto and Stone have their feet dangling off the apron as they hold onto the bottom rope. They begin kicking at each other in an epic war of footsy, but the party is about to be pooped! Alhazred is up on his feet and is walking over to Stone and Krypto. Krypto looks into the ring and notices him, which prompts him to quickly scoot away from Stone and flee. Stone is unaware of what is happening as she pulls herself up to her knees on the outside apron.

    Serra: Poor Isabel!

    She is face to face with the crotch of Alhazred. Her face becomes extremely red as she looks up at the sick superstar. Alhazred raises his eyebrows in a playful manner, but Stone reaches in an arm and there's the bell! Alhazred gets a front row seat to the Nutcracker as he falls backwards and onto the ring mat. Stone proceeds to get into the ring. She looks down at her handiwork, but she pays for it! Runn sneaks up behind her and kicks her back; this causes Stone to bend backwards and fall right into a Hell Yeah by Runn! The crowd pops as Runn climbs up to his feet and sprints towards some nearby ropes. He jumps onto the second one and then flips backwards as he lands on Stone’s gut with a springboard moonsault! The crowd pops as Runn gingerly climbs back up to his feet. He stumbles backwards and turns towards the ropes, but he is in for a surprise. Krypto leaps off the top rope from the outside and jumps at Runn with a crossbody! Runn eats it and falls backwards onto the gut of Stone!

    Klamor It’s like a big dogpile!

    The crowd is highly energized now! We see Alhazred standing in a turnbuckle as he holds onto his crotch area. He is cursing under his breath and he spits what looks like blood out onto the mat. Alhazred proceeds to hobble over to the pile as the three competitors remain dazed. With the hand he isn’t holding his balls with, Alhazred reaches down and grabs the shoulder of Krypto. He pulls Krypto up, but Krypto tries to fight back. Alhazred pulls back his right hand and sends a strong punch into the face of the alien!

    Klamor Alhazred means business!

    Krypto falls away from the pile as Alhazred grabs the shoulder of Runn. He pulls him off of Stone and throws him off to the side as well. Runn is still dazed from the cross body from Krypto. Alhazred has now got to his prize. He reaches down and grabs the hair of Stone. He then proceeds to drag her by her hair over to some nearby ropes. He pulls her up into a dazed standing position and leans her against the ropes.

    Serra: Don’t do it Alhazred!

    Alhazred wipes his lips and sees blood on his hand. This makes him even more angry as he grabs his power glove and powers it up! The crowd is roaring as Alhazred holds up his hand. Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!! Level 5 to the jaw of Stone! She eats the blow and flips over the ropes. Her small body can’t handle the momentum of the blow and it sends her crashing to the outside mat.

    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, Isabel Stone has been eliminated!

    Alhazred spits out at her as he slowly turns around. He walks right into a headscissors takedown from Krypto! Alhazred hits the mat hard as Krypto climbs back up to his feet. Alhazred is on his back now and his grabbing at his crotch, apparently still in pain from the blow earlier. Krypto looks over at Runn, who is sitting in a slumped position in a corner. He doesn’t consider him a threat and runs over to a turnbuckle near Alhazred. He quickly climbs it and gets to the top. The crowd is buzzing as Krypto signals for a Flying Saucer! Krypto looks back down and his face is one of horror; Alhazred is up and is lunging at the turnbuckle. He shakes it upon impact and Krypto falls onto the top rung. Alhazred climbs back up to his feet and reaches up for the back of Krypto’s head. He finds it and flips Krypto off the turnbuckle and onto the ring mat on his back. Now, Alhazred climbs the turnbuckle!

    Serra: It’s a role reversal! Alhazred is climbing up to the top rope.

    Klamor We have the best view in house too as he is on our side of the ring!

    Alhazred gets to the top and stands tall. He grabs his glove and powers it up!

    Serra: Dear god, he is going to send that Level 5 Power Glove straight down onto poor Krypto!

    Klamor Do it Alhazred! Do it!

    Alhazred looks out at the crowd as he thrust his gloved hand into the air in victory. The sound of an agile body running across the ring mat is heard and we see that Runn is sprinting towards the turnbuckle that Alhazred is standing on. He climbs the turnbuckle like some kind of ninja and gets maximum air off the second turnbuckle. A million flashes go off in the arena as Runn sends a crisp and stiff enziguri kick to the side of Alhazred’s head while being suspended in the air!

    Serra: OH MY GOD!

    The crowd’s pop is unrivaled for the night as Alhazred flies off of the turnbuckle and towards the announcer’s table!

    Klamor LOOK OUT!


    Alhazred lands on top of the table, but he grips onto it to avoid falling off. The table doesn’t break!

    Serra: No way!

    The crowd is wild as Runn lands back down onto the ring mat. He kind of stumbles from the fall, but he appears to be okay. He looks out at Alhazred, who is miraculously still alive and apparently still in the match because he landed on the table.

    Klamor This is what the Lethal Lottery is all about! Amazing moments like this! What a preview!

    Runn only gets to glance at Alhazred, because he turns around and finds himself having a pair of green legs wrapped around his head. Krypto executes a swinging hurricanrana and sends Runn stumbling into the ropes. His throat connects with the top rope. Krypto gets to his feet and looks at Runn slumped on the ropes. The elimination would be an easy one for him, but then he looks out at the announcer’s table. Alhazred is laying lifeless on the table. His eyes turn green with envy as he spots a golden opportunity. He looks out at the crowd and they cheer him to make a move. He finally decides to run towards the turnbuckle near Alhazred! The crowd pops as he ascends it.

    Klamor What in the world is he doing?!

    Serra: It’s more than a match, it’s personal!

    Krypto is on the top turnbuckle as he looks down at Alhazred on the table. The crowd is deafening as he begins to have second thoughts. However, he squints his eyes real hard and then nods. He has made up his mind; he is going to do this!

    Klamor Get out of the way Becky!

    Krypto signals towards the crowd as he leaps off the turnbuckle and lands on the chest of Alhazred with a Flying Saucer! We hear air escape from Alhazred’s lung as the table breaks underneath the two men. Becky screams and the two men now find themselves on top of the wreckage! The crowd breaks into a chant:


    The bell rings and we see several officials rushing down the ramp.

    Klamor Someone get these two men help!

    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, Alhazred and Krypto are eliminated. Therefore your winner is Ricky Runn!

    Runn is still slumped over the ropes, but the announcement perks him up. He walks into the center of the ring and looks out at the announcer’s table carnage. He grabs his hair and then begins celebrating in the ring! He shouts at the top of his lungs as his music begins to play, “YES YES! NOTHING WILL RUIN THIS MOMENT FOR ME! MY BAD LUCK IS OVER!”

    We hear a small ticking sound and then the lights flicker. Suddenly, the sprinkler system in the arena kicks on and water begins to pour down from the ceiling.

    ???: See!

    The camera shows Grand Mystique with a microphone as he and Mason Westhoff make their way down the ring.

    Mystique: You are just a string of bad luck Runn. Fate will not allow you to win at Lethal Lottery, because it will either be Westhoff or I. What you did in there was not a preview of the Lottery, it was a mockery! You are a fool just like Triple X.

    Mystique drops the microphone and rushes the ring. Westhoff follows behind and the two men slide in. Runn goes after Westhoff and begins slugging at him, but the numbers game is too much! They grab Runn and proceed to toss him over the ropes, but wait! Stormrage and Triple X are running down the ramp now. They slide into the ring and begin exchanging blows with TSA! The crowd is hyped as water continues to fall in the arena. Meanwhile, we see that Stone is back on the outside! Runn slides into the ring and Stone follows behind him. The two begin to slug it out. Here comes the Carnival of Carnage! They run down the ramp and slide into the ring also. They go after Runn and help Stone, but here is Grizzly Bob, Jimmy Flynn, and Thrash! They run down to the ring and now it is overloaded. Fists are flying and kicks are being exchanged! Here comes the Mayhem Champion, Vega! He runs down to the ring and picks off Flynn. The two men start going at it!

    Serra: Ladies and gentlemen, it will be all this and more at the upcoming Lethal Lottery! Order now if you have not already! We are out of time. We leave you with a chaotic ring and two men injured at ring side.

    The camera shows officials still checking on Krypto and Alhazred.

    Serra: Good night everybody!

    The last image we get is of the massive brawl inside of the ring.
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    Funkay - Celeste vs. Sandy
    Harthan - Mikey vs. Westhoff
    Kermit - 4-Way, CoC vs. Grizzly/Flynn, Segments
    Showtime - Opening
    Yazlov - Segments

    Hey guys! Once again, blame me for the delay due to my busy week before graduation. However, we are now all locked up and ready to go for the Lethal Lottery! Expect the boards up tomorrow, but most people should already know their matches. We are so excited for our second-biggest PPV of the year and our initial step on the road to Kingdom Come! Thank you so much for your patience and rep all of those dudes up there who love you and put out great work despite their other responsibilities in life.

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