AF 1: Alex Steele vs. Jack Skinner vs. Johnny Scumm vs. S.H.I.T

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    An important match for the four men involved. The winner of the fatal fourway will go on to All or Nothing, to compete for the final spot in the Lethal Lottery! Which man will lay claim to the coveted spot in the 6 Man challenge?

    Deadline is Tuesday, December 6th at 11:59 PM EST.
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    After some crawling up the ramp, Johnny Scumm works his way backstage. He comes through the curtain and upon his face is a large scowl.

    Scumm: Steele.... "Steele" a fucking victory more like. Give me that man in front of me right now and I'll take his arms and twist them in ways that wasn't physically possibly known to the human mind. I'll drop his face down on my knees in the center of the ring, split his forehead open and let him bleed all over the canvas while I cover his lifeless body for 3. Oh and that pathetic excuse for a wrestler Armando Paradyse? We knew he wasn't going to take a victory let's face that. I'd love to put him out of action for good.

    Scumm sits down on a large box that's taking place in the corridor and stretches out his arms, letting out a small wince of pain. Clenching both his fists, he plants them both downwards into the top of box and shouts out. A backstage man walks past him, giving him a funny look and Scumm pulls his phone out of pocket, looks through it and reads a message.

    So, Bateman wants to come and talk to me after my match? Where the hell is...

    Bateman: Scumm! I found ya!

    Oh, you're here.

    Yeah, I've got some big news for you that I've gotta tell you sooner rather than later. First off, I see you've joined Twitter and I'm following you!

    Great, so now you're following me in the cyber world as well as in the real one? Could my life get any better?

    Well, not looking at the way your match just came out. You lost to Alex Steele? His first week back, you should've done something about that.

    Put him in front of me right now and I'll do something about it. But believe it, it'll be gruesome, it'll be painful and more than likely, it'll be illegal.

    Well then, we could shy away from letting him come past you tonight. But, that might not be so possible in the future.

    Why? You're giving me the match I deserve, against Steele? A chance to beat him to the bloody, lifeless pulp he deserves to be?

    Not exactly. At All or Nothing, we're going to have a six-man elimination match to determine who gets the last place in the Lethal Lottery. However, we need to fill up the All or Nothing match first, so we're going to have a four-way match. You will be taking on S.H.I.T, Jack Skinner and...... Alexander Steele next week on Aftershock.

    Aftershock? The fuck? You mean Ascension right, you know... the show that you're the General Manager of? Or are you really that senile and demented?

    No, I mean Aftershock. Myself & Mr. Myles decided we needed a third show, a one hour show to cope with the influx of all the WZCW Superstars we now have. It'll be aired the same weekend as Ascension and Meltdown, but it will be a brand new show and you're on it!

    Erm.... a "new show", to cope with the Superstars? Are you trying to say that you've created a third show to throw the people you don't care about or believe in onto? 'Cos if that's the case, then you've made a VERY big mistake putting me on that card, you should know that I don't belong on anything third-rate, which is what you're making it sound like here Bateman. You're making me and this stupid show you've created sound third-rate. You hired me, you should know that I'm nothing less than first. Not rate, but class.

    That's not what I'm saying Scumm. Baez and Alex Bowen are main eventing the show in a Mayhem Rules match, so as you can see, we're definitely not creating a third-rate show. You've got an opportunity to get to the Lethal Lottery here , why can't you take something as good for once?

    All my life Bateman, I've been put down and thrown to the bottom of the pile and I've worked my way through to the top. Every single time. That's exactly what's happened. You've not realised that I've got the potential to beat and break every single man that gets in my way and work my way right to the top, the WZCW Heavyweight Championship and become Champion., when I become Champion, it's going to be defended anytime, anyhow. I will do anything and everything I can to keep it forever. Believe it.

    Well then Scumm, you're lucky you've got the chance if you win this Four-way on Aftershock. You'll move onto the 6-Man match, which again, if you win, you'll enter the Lethal Lottery. All you then have to do is win that and you automatically get a shot at the WZCW Heavyweight Championship at Kingdom Come, that being Big Dave. A few months and you could be champ, if you can work hard enough.

    Work hard enough? I do that day in and day out for you. Acting like your monkey. Well, if you want me to work "hard enough", you better be watching on Aftershock when I fight the four-way. Not only will I win, but I will break Skinner in half, cut S.H.I.T's circuits and debilitate Steele for good. Look, I'll leave you alone. See you at Aftershock Scumm, you better bring your A-Game.

    Scumm's fist clenches at the last words of Bateman and he looks very angry. Bateman walks away from Scumm and Scumm can only mutter sarcastically to himself.

    Aftershock, whatever the hell it might be, still sounds third-rate to me. I'll make that show better than the Meltdown and Ascension accompanying it that week, that's for sure. Bones are going to be broken, bodies wasted and it's not going to be me, I can already guarantee it.

    Scumm turns around and walks away into the distance, limping on one foot. He picks up a gym bag from the floor halfway down the corridor and then turns a corner, disappearing.


    Coming soon to WZCW TV......Aftershock! Meltdown and Ascension bosses Chuck Myles & Vance Bateman have decided to debut a THIRD show on the network to really showcase all the talent their superstars have! The first show is also set to be a good one, with the Main Event consisting of a newly unmasked Matt Tastic taking on Alex Bowen in a Mayhem Rules, non-title match! New superstars Jack O'Lantern and Mick Overlast face off, while Sean Cruz faces Armando Paradyse and Justin Cooper does battle with The Internet Warrior! All four of those men are looking for Mayhem Title shots in the future, who will be lucky enough?! Finally, there will be a four way match which could mean the best things for the man who wins it! Alex Steele, S.H.I.T, Jack Skinner and Johnny Scumm will be fighting to win a place in a six-man elimination match at All or Nothing, where the winner of that will get a place in the Lethal Lottery. Remember, the winner of the Lethal Lottery gets a World Title shot! Didn't I say that it could mean something good? Don't forget to tune into the show, the debut of Aftershock this weekend, along with Meltdown and Ascension, on the WZCW TV Network!


    It's now the night before the first ever Aftershock in WZCW. Johnny Scumm comes out of his bathroom and has dyed his Mohawk electric blue and yellow, signs of a shock. He's wearing his signature jeans and white vest top. He perches himself on the breakfast bar in his small, open kitchen and swings his feet to kick the backboard. He looks down at his feet, then back up, staring over at the window.

    One match determines everything tomorrow night. The new Johnny Scumm, the real Johnny Scumm comes out to play for the second time. But this time, unlike last week, he means business. On Aftershock, we are going to see Scumm on the path to Kingdom Come. It's not going to be a straight path, it's going to have bumps and kinks in it, but at the end of it, I will look back and see all I have left, that will be a path of destruction. A path of destruction beginning this weekend. Tomorrow night to be precise.

    Scumm picks up a large knife which sits next to him on the bar and looks at the blade.

    S.H.I.T, that excuse of a Wrestler, if you can call him that. The man who mimics whoever he might be in the ring with, copying their moves because he was supposedly brainwashed? What a crock of S.H.I.T. I don't know if I'm meant to beat the life out of him or throw water onto him to cause a short circuit. Or am I meant to flick the switch on him? The fact is S.H.I.T, is that is what you are.... shit. You probably don't understand a word I'm saying, but there you go. What I can do though, is take you upon myself and beat down to within an inch of your battery life. Oh and then we have Skinner. Next please? Seriously Skinner, the man with a couple of flukes wins. Luckily, I'm not Toyota, well not that the bloater could do anything anyways. Jacky boy, you think you've got a chance in this match? Thinking about the possibility of you winning makes my stomach churn, which to be honest is what I think you deserve to feel. The pain of your stomach churning. I'll be the man to give it to you, don't worry one bit.

    Scumm holds the knife up and points it into his right index finger. A slight amount of blood trickles out of it and he wipes it over his forehead, leaving a red line across it.

    Alexander Steele, you are a man walking around with a target on his head. A target placed by myself last week when you thought you could steal a victory. I had you set for the memory loss, but the pathetic prancing on the outside of that idiot Paradyse took my eye and the next thing you know, you're partying over luck. You've been back what, two weeks? Shame that's all it's going to last. When I bring you to the centre of the ring, your body already writhing in pain and my face with a sadistic smirk upon it, I have the choice. Do I end it quickly? Or take my time? Do I hit you with the FaceBreaker? Cutting you open in mid-flow and covering you, taking you out and myself to All or Nothing. Or do I throw you down to the mat and gradually lock you in my Memory Loss? Putting the strain on your arm and your neck, attempting to cut off any blood flow to what little brain you have and trying to snap the bones in your pathetic body.

    Scumm must stab his finger some more, as he starts to wipe blood lines over his face, attempting to cover it in red. He jumps down and his feet hit the floor with a thud.

    As I've been mentioning, this is the start of the path of destruction I'm taking to Kingdom Come. This week, the beating and defeating of three men on Aftershock, followed by taking out another five at All or Nothing, earning myself a place in the Lethal Lottery. Then it's the big one. The Lethal Lottery itself. Where I, Johnny Scumm will bring everything that I can to the plate as I take down 19 other men to become the number one contender to the WZCW Heavyweight Championship, only having one man in sight from then on. Big Dave.

    Scumm grins and puts his hands together in almost a praying motion.

    Big Dave, you better look after that title for me and cherish the time you're spending with it because believe me when I say, I'm coming for you and when I finally get my hands on you, you're going to hate it. I will break you and bend you until you finally are down and out and I am the new champion. As of then, the reign and era of Johnny Scumm begins. But that's at Kingdom Come. Tomorrow night; Jack Skinner, S.H.I.T and Alexander Steele fall down to me as the first stepping stone. All eyes are going to be watching me as I progress, so Big Dave, you better be one of them. I could wish the others good luck, but they'd need more than that. So all you people can do............ is watch.
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    It is a cold wet December day, the sky is full of clouds and the clouds are dropping rain, the rain pounds heavily on the busy citizens who in turn are pounding heavily on the pavement while going about their Christmas shopping, most of the shops are now decorated for just that market, red and white colours, with Reindeer, Santa Clause and Christmas Elves everywhere you look, although the constant rain adds a very drab effect to the otherwise bright colours.

    Among the heaving mass of people one is standing solitary, he seems to be in costume although it is nothing Christmas related, instead it looks like a wet cardboard robot costume, on its usual bodywork it is wearing an advertisement sign on either side, so it is effectively a billboard, the sign has “WZCW After Shock” written on both sides, the "WZCW" in the classic red colour and "After Shock" in a lime green. S.H.I.T stands in the crowd wearing this sign, with the rain constantly beating down on its head.

    It is the third time it had visited this street, the first time was after Alex Bowen had nearly torn out its insides, the second to visit the old man and give him some Whiskey (spelt W.h.i.s.k.e.y) but this time because Chuck Myles had crowbarred S.H.I.T’s box open and slapped this sign on it, S.H.I.T went along with this because Chuck Myles is its superior, he was laughing while he sent the robot out, S.H.I.T couldn’t calculate why.

    WZCW After Shock! Watch WZCW After Shock! It shouted at the spectators around it. It is a brand new show, being debuted. . . . sometime! The Main Event will probably be The Deranged Alex Bowen vs Matt Tastic formerly known as Baez in a brutal Mayhem Rules match!

    Several passers by look on, one even inquires where to buy tickets but S.H.I.T is unable to give him an answer, having not been told by Myles itself. Irritated the man walks on.

    The Mechanical Man Machine Of Mechanics is to compete against the scrawny writer Jack Skinner, the unknown quantity to S.H.I.T that is Alex Steele and Johnny Scumm with the Oedipus Complex.

    It had come down this street because it was an area it knew, however in daylight this place was alien to S.H.I.T, the faces at night were more sinister, now during daylight hours even in this pouring rain they seemed kinder. As S.H.I.T said “Oedipus Complex” a busty young woman carrying an umbrella came striding past dragging her teenage son behind her. There were other people as well, women with pushchairs and prams, men with shopping bags, children laughing or crying, S.H.I.T noticed that they did one or the other a lot, they were all doing the Christmas shopping while they could.

    It is not Christmas for another 20 days yet humans. Why are decorations already in place? Why do the outlet stores play a continous chorus of Christmas music?

    Some of the passers by stop to stare at the strange thing wearing a billboard, had it been anyone else it might’ve been a good marketing ploy. “Why do you think you’re a robot?” Shouted one voice, it was joined by others.

    “What is WZCW anyway?” Said the busty woman, her teenage son glared at her as though she was an idiot.

    First Question; S.H.I.T is a robot, built to compete in the confines of a WCZW ring. Second Question; WZCW is a wrestling company, it airs two main shows called Meltdown and Ascension, with a third upcoming show called After Shock. Make sure you make After Shock part of your upcoming schedule. S.H.I.T will be competing at After Shock, the prize of its match is a place into a 6 man challenge at All Or Nothing, the prize of that is to get the final spot in the Lethal Lottery!

    The busty woman continues to look at S.H.I.T, before asking “so what’s a Lethal Lottery?” Her son makes a disgusted noise in his mouth.

    “Come on mum, lets go.” he begs her, clearly uncomfortable.

    “It’s just that Billy here watches WZCW all the time.” She plunges on regardless “I just think that its best for a mother to know what it is her son watches. It’s not violent is it?”

    First Question; S.H.I.T does not know what a Lethal Lottery is. S.H.I.T could give you a prediction based on its calculations.

    The woman passes her umbrella to her son and crosses her arms. “Go on” she said trying to sound authoritative.

    S.H.I.T calculates that a certain number of WZCW Superstars are brought to the ring, then one is executed at random, this goes on until only one competitor is left. S.H.I.T calculates that it has an advantage in this environment because it is not alive, so it cannot be executed. The winner gets a World Title shot at Kingdom Come!

    The woman, shocked grabs her son by the arm “Well, I know my Billy wont be watching that anymore” she huffs before S.H.I.T could answer her second question. She starts to drag Billy away, who gives S.H.I.T a very nasty look indeed. Some of the gathered crowd start to laugh. S.H.I.T unsure what to do continues to talk.

    It is unimportant what a Lethal Lottery is! It says to no one in particular. It is not time for the Lethal Lottery. S.H.I.T has not qualified for the Lethal Lottery. It is not time for Christmas, but the humans act like Christmas has come. S.H.I.T does not get ahead of the time in this way as humans do. It starts to shuffle up the street, the rain still pouring on its head and the ground is soaked, every step S.H.I.T takes sends a splash of water out in front of it effectively clearing itself a path through the crowd. First S.H.I.T must contend with three other competitors, two of which S.H.I.T has faced before.

    Another splash.

    The scrawny writer Jack Skinner, who wonders if he is a legit competitor, he performed his part as a tag team partner dutifully, no more could’ve been asked from him. Now we compete against each other again, all past ties severed. Perhaps S.H.I.T's initial character assesment of him as a villianous underhanded cheat will be proved correct, perhaps it will be proved to be false.

    A young couple have to dodge out of the way of the advancing robot.

    Johnny Scumm who's anger issue's S.H.I.T has connected to an Oedipus Complex, he is obsessed with Mayhem, obsessed with The Deranged Alex Bowen, obsessed with cutting himself, but most of all obsessed with his Mother.

    It spots the turning it usually takes to the subway station.

    The unknown quantity to S.H.I.T Alex Steele, who has his own history in WZCW. None of this history is with S.H.I.T! However, this all changes at After Shock. Alex Steel meets S.H.I.T for the first time. The robot stops. S.H.I.T and Alex Steele have one shared attribute. It clenches its fist and thumps the chest of its costume twice. S.H.I.T is 40% Steel! It continues its journey.

    S.H.I.T stops at the corner of the street, all the people following it seem to have grown bored and disappeared to continue with their own days. S.H.I.T spots the stairway leading into the subway. S.H.I.T is built to compete, win or lose. Victory or defeat. Although even as it said it it’s memory banks stirred, a familiar voice seems to come from nowhere.

    “Yes but, more wins means more competition don’t you see?” Said the voice of the man from the subway station. “Yours and Skinners victory last week got you in this match to start with.” S.H.I.T looked all around it, looking for the source of the voice but unable to find it. "It only gets tougher from here.”

    S.H.I.T looks at the subway steps leading down to where it met the two strange men who had helped it in the past. Must prepare for match. New destination; S.H.I.T storage box! Advertisement Task Completed! S.H.I.T tears off its advertisement sign, turns around and shuffles back down the street the way it had come. It falters for a second. Impossible, the voice must have had a source! It said, possibly even sounding uncertain.

    After the robot disappeared down the street into the rest of the crowd a figure stepped out of the shadow of a doorway, just behind where the robot had been stood moments before, S.H.I.T had looked right at it. “Nein, you did not imagine zat voice.” He was wearing a black leather jacket, a white t-shirt and black jeans with boots, his hair was brown and immaculately styled, combed back over his own head, although the pounding rain was changing all that, he had a huge handlebar moustache that covered most of his face. He smiled at the robots retreating back. “Not yet anyvay.”

    He turned and headed in the opposite direction, past the fallen sign that was getting wetter than ever. His wet footsteps taking him toward the subway station steps that S.H.I.T had so nearly gone down itself. He walked down the steps and into the gloom.
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    Monday, 28 November 2011
    Boston, Massachusetts
    The Steele Residence

    Alex sits on the couch inside of his living room, the television is on but the sound is too low for the camera to pick it up. His eyes are focused on the television as it appears he’s watching Meltdown and Ascension. Mazi walks slowly up behind the couch and leans against the back it while watching the matches with Alex.

    You know, this is what I’ve always hated about you wrestling. You can’t leave it in the ring. You always have to bring it home, watching matches that don’t have anything to do with you.

    Alex chuckles some, even though he knows that Mazi was being completely serious.

    Baby, you know that it’s research, I’ve got to stay on top of my game.

    Keep informed…blah, blah, blah. I hate it Alex, our child is going to hate it too.

    He shakes his head slightly and looks behind him, up at Mazi.

    You couldn’t be further from the truth. Once our child is old enough to know what’s going on, they’re going to think that daddy being on the television will be the greatest thing ever.

    Mazi can see it in Alex’s eyes that he might just have an idea what he’s talking about. She slowly walks around the couch and sits next to him. Alex raises an eyebrow; he knows something is on Mazi’s mind now.

    Is that what it was like? I mean once you found out who your father was?

    He was shocked to say the least; she’d never once asked him how it was when he found out that Jason was his father.

    Well kind of babe, it was like that after I first watched Jason wrestle. He was great in the ring, a marvel to watch how he stretched and hurt people. I looked up to him at that time, of course I was ten when I met him.

    Mazi listened closely to what he had to say as she ran her fingers through his hair. She’d never asked about when he was a child, she knew the basics that his mom had died and the state had given him to Jason after that. She smiled at him and then looked at the television.

    Alright, I’ll leave you alone this time. Just so long as you promise to show me some attention later tonight.

    Anything for you baby.

    Alex stated and smiled at her as Mazi stood up from the couch to let him study in peace. She walks away from the camera’s view as he returns his attention to the S.H.I.T. match on his television screen. He watches it intently, not moving a muscle as he looks for something. Soon he smiles widely and nods.

    Right there it is…

    The television is shut off at that point and the scene fades to black as Alex stands up from the couch him.

    Saturday, 03 December 2011
    Boston, Massachusetts
    The Refinery

    Thousand Foot Krutch’s song Smack Down can be heard echoing throughout the gym. The camera pans around, finding a group of students training; locking up with one another as Alexander walks around, correcting anything he sees that is wrong.

    Remember everyone, if you screw up the only person you can blame is yourself. So be sure to push yourselves.

    Alex says loudly, letting his voice carry over the music in the gym. As the song ends he smiles and claps his hands together.

    Alright, that’s enough for today. Great job by everyone who decided to show up, next time I’ll go over Greco-Roman style wrestling with you all. You have to have a strong base before you can become one of the greats.

    Alex nods and walks around, shaking hands with the students as he leaves them to exit on their own. He walks to the office of the gym, enters and takes a seat on the desk, ever smiling.

    You know, if I were to ever lose my ability to wrestle in the ring I’d really enjoy teaching. I don’t know why Jason gave this up to resume wrestling in Canada. Oh well… that’s not what you’re here to hear though is it?

    Alex looks up at the camera that is pointed at his face. After a moment of just looking at the camera he nods his head and shrugs slightly.

    Last week was fun, three men went against one another and the better wrestler won the day. It wasn’t a showstopper, but any match with Armando Paradyse and Johnny Scumm can’t be a showstopper. I went into the match knowing that Armando wasn’t even remotely a threat, he’s the butt of everyone’s jokes and to be honest it does bug me. I see quite a bit of potential in him but he’ll never live up to it if he can’t get his head out of his own ass.

    Johnny Scumm though, I was initially worried about. I mean captain crazy there had me wondering if he would self-destruct in the ring or not. But by the end of the night I realized that I should’ve have been worried in the least. He wasn’t much of a threat, I mean sure he’s got a submission hold but I guess ol’ Crazy Johnny didn’t do his homework on me.

    Alex pauses for a moment and shakes his head. The smile that usually blesses his face is gone and a look of disgust replaces it.

    This week, on the inaugural show of Aftershock, I get to face ol’ Crazy Johnny again, in yet another multi competitor match. Out of everyone in the match, I have to say that it belongs to just two wrestlers, me and S.H.I.T. Before I truly start to talk about the match though, there is one thing I have to address.

    When Steele says S.H.I.T. he spells it out, making sure that he’s not actually saying shit. He clears his through slightly before he continues.

    How dare you Johnny Scumm! You honestly think that I stole the match from you? Punk, you weren’t anywhere near close enough to winning the match. Hell you had already lost the match before you walked out for your entrance. Go back, re-watch the match, and you’ll see that I knocked Paradyse out of the match with a T-bone suplex. You weren’t going to pin him, if you were, you wouldn’t have continued to mess with me after you broke up that pin. Armando was at that point a non-issue, he didn’t distract you. You lost because of your inability to wrestle boy. You couldn’t hope to ever actually lock me in that damned worthless submission hold of yours. I am an Olympic level wrestler, I am an actual wrestler, one that could beat you while blind, deaf, dumb, and handicapped. Your punk ass didn’t stand a chance last week, and you’ll be nothing more than a nuisance this week. Take some damn responsibility for your own short comings and I may start to show you some respect, but until then, I’ll just continue to crush you, even on my worst days.

    Alexander sighs, looking as though he finally got something off his chest. His smile returns to his face as he looks at the camera, visibly happy now.

    Sorry for that little outburst there, I just had to say something. People like that piss me off. They don’t take responsibility for their own failures and try to blame others. At Aftershock, Ol’ Crazy Johnny will get what’s coming to him. The other two individuals in the match though are a mystery to me.

    Mr. Skinner thinks that he has what it takes to be a professional wrestler simply because he’s written about wrestling and wrestlers for years? It’s truly sad honestly, that someone like this would be given a chance to go on to All or Nothing. It seems to me that he’s just a filler body for the match and was thrown in there to be nothing more than a gnat on the match that should’ve been just me versus S.H.I.T. However from what I can tell, he has a fairly good grasp of the basics, unfortunately just like it takes talent to be a good writer; it takes talent to be a good wrestler. Jackie boy, you should have stayed behind the cameras and on Aftershock, if I have it my way, I’ll show you exactly why you should have.

    Alex stretches some and looks away from the camera. He’s watching the students walking out of the gym through the window in the office. He sees one young teenager, probably just barely too young to be learning how to wrestle, climb into the practice ring and work on his bumps. Alex looks back at the camera at this time.

    S.H.I.T. what an odd name, I mean I understand it actually stands for something, but I’ve no actual interest in learning what that is at this point in time; maybe later on down the road if the moment calls for it. This machine-man-thing that he is, is actually a halfway decent wrestler, very commanding presence in the ring, good knowledge of moves and such, but ultimately limited by his mentality. Look, I know he’s a “robot”, but he has a weakness; we all do. The only problem is that it doesn’t take long to find S.H.I.T.’s weakness. I can see that this match was originally supposed to be Alexander Steele versus S.H.I.T., but management found that they had two more people that they didn’t want to give the night off to. This fatal four way match will boil down to who pins either Scumm or Skinner first. I’m going to do everything in my power and abilities to ensure that person is me.

    Alex stands up from the table and shrugs slightly at the camera.

    It’s too early to tell who’s going to win this match, let alone the one at All or Nothing, and even earlier for the Lethal Lottery. But I’ll say this though, I’m two matches back and I’m already being given the chance to make it into the Lethal Lottery. That should speak volumes to my opponents for Aftershock. Management knows what they’re getting with me and they understand my capabilities. The three of you need to watch and learn, I’m bringing everything I have to every match, and I’m going to win as long as I can. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got help a student.

    Alex smiles once more, waves to the camera and walks for the door. The scene begins to fade to black as he makes it to the ring and climbs up onto the apron.
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    Jack Skinner is sitting in front of his locker, same as last week, with only one noticeable change. Instead of just the one article, there is a collage of pictures and articles and assorted columns, all written since Jack's last match, a tag win with S.H.I.T. over Overlast and Cooper. Jack slowly smiles, and lets out a brief chuckle, before talking aloud, to himself.

    Jack Skinner: One week, they're out to put my head on a stake. They call me a joke. A fraud. A waste. I put up a legitimate match, fight my heart out, and all of a sudden, they're singing my praises. Such is the life of a reporter.

    Leon walks in, quietly, so as not to disturb Jack.

    It's going to be like this every week now, won't it? If I go out next week, and lose, it'll be "Oh, he's a fluke!". If I win, they'll continue patting me on the back.

    Leon Kensworth: Heya, Jack!

    Jack jumps, surprised anyone was listening.

    Holy shit, Leon! Scared me. How long have you been there?

    Long enough to get what's going through your head. Don't get down. Don't let them get to you. You've been on that side of it before, and you know what to expect. You don't think I've seen dozens of guys come through those doors before you, questioning your articles?

    They both chuckle, agreeing, without saying a word.

    Tell me. Does it get easier? I poured my heart out last week. I wanted to prove to everyone, that I belong.

    Prove to everyone, or yourself?

    That is the $64,000 question, ain't it?

    Alex Steele seems to think you're a phony. S.H.I.T., on the other hand, thinks quite highly of you.

    Yeah, so I've heard. I wish the match makers would make up their minds. One week, S.H.I.T. and I are teaming up. The next, we're across the ring from each other. At least with a robot...or...whatever he is, or thinks he is, there is no emotion.

    What are you getting at?

    Think about it, Leon. A human, or someone in their right mind, would have a side to choose.'t. There is no concept of friend, or foe, except for what Gustav tells him. He doesn't hold a grudge against me, and since we won together last week, I hold no ill will towards him. It. Him?

    Don't get too soft. Taking it easy on any of these guys could cost you a title shot.

    Oh, I know what's on the line. I poured my heart out last week, but I've been training harder than ever for this match. S.H.I.T. is an opponent, and S.H.I.T. sees me as an opponent. We'll go out, handle our business, and move on, unless our paths cross again in the future.

    And your other two opponents? Steele? Scumm?

    Jack laughs, shaking his head disapprovingly.

    I've changed my ways, and I'm trying to show I'm a nice guy, but Scumm really makes me laugh. He talks a big game. Gets real angry. I haven't seen a cause for any of the trash talk though. Heck...I even used to run my mouth, and it got shut for me. Scumm hasn't accomplished anything here. Neither have I. But, I did almost win a title, the very title Scumm is obsessed with, and I'll take it upon myself to shut his mouth for him.

    A mean streak, eh? You sure you can back that up, carrying little more than a buck-fifty on you?

    Didn't I cover this with Becky a few weeks ago? It's not the size of the dog in the fight...

    Leon and Jack finish in unison.'s the size of the fight in the dog!'s the size of the fight in the dog!

    Yes, exactly. Scumm can talk, and talk, and talk, and talk...until he's blue in the face. I'll go out there on After Shock, and let my wrestling do my talking. He won't have much of a chance to talk, after he's asleep in the ring, right?

    Leon is taken by surprise, a bit, by Jack's attitude towards Scumm. He just shakes his head, and takes some notes, letting Jack go on.

    And Steele...He's got the same problem. I heard what he said. It's old news, Alex. Get a clue. Yes, I started as a loud-mouthed know-it-all who couldn't wrestle a match, or put up a fight, to save my hide. What he clearly doesn't know, and hasn't seen, is the endless hours I've put in the gym. The blood, sweat, and tears, that I've left in the ring.

    We've all seen it, Jack. Becky, Johnny, myself...the rest of the guys in the locker room...

    Yeah...But, he hasn't. And as long as there's one person out there, doubting me, there's enough fire burning to keep me training, and keep me on the mats, practicing relentlessly, and keep me in the weight room. Steele and Scumm can talk all they want. Let's hear what they have to say next week, or better yet, at All Or Nothing, when I'm competing for that final spot in the Lethal Lottery.

    Jack, I must say, I'm impressed. You've come a long way, and it's nice to see that fire, as you call it, burning. This is a side of you that many of us didn't know you had. All I can say now, is that I wish you the best of luck, and hopefully, come Lethal Lottery, there won't be any question as to your skills.

    Thanks, Leon. I hate to ask you to leave, but I have to hit the showers, and get out of here. Got a hot date tonight, and I don't want to keep her waiting.

    Leon closes up his notes, and shakes Jack's hands before leaving. Jack collects what he needs, and takes off as well.
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