WWE Super Show-Down: #1 Contender's Match - Daniel Bryan VS The Miz

Discussion in 'WWE Discussion' started by Jack-Hammer, Aug 21, 2018.

  1. Jack-Hammer

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    This is one of the three matches currently announced for the big Australian super card. Bryan & Miz will face off with the winner getting a future shot at the WWE Championship. My guess is that the title match will happen at either Survivor Series or TLC.

    This all depends on what WWE's long term plans are. Miz could wind up picking up another win over Bryan, have him become WWE Champion, have Bryan win the Royal Rumble and face off against Miz at WrestleMania with Bryan spending much of the time chasing Miz. Bryan could win the match, making it 1-1 in his current program with Miz, Bryan wins the WWE Championship, Miz wins the Rumble and they have their rubber match at WrestleMania to close the books on their feud.
  2. JoeMallard

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    Samoa Joe should be champ, but of course they'll go with Miz.
  3. Psykohurricane55

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    The fact that I feel they want AJ styles to beat cm punk's record make me think that he coming out of his feud with Joe as WWE champion, which means that miz will be winning this match against Bryan.

    The fact is, for all the criticism miz gets, he truly deserve this as He's been one of the most entertaining heel wwe has for years now. He did more for wwe then anybody else on the roster and He's one of the rare guy that understood, that never got injured during his whole run with the company.

    Plus, on the storyline side, it makes sense that he would somehow pull this off. Have miz win this number 1 contender, then I'm guessing that the title match will be either at survivor series or at the December PPV depending of what the concept for survivor series is. So wherever he gets the title match, have him beat AJ for the belt, he keeps the belt until mania and That's where you have Bryan beat him for the title, maybe even put them in the main event of the show which would be a better option then what's rumour of being the main event which is Charlotte vs Ronda rousey.
  4. Hyorinmaru

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    This match I think can go either way and that's not something that happens very often.

    They have built in ways to continue what has been one of my favorite feuds in recent memory no matter who wins so i'm just gonna sit back and as a fan of both men enjoy the shit out of this match.
  5. Greg4WWE

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    I see Bryan winning this one. Just no way they have Miz win 2 in a row.
  6. NxtBigThing

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    This match like previous comments mentioned that this match can go either way. The same statement can also be used for the AJ, Joe match at HIAC. I'd go with Daniel Bryan winning, evening the score 1-1. Have him and AJ have a great match that ends with Miz and Joe interfering. You can carry a program that combines those 4 I'm sure for awhile because you'd a variety of great matches and promos.

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